For genuine peace in South Sudan, the peasants must be involved

BY: TABAN ROY, Uganda, OCT/16/2014, SSN;

Our country is in an intensive political care unit with devious quack doctors hovering over the patient, taking their own time to maximize the gains like vultures over a carcass. Time has exposed these IGAD masked doctors, they cannot be trusted to diagnose quick and effective remedy to the patient other than putting a drip to buy time for the bills to swell.

We have lost every essence of nationalism that once bound us together during the long struggle for freedom, justice and liberty, words we should be ashamed to pronounce if our actions are to be dictated upon by our conscious.

Alas! No, we have degenerated into murderous, war mongers, oppressors, lovers of money, more than the nation….. the list is endless yet we expected someone else to clean the mess we open mindedly triggered.

We can cast blames and counter blames but one thing stands out clear, peace cannot be forced nor fixed for convenience.

To put into perspective, those who marry to please their relatives or parents will soon discover rocky grounds and troubled waters down the road of this marriage of incontinence.

The disturbing question is, do we have to sign peace to please IGAD and the international community or we have come into realizations that the war is uncalled for?

To answer this question we must examine the probable cause of the bitter split among the once brothers/comrades and the resulting consequence that is threatening to tear the country apart attracting wolves and vultures to devour the poor new nation for their own survival.

In my own point of view, the lost of Dr. John Garang in that fateful day of the plane crash was the beginning of our trouble. Although Garang was and is still accused of autocratic tendencies, he was a nationalist who would go to any length to salvage a situation such as the one we are in.

It’s not in distant memory that we all know the bitter 1991 split that almost brought the movement onto its knees that most people including me would find it hard to believe that the then bitter foes in the persons of Dr. Garang and Dr. Riak could shake hands and dine on same table after losing innocent members of their respective clans as a result of their wrangles over power.

Oh yes! Garang was ready to forgive for the sake of the nation. One thing we must note is that the mediation was not conducted by foreigners but our own elders, clergy men and women so was the likely split between Garang and Kiir which was eventually and successfully reconciled in Rumbek, by our people not the international community.

Most of our political leadership in both camps, the ruling party and the opposition have their moral authorities compromised so much so that making it back to the top on a level ground is almost impossible having being alleged to have committed terrible crimes in one way or the other.

For such people political survival other than provision of services to the people is their preoccupation. They have to keep the status quo of their families abroad most of whom live lavish life styles at the expense of the poor.

The Minister for youth and sports, Mr. Akol, had a point in one of his speeches over Radio Miraya FM if my memory serves me well, the young minister from Lakes states hinted the fact that leaders should have their families (children and wives) here to enhance patriotism and service delivery the way he does.

One could add that our legislatures should have moved a motion prohibiting senior government officers from taking their families abroad to reduce the imperialistic like government, looting and feasting on the loots where their voters – the peasants, the orphans and widows – have no chance to pick the crumbs.

We do not only cheat the peasants and the fallen comrades but continuous manipulation of their children into another Armageddon using the tribal card.

Truth being said, being President Salva Kiir is not easy, some of these greedy senior officers tactfully play the tribal cards to protect their evil. It’s not uncommon in South Sudan that when a Minister is fired, his tribes-mates see it as an attack on their tribe or state or the region as whole regardless of reasons behind the sacking, for them, the culprits should be allowed to loot too.

How do we expect a change or revolution from this same clique? We ought to remember that the war was largely fought by the peasants, some of whom laid down their weapons just after the CPA.

Today it’s the same peasants in the trenches in defense of their kinsmen, their looters. They are dying of hunger, living undignified lives in Camps while their so called “our mans” and their families do not know how it feels like to live in a refugee come with limited meal/diet.

It’s only us, you and I who will bring genuine lasting peace to our nation not any foreign nation.

Firstly, we must find and aggregate means of solving our problems using our cultural methods, not ruling out support from impartial friends around the globe but not the double edged sword nations.

