Failure of SPLM-led Govt. to Regulate Land is a Reason for Land Grabbing

BY: Malith Alier, Jinja, Uganda, FEB/23/2014, SSN;

Land grabbing is a grossly over misrepresented phenomenon among town and city dwellers in South Sudan. According to the CPA, land is defined as a communal asset. This means that land is the property of a particular community whose ancestors originally inhabited that piece of land.

This definition was appropriate for the interim period i.e. from July 2005 to July 2011. However, this definition stuck beyond the stated period and continuous to create difficulties not only to individual persons but also to various levels of the government.

The first land confrontation was between the Central/Federal Government and that of Central Equatoria State.

For Juba to be a true capital of South Sudan, the Central Government requested Central Equatoria State to relocate to Yei or any other town of its choice.

In defiance of Central Government request, the Central Equatoria Government cited the CPA provision and its own State transitional Constitution as reasons that enable it to exercise jurisdiction over Juba.

However, instead of fighting on, the Central Government led by the SPLM revisited a little known Ramciel Project and strove to accelerate relocation of the capital from Juba to the designated capital, Ramciel.

The SPLM led Central Government has a particular way of dealing with national issues of magnificent concern like the Ramciel and Juba issue.

One would assume that there exists the same provision in the South Sudan Interim and Transitional constitutions that make Juba the capital of South Sudan just like the Central Equatoria Constitution.

If so, both Constitutions have conflicting provisions that need to be sorted out by law.

The South Sudan Transitional Constitution is not subordinate to that of Central Equatoria but it is the other way round.

In case of similar federal States the world over, any conflicting provisions in federal and State Constitutions are resolved through the courts. Always the federal Constitution prevails over State Constitution.

This is the path South Sudan Government should have taken instead of choosing a less controversial but costly relocation at the time when the country has no known developed infrastructure and resources to support the relocation.

The planned relocation is a good idea whose time is premature. Many notable South Sudanese object to this relocation on the grounds that the country is not ready for it right now.

There are issues of rampant corruption, poor infrastructure and prohibitive high costs of the project itself.

Looking around us, there are many examples of planned relocations on the African continent. Tanzania relocated its capital from Dar Es Salam to Dodoma. Nigeria relocated from Lagos to Abuja, Uganda relocated from Entebbe to Kampala.

Further afield, Australia relocated its capital from Sydney to Canberra. These are a few among many more examples of recent relocations.

So, relocation of national capitals is not a bad idea but it must be carefully planned if it were to succeed.

The Government of the Republic of South in it assessment failed to identify true reasons that make relocation necessary.

These reasons include:- poor plan of the existing capital, lack of space for expansion and problems of strategic location of the current capital. Some people argue that a capital should be located in the centre of a country.

Land grabbing and loggerheads with any State government are not sufficient reasons for relocation. With open mind these problems could easily be solved constitutionally.

The Central Government abandonment of Juba for Ramciel has a number of consequences a part from being unachievable at the moment.

First, the Central Government is seen as weak and unaware of legal avenues at its disposal. These legal avenues can be used against States that challenge the Federal Government authority in matters of which is has jurisdiction like land, foreign affairs and defence.

It is the Central Government that should delegate some land issues to the lower levels.

Second, the abdication of Central Government has emboldened State Governments and local communities to become obstacles to land distribution programs equitable to all South Sudanese.

Juba is the most difficult city to acquire land title in the whole country. It is also where cries for land grabbing are the loudest.

Reason, the land acquisition is obfuscated among different levels of the Government and local Bari communities.

The other towns with the same scenario are Yei and Nimule. The Madi of Nimule is often at the loggerheads with Eastern Equatoria Government over war time displaced people that settled in Loboni, Mugali and Magalatoria.

The UN which used to feed the internally displaced people there invented the term IDPs or Internally Displaced Persons. This term is nostalgically still in use today to describe those who settled in Nimule despite the fact that the three settlements have been abandoned and the country is independent.

Nobody should be identified by this UN demeaning term “IDP” in their own country.

This was the same message by Minister of Interior when he visited Nimule last year. This message however, was not well received by the Madi diehards who want to continue with regressive land policies over the coming years.

As Juba, Yei and Nimule continue quarreling over how to deal with land; other towns are more progressive and accommodating and therefore, have devised progressive policies that are favourable to locals as well as other prospective land owners.

Bor, the recently war devastated capital of Jonglei State is a case study in the country.

The first independence Governor of Jonglei Mr. Philip Leek initiated a land distribution programme in 2007 after consultation with local people.

The local people, like the Madi, opposed the idea because they felt that they will be disadvantaged in the process of distribution.

However, the former Governor managed to sufficiently address their concerns and they were the first to receive land allotments wherever, they are located.

The Land distribution programme was going on well before the recent upheaval in the country. The case of Bor is the best example of a successful land distribution programme to emulate.

There are important issues South Sudanese have not known about land. Land is a factor of production like capital and labour.

Land is a very important economic factor without which production is impossible to realise.

Land is a resource that holds other resources like minerals. If these minerals are not exploited and developed than they mean little to mankind.

The same to land, if not develop it has little value to man. This is to say that a surveyed land is more valuable than free land.

The intensified migration to towns meant that land be surveyed and allotted to individuals or institutions for a meaningful use to take place. Nobody loses anything in this process.

If one is not directly allocated a piece of land he/she can have an option to buy from legal owners and ownership is completely transferred forever.

Indeed, it becomes easy for those who transfer from one city to another. They can sell their homes from where they’re leaving and buy from where they’re going. This means a total peace of mind to everybody in the country.

Opposition to land distribution programme can cause unintended problems as seen in parts of the country particularly those cities that hinder allocation of lands to those who need it.

Juba is not only the capital of the republic but is also a cosmopolitan city that accommodates all sorts of people around the globe.

Instead of being narrow minded, the authorities should devise clear land policies that cater for diverse needs of South Sudanese and other people who join them as businesspeople or as diplomatic community.

Every one of the mentioned stakeholders has unique needs that warrant specific attention.

Strangely, holding to “our ancestral land” only emboldens those who feel marginalised to take the law on to their own hands.

The incident when about fourteen (14) people were killed in Komiru, Juba was a horrific result of not transparently allocating land to legitimate claimants.

Remember that the so-called land grabbers have legitimate claims to land ownership anywhere in the country. The questions they normally asked include; now I am in this city where my family and I should stay?

Also during the liberation struggle, the fighters fought anywhere regardless of where they come from. The transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan confirms this notion in no uncertain terms.

South Sudanese should stay anywhere in the country without discrimination according to both Interim and Transitional Constitutions.

The second problem is the legal battles over land cases that otherwise are avoidable. In most cases, those who are accused of land grabbing are those who found an empty land settle on it only to be informed later that they had grabbed that land.

The third problem is the loss of income to the government. Many land deals are done underhand far from the government radar. In Juba alone there are tens of thousands of land leases going on since 2006.

The Ethiopians, Eritreans and other investors have taken advantage of this legal loophole and are the prime beneficiaries of these illegal land deals.

This issue had prompted one of the Citizen Newspaper Columnists, Mr. Sunday D Tor, to refer to Juba as Juba Na Foreigners instead of Juba Na Bari as advocated in the past.

The final problem is to do with the legal implications of these illegal land deals in the foreseeable future. Will more land problems arise between land owners and foreign investors? Will they come to the government? How shall the government handle these cases?

All in all, land grabbing is a man-made issue that should never have been had the government taken charge to allocate land transparently.

The government and local communities have made land in the cities like a forbidden fruit. South Sudan as a country has abundant land compared to other parts of East Africa. Why should people fight over urban land is something that warrants special government intervention.

Nobody should call a fellow countryman an IDP in their own country. This is a shameful UN tag that has no meaning in an independent South Sudan.

The country is too big for the people of South Sudan and as such even welcomes the Sudanese nomads of Mesiryah and Rezegat yearly.

It is mind boggling why should South Sudanese be so vindictive on one another in regard to the land issue which has claimed millions of lives to liberate it?


  1. Tyson says:

    What an unfortunate article.
    Your rotten SPLM has no land of its own!!!!!!
    If the billions that the SPLM warlords stole was used for development, it could have built your Ramciel. It could have also improved your wild cattle by providing modern farming system.
    You are specialized looters without thinking of developing your ancestral places. You steal money and run to foreign land or to counties states and countries,
    If Bor was better, why are the Jieng clinging to Ma’di land?
    The interim government is coming to sort out nuisance!!!!

    • Chol says:

      South Sudanese who fought for this land have the right to live anywhere they want by law and by any mean necessary including Equatorians!

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Absolute nonsense and we shall see about that! If fighting is how we earn the right to live anywhere, then well and good, wait the day equator finally join the fight, what will happen to your arssess!! THE DINKA CONSTITUTIONS GIVES THE RIGHT FOR THEM TO DISPLACE ANY OTHER SOUTH SUDANESE FROM THEIR ANCESTRAL LANDS????????
        Just because it is the law of the land does not means it is right! How about the islamic law of the land we fought so many years, why did we fought it? It was because it was unjust and evil law! This is not any different and we shall fight it!

  2. Elijah Samuel says:

    You spoke like a cattleman, a nomad. You and those who think like you are the problem. let me tell you this much, had these minor tribes you named, whose lands are being grabbed by you the Dinkas, had the force and guns like Nuer does, this war could have broken out way before December 15th 2013.
    If you want to understand the value of ancestral land to the Equatorians, think of it like what your cows mean to you as a Dinka. Can any Southerner take milk from your cows simply because they are southerners?
    Please let all Dinkas like you know this…IN EQUATORIA, WE ARE NOT NOMADS, WE SIT ON OUR LANDS BECAUSE OUR LANDS ARE OUR COWS! Our lands are not for roaming to and fro, they are not empty although you do not see a house on it. We have places designated for hunting, you call it empty, we have places for cultivation rotations, you call them empty!
    We in Equatoria, initiated the separation war in Torit, for our lands and for our identity!
    We can not advocate a national identity for the benefit of the Dinkas, essentially turning the whole of South Sudan into a Dinkaland at the expense of the rest of the tribes!
    The Dinkas have Dinka land, The Morus, Acholis, Madis, Toposas have their own lands, If you choose to become a Toposa and move to Toposa land you are welcome, but you can not move to Toposa land and want to change it into Dinkaland as is happening in Nimule.
    What is happening in Nimule is not what the constitution is talking about, What is happening in Nimule is Dinka tnansplant with their own Chiefs and establishing Dinkaland in Madiland. This is displacement and ethnic cleansing because this pattern of doing business will eventually result into Dinka dominating from all corners of South Sudan. This is a cynical plan by the Dinka elites.

    If you are kicked out from you ancestral place like the Dinkas running from Bor, then yes you are Displaced! You are an IDP period if you like it or not!
    South Sudan will be damned as long as you Dinkas continue to think this way! Culturally you rustle cows and now you are rustling lands in Equatoria!
    Wake up before you destroy this land. Development does not mean giving lands to Dinkas! Why will a primitive Dinka move with his cows to the city of Juba or town of Nimule instead of staying in his native villages?
    Your article is useless and is a nomadic view of South Sudan which is embedded in the Dinka written constitution. DOWN WITH DINKOCRACY!

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Elijah,

      You have given the best feedback to this dinkaman. By being in Jinja Uganda, Malith does not consider himself a refugee or a foreigner but a Ugandan!

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Thank you for you response. Indeed for Equatprians..The number security threats to their existence are the Dinkas! Dinka use of force from one corner of our lands to another. The talks in Ethiopia is not making this a central issue! If they failed to table this, the next war shall!!!!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Eastern,

        Thanks God. I think Dinka were jealous of you because they thought Uganda is where abundant of food is. This is why they are invading Nimule and the areas bordering Uganda. Now they have become the Ugandians, who will they call names again? Reading from their lying tongues, they will now switch to claiming that Equatorians are Congoless and soon they will run to congo they once detest. Terrible!

        Congoless they will be sooner or later.

        • southdan says:

          Mr. Gatbol. Haaahaa, You are right what you are saying to brothers is true,
          Dinka will destroy south sudan because they love to lie they lie about liberate the whole sudan so if they succeed they will destroy other tribes in the South Sudan they also lie about Bor 1991 massacre that why they run and occupied Nimuli, if people of Nimuli ask them to leave, they will say go and ask Dr. Riek Machar he was the one caused us to come here. For your knowledge, all Nuer have no Ethiopian on them but Dinka lie that Nuer are Ethiopians and they should go.

