Forty three years of chaos and disorder in South Sudan


“It is unfortunate that one of the well mannered and highly disciplined officers at the ministry of defence could not stand the test of pressure which is regretful.” General Kuol Manyang Juuk, the minister of defence of Republic of South Sudan declared. “I have always admired him” he continued, “for being one of the well mannered officers but one of the officers we have trained to the international standard. He holds a masters of Arts from Liverpool University.”

This lamentation speaks for itself, but it is important to mention Mr Juuk got it totally wrong; Major Lasuba Lodoru Wongo did not attend Liverpool University. He did his masters degree at Manchester University.

The agony of losing Major Wongo is coursing through the system like electric current causing shock to President Kiir’s government. Kuol Manyang was not only shocked but his thinking got paralysed due to the disorientation caused by the departure of the impeccable officer.

In trying to explain away the rebellion of Major Wongo, Kuol makes an empty statement subtly trying to associate the clean officer with being weak. “It is unfortunate…………(Major wongo) ………could not stand the test of pressure.” This is a baseless accusation with no credibility in it whatsoever.

To add to the already obscured comments Kuol is a well known chauvinist who parades his insensitivity to women openly. To understand his mindset just read, ‘SPLA vows to end rebellion in Greater Upper Nile region’

Kuol’s derogatory announcement of Major Wongo’s rebellion reflects the larger picture of the constant taunts the Jieng throw at the Equatorians as ‘cowards’ , ‘slaves’, ‘colonised’ and so on. If people ever wanted to know where the average Jieng gets these abusive words from they should look no further than the minister and the ignominious Jieng Council of Elders. This is a self styled group of national thieves and criminals responsible for the rot in the country masquerading as respectable elders.

Although Mr Juuk has resorted to a sexist and abusive language he unknowingly reveals the system’s worries about the prowess of Major Wongo’s potential in ending the abusive system in Juba.

Mr Juuk confesses, “(Major Wongo’s) rebellion could undermine economic activities with neighbouring countries of Uganda and the Democratic of Congo (DRC) if he takes advantage of his knowledge of the triangle region straddling Uganda to the south of Juba and the DRC to the south west. “ Please see, ‘S. Sudan army expresses concern over defections in W. Equatoria’

These worries are not without foundation. First, Major Lodoru’s declaration has been well received sympathetically by the majority of South Sudanese. He has ably and competently identified the malaise of South Sudan and skilfully prescribed the right medicine. His group’s objective is captured in this excerpt from his, “Why REMNASA was formed” received on 2nd February 2015 and published by South Sudan Nation website.

“For this reason, REMNSA therefore having been deeply touched by the urgent need to salvage the country from complete disintegration has developed firm determination to unite and reconcile all the 64 nationalities of South Sudan in order to maintain the existence of the country everybody fought to liberate for prosperity of the people and posterity of the future generation.”

What Major Wongo offers here is hope and peaceful existence for all the people of South Sudan, unlike the myopic recipe shoved down the people’s throat by the Dinkocratic system in Juba.

Who does not want to live in a secure and safe environment? Who does not want to see his/her family exist and develop in peace while knowing the future is assured? Who does not want to see their family and their children grow and develop socially, educationally and economically in happiness?

Everybody of-course wants that but the SPLM does not offer it. What they have offered so far is theft of public funds, ethnic cleansings, rampant killings, tribalism etc.

So the future clearly lies in the Lodorus, the Sules, the Mullas, the Paride Tabans, and many others. The people of South Sudan have a choice to make between evil and good, between totalitarian rule and democracy, between terror and secure respectable existence, between Jieng tribalism and a pluralistic order.

The SPLA, as the minister of defence confesses, will not be able to stop REMNASA from paralysing the country. The leadership of the SPLA is already damaged beyond repair by their poor behaviour.

The top brass have turned themselves into super businessmen owning huge business partnerships. Their capital was creamed from stolen salaries of the foot soldiers and the massive unsupervised budget accorded to the defence establishment.

Most of the generals have become physically shapeless due to over indulgence in eating. Their tummies protrude meters in front of them impacting on their mobility. These are people who can no longer afford to fight. Their only interest in life now is in protecting their loot. Even their existence in the army is towards that end.

SPLA currently is comparable to Idi Amin’s army routed by Tanzania in 1979; Joseph Mobutu‘s army routed by Kabila in 1997 and the list continues. Once an army becomes corrupt and business minded they can no longer defend a country.

No wonder, had UPDF of Yoweri Museveni not come to President Kiir’s rescue in December 2013, SPLA for certain would have crumbled and President Kiir and his Dootku Beny would have been history.

With the emerging patriotic rebellion in Equatoria it is just a matter of time before the SPLM/A and its Dinkocracy is cleared out from South Sudan once and for good. It must be noted that this rebellion can be traced to two crucial events.

First, and foremost, the pains of December 2013. The Equatorians are victims of President Kiir’s grave crime against humanity. The killings of the Nuer in the presence of the Equatorians have had a huge psychological impact on them emotionally and mentally.

In addition to nursing this destructive pain, the Jieng audaciously threatened the very existence of Equatorians. Having witnessed the horror of the cleansing of the Nuer and listening to the threats on their well being convinced the majority of Equatorians that the only way to safety is to struggle for freedom.

After all, they are being killed daily, their lands are being grabbed daily, their women and daughters are being raped daily so on and so forth. Please see, ‘The Jieng’s Vile Plan to Ethnically Cleanse Equatoria’

Secondly, IGAD’s incompetence and lack of professionalism infuriated the Equatorians. The Equatorians as stakeholders found themselves excluded from having a say on the country’s affairs. Basically IGAD indirectly in a naive way was encouraging the Equatorians to rebel because the peace talks actually became the talks “of those holding arms” and not of stakeholders in general. IGAD was thus rewarding the men of violence and despising the men of peace.

IGAD’s conduct in the whole peace mediation at best is disgraceful and at worst is a downright promotion of violence in South Sudan. It is disgraceful at best because the whole foundation for the solutions to the conflict is built on the belief that if SPLM/A is reunited peace can return to South Sudan.

This view and the narrative that follows it ignore the real cause of the problem which is tribalism and President Kiir’s cleansing of the Nuer in December 2013 to silence his critics and challengers in the rotten SPLM party.

Furthermore it is not right that power is yet again to be concentrated in SPLM/A which has failed the country.

In mediating, IGAD behaved like an Ostrich. It hid its head in the sand expecting peace to magically appear. This is the stuff of a deranged mindset. Peace will not come to South Sudan out of a biased mediation process, spiced with self serving interests and a hypocritical approach to the conflict.

IGAD’s approach at worst is a promotion of violence in South Sudan because IGAD itself has taken sides in the conflict in support of President Kiir who de-legitimised himself by engaging in ethnic cleansing of South Sudanese citizens whom he has a duty to protect.

