FINALLY, Kiir ‘relieves’ Machar and dissolves cabinet….what’s next?

Brief Report: JUL/23/2013, SSN;

From SSTV: Apparently and finally, after a long wait and delay, President Kiir of the Republic of South Sudan, today, issued a number of decrees, the first concerned the immediate removal of his deputy, Dr. Riek Machar, as vice president of the nation.

Kiir also issued a second decree dissolving the entire cabinet of ministers and the numerous deputy ministers and instructed the under-secretaries of these ministries to run the ministries until further notice.

Surprisingly, the last decree pertains to the formation of an investigation committee to investigate the SPLM party Secretary-general, Pagan Amum, first for ‘alleged mismanagement of the party, and secondly for financial irregularities and finally, for insubordination and for opposing the Chairman’s decision to suspend former ministers of finance and of cabinet affairs, both for corruption and allegedly stealing nearly US 8 million dollars in a dubious business deal.’

The nation at large and particularly, the early awaits the evolving developments.

The South Sudanese people are rightly left wondering why, for instance, did the president not also dismiss the governors of the other eight states, or the chairs of the redundant commissions that are needlessly consuming valuable resources that would go for delivery of services to the people, especially, now that oil export is soon to be cut off by jellaba north Sudan.



  1. Dau-network says:

    It’s overdue decision. Should had been done long time ago.
    Thanks president Kiir.
    Let them be opposition leaders because no opposition leader in south Sudan but don’t tell me Dr Lam is a dead alive opposition leader.

    • Dau-network says:

      Diu J Kuek
      Where are you to comment? Or have you been sacked together with Dr Hitler Riek? You are free with Dr Riek now brother to form your party to against your father’s current government which is good and fair than cutting a party into pieces for personal interest.

  2. Issac Deng says:

    Well, well, well, bravado President Kiir for dissolving your entire ineffectual, bloated cabinet and for listening to my free given advice to dismiss and investigate the SPLM secretary general cde Pagan Amum for the alleged corruption charges, however, please and I beg you to ever again recycle these rotten and greedy former ministers and seasoned politicians. Bring in some untainted fresh and young faces that never served in your previous corrupt government and if it means importing them from abroad so be it. That way, the people of south Sudan will sympathize with your extraordinary latest decision of relieving your VP who has shown no respect to your presidency.

    There are some ongoing rumors in the streets that your dismissal of VP was illegal because the interim constitution clearly states that you need 2/3 of votes in the parliament to oust Dr. Riek Machar from his position, if this is true, then, VP has the right to challenge your decision in a high court. Let’s see if VP has the gut to challenge this tough decree of relieving him with mass protest in upcoming days.

    But to reduce the tension and tribal looming violence, please try to appoint qualified bureaucrats who can deliver services to our people. Next thing in the line is the reduction or scrapping of the mostly redundant Commissions and recalling of the number of unqualified staffs’ serving currently in our embassies abroad.

  3. AW joseph says:

    The gates of HELL have been thrown wide open. Now it’s time for our messiah and saviour DR. Riek Machar to give us a clear and concise response to this devil, King Salva Kiir of BANANA republic of South Sudan.

    • Dau-network says:

      AW Joseph.
      Brother, nothing wrong at all, they will still be contestants in other parties except MOTHER SPLM they’ve been cutting down since.

      I like that decision, the truths are nearly to prevail in south Sudan.

      Our country started good journey to development, if those 2 will be strong opposition leaders. 75-1 thieves will be revealed soon through this rivalry.

      I never see any top officials talking ill against their ruling party to gain personal popularity instead of party.

      Dr Riek had never satisfied to all 4 governments/MOVEMENT: Nimeri regime, Dr John Garang movement, president Bashir government, his friend Dr Lam Akol and president Kiir mayardit now, which government will be good to Dr Riek if all regimes were not good to him, unless God’s government. nobody even can work with his government if he becomes a president.

  4. De Riak says:

    Now the supreme, I guess, has acted. It would be interesting to see how would those sacked act?

  5. Nhial says:

    The long awaited reshuffling has now surprised everyone, the next move is to see president appoint the next govt, we should all be patient to see how our president will form his cabinet. if his call for zero tolerance to corruption is the priority he will not bring back old faces in the cabinet. and if he’s confusing the people of RSS he will experience endless rivals in this country. let this move be for great expectations.