  3. John Yugu says:

    We need a new system of government in South Sudan, what you should be writing about should be the dismantling of mr Kirr tribal government in juba.
    There is a need to established genuine federal system of government not the current fake one of Kirr where all the power are centred upon him and his tribal bigots.
    By the way, there is no way you want to try to say no one should be call IDP in his/her country! That is a cheap Dinka prapaganda as usually of not wanting to return to their ancestral land.
    Try to check your English Dict. For definition of the phrase IDP.
    Kirr and his tribal cohorts government has to be forced out than people driven system of government will rise where each states has to come up with their own laws of administrating their land. Not the current one where Kirr and his cohort are fond of forcefully acquiring land all over the country as their personal property.
    With Kirr in power there will be no progress in this country….

  4. KajoKeji says:

    Mr. Alier,
    The issue of land grabbing is not an isolated issue, but it must be considered in the grand scheme of the exploitative system set up by the Dinka led government of South Sudan. Remember that there is no equitable distribution of wealth in South Sudan. In those areas that you have mention as examples, you will agree with me that the locals are grossly marginalized economically by the new Dinka colonialists. If indeed you are in good state of mind, would you expect those natives to give up their rights to the land-effectively becoming homeless. As far as I know, all land grabbers use stolen government funds to buy communal land and that is not acceptable! To effectively address the land issues in South Sudan, we should first address the problems of governance and corruption before land issues. sorry but it is true that our country is currently run by bunch of thugs and thieves who stop at nothing until all the victims blood is sucked clean and dry.

    • Pan says:

      Kajo, if it was a Dinka led government, then it was a Nuer led military and a Greater Equatoria led NGO and local-UN sector. Everyone in South Sudan has been busy avenging and revenging. Who has done anything to build a nation? Our greatest thieves come from various tribes. Look at the Rif Raf in Addis.

  5. Joana Adams says:

    Only colonialists think they can use the law to subordinate the people. Democrats on the other hand know that the will of the people is sovereign. Was the war of liberation a war to occupy land of non dinkkocrats or was it a war of liberation from oppressive regimes in Khartoum? But how does land issue become a priority for a government that is barely struggling for its last breath. Go and defend your land instead of crying for other people’s land.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Joan, I just love this! “Only colonialists think they can use the law to subordinate the people.” Indeed the Dinka government has been and has set its eye on practicing iniquity through laws!! They oppress and rob through the power of the state! Just as they are now doing, They are ethnically cleansing one tribe through the states power and funding!
      It will eventually catch up with them!

  6. Ben Loguti Wani says:

    Citing Juba, Yei, Nimule, Loboni, among other parts of Equatoria is very crucial. Since it is a one tribe government, yes Dinka where left free to go and do any havoc in Equatoria and everywhere in South Sudan. Land were forcefully grappled, women raped, forced marriages, defilement, intimidation, subjugation, murder and all forms of evils. In Loboni, an Acholi chief was murdered by Dinka for land issues. In Nimule Madi head chief was murdered by Dinka IPDs and their elders and intellectuals were arrested for land issues. In Koja Keji, Kuku were forced to defend themselves when Dinka IDPs told them to go to Bugerere in Uganda. In Yei, land was confiscated by Dinka IDPs, the government brutally arrested Kakuwa elders and intellectuals, were taken to Juba and placed in detention allegedly for supporting Congo rebel . Tombura, Yambio, Mundri when through similar atrocities committed by Dinka IDPs. The Dindiga in Eastern Equatoria State were brutally murdered by Dinka during the war and to these days government decided not to develop Chukudum. And todays’ war was started by the president himself because he was scared to run for election in 2015. What you think is Dinka kingdom will soon come to an end. Time will come when the internally displaced persons will leave those places you mention either in easy way or hard way. The hard ways will seriously going to hurt.
    For your information Uganda government had already revealed to the UN that the government of South Sudan, President himself asked Uganda to integrate some South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. In the document submitted, Madi, Acholi, Bari, Kakua were seriously cited. That is why Madi people of Nimule, Kuku, Kakuwa, Bari, Acholi among other Equatorians tribes were kept in Northern Uganda up to date. In reply, Uganda government said, “the land of Uganda belonged to the people of Uganda”. Whose land South Sudan government think the refugees will be integrated in? Although Uganda is openly supporting the war in South Sudan, its to some point very skeptical about the policy of Dinka against the rest of the tribes. To be honest with you, land issues will very soon cause serious bloody war in South Sudan. If you think you are now in paradise on that land as IDPs, very soon you will know that you people that brainwashed you to forcefully occupy land in Equatoria had created real hell to you and your generations. After the bloody war of eviction of IDPs, you will see which Dinka will again open its mouth to speak about land in Equatoria. We have systematic records of all the damages committed by Dinka in Equatoria. You think you are retaliating what happened in 1980s, but it was your elder Able Aliar who opposed what was published as federal government. It was him who advice you Dinka to go occupying land in Equatoria thinking it will be solution to sabotage federal government. UNITED NATION have enough evident of land occupation by Dinka tribe in South Sudan. Further evident, Uganda is holding hundreds of thousands of Sudanese in refugee camps in Uganda long before the current crisis. Uganda is holding them, they are been supported by UNHCR for their daily bread. Humanly, how do you think you Dinka will escaped from such crimes?
    Ben Loguti Wani
    Torit-South Sudan

  7. Ben Loguti Wani says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Citing Juba, Yei, Nimule, Loboni, among other parts of Equatoria is very crucial. Since it is a one tribe government, yes Dinka where left free to go and do any havoc in Equatoria and everywhere in South Sudan. Land were forcefully grappled, women raped, forced marriages, defilement, intimidation, subjugation, murder and all forms of evils. In Loboni, an Acholi chief was murdered by Dinka for land issues. In Nimule Madi head chief was murdered by Dinka IPDs and their elders and intellectuals were arrested for land issues. In Koja Keji, Kuku were forced to defend themselves when Dinka IDPs told them to go to Bugerere in Uganda. In Yei, land was confiscated by Dinka IDPs, the government brutally arrested Kakuwa elders and intellectuals, were taken to Juba and placed in detention allegedly for supporting Congo rebel . Tombura, Yambio, Mundri when through similar atrocities committed by Dinka IDPs. The Dindiga in Eastern Equatoria State were brutally murdered by Dinka during the war and to these days government decided not to develop Chukudum. And todays’ war was started by the president himself because he was scared to run for election in 2015. What you think is Dinka kingdom will soon come to an end. Time will come when the internally displaced persons will leave those places you mention either in easy way or hard way. The hard ways will seriously going to hurt.
    For your information Uganda government had already revealed to the UN that the government of South Sudan, President himself asked Uganda to integrate some South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. In the document submitted, Madi, Acholi, Bari, Kakua were seriously cited. That is why Madi people of Nimule, Kuku, Kakuwa, Bari, Acholi among other Equatorians tribes were kept in Northern Uganda up to date. In reply, Uganda government said, “the land of Uganda belonged to the people of Uganda”. Whose land South Sudan government think the refugees will be integrated in? Although Uganda is openly supporting the war in South Sudan, its to some point very skeptical about the policy of Dinka against the rest of the tribes. To be honest with you, land issues will very soon cause serious bloody war in South Sudan. If you think you are now in paradise on that land as IDPs, very soon you will know that you people that brainwashed you to forcefully occupy land in Equatoria had created real hell to you and your generations. After the bloody war of eviction of IDPs, you will see which Dinka will again open its mouth to speak about land in Equatoria. We have systematic records of all the damages committed by Dinka in Equatoria. You think you are retaliating what happened in 1980s, but it was your elder Able Aliar who opposed what was published as federal government. It was him who advice you Dinka to go occupying land in Equatoria thinking it will be solution to sabotage federal government. UNITED NATION have enough evident of land occupation by Dinka tribe in South Sudan. Further evident, Uganda is holding hundreds of thousands of Sudanese in refugee camps in Uganda long before the current crisis. Uganda is holding them, they are been supported by UNHCR for their daily bread. Humanly, how do you think you Dinka will escaped from such crimes?
    Ben Loguti Wani
    Torit-South Sudan

  8. Edward Juron says:

    Malith Alier,

    Your sentiments makes no sense at this moment in time. South Sudan is burning and people are being killed and you have the audacity to talk about capitals cities and land issues! You need the whole Bari, parts of Acholi and Latuko land to build a capital city in South Sudan? You need a small piece of land like Ramciel, an area mostly in Dinkaland to build a city of which you should be very proud of. Examine the capital city of USA and tell me how big it is, what area of land it covers. Next. Land. I bet there is not one single Equatorian with land allocated to him/her in Bor, Greater Upper NIle or Greater Bhar el Ghazel. But how many Dinkas or for that matter, people from these other greater regions have acquired land in Greater Equatoria and especially in Juba, Yei and Nimule, not mention other places along borders in Morobo, Kajokeji, or Kapoeta? With your blueprint to secure the whole of Equatoria and especially along the border-towns, it is only clear the intended aim of establishing a Dinka hegemony over these areas in order to “overthrow” these peoples from their land. A common tactic of land takeovers are through “marrying local girls” in target areas using stolen dollars. The IDP terminology has been used more by the settlers themselves for self-protection when questioned why they are not moving back to their respective ancestral land which has been left open and empty. I agree with all that has been said above about what nature of people that are so self-seeking and have no respect for other human life. I beg you to throw away this discussion and instead use your energy to finding solutions to the self-inflicted conflict SS is facing today. Each issue has its designated moment and time to be re-visited. This will include the capital city, which I recommend Bor as the Nr. 1 choice, and next land-grabbing and IDPs will follow and dealt with accordingly.

    • Pan says:

      One of the factors people are forgetting in the whole capital/land/Juba issue is that the donors absolutely refused to support the idea of the capital being moved out of Juba. They categorically said they would not support the move. Dr. Garang never wanted the capital to stay in Juba and after his murder, it was not a big jump to move from Rumbek to Ramciel. Since the UN and international NGOs had most of their infrastructure in border towns and preferred to continue and concentrate their aid work in Yei, etc. (with easy access to markets, airports and a dizzying amount of R&R’s in Nairobi and Kampala), foreigners put a lot of pressure on GoSS to stay in Equatoria. This is another unspoken reality of the influence of socalled development partners. Populations -especially those as battered and impoverished as South Sudanese after decades of war- will always move where there are promises of services so those complaining about other tribes in their land should also take it up with development agencies. This said, I agree that is extremely unfortunate that Dinka and Nuer residing both in RSS and diaspora don’t seem to give a damn about developing their own villages. Go to the main villages of some Dinka ministers and you drive through piles of trash everywhere because they can’t be bothered to help fund a trash collection system. Etc., etc., etc. Hell, this is true, in fact, of the communities of most RSS current and former ministers. In their heads, their villages have been transplated to the UK, Kenya and Australia.

      • Edward Juron says:

        While it is true that the so called development agencies made noises about the transfer of the capital city elsewhere other than Juba, they cannot enforce their will on the people simply because they want to make their life easier for themselves disregarding the real negative issues that goes with maintaining Juba as a capital city of SS. They the aid-workers or development workers or whatever they want to call themselves (some say they are expatriates) came to work in these regions knowing that they would be work under difficult conditions. They cannot just complain about a history they have no understanding of. No country and its cities or towns ever developed without due planning and institutional development. The capital city can be built and developed anywhere. Juba cannot be only spot in the whole of SS to establish a capital city. You need political leadership for this to happen. Luck of this leadership will ensure continued piles of rubbish everywhere. In fact, these are the symptoms of a failing or failed state.


        • Pan says:

          I agree with both Edward and Editor on this thread. Our leaders are extremely passive in general. I didn’t see a whole lot of resistance in Greator Equatoria — either on the ground or in the Parliament– to pressure the socalled development partners to redirect their plans for service delivery to other parts of South Sudan. It is, of course, not the job of partners to deliver services to the people but if the government isn’t doing it, setting up food clinics in areas most convenient for the agencies is bound to play a role in migrations. It happens everywhere around the world. If you study enough, you can learn how strategically located refugee and IDP camps in certain areas can be used as a way to depopulate other areas the socalled investors and commercial resource extractors wish to occupy.

          It’s disappointing to read the hatred we all have for each other here and how we miss the bigger trends. If nothing else, guess it’s good to know where we all stand. This divided house will fall and be occupied soon. We can credit ourselves for that.

