Gen. Cirillo: Juba deal ignored root causes of conflict, rewarded political elite

By: FRED OLUOCH, TheEastAfrican, MAR/13/2019, SSN;
The leader of the National Salvation Front (NAS), a group fighting government forces in Central and Western Equatoria in South Sudan, Gen Thomas Cirillo Swaka spoke to Fred Oluoch about his faction’s refusal to honor the peace deal.

Q: Why did you refuse to sign the Revitalized Peace Agreement despite having participated in the negotiations?

We went to the negotiations in good faith to find lasting solutions to the problems in our country. Unfortunately, the negotiations took an unprecedented turn, where the issues we brought up were either ignored or dismissed.

The mediators embarked on coercion to force the parties to sign an agreement that did not address the issues of the conflict and would not therefore bring just and sustainable peace in South Sudan.

The agreement became a document for rewarding political elites with positions in the government. The issues affecting the people of South Sudan were not addressed.

Q: What aspects of the agreement don’t you agree with?

There are several issues that we believe are the root causes of the conflict in South Sudan, which the R-ARCSS has failed to address.

It was not tailored to address governance such as federalism, number of states, composition of parliament in the interim period and accountability.

Q: Don’t you think the people of South Sudan are tired of peace talks and agreements that are never honored?

We in NAS believe that the peace agreement, as it stands today, has not addressed the root causes of the problems in South Sudan, and hence will not lead to sustainable peace.

We are committed to the struggle for the rights of our people, which we believe can best be achieved through a negotiated settlement rather than following the path of aggression and war that is being pursued by the Juba regime.

The people of South Sudan cannot be tired of peace negotiations, since it is the only way to achieve a sustainable peace.

Second, NAS has not opened any offensive. Instead, our military positions have been attacked by forces of the regime, who are also indiscriminately shelling villages and committing war crimes, causing thousands of people to flee to the bushes and to Congo. We are fighting in self-defense.

The regime in Juba should be held accountable for not only the breach of the cessation of hostilities agreement, but also for the atrocities being committed against civilians in the country.

Q: Why did you take up arms?

We took up arms to resist the oppressive system installed by the Juba regime. We are dealing with a regime that leaves no space for any exercise of democratic rights, a regime that kills, plunders and rapes the very people whom it is supposed to protect and deliver services to.

The Juba regime believes in violence and so taking up arms for self-defense was a last resort for the people to ensure their survival against this brutal regime.

The grievances in South Sudan are issues of governance, security, land-grabbing and ethnic hegemony, which NAS and the South Sudan National Democratic Alliance believe should be resolved in negotiations and not swept under the carpet if there is going to be any just and sustainable peace in the country.


Gen. Cirillo’s Biography:

  • 1980s: Trained at Sudan’s Elite Military College and earned the rank of a major.

  • 1991: Joined the SPLA after the Nassir Massacre that saw Dr Riek Machar split from the late John Garang.

  • 2005: Headed the Joint Integrated Units under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

  • February 2013: Became SPLA Deputy Chief of General Staff in charge of Training.

  • February 2017: Resigned from the post of Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics.

  • March 2017: Formed the National Salvation Alliance to fight against the government forces

  • September 2018: Distanced NAS from the peace process and declined to sign the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Q: Why did it take you five years since the war began in 2013 to realize that you could not work with President Salva Kiir?

South Sudan became an independent country in July 2011, after two decades of war, but just two years into its independence it imploded.

The mismanagement of the country started from the outset, when the former freedom fighters turned into the oppressors of the people of South Sudan.

While I was hoping that the 2015 agreement would bring peace, stability and development, the Juba regime in July 2016 orchestrated fighting to destroy the agreement and the president embarked on issuing decrees that were in complete breach of the peace agreement.

Unfortunately, despite all the advice and warnings, the Juba regime did not change and so resistance became the last option for the people.

Q: Since you had been an ally of President Kiir for a long time, why do you think the people of South Sudan should trust you to do things differently?

President Salva Kiir and I were comrades in the war of liberation and not allies. He was our senior commander and we all contributed, to the best of our individual capacities, to liberate our people.

As liberators we were bound by the task to free our people from the bondage of subjugation and injustice.

President Kiir has now departed from the path of being a freedom fighter to becoming an overseer of the very type of injustice that we fought against.

What is ailing South Sudan is the departure from vision for a country where there is justice, equality and a government that functions on state institutions that are devoid of tribalism, corruption and kleptocracy.

Q: SPLA remains a conglomeration of militias. Did you try to initiate reforms when you were second in command?

I have always been keen on reforms and professionalism in the SPLA (now renamed SSPDF).

When I was the deputy chief of staff for training and research in the SPLA, we developed a strategic transformation program to transform the guerrilla revolutionary army into a national professional army that should adhere to the civilian democratic governance by the people. END


  1. GatCharwearbol says:

    Thank you interviewer for asking the right questions. The biography tells us he was deputy Chief of Staff in 2013 when innocent people were killed. This begs the question, why didn’t he resign when innocent people were murdered? I would think a statesman with heart of his nation would simply resign when a crime like this is committed.

    In my view, Cirillo is as culpable as those who participated in murdering of South Sudanese. But all is said and done. If he was too slow at that time, he is welcomed to join us in the bushes. We are now your partners in struggle. Good luck to us all, the rebels.

    From the horse’s mouth, Juba regime is responsible for attacking NAS in Equatoria. There is no mention of SPLM-IO. This puts to rest the diluted allegation that SPM-IO is teaming up with SPM-IG. I hope Mr. Editor and the rest are reading this transcript to its entirety.

    • LM says:

      It’s unfortunate to seeing you’re pointing a tribal finger at Thomas Cirillo in the incident of 2013.
      What was Cirillo’s culpability in that incident? And what was Cirillo’s rank in Army? Was he commanding those killers?
      I understand that Thomas Cirillo was a logistics officer but did he ask or supply guns and ammo to any one to go and kill innocent Nuer in that incident?
      Gatcharwearbol, stop blaming others for your own failure to protect your own people. Both General Mai, who is from your own tribal and now turned to corrupt and embezzler was a general chief of staff for Dinka JCE.
      Why don’t you asked him? You asked Thomas Cirillo to join you, why not you joining him? We don’t need games to be played in Equatoria region any more whether be it cantonment or what.
      You must go and canton in your region or State. No more need for you guys from greater Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazel coming to disturb us in our region. Enough is enough.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Perhaps we need to remind the Nuer and their prophet of doom, Riek Machar, that their political and military modus operati has been a disaster and the chief cause of their awful political failure.
        As the report on the 2013 massacre of the Nuer proved, the jieng military spies were visibly surveying and mapping out all areas where the Nuer were dominantly residing, like the so-called mis-named ‘Mangatain’ area or Kaumiru and all around Juba whilst Machar was just daydreaming that his planned coup was already a success. Whilst this was happening, the Nuer-controlled and dominated SPLA under Gen. Hoothi Mai, was in deep sleep due to their sheer
        So, when the Kiir’s militia launched their ‘massacre,’ the Nuer were totally routed out, thanks to their very poor leadership. Again, in 2015, when they were deceived to come back to Juba, the jieng chased them out once more.
        What could Gen. Thomas do in these circumstances, specially when it had emerged that the Nuer weren’t interested in co-opting the Thomas Cirillo’s, the Jadalla’s or the Obutu Mamur’s in their plots?
        Advisedly, at this critical moment of the situation, the Nuers must seriously rethink of cooperating with Equatorians if they want to vanquish and extinguish jieng totalitarianism in South Sudan. That’s how ‘kokora’ was achieved in 1983 when Abel Alier’s jieng domination was terminated under the successive cooperation of Josephs’ Lagu and Tambura with those heroic Nuers like Guy Tut.