  6. STRONG TRIBE says:


  7. Gatkouth Gai Diew says:

    Dear Cde,

    Mr. Salva Kiir has decided to shoot his own belly! He surely was drunk when he took this decision. As we all well know, he is a great coward who uses alcohol as a means of giving him so courage to take action. Strong indication here in Juba suggest that he is going to appoint Dr. Riek Gai Kuk as the VP, General Hoth Mai as the Governor of Upper Nile.

    Now, the devil has been set free when Taban, Riek and Pagan unite to give the fatal blow to the idiot under the cowboy cap!!!!!! Time will tell soon that there was a stupid president called Salva kiir

    General Gatkouth Gai Diew

  8. Bari Boy says:

    Kiir is also going to form the government of idiots composed of James Wani Igga as Vice President, Dr Riak Gai as Speaker of the National Assembly, Malong Awan as Minister of National Security, Anthony Bol Madut as Minister of Finance, Commerce and Economics Planning, Makiue for Justice, Wek Mamer for Cabinet Affairs…

  9. Bol Thon says:

    Kiir has removed himself unknowingly!

  10. Thonmajuk says:

    bring back Malong Aleng as minister of finance and economic planning

  11. Dear Southern Sudanese,

    Reading news and how situation is unfolding in southern Sudan is heart breaking. However, there should be no cause of alarm because reshuffling cabinet is a normal duty that the president has the power to exercise. Southern Sudan is ripe with corruptions and I think president Salva has done the right thing by dismissing the cabinets. Most of those ministers are incompetent and corrupt. Just like many of our ambassadors deployed in the foreign embassies need to be recalled because they are unqualified and embarrassment to our nation. Now the president need to appoint qualified Southern Sudanese, men and women who have rich profile to be ministers and they must be approved by parliament. Appointing those only who fought physically in liberation war is a mistake, and it is something that has been driving us nuts and taking us to the drain. All southern Sudanese fought in one way or another and they deserve to lead our country. Educated men and women are the right people to manage our resources and the country at this time. As for the VP, I think his time for retirement has dawned, he should take it easy and he should not instigate tribal conflict as a means to capture the presidency, we need no war. He should be advise to remain calm and his aspiration to lead south Sudan to prosperity and stability if there is any, should not be through intimidation of other tribes, but should be done politically and in mature way. Southern Sudan has been called a failed state already,although we are not, the president need to show that we are a young nation that can grow through tsunami of any kind. Long live Salva Kiir, Long live South Sudan.

    • Machar says:

      Mr Oyet, let me ask you a question do you believe these changes are made to curb corruption, do you think the president and his aides such as Tilar Riing are free of the vice? I believe beyond doubt that this is part of power reconfiguration within the SPLM and Kiir is copying from Uganda’s Museveni to consolidate his reign for many years to come. He intends to rule and rule and rule-unopposed.
      I fear that president Kiir is going to turn this great nation into a satellite to NCP’s Sudan trust me. Kiir is likely to sell out Abyei, disputed borders and any other stuff disturbing NCP in Khartoum to maintain his seat, after all he needs the oil revenue to buy power hungry stooges.
      I wonder what a great loss for a nation that fought for half a century for independence for it to be led by an idiot who erodes his own power base and annexes himself once more to the oppressor. What a waste of blood for South Sudan to become a backyard garden for the oppressor in Khartoum.
      I am getting more convinced with the silent rumour that Kiir has a Jallaba biological father the same as Karbino Kuanyin Bol.

      • BigO says:

        Machar, you are right about Tilar Riing. If Kiir continues to court his advice, we are probably still doomed. He may be as opportunistic and corrupt as ex-VP but he has been clever to lay low in the mud. He also set the tone of rebelling in the party and criticizing the table from which he has eaten properly.

      • Machar:

        Please let us respect our fallen heroes/heroines. Please allow the soul of late hero Kerubino Kuanyin Bol rest in peace. You should know that the recent political crisis in Juba has nothing to do with late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol being an Arab. If late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol and president Kiir Mayardit are truly Arabs as you claimed, then they might have been good Arabs for the people of South Sudan because they had positively contributed in the liberation of South Sudan. What have you and your Uncle Riek Machar, the so called genuine and pure South Sudanese,done to South Sudan? Why did you ally yourselves with the real Arabs (Omar Al Bashir) to fight our South Sudanese Arabs (Kiir and Kerubino Kuanyin) during the liberation war? For your information, Kiir and Kerubino are not Arabs even though they have light skin like Arabs. They are pure Dinkas and pure South Sudanese.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Oyet,

      Please get serious! WE ARE NOT SOUTHERN SUDANESE BUT SOUTH SUDANESE! Southern Sudanese are people in parts of South Kordofan, Nuba mountains, etc in the republic of Sudan. You must have just returned from exile in the Sudan/Khartoum!