      • Kidepo says:


        The issue discuss here is about dinka community staying destructively in Equatoria lands by force not Nuer community settling in Equatoria. Equatorians are saying your (dinka) staying in Juba, Yei, Nimule, Nadapal, Chuhudum, Tseretenya, Lobone, and all parts of Equatoria is cancerous because the dinkas grab lands by force, killed chiefs and citizens, intimidates civilians and did all human rights violations to the people of Equatoria

        This means anyone can stay in Equatoria but peacefully and Equatorians love diversity that’s why they are able to get along with all the other 62 communities Nuer inclusive minus dinkas because dinkas are destructive and other communities never clash with Equatorians and other communities other than dinka. I hope you get the point

        Yes Dr Garang did not want Juba to be capital because he went to the bush to revenge for land grabbing purpose and kokora. Now Garang’s hidden agenda is implemented by dinkas under kiir. I believe God killed Garang because of so many reasons including his hidden agenda of land grabbing of Equatoria. Garang crashed to death in didinga land few kilometers from where late Chief Nakwa of didinga who was killed by dinka was buried

        Meaning some of these extremist will only be killed by God like Garang, Justine yach and kiir soon…………………………………………………………………

        • Pan says:

          Thanks, Kidepo, I do wish my Dinka brothers would understand that the world does not revolve around them and people, including their own women, are not born to scratch their every itch. They do need major behavioral modification. Thanks for qualifying the protest about their presence in your land. Peaceful residency is what everyone wants. They could stand to learn that.

          As far as God goes, I wouldn’t blame the intrigues of men on God.

  9. Lokilachong says:

    Malith Alier,
    Your article is completely nonsese. The terms Internal Dispalced Person (IDP) is not invevted by the UN, it is fact that those who are displaced from their ancestral land because of war, epidemic, or natural calamities are the IDPS. This does not apply only to south Sudanese but to people everywhere in the world. Land grabbing is a reality, and if you want to justify Dinka occupation of Equatoria land by force be clear. The presence of the Dinka (IDPS) in some part of Equatoria for example in Nimule and Yei that you cited is a land grabbing. Mass migration by the Dinka to those places with their belongs and cattles and innitiating settlement by force is a classical land grabing.

    It is also absurd to hear you say that the term” IDP” is ended with the attaiming of the independent of south sudan. So the Dinka can now say that they are in a new Bor or Panjak? My friend, those IDPS are sitting on erupting volcano that will explode sooner or later. Don’t you think that those Dinka IDPS were rejected everywhere in Equatoria during the war and even now? Nobody like the Dinka IDPs because thery are arogans, and eveyrwhere they go they cause problems, they kill local people, and they commits atrocities. If I were you, I could be worried about the future of my people. Where will they go if Equatoria say, enought is enought, you Dinka (IPDS) leave Yei, Nimule, and leave Equatoria no matter what. Are they going to run to Uganda, the fring pan where Dr.Garang and General Ator deaths were planned?

    Our constitutions is clear, the land belong to the people. Nimule belong to the Madi and Bor belong to Dinka Bor. The war ended long ago, we are now in independent south Sudan, let the IDPS Dinka go home. You should not justify Dinka occupation of other tribes land by citing incoherent laws and constitutions. The land grabbers have no legitimate claims to land ownership anywhere in the country. It is absurdity and if the the issue of land grabbing is not comprehensively adressed it will cause the country dearly in the future. Look at what the white armies did to the Dinka without tanks nor helicopter gunships. Do you want all the IDPS (Dinka) to be emptied in Uganda or go back to Bor? The Dinka (IDPs) are better off in their land like other tribes.

  10. lomika says:

    like or take it, your guys are IDPs in Nimule. Your Folks do not know the idea of staying any where peacefully. instead they cause insecurity where ever they go. We do not want people who cause problems of grave security in their places and run like rats to hide in other people’s places. if we all behave like your folks, where shall you find a place to run and hide. This cattle keeping mentality in a modern society is that contradiction South Sudan is facing, what a pity!

    • john says:

      Skiers, you are right about the problem in Central Equatoria State, but What trouble me is that why the Equatorian sit idolly without acting against Kiir’s government? How long will Equatorian stay nuetral for? Today IGAD propose an interim government without both Kiir and Riek. I hope We will support this intiative to bring an end to the conflict and for the sake of the people of South Sudan. They deserve peace after a long struggled with the north. If You Equatorian do not support the call by IGAD and AU then pick up your guns brothers and joint the rebellion against Kiir led self governmence that does is non inclusive and allow the freedom to reign in our country for ourselves sake and our future generation. We can not let these messes ruin their lives. We have to solve it now before it is too late. Kiir thinks that he can rule with an iron fist in many cases the constitution only favore him over the citizens and therefore, he can do whatever the hell he wants. No, We have to stop him and Museveni from turning South Sudan a war zone for other actors egange their support for either side. It is not in our best interest to make South Sudan a battle ground. If that happens it would be a national failure. The successful implementation of peace would come upon the withdrawal of Ugandan’s Troops in South Sudan and resignation of Kiir.

      • john says:

        Alier, I think you are correct in many respects, but why Equatorian are sitting quietly? When their land was being taken from them. And now Kiir went too far of using our oil money to pay UPDF to us his own people. I do not think that is a wise decision for him. I also think that Equatorian can play a ever important role in this conflict, if they contribute in helping Freedom Fighters as you all know that this is not about Dinka and Nuer. It is about Freedom vesus Dictatorship so please come march with us inorder to have a lasting peace in our country.

      • bolabokdit says:

        You are wearing a dead man’s shoes. Equatoria are safe now because they are neutral. Let them pray that this war ended up somewhere and not to be fought in Equatoria backyard. Equatorin children, women and elderly are the most victim in every war let them know if it is O.K for Equatorians to join Riak Machar tribalism.

        • bolabokdit says:

          Mr. Editor
          What do you me to advised in this crisis, so that my comment should be posted on your website?. I wrote so many comments and they don’t appeared let me know what is behind it.


        • Elijah Samuel says:

          Equatoria do not your sympathy! We are not emotional and do not rush to a fight! But when we do start a fight we fight it with intelligence, wisdom and courage! As you know, the first war was led by us equatorial! We fought for seventeen years and those wars were prosecuted in Equatorian lands! Do not be surprised when we start to dance, a rhythm you shall not be able to keep up with!

    • jay johnson says:

      Dear Lomika,

      There is no reason to confine yourself to the rocky and mountainous land of Equatoria region. you have every right as a citizen of this nation to move and reside anywhere you like. That is the nation I fought for during my youthful years, and certainly that is the nation our founding fathers, Dr. Garang Mabior Atem, Gen. Kiir Mayardit and Gen. Wani Igga envisioned.

      Please get out of your shell and comfort zone and explore the beauty of upper nile and Bahr Kalas savannah ,plain, the toic, rivers and iron stone plateau. More importantly, please come and taste the hospitality of Bahr Kalas and Upper Nile region where, not only south sudan citizens are openly welcome and embrace, but also where foreign national are accept and given humane treatment.

      Please free yourself from this KOKORATORIANS INTOXICATION and taste what it is like to be a citizen of this federal democratic republic of south sudan. The Greater upper Nile and Bahr Kalas region understand that freedom of residency, movement and association is as fundamental as the right to life.

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        AKA NOMADS!! This is a life style that must not be forced on others and institutionlized!

        • jay johnson says:


          Nomadism is not an infectious disease. You will not become nomad if you visit or move to reside in upper nile and Bahr Kalas region. We do not want to imposed our mode of lives on others. In fact south sudan is a great country because of diverse economic activities her citizen engage in

          I am simply asking you to come, even for a visit so that you can leant how to treat your fellow citizens humanely. More importantly you need to come and appreciate western Nilotic hospitality, something lacking within Eastern Nilotic and central Sudanic communities of Equatoria region

  11. OJA says:

    Mr. Malith,
    Until you stop drinking blood of cows, you will never reason like a human being. You are a curse to every community who have welcomed you in good faith, yet in return you have rewarded them with killing, land grabbing sexual harassments. As a civilised one, you should be apologising to everyone instead of adding an abuse to the injurry.
    What are you doing over there in Jinja????

  12. Eastern says:

    Shame you on you Malith the nomad. You do not even know South Sudan very well. You do not know where the places you are talking about. Mangalatore is not a Madiland. Lobone is not as well. You simply don’t know what you are talking about.

    The term internally displaced person IDP was not coined by the UN. Grow up and understand the English language.

  13. Kidepo says:


    Your article is not very bad to be but the only thing that blinded your eyes is your dinkaism ideology. I stoped reading when you said the word IDP is irrelevant to South SUdan and it is a UN thing according to your analyses. For you the dinkas should be allowed to grabb any portion of land from Equatoria because they are South SUdanese.

    The second issue you raised is by mentioning dinka extremist like Sunday D Tor you only forgot to mention other more dinka extremist in the like of Atem Wek, the presidents press secretary.

    Alier with this mentaility every dinka who own land in Nimule by brining force or force damarcation will loose his land in the nearer future because every land docuemnts and areas will be reviewed in the nearer future

  14. Makur Panyon says:

    Brother Malith,

    You have stated all the facts in your well researched documentary, So as you have mentioned elsewhere in your article that, land is a very important economic factor which i can believe beyond possible doubt. It is worthwhile than keeping it idle from usage. If both central and states government was functioning well, they would have generate a lot of revenues through land allotment and title dded issuance to potential landlords/ladies.

    It is unfortunate to have this larger country (South Sudan) with little population yet the land is scarce to citizens. If the idea of relocating city to Ramciel was achieved i believe there could be no all these problems of land grabbing! land grabbing! by now.

    It is God to blame for having taken the life of our dear leader Dr. John before explaining this provision (Land belong to community) which stipulated in the CPA accord

  15. General South says:

    Dear Malith,

    You Dinkas finish first with the Nuers and we will see you later after War.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Where were you when General South posted his nonsense comment though he was assuming that he is threatening Dinka but the guy is giving an awareness so that another senseless war could be waged between Dinka tribe and the so called Equatorian Tribe.
      I wanna know whether his idiotic comment is healthy for public consumption.

      To General South,
      You ‘re not suppose to say that instead what you ‘ve just posted is in every reasonable Dinka’s mind coz it is a matter of time as you put it and we are ready to evaluate our status @anytime.

  16. j_p_puok says:

    Jebel Kunyjur is now Jebel DINKA, tomorrow Imatong MTs will be DINKA MTs

  17. Kanya Gogo says:


    I want to begin with a question. What has essentially changed that require the definition of land to be changed after attainment of independence as you are suggesting? I am sure you won’t give me a sincere and genuine answer to this question. However, the sincere answer is this. The replacement of Arab oppressors by Dinka oppressors is the only essential change that has occurred. Dinkas, especially of your kind want to use this opportunity to twist the constitution so that you can amass ‘wealthy equatorial land’ as much as you can but I promise you it is a matter of time that large scale war will break out between you and Equatorians because of this practice.

    You have suggested that the central government should have fought Central Equatoria government for its refusal to leave Juba. This is an idea coming from an insane mind. Anyone with clear mind can never ever suggest a government to fight its citizens or structures as well as systems in the country. If a government does that, then it will lose the will and trust of the people and thus becomes illegitimate. In fact ask your Dinka government to implement this suggestion and see its outcome on you.

    You have talked about the relocation from Juba to Ramciel being costly. What makes you think relocation of Central Equatoria Headquarter would have not been costly for CE Government? This is a double standard approach which can’t find a breeding space amongst the Equatoria intellectuals. That is why you and your Dinka government lost the battle because you could not give a genuine reason for wanting to take over Juba city.

    You mentioned that, “It is the Central Government that should delegate some land issues to the lower levels”. This is the case. I don’t know whether you know what delegation means. South Sudan’s constitution has given power to the state governments to implement government program and policies. The state governments have given power to counties, counties to payam, payam to boma, and boma to villages. This is full delegation. Do you really know what delegation means?

    There has never been a case of abdication by the Central Government. The constitution has separated the powers between central and state governments and each of the parties are making use of their power. In fact the central government in this case wanted to rob the central equatoria government of its powers to administer its headquarter. Be frank and tell us you are dissatisfied with power being with people instead of saying the government has given up its powers to the state governments.

