From Dr. Adwok: Sorry Sir, It Was Not A Coup

BY: Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, JUBA, DEC/17/2013, SSN;

In the Editorial Analysis /December 16th/, Mr Peter Wankomo couldn’t have erred more in his analysis. A level-headed neutral person can easily see the bias and prejudice underpinning his wrong conclusions. It clear, Peter is relying either on sources in Juba who are not accurate in their reporting or the statements by the President and Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, who also as a leader of SSDF has interest in SPLM tearing itself down.

First, I am surprised that Mr Peter Wankomo heaps blame and abuse on Riek Machar while by implication exonerates President Kiir. Peter at the same time “wonders why people like Lado Gore, Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, Dr. Majak Agoot, Dr. Manoja and the gang of the disgruntled become easy prey of Machar’s psychological and psychiatric obsessive personality disorders.”

It reveals to me that is not getting the facts well or the Editor is blinded by his perceptions of Riek Machar.

I am sure Riek Machar like many of us is prone to error of judgement and in many cases his decisions are not objective. That is why we departed ways with him in 1995 when he rejected the decision of his troops in Lafon to delink from the enemy to rejoin the SPLM/SPLA.

However, this time the debate within the SPLM was about democracy and how to make it work in our young republic.

How could we continue to hurl abuse and blame on Riek when he is calling on the SPLM Chairman to follow the internal regulations of the SPLM; how do we continue to criticise Riek for rejecting the unconstitutional dismissal of the Governors of Lakes and Unity States.

Separating issues is the root of objectivity and a social media like the must maintain this standard otherwise it will lose credibility.

Who is disgruntled? The assertion that the former ministers are disgruntled because they want positions amounts to misplacing the issues.

If I can talk for myself, I don’t think my problem has to do with being or not being a minister. The debate or rather the discourse to revitalize the SPLM and putting it back on the driver’s seat in public affairs is something democrats would support.

The SPLM dysfunction has reflects itself the dysfunctionality of South Sudan state and this explains why it has remained since July 9th 2011 under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

All that people are clamouring about as failures of the Government of South Sudan are indeed SPLM failures. The SPLM failure to organize itself with functional organs and institutions sensitive to the concerns of the citizens; the failure to evolve a political ideology has resulted in the ethnicization of SPLM power politics; the failure to institutionalise power relations within the SPLM has result in autocracy and one-man dictatorship relying on ethnic lobbies and close business associates who have turned South Sudan and its state institutions into a limited liability enterprise.

These are the issues that have precipitated the current political crisis. Only the wilfully blind would categorise the issues we are raising as being disgruntled.

I live in Juba almost ¾ of a kilometre west of the old Army H/Qs, which now houses Tiger Battalion – the presidential guards. It is not true that “the fateful night started at Nyakuron where an unknown gun (man) fired at the SPLM National Liberation Council which was concluding its meeting attended by Kiir himself.”

It is about two kilometres from Nyakuron Cultural Centre to the Army H/Qs if one follows the tarmac through the University of Juba round about. If the unknown gun (man) fired at the SPLM NLC meeting what are the casualties? This is mere fabrication. The centre was awash with Salva Kiir’s guards and it would have been a massacre I can assure you.

The information we got is that President Kiir ordered Major General Marial Ciennoung to disarm his soldiers. Marial was at the closing session of the NLC. Left the scene immediately and called for a parade of the Tiger Battalion.

He briefed the troops and ordered them to surrender their arms. They obeyed and executed the orders and dispersed. Now in a mischief, the officer i/c of the stores opened the stores and rearmed the Dinka soldiers. A Nuer soldier, who happened to be nearby questioned this. A fist fight ensured between the two attracting the attention both the commander and his deputy to the scene.

They now could not control the situation as more soldiers came in and broke into the stores. The fight ensued and the Nuer soldiers managed to take control of the H/Qs. It was in the morning yesterday that SPLA reinforcement came in and dislodged the mutineers. This can later be verified and the truth will come out.

Now Peter, Military doctrine dictates that once a contingent of mutinous troops have been dislodged, appeal is made for their surrender and then disarmed. Those who remained loyal are also disarmed to prevent bad blood.

The loyal troops of Tiger, hailing mainly from Warrap and Awiel, have not been disarmed. In fact, they are the ones rampaging Juba, looting and shooting to kill any Nuer in the residential neighbourhoods.

A colleague of my wife Hon. Deborah Ajok, a Dinka, in the National Legislative Assembly called my wife to know about her situation informed her that the thing has turned tribal and had to intervene to save, by a whisker, the lives of children of Manasseh Magog Rundial, the NLA Speaker.

Can you see the mistake President Salva Kiir is committing letting his own militia on the loose?

This may be my last contribution on this website because as I said I waiting for the Police in order to join my colleagues in detention. However, I want to advise you, Peter, that we cannot go on blaming Riek Machar for 1991 or his defection to the enemy in 1996.

