Future of Nuer in South Sudan politics remains uncertain!

By Peter Gai Manyuon, JAN/19/2016, SSN;

Politically, Nuer are organized into what might be called “tribes” which consist of further sub-divisions by lineage. The lineages are a major structural factor for political order. The territorial grouping and lineage groupings are more closely aligned for some purposes than others.

There is no overall political authority in the tribal structure. Political activity involves various grouping or separation of the many territorial and clan sections.

In recent years and currently, there has been extensive military conflict in both South Sudan and Sudan, and the Nuer have become more politically active compared to other ethnicities in South Sudan but the reality is that disunity or dissatisfaction among themselves is always part of their obligation and ideology.

Hence, instead for them to use positive political organization, they are always opposite to each other based on lack of good leadership structure that lead to current politics of Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/IO) that ended up with formation of different bodies that are going contrary to each other.

Instead for them to fight for a common agenda of addressing the route causes of Nuer massacre that took place on the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th December 2013, they are very busy promoting hatred among themselves and fighting over positions on who to be appointed an MP, undersecretary, Deputy Minister or Minister, has been the only top agenda since last year 2015 to date forgetting what took them to the bushes in South Sudan.

What a disgrace? The lives of the innocent civilians that got killed because they were Nuer are put aside and politicians are very busy looking for political accommodation with the same government who carried out genocide on civil population that consists of elderly women, men, youth and children.

Moreover, serious raping and cannibalism were carried out by the same government on their relatives and they are forgetting the causes of the conflict with positions. What a shame to these sycophants politicians!

More interestingly, before the crisis of South Sudan in December 2013, Chief of Staff of Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) was a Nuer and other top government officials were Nuer who were working in the same primitive Leadership of Cowboy Salva Kiir Mayardit and eventually they did nothing to protect their people because of individual interests among themselves.

Furthermore, seventy five (75%) of the Army of the (SPLA) were all Nuer across the Republic of South Sudan, and you find that Nuer were everywhere.

However, because of lack of good leadership organization and hatred among themselves, they allowed their civilians to be killed in thousands in Juba and they still want to return to the same government.

Something must be wrong with the Nuer psychologically or Ngundeng prophecies needed to be evaluated again in order for the Nuer to be in the right direction otherwise the political atmosphere of South Sudan is almost isolating the Naath community.

Moreover, Nuer in the history of Sudan have been known of always giving away leadership to the people that they claim to have humiliated them.

Hon. Peter Gatkuoth Gual gave leadership to Abel Alier because they were close friends as well Samuel Gai Tut, William Nyuon with Dr. John Garang and eventually President Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar in 2002, 2005 and 2010 respectively.

Who is the problem now? Is it the people who took the leadership that are wrong or the people who gave up the leadership to others who are wrong?

Due to globalization (inter-connectedness) policies, ideas, plans or tactics and leadership are always achieved through different means either through military force, mediation, negotiation and election, not through prophecies as many people believed on centuries-old ideologies which lack practical aspects and good judgmental approaches.

Interpretations are always full of assumptions, well there have been prophecies but due to too many interpretations and lies added on top of realities, Nuer are misdirected or misguided by those who claim to have known the prophecies. But in reality, they lacked accurate information and good research.

Well, those who always believe on cultural stories or prophecies should do so but not all the community members should depend on beliefs because at the movement, technology is advancing with new ideas and methodologies are always applying on basis.

I also want my community Nuer to be innovative in terms of ideas and plans for future generations.

In modern politics people believes on practical aspects not traditional ideologies that have got no way through in this new world where realists and liberalism are applying their theories through different ways and approaches.

Nuer are the problem to themselves? No one should be blamed for their failure in the leadership, the vision to achieve good things ahead of us as Nuer nation is not there at all.

Where are we heading to? Why don’t we remember the lives of the thousands that we lost during this man-made calculation?

Even though we disagree with the realities, Nuer don’t have unity among themselves that is why we have the Nuer with Kiir Mayardit government who massacred civilians, we have the Nuer with Generals who defected last year from SPLM in opposition Leadership, the Nuer who are with former detainees, Nuer who are with SPLM in opposition and those who are in the middle.