We must swallow the bitter truth that the majority of the butchers and the butchered are sons and daughters of the less privileged maliciously recruited to join in defense of their respective political cultists, lured in mobilizations dubbed resistance/freedom fighters or national defense, adding more fuel into the furnace.

Indeed mass ignorance is the wreck of our nation. Seriously, who is benefiting from this conflict?

Secondly, we must accept there are no saints these days, the accused and the accuser must take responsibility and find space in their hearts to apologize and forgive.

History has proven this beyond reasonable doubt that our actions are sometimes dictated by need, survival and unfortunately the tendency to dominate yet there is always prosperity after confession, forgiveness and acceptance of each other like what happened in South Africa.

It was Desmond Tutu who led the truth and reconciliation Commission, we have Tutus in South Sudan in the persons of Rt. Bishop Paride Taban with in-depth knowledge of the movement, the people, individuals in the SPLA leadership, I have faith he would act impartially.

But then, the people, the poor who suffer the brunt of their carnage must also be involved from grass roots, something Garang mastered too well. He involved the local chiefs every step of the way that was why he garnered immense support across the nation.

He knew too well that our cultural born leaders still command great adoration and respect thus engaging them could be a formidable tool to employ if we need to realized people’s owed peace

Grassroot engagement of the local leaders across the nation and societal structure would first and far most foster collective responsibility, enshrining nationalism at the grass roots level.

They should know the facts, the causes and result of the war. This I believe if diligently done would deny destructive politicians raw material to advance their selfish interests.

Thirdly, the fragmented civil society must be engaged with preconditions. Most of our civil society does not conform to the realities that the warring parties will treat them with suspicion if they continue to rely on international donor support from nations viewed hostile to the either side, the government or the rebels.

There must be a way to demonstrate impartiality other than relying and identifying with a particular donor(s). This group should nominate and vet their representatives with approval from the antagonizing parties with funding from agreed source.

IGAD dominated by Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya are only too happy to keep us where we are to continue consuming their goods and services for their respective nations’ Economic growth. Relying on them is a national disasters. END

Taban Roy ; Uganda


  1. Dear TABAN ROY:

    I agree with you IGAD mediation peace will not yield any fruit in South Sudan. South Sudanese can solve this problem much better than IGAD and international community. In 2004 Riek Machar become the chief mediator when Salva Kiir rebelled against John Garang in Yei. Dr. Machar talked with Salva many times in Yei but Salva could not compromise. Eventually Salva left Yei for Rumbek. Before Dr. Machar followed Salva in Rumbek for more talk, John Garang sent 2000 Nuer soldiers from Bentiu to Rumbek to take position incase Salva would continue with his rebellion.

    Afterward, Riek went to Rumbek and continued persuade Kiir to quit rebellion as his rebellion would have been deteriorated peace talk in Navasha, Kenya. In the end, Salva Kiir compromised for many reasons 1) Johh Garang would have used Nuer against Bar-El Gal supporters 2) all the Dinka in Upper Nile regions and non-Dinka would have been stood with John Garang 3) Some people from Bar-El-Gal would have been against him either 4) He would have lost not only his position, but also his life.

    However, if the problem between Kiir and Riek, has to be negotiated in South Sudan amicably. Dr. Lam Akol should be the right person to solve this problem to our satisfaction. I strongly believe that if Dr. Lam Akol has large military support that would be threat to both Salva and Riek if they continue fighting, he would be able to solve this problem. Anyone else in South Sudan including faith groups are just job seekers they would not be able to solve this problem.

    You said, ” It’s not uncommon in South Sudan that when a Minister is fired, his tribes-mates see it as an attack on their tribe or state or the region as whole regardless of reasons behind the sacking, for them, the culprits should be allowed to loot too”. The reason the ministers who are fired tribes-mates see it as an attack on their tribe or regions by the president is because the president did not do it right. The president does not follow necessary procedures to dismiss ministers. In addition, the vast majority of South Sudanese see the president as the one who breaks the laws more than those ministers he relieved from their position.

