Gaajaak Community in Ethiopia: Refuting fabricated defections

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Bol Ruac Rom, Chairman, Gaajaak Community, ADDIS ABABA, SEP/22/2014, SSN;

We, the Gaajaak Community members of Sudan’s People Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) in liberated areas, do hereby issue this press statement to refute the fabricated defection allegations of Major General Sadam Chayot Manyang and Cde. Bith Thiyang Yuot published by Tut Tongyik Gach on Greater Upper Nile Youth Forum, Salvatore Kiir Must Go social media and Nyamilepedia Website on September 18th, 2014.

After consultation with the allegedly accused General and the former Advisor in the Upper Nile Government on sat-phone by the Chairman of Gaajaak Community this Sunday morning, the duo had assured the general public in response to the fabricated lies on social media that “they are committed to fight the dictatorship regime through blood and Iron until their last bullet, those who contrive and mobilize on white lies are enemy of Federal Democracy and must be dealt with brutally”.

Maj. General Sadam Chayot Manyang went on to say, quote, “I will never spare the life of such blood sucker elements that live a gossip-life between towns and cities anywhere I meet them, unquote.”

We, the Gaajaak Community in liberated areas, would like to construe self-claimed defection of Yiey Puoch Lur, Andrew Bang Puk, Monyjiak Loang Kawkaw, Gatbel Ruot Gach, David Ruon Chan, Taidor Kojili and two others from Nasir and Ulang Counties appeared on SSTV yesterday as cheap betrayal to the cause of thousands innocent’s Nuer blood slaughtered, roasted and carcasses by SPLM-Juba.

The Chief traitor lost his younger sister, Nyachan Puoch Lur and her four kids, whose dear lives perished on January 18th, 2014 in Malakal by the same regime he claimed to have re-defected to. The group had lived a dichotomy between hunger and titles for months forcing them to switch their allegiance unconditionally.

In defense of former Minister Yiey Puoch Lur, who could no longer run to safe haven like any other senior government officials while in Canal, this community lost two brave sons, Simon Dobuol Tongyik, D/Director of Malakal River Transport and a Pvt. Bichiok Thowat Nyal, who were killed on January 11th and 14th, 2014 respectively.

“God, curse those who betray thousands innocent blood and Let the blood of fallen South Sudanese People bring into existence a Federal Democratic South Sudan.”

Chief traitor and his group, do you think trading with blood of family members and relatives to compensate for Luxury cars, blood money and a decent Job titles in a tribal, dictatorial and murderous regime like Juba is not demise on earth? Without hooks and crooks, you have blown up your own empire in this community until the days of the Tora.

Phone: 251 9 38 94 3233

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  1. Rail Nyang says:

    Bravo Gajaak community!! These are just disgruntled and hungry street vendors of Gambella and Addis.they are not the true representative of the well known Gajaak community who vigorously and rigorously fought the SPLA in early 80’s.They are not bona fide members of the SPLM IO.Their defection will not deter the gallant forces of the SPLA IO from soldiering on their determination to unseat this tyrannical and dictatorial government.The blood of thousands of Nuer massacred by Kiir and co will never forgive them.I personally know Gen Saddam Chayuot and I do have high regards for him.He can not betray the Nuer. Even those paraded to be cpatives from the SPLAIO are not our members but drunken soldiers of theirs who have never followed their instruction.the right of self determination is a brainchild of DR Riek Macahr and Dr Lam Akol.They should not be suspected of trying to reunite the two Sudans.THe defectors are never influential members of Gajaak Community.

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