How can we bring these groups to be one body? This should be the main focus at the movement than going for positions and getting money from the same government that has killed thousands in numbers, it shouldn’t be the priority.

And if that is the case that people are returning back to the same government, there must be guiding principle to unite all Nuer from various groups for the common interest of the society.

With the emergence of so many groups within the Nuer Community, it’s time we look for ways to unite ourselves as one community that is looking for something ahead of us in 2018.

Instead we are busy fighting among ourselves based on individual interests that resulted in abandoning of the movement of Dr. Riek Machar in 1991 and similarly in this current political dilemma where the peace is between collapsing and implementation.

Why don’t Nuer have unity of purpose instead of abusing ourselves on the media? Nuer culture and beliefs are not follow by most of the elite class!

Practically, on what basis can we claims to winning the coming elections in 2018 when at the movement we are having serious differences ?

Hence, the Nuer leadership structures is not well defined at the movement, people are moving like goats to do what is good for themselves, not for the community. What a disgrace?

It’s not too late for the Nuer community to unite both in the opposition, government, Federal Democratic Party and former detainees at this particular period of time. Unity of Nuer can change the political leadership of the Republic of South Sudan as a whole.

Calling our fellow brothers as Nuer ‘weew’ will not help but rather it will demote our potential as the Community for the top leadership of the Country. Democracy is all about the numbers!

In summary:

* Nuer must have a strategic work plan for the coming centuries in order to accomplish their unity, leadership aspirations and wishes in the current political set up of the Country.

* There is need to have a comprehensive leadership council that could comprise of sixteen members that are selected based on the counties that Nuer originated from and these very groups could form a body that can oversee the activities and political ideology of the Nuer in the years to come.

* Nuer must have the unity among themselves first before they could go to other South Sudanese communities to look for votes in 2018.

* The leadership will help the community to identify who is capable to work for the Nuer interests rather than individuals interests.

* Lack of patience and strategic work plan is what is weakening the Nuer in politics and they don’t always agree among themselves, instead they always focused on short term individualism not community interest.

Finally, going back to Juba without a political strategy or second plan in hand is termed as political suicide mission or a desperate journey for positions while putting aside what led to displacement of the Nuer in South Sudan in the first place.

Even though no one is listening to the suffering of our civilians in UNMISS camps across South Sudan, still there will be time to change the current system that is led by hooligans and primitive Leaders who don’t value for human lives.

It is matter of time Kiir Mayardit leadership might be scattered like Libyan government of Muammar Gadaffi who disappeared.

Based on the current political philosophy and realism, Nuer are in total disarray and their ideas are contradicting their vision, mission and aspirations of where they belong or what they want to achieve in years to come.

The future of the Nuer politically in South Sudan remains utterly uncertain unless we open our eyes to sensibly visualize and predict what is good for the growth of our next generations.

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on human rights and democratization processes. Currently admitted in Moi University Nairobi –Kenya to pursue a PhD in Communications Studies. He could be reach on southsudanjournalist@gmail.com
Peter Gai Manyuon


  1. GatCharwearbol says:

    Well evaluated Mr. Peter Gai Manyuon. We sometime blame others for our weaknesses and forgot that we are the problem ourselves. Now it is not about the killing of innocent Nuer people in SPLM-IO, it is about politicians receiving big post and when given, they will not perform as required of them. This is disgrace at its best. How could you seek a position which you won’t be able to handled the responsibilities that come with it.

    Those who depend on Ngudeng prophesies are out of their minds. If it is truly God’s prophesy, it will fall into its rightful place when time for it is ripe. God only helps those who want to help themselves. If Nuers don’t want to help themselves, God will not come to their rescue. Many of these politicians heave all the blames on Dr. Machar not knowing that Machar is just as human as them. How could Machar be the commander of Division 1, 2, 3, 4 etc at the same time when he is also the head of the movement. All commanders are failing in their duties and blame Machar for their failure.

  2. Patriot, Gatdarwich says:


    This is total crap and rubbish.