As I said earlier, it is a weakness because his concern was personal power. Now it is different. Since no leader has emerged to champion this course, why should we not assist him in realizing the democratic ideals?

The people of South Sudan have failed to manufacture a leader of Garang’s calibre that explains why we are recycling these leaders. We should admit it is the result of our shallow political culture.

You seem to be inclined to thinking that Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro may be the alternative. I cannot prevent you from entertaining that opinion but Lomoro, like Lam Akol who led the Oxford Circus in February 2003 were agents of the NCP strategy to scuttle the CPA at birth, has never been part of the struggle for the liberation of South Sudan.

He has been in the Government in South Sudan since 2005. Has he any moral high ground to call us disgruntled?

In case, I remain at large today or tomorrow, I will come back to you.

Kind regards

Peter Adwok Nyaba
A- SSTV: According to minister Michael Makuei, today, Tuesday 17, this is the list of those already arrested and in detention:
1- Oyai Deng, 2- Gier Chuong, 3- Dr. Majak Agoot, 4- John Luk, 5- Cirino Hiteng, 6- Chol Tong Mayay, 7- Ezekhial, 8- Deng Alor, 9- Madut Biar and 10- Kosti Manibe.

Those still wanted: 1- Alfred Lado Gore, 2- Pagan and 3- Reik Machar.
Press Release date: 18th Dec/2013

Yesterday the 17th of December 2013, around 12:10 PM South Sudan Local time, 9:10 GMT, the security personnesl by the order of President Salva Kiir, had stormed the house of my brother, Mr. Pagan Amum Okiech, in Thongpiny area (Juba Nabari) near Juba International Airport, adjacent to the UNMISS compound.
Few hours later before drafting this release, I learnt that my brother Pagan Amum and his body guard brother Akol Opinyjwok were arrested and taken to security head quarter at Jebel near Jebel kujur area when he called his wife.
Pagan Amum Okiech is former SPLM Secretary General and chief negotiator for post referendum outstanding issues between Sudan and South Sudan respectively.
Pagan has been under house arrest since the famous day 23rd of July 2013, when President Kiir, dissolved his entire cabinet, two weeks after Pagan’s comprehensive interview when he had criticized his own SPLM party and its leadership and described that they failed to deliver service to the public, which prompted Kiir to issues the party order suspending the SPLM Secretary General and prevented him from leaving Juba, not to talk in the public or gives a press to media which is a breach of transitional constitution of the republic of South Sudan. Kiir also ordered formation of a seven men committee to investigate him.
The family, public and international remained silent and patience during last four and half months hoping that these matters will be resolved amicably and the SPLMs are blend into a coherent unit and their ability to absorb differences to be their strength.
We, the family are sure and to inform the world that our brothers Mr. Pagan Amum and Akol Pinyjwok are in the detention of national security premises in Jebel, no thing to deny about.
We held the president of the republic Mr. Salva Kiir and the government of the Republic of South Sudan responsible for their safety.
I call upon free people of the Republic of South Sudan who unanimously voted for their freedom from the oppressor, IGAD, African Union, International community and peace loving people, to urge the leaders of RSS to solve their matters peacefully and to strongly condemn what happening in South Sudan.
Signed by:

Nyibil Amum Okiech; Melbourne- Australia

Contact: +61470369974, Email:


  1. Andrew Jenge says:

    Dr Adwok the citizen and the world now know that it is not coup de tat but a mere set up for this dictator to get some breathing ground. This is a culture of splm since it’s inception, thanks for you and Robecca Nyandeng effort in clarifying this mess. I hope when all this mess ends well, you guys would sincerely and diligently work hard to address all deficiency which you all help created.
    From on start, any reasonable person can pick that Salva Kiir is tribalist, dictator, visionless and has nothing to offer. His body language tells it all.

    • LL Reuben says:

      Adwok Nyaba,

      Riek Machar has just announced it on BBC news that he is charge of the rebel forces (Div 4 Commander James Koag Choul Unity state and Div 8 Commander Peter Gatdet Yak, Jonglei state), plus all the Lou Nuer and Bentu militias (white army). How are you going to dispute the alleged coup giving all these interviews your commander Riek is giving to international news agencies? You’re a playing a role of fool, please stop writing these senseless garbage, it is pathetic and you’re embarrassing yourself in front of your admirers.

  2. Great Message, Dr. Nyaba! Hiding the truth is like hiding a live fish. Not only does it wiggle away, it smells. South Sudan will genuinely democratize…it might not be today, but it will happen!

    • LL Reuben says:

      Kuir e Garang,

      “Hiding the truth is like hiding a live fish”. I guess the truth can go either way, can’t it? Why don’t you check other news beside SNN website, there are other evolving scenarios to this chaotic event so far. Adwok’s claim is that this was not a coup, well, what was it Kuir? Riek Machar is giving interviews to BBC in which he’s acknowledging that he is in charge of the rebel forces, still he didn’t intend for the coup. Riek is calling for Kiir’s removal and calling him an illegal president, and still he didn’t intend for a coup. Don’t you people think that, a little sensible analysis can do a trick to this tangled up situation?