  12. Misleading always comes as disease to humankind even something which can discuss. How come gov’t were the process of primary elections than sacked off cabinet and his deputy, so no longer there will be election.

  13. manyok R says:

    The path to Somalia is set. No further comment!

  14. What the hell Kiir is doing? He can not dismiss the VP. Is he out of his mind? He can dismiss the Ministers but not the VP. I think he’s to re-hire Marchar as a VP.

  15. Alphonse Kenyi says:

    I don’t know why people are freaking out? this episode has been in the making and was expected. The only surprise is the ring leader thief decided unilaterally to sack the rest of the thieves but forgot to sack himself because the so-called parliament is a weak organ bloated with illiterate MPs who will never dare to challenge the ring leader of the thieves, Mr. Kiir.


    • Alphonse Kenyi says:

      Yes, of course, Mr. editor. I totally agree with you. I doubt some MPs are in the Parliament not because they have Academic credentials or merits, but because of false and fraudulent allegations of being in the bush for 22 years. So, it doesn’t matter if you are illiterate, what matters is being in the bush and there lies our big problem which got us to what we are witnessing as Dictatorship in it’s full capacity.
      Mr. Kiir, thinks governing a Nation is like keeping livestock, where you decide when to go out to graze and when to come back to camp.

  16. Dear SSTV Reporter:
    All I can say here inspite of the drastic presidential decree made by South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit, wasn’t an ill-mannerism at all. Why? How many outcries from the public have been echoing recurrently in the Ten States, Counties, Payams, Bomas, and Shanty villages, in which our government has been blamed because of its too big size.
    what has taken place, therefore, is surprising.
    Well, I don’t care about whoever has been relieved by our President decree, but I do opt to the fact that our South Sudan’s first priority is stopping tribal war or feudalism which the 1991’s Faction within SPLM/A movement had caused, and is still tingling inside everyone’s heart in SOUTH SUDAN,
    However, we should have been forgiving ourselves apparently in God’s eyes instead of flawed peace healing we tend to preach out.

  17. To speak as a citizen of South Sudan, what Kiir is doing is misleading the Nation. We should fight about Abeyi, borders but not within. What he’s doing now is conflict between tribes as well as confusing the Citizens [people]. He should have solved the problems of Borders and Abeyi issue before he makes this kind of worst decision.

    • Deng Dengdit Akook:

      I totally agreed with you, however President Kiir has to discipline his Vice President and some of his cabinets as they treated him like a total idiot. One of the world’s greatest leader, Abaraham Lincoln once said during the American revolution that the house divided by itself can not stand longer. The current SPLM leadership and the government of South Sudan was unfortunately divided by itself and it was run by three leaders namely President Kiir, President Riek Machar and President Pagan Amum. I could not stand or condone too many presidents in South Sudan. Let there be one president in South Sudan. President Kiir has done the right thing to fire, Riek Machar, Pagan Amum and the entire Cabinets who acted like their own Bosses in Juba. Finally, the well known toothless British Bulldog (Kiir) has borrowed his sharp teeth from president Robert Mugabe and president V.Putin. I’m thrilled that he is biting the right people on the legs and ears. Bravo Kiir Mayardit! Please, Don’t lose your sharp teeth again!

  18. andrew poth says:

    I knew it… something wasn’t right in that country with someone called kirr to be president. he is not even qualified enought to run that nation. well mr machar, that’s big opportunity for you, mate, take advantage of that instability he has created to just challenge him properly.
    if you have guts and strength to rescue those innocent people that are dying in his watch when he does nothing but just drinks beer in juba. No plans at all whatsoever.