    Can you concretely support your assertion that, “Juba is the most difficult city to acquire land title in the whole country”. Where is that research report? Alier we are aware of the trauma Equatorians are going through especially in Bahr el ghazal region as far as land acquisition is concerned. Tell me, how many Equatorian traders were able to get even commercial plots of size say 5×5 M2 in Rumbek, Bor or Aweil?

    Juba, Yei and Nimule suffer land grabbing because Dinka’s bad mannerism of thinking wherever there go they are kings and queens whose views must be respected without question. Your Old politicians of Anyanya 11 have deceived you greatly. I have not got a trace of land grabbing report after Addisababa Agreement like it is happening now. Ask yourself why? I want to give you a sincere answer which I know you will not give. It is because the liberators of Anyanya 1 never had hidden agenda like the way the current regime is doing? I have not heard of Joseph Lagu owning chunks of land both inside Madiland and outside Madiland because he was in-charge of Southern Sudan by then. Today, go to Juba and tell me how many plots leave alone hectares of land are grabbed by your tribes men and women just because they are either in government or they are using relatives in government to grab people’s land. This issue of land grabbing is just enough to distinguish Anyanya 1 and 11 struggles. The later is purely built on ill motive.

    I doubt your thinking and understanding capacity so much. Your argument that one can’t be called an IDP in his or her own country is misplaced and lacks an understanding of the English language. Today, you are contesting the phrase IDP on the pretext that we are an independent nation. This is a vague argument. Why didn’t the Dinkas who got settled outside their home areas object the phrase IDP during the war when they were Sudanese citizens and in their own country Sudan? My friend, think not only first but well before you communicate an idea for public consumption.

    I don’t know what criteria have you considered in ascertaining a failed and successful land distribution program for you to conclude that the case of Bor is the best example of a successful land distribution program. If you think land distribution programs in Equatoria especially Juba, Yei and Nimule are failures because you have failed to get land there, you are completely wrong. What is better, quarrelling over land without killing any body and daily cattle rustling where hundreds of lives are lost?

    I am amused by your statement that, “There are important issues South Sudanese have not known about land”. The fact that Equatorians are protecting their land means they know more about land than yourself. What do you mean by land development? Let me tell you development is not building as many of your naïve Dinkas think. For your information, soil is the most open mineral or resource that Equatorians are exploiting through their agriculture. This explains why they will do everything to protect their land. By saying that surveyed land is essentially more valuable than free land (Note that there is no free land all over the world), you have explicitly demonstrated lack of knowledge about land economics, come to us we will teach you. The fact that a land in unoccupied doesn’t mean it is a free land.

    I challenge you to tell your people to stop rural-urban migration for no good reasons. I sometimes wonder why Dinkas have taken the ideas of Dr. Garang wholesome except taking town to the people. I don’t see a reason for some of your old people of 70 plus years migrating to Equatorian towns. It is a common knowledge in South Sudan that every Dinka wants to be in town even if he/she has no gainful employment to do. It is saddening to see a home with 25 people whereby only 2 or 3 are working and they have to siphon government money to cater for the rest of the people sitting at home playing cards or dominos. Now that you are forgetting your occupation of keeping cattle in your home area yet you can’t dig, what will you eat if UN stops supplying food yearly for your chronic hunger prone areas? Have you ever thought of the impact of what will happen in your land if UN withdraws its support (food) to South Sudan?

    Stop spreading lies, Equatoria as a region has not refused land distribution as you are portraying in your article. What we don’t want is your idea of wanting to move out from your homeland to settle in Equatoria because you are anti peace. It is a common knowledge all over the World that wherever Dinkas have settled together with the local communities, there emerge conflicts because your way of living is of war rather than peace. You don’t have any control over your emotions to even solve the slightest conflict peacefully. This explains why Anyanya 11 took so long because the leadership originates from a non peace loving community which looks at dialogue as cowardice means to achieving peace. I am not surprised by your acceptance that you Dinkas take laws into your hands if you fail to get things legally. Alier, if this is what Equatorians are to do right after CPA was signed, not even a single Dinka could be alive in Equatoria land today. Given that we are peaceful and understanding people, we have allowed you to settle in our land with the hope that you will grow up in thinking and behavior as see how we behave and act.

    Yes, I agree that land grabbers have legitimate claims for land ownership but they can only get land ownership through legal means but not by taking law into their hands. In as much as you are reminding Equatorians of your legitimate claims to land ownership, I want you to know that Equatorians have LEGITIMATE RIGHT OVER THEIR LAND. So the question for you is, can CLAIM override RIGHT?

    It is naïve to conclude that because Dinkas participated in a war that was fought across the three regions of South Sudan and so they should have a free licence to grab land like the way they want. Did you ever get any Equatorian soldier grabbing a land in the other two regions because he fought in that area? Stop using the fake transitional constitution as a leeway to your oppression on South Sudanese. Who does not know the poor and biased brains behind this good-for-nothing constitution you are using as a cover? John Luk is now a victim of this useless constitution which he championed forgetting that it can bite him one day.

    I hate your animal way of thinking. How can you assume that unoccupied land is a free land? Do you think the empty plots you see in towns all over the world are without owners? Haven’t you seen empty plots in Bor or any other place but with owners? It is sarcastic to come from Bor and settle in unoccupied land in Kator with the assumption that it is a free land. No wonder the part of the country where you hail from is not going forward because you can’t think rightly following all the useless arguments you have given in your article.

    The government and local communities of Equatoria region have the right to make land not only in towns but every Equatoria land like a forbidden fruit. It is because we know the value of land and we know your intentions. It is true South Sudan as a country has abundant land compared to other countries of East Africa. Given that Jonglei State is the biggest state in South Sudan, why should your tribes men come to Equatoria with all their cattles to look for a fight? In fact what warrants special government attention is mass rural-urban migration from Bor particularly? What answer will you give me about non nationals being tortured in your land for going there? I have heard some of you complaining of Ugandans being in Juba more than even the local people but you expect us to keep quiet and allow you to graze with your cattle freely as if you are the only owners of South Sudan. For me to be able to give you an answer about why Equatorians are fighting you over their land, go to Jonglei and come with an answer to this question? Why do the Dinkas fight back if cattle rustlers come to raid their cattle?

    I would be happy to see your proposal of welcoming Sudanese normads of Mesiryah and Rezegat yearly to Jonglei. I am after all not surprised because that fits your way of lives as being normads as well.

    It is true millions of lives have been lost during the war but if your hidden agenda for the war was to invade and take over Equatoria land rest assured that you won’t achieve that vision or dream. For your information, Anyanya 11 war does not qualify to be called liberation war because this regime is very oppressive and so what liberation are you talking about. Note that South Sudan’s independence is not necessarily liberation because dictatorial tendencies of the Arabs are now being practiced by the SPLM led government.

    Kanya Gogo
    Nimule, South Sudan.

    • jay johnson says:

      Dear Editor,

      Why did you published Kanya Gogo article, and yet it does not amount to a commend? The case in point is your refusal to published some of the my commends in the past because you deem them too long.

      Were my comments too long than Kanya’ s? what is it, hypocrisy or is it because the name sound familiar to you? Why accused jieng of Thokduel ( nepotism) while you, the equatorians are practicing and profess it in a broad day light?

      My request is to remove Mr. Kanya Gogo comment because it violates the commend rules you set on this board. We all need to be subjected to the same standard of treatment regardless of ones opinions on the subject.

      Why was Kanya Gogo comment published, yet it is too long to qualified as commend?


    • jay johnson says:

      Mr. Kanya,

      I have invested a great deal of my time on this topic of Land grab claimed and sung by the majority of 3 FEET Kokoratorians. I have not found any evidence of LAND GRAB or OCCUPATION by the Dinka in the entire Equatoria region. Land grab propaganda, which have united every short stature Equatorian is a myth. It is simply a pretext aim at reviving the Apartheid-like policy of Kokora, which call for Equatoria region for EQUATORIANS ONLY

      And astonishingly, the KOKORATORIANS are shy to declare unilateral independent for the republic of south sudan. please check my article; EQUATORIANS PLEASE STOP LAND GRAB AND OCCUPATION NONESENSE, published by southsudannation, March 2013

      In that article, I correctly pointed out the case of Mukaya payam of Lainya county as the clear example of land grab in Equatoria region, as oppose to a mere presence of poor Dinka civilian in the region. And as I recalled, no one among the KOKORATORIANS, including their bishop, EL HAG PAUL , challenge the validity and authencity of that piece.

      Instead, Mr. Paul wrote an article full of conspiracy theories, in which he question the patriotism and nationalism of our founding father, Dr. Garang Mabior Atem. Paul argued in his article, that Dinka occupation of Equatoria region was in the pipe for long time, and that Dr. Garang went to the bush to implement it. I believe you are reasonable person, unlike El hag Paul. I believe that you would not agreed with Paul that the only reason Dr. Garang went to the bush was to occupy Equatoria region. Does it make sense to you at all?

      My request to you is to published a scholarly article about equatorian land grab by Dinka. Please cited the source of your information , including the amount of land in question. If you can do that, I will be your ally and together, we will launch an advocacy campaign to end Equatoria land occupation. But I bet, you will not do that as most KOKORATORIANS have shown so far.

      I have asked many KOKORA-TORIANS a very simple question every time we debate this issue. But unfortunately, non of them have answer that simple question. Please can you, and would you, if you can answer this generic and elementary question?


      • Kanya Gogo says:

        Jay Johnson,

        Response 1:

        Thank you for responding to my comments.

        How did you invest your time on land grabbing? Was it through talking to your Jieng people or physically visiting areas where rightful claims of land grabbing have taken place? I don’t know whether you are really residing inside South Sudan. Your dismissal of land grabbing is very insulting up to the nerves of those whose land has been grabbed. What is your understanding of land grabbing? Land grabbing simply means occupation of a piece of land by force.

        Jay Johnson, you need to be educated on some of the principles we Equatorians are fighting for. The issue at stake about land grabbing is not about having some Dinkas living in Equatoria, the issue is Dinkas settling in Equatoria land by force. Other non Equatorians are not so much involved in land grabbing as compared to you the Jiengs.

        I find it childish for you to argue that forceful settlement of poor dinka civilians in Equatoria does not qualify as land grabbing. In this case your definition of land grabbing is associated with armed forces. This is a useless and lifeless thinking that can’t find any audience amongst right thinking populace.

        In Equatoria especially in Yei and Nimule, one does not need even research to know cases of land grabbing because it is a known phenomenon. Jay go to Motoyo in Nimule and Lomuku 1 & 11, New site and Hai Police in Yei the evidence of land grabbing is more than your brain can conceive. These areas are hot spots when it comes to land grabbing and so there are other areas with small scale land grabbing.

        • Kanya Gogo says:

          Jay Johnson,

          Response: 2

          If for one to qualify as reasonable is to believe in ever thing that Jay Johnson says then I pray to God to make me unreasonable for the rest of my life. There is no doubt that one of the unfortunate statements used by John Garang to the Dinkas was that they have all rights to settle in any land they have captured. No Equatorians cooked this statement. This statement came out from the mouths of the IDPs especially in Nimule way back in early 2000 when some Madi wanted to come back to Nimule. The IDPs have expressed vehemently that John Garang told them any place they captured is their land. With such utterance who am I not to believe that one of Garang’s objectives for the insurgency was not occupation of Equatoria?

          Jay you are not living in reality at all. A lot of efforts have been done in this area what remains is implementation of the resolutions. In 2008 a MoU was reached between Loul Manyang and Louis Lobong for the movement of IDPs who have grabbed the land in Nimule. Meetings were attended by both IDPs and Madi communities and the IDPs agreed to be moved back to Jonglei. However, when the time for transportation came majority they refused to move. Even those transported came back a few days. The truth is none of the Jonglei Jiengs (especially the Bor community) who have tasted the peace and civil culture of Equatorians find Jonglei like hell to live in. Jay I am not a naïve as you think to imagine that you can contribute positively in the campaign for an end to occupation of Equatoria land by Jiengs. This is like saying a northerner asking to participate in the referendum to decide the fate of South Sudan by arguing that he will vote surely for secession. Jay Johnson we don’t need your ill-intention support. I can assure you that we will achieve this campaign no matter how long it takes us. The Independent South Sudan we are talking about was conceived way back in 1955 but achieved in 2011. Rest assured we will get back every inch of the land taken by force from the Equatorians. Did you know that some of the Ugandans are now giving back land which they grabbed from Indians and some Baganda during Amin’s regime. My friend nothing no situation is permanent.