    Citizens of South Sudan see president kiir as the person who is above the laws. President Kiir treats government workers like his own wives and his own children. If Kiir is capable president, he should give power to lawmakers. However, Kiir keeps all the powers to himself to continue his humiliation to certain tribes in the government.

    • john g says:

      Ur history never existed. Refocus on peace

    • Bentiu Ramran:

      I stated earlier this year that no peace would ever come through the mediation of the IGAD in Addis Ababa and that the peace negotiations should be taken back to South Sudan and handed over to the Nuer and Dinka chiefs to resolve it. In the history of Nuer and Dinka, When was their peace was negotiating in exile? Secondly, Dinka and Nuer don’t believe in peaceful resolution. They believe in defeat and surrendering as it is part of their culture.

      Liar, Where did John Garang find 2000 Nuer soldiers to fight Kiir Mayardit in 2004 when all the Nuer Militants were in Khartoum and against John Garang? Cousin, you should be ashamed of lying on the national forum. Please let Riek Machar come and negotiate peace with me in Bentiu otherwise let us continue to fight until he dies in exile.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        We absolutely concur. Peace will only be realized if the negotiation process is given to south Sudanese themselves; particularly Nuer and Dinka. IGAD and IC are pure waste of time. Nothing valuable or productive will come out of their fake negotiation. We could just call it money making machine.

        All is needed is to withdrawal UPDF, SPLM-N, JEM, and those others countries who contributed militarily to Kiir’s regime under the shadow of Uganda. After that, it wouldn’t take even months for this mess to be sorted out. I unreservedly believe that it is Uganda worsening the peace process. Unfortunately, Kiir, due to his cowardice nature won’t accept to let UPDF go since it is the only cord holding him in power. I recall when you urged him to withdraw UPDF and let the Almighty White Army and Gelweng twists their arms in manly manner, but he refused for lack of confident in Gelweng.

        As you may know, South Sudan is in red as Kiir get nervous and starting borrowing money to buy troops. Only one tribe against the 63 tribes plus rental troops from all over and it isn’t even over yet. Nuer tribe has caused Kiir’s government trillion in bribery leave alone those he employed to get rental troops. If you put them together, it would surpass the debt ceiling of USA. It is very shameful and pathetic.

        Please urge Kiir again to send UPDF and the rest home and let us find solution to our internal problem by whatever means. Be it arms twisting or peaceful mean, we will find the solution. I’m sure it will be through peaceful mean because without UPDF who is going to handle the White Army?

      • Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        Dear Cousin:
        I agree with you IGAD mediation peace will never bring anything valuable to South Sudanese. In addition, the evolvement of Ugandan military, Egyptian military, SPLA-N Nuba Mountain, SPLA-N Blue Nile, JEM in South Sudan conflict will elongate the war. Nevertheless, the present of Egyptian, Rwandan, M23 of Congo, and Burundi troops in Poloch oil field will make this war take long time then it should be.

        LGG, if you want this war to end quicker, please let all the foreign troops leave South Sudan. If you let the foreign troops leaves South Sudan, then peace will come to South Sudan within 6 months. On other hand, 5 to 7 battles will end this war completely and will bring every lasting peace to South Sudan.

  2. Chol Deng Anyieth says:

    Dear Taban,
    Thank you for your article. In fact the peace which is now being negotiated in Addis is not from the warring parties as expected rather it is dictated/imposed on them by mediators. As such, possibilities of maintaining it are uncertain. It will be like the peace of Angola and Rwanda which caused disaster and genocide. The warring parties are not willing to make peace. The families of those who are in top leadership of either parties have foreign passports which allow them to denounce South Sudanese nationality at the time of difficulties and rob it at peace time. We must first enlighten the peasants at the grassroots to vote against those having dual nationalities.

