Fighting in Rumbek Center: Not caused by “Quarrel over Mosquito Net Pole,” Mr. Commissioner. You prove incapable, Quit!

BY: Koch William Majok, NOV. 16/2012, SSN;

Dear readers, as a leader is supposed to be just or impartial, it is equally important also that he be truthful. Sadly enough, Mr. Commissioner is not honest even to himself. This was evidenced when he was contacted by some media houses to explain the cause of the fighting which erupted on 7th November 2012 in Rumbek Centre where 28 people lost their lives and 37 sustained serious injuries. The commissioner released a reckless and irresponsible statement that the fighting was caused by misunderstanding over a “mosquito net pole.”

Absurd and ridiculous! Why hide the real cause of fighting? The fighting was a direct result of failure of the commissioner to apprehend and bring to book those who killed people by cooperating with relatives of the culprits who happened to be from his section.

It has nothing to do with two people who had a misunderstanding over mosquito net pole on 4th November and the subsequent above-mentioned incident where Panyon section fought with Amothnhom. You are a poor leader, Mr. Commissioner, just quit peacefully and give room to the capable.

Dear readers, I am of the view that if people of South Sudan dream to be like any other powerful nation one day, change has to start at a lower level and should start right now. Citizens should speak out so that the right leaders should be there to lead people to avoid divisions among our peoples. Division is weakness and Unity is strength. Divisions are caused by injustice and injustice is a product of bad leadership, leadership that looks at people through the glasses of discrimination, faith, political colors and tribe, just to mention but a few.

The commissioner of Rumbek Centre is a prototype of bad leadership. I am not making up or writing for the sake of rhetoric here! I am rather convinced by some reasons that prove the incumbent commissioner a failure and unfit to lead people of Rumbek Centre. These reasons will be clear once you complete reading this article.

Noble readers, the future of the citizens of Rumbek Centre is at stake as a result of too many divisions among them which are caused or encourage by bad leadership of the incumbent commissioner. Bad leadership characterized by favoritism, bias, lack of proper vision and incapacity to handle problems at hand. A leadership that denied taking responsibility and instead generated a shameful propaganda to cover up its failures.

Reference to above mentioned fighting which claimed the lives of 28 people and wounding 37, I have learned and critically observed that the Rumbek Centre County commissioner, Mr. Meen Kuc, has and is being outweighed by the role of commissioner-ship. I thought the commissioner is an intellectual and that he has been exposed to enough leadership and management theories and concepts. Alas! He proves to be too unjust, lowly educated and less experienced. He is a young fellow whose heart is still not fertilized by education and needs more education; at best he is “City Gelweng.” Why?

Frankly speaking, the commissioner as a leader is not supposed to be bias and dormant, security-wise. This is the case of Rumbek Centre Commissioner. There have been rumors about the above fighting for quite a long time but the commissioner turned a deaf ear to the rumors, forgetting that the people he is leading do not joke of what they say.

Instead of putting in place preventive mechanisms like conducting meetings with chiefs and youth of both sides to avert the conflict, he was busy in his office enjoying air-condition at day time and conducting conspiracies meetings at night. Conspiracies meetings geared toward acceleration of the rumors toward reality by personally facilitating the release of culprits. For instance, he facilitated the release of Maluat Maniong who mercilessly butchered an innocent youth who was toiling in his farm. Not only this, but also he cooperated with his section by hiding a culprit who killed a youth from Joth section.

Such an outrageous act by the commissioner angered relatives of the victims and supporters of justice alike. The commissioner was supposed to ensure that justice is done. Whoever goes above the law has to be brought below it accordingly regardless of his section. But this is not to the case of Rumbek Centre Commissioner.

When the drama unfolded and the rumors turned to reality, his response was late yet partial in term of providing security to all parties to the fighting. The commissioner conducted meetings with chiefs from his section to make sure that they are protected at the expense of the other side, Panyon section, that are rivals to his section. A source has it that, an operation unit which is concerned with such task was avoided. Why? This needs to be investigated by the government.

Alternatively, the commissioner coordinated selection of Organized Forces composed of people from his section and dispatched them to the fighting scene to reinforce his people. The forces were directly and indirectly commanded by people like Akuma Makuer Gol, Macuit Makuer Gol and Jurhong, people who had one time participated in sectional fighting before joining the police. It followed that, once in the fighting scene, these Amothnhom youth in military clothing and on pretext of maintaining law and order, gunned down their rivals, Panyon youth.

From the foregoing narration, it is obvious that the commissioner has reduced himself to nothing and cannot differentiate from youth of his section. He is fighting a sectional war in a different front. For that matter, this is why repeatedly making a patriotic call for the commissioner to quit giving room for a person with national agenda or nationalist heart to lead people of Rumbek Centre.

