Gen. Alfred Lado Gore Refutes allegations of defection and betrayal: PR

DATER: 21/JUNE/2015


JUN/21/2015; The statement that the Governor of Central Equatoria State, Clement Wani Konga made to the media on Thursday 18th June, 2015 and reported by Jok Petero in Juba on Friday 19th June 2015 is intended to mislead the public and is devoid of any grain of truth.

Firstly, there was no meeting that took place between the 3 governors of Equatoria and the Deputy Chairman of SPLM/A-IO, Lt.Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore in March. The first meeting took place on 14th of April 2015 for the sole purpose of establishing a working committee made up of Equatorians in the government and those in the SPLM/A-IO to draft a joint position of Equatoria.

The follow-up meeting was convened in May which resulted in the development of a position paper that called for adoption of federal system of governance in South Sudan during the transitional period, security reforms and general reforms.

The position paper was signed by two senior officials nominated by the 3 governors and two senior officials mandated by the Chairperson of the SPLM/A-IO.

Secondly, the 3 governors agreed that since they are in government, they will not be able to lead the political process to popularize the position paper of Equatorians.

They conceded that the Equatorians in the SPLm/A-IO are best placed to lead the political process to ensure the international community, regional leaders and IGAD are made aware of the position of Equatorians both in the government and in the SPLM/A-IO.

They pledged to make resources available to facilitate the production of the position paper and also to enable senior politicians from both sides to visit the neighboring countries.

Without these resources the meetings with the leaders of the countries like Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa would not have been possible.

Thirdly, the visit to Kampala was primarily to make the authorities in Uganda aware about the position of the Equatorians.

To the dismay and disappointment of the SPLM/A-IO committee that visited Kampala, Governor Clement Wani Konga had written a letter to the President of Uganda saying that the Deputy Chairman of SPLM/A-IO and some of his comrades are separating from the movement and want to be provided with assistance in terms of accommodation and financial support and that the Deputy Chairman wants to open a direct talk with Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The Deputy Chairman of SPLM/A-IO, categorically rejected the request that Konga made to the government of Uganda without his knowledge.

He also made it abundantly clear that his committee was visiting Kampala to let President of Uganda know and take not of the position of Equatoria and to request the President of Uganda to support it in the IGAD peace talks and not that he was coming to beg for assistance.

The meeting in Kampala ended in total disagreement leaving Clement Wani Konga embarrassed and isolated from the other two governors of Equatoria, Louis Lobong and Joseph Bakasoro, who were visibly disappointed at their colleague, Konga.

The two governors even confided that they did not know why Konga brought them to meet with the SPLM/A-IO delegation and the Ugandan authority in Kampala.

The statement of Konga to the media, issued from his office, is simply a face-saving measure and noting more.

In conclusion, the Deputy Chairman of SPLM/A-IO wants to make it clear that the conflict in South Sudan will only be concluded through the IGAD-led peace process in Addis Ababa.

If the secret behind Konga and his colleagues’ meeting with Equatorians in the SPLM/A-IO was to divide the movement, it has failed and has exposed their hidden agenda.

Millions of Equatorians inside South Sudan and in the diaspora have hope in the SPLM/A-IO as the movement that will bring lasting peace and stability to the country and the Deputy Chairman of the SPLM/A-IO is not prepared to betray their hopes and aspirations.

The term of Kiir’s government ends on July 8th 2015 together with the state governors, so there is no point of joining a government whose legitimacy is questioned, its term is expiring and is responsible for carrying out genocide on South Sudanese citizens.

Konga’s statement, therefore, is a desperate attempt to win political favor from the embattled President Kiir to maintain him as the governor of Central Equatoria and is intended to tarnish the good name of the Deputy Chairman of the SPLM/A-IO.


Alfred Ladu Gore
Deputy Chairman and Deputy Commander -in-Chief, SPLM/O-IO
Dated: n21/June/2015


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    SPLA-IO deputy chairman, General Lado Gore will not under any circumstances betray the freedom fighters movement. The killer Kiir’s media warriors and shameless propagandists can keep on preaching what they best; desperately spreading balant and baseless accusations against the most able and true patriot; General Gore but they(killer Kiir and his coward cronies have already lost the war they imposed on the freedom voices). Soon the skillful assassin and blood sucker, Museveni will eminently unplugged the life support on killer Kiir’s genocidal regime and toast it into the dumpsters point. The rest will be history. Installing federalism and democracy in South Sudan is irreversible quest. Long live freedom fighters’ leadership.

  2. Joana Adams says:

    Dear Gen Alfred Ladu Gore,

    Thank you very much for speaking out and explaining and clarifying this ill timed mess by your juniors in Nairobi. It is very regrettable that Equatorians in SPLM-IO have chosen the wrong path to conflict resolution. No matter the nature and gravity of the disagreement, they should have reacted responsibly by first seeking an audience to dialogue with you on this matter. It is shameful that they sought to wash all of the dirty linens in public.

    No one is perfect but no one can question your patriotism and nationalism since you join the SPLM/A soon after its inception in 1983. You made many sacrifices thereafter including diasagreement with late Chairman Dr. John Garang. But each time you stood your principles. You are not only a learned man but a man of integrity. No one can question your sacrifice to escape with Dr. Riek in Dec 2013. That was a selfless act of love for one’s people and country.

