Fret (Worry) of South Sudan future in 2015

BY: Abraham Garang, JUBA, APR/21/2013, SSN;

As a true patriot, I don’t advocate any party in the South, but support good governance and believe in criticizing government when doing the country’s affairs inappropriately. And I desire to see my country transformed as a democratic country that’s intolerant of tribalism but promotes the distribution of the country’s resources for development of all ten states of South Sudan equally and fairly but not only one State.

Furthermore, I am also worried about corrosion in South Sudan politics in 2015 as the country approaches the upcoming general elections. In which some people declared themselves to run for the top seat, these candidates for presidency and vice presidency are as follows: Dr. Riek Machar for presidency, James Wani for vice presidency, Pagum Amum for presidency, and the wife of South Sudan founding father, Rebecca Nyandeng, but her candidature is not somehow considered and is not believed as a threatening politician. However, what makes her to yearn for presidency is the fact that her husband was the founding father of South Sudan.

Since that day those politicians declared their willingness for political race in upcoming general election, that’s when the conflict started between Dr. Riek and Salva Kiir. What worries Mr. President is the fact Dr. Riek wanted to reconcile with Bor community for the massacre that occurred in 1991 in which Mr. President is not interested in peace and reconciliation within the communities.

As a result, he craves to use the 1991 tragedy as his contender’s weakness and encourage other communities not to vote for Dr. Riek when the time comes and especially Bor community who had suffered during the massacre.

But what frets me most is when Dr. Riek becomes unsuccessful for the presidency and Mr President re-elected again as president of South Sudan and his running mate, James Wani, becomes vice president, as a result.

President Kiir and his advisers will influence their Dinka communities and James Wani will do the same with his, and these communities will summon together against Nuer and certainly they will defeat Dr. Riek Machar. Then what will occur?

I believe Nuer will rebel against the newly elected government because Nuer communities everywhere support Dr. Riek Machar simply because he is a Nuer regardless of what he’d done in the past and his policies.

This case will be like exactly what happened in Kenya: but I don’t know that if Dinka’s will be the kikuyu and Nuer will be the Luo and the Equatorians will be the other minority communities that deserve a duty position like Kamba and Kalenjin. This is precisely what will happen in 2015 general elections and this is what makes president Kiir optimistic what will happen and his advisers told him so.

If you think deeply, this is what Dr. Riek Machar is doing, he wants to make sure that Bor community is solidly alongside him when the time comes, and this is why President Kiir removed the delegated vice president’s powers because he knew if Dr. Riek apologies to Bor community, there are some Bor leaders in the SPLA/M party that are not happy with the way president Kiir’s governance of the new nation of South Sudan.

And this perhaps will lead those Bor leaders to influence their communities to vote for Dr. Reik Machar during the election time. If you look at this case scenaro, that is exactly what our politicians are currently working upon. But what will happen to our communities if our politicians encourage tribalism?

However, president Kiir must modify his political mess and shun encouraging tribalism in the country in order for him to remain as our president. But what exactly does he need to modify?

First, he needs to encourage all the citizens to work together regardless of their political affiliations, states and tribes and work as brotherhood and sisterhood and speak the truth and betterment of their country.

Second, freedom of expression, he needs to allow writers and journalists to write their opinions, he must stop ordering security forces to glance for those who criticize government.

Sadly, however, Mr President did not comprehend that, those who criticize government are precisely those who want government to alter, not hatred of the government. But those who abhor you are those in your office not the writers and journalists, those in your office projected you as a dictatorship.

Again, if Mr President doesn’t alter his mess that he has created then, I believe, he must not return to office regardless of his tribal influences that he made to prevent Dr. Riek Machar as our next president as well as removing those delegated vice presidential powers.

But what’s important is what the government senior official declared to the public clearly that if you’re a writer and you wish to publish your opinion, then you must first register in order to shun carnage of some other writers who’re not registered.’ Journalists are the watchdogs of democracy and such an act must be stopped.

In this case, I will not vote for a president who’s intolerable to freedom of speech and expression in the upcoming election, because I am tired of president Kiir leadership since he came to power in 2005. I don’t know how I will describe him: killing political activists and sacking uncorrupted officers?

Mr President has been given a chance to lead the people of South Sudan due to the death of our late Dr. John who died in suspicious circumstances in a helicopter crash after returning back from Kampala in which various factions who’ve data of his death blame the weather for the crash.

