Feb22 2015

Feb22 2015


  1. Redivision says:

    TO Whom It May Concern

    it is a pathetic decision. There is no way they can re-invent themselves as leaders, because they have stolen, insigated rebellion that resulted in murder, rape and displacement. No amount of taking could help this situation to rebuild confedence with South Sudanes people who have suffered so much with their idiotic set of mind.

  2. Numberless says:

    Now who is this being roasted alive?, I guess the PIVs (Poor Innocent Victims): Women, children, elderly, name them!
    God will punish Sudan Isiah 18; But now God is really punishing South Sudan very hard by South Sudanese only for the so called POWER IDEA LOGY. THE SO CALLED: BORN TO RULE NOT BE RULED old theory of some of us…….BENY,……KUORMADIT…..!

    Ladies and gentlemen,my dear fellow South Sudanese, those of us who are active in the war front in the name of defending the country or those who think they are doing it for change of system, be assured once and for all that we are fighting some one’s war…….a war for the Western world & America against China…..a war for their own interest… OIL.

    Our big BROTHERS should think twice in their decisions because we are on the way to becoming another Somalia in the heart of black Africa. GOD SAVE SOUTH SUDAN!

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