    Don’t ….. shallowly generalize Naath Nation’s political future, full stop

    Speak or write for your inanity self, period

  3. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Peter Gai Manyuon,

    You said it all, man. I will not add anything. Alhag Paul and Editor wrote articles on Nuer’s unity similar to yours not too long ago. I do remember in his article, Alhag Paul said, Dr. Riek Machar must unite Nuer to change the regime in Juba and bring democracy. Editor’s article said that the Jieng Council Elders organized Nuer massacre for years while Nuer who were holding top leadership positions did not inform Nuer about what was going on. According to Editor, the Dinka’s leaders organized the killing of Nuer for years while the top government officials such as the Chief of staff, Defense minister, Vice President, and Foreign Minister were Nuer. How come these Nuer’s leaders were not aware of the JCE’s plan to murder Nuer? He asked.

    • kondokoro says:

      now it become so clear what and why and how the nuers died in big numbers first of all the pride of being 75% in the army and the notion that chief of staffs and minister of depence are Nuer triggered the war and mostly is to take over the country by means of a coue but it back fired when loyalist among the nuer refused to support the take over of the government master mind by Riak and Taban Gai actually they almost succeeded by taking over Republican Guards head quoters and now moving to Bilpam join by all the militias and civilians who took arms from the military warehouses but because they are not wel organized and lack Tanks drivers but when the Loyalist hit back a lot of civilians got killed when they were driven out of all locations in Juba but many also got killed in other cities in a confrontstion with army in anger they killed many dinka also so now who to blame if a tribe want power but fail militarily they have to face the reality and the consquencies of their leaders actions so all the writtings by the nuers brothers here is correct but let you all review ngun deng writtings

  4. alex says:

    Hi Peter
    The politics of tribalism will bury all Nuers. You should be looking at the national interest of our country
    If you want to succeed, nationalism and unity of S
    Sudanese people should be the priority. Other tribes will no be interested in joining a movement with a tribal motive. Secondly the connection of some of your people with Khartoum is s recipe for political failure. Some of you are more bond to the Arabs in Khartoum than to their fellow S.Sudanse.
    Lairs are also main hinderence in your political maturity. So unless you come out of that thinking of looking your selves as Nuers but not as S
    Sudanese will make your politics based on tribal issues. Nationalism will phase out from such primitive politics. You should learn from John Garang politics.
    If you talk this near me straight away I will deassociate my self from your group. Come with a national plan I will be your friend. We love the Nuers in the government because they are the true nationalistic heroes

    • Gatdarwich says:


      We, Nuer, absolutely don’t want traitorous alliances.

      We only need a little bit of self organization and unwavering Unity, which we are currently consolidating.

      Alliance with traitors is not and shall never be our first, second, or even number 10th priority period

  5. Bol says:

    “Why don’t we remember the lives of the thousands that we lost during this man-made calculation?”
    The truth is emerging a bit by bit at turtle’s pace! Weeks ago it was Yien Mathew and today is Peter. Yes it was a man-made (MISS) calculation that led to the tragedy of December 14/13. Power is controlled by the smartest, and if my cousins, the disciples of “Ngudeng” calculated their move properly, RSS would have been saved from its self! Ngudeng disciples should stop crying victim and find the way out of this mess. Well-done Peter.

  6. Ww says:

    Mr. Gai,

    After reading your mumble jumble, one thing is abundently clear. all Nuer Militia with their cold blooded killer, Riek Machar, are after one thing and one thing only; to take the Presidency and the leadership of the Republic of South Sudan by any mean neccessary. Human lives are not important, only your empty pride in Naath nationdit and Riek is the only chosen one to lead you to the promised Paradise of J1.