This is in spite of the fact that President Kiir in breach of the interim constitution recruited his own tribal militia who he unleashed on the Nuer people and opponents of the regime.

Plainly President Kiir is a criminal and should not be supported to remain in power. He cleansed Juba of the Nuer people in December 2013. Please see, ‘Timeline: formation of Mathiang Anyoor in South Sudan’ and ‘Generals say Juba massacre was done by private militia, not SPLA’

Once you have read these two pieces on Radio Tamazuj website, please proceed to watch ‘President Salva Kiir of South Sudan on BBC hard talk’

Given the available evidence, the right place for President Kiir now is in the International Criminal Court to answer for his grave crimes against humanity. IGAD shamelessly in condoning impunity interferes with the release of the African Union report to the atrocities of December 2013. If this is not stalking the flames of war I do not know what it is. Please see, ‘IGAD on the Issue of Stakeholders’

The man responsible for the trashing of President Kiir’s grave crimes against humanity is none other than his nemesis Dr Riek Machar. Right from the beginning he callously downplayed this serious crime by not calling it an ethnic cleansing of the Nuer. His reluctance allowed the IGAD to define the conflict from its own perspective dismissing the mass murder as the real cause of the conflict.

What was disheartening was that on 22nd December 2013 a week into the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer, Riek in an interview with Al Jezeera naively announced to the world his wish to be the president of South Sudan. It seemed to him the killings of the Nuer did not matter at all. What was important for him was the presidency of South Sudan.

Here, Riek as usual has disappointed the people of South Sudan. In 1991 he correctly challenged Dr John Garang over the objective of the movement only to fall prey to President Omar Bashir of the Sudan. He was greatly deceived by Bashir to enter into an alliance of the devils without a clear strategy. They then set out to conquer South Sudan militarily. Within a period of less than one and half years the SPLM/A was ruthlessly beaten to a near total annihilation. The alliance with Bashir’s regime succeeded to capture the whole of South Sudan save Nimule.

Dr Garang sensing the demise of SPLM/A and triumph of Khartoum, he coiled his tail and literally begged the Equatorians to forgive the ills of the movement and return to save the country. Were it not for the late Eliaba Surur, Yaba Saverino Fouli, Rev. Kinga and the Equatorian leaders of the time who intervened and mobilised the Equatorians to re-join the fight, SPLM/A would have been history.

When the Equatorians returned to the field they rolled back all the gains the unholy alliance of Bashir and Machar made. As expected the Jieng shamelessly claimed the victory as theirs pushing the Equatorians once again away from the centre of power.

The Equatorians have always been the saviours of South Sudan. Just prior to the independence of the Sudan in January 1956, the Equatorians rose up in Yambio, Juba and Torit igniting a war of resistance and secession against the Sudan. This initial war from 1955 to 1972 was fought to a large extent in Equatoria by Equatorians. They gave their all to realise South Sudan.

After signing the Addis Ababa agreement of 1972 granting South Sudan self rule, out of good will and in belief of South Sudan’s welfare, General Joseph Lagu took the highest patriotic act by handing political power to Mr Abel Alier while he remained in the army.

Lagu then went out to train the next leaders of South Sudan. He identified John Garang and Salva Kiir among others and proceeded to train them. Here was an Equatorian working for the interest of the people and South Sudan. Unfortunately, Abel Alier instead of building the South, he embarked on fragmenting it tribally which led to Kokora.

Abel Alier’s right hand architects of tribal division and destruction unbelievably make the core of the current Jieng Council of Elders. Any wonder why the country is in chaos. These are the very people who created the environment that led to Kokora. Kokora simply was a reaction of Equatorians to Jieng abuse of power from mid 1970s to early 1980s just like now.

Again, in mid 1990s Equatorians saved SPLM as narrated above. Now, once more Equatoria is stepping in through REMNASA to rescue the country. This time round Equatoria needs to do a thorough clean job to ensure that proper institutions are set in place to ward off any abusers of power.

In the 60 years of South Sudan’s tragic existence – from 1955 to 2015, the Jieng have directly been responsible for 43 years of the chaos and disorder in the then region and now a country. This makes 72 percent of valuable time wasted. It is what can honestly be called a period of continuing darkness. The remaining 28 percent was lost to the oppression of the Arabs. Had South Sudan under the Jieng utilised this time productively South Sudan would perhaps be far ahead by now in all spheres.

Although the 72 percent of wasted time partly was also locked in the war of liberation, what needs to be recognised is the real failure of the Jieng to understand the real needs of South Sudan which is the forging of a united people under values that promote equality, justice and prosperity.

However, the humiliation and abuse Equatorians suffer, with the constant elimination of their leaders capped with constant taunts is bound to lead into a conflict. It is a no brainer to know that this kind of humiliation and subjugation of a once stout and proud people is eventually going to result in an ugly show down.

Here is where Major Wongo comes in. His rebellion is a reaction to 43 years of relentless humiliation. There is nothing the Dinkocratic system is going to do, that they have not already done. If it is killing, they are already doing it with style. If it is rape, they are already doing it to both women and men. If it is land grab, they are doing it. If it is marginalisation, they are doing it. If it is mass displacement of Equatorian communities, they are already doing it.

In such an environment though violence is undesirable and unacceptable, it is understandable why Major Wongo has taken up arms to resist and save the country from disintegration. The theory of Just War clearly endorses war when the victims have no recourse to peaceful solutions to their suffering and problems.

In interest of self defence and saving the country Major Wongo can not be faulted. His situation is similar to Dr John Garang’s situation in 1983. If it was right for Garang and Salva Kiir to pick up arms against the oppressors in Khartoum then, it is equally right for Major Wongo to pick up arms against them the oppressors of today in Juba.

Knowledge accumulated from experiences from various conflict situations over the centuries tells us that abused persons are likely to become the future abusers or oppressed persons are likely to become the future oppressors. The evidence to this theory has been vindicated in post colonial states of Africa. South Sudan itself is the latest glaring indisputable case.

Please see letter sent to President Salva Kiir by a group of pro-South Sudan American activists. It proves the point by saying: “This violence is shocking and has included rape, murder, theft, and destruction of property. We are particularly concerned about the evidence emerging of abuses by government forces in Jonglei. These terrible crimes occur because government forces believe they have the power to act with impunity. We joined you in your fight against these very abuses by the Khartoum regime for many years. We cannot turn a blind eye when yesterday’s victims become today’s perpetrators.”

Franz Fanon in his book, ‘The Wretched of the Earth’ beautifully sheds light on the pitfalls of violence. While he endorses it as a means of breaking the shackles of oppression he disagrees passionately with the supposed liberation fighters’ inability to break free from the ways of the ‘master’ which paradoxically is what they fought against.

In a nutshell yesterday’s oppressed become tomorrow’s oppressor. What a curse? President Kiir and the SPLM/A are the living example of this curse articulated by Fanon.