After those pathetic days, the people of South Sudan had given comrade Salve the leadership of SPLM not because he was capable of leading the people of South Sudan, but there were no other alternative actions.

But since he came to power, Mr President has failed the whole country in terms of political affairs, economics and national security, job opportunities for youths, food Security, education, medicare and infrastructure.

For these problems and for encouraging tribalism, I’m really worried. And, therefore, I don’t think I will vote for president Kiir if he doesn’t alter his political manners and shun listening to those advisers who’re misleading him sometimes.

By Abraham Garang
Live in Juba, South Sudan


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    From Prof. Nyantung Ahang Beny’s blog

    RSS leaders’ brats — Playing all sides (liberators, investors, critics, reformers, and beggars) at the same time, always forgetting OUR forebears’/ancestors’ connection to the LAND. Quite the players you are — for the mighty dollar and the obscenities of power. You guys (and gals) seem to really love the games and deceit, playing meek, pitiful, beggar, while simultaneously enjoying your access via land cruisers, global escapades, wielding obnoxious merit-less “diplomatic passports” around South Sudan and its geological riches, and around the world — bending down in far lands for the Benjamins. Setting up sham private companies and “think tanks” qua NGOs to siphon your daddies’ and uncles’ and mommies’ loot.

    At bottom, you stand for yourselves, yet pretend to stand for ALL SOUTH SUDANESE. It’s a global phenomenon: elites selling their own down the river. “The beautyful ones are not yet born” (Ayi Kwei Armah); they may come in time for our kids, I guess.

    But I am not sure, as we are so perpetually busy selling our souls. We, AFRICANS. I’m not sure….

  2. Dau-network says:

    My dear countrymen, dinka have a proverb, “jong ce loth met ace ber cok nak raan,” meaning when the Satan rang the bell first, we should avoid it to kill a person. If we know that, if we elected Dr Riek or Kiir, it will be disastrous to our nation because they are from big rival communities dinka and nuer.
    Why don’t we give Equatorians a chance to prevent the war? We are tried of war but is unavoidable if we don’t vote for an Equatorian.
    Any Any 1 for 19 years, SPLA/SPLM for 21yrs and David Yau Yau 3yrs now and we’re looking for other years.
    My suggestion is Mr. Joseph Bakosoro, the governor Western Equatoria state….. he is good for development. if no better from equatorians on other sides is better to be Dr Majak d’ Agoot or Dr Marial.

  3. De Riak says:

    Well said, Mr. Garang. Kiir’s reigns must come to an end come 2015. Time is reap to try Riek, even though he’s his shortcomings. Kiir’s failures are too much to bear. 2015, is time to say enough is enough with Kiir’s rules. Thank.

  4. James Lual Garang says:

    Good piece of writings, If it going to be Mr. Kiir for presidency, my vote will be a dead vote, trust me. He is good to be primary teacher in Gogrial primary school.

  5. Mr Abraham, it’s really a pity to see you thinking like the rest of your non-Equatorians who always see Equatorians in the person of the useless Dinka honourable James Wani Igga. this guy might be weak and without any further political ambition such as desiring for presidency, but this can’t make you to associate the entire Equatorians to his weakness.

    yes Equatorians don’t worship and die after their political leaders like the rest of the other regions but rather Equatorians are politically conscious and mature more than the rest of the regions, so it becomes naive when you talk of the national practice and only handpicking two what so dinka and nuer as if this country is only occupied by these two what so-called tribes.

    this political underestimation and marginalization which is been carried out by you guys against Equatorians has confirmed to us that, the Arabs are once back again but this time on a black skin. We have tolerated your abusive language and ugly practices throughout the interim period on the pretext that you guys might change and we also attain our independence but unfortunately you guys have neither changed nor learnt any lesson from the past experiences but rather turn around to call us cowards and foreigners.

    hence am inviting you to learn more about Equatorians otherwise your practices will lead this country into doom, when Equatorians grow uneasy.

  6. Dhaal Mapuor says:

    2015 will be a remarkable year in South Sudan history. It has predictably been envisioned that president Kiir will step out of the presidential palace by the end of this term in order to put his name in the golden list of the most reputable men and women on earth. Most people in our country believed in tribes rather than the nation. If one closely observes and analyzes the situation in South Sudan, he/she will end up advising president Kiir to leave the throne for the well being of the country so far; it’s a country characterized by tribalism.