      • Mach says:

        So; it’s now region in 2019 but it wasn’t yours when we were fighting and getting killed for it when you were nowhere to be found? How ironic of you! When you said it’s your region now; well it’s going to take more than just ambushing innocent civilians and killed them on the highways.
        You remember when John Garang, Karbino Kuanyin Bol, William Nyuon Bany, Justice Martin Majier Gai, Arok Thon Arok, Akuot Atem, Gai Tut, just to name a few high profiles from the command and let alone hundreds of generals who perished in the fight for the war of independent. Where are those freedom fighters I mention above now? Well the cost of freedom took them.
        Now please stop the fantasy of speaking of freedom online in the comfort of your foreign country apartment somewhere in the middle of nowhere! If you refused the peace and chose the alternative route then expect to lose your heroes that are of their equivalent above if you have any; but it’s going to take more than just wanting to fooled Nuer clueless generals and their armies. Those are the truth you don’t want to hear but facts.

        • Taban Alimasi says:

          It’s clear you don’t have credibility, these individuals the names you mentioned “who had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of South Sudan” are not selfish like you, some of them may be from your tribe but they were not uncivilized like you, who have nothing to contribute apart from hatred.
          These individuals had placed their lives on the line for the good of others. Now you are bossing, about their achievement and think that this gives you a right to oppress and abuse others, this was the very attitude these individuals fought to eliminate.
          You feel safe instigating tribalism from your living room, you never know how it affects innocent people in the streets of South Sudan, remember to stand still when what you are instigating becomes a reality.

        • LM says:


          I think you’re on wrong side of history of war in Sudan. It seems you were born in eighties together and and grew in.
          Mach,. What you called heros were all trators. Take for example karbino, William nyoun and arok thon arok, those guys were millitary leaders but they sold what they were fighting for to government of sudan. karbino was killed by Grange under Cid and William nyoun was killed by Paulino matip malitias. Before that, karbino spend most of his time in jail at Jabal Boma and William nyoun was in mugeri around Juba leading his own militia fighting SPLA. Those of Martin, Gai Tut and others that you mentioned was killed by Garang in cold blood.. do you remember when arok thon arok was planning to hand over John Garang to jalaba in one of the meeting that to take place some where in Ethiopia? What crimes did arok thon arok committed that lets him to join those of riak and lam akol? Do you know how he met his death?
          Mach, when most of you jenje arrived in equatoria in eight five, you were all walking skeleton and population of equatoria fed you like their own babies and after that you called Yousef libederator.
          Now go back to where you come from if you already liberated your region. It’s time to develop and not occupy any one place every one in South Sudan has a place called home that God given them. more idling.

    • Eastern says:

      Didn’t you make this statement half-heartedly….? Those who did not only resign but “went to the bush” because their kith and kin were killed in the infamous Juba killing of 2013 are now back in Juba with senior ones now holed up in Khartoum! Take note that in the army the word resignation does not exist. I have not heard a lot of mudslinging against Thomas Cirilo’s boss, James Hoth Mai who was army chief staff at the time of the killing of Nuer people in Juba. That capability you are alleging can be proven in a competent court of law.

      Thomas Cirilo may be slow as you allege but the ever emotive Peter Gatdet is now making a beeline to Juba to join the JCE regime. SPLM-IO is now spread between Juba and Khartoum so which bush are you welcoming Thomas Cirilo to, dude? I thought what SPLM-IO should be preoccupied with at this point in time is to question the powers that be as to why Dr. Machar still remains in detention in Khartoum after SPLM-IO acted the dullard by allowing IGAD to coerce Dr. Machar to negotiate peace as a prisoner – this is the worst blunder the movement committed. Fighting for the slots of the various “advance parties”, etc to various destinations shouldn’t be the issue really.

      Thomas Cirilo took the correct decision to quit the Khartoum peace jokes. The product of coercing parties to the conflict with the hope of getting stability in South Sudan is what awaits the country. The coercion that characterised the talks in Khartoum can be seen in the tone of the latest letter from IGAD to Thomas Cirilo authored by Ismail Wais.

      NAS only will tell who is attacking them. Trying to distance SPLA-IO from the once touted idea of having a joint operation with JCE regime against is premature. The reasons NAS is fighting for after quitting the peace jokes in Khartoum have been presented to IGAD during the deliberations. IGAD chose to act arrogant and ignored those demands from NAS and other parties. IGAD allowed Kiir to lock out Paul Malong futher defering solution to the political problems of South Sudan.

      Certainly, as I make this rejoinder to you, SPLM-IO and the JCE regime in Juba are almost one and the same following the latest agreement to have 700-person strong force to protect Kiir and Dr. Machar. This comes even before boundaries of states are marked, number of states not decided, cantonment sites not set up and running (flimsy reason of lack of fund was cited), training for the unified forces not commenced. So in a nutshell, GatCharwearbol It’s Your Turn to Eat!

  2. Taban Alimasi says:

    Supposed not all are leaders, but most people in South Sudan wants to be a leader. However, if someone doesn’t have the talent it’s impossible to develop good leadership skills, that is why in South Sudan we have failed. Unfortunately, our true leader had left us to soon, but when you read this interview, there’s hope some leaders are emerging.
    This is how a leader should articulate his/her vision for the country, it’s up to South Sudanese to judge and analyse who has a vision for the country and who are job seekers or want leadership for power.
    Thomas is right, Khartoum agreement as it stands has no future with its five Vice presidents, already implementation is behind and things that have not been stipulated in the agreement have been added, (e.g formation of presidential protection force).
    It’s true that, freedom fighter turned dictator treating people supposed he fought for 21 years, no services, even civil servants working for free. Sometimes one wonders whether Thomas and his group would keep their word, when given opportunity would not act the same ways as his comrade Riek and Kiir.
    However, for now they are the only group that is challenging the government and have been consistent in their demand, which is genuine….simple federalism power back to citizen.

  3. Ishakho says:

    General Thomas is a product of affirmative promotion gone wrong, he could not have gone that far had his rise in the ranks not been screwed because there were few or no Bari in the SPLA then. Honestly that is a dishonesty on the part of this so called General. I can NOT remember a single battle he single-handedly commanded during the struggle to claim now that he can fight for the rights of South Sudanese. He is just a greedy Bari land grabber, and opportunists. Let’s just kill him like George Athor and bury that damn NAS once and for all.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      As editor and owner of this website, and on behalf of the thousands who visit this worldwide website, I am abhorred at your evil goal which I decided not to delete immediately. This will give a chance to many viewers to know the evil jieng mentality which is well recognized by many South Sudanese.
      You and all of us will inevitably ‘die’ just like the thousands of innocent fellow citizens being killed by the jieng junta now destroying the country.
      Gen. Athor and Gen. Cirillo are heroes. Your Salva Kiir’s days and demise are numbered, sooner or later, he will be gone.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      I think you are insane or uncivilized, don’t understand the function of army, no single person has never been sent to operation. I am not here to support Thomas but his profile tells you who he is. I would like to tell you, don’t waste your time, no one would listen to your proposition because it doesn’t make sense.
      This individual has stood up to a government that kills its own people and failed to provide services and he has presented his position as a leader.
      But what have you, apart from hatred and resentment? If you want to challenge him, please present what you got, I am sure if given opportunity you wont even know what to say.