          Your question is not sensible at all. The issue of concern is not about percentage of Equatorian land grabbed but about whether land has been grabbed/occupied forcefully.

          Kanya Gogo,
          Nimule South Sudan

        • jay johnson says:

          Mr. Kanya,

          I have lived in the state of central Equatoria during the last 15 years. I know every tribe, many places some which I have visited on many occasion. In other word, I am a resident of Equatoria region and I qualified as an insider who have intimate knowledge on various issues.

          I have ben to nimule town on numerous occasion and I know every corner of that town as much as you do. I have conducted several interviews, both with the Dinka and Madi residents. I have also revisited and research the literature on land grab in Equatoria region and south Sudan.

          There is no evidence of land grab that I have found so far. It is a myth invented to revive kokora. And as far as Motoyo and Lomuku are concern, they do not even constitute 1% of Nimule town area. Secondly, they are mixed neighborhood with every tribes represented.

          But because of your poor knowledge of South Sudanese citizens as well as your arrogance , you assumed that every person in the republic of south sudan that is tall is a Dinka. The residents of these neighborhood are Shilluk, Nuer and Dinka as well as madi. In fact the Nuer constitute 30% of Nimule town population

          And because the Nuer look like Dinka, you wrongly assume that they are Jieng. Your hesitant to learnt other people languages does not help you either. You can not differentiate between Nuer and Dinka language.

          In summary, land grab is being used as a political propaganda. It does exist in Equatoria region, but the culprits are not Dinka. Majority of land grabbers are equatorian politicians and businessmen. That is the elephant in the room you need to confronted, not the poor dinka civilians living in another corner of their country.

    • jay johnson says:

      Dear Kanya,

      This is what you said

      ” For your information, Anya Nya II does not qualified to be called liberation because this regime is very oppressive and so what are you talking about”. “Noted that south sudan independent is not necessarily liberation because dictatorial tendencies of the Arabs are now being practiced by the SPLM led government”.

      I think it would be a mistake to let you off the hook by trying to distort the liberation history. South sudan liberation history should be left to liberators to write. The deserters have no knowledge and creditability to write this important history.

      For your information, South sudan was not liberated by Anya Nya II. It was liberated by the SPLM/A. This fact can not be twisted or change in abroad day light. Anya Nya II was defeated by the mighty SPLM/A in early 1980s. Got it? All their leaders, including Akuot Atem, Abdalla Chuol Deng and Samuel Gai Tut were killed in the battle the SPLM/A fought against them.

      Those Anya Nya II leaders who survived the conflict fled to Khartoum, where they were recruited by the Jalaba as south sudan defense forces/Friendly forces. They fought the SPLM/A on behalf of Jallaba up and until to the end. They have not play any constructive role in the history of liberation struggle. Not a single town or village was captured from the Jallaba by the remnants of Anya Nya II

      You have no license to rewrite the history of liberation struggle. South Sudan was liberated by the SPLM/A, Not Anya Nya II, as you erroneously claimed. Asked before you fed the public with garbage and rubbish. Certainly, a deserter can not claim to be expert at the expense of a liberator. It does not happen that way. We can do debate the failures of the SPLM/A led government. But surely, south sudan was liberated by the SPLM/A and SPLM/A only, not the Anya Nya II you fantasize about. The Anya Nya II were betrayers and traitors to the people moment.

      SPLM/A can not conceivably be denied the liberation credit they rightly deserve, simply because they have mismanaged the country. A president or a minister does not loose the title simply because his or her performance fall short of public expectation. That is not the case. A president is still a president regardless of her or his performance. Similarly, the SPLM/A does not loose the credit of being the sole liberator of Junub sudan just because of Salva Kiir mismanagement.

      You would agree with me that rape is a rape regardless of who is on the receiving end. For instance, if you or I raped a prostitute, it will still be call rape despite the fact the prostitutes rank lowest in any society. Likewise, the SPLM/A was the liberator of south sudan, even though they have mismanage the nation, something you and I can agree on.

      Equally, an oppressive regime is still a regime or a government. The only different is that there is good regime and bad regime as you might acknowledge. And there was no question that the Anya Nya I was an Equatorian military and political movement. To their credit, they successfully negotiated the Addis Ababa peace agreement, leading to the formation of south sudan regional government.

      But, and unfortunately, the Equatorians politicians violate their own hard fought agreement by accepting the redivision of south sudan region into Equatoria, upper Nile and Bahr Kalas region. In essence, the 1972 peace agreement was abrogated by Equatorians politicians, but not by northerners as it is being preached. By violating the Addis ababa peace agreement, the equatorians essentially erase the achievement they made since 1955. The SPLM/A was formed as a new liberation struggle. Most Equatoria are still clinging to old glory of Anya Nya I moment, which is obsolete and irrelevance. Perhaps jealousy have taken control of most you because the equatorian participation in the SPLM/A liberation was minimal and insignificant relative to Equatorian demographic.

      That is what you do not want to acknowledge. you become nuts and jealous of enormous contribution Jieng made toward the realization of an independent south sudan. But, and but there is room if the Equatorians want to be part of liberation history. The Equatorians can liberated Abyei and other occupied south sudan territories from the Jalaba. the history will acknowledge and appreciate that contribution. otherwise, you should shut up and accept the history of liberation of south sudan no matter how painful it may be.

      We need to give credit where it belong. In this case, the jieng made enormous ultimate sacrifice to make south sudan independent become reality. That is the fact which warrant recognition.

      • Kanya Gogo says:

        Jay Johnson,

        Response: 3

        It is a fallacy for you to think what you called liberation today is only rooted to SPLM/A. If you agree (Note that I don’t agree) that South Sudanese are liberated then go back to the start of the struggle in 1955 and henceforth you will come to acknowledge that no one party or community can claim ownership of this so called liberation. Liberation is a process and so right away from 1955 to 2011 many actors have contributed and it is disillusion to conclude that the liberation is the work of only SPLM/A. If it is about independence of South Sudan my friend all of stood under the strong sun shine waiting patiently to cast our votes for separation. It is an insult to the rest of the South Sudanese for the Jiengs to claim they liberated this country. Do you know how much the outside world has contributed to this independence or let alone the long struggle. Go back to the Minutes of the last SPLM/SPLA meeting in Rumbek before CPA. There you will find how George Bush helped to shape our road to independence. As long as some of us are alive, we won’t allow you bigots to cook your own history for the sake of pride. The whole world knows how everybody contributed in the struggle for independence and so the Dinkas cannot rubbish this truth at all.

        Jay Johnson South Sudan is yet to be liberated. What we got was independence. Independence where South Sudanese are caught up in poverty, illiteracy, mortality, violence, oppression, and, and and and cannot qualify as liberation. If you say Anya Nya II were betrayers and traitors, I can certainly tell you that an open betrayer and traitor is better than an indoor oppressor because the intention of an open betrayer is known to its victim but the one of the indoor oppressor is hidden and sugar coated that the victims sometimes are not aware of at all.

        No one has denied the contribution of SPLM/A in the struggle for independence. What we are against is the claim by SPLM/A and Dinkas that they are the only ones who liberated this country.
        Kanya Gogo,
        Nimule South Sudan

        • Kanya Gogo says:

          Jah Johnson,

          Response: 4

          It is not correct to say Anya Nya 1 was an Equatorian movement. Check how many Dinkas were in Anya Nya 1 leadership. What I can agree with is that the overall leader was an Equatorian.

          Jay you are lost and many Dinkas are lost like you when it comes to history of the struggle. How do you dismiss the earlier history of the struggle and just focus on the last part of the history? Find an old Dinka who was in Anya Nya 1, I am sure he will certainly educate you of the kind of humility exhibited by the overall leadership that helped to cultivate unity unlike this SPLM/A where the overall leader prided on his own intelligence hence many South Sudanese who disagreed with him found their souls in God’s hands. It is not correct to say that the contribution of Equatorians in SPLM/A was minimal and insignificant. My friend contribution is not only in terms of numbers as you seem to be thinking. Equatorians have fed SPLA, accommodated SPLA, fought in SPLA throughout. Equatorians have actively participated in creating positive realtions with Scandanvain countries that led to massive support from countries like Norway, Denmark and so forth for SPLM.

          My friend, there is no history without Equatorians in Sudan. Be rational in your thinking. The fact that SPLM/A only survived by being housed in Equatoria is a big contribution without which Bashir would have chased SPLA to Uganda and the struggle would have ended just like that.

          Finally, be informed that no one Equatorian is against the contribution of SPLM/A in the struggle for independence but we cannot sit down and watch you fool people by claiming that we didn’t contribute or our contribution was insignificant and so you have all the rights to oppress, abuse and take our land by force. This useless argument of contribution based on number does not hold water at all.

          Kanya Gogo,
          Nimule South Sudan

          • Elijah Samuel says:

            Thanks for enlightening those who live in a house of darkness they build for themselves! Alas will they ever see the light? No wonder they are the last species in our country to still walk naked in their villages?
            The arrogance they display is a manifestations of their inferiority complex! Thanks for your brilliant explanations!

        • Pan says:

          Kanya, thanks for your posts. I’d only say that we got neither Liberation nor Independence. What we got was Separation. Let’s think hard about the difference. SEPARATION is a smaller piece of geographical territory to claim as our own but with all the same old pretenders, predators, poverty and problems. From here on out, let us be honest. We only achieved Separation.

          (To those Coco Chanel Comrades hustling in Hotel Ethiopia reading our words here, infiltrating with articles of their own and reunited with their girlfriends and business buddies, we are watching you. While your people are burning you have the nerve to speak about your role in some socalled Liberation.)

  18. nyeri says:

    I hope the dinka cowards come to thier senses and know that they are hated by all because of their cattle like behavior . Land belongs to the community, forced landgrabbing has a price. After the neurs are done with you, the equatorians will complete dinka extintion in Sudan and you can peaceful stay with museveni in Uganda.
    Indeed being an animal is the worst place to be. Leave equatoria or go to hell and take the capital your preaching to ramcil.

  19. kak na jubec says:

    The bigger you are the harder you fall. Locally by their tribal marks on forehead you could easily identify them.
    Internationally they are marked and easily identify as those who committed atrocities and failed the new nation.
    Their Nakedness to the world and the world reacts with hate towards, they are not trusted any where in the world.
    Dinka..Nuer..they smell…a toxic smelled that spreads all over the world and the” world hated t the smelled and them.
    And soon so many of them international will face prosecution for the crimes committed against humanity. they are no more but to fall from grace.

  20. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Sorry and shame on you ya jieng.You can never escape from this term IDP it’s on your neck! What a desperation from jeng to claim yet another ownership of beautiful Equatorian land in the name of “our country”? The dead and the living Equatorian will hunt you down if you think you’re a tick.
    Kiir stole about 4.6billion dollars plus 600.000 dollars in the name of borrowing and compensating respectively to foot UPDF bills, so how come Ramciel project becomes costly? Do you jiengs really have brains? At the end of this political turmoil and when peace is restored and the realization of federal democracy jieng IDPs in MY ANCESTRAL LAND must pack and get themselves repatriated.If you jiengs have brains stop evading your land.

    • jay johnson says:

      Nyan E Equatoria,

      The best thing you Equatorians and Madi in particular can do is to embark on assimilation of Dinkatorians ( LGG). I mean Dinkatorians are at your disposal waiting to be integrated so that your population can at least increase by 20% in the next 10 years.

      Your reluctant to assimilate Dinkatorians into your respective communities will back fire in the not distant future. When people with different culture come into contact, the process of ethnic assimilation and absorption naturally follows. Do not miss this great opportunity to multiple your demographic number because failure to do so will result to assimilation of Equatorians and Madi into Dinka culture.

      Dinkatorians are not going nowhere as they have every rights to reside at any corner of their country. It is that simple. The only solution is succession through arm struggle, which will be crush militarily. Your options are limited and it is time for equatorians to embrace tolerance, peaceful co existence, nationalism and patriotism.

      IDPS is not like disability. it ceases to exist once the conflict and calamity which led to displacement of population is over. In this case, the Dinka civilians displaced to Equatoria region during civil war are no longer IDPS. they are citizens living within the geographically defined borders of the RSS.

      Admittedly, the current civil population displaced as a result of this senseless coup and rebellion are IDPS. No question about it. But once this current conflict is concluded quickly, they will cease to exist as IDPS, but will be considered as citizens displaced to different part of the country because of Riek coup and rebellion.