    In a country such as South Sudan, it is easy to see why your guts can pose a threat to many colleagues.
    You have spoken well. You ate not the only South Sudanese leader who goes lobbying leaders of the neighbouring countries. It is right to refute the government’s misrepresentation of the facts that led to this otherwise preventable war. It was your diplomatic skills that paved the way for SPLM-IO in both Kampala and Nairobi. The world should not forget this.
    If our brothers in the Nairobi caucus want positions, they should not seek them at your expense. They are junior to you in this struggle. They found you there and should not even think of instigating a revolt against you.
    We are entering a critical time,olitically with respect to IGAD led peace process. All knives will be out to destroy rivals and those seen to be hardliners. There is a lot of desparation as you have noted from those whose positions are shaky. Please do not allow your self to be distracted by foolish job seekers. You are a man of the people. Keep focused and keep fighting for the rights of the millions of marginalised South Sudanese including Equatorians. Equatoria is your political constituency and therefore you have the right to speak for and about Equatoria and Equatorians anytime anywhere.

    As you have correctly said, if you for any reason you disagree with the SPLM-IO, you will not join the genocidal regime whose legitimacy is expiring. If any thing you will seek to stand on your own. Cde, Lado Gore, if and when you make that decision, you won’t be on your own. You can rest assured of that.

    Joana Adams

  3. Eli Wani says:

    Dear Deputy Chair person and Deputy C in C SPLA IO
    Your excellency Cmd Alfred Lado Gore
    Your explanation is very clear and sound, we have never doubted your position regardless of the situations. Yes it is the lies of Salva Kirr’s expiring regime that is trying to defame your good name. Keep doing the good work, God bless all FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

  4. Bol says:

    Most of “the civilized people” of Equatoria agree on one thing only {Dinka Hatred}. Anything else beyond Dinka hatred is controversial. While ago it was a Dinka bad government….Bad Nuer leadership is boiling now and all of the sudden, they took out their knives against Gore! My advise to Gore is come home….Kiir won’t kill you ….You got no people to lead!

    • lojuron says:

      Stop lying on this forum. Dinka is hating Equatorian on daily basis without any reasons.
      Please Stop propagate lies against Equatorian.


    That includes you “Equatorians in SPLM/SPLA Caucus Members”.

    Who would you rather believe? A Democrat or Desperado Governor who rigged elections and is now resorting to character and people assassination?

    Gore et al, if “they” don’t stop their underhandedness, cross over to REMNASA and help build a respectable army and model country. It is called Democracy, coming to your senses and free choice.


  6. lojuron says:

    Thank you Cdr comrade Ladu Gore for positioning yourself very well to explain all the bitter lies made against you Clement Wani Konga governor of central Equatoria. Konga want to use your name to win his masters favour.You are known as a man of integrity and holding on your principles and values. You are not just an easy sell out general unlike those of konga and Dinka. You hail from a a community who has solid believe on justice and equality.The propaganda spreaded out by Equatorian caucus that you made up your mind to defect from people’s movement is shameful. The Equatorian caucus in the movement need to apologize to you and the citizens of south sudan for the false allegations they lied upon you. This is the time to bring them together and explain to them the reason to why allied with chairman comrade Reik to fight this corrupt regime in Juba. Advise them to distance themselves from Konga agents in Kampala and Nairobi.

  7. duol lul deng says:

    Gral.Alfred Ladu Gore is a man of integrity and he will never betray his people.

  8. bismark says:

    Those people who conspired to character assassinate a politically principled leader of the people in the name of GORE are amateurish in their political journey. It is sad we Equatorians have started to stand against one another for cosmetic political positions. A leader of a people must firstly take the welfare of his subjects seriously. He must be principled and accept to be a servant of the people and be a person of a high integrity. Those qualities are all embedded in Alfred Ladu Gore. As politics is dynamic, leaders are supposed to synchronise their activities with it in line with the basic principles that led them to take decisions that could have otherwise cost them their own lives for the sake of those who have no voice to speak against the oppression, dehumanisation and political suppression of their political views. Ladu Gore and others as has been seen, have stood firm in support of the people who lost lives for truth. Truth never fails to win. Truth will be triumphant. My advice to brothers who want to see good to the people of Equatoria in particular and South Sudan in general is to sit down and work out issues. Do not bring out to media before things are completely out of hand. You need to be politically cohesive in your decisions to score goal. Team work brothers!! Remember their can only be one captain in a team. The focus must be on winning the game and not winning the position of the captain of the team specifically Equatorian team.

  9. Charles Placido Wani says:

    The current politics in South Sudanese context is mainly based on maintaining centralized system of governance, which had already developed problems, the second interest is on Federal System of governance, which both Clement Konga and Alfred Gore principally are in agreement, the third interest is ethnic grouping against elites or dominant ethnic groups, for instance in Central Equatori State, the Bari Speaking group against the Bari ethnic group on issues of marginalization which is be supported by the Central Government as an appeasement, the same scenario do happen in the other states of the Republic like in the case of Chollo visa-vi Nuer and Dinka in Malakal as well as Murle Visa-vi Bor people. Finally, an interesting point in our current politics is position in the government which comes with power, authority and wealth, for instance some of the G-10 members will join the New government after 9th July, all the governors of the ten states, for instance my Governor Clement Wani Konga wants to remain in his position with a hope peace will come finding them in their positions. But, for how long? In conclusion, it is better to disagree and retire or come out in support of good system of governance/FEDERALISM. One day the supper powers and others behind the seen will become tired or grow fatigue. And that will mark our disintegration. Federalism is not disintegration or what other people level it as KOKORA, but it is a fair system of Public Administration, because it reduces negative rivalry and promote healthy competition for Rural South Sudan Development.

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