      • BM says:

        Taban Alimasi,

        I have read some comments on this site considering you as a “reasonable person”! But If you’re into the insane allegations that government ordered its army to go and killed unarmed innocent civilians who have no thread to the government in any way shape or form; then I don’t see you being called as one of the reasonable ones.

        Did you witness one of the massacred in Juba-Yei road couple of years ago where one of the three year old child was left crying on top of his dead mother and father shot dead just because they were Dinka? Did you condemned that as being a wrong thing to be done by your people?
        You knew that in advance that’s why you informed your civilians to leave your villages because it’s going to be an open season for Dinka civilian killing on the highways!

        If you see that as a justifiable act because Salva Kiir is a Dinka then the most extreme danger is awaiting you guys and this region is going to be left to one of us dead bodies unless you stays in those foreign countries for good!

        • Taban Alimasi says:

          I am not sure if you are Mr or Ms, I want to assure you that I don’t care what you think about me, I would continue to express my view and oppose your tribalism. I clearly stated in this forum I don’t support killing innocent civilians regardless of their tribes.
          Your only problem is that, I should agree to your allegations of people killed on highway, if I don’t agree with your suggestion it doesn’t mean I support the incident.
          You mentioned people killed on Yei highway by my people, how do you know that was my people have you arrested them. If you are dwelling on assumption, I am not and doesn’t mean I am supporting killing innocent people on South Sudan high ways and in the streets of Juba here.
          Many people got killed in streets of Juba here, even the police failed to identify the criminals and you are telling me you know people killing innocent civilians on South Sudan high way.
          Let us be realistic, we should not deceive ourselves, tribal war is unwinnable and our people will continue to suffer.

  4. Beek says:

    The so-called Gen. Crillio is not going to produce nothing to the PEOPLE of South Sudan at all than me and myself.

  5. Attention: Mr.Ishako

    General Thomas Cirrillo,him,he is not a product of affirmative promotion gone wrong.He was promoted based according to his military skills so far! Do not underrate him. He is deserving to me General!

    Remember that his joined the SPLM/SPLA,has brought CPA 2005!you must bear in your mind firm! For example,he captured Kassala Region in Eastern Sudan for 72-hours before he was retreated He killed many Sudanese Armed Forces Officers at the Club .The same in Juba military Headquarters of South Sudan Commanding Division! How many Arabs army officers,he got killed? He killed in big numbers in great proportion! I know him very well! He will set The South Sudan free from NEOCOLONIALISM! Do not think Juba government,will kwosh him down in military at this point! Him,he is well prepared on army military and politics! The Ball is on President Salva court! Not,his court at all! Have a nice day!

    Sincere Keeping Anger Slowly on people!


    Kansas City,Missouri,USA!

  6. False Millionnaire says:

    Who is least SPLM/A and who isn’t? General TC and Equatorians played wise guys by sitting to watch Nuer and jieng liquidate each other in the hope to pick up the pieces from a silver plate.
    He (Thomas) is the very same general now in the jungle’s bandwagon. But finding it harder than he had daydreamed, he is appealing for solidarity with Dr Riek Machar and Lam Akol.
    Such is a pure typical cunning case to make of their kin’s Firewoods against Kiir and jieng and to dispense them off if he could in the first hour in case of success.
    Why are the Equatorians going merry on the forum when it’s the same game Dr Riek and Lam are more than set to play against General TC and the Equatorians?

  7. Taban Alimasi says:

    Dear countrymen,
    No hope for South Sudan, if this interview can be analysed with tribalism spectacle. The interviewer asked questions and were answered in liberal way, inclusive and clearly articulating NAS position about Khartoum agreement and why.
    The interviewer never asked him about 2013 incidents, I am sure if he was asked about, he would have something to say. No one should take 2013 incident lightly, no one should think because majority who were killed were from Nuer tribe, therefore was only painful for people from Nuer. Our country need a visionary leader, if we continue to dwell on tribalism like Gatcharwearbol and Editor, we will never have a nation.
    Not resigning from South Sudan army in 2013 doesn’t mean Thomas had supported the incident, I am sure if you understand army principal, if you resigned from army as protest, you become an enemy, either you get killed or leave the country.
    Please, let us learn to judge the opposition on their policies not on their tribe. I am sure there are many Nuer not supporting Khartoum agreement as well as many from non-Nuer and Dinka are supporting Khartoum agreement.

  8. Mor-Amook says:

    I don’t agree to Mr. Ishaho comments of calling for killing of Gen. Cirillo, and referring to the killing of Gen. Authoor who contributed so much during liberation, his death was a big loss to the nation. Gen. Author was a well experience military officer more than anyone else including Kiir himself. There is no country without opposition. Gen. Cirillo has right to pursue his objectives, if not through violence, because people are tired of war. Our leaders should also try other options than war.
    I remember my friend Taban advise in this website saying that if you want to show nationalism, don’t generalize a tribe for individual act or comments. I agree to that advise and wish all of us to take note of it. But our problem as south Sudanese is a tribal hatred. If this guy who called himself Ishaho is from Jieng, then why saying Jieng mentality? Why not condemning him as a person? What prove to you that he speaks on behalf of Jieng or representing them?

    For instance, Gen Cirillo is not representing Equatorian, look at the name of his rebellion (NAS). He is assuming to fight for the whole nation to change system not liberation of equatoria. If we don’t come down to abandon such behaviors, we will never have peace of mind and understand ourselves. It’s like when we used to refer to government in Khartoum as Arabs for getting our black Africans in the west, East, Central Sudan and Blue Nile regions.

    This tells me and I doubt whether, the current older generation and the current young generation regardless of our level of education and tribes that we have or would have better leaders than the others. You reacted negatively and irritably to the extent of saying that you are the owner of the website, and you would have deleted the comments simply because Ishaho said let’s kill Cirillo. This is just a word from an individual not even spokesman of a group, imagine, where will he get Gen. Cirillo to Kill? What powers or influence does he have to kill Cirillo?

    A leader is subject to many things including criticism, arrest, threats or attempt to be killed or some wish him to be killed or died, but it may not happen. For example, there are/were some oppositions supporters who wishes Kiir dead even today, but has it happened! Likewise, some pro-government supporters had wanted or want Dr. Riak killed, but has that happened? No, these are all fantasies! Nevertheless, being an opposition is a human behavior even at family level, but the answer is not to kill or wish to be killed.