  3. Deng Deng says:

    Whenever one is poverty ridden, one’s mind is always pre-occupied with Food.
    Also whenever one is power thirsty, one’s mind is always pre-occupied with Power and war.
    Is it the war mentality – the long wars we have been fighting since 1955 or before that or intre-tribal fighting that have traumatize us to this level to love war and fighting?
    Why do we fight and kill our brothers, sisters and parents after attaining our independence?
    Can we use this energy of fighting and killing ourselves to develop our beloved country blessed with abundant resources?
    If it is our leader taking us into Temptation and Hell, then both Kiir and Machar MUST retire from leadership or be forced to surrender power by mass action to give Southerners a break of peace and development?
    Why IGAD and international community should waste money and time to mediate the current conflict? As mentioned by earlier writers, they will copy and paste cosmetic solutions to our conflict which does not work. The conflict will erupt again and again. The durable solution are the Southerners ourselves. Since the Clergymen are shy to tell our leaders that what they are doing is totally wrong and EVIL. Of course most will not have the gut to say due to the fact that they and most of the SPLM members are shareholders.Let us all say Kiir and Machar MUST GO. That they should not take Southerners for a ride any more. If we do not do this, they will be in and on us until we break and South Sudan will remain a fail state in Somalia. Ugandan enjoys us taking this trend because they benefit a lot from the confusion.

  4. Ambago Ramba says:

    The issues of peace and war in South Sudan largely rests on the south Sudanese themselves. And while I agree with you that the 1991 split marks a milestone in south Sudanese’ struggle for independence and democracy, many other events, though never often mentioned have had their impacts on our political journey as well.
    Today south Sudan is a sovereign state because all its people so chose independence over unity with the north. But although the independence was rightly brought by the collective vote of the grassroots, when it came to running the affairs of the country some short sighted fellows thought that they can succeed by side-lining the rest.
    The country is back to war as a consequence of many things which can be summarised as poor and weak institutions, dictatorship, tribalism, corruption, nepotism and the like. We will have to choose either to continue with these things or abandon them for the sake of peace.
    Your question, “do we have to sign peace to please IGAD and the international community or we have come into realizations that the war is uncalled for”, is what soul searching is all about. It has long been said that, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. Igad or the international community may force a peace agreement on us, but they can never make us honour it.

    Again we can’t afford to dwell entirely on the past and wish, “if only Dr Garang were still alive”. The truth of the matter squarely lies in how we go about addressing the root causes of South Sudan’s problems and only then can there be peace.

    Otherwise you are spot on in saying that for genuine peace to prevail in South Sudan the peasants must be involved. In everybody in South Sudan needs to be involved in the search for peace this time around.

    Ambago Ramba

  5. Majak Aderek says:

    Yes for sure Mr Ambago Ramba, absolutely you knew thing about war? do you? I bat you do.1991 was nothing whatsoever, I thought you should be ashamed of mentioning it any where in the public domains. if it was a glorious movement as you often mentioned it, then why you bunch of bozos ended up backing into SPLM in 2002, the same movement you and your likes of Robert K. Muller, Wani Tombe, you denounced it in 1991. Nonetheless, remember that, its not how many brains you have got that matters, rather its how you use your brain, that what count. use your brain to create and develop ideas and find new and better ways to do things.

  6. Taban Roy says:

    Many thanks for your brilliant comments, its actually adds more than I can imagine .
    Long Live South Sudan

  7. Matungduol says:

    It could also be said this way as well, for peace to prevail in South Sudan, the government must respect its citizens. On the other hand; the citizens must respect the government as well; if this golden rule is upside down on both sides; the peace we are yearning for will never come to all of us no matter how save you are in your own little village somewhere in South Sudan or elsewhere!
    The people in power today can be out of power tomorrow but do you think they will respect the next people who will come to power? Absolutely not; the reason is; they will do the same thing that was done to them because when they were in power, they weren’t given the respect they deserved and this will breed endless wars for generations to come!