  7. umoja says:

    Abraham Garang
    Equatorians are not like Dinka or nuer, Wani Ija will even fails within his community. Why do you think he contested in other constituency in 2010? People in Equatoria do not follow leaders because of tribe but capability.

    Equatoria will vote for whoever is capable of ruling this nation, being Nuer, Dinka, Madi, Moru, Kakwa…etc. Look when Peter Sule Abdelrahman, the then leader of UDF wanted to rebel, he went only with may be 10 people, none of bari followed him and it was brave of Moru youth from Jambo to apprehend him and hand to government of western Equatoria State.

  8. Koul Deng says:

    You article is very good in the sense that it denigrates tribalism, but I don’t believe there will be change in the way the government is being run. Kiir has no any other choice, he is not an eloquent politician like Dr Garang to work for nationalism and the development of the country, he is lacking vision.
    The other problem is that Mr president has got that traditional mind set whereby he thinks government’s or public properties are his own. He can give as much money to whoever he wants without accountability, because he is the president. Misusing his powers in a traditional society, behaving like a tribal chief in the twenty-first century.
    In advanced societies, such as the European such practice would never happen because the public are aware of their rights and tribalism cannot be used to refute embezzlement of public funds.

    Kiir will use tribal agendas in the next election for sure. Instead of having political, economic, social and developmental agendas, Mr president will use tribalism as his card. If you ask him why do you want to run for the next election… he will say the time wasn’t enough. The issue is not the time but the privileges that he gets as a president.. he won’t get that again.. giving public money to individuals to enrich themselves … giving orders .. he won’t get that. Therefore, he doesn’t want to be out of the presidency. If the president has agenda for south Sudanese people then it is a tribal agenda not a developmental one. We are sick of tribalism.. we have been used because of tribalism in a society with high illiteracy rate. People don’t vote freely to select their president. Elections are done not based on agendas but tribalism. Politicians who just seek their interests not development of the country.

  9. umoja says:

    If we want to go for an Equatorian, better choose Dr Richard K Mulla who comes from small tribe, and as I tried to research him he has Phd in constitutional law. I also understand that he contested as an independent in 2010 election and won with big margin against the current minster of finance, Kosti manibe.

    I was also told he was the focal driver for Governor Joseph Baksoso of western equatoria when they were campaigning together. He need to come out and show his plans to the public if he is interested. people who are disowned by SPLM will make better change because they were the critics of the mess and the party disowned them.

    So, choosing Riak, Kiir, Wani, Luk, Pagan, Magot will be the same as kirr since they are running the country now together with Kiir.


  10. Dmajak says:

    To Pitya Lo Tongun, and Umoja,
    you should give more credits to James Wani because he is only man of peace in the Republic of south Sudan that takes care the interests of people of which he fought Arabs for more than 21 years without looking back. You could remember that he is one who gave his position to our vice president in name of unity. If you are South Sudanese, you will give him a thumb up. But I doubt you will, you may be from Congo or Uganda if you don’t honor James Wani for work he has done for this nation.
    To Garang, you done a Great job. I hope that you will change many mind sets of our people who are against Dinka and Nuer.

    • umoja says:

      If a person runs out of sense begin calling names, the issue is not we are from Congo, Ugnada but it is analysis of thought. But I don’t blame you because your mind is occupied with cattle wrestling, may be you were thinking of how to go and kill a person to get his cows.

      It is difficult to argue with a fool. there are many people who have lost their legs, and died in the war even better than Wani, what is so special about Wani? I am not like you just clapping hands with a coiled tail after tribal leaders even if they are preparing to kill for cow or steel.


  11. Juma says:

    Any candidate who will put economy as the first priority will get my vote and friends that i can influence, if u list or watch the visionary speeches of Dr. Garang, most if not all focus on economy i.e using oil money to stimulate agricultural productivity, who r policy makers of these country? Why are they not planning accurately? Every thing is not going well, from the 32 ministries, large parliament which does correspond to eight million people, to corruption.
    Re-electing these similar faces might be by chance otherwise we need a visionary leader who will unify the nation, develop private (encourage export promotion and import substitution industries especially those owned by citizens, develop local financial sector including micro-finance institutions etc) the leader who will answer the question like, how is the common man in village economically benefiting from country’s resources in an independent south Sudan?…. Because this is a comment, i will stop here,…. Let’s stop tribal mindset and embrace unity…

  12. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    To begin with, Farug Gatkuoth, the then Secretary General of united democratic salvation front (UDSF), once said (in a political debate, Khartoum) that we south Sudanese will not, and will never accept the unity preached by you successive regimes in the north, because the unity that you mean when trying to convince south Sudanese and the rest of the country excluding the north is a useless unity, like the unity of a horse and its owner. Where the owner is always and never failing always to be carried by the horse and not thinking to tell the horse one day to get onto him/her to carry it.(any way I don’t consider the essence of the two).