    Secondly, why people are being recognized of belonging to so and so tribe by comments? It is so common in this website that when you are not supporting opposition, you are recognized as Jieng like the case of Ishaho. He did not reveal his identity or tribe, but because of his comments, you jump to conclusion that he is Jieng. Do you think Cirillo is being supported by all Equatorians? Similarly, you need to know that Kiir or Machar are not being supported by all members of their tribes

    Mr. Editor in Chief please understands that I am not attacking you, but I want to bring you back to stick to your professionalism to allow free talk in this website without threats, otherwise, if people cease from commenting in this website, it will loss popularity and the objectives for which it was created. I guess this website is a platform for free expression!

    Now with your current level of anger, and being the owner of the website, I leave my comments at your mercy to decide to publish or delete it, but the good news is that you will first read it before deleting it. And if you delete, I will definitely regret and question credibility and objectives of this website.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Thanks for your nice words and advice, which I take as genuine. I leave it to the readers to decide and debate the central point of Mr. Isakho.
      As regards your so-called ‘level of anger,’ I wish just to inform you and all that there is no any ‘level of anger’ in this work I am doing by hosting at my expense this website since 2003, that’s sixteen years and counting.
      As young kids and a short time after the famous and heroic 1955 Mutiny, we were forced to ‘celebrate’ Sudan’s so-called independence in 1956. Then, in a planned campaign of ‘ethnic cleansing’ all over the towns of Southern Sudan in 1965 were the Arabs were killing us, we had to run into exile in the early 1960’s as refugees. It was then that we’re hopeful that the burgeoning and patriotic Anya Nya movement would bring our independence and freedom like those African countries we excitedly watched then getting and celebrating their independence.
      Further, I think I have seen enough of life not to get needlessly angry with anybody, specially somebody I don’t personally know or in a situation like an intellectual debate online.
      Anyway, let’s keep up the pressure on those so-called ‘leaders’ now destroying our motherland and its children and that our suffering citizens hopefully sooner get some peace.
      Thank you,

  9. ssudan says:

    To: GatCharwearbol, Ishakho, and Beek,
    Your blame on Gen. Thomas Cirillo were baseless, tribalistic and full of fear Gen. Thomas himself because you have spoiled your movement. Tell me which tribe didn’t rebel against Juba regime? Nuer, Dinka, Jieng Council of Elders, Shilluk, Murle, Wau people and lastly Equatorians people. But if go back and analysis this well, the first person who rebel against Juba regime is a jieng known as George Arthor, follow by David Yau Yau a Murle, Oleng a Shilluk,, All Nuer under Riak Machar, then lastly Thomas who is for all South Sudanese are he’s not like others. Thomas’ movement is to save your life and the country.
    In 2013, James Hoth Mai a Nuer was a Chief of Staff (who replaced by Paul Malong) and allowed innocent Nuer being targeted and killed by the soldiers and he didn’t resigned because of money. You people are fighting because of food only.
    So, Mai commanded 2013 the killing while lying Dollars and SSP. Thomas was just like any ordinary person because he didn’t join the killing of the innocent Nuer people.

  10. Tyson says:


    South Sudan is full of half baked purported intellectuals who are ignorant about the history of South Sudan and the current political mess in the country. They lack analytical skills and are just a mockery of education.
    Who can deny the slaughter of innocent Nuer in 2013 by Kiir and his sycophants?
    Good luck to this racket of criminals….

  11. Attention: Taban Alimasi

    The reason why Mr.Thomas Cirrillo,did not say anything about on episode of 2013,because he was a military man because the military personnel,are to distant themselves from Politics in the government politicals affairs.He should been stayed neutral.

    Let the interviewer ask Dr.Riak Machar, himself,and his faction in SPLM/SPLA Ruling Party speak out the reason why the fight broke out in the first place in 2013 in the country at the beginning ???! What was the problem so far????!!!! Back to you!

    Sincere Uniting People for all the time in life according to on the daily basis!



  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    James Gathoth Mai, the then Chief of Staff had long been disowned by Nuer. What he did is inexcusable.

    Nuer have no problem with Mr. Thomas Cirillo. Let him try his best and we wish him nothing but success.

    When our people were killed, we responded with all our might and every living thing know. We are cornered from all over and we haven’t given up yet. Don’t let that fake peace fool you. Nuer know very well the empty Khartoum agreement between Kiir and Omar.
    In fact, Dr. Machar is under arrest in Khartoum as he was in South Africa. Israel in East Africa is Nuer.

    As of now, I have yet to hear Cirillo capturing any important town in Equatoria. All I been hearing is Salva chasing his troops around. What is going on? We are behind you. We are not enemies instead we are allies.

    • Eastern says:


      For crying out this is the 21st century where tribal belonging is fast becoming meaningless and James Hoth Mai knows that too well. The man has not invested in building a mega luak in the land of his forefathers but bought multimillion palacial house in Australia which is now a subject of investigation. The rest is news for the fodder.

      You don’t speak for SPLA-IO, do you? The situation in the bushes of South Sudan is quite different.

      The Nuer people may have responded with all “their might” following the Juba killings but that effort has been/is being watered down in most cases by none other than the Nuerfolks. The examples abound.

      Dr. Machar is a prisoner and he was coerced to SIGN the Khartoum jokes as a prisoner. There’s nothing to be proude of that!

      Talking of capturing a town (villages really), that strategy nearly wasted Dr. Garang’s SPLA – even after 2 decades SPLA did not capture 50% of the Sudan. SPLA-IO tried the same strategy and nearly five years after waging war, it has only Akobo to its accolade! Thomas Cirilo is certainly not reinventing the wheel but should be given the support he deserves.

      We are not fighting the JCE regime so as to inherit South Sudan from them; the regime is being fought so that POSTERITY has the South Sudan that is just, equitable and is home to all. Since Dr. Machar is not willing to sacrifice his life by sticking to his guns but chose to SIGN the sham pact so that he joins the club of It’s Our Turn to Eat in Juba, please leave Thomas Cirilo and those who believe in his thinking alone!

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        This is sad and unfortunate for you to have this kind of thinking. I never heard of a tree with no roots. Each comes from some lineage. For you to emotionally dismissed the important of what will never go away is terrible. Tribal belongings is here to stay and I don’t see it going anywhere as you alluded. Do your homework again. The American natives still maintained their tribal belongings and our close door neighbors. Tribes have been here before you were born and they will be here when you are gone.

        Call me whatever you like, but your only support for Cirillo is because he belongs to your tribe. That is the only thing I can make up from your responds to my comments.

        Again, I have nothing to grind with Cirillo. The front belongs to all. Let him to try his best. I applaud him for at least trying. I see him as my ally not my enemy. Peace to you!

        • Eastern says:


          Cherrypicking is a very bad way of dealing with issues as complex as South Sudan’s.

          Do you even know the “tribe” of Eastern, just to start with?

          I have VERY low opinion of tribal belonging and associations, for your information. Emotive tribal responses/inclinations is the price the Nuer people are paying now!

          That being said, Thomas Cirilo and those subscribing to his ideology are not doing so under the banner of the Bari people. Even if you half-heartedly have the people of Central Equatoria in mind, they are not Bari for crying out loud.

          Look no further than Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda – where has tribal inclination taken these countries in their contemporary political histories. South Sudan has the opportunity to learn from the pitfalls of its neighbours and adopt best practices going forward.

          I was once a staunch supporter of Dr. Machar but when his lieutenants skewed the movement towards and begun glorifying the Nuer empire, my hatred for tribal inclination kicked in and I begun doing the needful!