The commissioner has forgotten that the authority he is exercising is vested in him by these people he is denying equal protection. This beloved nation, South Sudan, was obtained through self-sacrifice and commitment of people of South Sudan including those beloved sons who died under careless leadership of the commissioner, Meen Kuc.

The nation that every citizen has a dream, hope and prosperous future is turned into hell in Rumbek by the commissioner. People are growing poorer, becoming fewer as result of poor leadership. The nation striving to become a joy land and safe haven for those whose liberties are trodden on and led by president who is inspired by humanity, is on the contrary degraded by a vampiric and blood thirsty commissioner of Rumbek Centre.

By the way his appointment was ever widely objected by his own people. Majority predicted that his appointment was a precursor to more divisions and sectional fighting. If people look back to his appointment, you will definitely conclude that he got that position by the virtue of being the former chairperson of the Electoral College in 2010 election. He is believed to be the architect of Eng. Chol Tong’s success as the current governor of Lakes state as well as that of members of legislative assembly. This suggested that he was rewarded for the post of commissioner for doing the job well.

However, how best he can lead in protecting and safeguarding the lives of people. Now he drastically turned himself to be the architect of their ruin.

It was really a grave mistake for him to be appointed as chairperson of Electoral College which was meant to determine the popularity and credibility of the candidates. It is nowhere else but in Lakes state where doctors are in the courts and lawyers in hospitals; a primary school leaver, civilian and young man chosen to determine popularity, creditability and credentials of generals and intellectuals such as Lt. General Daniel Awet, Eng. Marco Maciec, Ustaz Nok Marial, etc.

This idea of an Electoral College did not fall from the sky; it was derived from American best values of pursuing principle of democracy, the best choice for America as the nation of many people without distinction. This process is done by people whose hearts and minds are not guided by monetary rewards or any aspect of it. It is also done by those who know best how America was founded with their extensive experience in their different professions.

Message to the governor of Lakes state:

I for one need to make it clear here that, if the commissioner doesn’t voluntarily resign, you, the governor, should remove him and replace with the right person who is more impartial, whether he is from Amothnhom or Panyon or any section is none of my business provided he will be impartial, patriotic and has a heart for this nation. A nation that needs to be one of the powerful nations in near time to come and achievable through unity of our people.

If the governor still maintains him, it will be clear indication that Lakes State government is determined to fail its citizens and for that matter, those who value human life, and I will not entertain that.

I therefore call upon all the youth of Lakes State to prepare for formation of an Open Parliament-II to campaign for the rights of our people. I also urged members of Open Parliament-I to warm up and revive their house so that we shall collectively work for a change.

The current government of incapable, partial and blood-thirsty individuals is to be replaced with a real government that will be composed of vigilant and active individuals, people who have heart for people not positions and money.

Finally, the Lakes Assembly should see their role, otherwise Open Parliaments II and I will be in place to assume their powers and non of you will smell parliament or government positions in any forthcoming elections. Take your responsibility seriously and never leave a vacuum.

To date, the commissioner hasn’t been summoned to explain his role in November 7th 2012 fighting.

The Author is a citizen of Lakes State and can be reached at


  1. Manut Michael Lual says:

    Bro Kochi William, you have tried but make sure you will not get somebody who is very impartial to his people, like what I remember the day the Arabs said, “those people need to be given their country but they will kill themselves,” is now true. Those leaders of ours they are also like civilians, those who did not one day go to school. They behave like that, but they will get us in 2015 General elections even they know 2015 election is very hard. They will not get positions like the way they get it now, every position will be through the ballot box. Thank. By Manut Lual

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      They will get into power, so to say, by all means necessary and tell you go to hell with your standard, a thing done to us in Jonglei State last general elections and we are still living gentleman. What is it that thing you want to say? Yet I do not deny the possibility rather to say that it is very hard, if not impossible to actualize what you brought forth in reaction to a friend’s article.

  2. Mtoto says:

    Tribal fighting amongst Dinka-Agar is a curse. It is not simply to be controlled by either county nor the state government. It needs youth groups to train the community leaders and their youth, on how to solve their problems through dialogue and by the laws. Meen Kuch, as county commissioner, will not be able to stop something addicted in the community’s mind which has not been managed by the state government. If Meen Kuch is to be sacked today, will that one bring peace to Dinka agar who are inhabited in tribal fighting? Koch, your community needs only their minds to be changed by God to repent from their evil thoughts and follow the path of human beings.

  3. Even if Meen Kuch is to quit the position of county commissioner, it has nothing to do with Dinka Agar’s wrong behaviors of killing themselves alone. Education is the only change to your community, brother Koch.