    • LONG says:


      I do not know which respect you are talking about. Respect is earned not forced so we cannot confuse fear and respect.
      You are right by saying same mode of doing things could result if we have new faces in the Government. But then we can still blame the pioneer Govt for laying wrong foundation.
      We need selfless leaders like Julius Nyerere who laid an unshakable foundation for Tanzania. What do we have in South Sudan -VANITY. Even County commissioners wants to move with fleet of vehicles not to talk of the semi-gods(ministers, Governors and of course the president) spending lost of public resource in process. Paradoxically With all these endowment, they still rely on big brother Museveni to save their ass, what a Folly!!!

      Its madness!!

      • force one says:

        No one is forcing you to respect anyone and therefore; don’t tell anyone that you have right to complain! You can sings of complains any way you want and dance to your own songs! If not, then what can you do? Use this site and PC keyboard to overthrow the government?

  8. False Millionaire says:

    Taban Roy:

    It’s not finished.You are among most responsible citizens with your great article.

  9. Matungduol says:

    I am glad you agree with me that the same disrespect would happened when there are new faces in the government; but you can’t take it both ways when you going to blame others side for the same thing you were doing because that would be nothing less than idiotic!
    Second; when it comes to your dopiest claim of Uganda troops being the ones defending South Sudan government, the question I would ask you is:
    How many Uganda troop are there defending South Sudan or president Kirr from the leadership as you claimed? How many Uganda troops in Bor, Pibor, Pochalla, Akobo, Ayodd, Malakal, Nasir, Bentiu, Gokrial, Kuajok, Awiel, Tonj, Raja, Wau, Rumbeek, Tombura, Yambio, Yei, Juba, Nimule, Kajokeji, Torit, Terekeka, Kapoeta and Buma just to name few major towns?
    Are you truly saying president Kiir is in power today because of few Uganda troops in Bortown only? This is truly where you lost the debate when you base your argument that Uganda troops are the ones who keep president Kiir in power. When you make an argument; you have to have facts to back them up or you would be seen being utterly irrational in any debate!
    Just because the sentence sound good in writing doesn’t necessarily mean it okay for you to just throw it out there for everybody to read it regardless of it factual contents. The readers are not clueless to assumed what you wrote is true because they will know whether or not it’s ridiculous because the readers are highly informed.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      If it is not UPDF holding Kiir in power, why hire them in the first place? Had it not been for UPDF, Juba would have been captured by now and that means the end of Kiir government. Understand yourself first! Yes, Ugandans are not in various places you mentioned. They are indeed in Bor, Juba, Malakal, Nasir, Gadiang, and Ayod, and some other places in Equatoria. Think logically, do you think Kiir hired UPDF for fun of it? If so, why hire them now when he could hire them for fun of it long ago? Check your state of mind and come back with convincing reasons.

      If you do not believe it, ask Ugandans and they will tell you proudly that if it weren’t for them, South Sudan government would have been a history. This is what is widely known contrary to your claim. Also, ask Kiir to send UPDF home and let’s see if he is going to accept that.

  10. monychol says:

    Matungduol, while the editor is overstating is assertion that Kiir is being protected by the Ugandan troops, their roles could not be discounted either as they rescued the hearts and soul of Kiir administration at the start of the conflict.Now no Equatorians are fighting for Kiir and most Dinkas are unwilling to fight a war of no good cause and mission to achieve.We Dinkas donot like fighting on the wrong side of the truth.We know that Kiir and his thugs dragged the country into turmoil intentionally .
    It has now becomes a matter of hunging in to keep jobs for those of Aleu Ayeny and Makuei Lueth because if peace comes they will finds themselves here on the street like most of us.So they try to keeps the door locked to prevent peace from entering.Haaaaaa.