      So please stop the NONSENSE IDPS propaganda. It is sickening and irrelevance!!!!!

      • jay johnson says:

        And once more Nyan E Equatoria,

        Most Dinkatorians have lived in Equatoria region for more than 20 years. They call it home and they are attached to the environment as much as the Equatorians are. We can argued whether or not THE old dinka civilians can be call DINKATORIANS. But the Dinka youth in their early 20s are pure DINKATORIANS as they were born there. Some of them have never been to Upper Nile or Bahr Kalas, the supposedly cradle land of their grand fathers and fathers.

        Where you were born is your place of origin. The twenty something Dinkatorians have gone several miles a head by intermarrying with local Equatorians girls and boys. Some even speak fluent Madi, Kakwa, Kuku, Zande and Bari. If I can speak Madi for instance, who is El hag Paul to tell me that I do not belong to Equatoria region.

        Why would the daughter of Equatoria, tell twenty something DInkatorian youth that he or she does not belong? Is it not true that where you are born is where you should call home?

        Well it is too late to Evict Dinkatorians when in fact they have become an integral and important part of Equatoria community. The best time to evicted them would have been during the civil war when south sudan was still part of divisive Jallaba regime

        The dream of pure Equatorians and the fantasy of Equatoria regions for Equatorians only is an idealism waiting to become reality. until then, The Dinkatorians are part and parcels of Equatorians and Equatoria region, especially the TWENTY SOMETHING DINKATORIANS

        • Eli says:

          To all dinkas and their type like this Jay Johnson a fake internet name, why are you hiding behind a rubbish name? If you talk of being born in a place (Equatoria) gives you the right to change your identity then why did the Jews who got displaced for centuries from Palestine came back to the land they called home that God gave to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Your argument is disqualified, go back to your swamps infested with murle, nuer and mosquitoes.

      • Kanya Gogo says:

        Jay Johnson,

        Response: 1

        I am not surprised that the Dinka land is caught up in a mess with this kind of mentality of Jay Johnson. By suggesting that the best thing for us to do is to assimilate Dinkas to increase our population is a naïve suggestion and shows that you don’t know anything about community development. No any outsider can decide what is good or best for a particular community. We are not hungry for numbers. After all can the Dinkas ever learn anything good? If those who have lived in western world for more than 20 years can still show animal way of living by street fighting how can these ones from the bush of Jonglei succeed in learning the human way of living? To be clear to you we are people who are after quality of human life. I can assure you that 1 Madi equals 5000 Dinkas in terms of reasoning and quality of life.

        We don’t embrace any assimilation scheme of Dinkas because that will be the gravest mistake ever to do it. In fact I will like you to inform your Jiengs that this issue will explode any time soon and we are ready for whatever that might come. It is your Jiengs who have failed to adopt peaceful way of life of the Equatorians and so they are misfit as such we can’t entertain them to pollute our decent way of living with animal way of living. You can wait forever and your dream of assimilation of Equatorians into Dinka culture will never bever happen.

        Let me tell you your number should not deceive you. Militariry we can beat you without any question. Ask your Jiengs in the army about the Madi, Moru, Zande, Lotuko, Taposa, Buye, Pojulu and Bari just to sample for you a few of the tribes in Equatoria and they will educate you about our resilience in any fight. Tolerating Dinkas is like tolerating animals. Have you ever tolerated behavior from a pig? Trouble causers who do not have the brain to learn peace can never co-exist with peaceful people. We know you don’t even know the universal definitions of nationalism and patriotism.

        Kanya Gogo
        Nimule, South Sudan

        • Kanya Gogo says:

          Jay Johnson,

          Response: 2

          Let me educate you about the phrase IDPs as you are naïve about it. The central point about IDP is not the calamity but the person who has moved to another location due to the location. And so even if the calamity is settled as long as the person has not legally obtained a piece of land for settlement in the location where he/she has been displaced, then that person is still an IDP. There is no question about the IDPs being citizens but remember citizenship comes with rights and obligations. Therefore being citizen does not mean you have a free license to take laws into your hands.

          I know why you are quick to accept that the recent IDPs are IDPs because you want free things like Judas Iscariot. It is because you want them to be assisted which is not a bad thing. However, let your brain understand that as long as they do not acquire land legally in the areas they have been settled, they will always be IDPs.

          It is more than 2 months since the outbreak of war in Juba but it is mainly the Dinkas who still insist it was a failed coup when the whole world has refused to accept that it was a coup. You Dinkas thought you will always do wrong thing and get out of it freely. This time it has caught up with you. We will all continue to suffer the effects of this useless war started by Kiir to suffocate freedom of expression and building of a stable nation. Do you know that soon if your monster Kiir does not accept what the world tells him all the aids to RSS will be cancelled? You Dinkas will walk on your feet from Nairobi and Kampala back to South Sudan because the government will have no money to loot from national coffers. Keep your eyes open the gravest suffering of those who pride on free things is never far away.

          You will swallow your words soon. If you think IDP issue is nonsense wait to see what the future will bring.

          Kanya Gogo,
          Nimule South Sudan

          • jay johnson says:

            Mr. Kanya,

            While I appreciate your debate and passion on this topic, it is equally important to remind you that there are ethical lines we ought not to cross. This is not to censored you. But the point is to engage in a civilize and respectful debate.

            Your continual use of dehumanization term like ANIMAL AND PIG is unacceptable to me. It simply cross the ethical lines we need to uphold and observe as commentators and opinion writers. I will not debate with you if you think that I am an animal ( pig) or specifically, if you believe in your heart the Jieng are animals.

            we can use other words to describe other people, but using word such as pig or animal went too far. It is uncivilized and disrespectful to dehumanize your opponents.

            Just friendly advice, otherwise you are free to exercise your freedom of speech which I fought for, for 22 years. As a grown up person, I refuse to be drag along this path. I respect my opponents and I demand the same thing

  21. James A L says:

    Malith if you are a woman I will marry you then you can come and live in Nimule, bse a woman can live any where but not a men as such…your parents should be disappointed at you abandoning your birth place.

    • Kidepo says:


      Inta malaak ya zol?

      Will you marry a dinka like malith if he was a woman. My question is will
      -he be a beautiful woman?
      -will he have known how to cook?
      -will he be clean?
      -will he know how to talk to your visitors?
      -how about leaving with your neigbours without causing fight?

      I have only three friends who married dinka women and still feel like they are not married just like some dinka men who feel the same when they marry non dinkas although I seriously encourage mixing up of our communities for unity purpose and nation building!

  22. Hurry Robert says:

    I am deeply sudden by your article and I simpertise with you Dinka who keep on dreaming that one day one time you will sit and occupy the land in Equatoria.If I can ask a simple question.Why cann’t you use your looted money for develping your native land instead of shouting about other people’s land? I have never gotten a chance to go to Dinka land but what I was told by very many including your own tribe’s mate is that you guys have not develped your native land(let us not use the current war as a cause of distruction-Afterall those burnt houses were made out of mud and and temporary iron sheet structure).Why then admire the land of the Equatorian who have struggled to built and develped their land out of their megre hard earned income?
    The liberation war has not created new land neither has it changed the bounderies.If fplease know that we shall further ignite the land issue,we shall chase the dinka who are currently hiding in the peaceful areas of Equatoria to Uganda.

    • jay johnson says:


      You can not evict your fellow citizens who are exercising their constitutional right of residency and freedom of movement and association. You also know that Equatoria region is an important strategic part of the republic of south sudan. So what are you talking about?

      What about TWENTY SOMETHING DINKATORIANS who were born in Equatoria region? they have basically become attached to the land and environment. Would you not agree with me that where you are born is where you call home?

      We can debate another time whether or not the Dinka who were born in Jiengland should qualify as DINKATORIAN. But there is no question that, the teen and twenty something Dinka youth who were born in Equatoria region are in fact DINKATORIAN , hence members of your Equatoria community which you need to embrace, welcome and accept.

      You can not be allow to call your fellow citizens IDPS, when in fact some of them, especially the youth were born and grew up in Equatoria region. I guess you call your self Equatorian because you were born there. So does the Dinkatorians youth.

      • Kidepo says:

        Jay Johnson-

        I do have dinka friends who have lived in Equatoria for many years and their culture have completely change and you cannot identify them as dinka at all. For me personally I have no problem with soemone who accept positive change.

        If the dinkatorians you are talking about after leaving for many years in Equatoria start behaving like Equatorians beleive me no Equatorian can have problem with such catgeory because that category by adopting Equatoria way of life would have already know hown to co-exist peacefully with others without causing fights like arian jeinge.

        I do not know if you have good listening years or if you can read very well and understand what Equatirans are saying. The Equatorians are saying the do not like the dinkas because the dinkas grab their lands by force, the dinkas kill them, the dinkas rape their women, the dinkas intimidate their citizens, the dinkas do this and that. All these disasters in RSS are dinka makings. On hearing these and if dinkas have ears and eyes to see they would have change their animalistic way of life and adopt how humans can co-exist with others but all you do is to defend the obvious thing meaning even if you are encorporated with people still you will not reform and behave like people due to your culture that might have contributed to your carnimalities

        very unfortutante because even in Kenya, Uganda and all over the world no one needs you…….very bad news!

  23. Arop Ater says:

    Elijah Samuel
    Ha.ha this man, when did land become cows? yes cattles are kept and can be drove along in case of any violence that does not worry, now let me ask you, during the war, when you ran to Uganda did you drove your land along with you for settlement in uganda? Secondly when the Dinka soldiers fought to liberate all areas in Equatoria did you dispute it demand their withdrawal from your land? Dr. Garang said all south sudanese have rights to settled any where in south sudan with their belongings wether being donkeys, dogs or even snakes if need be without any discrimination. So keep your mouth shut for beating the drums of tribalism.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Obviously the concept is hard for you to understand! Let me put in a simple terms so that your Cattle brain can understand. The Dinka will die to protect their cows, They compose songs and sing them with pride. The cow is your life line! You work day and night to protect it. We the None Nomadic tribes of Equatoria do not have cows like you do. Our land is our lifelines, it gives us livelihood and we will die to protect is as we did in the true war of separation, the 17 year war that was led by us the Equatorians with the Canabolism seen in the second war and now! Now we know who are the Cowards running from their ancestral lands! Now we know who are the true traitors bringing foreign forces to commit ethnic cleansing in our country! Cowards and brain dead Jieng like you!

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Arop Ater,
      It’s always hard for jieng to understand a point very miserable. Elijah Samuel wants you jieng to understand that just as you cherish your cows we Equatorians as well cherish and adore our lands.Do you understand?
      This pig head still got nerves to say “dinka liberated Equatorian land”? Why now in the eyes of all you run away from your lands instead of liberating them from Nuer white army and you squeeze yourselves up in Equatorian land? You hypocrites and cowards just go and liberate your lands single-handedly without UPDF that you bought with petro-dollars money that would have being used in developing your poor lands.
      Who is Dr John ? He is another jieng wolf to devour Equatorians and our land had he lived.You brainless jieng leave behind the yabat and abubat to do the development in your lands,how ironical?

    • Eastern says:

      Atop I will not hesitate to call you an idiot. Who told you dinka people that whatever Garang said must be taken as the gospel truth. Was Garang free from any blemish.

      Garang was one of the most tyrannical person in history.

      I am sick and tired of this phrase ‘………if Garang was alive ……..blah, blah…….’ coming from many a Dinka people on this and other fora. Garang is now dead and gone with his ideas. Remember some of the ideas of Garang included in the CPA were going to be his undoing if implemented according to the letter.

      The constitution in the country is drafted to favour the so-called majority tribes; it is another cause for concern.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Where did Dinka fight? We know that Nuers fought but the cowardly Dinkas all ran to Equatoria. Equatoria fought. Now that Equatoria has discovered your tricks, you ran to the Ugandans. Tomorrow, they’ll discover you for the cowards you’re. You’re good at starting fights but when things become tough you ran like the cowards you’re.

      • bolabokdit says:

        Dicktor Agrab
        You are out of your mind or else your are among those grap information from others. Where and when did Nuer fought and Dinka and Dinka run away.? If you talk about current fighting then it is not between Dinka and Nuer as such, and you can see there are many Nuer officials in the governmen in Juba as I speak with you.
        You guys Dinka as a tribe is not confine in Bor area alone majority of Dinka are in Northern Bahr El Gazal and they fear nothing at all. Dinka and Nuer fought many wars and they know each other except those who were in hiding they knew nothing about logic of those wars.