  4. Mtoto says:

    To lay the foundation of a good leadership is a tough thing and needs takes time. It is good this time to help our current leaders to lay a good foundation for the next leaders to come. To built up our young nation, it needs our unity without any differentiation as we all fought together. Let’s correct each another than to neglect a person in his/her position. The current leaders whom we neglect their leadership, were the freedom fighters who fought to be the leaders. Whom do you expect to be the most qualified than them to lead?
    Coming back to Dinka Agar issue, those communities need to be changed through teaching and by the word of God. Their evil thoughts of continuing with tribalism conflict is a curse and something addicted to in their blood. God is the only right person to change them.

  5. Ojulu Omut says:

    You people are crazy, please don’t disturb the world about the killing in South Sudan. The problem of South Sudan is well known all over the earth, if you are still not understanding the reason why the world fear South Sudan to be a failed state very soon? The reason is South Sudan has no leader, the president Kiir is not capable to lead the nation and it was wrong for Sudanese in South to appoint him or elect him either. Everyday you heard about death of civilians in some states, don’t you think that situation will reach your state or your brother soon; it is a matter of time before these killings reach everywhere.
    Many of you were dancing last time because you brother became president but make sure that problems will end in your house or home, it better for SPLM to think before iy’s too late to save the country or South Sudan.
    It’s better for us to be led by a 15-year old girl or boy. This man now has allowed too much corruption and no rule of laws nor security in the country.
    Please brothers South Sudan belongs to all of us, let’s prepare for a new leader even if he’s not from your tribe as long as he will be capable to lead us.
    This man was a hero nobody can deny his participation during the struggle but now he failed us and poisoned his own tribe with greedy leadership, using divisive language.
    Please tell him, the whole South Sudan elected him but if he failed the country, there are many people who are more capable than you.

  6. Justin Mansur says:

    I am sick and tired of Agar clansmen of being notorious; how many sectors in the state have problems with them? In the north Pakem, south Wulu, east Yirol and West Gok, it getting too much. I am sorry for those families who lost their loved ones.

  7. Mtoto says:

    ” President kiir is not capable to lead the nation. Unless for 15 years old girl or boy to lead us.” said Ojulu Omut. Ojulu, which capability do you president Kiir to have? How come for a man who brought freedom not capable? How can he had managed to bring the nation you are in today, if he is not a leader? Please, young man, if you don’t fear him, respect him, he who brought you into freedom. Without him, with his untiring commitment, South Sudan would have not been a possible nation where you are claiming for the good leadership today. He who doesn’t respect president Kiir was not with us during our struggle time, and he doesn’t know how president Kiir led the strugglers to the achievement. Those who went for refuge in other countries or stayed loyal to Khartoum regime, are now the people who blame president Kiir for poor administration. Shame on you people, if you would been here to witness his hard struggle for this nation, no one could blame him.

  8. Manut Michael Lual says:

    All problems in South Sudan normally started from people who don’t understand like those blaming president Kiir. Kiir has no time to come and settle the minor conflicts among tribes.
    Even those who blame him they aren’t able to take care of their homes. What is that they need to say?
    I think even you know because kiir is a very faithful president, he should start cleaning the state from the internet to anywhere.
    Kiir is a very responsible president or you need him to leave what is going on between south and north or you think he is the executive chief or commissioner.
    Kiir is a president, pliz pliz ,,

  9. John Ojulu Omut says:

    All of you think president Kiir is a man of patience and very faithful, you are fooling yourself and the new nation you talk about. In fact it’s wrong to blame him, but the blame goes to the people who are allowing him to lead the new nation.
    President Kiir is not even to be allowed to be a village chief, because a village chief is somebody who understands and thinks of the well-being of his own village or people.
    One of you said those who blame him “cannot even take care of their own homes.” You are wrong my friend. We cannot just be proud with title of president being in our tribe, all of you will cry one by one, very soon. What are you going to get from your cousin president Kiir?

  10. Even if you’re disparaging him, Ojulu, he is still the president of the republic of south Sudan. Leave alone this term, he is going to run the other four terms in the position as a president. These are the terms offered to him to lay the good foundation of good governance in the state. Whether you need it or not, you will believe me later on. Those who are with president Kiir during the struggle time, are the majority that’s enough to support him throughout the terms I mentioned. You will end up only by denying him that he is not a good leader while he leads you. By Mtoto.

  11. Ayuiu Makuac Lam says:

    I hope my dear readers, the fighting erupted in Rumbek is exploded by tribals and politics by leaders of the state.

  12. Marier manyin says:

    A poor work man blame his tools. I cannot blame HE the president of RSS or the state commissioner. We need God in lakes state.

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