  11. Isaac Dongrin Malith says:

    Talking about change of faces in the government will only be face with full resistance. Our elders are the government, and we are ready to replace them. If you don’t belong to the majority in the government, you better shut-up and never again talk about change of faces in the government. For Equatorians who called themselves Doctors like Ambago Ramba, your doctorates is not to educate those in the government or call for regime change. You have not right to tell the government what to do. You are colonised and you have your masters to listen to. The more Equatorians called for regime change, the more Equatorians in the government must be eliminated. Dr. Riek had failed for the second time, and we are ready to wept out who ever is oppose to our system of government. Our sons and daughters are graduating every year, our giants in the government will be replaced by them. That is why we focus more on educations, and expansions than listening to your out of space complaints.
    Isaac Dongrin Malith
    Rochester, Minnesota USA

    • info@southsudannation says:

      MR. DONGRIN,

    • Taban says:


      I am an Equatorian with quite a Good understanding of not only our local politics but regional and Global politics as well. to insulated my soul from being consumed by hate, its safe to assume this is just a propaganda by either a Nuer or another Equatorian to incite Equatorians against the government- Sorry it won’t be easy, we decide what is good for our selves

      But if you are one of the Dinka enjoying the comfort of well established governments, then I have this to let you know:
      Do you know its really Dinka and Nuer who defend on food aid? WFP has never left some of your states for over a decade or more, but do you see them feeding Equatorains in in Yei, Juba, Maridi, Yambio? perhaps you wanted the war to continue so that you can justify running out of your cradle land for free food and Education

      Your cousins, aunts and uncles even grant relations are here in camps scrambling for food ratio. belittled, called names; like animals, cowards, ungrateful proud for nothing. Shameless people like your are still asking for more dozes of the mess.

      Imagine if Equatorians join the mix, who do you think will suffer most? what you do not know, and I do not expect little brains like yours to comprehend is that numbers and weapons do not win wars but determination, planning and coordination especially with allies- this explains why the minority Tutsi and the small Eritrea were successful

      Stop asking for war in which you do not participate.

      • Taban,

        You need to direct your insult comments to Isaac Dongrin Malith who insulted both Nuer and Equatorian in his comments. Please stop insulting Nuer who have nothing to do with you. Understand that Equatorian and Nuer are in the same situation. Just wait you will see what the government will do to you if Nuer fail. If you are laughing at Nuer in UN Compound in Juba, you are laughing at yourself. Since the war broke out in Juba in December, 2013, Equatorians are being asked to go to sleep at 7:00pm. Is this the freedom that you are pround off?

        Second, for your information, Eritrean got their independent through bloody war but not through Blah Blah. If you do not know that ask intellectual Equatorians like Dr. Ambogo Ramba, Paul Alhag, and Mr. Jas they will tell how Eritrea got her independent from Ethiopia.

        Please read the following poem posted by Gatcharwearbol on one of his comments in the previous posts.

        “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me”.

        • Taban says:

          I have not insulted NUER or DINKA, I just wanted him! to know know that peace is for the interest of all! and that Equatorians, Nuers n Dinka suffer, but the later are more disadvantage given, Geo locations, bad politics, hatred etc.
          Ramaran! I do not enjoy when people are forced to beg wage they are suppose to live in abundance. This is the point I am making.

  12. Wani Mathias Jummy says:

    Insulting Equatorians all the times will amount to serious insurgency. I hope my fellow Equatorians are reading what this man Isaac Dongrin Malith is posting for quiet sometimes. There is no way Dinka will live in Equatoria in the name of colonises or Equatorians been colonised. The vaccine to cure the cancer brought in Equatoria by Able Alier and Dr. John Garang will be found, and there will not be such cancers in Equatoria ever again. As Equatorians, our generosity had been insulted over and over again. Its time to treat an enemy as an enemy and a friend as a friend.
    Wani Mathias Jummy

  13. Moses Mule says:

    Taban, we know him. He is a Dinka here in USA. Isaac D. Malith and some Dinka like Deng Ajak, Hassan Bior and more others are proud and indeed they think Equatoria is been colonised by Dinka. Its the government using them. They think they are the government and the government is them.
    Moses Mule