The SPLM fought claiming it was liberating the oppressed people. Now see what they are doing and what is the difference between Bashir and Kiir. For instance, Bashir is intolerant of free speech and media and so is Kiir. The security services of Khartoum abuses the people in exactly the same manner the security of Juba does.

In other words, the break away from the Sudan has not provided the people of South Sudan with the true freedom they fought for. Thus there is need for the liberation to be finished.

It is only the conscious liberation movements such as the South West Africa People Organisation (SWAPO) of Namibia to some extent that can deliver to their people. Now, will Major Wongo and REMNASA be able to deliver on their promise.

On balance of probability they are better suited to rescue the country especially given the fact that REMNASA’s declaration captures the real issues of South Sudan. Major Wongo comes across as a more clued up person on the issues of South Sudan.

There is no reason for a humble, well educated and disciplined army officer to break ranks unless he/she has come to a logical conclusion that things are at the tipping point. Indeed in South Sudan things have reached a tipping point.

The only hope was in the IGAD peace talks. Unfortunately IGAD the mediator itself sexed out the stakeholders removing the vital required element for a real credible lasting solution.

Unsurprisingly it has as a result of its naivety hit the buffers ending with a grand failure on its hands on 6th March 2015.

The survival of the country is in dire straits and an internal intervention is needed. Major Wongo has selflessly answered the call for the internal intervention and salvation of the country. His appearance on the national stage in many ways is comparable to that of Dr John Garang in 1983.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Force_1 says:

    What’s Major Wongo going to do? Who is the brave equatorian that’s going to follow him? He would be lucky enough if he find few individuals from his direct family to find him drinking water in the jungle. You can always fantasize writing about your victories rebelling against the government but you people don’t have any clue about the life in the jungle after rebellion. Elhag Paul needs to know the different between quitting and rebellion. Rebellion is not a joke!

    • bol akuol says:


      Well said compatriot. This Brittish welfare consumer , Elhag Paul is living in the world of fantacy and imagination. He sees things and people who do not exist in South Sudan. His political and military wishes would never ride a horse in South Sudan unless he stops being a begger in the Whiteman’s land and come home to face his real foes at Jebel Luri.

  2. Akulia says:

    Bravo!! Let the actual liberation of South Sudan begin with the actual democracy espoused by REMNASA. The hand writing is all over the wall as “Belshazzar’s Feast” in South Sudan begins a nose dive. What goes around does come around! Watch this space.
    M. Akulia

    • Joana Adams says:

      What an intellectual tsunami!!!. Be advised to make way and fast.

      • Thank you Joana Adams!! says:

        Stay tuned for more intellectual Tsunamis as the fight to rescue South Sudan from imbecilic lawlessness gains momentum. Yes we will!!

        • Joana Adams says:

          Dear Margaret Akulia,
          Thank you too sister. Thank you for your persistence and intellectual courage. It’s time for the Golda Meyers and Indira Ghandi’s of Africa to rise up and join the soldiers of pen. It’s time for intellectual tsunamis’ to start rolling from all corners of the world. For when God is with us nothing can be too difficult for us. That evil man with black evil hat and his cohorts will soon be arrested by the Angels of our God. And then our land that has been defiled by those with predatory genes for 43 long years, will be cleansed once again for us and our offsprings to inhabit.

          Aluta continua!

    • bol akuol says:


      The liberation of South Sudan will never be accomplished on the social media in Canda and England. You guys need to come home and start the true rebellion. Who do you want to die for your political wishes in South Sudan? Our late hero, Dr. John Garang had this to say during our struggle for freedom. “I begged and brought all the best weaponry anyone could wish for. However I failed to get a gun that shoots the enemy by itself. You need to obtain weaponry and the people who are willing to sacrifice their lives using them. How is comrade Martin Kenyi and comrade Lasuba Wongo progressing with their rebellion so far in Equatoria???

      • For Bol Akuol says:

        Who said we are only using social media to liberate South Sudan from lawlessness? Who said true rebellion is about the death and destruction that is the modus operandus and preserve of the genocidal SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly? Who said anything about shooting people? Who said anyone has to sacrifice their lives and die for “political wishes in South Sudan”? Who said we have to be in the current disordered South Sudan to get rid of the barbarism that has mortified the international community and shut down the so-called IGAD Plus Peace Process? Has it ever occurred to you that there are more civilized ways of extricating criminals and rescuing South Sudan from their custody? Why do you think the much touted IGAD Plus Peace Process collapsed before it even started and the African Diaspora may be the only group that can lead an actual “African solution for African problems” beginning with the South Sudan carnage? Line up your best brains because the fight is about to morph into the war of the brains. About your late “hero” Dr. John Garang, let history be his real judge. Your individual and collective arrogance will be your fall (Proverbs 16:18) and if I were you, I would stop insulting Martin Kenyi and Lasuba Wongo and start shaking in my boots! If you don’t believe me, watch this space.
        M. Akulia

    • AGUMUT says:

      Welcome back,i thought Margaret Akulia is dead many months ago.

      • For Agumut says:

        In my tribe, when someone wonders if you were dead, you redirect the thought right back at them but I won’t. I will just enjoy the welcome back!

  3. Khang Chol Khang says:

    My learned South Sudanese critics and writers the change you are advocating for will never come if you don’t address the problem correctly. The ruling elites are the once you suppose to address but not jieng as you put it. The ruling elites are South Sudan people Who are running systems at all levels and if they mismanaged the Country, it had nothing to do with tribes as in your account. I believe even your village chief, member of parliament, county commissioner or States governor plus others in executive in the national government are part of system. Remember it’s because there is South Sudan that is why we have Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal. If you start breaking up South Sudan into tribes then tomorrow you start again fragmenting those tribes into sub-tribes and to clans. So my learned writer your critism of jieng is misplaced. Do you think blaming jieng for problems caused by ruling elites regardless of their tribes will solve the problem in South Sudan?

  4. Setta says:

    Well, Equatorians are yet to response in large number owing to the fact that Uganda, still backs the devils, as Museveni is worried of an Equarorian assending to power given the Socio-Cultural ties with Northerns, The Acholi, Madi, Kakwa, to mention but a few sharing same predicament of marginalization in the respective countries.
    I am glad that suspicion is fading fast.

    Back to Ludoru: Juuk is right, for if Loduro can moblised only 1,000 Equotorian youth, train them well in Guerrilla war fare. procure landmines, station very sharp units along Yei Rumbek Route, Nimule Juba Road, Nadapal to Juba road, planning anti Tank land mines with frequent hit and run operations, forcing vehicke to move in convoys with Heavy armed escort, stretching the government to the limit and causing several or few deaths in the country as result of delayed supplies of both food and medicine, the economy will collapse, the INGOs will withdraw, people loose jobs, consequently more youth and even the armed forces will be forced to abundant the government and join the rebellion. These is what worries Juuk.