          My principle is that I am in the struggle NOT to benefit me in this current South Sudan; I am in the struggle for the betterment of posterity: a South Sudan that is just and equitable to all. Working with Kiir to patch the current shreaded country called South Sudan to maintain the STATUS QUO is the greatest undoing of Dr. Machar and his followers. South Sudan cannot have peace and stability with the same people who created the problems at the helm of leadership. Be afraid!

    • Chol Gai says:


      Nuer often said “they have the largest army in the SPLA; in fact 80% of the army were Nuer but the firefight of 2013 in Juba which went on the whole night until morning when they were overran by the “Tiger and Mathiang-Anyoor” turn out to be it was Nuer civilians who were killed. Why would 80% of Nuer army turn out to be Nuer civilians who were killed? This says a lot about the level of IQ Nuer have and the people who believed civilians were killed in Juba.

      Now you’re try to tell us that and I quote “When our people were killed, we responded with all our might and every living thing knows”! Really? What and where were your response really? The civilians in Bor in Church and the mentally ill people? When is the last time you came to the proximity of “Tiger Mathiang-Anyoor” to have any firefight with them?
      You can just response to me by telling the readers here that “Here is the location where Nuer whitearmy met with Tiger and Mathiang-Anyoor and mighty Nuer whitearmy take them without any escape from Tiger and Mathiang-Anyoor! Would that be the difficult event to recalled?

      Remember; when what you said make sense then it’s the truth but if it doesn’t make any sense then it isn’t the truth in any way shape or form!
      There are very reasonable people who read these comments and they can just size up the level of your intelligence very simply.

  13. deng hanbol says:

    “Since Dr. Macher is not willing to sacrifice his life by sticking to his guns but SIGN the shame pact so that he joins the club of it’s “Brother Eastern,” I wouldn’t have expected you to comment negatively.
    Anyway, what evidence can you cite to support your allegation? In other words, can you back up your claim with solid, fact based evidence? Otherwise, nobody will consider or believe your argument earnestly.

    • Eastern says:


      You are excused for writing your name in lower case for now. Next question/concern please?!

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        don’t beat around the bush-just answer my question.

        • Eastern says:

          Deng Hanbol,

          Nobody will give out credible evidence on this form as it is not a court formed to try these people.

          I have never minced words, if you have the time to read my comments on this forum, you would have known what I stand for – CHANGE OF THE STATUS QUO.

          Anybody asking for solid evidence here risks being considered an ONANIST…..!

          I still insist, Dr. Machar needs to show more leadership.

  14. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr DH,
    Your are more than right. Dr Riek is the only living south Sudanese who played something akin to a Russian roulette by taking on J1 with a pistol in his hip. It could have been that God saved him to come out alive.
    Cowards like Eastern, editor, Alhag, Dr Kwajok and even the Equatorian chou chou named General TC will never dare to entertain a casual daydream of doing that. Talks cost nothing. But the realities of events in history take their course with terrible valid proofs.
    Between now and 1991 is over twenty years. Dr Riek hasn’t ascended to power but he is still here fighting. Human lives are the firewood of African revolts. Otherwise there isn’t any revolt named revolt if it doesn’t cost lives like the naive Eastern dares to make believe.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      Yes, Machar had the naivety and sheer stupidity of entering the J-1 in those suicidal circumstances, surely, you can rest assured that none of the above persons, given the opportunity and power of Machar then, would never have made the blunders of Machar. Machar horrifically blundered in his first attempt to get rid of Garang in 1991 and his dreams of getting rid of Kiir now have eviscerated and severely compromised. He’s nothing now but an expensive prisoner on the market. Machar most probably has been cursed by Ngundeng himself…
      False Millionaire, to get rid of leaders, specifically in Africa, doesn’t new money or a big military force. Joseph Kabila Senior is gone, Mobutu, Nimieri, Gaddafhi, Mubarak….are no more.
      Kiir will go sooner than later…after all, he’s as human as any of those you confusedly inferred to above and like those former leaders I have also alluded to above. Just keep tuned to the news media.

      • Madut says:

        Even if Salva Kiir goes today the way you seriously want him dead; do you really think someone you like will be in power in his place? If you think so then you’ll be either mistaken or terribly misinformed! And good luck wishing him dead!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Eastern is commenting on the forum so is False Millionaire. So do you want to sugest another forum/battleground.

      Talking of ‘firewood’, the dinka community certainly paid the prize thanks to the false self entitlement with which SPLA/M emerged from the bush in 2005.

      This chestthumping that Dr. Machar couldn’t manage dinka for over 2 decades puerile and pedestrian teasoning. Eastern now has their feet firmly on the ground!

      ABBREVIATING names during rejoinder on this forum is BEYOND STUPIDITY!

  15. Mor-Amook says:

    Mr. GatChanwearbol, there are no enemies in South Sudan, Jieng are not enemy to any tribe. The 2013 crisis started within the ruling party, it did not start between Jieng v Nuer. Thus it was political differences.
    The revitalized peace agreement was not signed by Jieng & Nuer for that matter. I wonder some Southerners in Diaspora like you do not care of the suffering back home. You keep supporting violent simply because you are not in the country.
    The peace was brokered by neighbors and let give it a chance. Let us encourage Gen Cirillo & Gen. Malong to join. War is not the only means or option to achieve objectives, a message to our leaders.

    Dear Taban and the rest who are supporting Cirillo, don’t feel irritable when others criticize Cirillo. He is a leader of your group, so allow others to judge. Thus, don’t preach that he is a visionary leader. What make him visionary? Is it calling for federalism? If I tell you something you don’t know about him, you will resign from his group.

    There are wise equatorian far better than him, and if given chance, they can unite people. We know Cirillo even before joining SPLA in early 1990s, so you better stop from preaching. Dr. Riak is better than Cirillo please.

    He is not calling something new to Southerners. Hence the only solution is to put federalism into internationally monitored referendum. For instance, Dr. Garang did not call for independent or separation of South Sudan, instead, he called for referendum for people to decide.

    • Eastern says:

      You can certainly work with your WISE Equatorians to achieve what you want to achieve!

      You have James Wani, Elia Lumoro, Julious Tabuley and the list is long.

      The ongoing skirmishes between the regime and those opposed to it has its basis on issues resolutely spelled out to IGAD in Khartoum. IGAD seems to thrive on informalities. Where’s the 700 presidential protection force stated in the sham agreement?!

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      I do agree with your statement, that there are many visionary leaders among (Equatorian), but I would add (South Sudanese) if given opportunity they can articulate the vision for the nation. Me being an Equatorian doesn’t make me a group of Thomas, he is a South Sudanese like any of us and all can identify with him.
      Sometimes you want to hide your tribal sentiment, but without knowing you still reveal your true feelings. I consider Thomas as the only visionary opposition leader, based on the answer he gave on that interview.
      Any leader who could articulate his reasons for opposing the government clearly like that, is someone who knows what he/she is doing.
      Dr John was a visionary leader too, he clearly articulated the vision of the movement to the world and even the Arabs joined his movement.
      That was why the movement under his leadership was successful and brought us to where we are.
      Mor Amook, I know if someone is advocating for federalism it sounds to your ears like an insult, but our main problem is not system of governance, but lawlessness, corruption and tribalism.
      You refer to Riek, yes, Riek is another opposition but I don’t consider him as a creditable individual, this is because Riek is too ambitious and has given nothing to South Sudanese but death since in 1991.
      I personally would like to see him retire and give opportunity for young people to lead.