        • Diktor Agarab says:

          What are the cowardly Dinkas of Bahr El Gazal waiting for, then? Remember 1991, when you folks ran to Nimule while leaving Equatorians to defend you against Nuers? Without Equatorians, Nuers would’ve chased you all the way to South Africa. It’s only Equatorian bravery that made saved your collective @$$e$ from Nuers. This time instead of doing your own fighting you went crying to M7 begging for help since Equatorians now know your games and are instead preparing to defend their land so that your poor IDPs don’t come and claim the land of Equatoria and then claim that they liberated it from the Arabs.

  24. Musa says:

    I hate the way the Dinka and Nuer behave. I sometime wondering to see these people acting more like an animals and food lovers. They are also known for their laziness and alcoholic addiction all over the world. Let them fuck themselves before we Equatorian can intervene or else the president of their like must step down for good once and for all. Dinka and Nuer are pretty much similar in their culture and characteristics. They are too primitive and nomad. I

  25. Kanya Gogo says:

    Arop Ater,

    Your argument holds no water at all. Did you hear that we claimed land in Uganda while as Refugees? You are talking as if it was only Equatorians who went to exile during the war. All tribal groupings of the then Sudan were in exile. Dinka had a camp called Mireyi in Adjumani and upto now they are there begging for free food from UNHCR. Dinkas were plenty in Kenyan and Ethiopian camps and todate they are still camped there becuase they even do not trust this government of few Dinkas. If Dinkas are not the most coward, why do they form the majority Diaspora people? Who didn’t know your plan of suffocating other people’s children to fight for a war started with a tribalistic thought by Garang, yet he was busy struggling to send all young Dinka to the western world? Stop claiming that Dinka fought for Equatoria land. If it was not for Equatoria land and chiefs would the SPLA survived in 1994? Go back to your uncle who had lived in Yei and Nimule-Mugali to find out how our traditional power helped saved the rotten movement. If you are courageous enough why did Yei become the HQ of SPLM during the war? Why did SPLA found safe heaven in Mugali when it was about to receive its final blow in 1993? If you don’t know, SPLA/SPLM survived its last death because of the Equatorians you are now strugging to pocket up by your oppressive nature. What right does John Garang have about the affairs of a country? Useless argument without any thinking. Can one man decide the issues of a nation? Is John Garang a God? I can’t imagine a single man deceiving the whole Dinka community to a level that they even loose their conscience of thinking for themselves. If people talk about important things that can help shape this nation, you Dinkas always run to use the word tribalism. You need to be educated to know what tribalism entails and that is when you will come to realize that you Dinkas are the authors and practitioners of tribalism not only in South Sudan but all over the world.
    Shame on you and we will never get tired of educating the world about this unjust and oppressive regime.

    Kanya Gogo
    Nimule, South Sudan.

  26. Lofu lo loku says:

    Arop Ater,

    Stop your nonsense thug Dinka Arop. The people who fought for liberation are not Dinka as assumed by most the Jieng people. Dinka boys have been in camps in Kakuma, Uganda camps, and porches in Khartoum. Let you stop lies, it is time to face the fact about liberation. You have gone back to your IDPs camps and to refuge in Kakuma, Ajumani, Koboko etc. The reality is that Dinka has forgotten where they originated. Your home is in Senegal, pack and go leave Inhabitant of this land in peace.

  27. Hurry Robert says:

    So you were misled by Dr. Garang and that is why you Dinkas think you are above all.Nimule was not liberated by Dinkas alone but by the bright star campaign which comprised of 50% of Equatorian.Why si that dinkas are the only groups having claim over madi land?How many Equatorians fought and died in Dinka land and yet they donot have any claim over land in those places?You are simply running to madi area to enjoy the good services in terms of education, health and other social amenities and food perid.No body was liberated for we voted in referumdum to achieve independence from Khartoum.So go back to your your mud land for it was chosen by your fore ansesters so the equatorians are not to blame.You are talking about running to Uganda yes our people took refuge there then but you dinkas are the only one in exile in Uganda today and our people are peaceful and intact.

    • jay johnson says:

      Brother Malith,

      Thank for your insightful article. South Sudanese did not die during the liberation for an apartheid nation, where Equatoria region is for equatorian only and Bahr Kalas and Upper Nile region become an exclusive territory for western Nilotic only.

      That is not the nation envision by our founding fathers. Dr. Garang did not give up a prestigious professorship in California to fight for a nation where segregation and apartheid would be law of the land. When Gen. Kiir Mayardit and Wani Igga stood with the moment till to the end ,when majority of their comrades were bought and recruited to stabbed the back of the people struggle, they did not do so for a country where the Equatorians and western Nilotic would use visa and passport in order to move and reside in other part of their country.

      That is not the country I fought for for 22 years. And certainly that is not the country my fellow comrade in arm envision. As I wrote some time back that there in indeed land grab in Equatoria region as well as other part of the country. I correctly pointed out that the culprits are the Equatorians wolves and vultures ( Politicians) as well as few and tiny Dinka politicians

      The average and poor Jieng civilians residing in Equatoria region have nothing to do with land grab. They are just living in their own country. And it is a shame that they are subjected to harassment and intimidation by their fellow citizens, who were nowhere to be found during the difficult years of war of independent.

      It is good that you took upon yourself to educate the KOKORATORIANS who have use the presence of jieng people in Equatoria region as a rallying cry. They Kokoratorians, are bigoted who have never like the presence of Jieng in their region during the time when the regional government was dominated by Equatorians. They are committed to implement their kokora policy of the 19970s which advocate the segregation of tribes in the nation.

      They must be confronted, challenged and educated for they do not understand the implication of their preaching

      once again thank you so much. You are indeed a true patriot of this nation who embrace the principle of peace co existence among our people. May Nhialiny ( God ) DENG GARANG bless you

  28. Diktor Agarab says:

    Dinkas should ask themselves. How come Equatorians don’t have problems with Nuers, Chollos, Murles and other non-Dinkas? How come Dinkas have problems with all 63 tribes of South Sudan? Why is it that when Dinkas go anywhere in the world (America, Canada, Australia, Uganda, Kenya, etc) they’re hated? Even the honest Dinkas are now beginning to question themselves about their luak mentality.

    What is with the land in Equatoria? Is it paradise? How come Dinkas don’t want to develop their areas? If Nuers, Chollos, Luwos, Murles are happy with their ancestral lands, how come Dinkas all want to move to Equatoria? We don’t buy your nonsense about Juba being the capital and CES ought to move to Yei. We know your plans from day 1 of the liberation struggle wasn’t about separation but occupying Equatoria because you’re kicked out in 1983. It’s gonna happen again. Just wait and see.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Diktor Agarab,

      Those are very good questions LGG and the rest need to answer honestly. Very sure I am that you will receive a loaded nonsense made up of lies to justify their occupation of Equatoria. Do not buy those lies. I know one or two things. Uganda is seen as where food come from, so go figure. Now they are doing everything possible to push you out of Nimule and the surrounding areas so they can be at the border with Uganda. Believe you me, if Salva Kiir does not go, that Equatoria’s land will forever be for Dinka. Second reason, they are running away from Nuer.

      For this 8 years of Kiir’s tenure, they have been licking, washing dishes, and cleaning Ugandan houses. This is how UPDF got involved in South Sudanese internal issue.

      • jay johnson says:


        It is always amazing watching you in desperation. you have been a contributor on this site as long as I remembered. And at no time have you ever join the Equatoria land grab myth until the launched of failed coup and subsequent rebellion.

        Well the Equatorian are smart to joint the white army anarchist to over throw a democratically elected government. please leave this debate of land grab to us and equatorians. Just focus on how you will march to Juba. You started this senseless war and it will end with bitter lesson. The cattle keeping, primitive and war lords nuer started it and should rightly own this conflict. Keep fighting so that you can reach juba and topple the government.

        And by the way, what happen to that believe of warrior and the most brave tribe in the entire world, the nuer? Are you still believing it after 2 months of rebellion? Well, please carry your own cross and do not look to others in desperation for military aid. Other people values their lives.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Dear Jay Johnson:

          When did Nuer become the only cattle keepers in South Sudan? Are you becoming ashamed of yourself that you are a cattle keeper too? Are Equatorians out witting you in this debate? Are you running out of lies that you can throw at them to justify your occupations of their land? Cousin, telling the truth is not in your nature. There is no term for it in your Dinka language. There is only a term for lying. No explainable reason for your occupation of Equatoria land buddy. Come up with more lies.

          Yes, I am a firm believer in Nuer bravery. You must have a short memory. Not too long ago that you had to run for UPDF, Rwanda, Burundi, M23, JEM, and SPLM-N to come quick to your rescue. Have you forgotten this already? What do you call a tribe fighting these combine forces?

          By the way, how is dish washing and feet licking jobs coming with you? You must be getting good at it. Museveni would like to get his kitchen clean fast; you better run and clean it quick… Run, run, run, run Johnson, Museveni is going to get mad at you. The mighty Nuers are there to change your thinking; we did it before and we will do it again.

    • bolabokdit says:

      Dicktor Agrab
      The simple answer to your question is that you don’t have border you live distance apart though is very stupid question.

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        As usual your ignorance overwhelms your intellect. What border are you talking about? Are you running out of things to say? Continue with the ignorance. Your government is dying and about to fall because of gross incompetence by the primitive president, Salva Kiir.

  29. malith Alier says:

    I will respond to your concerns all in due course.

  30. wololo Mayoyo says:

    do you know the reason why this Garang of yours died, it is because of his evil deed and evil plans against the equatorians and God did a divine justice that he has to die in the air like that. He is a mastermind behind all this mess occurring today and you dinkas foolishly worship him like a god, shame upon you. As for us the equatorians we only worship God who call us to come and reason together with him unlike you. Your stupid Garang who brainwashed all the innocent and uncivilized tribemate to take gun to fight and in that gun is their wives,land, wealth etc. And now how do you call this kind of fight a liberation war.

    You people must leave my land because you do not know peace and you are fools right from the womb which is known by the whole world. You have made this country to be ruled by the foreigners and taking the money to develop their own country since you fear the equatorians to work with you. We are tired of you and most of all, the God of heaven is tired of your oppression of his humble people the equestrians and in particular the madi people whom you call cowards.

    You drink the blood of your cows which made you to behave like it. I am coming in full swing to be the voice of my people in the land where you dwell with your cows right now and we will see the male tortoise in the fire and that is a saying in my language, find it out.


  31. lofu lo loku says:

    Jay johnson. I would like to ask you. When did transitional constitution become eligible to people of South Sudan? Please stop your devilsify way of thinking to deceive people of equatoria. We are more aware og our land. Dinka fugitive never shed blood in the land of equatoria. In that war everybody died because of their land. Why dinka did not die because of nuer rich oil land? So, let you reason like human being free of cowdize mentlity. We atr not apathied or segretive people as you described in your comment. Dinka lost its grid to power by creating endless war that was perpectuated by kiiracy. This current war can an ideology and strategy of dinka power hunger ambition. I I want to tell you to forget your fake contitution because we are heading to new South Sudan.

  32. Pan says:

    Kanya, thanks for your posts. I’d only say that we got neither Liberation nor Independence. What we got was Separation. Let’s think hard about the difference. SEPARATION is a smaller piece of geographical territory to claim as our own but with all the same old pretenders, predators, poverty and problems. From here on out, let us be honest. We only achieved Separation.

    (To those Coco Chanel Comrades hustling in Hotel Ethiopia reading our words here, infiltrating with articles of their own and reunited with their girlfriends and business buddies, we are watching you. While your people are burning you have the nerve to speak about your role in some socalled Liberation.)

    • Kanya Gogo says:


      My take is that, as long as the separation gave us the South Sudanese an opportunity to decide what is best for us without looking back to the North, it qualifies as independence. Literally, the independence we got was from the North but within ourselves the South, there is no independence because some few have dominated every part of the national cake and have put a serious ban on freedom of expression by instilling fear and permanent silencing of vocal journalist like Isaiah Abraham. By doing this, no South Sudanese man and woman is able to contribute to nation building because any voice with a different accent from those controlling power is treated as an outside voice full of jealousy without even attempting to listen to the contents of the voice. To my dismay, many of the people in power think this confusion is just a simple issue. Lets us all watch if indeed it is a simple matter. The suffering this time is on all South Sudanese unlike when there was relative peace and the suffering was on a section of South Sudanese.