    Forget the rhetoric of slaves, cowards etc, its just a mere Psychological ware fare, Equatorians shot the first bullet in Torit in the quest for independence and that Independence is yet to be achieved.

    I am sure it will work.

  5. jesstobi says:

    what rubbish are you talking? you don’t know that Equatorian’s are coward’s? who liberated south Sudan is well known but we will never let you have it ready made on the plate, we don’t care anymore. The whole Equatorian’s would have been Muslims by now because they fear Jalaba but when SPLA/M came in 2005 most of your girls and women were sleeping with Arabs in Juba.

  6. Abel Magok says:

    The article of Mr. Elhag Paul is poison, full of hatred, lies and tribal attitutes. One of his lies is about Joseph Lagu, took the highest patriotic act by handing political power to Mr. Abel Alier. General Lagu has a book out there and i advice the writer and readers to read the book to know how Mr. Abel Alier came to power after 1972, agreement according to General Lagu’s own words.
    Another lie of this writer is connecting such bad memories of Kokora, to Mr. Abel Alier, embarked on fragmenting South Sudan into tribal and Jieng abuse of power. The fact to the matter Kokora, came through few Equatorians weak politicans then, those who attached their political future to the North. In the book of General Lagu, though he does not talks directely about the Kokora, a clever reader could simply score underlying roots of such kokora, in the book and even identify names of those politicians who initiated and engineered it. The writer talked about current situation in the country and mentioned issues happening now including rape of which Equatorians women and men being rape.
    Although, the world today has been talking about issues of guys, we have never seen yet in South Sudan men having sex with another men and specifically the tribe Mr. Elhag Paul single out for raping Equatorians women and men.
    The writer might lost and mixed current situation with the previous during war time when Arabs rape women and men in Juba.
    The writer often conclude his articles with a beautiful words (Truth hurts it is also liberating). I am wondering what truth Mr. Elhag Paul talks about other than pouring these lies, hatred and misleading readers who might not have clear knowledge about issues in South Sudan.

    • Piankhi lo Maka says:

      ” …. When the selfish man has eaten enough, he calls the hungry man greedy…”, Joseph Lagu, in the 80’s.

  7. Omang Rollo says:

    This article is trying to extol a name that is not out there! Where is Lothubo? and what had he done thus far?

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Omang Rollo,

      You posed a meaningful question. Where is the man actually? Be fair to him. He didn’t rebelled, he instead resign due to the mismanagement and the killing of innocent people base on tribal line. I commend him for that. On top of this given reason, he has no weapons to confront your food lovers in Juba.

  8. Lavina Lual says:


    The “LORD your GOD” who is the God of gods and the Lord of lords will protect your soul from all harm/evil in the bushes, towns, and everywhere on earth throughout all battles; Psalm 121:7 until you return back home and enjoy your promised land that God has given to your ancestors to be part of the RSS and among the 65 or more communities within the SS territories.

    Please stand up to receive the following God’s blessing:-

    By the word of GOD:-
    The God of Israel (who were the minorities) that turned Israel Lion Kings of the middle East among the billion messy Arab population will make you thread on the heights of your enemies in all battles; Deuteronomy 33:29 as He (Jesus himself) lives in the midst of the oppressed and righteous especially the minorities; proof is he was able to give the RSS a nation belonging to 20% of Sudan Population; “Jesus is alive”!. History is repeating itself.

    You will receive thousands of strong unbeatable army that shall defeat all battles even with few number like the army of Gideon (minorities) that defeated the majority Madanites; (Judges 7:13) in Jesus Name!

    God will make all your enemies turn their backs and run away from all battle clashes as God will send fear before thee, and you will destroy all the enemies of development, land grabbers, intimidators, and all evil doers in the RSS as God ascend you back to your land (Exodus 23:27) in Jesus Name!.

    God will provide you with prey to eat in the jungle when you roar like a Lion seeking food from God for a righteous cause (Psalm 104:21); in Jesus Name!. The full armor of God, shall take your stand against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil belonging to kiir and his lineage in the heavenly and earth realms within and outside the RSS (Ephesians 6; 10-18); in Jesus Name!


  9. Glory || says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,
    You’re very incredulous person that I ever find and still to get in life!
    attacking Jieng community is all about your writings and that’s simply hatred not correction. Occasionally you’re a clear warmonger and person who instigating hatred against Jieng. I regret your continuous writing and proverbial saying better unborn than untaught is good for you today. Sir, Isn’t Jieng that liberated you? I can without wasting much time mention to you five or more battalions who were purely Jieng. And I challenge you to name five battalions purely Equatorians during SPLM/A struggle. SAY THANK YOU JIENG FOR YOU HAVE LIBERATED US! As you stated and I quoted, Eqquatorians were mobilized to rejoin SPLM/A and fight back Bashir & Dr. Riek advancement to capture whole of South Sudan. Don’t misinforming readers, all battalions fought by the time in Nimule and surroundings are known, yours is assumption whatsoever. Mr. Paul, Equatorian contributions during SPLM/A struggle are not equivalent to three States and all benefits you getting just to say the least. Again, SAY THANK YOU JIENG FOR YOU HAVE LIBERATED US. Eventually, they benefits you getting now is a direct result of the blood of thousands if not million of Jieng brave men. SAY THANK YOU JIENG FOR YOU HAVE LIBERATED US. Mr. Paul, throughout struggle, Equatorians have been backscratching the people movement, says fraternized with multiple rebellions by individuals in the name of Equatoria. Now three States have been brought to you by Jieng, enjoy them, but histoy remains intact, that’s a bitter part of it.
    I can remind you, Dr. Risk and Major Wrong are fighting for their political gain and already victims of their own action. Can you remind yourself of Western Equatoria rejection to rebellion. What did they said in Maridi town, isn’t that they don’t need any sound of gun in their State. Where will Major Wrong gets figures? Wrong got good description, that he don’t stand a test of pressure, how will he lead the rebellion?

  10. Choromke Jas says:


    Continue to fill the gaps in the understanding of the predator genes. It will educate our friends internationally so that whatever they do is knowledge-based. This is a marathon of captivating essay. Well done!

  11. Malouda says:

    Dinka is a tribe and is the biggest tribe in South Sudan therefor for that its deserve to have a bigger portion in any where, you can not deny what God created, you can not able to cleared out Dinka from South Sudan even if you are too stupid like that, say I can take away the current ruling system but not tribe as you stated. your education is for nothing it is better to be illiterate than to be useless educated like other doctors. what is your problem with Dinka tribe, Dinka is only a tribe like others and they are now more suffer in the current situation due to their being majority. Kirr is not representing Dinka is representing the whole South Sudan then if he failed why you do not work to take him away as a system rather than to insult a tribe always. please, please respect yourself other wise your fate will be more than death from the only poor Dinka who have nothing with Kiir. Talk about the system only but not tribe.