  16. Hoiloom says:


    I love this statement “Machar most probably has been cursed by Ngundeng himself”…hehe, but no. As a matter of fact he has been blessed but being punished by the Almighty for his naivety.
    However, I do agree that he is a very expensive prisoner in the market. Had it been someone else in charge of IO, the cowboy would have been a history. It’s a pity our people have to go through this heart bleeds for the innocent souls lost.


  17. Hoiloom says:

    Chol Gai,

    The Nuer response to Juba massacre was loud and clear. Had it not been your Godfather, M7 we would be discussing other issues now. Who does not know Dinka cannot confront a Nuer man in the battlefield? You have hired UPDF. JEM, SPLM-N and M23 of DRC yet you failed to defeat IO which in turn use your captured ammunitions and weapons. Even Black Water with their gunship+drones could not destroy Machar with his 1370 special forces. No matter what you do, history can’t be twisted nor rewritten.


  18. GatCharwearbol says:

    KPA is a bogus peace agreement. How do you implement what is not there? So Mr. Mor Mok, there is nothing to implement.

    Violence is naturally the last resort after all is exhausted. We have exhausted all options…. the only thing left is violence.

    Besides, why did we fought Khartoum for so many years if violence is not a solution to anything? Why didn’t we ask Khartoum to let us go without a fight? Be the judge!

    • Eastern says:


      Here I agree with you entirely. The message is clear and not mixed. The Machiavellian in Juba cannot longer be handled with kids gloves.

      SPLM-IO was coerced into signing an unimplementable pact with Dr. Machar as prisoner and the man from Leer accepted! What was difficult for him to set his terms and conditions and stick by them? Kiir is fast scheming on the way forward by co-opting SSOA and Deng Alor’s group. Soon the boundary issues, the number of states, number of forces contributed to the unifed army, etc will implemented selectively and before you realise it, things are back to the status quo.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Dear brother GatCharwearbol,
      As we all, aware that Khartoum deal is not perfect; no deal ever is. Nonetheless, the creation of presidential Guard in the capital Juba, as the agreement is formally known, offered the best possible assurance that the worst-case scenario of 2015 would never occur again.

  19. Mor-Amook says:

    My Dear brother Taban, I don’t hide my tribal sentiment as you say, but I react which is a human behavior just like you do. Federalism is not an insult to my ears as you said. What federalism could give to others who are advocating for it, I would also enjoy in my state. Because, it is not going to be special to those who advocate for it. Everybody in South Sudan has place. South Sudan is too big for us. No state or region is better than the other. That is why I say, please advocate federalism for referendum.

    Yes, I do agree, our biggest problem is tribal hatred and corruption. Many of our people are short tempered and with so much expectations, Rome was not built in one decade. We judge ourselves by ethnicity and tribal affiliation not who you are, that is why we don’t agree. Also some of our colleagues blame a tribe not elite in the regime regardless of where they hail. These are our problem and we will never understand ourselves if we don’t stop that resentment

    My friend, I am liberal minded and I respond according to situation.

  20. false Millionaire says:

    Mr Rock,
    To say “beyond stupidity,” in a correct interpretation in English language suggests it isn’t stupidity. Othrwise you are way off the mark.
    U are right the jieng paid heavily and will continue to pay under Kiir and company.But that’s just due to your twisted calculations.
    What do ordinary jieng have to do with Kiir and the stool of power he is sitting on?
    General TC is trying very hard not to fall into the same tribal outfit trap like Dr Riek has and that’s why he projects his speeches towards Kiir and Juba regime. But he will have to castrate many Equatorians to make his point understood like Garang did with jieng reactionaries like Akuot Atem in the first hour of SPLM/A foundation.
    It’s more than fine if your foot is firmly on the ground. But why don’t you just hold it there instead of betraying your feelings with such childish vocabularies as “stupidity”?
    You give the impression of a desperate man who imagines kicking the bucket in a rebellion’s battle in a sheer daylight dream.
    Eastern, Alhag, Editor and general TC are correct living characters on the forum and not abbreviated creations of a jungle running imagination.

  21. Mor-Amook says:

    Hoiloom, you talk like you have witnessed any battlefield, but not. You are type of people if not answered as you want, you will never understand. From 1991 to 2002, how many Nuer forces were fighting jalaba alongside SPLA? If Lou Nuer is able to displace Dinka Bor, you generalize it to be Jieng, that is your childish imagination.

    From the former 4 states in Bhar el Gazal, Jieng is almost 99% in 3 states, Lakes, Warrap and NBeG alone , that is apart from Jieng in Unity and Upper Nile. How many Gelweng (cattle protection force) these states could produce if they were mobilized that the war was between Nuer and Jieng? Let me just give one example, on 20th March 1997, do you know what happened that day? I guess you don’t know, but ask your tribesmen to the west bank of the river Nile. The Jieng know one major weakness of Nuer in battlefield, if you ask me I will tell you since you never test any battle.

    In the history which town like Rumbek, Yirol, Tonj, Cueibet, Kuajok and Aweil captured by Nuer, only Bor. Why? You talk of Ugandan forces in 2014. Were there Ugandan soldiers in J1? You ought to be answered as you want. What you want is what you get.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Your naivety can never be Hoiloom’s problem. If making yourself happy with lies satisfies your egoistical sentiment, help yourself to more lies.

  22. mading says:

    GatCharwearbol. Where were you for the last five years to still talk about violence now as the way out ? You need to know that you had five years to do it, and you did not. My question to you is who is going to fight for you and your rebels are coming home and you are living far a way from South Sudan ? Let me tell you that people like Eastern are good internet warriors who like to fool you guys to jump in the fire, and never join you when you are burning in the hell of fire. We don’t see your war like behaviors on the ground, only on this web.

    • Eastern says:


      The man writing his name in lower case! I don’t think even the adjective good describes me.

      I was a staunch supporter of Dr. Machar but when the man veered off course thanks to tribal glorification, I quit and became his critic. I am not “fooling anybody to jump in the fire……..”, just to quote you; I am in the thick of things right here in Juba, South Sudan.

      I regularly advise folks at Nuer Peace Council, not far from the minsitry buildings, less than 5 minute’s drive down from US Embassy in Juba. Eastern is not your usual pedestrian thinker, Eastern DRIVES the situation aimed at CHANGING THE STATUS QUO – call it regime change if you want!

  23. GatCharwearbol says:


    When were your born? During liberation struggle between us and Jallaba, how long did it takes? Cease uttering childish utterances. Even if it takes us 100 years, so be it.

    We fought Jallaba 55 years and our savior had been George W. Bush. Had it not been for him, we would still be fighting Jallaba as of now.