      Adwok is a member of the coalition of “disgruntled” and former thieves who want to reinstate themselves into the government using a delusion of democracy as a pretext to garner support from dissatisfiedy public against the government of which all of them “disgruntled” worked under at least for a minimum of 4 years to a maximum of 8 years. Why are people so naïve to embrace his account of the event without thinking critically of the underlying decoration behind his bias narration of a coup plot? It’s easier to dismiss him based on the fact that he will never accept the pending blame yet to be appropriated after all this chaos comes to an end one day.

      Everybody was faulting the EDITOR because he wrote it like it is a COUP, why are people too lazy to do the thinking, I don’t really understand. All you have to do is independently study the genesis of the problem which had been brewing and eventually necessitated all this, keeping away from extremists from both sides – therein you can clearly gather substantial evidences which may’ve enabled you to configure the plot. They want the leadership from Kiir or at least, to be a part of the government where they can have access to wealth. Did they want Kiir to fall……damn you tell me?

  3. Okulla says:

    I am starting to believe Kiir’s position after reading this piece from Adwok Nyaba. First, Peter Adwok Nyaba is always on the rebellion side with his stooged brother Riek, and John Luk. Asked how many times these individuals rebel?

    The second thing that makes me believe the government account is that if Riek is innocent, why can’t he surrender himself or let the people know that he is not the instigator? Why are you in hiding too Adwok? Who is leading this continuous fighting going on in Juba? It’s understood that Kiir has his Militias as alluded in the articles, where is this army fighting his militias coming from if there is nothing anywhere?

    The third thing is that Adwok said that people of South Sudan have failed to manufacture a leader of Garang’s calibre that explains why we are recycling these leaders. Adwok claimed in Europe that SPLM is just a Dinka Bor organization with no national leaders interest. Today John Garang is a leader of the caliber to Adwok, and he wasn’t when he was alive. Kiir was a great leader too when he appointed Adwok a position in Sudan and South Sudan government respectively. Now after Adwok exit, Kiir is the most evil of all.
    I am sorry that the situations cause by greedy politicians such as Riek and Adwok are felt by the innocent civilians, and not themselves.

  4. Nyibil Amum, your bro is a corruptor, thief, rebel… no room for him.

  5. Elijah Samuel says:

    This is the truth and Kirr is now calling it a coup to eliminate his opponents with public approval in so doing cement him remaining in the throne. Shame on him! He is the enemy if the people because he turn his back on the democratic principles that put him on the throne!
    He is the source if this loss of lives because he came up with this tribal units!
    Down with Kirr!! He may get rid of you and Marchar but can never hide the truth forever and history will remember him terribly!!

  6. Not Connected says:

    First, let me say that I pray that Mr. Adwok’s life is spared. He is one of the few elders who has tried his best in a house full of rot. We need him to live for his family, for the nation and to one day ‘tell the tale” — to educate us all politically, morally, etc. Stay safe, Mr. Adwok. Our prayers are with you and the families of all of those who have and will lose a loved one in this current row between elephants. Our prayers are with the children of South Sudan whose futures have been extinguished because of the impulses of a handful of people.

    This said, a few points to both sides of the SPLM/A divide:

    1. when elephants fight, whether one or the other elephant began the fight, the results for the grass are the same.

    2. all of you people are from one party and you have known each other. You know when you are provoking each other and when you are over-playing your cards. You know when you are about to step into the abyss of the unknown where not even yourselves can predict or control the outcome. You knew this and yet you all chose to step. You ALL played with fire, buttressed by the empty sloganeering of ”democracy” and ”change.” All of you, in one way and another, have violated the constitution dozens of times over.

    3. All of you have abused your power; none of you are capable of making change.

    4. the citizens are not to be blamed for being uninformed and politically petty, nor are they to be blamed for not identifying a leader to replace you following the death of Dr. Garang. The entire SPLM/A has created an environment of extreme hostility in Juba and throughout the country and the non-elites have been in pure survival mode. They have struggled to stay alive among leaders who could care less about whether they do or don’t wake up the next day. You all have strangled the life and love out of the citizenry so please stop deflecting accountability for this latest mess. It does not serve your legacy.

    5. In a dictatorship, abuses are meted out equally to any one considered too aggravating or expendable to the top. 99% of citizens of RSS have studied this reality and have learned this lesson well.

    6. In a fledgling democracy, rewards AND punishment are meted out equally – with an iron fist. Welcome to your democracy; welcome to the monster of your (plural) own creation.