    This is to say that we in south Sudan know that it is good to have a president coming from any community, party and region for I want to accuse the author of this article for his implicit support of the current president whom he wanted to be permanent and the support which he made is either knowingly or unknowingly contradicting himself by already declaring himself nonpartisan and this is a necessary accusation because what this author is attempting is mobilizing our people to be like people of Kenya. He mentioned that of course for it suits the him. However, that superficial dream will not work for all are working on that.

    Another accusation against the author is the serious mistake he made of committing fallacy of generalization against the Nuer Nation, which is detrimental even against the president leave alone the Nuers, for the president is having a strong support from many Nuer people, a thing which undermines the alleged tribalism which always has its positive side, and the reverse not seen by the author.

    Moreover, Hon. Wani Iga has the right to stand for president coming 2013 not to be submissive always as he is characterised by Dr. Ajawin in one of his books.

    Last and not the least of all, is that do not attempt to make Dr. Machar believe that he committed any such alleged massacre in Bor, rather that you understand we have forgiven all our leaders including the late Dr. Garang who burned our people to death in Ayod and slaughtered the rest and shot every one indistinguishably, an act equal to massacre and extended, only that we are not happy to preach hatred and feuds among our south Sudanese.

    And politics is good and bad depending on the winners’ and losers’ views, respectively. There we are. Blessed are you, you who wants to make yourself the person you choose to be, or else you wait for the rest to choose you to be who they think you shall be. or a person they want you to be. Rally behind them always? Well, that is your free choice. Read it please.

  13. Juma says:

    We people of south sudan are tired and sick of all the political confusion, what we need at this moment is some one who is capable of leading this nation in the right direction, we need true leaders, a..leader who embraces all the people of his/her people as one body not tribal leaders who only look at a specific direction.

  14. maker says:

    Dear all,
    Your are totally lying who brought you out of slavery was he not the current leader? Who fought for freedom of the People of South? Today you said no one who is capable to lead this nation. are you the root cause of these political confusion? Please let me assure you all, these who are against the current leader. you should forget for what is so call, 2015, no one would come except Mayardit. He will rule this nation up to the end of your life.

    • Mr Maker,
      I really doubt if at all you have a brain inside your skull, because it’s a self pity to get someone in this contemporary time existing with this medieval mentality. how can you claim to say that this cowboy to rule (instead of governing or leading) this virgin state for life? unless you have become a supernatural being or in one way you have decided to become a small god on this planet, to give infinite life to your idiot uncle. Let me remind you that the true liberators have died and some of them are now being marginalized by this current government of self service headed by the cowboy. These are people who shot themselves into power and stop calling them liberators.

  15. De Riak says:

    Spoiler aka (Maker),
    Get it clearly that we’d enough of Kiir’s rule. And come 2015, he’ll be gone whether he likes it or not. So, I think the honorable thing for him do is to resign peacefully and give others a chance to try, instead. Having said that, I as person and a Dinka by tribe will vote for Dr. Riek in the next election.

    • De Riak:

      Please, vote for Riek and move your parents to Kenya before Nuer bury them alive. Why would you prefer a lunatic over a thief?

      • De Riak says:

        Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
        For sure, Mr. Confused, I will vote for him when the D-day arrives. Because, he’s much better than the present thief and incompetent Pres. Kiir. Get it clearly that scaring tactics are not going to work this time around. Period. So, be prepared for the definite change of RSS’s government come 2015.

  16. umoja says:

    if you don’t know, the days of Kirr are numbered; he will follow Dr Garang soon.