    • Eastern says:


      I quote: “Dinka is a tribe and is the biggest tribe in South Sudan therefore for that it deserve to have a bigger portion in anywhere, you cannot deny what God created…….” End of quote.

      Mapouka, such is the sick mindset of dinka which has been rightly refered to in this forum Dinkocracy. Who told you that majority means having ‘bigger portion everywhere?’; this born-to-rule mentality is causing you Dinkas many problems. Is it the reason why Kiir’s recent appointment of the senior police officers reflected that view, you dinkas are in for a long haul!

      I cannot separate the dinka tribe from the messes in Kiirs government (due to Dinkocracy). The two are part and partial of the problems bedeveling South Sudan.

      What Elhag Paul opined here is what needs to be confronted head-on: Dinkocracy is a product of Dinka culture of preying on others wealth, so long as the victims are not dinkas (or not from their ‘sections’ as they prefer it), it’s alright. An Agar Dinka from Lakes Centre can grab a few herds of cattle from a Gok Dinka from Cueibet is no problem so long as they cows reach safely to village even if a few lads get killed. It’s alright for a minister to grab on Toyota double cabin for the ministry in Juba to disappear with it to Aweil or Gogrial of his personal use; after all, it belongs to the government in which dinkas are the majority and therefore deserve everything in ‘king size’.

      • Joana Adams says:


        Well answered. And yet they are furious at Dr. Ambago for labelling them as having “predatory genes”. Having predatory genes or DNA, means when you grab somebody’s land, or steal somebody’s cows, or loot the national coffers, you see nothing wrong with it. It means when a president who was penniless in 2005, becomes a billionaire in less than10 years, when the citizens go hungry and are fed, housed, treated and educated by the International community,there is nothing wrong with it. It means when a middle aged man runs of with a teenage school girl as a wife, there is nothing wrong with it as long as the parents can be compensated with stolen cows. It means that day light robbery at gun point in the national capital, a culture introduce by Jieng led government, is a symbol of manhood and must therefore be celebrated, instead of being punished by law. The list of this predatory behaviour is countless.

        For the rest of us this can be mindboggling, but predatory genetics interprets theft as intelligence and therefore something to be proud of. In the context of predatory genetics, those who do not steal are seen to be fools or idiots or in worst cases, cowards. Who can disagree that this is the essence of cultural conflict between those having predatory genes and the law abiding citizens in Equatoria.

        Lets get this right once and for all. Genes creat habits and habits become culture. Is it any wonder that the culture of theft in Kiir’s dinkocratic government has not only bled the country dry but has earned it a new terminology: a kleptocratic state. I bet they are proud of their new title as thy were proud of embezzling 4 billion dollars pretending that it was to be used for purchasing dura which the citizens never saw.

        What does this mean for the new nation where neighbours had no choice over who their neighbours should be when the white men partitioned Africa in the 19th century in Berlin, Germany.

        It means we don’t have to put up with such predatory behaviours and culture unless the perpetrators are willing to change and be civilised. Of course scholars of human behaviour will agree that human behaviour can be modified by environment subject to ability to learn and willingness to change. Sort of that, we must seriously start studying the anthropology of these people if we are ever to be able to protect ourselves from their predatory behaviours. The Arabs are now gone, it is important we know who our neighbours are.

        Stay tuned!

        Joana Adams

  12. Kong Puok Tongluo - Finland says:

    Dear, El hag Paul

    Thank you for courageous words, the jungle guys called Dinka foolish majority doesn’t wants any realistic statement sorry, I don’t mean all Dinka, but those who sycophant guys with owner over three thousands heads of the cows, he is a chief of the cows, he claimed to being a king of both herds and our government, he never obtained any single qualification, he knows how to pull a gun and fire it. .
    It’s unfortunate, the current situation has become exactly same when we were struggled for South Sudan with our mother Sudan. Because, you can’t cheer for lies self interest, instead for people of South Sudan.Please keep it up your article analyses and teach them until they realise the truths, your all article are so interested. More thanks ! ! !

  13. Abel Magok says:

    Thank you Glory for reminding Mr. Elhag Paul, this important moment of the struggle and all participated in one way or another.
    For him to say that in the 60 years of South Sudan tragic existence from 1955 to 2015, the Jieng directly been responsible for 43 years of chaos and disorder in then region and now country, which makes 72% value time wasted and the Arabs are responsible for 28% time lost is ridiculous.
    I become doubting whether Mr. Elhag Paul is realy an Equatorian.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      If you doubt what he is, at least accept the fact that he seemingly appears a genuine South Sudanese citizen very seriously concerned and perturbed by what is taking place in the country.
      What’s important is not the character of the writer but the painful material exposed and articulated by the person.
      Stay well and enjoy your reading.

  14. Abel Magok says:

    Dear Editor,
    South Sudan, is bordering many Easten African countries without clear established system separating tribes along the border-line and the wrong colonial period borders demarcation that divided one tribe into two or even three different countries gave a room for fluctuation of these tribes.
    For instance, when things are bad in South Sudan, like time of war, some people simply join their folks on the other side of the border and become citizen there and they could simply come back to live as Southerners when things changed to better and this is a reality that should not be deny.
    This is where my doubt about Mr. Elhag Paul, came whether he is realy an Equatorian.

    Character of the writer matter, because hatred, lies and tribal tendency expressions are all driven by character.
    For the writer seemingly appears a genuine South Sudanese, that is totally your judgment right, but for me
    we can not solve the issues worrying us in our coutryin in such a falmmable attitutes of writing driven by hatred, lies and tribalism. I was one of the people admiring Mr. Elhag Paul’s articles and views expressed, but he quickly changed and became typically an Equatorian, advocating for tribalsim not issues worrying us as Southerners.

  15. Alier Gai says:

    The man by the name of paul has taken his hate pills again on the dinka. Last week ramba was in a mood of his down time for pleasure; joana was then the best hollywood party girl on the front page after him; and very soon kulia will take the imposing hate job for the same vicious circle running. How long are you ready for such a wick game of hatred against your own nation, ladies and gentlemen? Who will follow you later when your chance knocks? You are dividing us unknowingly, for ‘the house divided does not stand on its own,’ lincoln. Minus jieng, can you do a run on your own and be safe in the thorny buhes of south sudan? Truth must be said, will jieng remain a game changer regardless of your devil demands now? Yes. Whether by arms struggle or by other means for self defense, sheep will often remain sheep in the hand of shephard who is always there for them to chase hyenas away and protect them from robberies and provide them with paster and water. Majority rule is an universal balance to power which allows majority to decide on how to govern their subject. This means that any change will take place under the dinka, as to the independence of s. Sudan happened under the dinka. And to move kiir, that is another dinka replacing unwanted diinka. This is must to happen. By force, dinka. By choice, dinka. You are fighting for jieng advantage, either ways, to your disadvantage. You are robbing peter in one shop and pay him at the other shop you did not know that it was his. Everywhere is peter shop. And if you have a functioning brains like you claimed already, why you allow that political thing to happen? Taking this brain function substances on the dinka have serious consequences from personal level to community’s standard. You are not leaders who will ever lead people in good faith. Your internet role is creating a physical damage to the communities you are not commanding. Can you see your minds from other angel now? The scale of the article is totally bias with the war as a priority to reduce jieng in all way out possibilities. Mr. Risky the disaster tried the game but he is constantly a loser with shameless face lying to people.