    7. By definition, Democracy is not forged from the top down. It is forged from the ground up. Even with all of your collective education, ”experience” and wisdom, the group of Riak has failed to understand this simple fact. Thus, the people are right to suspect all of the sloganeering and to refuse to be caught in any more webs.

    8. Reconciliation and forgiveness is not yours (plural, both sides of the SPLM divide) to take. Reconciliation and forgiveness about ’91 is one thing you all cannot buy; one thing you all cannot dictate. It will not fall in line with the cadence of a politician’s career ambitions. Reconciliation is, in fact, one of the only things the citizens still own after your (plural) widespread rape of the nation. This is another simple fact you all have failed to grasp.

    9. Put yourself in Kiir’s shoes and if you are honest you will admit you would have done exactly the same.

    10. Put yourself in the citizens’ shoes and realize that the political disorganization you all have shown makes it hard to trust (or pity) you. As usual, the citizens are in survival mode after you all have strangled us within an inch of our lives.

    Well done, comrades. Instead of bringing us democracy, you bought us more war. If Riak and others are indeed fleeing to their states, what an ironic development of the slogan ”take the towns to the villages.”

    More like, “Take the fire to the villages after raping the town.”

    May God spare Mr. Adwok. May God open his heart to the living and dead souls of the nation. May God care for his children in the absence of responsible leaders.

  7. Extremely Dr. Machar will return back to juba soon together with fellow friends then this criminal leadership must be out, south sudan is a nation for all instead for individuals.

  8. geoff luyuku says:

    pity is all I can say, south sudan has had the best example from the rest of Africa on what pitfalls to avoid to be successful. however this has not helped. corruption is the at the highest ever threatening to eclipse any that has even been known.
    now the leader is becoming a sly and paranoid dictator trying to annihilate fellow freedom fighters and create tribal animosity. God help this to be contained.

  9. Thank you sir for that contribution. It is true to the earth that the politicians in South Sudan are so weak in politics. At first, they wanted democracy even before independence when SPLA was still fighting the northern government and Dr. Riek defected wanting democracy. As a writer, you should see between the truth and unnecessary argument. There was no democracy wanted while the civil war was ongoing. The people of South Sudan need democracy I agree, we have the right to choose whom we want as our leader as well. What is the point that violence is created within the civil population to cause unexpected death?
    Secondly, Dr. Machar had not been believing in Garang, thanks for your appreciation.
    I would however like to assure you that Dr. Machar according to my research as a mere civilian and a writer is full of himself and will not tolerate the rule of anyone even if you, Dr. Adwok Nyaba.
    You (politicians) always take the wrong track. When a leader is elected by the people, is it the solution to kill the citizens to ascend into power?
    It would have been vital to be calm till the time of election. Campaign for Riek or yourself and we shall decide. Otherwise involvement in killing of civilians calls for bitter cases we don’t need to see our politicians in.
    It is too early to initiate defection, isn’t election to be held in 2015? Campaign in your own ways and let the people build trust in you unless being seen target in igniting chaos.

  10. malith Alier says:

    It was not a coup de etat because it was unsuccessful. Failure is an orphan but success has many fathers.

  11. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr. Nyaba,
    your account of the events at Geida is the true version. On the morning of December 16, 2013 when Dinka-led SPLA re-enforcement arrived to counter the MUTINEERS, the result of the ensuing gun fight was disastrous. A lot of innocent civilians were killed and up to now there are some dead bodies that have not been collected.

    As I moved along the Juba by-pass, I could see a number of dead bodies in plain clothes. These are said to be Nuers killed on the night of December 16, 2013. Yesterday at about 6:20 pm there was an incident involving soldiers pursuing three youths from Buaba area towards Libya basic school. The soldiers were firing recklessly at the fleeing youth without any concern for the helpless civilians on Munuki block C area. It was just luck that nobody was injured.

    Moving down from St. Kizito to 107 area, you will notice soldiers discussing their escapades the previous night. What happened in this area could become the undoing of the government.

  12. Taam says:

    i don’t know i can say this time.
    what is known is that kirr planned to crow down his opponents to spearhead his dictatorship, nothing more than that i know simple but he’s to stop killing one ethnic tribe, such as Nuer. this is unacceptable as countless unarmed Nuer civilians whom i know have been killed from their homes.

    what the hell the president is not for dinka tribe only he call himself president because of diversification of people, as a president instead he cannot just order the killing of Nuer civilians.
    his statement as president of the country can give order to the SPLA in Juba to restrain from either touching or killing any civilian.

  13. Tyson says:

    It is useful to give facts.
    The false coup was creation of Kiir to remain in power but he will never succeed too.

  14. nikalongo says:

    It is time we rethink the viability of South Sudan as a state. That we are stuck under Chapter VII of the UN Charter is unfortunate. All this is because of the unending cycle of violence and beliefs in violence as a mean to conflict resolution, a “macho” belief strongly popular in Greater Upper Nile and now Bahr Ghazal. We want peace in Equatoria. Go and make nations of troublemakers in those regions. Remember to take along ur oil.