  24. false Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    U are appreciated for giving a valid clue.But George W. Bush’s contribution wasn’t a free-cost.
    The last Aljezera’s documentation is a proof that Garang paid the price after refusing the suggestion of shell and american companies taking over the oil from China.But that point too gives implications to the events of 1991 in which Dr Riek had to declare the movement’s objective as an independence for south sudan after which those western companies would take the oil from a silvere plate.
    Kiir is the bad player in this game.On one hand,he is sticking to chinese companies.On the other hand,he failed the development so terribly that even his kins are sitting to watch how the roof will come down.Fighting a cobra by beating the tail never means eliminating the danger and there we go.After capturing the western’s stooge named Dr Riek Machar in J1,he let him go instead of cutting his head off.Now that same Riek Machar as the black box for the secrets of western intentions in south sudan is suciptible of being recycled and brought to the helm of power even if he is in a wheel chair like Algirian”s french stooge named Boutafica.
    There isn’t any need to talk of a 100 year’ struggle.Otherwise China will have progressed too far and that’s what the westerners are determined to prevent at all cost.
    Talk about a day,a month and a year or five years maximum.
    Fellow equatorians will be the big losers if they don’t relent from burning their kins in the name of federalism becouse What will come has nothing akin to our inrerests.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      So you have that load of crap in your head as reason?!

      No wonder South Sudan is indeed moving south. I thought only regime “minister” reason that way to stave off the embarrasing questions from independent journalists.

      South Sudan is yet to experience a true liberation!

  25. Hoiloom says:


    I stopped commenting on anything to do with Mur Mok and the thief called Millionaire since last year. These thieves can lie all they want but the truth remain. If Monyang cousins were that mighty there wouldn’t be any reason to hire East Africans and Sudanese rebels to do their dirty work. I am in Mandeng if they want to find me.


  26. mading says:

    Eastern, GatCharwear, Hoiloom, and other internet warriors, keep winning your internet war. You will start going a way one by one soon like Gardarwich and the rest who are now stopped their war on this web. I know you are so bitter for being losers.

  27. False Millionnaire says:

    U are forgiven for the narrow snaps.
    But never ignore to give value to everything u have witnessed in the course of history.
    At least u could have been an eye witness to the events of 2013 and 2016 in which streets of Juba were over-litered with dead jieng and nuer. Such are the kind of expansive games nuer and jieng get into and are which equatorians like you are only capable of writing about in sercured hidouts and float the scripts into the forum like hollywood fictions.
    Garcharwearbol and Hoiloom write but with great Knowledge of what that is.
    Is it général TC who is a sheer Junior in the game that’s driving u into arrogance?
    U will be disappointed becouse for the naive like you,miscalculated short ways from a dark tunnel in any armed rébellion end up to be very long.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      What was so strange in the killings of December 2013 and July 2016 in Juba? Dinka and Nuer have been killing each other long before my grandfather heard about these tribes! The two tribes have chosen killing each other as the only way of settling scores and if you think you can use these nefarious medieval lifestyles to blackmail a person of my calibre, then be my guest.

      Has the payment of the so-called blood money satisfactorily addressed the issues of the wanton killings among the Dinka and Nuer? Every single life of a South Sudanese MUST be protected by the state and once you kill, the state will kill you as well. No amount of compensation can atone the death of a South Sudanese. This is what every South Sudanese must inscribe in their mind.

      I am not naive and I am not fighting for an equitable and just South Sudan for my personal indulgence. I am fighting for posterity. How do you measure the VERY LONG time you alluded to? SPLA waged a war of liberation for about 2 decades – it could have taken longer if not for the change in geo-political climate.

      Take note that not every change seeker wants to rush to Juba because “It’s Their Turn to Eat”. Today here in Juba, Peter Biar Ajok is standing trial just because he reasoned that maintaining the status quo is won’t pacify the country although the regime is covering that with other obscure charges. Maintaining the status quo in Juba is untenable. Striving to do so just keeps peace at bay.

      Please engage me in real debate than this jejune opinion and veiled threats!

  28. Mor-Amook says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol, which one is a lie? Was 2016 J1 fighting a lie? Also was fighting from Juba to DRC border in hot pursuit of Riak a lie? Was 20 March 1997 when more than 10,000 militias’ of Riak fiercely faced Gelweng (cattle protection force) in the toch (swampy/cattle camps) east of Rumbek, a lie? In that battle, few survivors who went back to Nyel, Ganyliel, Panyijiar ….etc would tell you. Finally, were there Ugandan soldiers fighting in those battles? These are just few highlights of the facts.

    Even when you (Nuer white army) were mobilized on tribal line to fight government soldiers in the name of Jieng or as Jieng, the typical youth of Jieng in the cattle camps everywhere were never told or mobilized that there was fighting with Nuer, or the fight from 2013 to-date was a tribal. They are just ignoring this war as a senseless war between those in power in Juba. They understand that Riak needs the seat of presidency in Juba, which is none of their business.

    I leave these facts to readers to judge, whether I am lying or you are a liar and pompous?
    History has test it that fighting is never a solution to our problem in South Sudan, from 1991 – 2002, and from 2013 to-date, so why can we not stop fighting and talk? maybe it will bring solution.

  29. Eastern says:

    Dear Editor,

    With your permission, allow me alert through this link False Millionire if he’s not the man in question. False Millionaire = Obtaining Money by False Pretence!

  30. False Millionnaire says:

    Agreed you are fighting for posterity,but what else if it wasn’t the same objective Garang was fighting for?
    If geo-political climate of those days had compelled US,GB and TRIOKA states to back our independence according to your mindset,what’s so different about the geo-political climate of today in comparaison to that one?
    You are terribly beating around the bush my friend if you ignore to understand that no body does anything to some one else for nothing on this earth.
    Thanks to the chinese business dynamisme and pragmatisme grounded on the theory formulating money to invest and money to be made without giving a damn how you government your country.Such conditions in conjunction to cheap materials and services to be had within the same deal have undone any need for western countries in Africa.With such a fantastic spring board,China is one foot to the moon and that is the ideal characteristic of the geo-political climate of the hour.
    In case you are interested to know,I am one of those who never dismiss général TC and his followers like you.
    Politics is a game of ideas.What’s logic in any debate wins consensus and permits people me included to move forward in harmony.
    But listen and write down my words.Even if général TC or any other honest south sudanese turned out to be God today in pursuit of truth from wrong,that will not change the course of the game.The prevailing twisted reality is,it’s easy to believe that those western forces will back up some body who will help them push the chinese out of the oil sector for the benefit of their companies.That person at this very hour is Riek Machar.Otherwise they will only groom another stooge in his place if he kicks the bucket over night.
    It won’t cost u anything to take time and think about that instead of putting your eggs in the same basket behind général TC who may end up like Garang if they groomed him and found him not to be a good stooge at the end.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Of course South Sudan was robbed of what Dr. Garang could have showcased as a statesmsn by that unfortunate helicopter crash plunging in Kiir, the worst thing, to befall the country in the form of a misleader, for lack of a better word. Dr. Garang had his weakness which I am aware of during the war, the world was yet to evaluate him leading a country. Kiir is a total flop.

      You have answered yourself on why South Sudan has chosen to deal with the Chinese but not the US or the Troika countries, even as the latter was on the side of southern Sudanese during the war. I have written somewhere that SPLA is coercive and SPLM deceptive. So if you combine these two attributes and give it state powers, you will have what is in abundance in the Juba regime: corruption, arbitrary arrests, detention and killings. My friend Peter Biar Ajak is already paying the price of calling out the SPLA/SPLM regime. Troika countries as is typical of the western world, won’t deal with those whose hands and stained in the blood of their citizens, the Chinese and Russians don’t care who the guns they sell to Kiir will kill. Taban Deng, the flamboyant and loud-mouthed Kiir’s deputy even one time boasted that SPLA did not use American guns during their war of liberation!