    In 1991 Reik Machar Killed thousands and thousands of South Sudanese, cooperating with the heartless enemy of South Sudanese. Riek claims he was liberating South Sudan by killing South Sudanese. He almost did in finishing Nuer and Dinka by telling the Nuer that Dinka is the enemy, not Garang, not Salva Kiir. Half educated fools like you believed him and of course you can’t blame the white army, their Doctor, their prophet, and the ill-educated sons and daughters of Nuer told them to believe.
    Now where does South Sudan, the only thing that can united us, go from here? You are calling for the unity of Nuer for the destruction of South Sudan without any logic at all. I assumed you are not aware about the ultimate motive of Sudan to permenantly make South Sudan a failed State. Nuer verse Dinka is the perfect weapon. Get them to fight each other like wild dogs and case closed. KHARTOUM IS USING YOU and dangerously you may not even be aware of this fact.
    Mr. Gai, I must also tell you that some intellectual activisties from Equatoria and others are for this fight between Dinka and Nuer. Both tribes are the Majority and their Unity is a scare truth for them. they want us to deminish in numbers so they can succeed, success of South Sudan is not their business not many of them participated in the war liberation Anyway. Some are just Agents of Khartoum. For sure, without Dinka and Nuer there would have never been a country called South Sudan.
    For Nuer to have a chance of Ruling South Sudan, I urge you not to always FORCE RIEK MACHAR DOWN OUR THROATS. Him becoming the President will not happen here on earth and it is a dead end. Nuer, as a tribe and like other tribes, has many brilliants sons and daughters who can be President of South Sudan. Bring them up and we can all rally behind them.
    The Dinka and the Government are not faces of the same coin. The sooner you and the oppositions across South Sudan realized this the Better. You can’t succeed without Dinka just as much as Dinka can’t succeed without other tribes. If you don’t agree with me, Good luck to all of you in Oppositions.

  7. Okuc says:

    Alex and Bol

    You are not more patriotic than Gai instead you are tribalist who disguised as South Sudanese patriot. I think you are scared of what Gai has written about his people of their lack of organisation and unity of purpose.
    If Nuer were organisation and have unity of purpose, Kirr your king wouldn’t be in his throne in Juba up to now menacing to kill more Nuer and the rest of ethnics in South Sudan in order to turn Sudan Sudan into Jienge’s republic.
    It is mind boggling to learn that Nuer are scrambling to return to the very government that massacred them in Dec 2013 as if those innocents Nuer were not human beings whose lives value nothing for them. These politicians, military generals and the rest of their supporters shouldn’t put their narrow interests of acquiring positions on expense of their fallen fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and even elderly and young ones who were killed in that alleged coup which was well organisation by Jienge council of elders( JCE) to get rid of whoever opposed their bloody regime in South Sudan.

  8. Dutajieng says:

    This clearly shows that we are fighting a tribal rebellion which means that if Machar takes power he will be like Kiir who allowed his illiterate Bahr-al-Ghazal boys to robbed the country in the broad daylight, what a cursed nation RSS GOD should save his people

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Garcharwearbol,
    Ofcourse every single human being with minimum human resources managment experiences would find your comments well placed.
    Cattle keeper enjoys great mentle peace than an army commander.Sacrifice yourself to feed the comrades and suffer the pain of the same people biting your hand.
    Leadership is a burden and never a privillage.Garang is terribly missed today in many RSS circles.But that’s simply becouse he is dead.
    Who has a short memory to forget to remember that,in his life time as chairman and commander in chief of the SPLM/A,he was just the same Garang who was a thorny witchcraft for so many people including Dr Riak?

    But there is still a chance.Diversify your entourage.First seek reconcilliation with jieng and encourage them to join your ranks or simply join theirs’.The coctail of that diversity will help u choose qualified people for the,”big post”.
    Paul Kégamé has done that in Rwanda after the hurrifying events the world had never seen happening before in Africa with success.One shouldn’t shorten to say that his tribe was at the recieving end.
    Be it victim or actor in the foul play changes nothing in his game.He has his cross for the best and never for the worst ever since.
    I spoke with many rwandan friends on the question as whose intitiative was it that a referendum was carried out to modify the constitution to keep Kegamé in power up to the year 2034:every one of them was unanimous saying that it was people’s choice to permit him to continue the good work that he has been doing to Rwanda and it’s masses.
    I am only expressing my opinion without anything binding.
    Good luck my friend!!!