    • Toria says:

      You are ignorant and A-liar

    • For Alier Gai says:

      I only have one response to your tirade. Matthew 7:15 which offers a stern warning about being aware of false prophets “who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?…”

      The signs that you the so-called liberators of South Sudan were ravenous wolves, thorn bushes and thistles all along were everywhere. That is why the lone voices in the wilderness have now been vindicated and it is a matter of weeks or months before a new political and social dispensation replaces the destruction your liberation movement has caused. Watch this space!!
      M. Akulia

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Choroke Jas,

    You should readily know that you have gravely stigmatized Mr Alhag’s universal intellectual image by urging him to,”continue to fill the gaps in understanding the predetor genes”.Infact ignorant idiots like you should prepare yourselves to die in exile becouse Dr Ramba’s malicious false theory of,”predetor gene”,is only good for tribalism against jieng but will never find a place in any popular revolutionary manifesto in RSS.

    Being regular among readers on this website,I have read so much of your writings including your last article,”Dr Riak Machar:prolonging the war causes more unnecessary deaths and sufferings”.But ignoring the article,you and Dr Ramba are the cause of an immeasurably disappointed.Giving your highest levels of education,one’s expectations of you are such that you should have been in the place of God upholding sacred universal principles of justice no matter how so grave the circumstances your brains get subjected to.

    But regardless the ideal facts that it was to protect and promote rational human civilization and humanity against irrational acts of brutality and lawlessness that made it necessary to found schools of sociology,criminology,public administration and above all,law and justice among others,you are deep in the desert crossing.Which one of these schools didn’t your steps of education take you to?But instead of respecting and acting according to due principles and guidelines,you have found it just too wonderful to drift off and choose crude ignorance.Just never stop to feel free to promote tribalism against dinka as a tribe and jieng ordinary citizens.But be very mindful to wait one million years without seeing any changes for a better RSS.

    As for your great education levels which values are irrelevant to civilization and humanity,use them well for cooking and cutting meats in western white man’s industrial establishments for life.Things are very clear and will never be any different under the sun.Every human being like you is a potential thief and looter if he is in an environment that has neither laws nor government that can apply the laws to punish him.To that context,you don’t need to be a dinka citizen.The theory of,”predetor gene”,is false.But I still encourage you to think about it again in your most deserved places in the kitchens!!!

  17. Kei says:

    False Millionaire & Agumut,

    Do you know that a death Dinka is the only good Dinka. RIP wherever you are with loving memories of your blood drinking dinkas.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Do you know that Dinka ‘re the saviours and true patriotics with the spirit of nationalism in South Sudan?
      Arabs ‘ve this to say; if you find Nyamnyam (Dor) f…. him, if you find Nuer give him food and if you find Dinka kill him straight away.
      So what is your take on the three statements from jellaba?

      • For J. Chin Jacob says:

        If Dinka are the saviours and true patriots with the spirit of nationalism in South Sudan why has South Sudan been so messed up under their exclusive watch?

        The next time you choose to believe a Jellaba who makes the nonsensical statements you brag about, look at yourself in the mirror because one of the faces of the same Jellaba imbeciles will be staring back at you.
        M. Akulia

  18. Glory || says:

    Mr. Jas,
    With such intellectuality, one do expect people of your kind to ring peace bell instead of calling for more bloodshed and suffering. As you agreed to destruction and lost of human-life, are you also aware that you ‘re subjected your people to stress and trauma? May living God hold you accountable! I believed, whatever vicissitudes after independence need peaceful forces, peaceful answers and peaceful solutions. Therefore, your views toward rebellion are inconsiderate, you can’t subjected your people to different vices’ for no good. Despite being agitated and guilt ridden as claimed, no universal rights can license you to kill and make people homeless. I advice you to use other opportune movements for peace and co-existence amongst locals’. Bear in mind, war is a good source of hatred and no person can encourage people and expect them to be wrapped. Time for warriors has gone. Advocating for peace will never socially make you inferior nor your community. Believe me, both are wrong and supporting any or both you’ll be like donkey between bales and hay. I expected you to bring home good resources from the West.

  19. Majongdit says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Why do you keep referring to Sudan Tribune when all South Sudanese know this website as a propaganda machine? We know when you refer to Sudan Tribune, you are referring us to fabricated news against the legitimate leadership of the republic of South Sudan

  20. False Millionaire says:

    “Do you know that a death dinka is the only good dinka”,no.I sincerely don’t know.Thank you for the information.As for whatever you mean to,”rip”,you and your kins have also played yourselves deep to the nick into.But there is still a hope.Let’s promote consensus that may permit all of us to come out from the mess in two pieces brother!!!

    • Bol says:

      You always amazed me with you endless attempts to fix the unfix-able!
      “I have one great fear in my heart, that one day when they are turned to loving, they will find that we are turned to hating.”― Alan Paton, Cry, The Beloved Country

  21. jok lual says:

    south sudan with out Riek machar and Lam Akol will be very free

  22. Toria says:

    Anyone who is still fighting to maintain Salva Killer’s regime is an idiot.

  23. False Millionaire says:

    Joana Adams,
    I assume you live in England.London for example,an extra ordinary city,like New York and Paris which are full with all kinds of criminals.Do they have jieng’s,genes or DNA”,that make them criminals?Ofcourse no.By nature,every human being on earth,me,you and Dr Ramba included,is a potential evil doer as long as he is in an environment that has neither the laws nor an accountable government that can apply the laws to punish him.It’s by merit of the law that you see England not to be in a state of lawlessness.That’s what we don’t have in RSS and is exactly the very reason that has facilitated the generalized culture of crimes and corruption in particular that has become banal in the ruling elites’ conducts.There is absolutely nothing genetic here and Dr Ramba’s theory,”predetory genes”,which you are daring to defend is false.

    In fact chere Madam,there are great causes of frustrations and disappointments on earth.For us,the sad order of things under the government led by a dinka citizen is one of them.But stakes are very high for those who have high levels of education like you and Dr Ramba.Your public behaviours are well followed,analysed and jugded.Is it really your conviction that fighting dinka as a tribe becouse the country is misled by a dinka president is the only way that will bring changes for a better RSS?That’s the true intention of Dr Ramba’s false theory,”predetory genes”,that you are defending.