      For crying loud, don’t lecture me on politics. What’s happening in South Sudan is not politics – there are no politicians in the country. What we have are schemers made up of old men with no security of survival outside the regime. So whatever these people who some of you naively keep refer to as politicians are not. They want to maintain the status quo: Kiir remains in J1 and they remain in “parliament”, ministries, etc until when one by one their biological clock shuts down. Don’t talk of politicians and democracy when you want to reasonably engage with me on the governance malfeasance in Juba. Talk of Machiavellians, schemers and the GERONTOCRACY that Makuei, Elia Lumoro and other old men in the regime are protecting using the blood of hapless lads paid peanuts and deployed in the various [in]security organs all over the country.

      Kiir has just signed a pact with Dr. Machar and if you still continue to NURSE that suspicion about possible Machar-American partnership which will make him a puppet, then you clearly DON’T KNOW what is good for South Sudanese and the posterity. Your thinking is the reason uninformed South Sudanese allow the old men surrounding Kiir to mobilize them to defend the status quo. Maintaining the status quo in the country is unsustainable and keeps peace at bay.

      Check my record on this forum. I have never appreciated Kiir’s leadership style. The man is treading the paths of Milton Obote, Mobutu Sese Seko and other bad leaders in Africa. Kiir had the opportunity of copying from countries like Botswana, Senegal, etc. The man decided to copy and paste from the Sudan and reading from the script of Museveni of Uganda.

  31. Attention: Eastern

    You look upset! Calm down! Respect challenges and criticism in good faith! As an intellectual, handle a Know-Nothing person with dignity! But not with contempt force! Back to you!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Chief Abiko,
      My apologies to you if I missed to delete any disparaging remarks by the author(s). Indeed, there shouldn’t be any demonstration of contempt against anyone, specially on the website.
      Thanks for your alert and concern.

    • Eastern says:

      Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo,

      I am calm but resolute. Iam open to criticism and I confute allegations purely aimed at diverting debates on the forum. Take note that this forum is on a world wide web and not only South Sudanese are its audience.
      The country is bleeding not because of, just to borrow your phrase, Know-Nothing person[s] – the country is on its knees because of schemers, lairs, Machiavellian, deceitful folks and all you can think of.
      If you think my very harsh criticism of the regime in Juba and those hellbent on drumming support for the same is being contemptuous, then you or me is in the wrong forum! I don’t have time for a forum where South Sudanese exchange pleasantries and these abound!

      I have never, any where on this forum, claimed to be an intellectual – yes I am well read but intellectualism in South Sudan makes Juba reek! The other thing which is news for the fodder is religious fanaticism.
      Peace and stability can not be achieved by the various pious actions and proclamations; Kiir’s visit alone to the Vatican to meet the Pope, without his political (ceding some ground to those opposing his leadership, allow the status quo to be dismantled, etc), you will continue to hear the stories of no money for the implementation of the sham deal.

      I have taken a hardliner approach on those keeping peace at bay in South Sudan so should the editor feel that through exchanges of pleasantries South Sudanese will have lasting peace, then be my guest!

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Rest assured that the editor running this site doesn’t have nor submits to such pleasantries at the expense of the suffering and oppression being currently endured on our fellow country men and women by an irresponsible junta.

  32. false Millionaire says:

    FYI,I am a busy fellow working for my bread.That said,it has become more than obvious that our debate has derailed from the point to the bush without due from your part.
    The thread of the argument had centered on the geo-political climate before and after the independence with China’s economic onslaught on Africa and the western resistance against it as the characteristic.If that is a misfit in the debate for you,it’s a waste of time for me to continue.
    There is just a need to ask you to read my previous comments and try to understand if talking about Kiir’s terrible failure of economy and develompment also means defending his government.
    The pact Machar has signed with Kiir is neither a page from the Bible nor the Qoraan according to Nimiri’s phrase on the abolition of The Addis Ababa Agreement to take for granted.That said,I stick to my position and Dr Riek Machar is a western stooge number one.
    The fact that general TC is well recieved and accommodated in US and the west shouldn’t mislead.They will destroy him without mercy the day Dr Riek ascends to the helm of power.But keep dreaming of what you call psterity.I am not on the way against that at all.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Cut the crap! Do you really believe the regime in Juba is alienating the global west just because it does not want to be a stooge? Do you believe that’s the major reason?

      Here’s the thing: kleptocracy thrives in secrecy and underhand methods. The Chinese and Russians have it as policy of the so-called non-interference in another country’s affairs. By the way, the US spends a lot of its taxpayers money in shouldering the global leadership. China is more than welcome to co-lead the world by open trade not their current shrouded approach of doing business. The information on this global trade is out there for all and sundry.
      It’s very naive for the regime in Juba to draw South Sudan into this – Chinese footprints are covering nearly the whole of Africa but wise African leaders are not calling out the Americans, tread carefully here.
      The country needs the South Sudan-USA partnership now more than ever before. There’s a lot South Sudan stands to GAIN by being allies with the US than alienating. That I can tell you with a straight face.

      For South Sudan to arise out of this state of doldrums, the current generation SHOULD as a matter of urgency, think of posterity. These endemic rebellions just to get slots at dinning table will not end if the status quo is not dismantled. Now that you seem to be in agreement that the current generation should play good stewardship by holding the country together, let’s move on.

      My friend David Lawrence Lual and I are reading from the same page. Please read his thoughts through this link.

  33. Attention: Editor&Publisher

    Thanks! Well,you know,what brought the problems into South Sudanese Leaders,the bloodshed until 2013,was Disparaging Problem Most.

    As you know,when The Late Dr.John Garang De Mabior,was leading The Movement during The Civil War,him,by himself,he was INSOLENCE AND OBDURATE,He refused to listen to other fellow comrades Junior and senior officers in High Command! He was putting himself the only person in the South Sudan,who have convinced the northerners to join the movement in the South Sudan cause! He became arrogant and pompous.

    Remember that on the formation of the movement,they got the system the so called Permanent Members(P5) They were as follows:

    1- Dr.John Garang De Mabior. Postion: Chairman in both Political Wing and Military Wing

    2- Commander Kerbino Kwanyin Bol Deputy Chairman

    3- Commander William Nyuon Bany. Chief of Staff of army forces

    4- Arok Thon Arok Military of operations

    5-Joseph Oduho Haworu.Memember

    6-No Salva Kirr

    7- No Yousif Kua Mekki

    8-No Dr.Mansour Khalid

    What caused internecine debacle of 1991,John Garang,secluded the junior members those of Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin,Dr.Riak Machar and others as well because of contempt issue!The same with Dr.Riak Machar and President Salva Kirr presidency! He scorned on president Kirr,It has led Kirr,until he became rankled onto him on the issue! Thanks once again! Let us keep the forum decent without deragotories words,offending words,profanity languages,talking trash talk,contempt, foul languages and many more! Let the members,showing respect and criticism of the fellow members comments,responses,and remarks! Back to you!

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