Ex-Gov. Bakosoro declares: Pres. Kiir’s Call for National Prayer Day is a mockery

BY: Joseph Bakosoro Bangasi, Ex-governor of Western Equatoria & Leader of the SSNMC, (South Sudan National Movement for Change), MAR/05/2017, SSN;

SSNMC has received Kiir’s call for national prayers as mockery and jock in the name of God, which is an insult, very hypocritical and a fallacy. How can a leader of a country that is in total economic collapse, with untold sufferings of his people, call for national prayers when he has not yet asked forgiveness and pardon from God for crimes he has committed?

There are number of questions Kiir must answer to South Sudanese people including but not limited to whether he has:
—Withdrawn tanks and Mathiang Anyor from villages across the country?
—Asked pardon from God for crimes he has committed against South Sudanese people in the past three years or so?
—Desisted himself from his unconstitutional JCE?
—Withdrawn mercenaries from South Sudan territory, and stop bombing innocent civilian targets?
—Freed innocent prisoners languishing in prison of NSS(National Security) for no proper reason?
—Freed IDPS in UN camps to return to their villages and homes?
—Returned refugees who are suffering in camps in neighboring countries back to South Sudan?
—Given chance to peace, freedom of expression, press, and media?
—Stopped hate speeches, bigotry languages towards other ethnic groups?
—Visited villages in Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal, and Upper Nile to verify whether there are civilians in their houses and homes?
—Availed food to the suffering people dying from hunger in villages and bushes?
—Conscious of what he is saying or he had been asked by his JCE to fool South Sudanese people in the name of God?

The people of South Sudan are in real dilemma as a result of the unpredicted actions of the president who unceasingly say one thing and do the opposite. He calls for national dialogue while shipping in war arsenals to kill innocent civilians who do not have anything to do with combat.

When he fails to feed the “mathiang anyor” and the “dut ku beny”, he pretends to agree with the call of the international community that there is famine in South Sudan.

SSNMC agrees that there is famine in South Sudan; by the way the famine is not only in Upper Nile but also in Bahr El-Ghazal and Equatoria. But I accede with Madam Rebecca Garang that the famine in South Sudan is a man-made famine orchestrated by the malicious action and lack of leadership and vision of President Kiir.

I would like to concur with United States legislators, as reported by both Sudan Tribune and Radio Tamazuj on 2/3/2017 and 3/3/2017 respectively, who have written to His Excellency Mousa Faki Mahamat, the new Chairperson of the African Union, that the AU must “take extraordinary steps to avert a looming genocide in South Sudan.”

SSNMC believes that unless the international community is united in its endeavors to finding a sustainable political solution in South Sudan, the lesson learnt from Rwandan genocide and mass atrocities will be averted.

SSNMC believes that the conflict in South Sudan is becoming more complex and will be very catastrophic to regional stability and international equanimity; therefore the international and regional bodies must consider rediscussing the roadmap which is possible to a sustainable peace in South Sudan.

SSNMC warns that failure to renegotiate the current failed agreement would result in the entire country descending into a very
complicated dispute, citing the fact that South Sudan will slope into proxy civil war, which is absolutely costly for South Sudan, the region and the globe because of the fact that ethnic groups will not sit back and watch members of their communities being raped and murdered in their own villages.

SSNMC would like to thank Congressmen and Senators: Benjamin Cardin, John Boozman, Edward Markey, Johny Isakson, Karen Bass, Michael Capuano, Jeffery Merkley, James Inhofe, Richard Durbin, Christopher Coons, Cory Booker and Barbara Lee. You are really true friends of the people of South Sudan and have demonstrated to the suffering South Sudanese that you care.

Rest assured that the South Sudanese will never forget you and without the intervention of people like you, South Sudan will never be a better place for the overwhelming people suffering under the brutal regime of President Kiir and his JCE. You are indeed the voice of the voiceless, far away from the locked land of South Sudan.

It is not enough that the United States supported the independence of South Sudan for which we are all thankful; however, US should also ensure that democracy, liberty, justice and prosperity prevails in the Republic of South Sudan, a country the people of US
supported to attain autonomy.

Thus, SSNMC kindly pleads with the US Government to ensure that the current government of South Sudan must be prepared to renegotiate peace and made accountable for atrocities it has committed on innocent civilians instead of preaching fake national dialogue and prayer that will never be inclusive and will never achieve any positive outcome, but is championed to address Salva Kiir and JCE’s agenda.

I conclude by beseeching the suffering people of South Sudan to read Isaiah 49:14-19.
God bless the people and all the well-wishers of South Sudan.

Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    You’re absolutely correct patriot Bangasi. South Sudan will and shall never experience peace during killer nyankiir’s and the Jenges Council of Evils’ leadership. National dialogue cannot take place while Killer nyankiir’s regime is slaughtering civilians in Upper Nile, Bhar El Ghazale, and Equotoria. National dialogue cannot take place while killer nyankiir’s regime is denying access to the humanitarian organizations to deliver food aid to the dying civilians in Mayendit, Leer, Lou land, Panyinjiar,cholloland, Yei, Wau, and other non-Dinka tribe areas. Aggressor like killer nyankiir who uses food as a weapon of war on non-Dinka people cannot possibly convene a National Dialogue. Lastly, national dialogue cannot take place while nearly a million of non-Dinka tribe–people(civilians) are lockedup in prisons__in the UNMISS concentration camps in Bentiu, Malakal, Wau, Yei, and Juba. Killer nyankiir’s call for National Dialogue is a pure “mockery” and shall never take place full stop

  2. HENRY LUAL says:

    what can we do ??? the people of south Sudan,we are being threatened to death,intermidated and subjected to untold suffering.
    I am asking God to rescue our lives from the government.
    God bless SSNMC,People of south Sudan at large.

  3. Malouda says:

    Dear, Bakosoro,be a national figure do not incite, you address the current ruling system but not to target the certain ethnic because the president hail from that tribe hence you are empowering him as that tribe will stand for defending itself and there will be no South Sudan later.

  4. Mading says:

    An other lonely chairman Joseph, I am sorry for such leaders.

  5. Bismark says:

    Bako come to the field. The boys are waiting for your effective leadership to propel change. As we write the corrupt system is desperately selling the resources of the country in order to prosecute their stupid war.

  6. Mading says:

    Gatdarwich. How is your uncle Riek Machar doing? I haven’t hear from him for a very long time, it is he okay.?

  7. Gatdarwich says:


    Dr. Riek is doing very very good. I know you, the traitorous Jenges want him to redeem you from the mess you’re going through right now in Juba, but we won’t let him give you another chance after you traitorously killed the August 2015 peace agreement at J1 in July 2016. We will, and shall keep distanced from personally dealing with you again because he has proven to be susceptible to your cunning deception tactics.

  8. Mading says:

    That is why your uncle is locked a way in South Sudan Gatdarwich. Dumb Nuer like you think that the war is between Muonyjaang and Nuer. which is not true, Ngagaats are fighting the government forces, but Nuer and Jaang are living peacefully in their states.

  9. Wilson says:

    What are we talking about when our people are in need of peace. I would like all of you to come together in your common sense to look deep into what is happening now in our country. Do all of you really love this country and its people? If you do Please, Please do what the other leaders are doing for their people in their countries. We are very tied of war.Do you really know God? if you say yes what kind of leaders are you?. Leaders of No peace to their people? or Evil leaders? National dialogue is the only way forward to bring peace to this country without exclude any group, In doing so there will be comprehensive peace to all of us. I pray that the Living God will intervene to save his own people from you the leaders of this country.

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