    Fed up Equatorian

  15. Garang Chan says:

    To Nyibil Amum,
    iam sorry that your brother is at the hand of security personnel. Where nobody is sure about his safety behind bars. Your brother and his co are responsible for this mess in our young nation. You have admitted your brother had really criticized president Kiir Mayardit. Pagan Amum was not merely employed to earn salary; however, Pagan has role to play in administration of president Kiir.
    if pagan had known that the country is not going to the right direction, he had to correct it before it got out of control. Your brother act of going on national TV to censure his boss was nothing, but the indirect campaign again administration. You have to be informed that this country belongs to us all, therefore, if it happens that I hold power, I require respect from my subordinates.
    Pagan was a fool to believe he was prepared enough to lead this country. There is nothing wrong with him having political ambition, but he has to serve his boss faithfully well as he might want someone else to serve him in his dream administration. I would be happy to see them sit at the rear during public gathering in Juba.

  16. Bosco says:

    I think there is lot of lesson to learn from Juba in the modern world of democracy, in my opinion arresting people will make the situation worse, fighting will not solve any problem, those who support impunity need to know that they don’t want to see the new country in future.
    to me the solution is the president and former vice present should sit down and talk to save the country from this bloody loss.

  17. jay johnson says:

    Dr. Adwok Nyaba,

    you were wrong then and you are wrong now. History have proved that beyond reasonable doubt.
    Somehow you seem to have discovered SPLM loss of vision and direction after you have been fired from the government, which is unbelievable and weak point to sell to the public.

    our lives have become so cheap to the extent that a lost of ministerial position is worth the spilling of blood of innocent kids, women and elderly. While your kids, wives and relatives are enjoying your loots in the foreign countries…… what a nation south sudan has become!!!!

  18. Ring says:

    Yes Ustaz Dr. Adwok,
    I read your article with great honour and respect but ended up regretting for getting no any substance in your argument. There is no reason why this (the so-called quest for democracy) shouldn’t be linked to what happened on the 15 Dec night. Anyone who read the article your group wrote on 6th Dec would never agree to your self claimed interpretation.
    In the letter, you were forcing president to change his stance or else something wrong would happen. You were urging civilians to remain calm. Your own book and historical facts can betray you badly.
    How can you call the 1991 incidence as Riek’s interest when you personally was there with him? Don’t joke with our little minds, professor.

    If it was misunderstanding between presidential guards, why did u and the rest manage to hide? Or are you telling us that this the first for misunderstanding to happen between our soldiers? How many times have our soldiers fought between themselves in Juba but you n the rest never ran for hiding?

    There is a saying which goes like this,”when the frog jumps several times, there is something behind”.

  19. lomika says:

    Dr. Nyaba,
    when I read something like, “That it was a coup attempt that started on Sunday night the 15th of December in Juba to the morning of Monday 16th, can’t be refuted any more,” from the so termed “Editorial Analysis”, it gives me a sense of how hollow our sense of judgement as a society is constantly being betrayed. we ought to do a lot triangulation and try as much as possible to get closer to facts if we care for this country.

    How could one dare this rushy and make this kind of thesis statement, if one has all the reasons to be an impartial observer! the editor this time round has betrayed and exposed his own misconception and biases, which unfortunately come back starring us into our faces.

    The string of events in the country is such that a small scuffle over a packet of cigarette could ignite a fight capable of drawing in the entire nation. we need to take care of this context, when we go about making our judgement. i hope the editor has learned something from your narratives, Nyaba. long live the unity of the people of South Sudan.

  20. Dr. Nyaba,

    You are one of the few patriotic citizens like Dr. Machar, Gier Chuang, Majak Agoot …etc. Everything you said in this article is real. Salva Kiir ordered disarmament of other soldiers in the army with the exception of Dinka soldiers. Everyone knows Dr. Machar and his colleagues did not attempt any kind of coup. The president made that up to fool the public and to avoid general presidential election in the coming 2015.
    President declared war on his political critics because they accused him for breaking the constitutions every single day. Furthermore, Kiir ordered the Massacre of Nuer civilians mostly children in Juba. The Nuer children and women were ran over by war-tanks driven by Dinka Soldiers only. As we all know that all South Sudan war-tanks’ drivers are only Dinkas. Why all the country war-tanks drivers are Dinka?
    This translate that Kiir introduced civil war into this young country of South Sudan and I believe Kiir will face the consequences of his action this time.