  14. Isaac Dongrin Malith says:

    I am happy that you responded like Equatorian. But still you don’t understand our right. Anyone successful is never at wrong. This is the time when you Equatorians will never take clubs against us. If you think you are capable, then stop writing nonsense. We already secured the boarders from Yei, Kojakeji, Nimule, Sereteny to Chukudum and take full control of Lokichokio an exist point inside Kenya. We know you people from door to door. Let Nuer Barbarians stop deceiving you. Editor, just go to your very fast article in this website of yours. It read, Towards SPLM unification, again? What a tragedy for South Sudan?” Editor, do you see Equatorian face? Still you can’t understand your classlessness? You don’t have any hope for future, any future you have is in our hands. The Masters always great one. For those who think I am not a Dinka, please join us in discussing South Sudan politics in I am Dinka by nature, but not pretending Dinka. Do you know how Equatorians are pretending to be Dinka for survival?
    Isaac Dongrin Malith
    Rochester, Minnesota USA

    • LONG says:

      WE WILL TAKE UP ARMS against you. stop the mind games. Who do u people call cowards? shame on you. when in history of man kind did Dinkas ever conger Equatorians? its only the Guns that changed the game. If the Atuot and Dinka Bor could fall to only Mundari sword, when u throw spears we shoot u with arrows remember ‘ Gurutet ngu samura ku balang” mundari song meaning the lizard is fried with salt proudly sang in remembrance of the congress of Bor.
      the only thing keeping u in power is that we are yet to catch the fever in unioson from Yambio or should say Mbolo to Boma, life will be hell for u. U will have to fly ur weapons.

      WE do not need your oil, we do not need you ugly selves with disorganized dental formula, dirty, we are better of with out you. Yes! the Nuers are much better than you.

  15. False Millionaire says:


    If the fool named issac dongrin Mailth n the likes are physically living dinkas,one hopes to forgive them for being so misplaced n occupying spaces they don’t deserve on earth.But Taban is more correct in considering them to be propagandists on account of forces of destruction.I would like to ask Moses a question in so far as he knows them,are they really living honest happy life?My guess is already no.Why?becouse they ought to be too stupid n not acceptable by any one in any society.In this context their idiotic behaviours in this forum could not be unexpected.They are the dirty shadowy human beings in life n are here to detract us from following the shining path of our struggle.You editor,Taban n many others who contribute so constructively in this forum symbolize the rays of light in the darkness against obstacles.Those thugs are among obstacles that must be by passed with out waste of time to give them attention.Our country is a country from Nimule to Abeyi n from Raja to Nasir.When the constructive forces should have been the ones administering our country,would never hesitate to shed blood to defend any inch from it that may be at risk of falling to a foreign hand.This is the home for all of us from the 64 tribes.The context of justice n equality are among the principles of our struggle.No matter how long it will take,we will succeed at the end.

    • Taban Roy says:

      False Millionaire,

      you make my month, I am proud of you as a fellow south Sudanese. that is objective thinking not impulsive reactions

  16. Peter Laku Moses says:

    Isaac Dongrin Malith is a war monger. This is a man carrying the same message in He is insatiable in preaching war. He is using the killing of 20,000 Nuer last December in the Capital Juba as tool to threatening the Equatorians. He insulted Equatorians over and over again. He common messages are, “we colonised you, you are our slaves, we are your masters, we will smashed you if you want to distablsih our colonises, no men in Equatorians” and a lot more. the greatest of all is we know very well. He is here in U.S.A. Let him go on. He must just go on. I would like to assure South Sudanese that, it was the same way that Able Alier brought Kokora in Sudan. Kokora for most people is bye product of Equatorian politicians. That that is not truth, it was Able Alier throwing stone and hiding his hands to escape criminal responsibilities. Isaac Dongrin Malith is doing the same thing today and for sure he is going to spark insurgency without doubt. Stay tune…

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