    If it were ever up to me personally,I would never hesitate to petition every citizen to consider RSS to break up into three republics.I judge your comments to be too charged with bitterness against dinka citizens.It’s a bad surprise that’s a grave contradiction to universal values of education.It’s impossible therefore to ever imagine seeing you sitting on a national stool in a united RSS to serve all RSS citizens among whom are jieng with justice and impartiality!!!

  24. Tombek wani says:

    To Abel Magok,
    It seems like you’re living in self denial. During the struggle Arab occupied most of villages including your town in wrap.
    The rapped you repeatedly taking about that happened to women and men in Juba is a fabricated story to comfort Dinka who are affected by Arab practices in their home town. Dinka experienced worst things in their lives. They were taken as slaves by Reziggat and being reduce in all form of humiliation. I believed you are one of the victims. Please direct your lies to the people who do not know your history, alas.

  25. Abel Magok says:

    To Mr. Tombek Wani
    Do not take me wronly and you should have read the article posted out by the writer before over reacting on what i have said. I do not mean insulting anybody by mentioned rapes in Juba, it was the writer who claimed to be an Equatorian, expressed current sitaution in the country saying that Equatorian women and men alike are being rape by Jieng.

    Observe, he was talking about the whole Equatorian women and men being rape by Jieng, i just mentioned Juba, as an example of what might happened in the past during war time done by Arabs, whether in Equatoria areas or elsewhere but the writer was talking about one region’s women and men being rape. Do you agree with Elhag Paul, on the point that now Equatorian women and men are being rape by Jieng?
    That is one of the points i was answering not someone in Juba. Other than that, i will not say anything about your vision of jieng been slaves or experienced worst because childish attitutes of expressions may not take us anywhere if we realy means of dicussing issues of our country.

  26. R.Kenyi says:

    We need a whole new and far better South Sudan. To all those who commented above, are we fighting an Internet war or what? I would like to point out to you that you can’t change the situation in South Sudan if you continue to exchange such meaningless messages. I know that you enjoy exchanging such messages, but it seems like you do not know the basics about what our people needs. If you don’t know, the basic is that Kiir’s government has caused enough suffering to people in South Sudan regardless of their regional affiliation or tribes (Equatorians, Dinka, Nuer and others), which is one of the reasons why REMNASA is created. You should note that REMNASA is not an Equatorian movement; rather it is a national movement, which strives to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan and transform their lives. If we allow it to be, it means we accept to live in slavery. You must understand that elites in the current government are not only Dinka, they are enslaving not only Equatorians but the Dinka too and we must resist them. We have seen that police or security agent conscript or terrorized people in a town like Juba because they belong to a different tribe. This implies threat of our country becoming a lawless and ungoverned country if we continue to see our selves on tribal line other national base. Question is what do we benefit if we continue to perceive ourselves on tribal lens? If we can’t handle our communication differently than this, then we are no different from the people we blamed of failing our country. And frankly, if we write just to defend the ill practices of our leaders because they belong to our respective tribes without looking beyond our tribes, which is what we’re supposed to do if we are really trying to be nationalist or servant of the people.
    R. Kenyi (NYC).

    • info@southsudannation says:

      R. Kenyi,
      It is highly commendable and encouraging to hear from a staunch supporter or sponsor of the elusive REMNASA that initially captivated the media, specifically the internet, but however, it (REMNASA) has since then retracted into secrecy except for the infrequent press release by ‘John,’ or rather exclusivity except for the few like you.
      Many readers of this popular website would eagerly want to know more about the movement than now you have redefined as not an Equatorian only but a nationalistic movement for all South Sudan.
      My appeal is that you could further continue to enlighten our readers by revealing more of REMNASA ideology and what its doing now especially to involve all tribes of the South joining it, if not, at least become sympathizers or supporters.

  27. R.Kenyi says:

    In response to the writer above, REMNASA ideology is revolution: Why is revolution necessary? or What it’s all about? It is necessary because we want to ensure that no more generation of our youth in towns or villages of South Sudan should be condemned to early death or life of misery and brutality because of inter-tribal conflict and mismanagement of resources. So it is about bring about change that all of us need, irrespective of our tribes. I think our people deserve better than the life they are living in the country currently. Yet our leaders have refused to give them the best they need. Along with the inequalities, many innocent people have been terrorized by the very government they voted to lead and protect them. Typical example is the arbitrary arrests of innocent people across south Sudan by security organs including police, military intelligence and national security.
    Reports suggest that many innocent people are being harassed or arrested by security organs in Juba and other towns in South Sudan for no apparent reasons, which impacts adversely on the victims’ families. There is no denial that the arrests are perpetuate by the ruling class to serve their interest in exploiting and dominating the majority of the people and keeping them enslave to ignorance, hunger and misery. Bringing about a new, and far better future for our people means overthrowing such regime and breaking free from such arrest by the security system.
    Based on this, we are not going to make revolution by trying to segregate our people on tribal basis because reality has shown that, what we are witnessing in our country affects everyone of us irrespective of tribes or regions. The role of REMNASA as a revolution movement is to change that practices, but it is not fighting solely for Equatorian as many of us want to portray it – REMNASA is certainly not going to entertain some sort of tribal or stereotypical practices. In fact, we do that then we are no different with those actively involved in mistreating our people. To avoid looking at things in linear way, lets look at report presented by Human Rights Watch (HRW) about the situation in the country, which REMNASA as a movement of/for the people is trying to tackle:

    During an April 2015 mission to South Sudan, Human Rights Watch spoke with numerous detainees, family members, government authorities, and others and documented the detention of 16 civilians in 2015 by South Sudan’s army, some for as long as three months, and 20 cases of detention, some as long as 10 months, by the National Security Services (NSS) since mid-2014. The cases probably represent only a small proportion of the total detentions by both the military and the security services. Former detainees told Human Rights Watch that many other people have been or remain imprisoned in military or NSS sites for long periods with no charges.

    Following the outbreak of conflict in December 2013, many people perceived to be government opponents, were arrested and held in military or security detentions, some spent up to 10 months before they were released without charges. Below are the patterns of Arbitrary Detentions:

    • August 2013, unidentified gunmen short and killed one of the Madi chiefs because he resisted a government-proposed plan to transform Nimule into a town council, causing tensions between the authorities and the Madi community, especially the youth.

    • November 24, 2014, a man called Mawa Malish Isaac was arrested by armed men in civilian clothes (i.e. security operatives) in Yei and disappeared to date.

    • October 24, 2014, Marik Nganga and Isaac Makur both are MPs from Lakes state were arrested by the security in Rumbek. They were held overnight at a police station, and then taken away to an unknown location.

    • October 9, 2014, a priest, in Morobo named Benjamin Taban, was also accused of having connections with the opposition and detained by gunmen suspected to be members of NSS.