  21. Michael Abu says:

    Dear Dr. Riek and General Peter Gatdet Yak.
    If you have an access to this website, you need to act responsibly as you are now facing the dilemma of what will be your next action to take against the government of Kiir. Remember not to act like president Kiir, whom is body guard are killing innocent South Sudanese on the street of Juba and in their houses. You need to advise all the soldiers that are fighting on your side not to take matters on their hands to repeat the mistake of 1991 against Bor civilians where the fight took place last night.
    Also, remember that Reik was not alone when he wants to fight for injustice, lack of social institutions, violation of constitution as well as prone of Kiir to dictatorial way of ruling. Reik was with all members that represent every ethnic across South Sudan states. The groups were not Nuer or Dinkas only and what they were purposing was understandable by most professional in the country and outside of the country.
    You and Reik need to stand on the same ground in which the SPLM groups was working to achieve before the fake orchestrated coup was instilled into people’s mind by president’s group who want to distract your group from having competitive ideas that can help the country to move to better way of ruling than one man rule of the SPLM bush days.
    Also, bear in mind that war is something that comes with agony of death that all every human being wants to escape. Inform your soldiers to fight good war with moral values that will respect the civilians’ life with their properties. Good leaders always carry about the life of every citizen that they want to be rules and Reik need to take the right pass this time.
    In every war time, if you kill the right person that you have problem with, then world given you a benefit of doubt known as self defend. Be responsible this time, because the world is watching, who will do what to civilians and their properties. Against don’t acting like president Kiir whom his body guard are destroying the country properties and life of innocent. Be responsible and remember that the people who will kill civilians this time in South Sudan can be brought to justice when the war is over later on.

  22. Mohd Adam says:

    So it was not a coup because it failed. Right?

  23. Ladies and gentlemen, no President stands alone and the deal is that none of the group which organized that failed coup, I call it a coup; tried his best developing the nation and Kiir failed him. Development is shared that is why different positions are given different leaders. Calm down with your team Dr. Adwok Nyaba and Dr. Riek Machar. You are doctors thus very educated. You know how precious life is. Come back and wait for 2015 elections where if your team succeeds, you will develop this nation so that we shall see your work. What I knew before you guys were sacked was turning against your own government you were part of, criticizing Kiir in all expense! i admit Kiir may be fallible. Don’t let it be that you are reacting as such because you were sacked. It was a decision of the government to free you to get ready for the election in 2015 not to organize a coup. Thanks.

  24. Ringo says:

    The group of Dr. Riek is very much responsible for the unrest in Juba and some parts of the country. This is because Dr. Riek had warned president Kiir of how perilous the situation can get, if Dr. Riek and his group grievances are never addressed properly. I would whether, the good way to solve the problem is merely to take them back into the government and give them their norm positions or what. Our politicians are able to cheat us with their wonderful words, but there is someone out there, they would be unable to outwitted regardless of all their endeavor. My condolence to our bleeding nation. May God rest the souls of people whose lives were lost during this senseless incident in peace.

  25. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    What goes around will come around it’s like karma, whatever happened from date 15th-Dec until further notice is kiir’s actions against his rivals and nothing else. his claims for an attempted coup de tat is baseless,
    he simply wants to tarnish the other group’s image and portray himself the smartest and cleanest person when the truth is he is the devil in a black hat.
    The lives of these people killed and the house to house search ordered by kiir himself he sooner than later will account for it under internationally law. The Hague based court has to prepare in carrying out full investigation in this false claims of coup alleged by this failed president who wanted to use military power to cling to that bloody seat.

    What is wrong with Nilotics?

  26. Bentiu today says:

    Dear Micheal Abu,
    your comment is so united which i like so much, the group led by Gatdent can not kill civilians, and if they do it can be great mistake to the people of greater upper Nile at large.
    i know Bor soldiers have never participated in killing of Nuer tribe in Juba.
    that is why we the Nuer as community advise all our sons and daughters to restrain from retaliation on civilians although 7000-8000 thousand Nuer civilians have been kill so far.
    hunting them from theirs house by kirr security guards every-night.
    what Rebecca NGadeng and her son Mabor Garang say in the previous days convenience the heart of many Nuer and agree not to touch an civilians from bor and south sudanese communities at large.

  27. Choromke Jas says:

    Dr Dr Nyaba,

    I hope you are still at large. I tend to agree with your account which seems to come from the bottom of your heat. There could not have been a coup on that fateful night of 15 December 2013. With my limited military experience, I offer the following as evidence supporting your account: There was no stand-by for the armed forces during the days preceding the “coup”. Some Generals and soldiers were caught sleeping in their houses, not aware of any imminent emergency. This means, there was no prior security intelligence anticipating a coup; The soldiers who mutinied, and overpowered the HQs at Giada, did not exploit their success (they did not use the resources to attack the real coup “targets” such as the State House, presidential offices or the president’s retreat at Kapuri; The “planners” of the coup were staying put like innocent ducks in their houses!