      Kanya Gogo
      Nimule South Sudan

  33. Kanya Gogo says:

    Jay Johnson,

    Was it not you who described us as 3 feet Kokoratorians and nuts in your article? Respect is two ways. Tit for Tat is a fair game my brother. In as much as the words animal and pigs pain you, same is for me to be called mad.

    • jay johnson says:

      Dear Kanya,

      while the ” 3 feet Kokoratorians” might be considered as an insult, it is nevertheless a true reflection of average Equatorian height just as the Dinka average height is 6 feet. You can describe Dinka as 6 feet, but you can not continue to use dehumanization term like animals/pigs

      For your information, this is how the Jews and Tutsi were portrayed, both in Europe and Rwanda. And you know what happen to this ethnic groups. GENOCIDE!!! The first recipe for future genocide start with dehumanization. Politic and power is dynamic and it is not a fantasy to think of an Equatorian president in 2020 who, if he believe in the dehumanization of jieng, would exterminate them.

      This is the center of my alarm and concern. Once again, I urged you to desist from using such term in the future. It is noble to accept responsibility and apologize if you cross the line.

      I am looking forward to your apology so that we can move on with land grab debate.

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        “3 feet Kokoratorians” Reallly??? Must be that addled cow-dung you mistake for a brain that makes you come up with such silly phrases. And imagine, in your locality, you pass for an intellectual. Makes me wonder at Dinka intellect. Now wonder the Kiir Government is a total failure.

        A primary kid from Equatoria can reason better than you if the above is any indication of your intellectual contribution. Hahahahaahaha!!!!!

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Jay, You should worry about the genocide started in Juba by Kiir. You Should worry about the Dinkas calling Equatorians Cowards and taking their lands by force, this is what will call for killings in self defense which is a natural right!

  34. Kanya Gogo says:

    Jay Johnson,

    If you think dehumanization is only restricted to calling someone an animal, then you are wrong. Do you know how much you the Dinkas have dehumanized Equatorians by your oppressive acts. i.e. by treating us as second class citizens, by grabbing our land, by harrasing our people on their own land?. My brother, if it is about dehumanization of others, Equatorians will lead from the TAIL and you the Dinkas will obviously lead from HEAD? I would equally ask you to teach your fellow Jiengs to desist from dehumanizing us by their inhuman acts against us and if they apologize I will have the remorse to do so.

  35. malith Alier says:

    Dear all,
    there is a saying that land is where one can play on and then goes (pass away). Some people in south Sudan have the habit that complicates everything for the people of this nation such as;
    1. Making land access or acquisition to be very difficult
    2. Resisting change at all cost
    3. Preferring private interest rather than public interest
    4. Tribe mindedness rather than brotherhood minded etc
    Time has come now to try to adopt modern ways of solving problems without going back to the olden ways that serve no interest even your own.
    Land grabbing is a myth of the 21st century South Sudan perpetuated by people in the borderlands who cross to other countries in cases of conflict or natural disasters in their mother countries. The Acholi, Madi, Anyuak, Toposa, Nuer etc are some of the people who have brothers and sisters on either side of the border. The Madi even resists the designation of a town council (Nimule town) recently for the same selfish ends. Who was to benefit out of this? no one else except the Madi. Second, the Madi are always at loggerheads with the Acholi and there is a place between Acholi and Madi called Madi Pe translated as Madi is not there (chased away). Recently, the Madi and Acholi quarrel over Magwi, their shared county headquarters.
    All in all, land is a commodity that needs to be freely traded in like any other goods if maximum benefits are to be accrued from it. In towns, land should be gazetted so that everybody who needs it obtains it with minimum hassle

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Again Malith Alier,
      What’s so special about the land of Equatoria that Dinkas will want to grab it? How come Dinkas are not happy about their ancestral homes? Equatorians nor Nuers asked to be divided along international borders. Fault the colonialists. Equatorians are not going to entertain Dinkas land grab. And, yes “Land belongs to the community”, if you don’t like it, GO HANG YOURSELF. Instead of trying to settle in Equatoria, why not concentrate all your energies developing your areas? What happened to all the ill-gotten wealth you looted from the South Sudan? If Dinkas weren’t the brainless fool they’re, they could’ve built their areas with that money. But because they’re lazy fools and food-lovers, they expect others to do things for them!

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      I do not blame you for what you wrote and failure to understand the meaning of land in Equatorian context. You are a Nomad, do not impose your nomadic views on others. Those who buy this view will do it to their demise as a tribe. You are a Dinka and You are not my brother unless your existence as a Dinka does not eliminate my existence as a none Dinka! What make you a Dinka my brother? You are to me as a Tutsi or a Kukuyu is to me! The only difference is the vicinity in which we live. Because you are a nomad, wherever you go you remain a Dinka, but because my identity is tied to the land in which I sit to cultivate and hunt and practice my cultural rituals, if you take it away you eliminate my existence as a tribe. We are a nation of 64 in one by choice!! This concept is very important, we are different and in depended tribes or nations, who must interrelate in mutual and respected ways without doing things to deprive others from their means of existence in the pretext of false brotherhood!! This is why federal systems is what will suit us well.
      Indeed this land grabbing agenda is Dinka conspiracy to dikanized the entire South Sudan and extinct others from their ancestral lands! We have seen this happen to the native Americans all over the continent of Americas! Once their lands taken they extinct!!!
      You are not my brother unless you respect what is vital for my survival else you are an enemy!
      You can not advocate nationalism at the expenses of other tribes and people, and you the beneficiary of it all from presidency, military, resources, lands etc! In this atmosphere where you stole all the money, we must hang onto out lands else you will end up buying all the towns of South Sudan with our public stolen moneys! The play ground is not fair or leveled!

  36. Kanya Gogo says:

    Malith Alier,

    It is true that no one will be buried with anything got on this earth including land. This applies to even material things. But if I may ask you why do people amass material wealth well knowing that they will be buried without it? It is because that is human nature. And so for you to suggest that people should just give away their land because they will be buried without it unrealistic. Remember land in fact more than material things is not an individual property but rather a security for future lineage of every community. Instead of blaming the situation of land acquisition becoming difficult, try to find out why that situation. It’s not enough to just blame a situation but rather continue asking why this situation?

    People resist change that they are sure is not of benefit to them. So if you want people to accommodate change very fast, let that change be within their understanding and jurisdiction. But if you want to impose change, even if you achieve that change it will not last and thus will crumble. It is unfortunate that people of your like think that for something to be called public interest it must either favour you the Dinkas or said by you in the Republic of South Sudan. Tribal association is not a bad thing in my view because that is the orbit of identity. However, if tribal affiliation is used to distribute economic and social opportunities then that is where I will have a problem.

    I am happy you are beginning to embrace modern ways of doing things. Carry on with this gospel so that all contentious issues in South Sudan will be tabled and settled for the benefit of all.

    By saying land grabbing is a myth of the 21st Century perpetuated by people at the borders is a fallacy.For your information land grabbing is already a global problem that requires special attention. In fact Africa is leading in this.

    Alier naivety has overburdened you terribly. It is natural for people to leave their homeland when there is conflict and disaster. It is incorrect to say that those at the borders are the only who do this. How many Dinkas are in Equatoria due to conflicts and disasters in their homeland? How many Dinkas have crossed to neighbouring countries in this ongoing conflict if it is only people at the borders who are used to crossing to other countries as you are asserting?

    What is wrong with having people of the same ethnic group in the neighbouring countries?

    Alier, I advise you to keep to this topic of land grabbing in this debate. Your understanding is too shallow to comprehend the complexities surrounding the creation of Nimule Town Council. If it is the Madi to benefit from the Town council scheme, why does their refusal pain you after all you won’t loose or gain any thing? BUT WE KNOW YOUR PLANS!!!!

    You don’t have even a single idea about the source of the conflict between Madi and Acholi and so don’t waste your time to open it for discussion. Ask us and we will elaborate for you further in a different debate. In the future stick to one issue because jumping from one issue to another doesn’t bring any sense about the debate at hand.

    Sorry, my brother land is not like the other commodities and so don’t expect it to be traded like the way you are suggesting. I agree with you 100% that town land should be gazette to minimize conflicts but there are a number of dynamics that must be put in place before gazetting any land.

    Kanya Gogo
    Nimule, South Sudan

  37. Kanya Gogo says:

    Malith Alier,

    Please check the headline of your article. You have given a reason for land grabbing in the headline and that explains the practice of land grabbing exists but given that people like Jay Johnson have intentionally dismissed practice of land grabbing in Equatoria, you have blindly followed them hence contradicting yourself. Does this mean you were not in the right sense when you wrote the article and now you are in your right sense?

    Kanya Gogo
    Nimule, South Sudan.

    • malith Alier says:

      Dear Kanya,
      Land grabbing is either exists on nonexistent depending on whoever, advances it. Don’t get me wrong or say that i contradict myself. The word myth in that reply should be used in its right context. Here you have two definitions of myth;
      1. A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon and typically involving supernatural beings or events
      2. A widely held but false belief or idea.
      According to these definitions one can now apply myth in the right context
      Number I have lived in Juba as a landless person since 2008. I find it hard to get a piece of land for my family either through allotment or purchase. But land is in abundance. If i just settle wherever I choose someone some day will come and evict me as a land grabber despite the fact that there was no sign of someone or “land owner” activities in the land concern. As we chat, many land cases are now in courts where people are accused falsely by those who forged land documents to evict others after several years of absence from land. Always the losers are those who have developed the land in the absence of supposed landowners.

  38. Rumunu says:

    My dear Equatorians, forgive these guys for they don’t know what they are saying. Those who claimed to be enlightened also behave like those who are from cattle kraal. But let us not take them lightly, because whatever, a small Dinka boy or girl says is the briefing done to them by those whom they think as their beloved leaders with rotten ideas. It is really very unfortunate for us to be with such people who don’t understand anything and their argument is full of falsity.
    For the writer Mr. Alier, whatever you call yourself, it is not good to misinterpret the constitution my dear and that is exactly how you mislead your innocent people about the constitutionality of land crabbing. The constitution has said any one can stay (settle) in any place of his/her choice, but not in the way you understood it. The word “can stay in any place” is not to come with the whole village members to settle in any an occupied place in Equatoria. The constitution says you can stay anywhere as an individual and with family members after following the legal procedures of that locality in place.
    That is being narrowed minded Mr. Alier, the word IDP is not applicable for Dinkas only as you may think and the word did not originate because of your presence in Equatoria, why should UN which is world body adopt the WORD just because of Dinka and Equatoria land. IDP means, leaving your original ancestral place forcefully within the same nation due other external factors, can be war, famine, land slide, and name it. Whenever this person crosses an international border automatically he/she becomes a refugee in that country. Why do you call yourself a refugee in you Uganda or Kenya, you need not to because you are an African and got displaced within Africa.
    After this you may have an argument of saying the International border has made you different nationality, what about the internal boundaries that separate you ethnic group from the other, does it not qualify you as an IDP. The books that we are reading or we read should give us good bases for argument.
    The case of Juba, Yei and Nimule you have given as examples of loggerhead between the landlords and Dinkas is true, because you did not come as an individual to ask for place for settlement, but rather came as occupants. You come as whole with your cattle and we don’t have place in Equatoria for your animals.
    When you talk of weakness of central government about the enforcement of the constitution which should for your particular interest as Dinkas will not be acceptable and this is the same think that has sparked the current insurgency in the Country. The CPA was owned by the people of South Sudan and benefits the interest of the nation. You did mention CPA has brought something wrong about land ownership and that should have been changed in interim constitution just to address the interest of Dinka people. My brother what you are thinking is just a dream which will never happen whatsoever the case may be, if it means sacrificing our dear lives we are ready for that.


    • malith Alier says:

      Rumunu Orirogo or who?
      You have poured unnecessary venom on the writer and Dinka for no good reasons. This writer was not talking about Dinka because they are not the only ones that are in Equatoria, there are other hosts of people around the world who you people do not talk about.
      Let me tell you this if it is eluding you, Dinka is a unifying factor compared to others who because of small mind confine themselves to their little mental states and want to protect the little they own at all costs.
      1. Dinka marry anywhere
      2. Dinka travels anywhere
      3. Dinka is always outgoing and opens to making friends
      4. Dinka is dependable in every situation
      5. Dinka is not fond of hatred

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