    • October 28, 2014, Nyero Athony Kenyi, a UN staff member was arrested and detained by the national security (NSS) because he believed to be supporting the opposition but has not been officially charged, according UN officials.

    • August 23, 2014, Martin Augustine, a civil servant, and Justin Wanawilla, a Catholic priest, were accused of supporting the opposition and were arrested.

    • August 22, 2014, George Livio, a journalist working with UNMISS radio (Miraya FM), and James Lual, a UN security guard, were Wau town, Western Bahr el Ghazal. Both men are accused of providing support to the opposition and are being detained in Juba.

    • July 25, 2014, four men were arrested by the NSS in Kajo-Keji twon and detained in Juba, accusing them of allegedly supporting Alfred Lado Gorre. They are Sokiri Felix Wani, Bosco Oce, Alison Mogga and Simon Ibansu.

    • June 2014, three men namely, James Ladu Paul, Alex Sandika, and Kenyi Abdu Lopiong, were arrested in Lainya, CES, accused of supporting Gorre according to Human Rights Watch report.

    • April 1, 2015, unidentified gunmen abducted Peter Mayen, leader of the new People’s Liberal Party (PLP) at his home in Juba accusing him of publicly criticized the government. According to reports, he was held blindfolded and repeatedly beaten until he was released on April 8.

    • March 22, 2014, a businessman named Richard Loku Francis was arrested in the Nimule market and detained for two weeks.

    • March 21, 2015 a journalist working for the government’s South Sudan TV station in Juba was arrested by the Military intelligence officials and held at Giyada until April 10 because he conducted a television interview with the then-acting governor, Kuel Aguer who was replaced by presidential decree the same week as Yel Deng and the journalist were released.

    • February/March 2014, three men – Taluga Angelous Kwiriko, Sabasaba Emmanuel, and Opi Isaac Martin were arrested by the security operative in their villages near Nimule town. According to the HRW account the victims were maltreated during interrogation, which include use of pliers to pinch the victim ear lobes in order to retrieved information.

    • November 2014, through 2015, over 10 people were arrested in Nimule town, and its surrounding villages in Eastern Equatoria. They are accused of supporting Martin Kenyi, a senior South Sudanese General who defected to join SPLM-IO in 2014.
    • Also in December, 2014 Irra Joseph, a driver was arrested by soldiers in Nimule and was released on 4th January without charges.

    • February 2015, a journalist was arrested for taking photographs and detained for about 20 hours in a NSS detention site in the Hai Jalaba neighborhood in Juba.

    • February 2, 2015, security forces arrested Isaac Lagu Jabakana, a senior local chief, Drici Emmanuel Jacob and Andruga Godfrey Peter, both laborers, and James Duku, a teacher, all from Nimule and surrounding villages. After a period in the Nimule barracks, the men were moved to the “Giyada” detention site in the military intelligence’s Juba headquarters. Jabakana and Duku were beaten during their arrests.

    • February 21, 2015, Michael Dravuga, a currency exchanger, was arrested and detained in the Nimule by men believed to be a mix of military intelligence and NSS officers and detained.

    • January 3, 2015, Yel Deng Nguel, the former adviser to the acting governor of NBeG state was arrested. He was then taken to Juba where he spent 4months and released on 9th April without charge. In addition, Arkangelo Athian Teng, was also detained in Aweil, but released two days later.

    I can go on and on, the list is endless, in summary this detentions reflects so much that is essential about the country we all love. I am sure we all know, or we have senses all that happened to the victims mentioned above could equally happen to you and me. As you have seen the cases highlighted above you will realized that the situation has more to do with bad leadership. The situation coupled with other bad practices such as land grabbing, and inter-communal conflict resulting from cattle raiding have made living in South Sudan as like living in hell for many of our citizen. You don’t need to look far at what this might cause our beloved country if we clings to our tribes and continue to condone their mistakes even thought we know that it affects us as individuals and as a nation.

    • alex says:

      Kenyi you will not be able to convince people that you are a nationalist. It is your supporters who killed the Madi chief and even you are suspected to be involved in the killings.
      Kenyi your supporters killed innocent two Madi traders for the simple reason that they are selling land to Dinkas in Nimule. To add to that the havoc your malisia caused during Amer Bashir regime to innocent civilians in Madi and other areas is not forgivable. You will only appeal to people who do not know who you are. The madi people know more about you and just keep quite because this is not our first time know you. You are being used by some Madi who are outside and we know them. You are not speaking your own head but being used a tool. We know your supporters and you will be suprised that these people will only betray you

      • Eastern says:


        Stop this empty threat of ‘we know you…..’ What do you know about R. Kenyi? What do you know about what R.Kenyi has written here?

        If you claim to know the going-on better than what R.Kenyi has shared in this forum, give your contra views backed with facts in this forum.

  28. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Kenyi,

    I totally agree with you on the assertion that,”the situation has more to do with bad leadership,”to explain the extreme bad order of things in RSS.Accordingly:it’s interesting to get the impression that REMNASA is a national revolutionary movement.One makes out of your dispatch the configuration of the 1983 SPLM/A manifesto by Chairman Garang.That manifesto was very interesting as a document.But it took sacrifices and efforts to transform it into acceptable national agenda.Such sacrifices included divisions and bloodshed within the SPLM/A ranks.There were those who were only for the liberation of South Sudan as opposed to the objectives of a united democratic socialist secular Sudan.But as the forces in favor of the later prevailed under Dr Garang,the war was against the government and the government forces be it soldiers of southeren or northern origins.This was the strategy that facilitated northern citizens like those of the nuba mountains and the fonj of the blue nile to join the movement.Whether it was a matter of strategy to reduce the force of the enemy’s fire or good intention,it’s best to invite historians to judge it.But the truth is,even armed government soldiers captured in battles were not kilt but encouraged politely to join the movement.

    But as for the REMNASA,I am one of those who have followed it from the date of the declaration of it’s foundation.It’s strong hold is around Maredi,Juba-Yei road and Munderi areas.It seems there is a problem in implementing it’s agenda on the ground.Very reliable friends on the ground informed me that,there were incidents in which REMNASA rebels stopped none military vehicles,searched them and ordered out dinka citizens whom they shot dead before disappearing to the bush.If there are best intentions in REMNASA as a national movement,those in the leadership like you have interest to investigate such incidents and be able to correct them as soon as possible.Becouse any mistake of allowing it to take the form of a tribal movement will soon give birth to a tragedy beyond any one’s control.

    Wishing you best luck,thank you.

  29. Kilwiloli says:

    My brother Magol
    The hatred you are talking about is created by your behaviors. Why don’t you go back to your sense and reviews your behaviors then justify in fairness so that, you become acceptable by those who hate you?
    This is one of the chronic diseases that you need to treat it.

  30. kuron says:

    I wish we could have a Goverment where there is; justice, democracy and acountability with trusto, sharing and uderstanding as the order of the. day !!

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