    However, what is unforgivable is the apparent naivety of Riek and and Co. for not planning for the worst. How can the group threaten Kiir when they do not have any credible means of carrying the threat? How could they not have plan B in case Kiir or some other hotheads started up a military incidence? One would have expected a general of Riek status to have foreseen that one day soon, some of his supporters might precipitate a military showdown that would force his hand. From the reading of the situation, Riek was unable to take advantage of the mutiny or as some people might put it, “turn adversity into a virtue”. Luck always favors those with prepared mind. Riek’s mind was not prepared and so he had to escape with the skin of his teeth.

    Now, General Riek, because of this near criminal omission, some of us feel emboldened to give some unsolicited pieces of advice. We ask you to consider them carefully:

    1. Before accepting a call for dialogue, you should consolidate your military position. Take your time, gather all forces from outside Juba to lay siege on Juba. Open an escape route for civilians, through Nimule (some generals might also use it to escape);
    2. Choose your mediator carefully, while avoiding Museveni, Kenyatta, and Zuma. I suggest you take Tanzania’s Kikwete;
    3. Select a tough team to be your delegates to the venue of the talks. Do not accept Juba as a venue.
    4. Demand the resignation of Kiir, and formation of a transitional government by technocrats to prepare for the constitutional writing and referendum and for election;
    5. Demand for investigation and the prosecution, by the ICC, of the people who committed genocide against the civilians in Juba during the fake coup.
    6. Demand the return of the SPLM system to status quo ante and let Kiir agree to convene a proper convention for selection of leaders and approval of party documents;
    7. The resulting agreement must be underpinned by a parliamentary ratification and enactment into law;
    8. Demand guarantee from US, UN, other superpowers and medium power to ensure strict implementation of the agreement.
    9.Then, and only then can you join your delegates and append you signature to the agreement document.

    Good luck

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Choromke
      To add to the points you listed. Riek’s negotiating team should also demand for:
      – the disbandment of the Koch Beny/Gueleng militia
      – renaming of the SPLA to reflect the reality of the state of South Sudan
      – restructuring of the army to reflect all the people of South Sudan proportionally as this signifies protection of democracy.

  28. Rumbek says:

    Dr. Adwok,
    there is truly no right-minded citizen of The Republic of South Sudan that would think against anybody fighting for democracy because it is what we as the people so The Republic of South Sudan direly need. However, one thing that has since then left me stranded is why Dr. And the like-minded would instead settle to kill civilians whom he will rule when he becomes the president. More so, why does he fight for democracy as a rebel which will paint a very horrible picture of him in the minds of his potential subjects?

    @Nyibil, you will excuse my comment little sis, your father, according to what I leant in your Comment, is a victim of his naiveity and poor thinking, why on earth would he disclose internal weaknesses to the press and the public which he and his colleagues should have treated with very high confidentiality, I think he has no one to blame for his predicament.

  29. Yien Diew says:

    I am here to commanded Dr. Peter Nyaba for his sincere and unwavering account on the fact of this great tragedy concocted as coup attempt. Dr. has explained his account of the incident clearly on how this thing was unfolded in the first day. I did hear the same information before I read this message and it has convinced me that his account is the correct one otherwise, the government would have to counter his with much more facts to prove him wrong otherwise this is a payback plan by Kiir against Dr. Machar, Nuer people and his political opponents in which we all will recall so many statements prior to this fateful incident where he was always referred back to 1991 Bor incident between SPLA/ of Dr. John and SSIM of Dr. Machar.. Sometime, I feel that I could blame our People in place of power and could see things and hear them as they happened seriously, and most often then not, things come and go and tommorrow will comeback just to see other things as if it just drop from sky. Without reservation or hesitation, this is not a coup but well planned action for 1991 revenge against Nuers, and could be much celebratory if they killed all these people as they did included the big fish who is the Dr. Machar himself that why Kiir feels as he is partially failed because it appeared that Dr. Machar managed to get out. Secondly, he was doing this to put his political rivals in Jail so that only those food seekers who could go as far as denying of targetting his own family and are now protected as refugee in their own country.
    Thirdly, he was doing this to prevent anyone from speaking out of his mismanagement of the country and its constitution which the rest of us would believe as the source of power he has been able to do all these messes in the name of National Constitution and violate it at will. Fourth, is dictatorial consolidation of power and Dinka born to rule ideology so everybody else is there for accommodation.
    Fifth, his personal lack of leadership in which he sees himself as inferior so that he could not compete with anybody by only articulating his vision, programs, strategies so that he could be confidence to win on it rather to distroy anything about democracy. The list could go on and on. Though I have much grieves and pain in my heart for all these ongoing tragedy in our country, I would not wish to call for more revenge but for way our of this mess. The only ways out of this is disolution of this constitution and its current administration peacefully and put in place neutral caretaker government and let this people peacefully establish their own new parties differently. Get to the root cause of this issue after this and persecute those who cause this accordingly. these should happen soon so that we do not go down that unthinkable pass. By preaching peace of now concrete taken to get this wrong thing right before its is too late, will only increases that chances of harsh reality of genocide, fail states at scale of Somalia or else, I don’t know what to say. I am not pushing for this, but my mere observation of state of affair of our country now aday.

