Follow the leaders along the path of peace

BY: Ocholamero Otir Bure Oroto, Queensland, Australia, NOV/10/2015, SSN;

President Kiir calls every one, everywhere to support peace.
Dr. Riek calls for people to write about peace and reconciliation.

Ladies and gentlemen and my fellow South Sudanese, there is no better time to congratulate president Salva Kiir and his associates; and Dr. Riek Machar and his associates in working tirelessly to bring about the Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA).

I was one among many who decried the war that has derailed our lovely progress and I remain critical of the fact that there was no hope of reaching such a surprise ending of signing security arrangement.

As being one of those who was quick to decry the violence because it was clear that violence could only destroy and bring development to a stand still, I am hereby presenting my gratitude among the groups who would appreciate a work well done.

I would like to register my sincere appreciation for all the leaders from both factions of the Sudan People Liberation Movement. I am confident there are many within and outside the country who are happy for your great move to accept peace deal through negotiation and this spirit deserves appreciation as long as honesty is well injected in the implementation.

To General Public:
Let us try to insert some peaceful words in our arguments. I know it is too early, but can be done. It is time to move with the current.

Talking collectively, no one was not affected in one way or another by the recent war that was supposed to be resolved within the administrative organs of the movement, but mistakes do happen resulting into a bitter exchange of blows-leaving a mark that will take sometime to disappear.

As a result of mishandling the dispute and added to by political miscalculations, civil war ensued as a matter of fact, innocent people died for reasons not known to many. At the end, the conflict ended in a room. I hope there is a lesson or lessons to learn.

Peace Implementation is paramount.
What matters the most at the moment is to concentrate on peace. Let us focus on supporting the peace. It is time to focus on how peace can be implemented.

Thereafter, we can continue to redirect the questions, for instance, how can we collectively contribute in one way or another toward the building of sustainable peace?

President Kiir, and Dr. Riek and their respective associates are now focussing on peace implementation.

Thus; I pledge with my colleagues who are concerned with the welfare of the nation and would like to argue and discuss the matter as therapeutic approach, to follow the route the leaders are taking now which is the route leading to peace in the country.

We do hope that one within the leadership is playing rat vs cat game. Good faith will give hope to the entire country. That is what we want.

Reasons and Debates-the new battle field.
Let reasoning and debates replace civil war in the country. Everything that men would like to achieve through violence can be achieved through understanding.

So long as government continues to listen to the voices of the people, and people show initiative of petitioning the government in a manner that is acceptable and respectable, I do not see any reasons for ongoing rebellion that keeps our nation behind the global standard and progress.

Leaders, intellectuals and everyone who is concerned and able to do something.
What we need for now is the fulfillment of the SPLM manifesto.

Let us create the change that is desirable, these are freedom of media, freedom of political expression/communication, national reconciliation and the reconstruction of the nation and then trust that was damaged among individuals.

The leaders have to lead at all time.
Allow me to include with the following passage from two concerned ladies and supporters of the national interest and people of high interest in peace success in South Sudan: It is a simple answer to what is peace?

Peace means riding peacefully (especially as a woman…) from Yei to Juba. It means our kids can get education & play at schools without parents fearing for safety of their kids…it means we can access clean water & medicines. It means we are able to sleep at night knowing we are safe. It means NO TRIBAL HATE OR BARRIERS. It means we can work based on our merit and determination…it means to love my Nation and do my part as a citizen without fear or intimidation….it means peace of mind.

So, what is peace for you? Definitely it is not taking guns to express dissatisfaction, it is not intimidation from the government military or police either. It is not suppression of expression or suppression of media outlets.

It is about safety for a person who travels from Aweil to Zande land without fear of being attacked by a tribal gangs. It is about a citizen travelling from one of the Upper Nile villages to anywhere in South Sudan knowing that his or her security is secured.

Politically paramount approach to show a government is listening and indication of good governance.

The implementation of the 28 States needs to be seriously considered, the process matters to set good example to the future generation.

The government can create more States than 28 but the process has to be deliberated in the parliament to show good image of the government and lay foundation for a better future of deliberation.

I am not driven by anything else apart from the same spirit that keeps our liberators fighting for many years without money but for good cause. This is my perspective. For peace and my country.

Conclusively, congratulations to our leaders for choosing the challenges of building peace peacefully. You have done extremely good thing and reached one of the best decisions we live to see again and again.

You are the bench setters, if you do not leave a good system who will do it? Above all do not forget your old aged need for better security and stable peace. It is time to prepare for that moment, our dear honourable leaders.

Creating Change!
Author: Ocholamero Otir Bure Oroto
A concerned South Sudanese residing in Queensland, Australia.
Diploma of Justices Administration-South Bank Institute of Technology-Queensland, Australia.
Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) -University of Queensland
Candidate: Juris Doctor -University of Southern Queensland.


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    It was said one day the Mouse(Rat) woke up feeling life was great, jumping and running through the meadows and feeling blissful and singing songs of joy and ran to the cat and asked if they could be friends and stop being enemeis but rather the cat should no longer eat them. The cat said, Rat, you are out of mind, my stomach need to feed and i cant eat grasses for food. You got it wrong, I am sorry but thanks for turning my day into a day of delicious feasting!

    Otero, We must face the reality not imaginery one. There is nothing to congratulate kiir in particular about, it is him who threw our country into this turmoil buy masacreeing fellow citizen at the footsteps of his palace. If I kill you, brther Otero, I men if i Elijah kill just one Person in South Sudan, i will be dead instead of being rewarded with the presidency, why is Kiir any different? THERE IS NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE!

    Those who stand much to losse are those who ignore this fact. Again mark my words, THERE IS NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE.

    Now how can we speak, if jornalists are killed and media houses shut down in juba? How can the citizens words be heard if street protesters are gub down? The way to peace begis with power going back to the people, not a president who rules by decrees and remove eected officials. Otero can you see?

    • Mading says:

      @Elijah, justice is an important component of peace and the CPA 2 provides for Hybrid Court. what do you think will be the role of that court? it’s individualization of criminal responsibility, justice for the victims etc. Justice can only be served by embracing peace and ensure the prosecution of those responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity and not otherwise.
      How will the power get back to the people? it’s through transition from authoritarian rule to democratic rule. we need to sustain peace, pass a progressive constitution, and elect leaders who truly embody the spirit of the nation’s founding ideals of freedom, liberty and prosperity. unless your mind is still stuck in “state of nature” arrangement.

  2. Dear:Otir Oreto

    Sorry! You wasting your important knowledge to thank both President Kirr and Riak in the peace they are talking about that was signed in 17,August 2015 in Ethiopian,and August 26,2015 in Juba in Sudan.The peace agreement they had signed,it was not a true peace accord altogether at this point! The peace agreement is A TALK SHOW because it is A CIRCUS! It is wasting of important time to hear in ears!!!! Peace will come in Sudan if both presidents Kirr in South and President Omer in north are gone from powers!These two Sudans leaders,they are now making things worst in the country to the Sudanese people in general!!!!!!


    Honesty killing hard Rage!!!

  3. Gatdarwich says:

    Peace without justice will not and shall not work period. The planners and the perpetrators of December 2013 Nuer genocide in Juba-killer Kiir, Malong Awan, Kuol Manyang, salva mathok, Marial Chinuong, Bol Akot, Garang Mabir, Ambrose Riing, Bona Malual, makuei Liar, Philip Aguer, and Mabek Lang bilkuey, must be held accountable-dead or alive before peace can prevail in South Sudan.

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