  19. Dear Machar,
    I am just like you weeping for south Sudan failing. I look at the situation holistically and I support what can enhance harmony and development in south Sudan. Kiir stood for election twice and he won, that means he has support of south Sudanese people. Democracy in Africa is a difficult process and many presidents look at it with scorn because they want indefinite presidency. Kiir may not be free from the vice of corruption and it is only the ballot that can correct such action.
    If Riak Machar thinks that he is the anointed successor, let the ballot speak and we shall see who will emerge victorious. By the way I am not for Kiir nor Machar, I stand for a leader that has impeccable character (hopefully will come one day) and for the one that is ready to steer the country to prosperity. It is unfortunate that when issue such as this arise in our country especially between Machar and Kiir, people take sides mainly on tribal basis. It is a shame. Kiir has done a lot for the south Sudan than his opponents, and by insulting him it shows how limited we are intellectually.
    South Sudan is a young nation that has to grow daily, it may have incapable father or mother and even young parents do learn. Let’s respect Kiir decision because until he changes course, we may not know what he has in store for south Sudanese. Let’s be serious and think critically of the problems that face our nation.

  20. Abunaz P says:

    That was a positive move from Mr. Kiir to remove the Cabinet, the ideas was to launch a full investigation to those corrupted ministers and open the way to the new chapter for the party, we always complain about the corruption in the country, and who are the corrupted in the government? the ministers, 75 people were been called off. however, some of ministers used tribes as their tools within the government to confuse the citizen, so let us wait and see what will be, as we all know that, this such a move doesn’t relate to any tribes in the country, it is political driven Ego.

  21. Choromke Jas says:

    Like most people in the South, Riek Machar should have been expecting this tsunami from his drinking boss. Riek must now devise a way of stopping Kiir from blooming into a full Dictator, like Museveni. If Riek listens too much to EU, US, UN and other U’s, all our goose will have been cooked. (Ask Raila Odinga of Kenya for listening too much to the outsiders).

    We in the South are going to be crushed now by the Jieng arrogant and atavistic dictatorship for a very long time to come. The Jieng hegemony will entrench itself militarily and economically and, with the Nuer neutralized, there will be no respite for the rest of the South. In the next few weeks, if Riek does not stop Kiir, there will start a witch-hunt on the Nuer people who are now considered ring leaders and an obstacle to Jieng ascendancy: Kiir and his acolytes will systematically hunt and remove all Nuers from influential positions in government and even liquidate them.

    The natural starting point will be the army. The Minister of Defence, a Nuer, is already gone. Next in the line will be the Nuer Chief of Staff of the Army… infinitum. At the end of the witch-hunt, Kiir and Jieng will emerge unchallenged and the the dark nightmare of South Sudanese will have started.

    Riek bears a great responsibility for seeing that this does not come to pass. He raised the expectations of the people of South Sudan, he must now begin to meet these expectations by blocking Kiir through all means.

  22. Issac Deng says:

    Sudan Tribune source in Juba wrote that President Kiir last Tuesday issued a decree No. 49/2013 sacking Machar while quoting wrong article 104(2) of South Sudan’s 2011 transitional constitution <>. Instead, it is <>

    Another wrong issued decree No. 50/2013 dissolving the cabinet wrongly quoted Article 112 (1) which states that “Deliberations of the National Council of Ministers shall be confidential; no Minister shall disclose, communicate or reveal such deliberations save by permission of the Council of Ministers”. Instead <>

    At the same quoted by Sudan Tribune,

    If all the above serious unforgiven errors were indeed committed by president himself or not, this shows some incompetent kitchen shadows are behind these major decisions affecting the country. Many here in Juba believe this is the making of moulana Telar Ring Deng and few masked old black NCP orphans working behind the curtains at night visits to the president residence.

  23. Alphonse Kenyi says:

    Hats off to Mr. Riak Machar for exercising civility by accepting his removal from the office of VIP. My worst scenario has turned to a good one. Imagine if that was one of our many illiterates who are roaming our country in the name of liberation, would there be any peace now in Juba? of course, no. There would be a big tribal mutiny in Juba, not to mention mini mutinies everywhere, and tribal strife everywhere. Thank you, Dr. Machar, for exhibiting maturity and nationalism.

    I know you have not yet cleared your name from suspicion of corruption that your party and your former boss included, have yet to come clean of. Now it is your time to show the nation that you are the least of the two evils to redirect our path.

  24. AbielAkol says:

    Thanking president Kiir for the firing of the ministers but the firing of the vice president who was elected with him is against the S S constitution and the investigation of the splm SG is a stronger decision he made in his life because he is the only one who failed the party.

  25. kuch says:

    Good work Mr Kiir but don’t appoint Michael Makuei Lueth in your government please, our president.

  26. kikisik says:

    President Kiir might have taken a right decision, but why is it taking him long to appiont his VP? Is it because he is eyeing for Mobutu Momur, but because of the opposition from Dinka that was why it has taken that long?

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