    Yien Diew

  30. Morris Kuol Yoll says:

    Dr. Adwok,
    How possible was it for supposedly “disarmed” soldiers able to over come the “re-armed” soldiers? one re-armed soldier would have quailed the “fist” fight. What really occurred is yet to be known. We need to know more about this incident, Dr Adwok. In another response, Dr Adwok accounts that the disarmed soldiers, after being suspicious, reorganized and were able to take over the barracks. Which is really which? How did they do that with their bare hands? Or where did they get guns that enabled them to capture the barrack?
    There are many questions like these many readers are asking. The harm has already been done. This kind of treacherous politicking is the one that brought doom. Politics of fears and confusion let our people in disorder. Let enough be to misinformation.
    Morris Yoll, Calgary, Alberta-Canada.

  31. Akech Mam says:

    Don’t favour one side, ok. If it was the govt of Dinka, some people like Dr. Majok Agot and the rest could have not involved in such decision which brought disaster in Juba.

  32. upiu says:

    Dr. Nyaba,
    What Riek is currently doing betrays the damage-control explanation you have been giving to the public. His call for the army to oust the president is more consistent with the govt explanation and characterization of the weekend event than with your account of what happened. A poorly planned and unsuccessful Coup is a Coup nevertheless. You are better off denying any involvement, an advice your attorney would be comfortable arguing at the moment.
    Privy sources report that Riek left Juba with his body guards on Sunday morning before the incident, Coup or not, happened. With forces that he was moving with, he overran Terekeka, crossed over to Mangala, took it and continued on until Bor. If he’d called the 1991 disaster a coup, one wonders as to why he’s shying away from calling the weekend more Coup-like incident a Coup.
    At this point, who wins on characterization of the genesis of the ongoing conflict, Coup propagandists or Coup deniers, is irrelevant. True leadership is needed to avert further bloodshed and there is nothing that is going to stop more blood flow without some sort of a dialogue. Guns did not solved our problem with Khartoum but dialogue and ballots prevailed where guns failed. For the sake of the common man, both sides need to cease more hostilities with immediate effect.

  33. Bentiu today says:

    Akech Mam.
    what Adwok said was true. Salva kirr arrested the dinka officials to confuse the public, you can see on 16/17 Dec. he used to appear over the television with Nuer officials to mislead the Nuer to think that it may be government issues not tribal, which is not true.
    same officials their families members have been killed by newly training kirr security guards.
    1) Speaker of south sudan legislative assembly– four of his children plus three of his relative killed,
    2) caretaker governor of unity state three of his bodyguards killed as he sent them on 17 to take food for his mother and wives who shelter in UNMISS camp; while on their way they were killed inside the governor’s car.
    just to mention those few evidence for those who think it was a government issue not tribal. yes it can be true on the other hand but the way president kirr handled it was not good, this led to defection of many army officers, whose families are being killed by their government they serve in.
    president kirr did not issue any statement concerning the protection to the Nuer in the city since then, i know the two ring leaders who’re killing Nuer tribe in Juba are Salva Mathok Gengdit and Kuol Manyang Juuk and other individuals.
    Kuol did not think about his people in Jonglei state.


  34. Mohd Adam says:

    Dr Nyaba, you are a well known habitual liar. I hope and wish, you are arrested very soon. Was it not a coup really?? What a liar we have to believe. One thing the people of South Sudan would like you and Nyandeng to know is that, the on going onslaught between Nuer and Dinka is indeed, your making. When Nyandeng came out and told the whole world over BBC focus on Africa that Nuer in Juba are being targeted, and killed. That was an irresponsible statement from a woman, who claims to be the mother of the nation. Your denial too that it was not a coup makes you an opportunist, who wants to climb to power over dead bodies of the poor South Sudanese, as it has already happened. Now you are asking for negotiations, so that all of the dismissed ministers, turned disgruntled, are reinstated. Oh poor politicians, the ever hungry power and belly politicians in our country!

  35. Adeekdheeng says:

    Mr. Nyaba, celebrate but your doctorial degree will let you survive anywhere else however, the nation state of one’s blood is better we had live in exile too long and we want peace take the side we will all fail.

  36. Mohd Adam says:

    Why and how did Riek Machar come to know at that very moment that the Nuer and Dinka SPLA had a problem, that would prompt him to run away from Juba? Suppose it was not a coup.

  37. malith Alier says:


  38. kgismal says:

    Dear Nyaba,

    the entire world is aware about current instability in RSS, though others had commented negatively without analysis content of this crisis. The truth you have shared, though blind, kid, elder people, aware about history south sudan since death of Garang.

  39. Thoncol says:

    South Sudanese should not listen to the baseless stories that Dr. Nyaba is saying because he is one of the guys who contributed to the mess and collapse of South Sudan.

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