  10. Deng Monymor says:

    Cousin Gai,

    Your Nyagatization in South Sudan has come to an end and forever. This is a fact any thinking cousin should wrap his matot brain around, ignoring it will cause you too much.


    • Southdn says:

      Nyagat, and syaidiit are words originated from eastern Nuer. Nyagat mrans treader, or one who has money in Arabic language، (نقود). Syaidiit, means one who oppose oppressor.it’s apparently Nuer opposed Salva Kiir oppressed regime, who trades with Uganda, Darfurian and Angasna mountains. Which of the word symbolizes Nuer, Drinks.

  11. Kenyi Kenyi says:

    Mr. Peter Gai
    You are right. If Nuers want to remove Kiir; they should focus on Unity of the other tribes including Dinkas then reforms should be the song.
    But if they want to vanish let them focus on positions so that they continue to split into; Gadet, Koung, Tanginyang, Riek, Changson, Lul, Magok, Paljang, Baping….or into; Bul, Lou, Gajak or into; Bentiu, Leer, Nasir, Ulong…
    Those who do not see the danger are the ones who rubbish you. Removal of Kiir will remain a dream until South Sudanese abandon tribal rebellions. Did you know Kiir is better than Riek in uniting his tribes mates?

    • kondokoro says:

      you seem to be a dictator and you don’t belief in democracy and the will of south Sudanese people .Kiir didn’t come through military couep but he was elected by the people base on his credentials in the movement and he was voted over welmingly by Nuer but to talk the way you talked is totally disasterous and what Nuer had done had nothing to do with removing Kiir but to take over the whole country by power hungry war mongers.

  12. Dear Gai,
    Your article is very lengthy and totally bias , but it’s good though because it has given us your boiling emotions.

    • Southdn says:

      Keep quiet let matured people. I apprciated Mr.Gai Manyoun as matured person. His article didn’t called Nuer to kill Dinka but instate he calling for Nuer people to understand, organize, unite themselves. So it is naive a attitude Of you to say” boiling emotions” to an intellectual man like Gai Mayoun you have to understand Mr. Gai Manyoun is calling for Nuer to unite with understanding of purpose. That is a good logical thinking, unity of Nuer would bring the following:
      1. South Sudan Will be progressive and develop country.
      2.South Sudan Will be known as democratic country in Africa
      3.Nuer will never targeted by Dinka and would not be targeted by Nuer.

  13. Redivision says:

    Hi alex

    You are truly politically mature.

  14. Southdn says:

    Mr. Gai Manyoun
    You right to say Any thing about Nuer weakness. Nuer are problem and are against their survival.I have read and understand people who terms those work with government as Nuer wew are ignorance and would not help Nuer case in South Sudan. Evey Nuer, understand the weakness of naath are lack of unity, organization, logical thinking. Nuer don’t know future.some of Nuer are very well aware what will happen in future will affect their existing in South Sudan for ever. if this war is not being stopped.in addition, your article caught my attention the opening seems to me as if you selected some phrases form the book known as (the Nuer conquest).this book is a mysterious and I scorned I for good and don’t agree With it’s contents that allegedly Nuer are military united than Dinka and they occupied Dinka, Anyuak land.But the opposite is true we have seen now aday many people talking about Nuer disunity,unorganized and lack of knowing purpose. How come the are Nuer terms to be politically organization than Dinka. In my opinion this Book the Nuer conquest is a conspiracy written by someone who was paid by Dinka in order to trap Nuer into Dinka, Anyuak hatred. I made a research I come to understand we people of South Sudan came from east (Ethiopia) moving towards the west( South Sudan) thus. I urge everyone mainly Nuer to read the conquest you will find contradictory why the Nuer are single out.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Brother Gai,
      Nuer will never united as long as Peter Gadet and Gabriel Tangnyiany are still alive.They are confused Gen.have u seen they seem to be supporting Dr.Riek moment and oppose reason why their kins were killed in Juba and now u will not know what is happening they are totally very confused.Some are with in Riak Camp giving information to the gov,t with aim of planning to come back and benefit individually.Thks for yr articles. Comrade Yien Mathew

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