    • Umoja:
      You have been barking like a mad and vicious Dog for so long for the leadership change in South Sudan. The time has come now for you to nominate and campaign for the next president of South Sudan. Both Nuer and Dinka have tried and failed the people of South Sudan. I’m now in favour of an Equatorian president for 2015. Would you please stop bitching around online and do something concrete and positive for our people in South Sudan. Nominate yourself or somebody else to be our next president. I will even accept and support the nomination of Mr.Elhag Paul, Mr.Easter and Mr. Nyaputa even though I sincerely hate those devils to death. I know and I have a feeling that those evils could be good president for our Country because they are honest and straight forward.

      However, If you think Dr.Richard Mulla is the best candidate for the presidency of South Sudan in 2015, you must go and get him out of the Bars in Juba or wherever he might be so that we can start campaigning for him. By the way, does he associate himself or hang out with those Kokora warlords in Juba? if so, please drop him and let us campaign for Governor Joseph Bakosoro to be the next president of our Country. I have been studying and observing Governor Joseph Bakosoro so closely for the last 4 years and he seems to be the right man for the Big Job in South Sudan.

      BrotherUmoja and my Equatorian brothers/sisters, this is your golden chance to grab the leadership/presidency of South Sudan. If you miss this chance, you will never get another opportunity for the presidency of South Sudan in our life time whether by Bullets or Ballots. Action speaks much louder than words. South Sudan belongs to all of us and everyone deserves the right to be a president if he/she has the ambition, vision, nationalism and quality/charisma of leadership to lead. I’m sick and tired of Riek and Kiir. Nuer and Dinka.

  17. Dau-network says:

    No no big NO. Umoja. is time for equatorians to prevent war in 2015 between dinka and as I detailed above.
    Joseph Bakosoro Oyeeeeee.

  18. Dau-network says:

    No no big NO. Umoja. it’s a time for equatorians to prevent war in 2015 between dinka and nuer as I detailed above.
    Joseph Bakosoro Oyeeeeee.
    Who is the archenemy of S Sudanese in history?
    Gaffer Mohamed Al Nimery.
    Omer Hussein Al Bashir.
    Dr Riek Machar.
    David yau Yau.
    We have forgiven each other, but HISTORY can’t go anywhere no matter how many years are gone.

  19. South Mole says:

    Equatorians are not interested in preventing war in South Sudan. If there is war, Equatorians are going to align with Dr. Machar and kick out the Jenges from Equatoria. After that then we can think of rebuilding South Sudan afresh.

  20. Dau-network says:

    South Mole, Equatorians are not interested in wars but they are focusing on development, that’s why l should support them. look how their 3 States are progressing. big NO to wars anymore. Big NO to non-producers like Dr Riek and Kiir.
    Governor Joseph Bakosoro ooyeeee.
    An Egyptian proverb says, “when you focusing on a SNAKE, we forget the scorpion.”

  21. Philip Duot Manyok says:

    Dr Riak Cannot lead the Nation. When he split the SPLM/SPLA against Dr Garang in 1991 he was clearly a tribal leader; failed to control his Nuer people who committed the infamous massacre of Dinka Bor people. You can deny it but the fact is attested to by tens of thousands who died in the hands of Dr Riak Machar forces in Bor.
    Any sensible South Sudanese citizen cannot vote for Riak. When he failed to even maintain the unity of Nuer and caused a lot of chaos and he was about to be killed by Paulino Matip. That was when he ran back to Khartoum only to be marginalised by Arab Government of Sudan. Then he ran back to Garang’s SPLA/SPLM. If you people elect Dr Riak Machar to presidency it’ll be surprise of many South Sudanese, he will sign a treaty with Khartoum to unite the two Governments of Sudanese people to be governed by Khartoum.

  22. Morris nathania says:

    There, my fellow citizens of south Sudan, to bring peace and development in our country is the responsibility of the youths ,to eliminate a character of being Nuer, Dinka plus the other tribes. My argument is that, let’s have a vision of getting good leader who can unite people of south sudan as a nation. for example if u are staying with your father and mother when both are doing some thing bad, which can bring disorganisation in the family. you as the realistic and wise person/child have a right to correct them in a way that both can understand.
    so being Nuer, let me vote Dr Riek, being Dinka let me vote salver, being Bari let me vote Wani igga , being lotuka let me vote mamour, being Balanda let me vote Razig Zacharia, being muro let me vote Richard K Mulla ,being zande Joseph Bakosoro, being Shilluk Pagan Amum . in this way ,we shall get our self in unending war.

  23. Maduk says:

    Let us wait the outcomes of the vice president’s nomination!!!!!

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