Ethnic balance with 42% increased Dinka-land if 28 states approved


A proposal by President Salva Kiir to divide the country into 28 states would make his own Dinka ethnic group the prevailing ethnic majority in administrative areas covering 42% of the country, according to maps of the proposal.

By comparison, in the current situation, the Dinka are the prevailing ethnic group in only 26 counties, approximately 25% of total land area, according to maps available for download below.

Considerable areas that presently belong to ethnically diverse states would be governed by new states comprising predominantly ethnic Dinka populations, for example, Raja County, Maban County and part of Makal County.

On the other hand, some Dinka-inhabited areas that were hitherto part of ethnically diverse states would be transferred into predominantly Dinka states, notably, Pigi County.

A map produced by the presidency to explain its 28-states proposal indicates the partial absorption of the Nuer-inhabited Uror County into an otherwise entirely Dinka-inhabited state and the largely Murle-inhabted Boma State.

Part of Nuer-inhabited Rubkona County would be absorbed into the new Dinka-inhabited Ruweng State; both areas have hitherto been part of the multi-ethnic Unity State.

Raja County is the largest territory that would be transferred into a Dinka-majority state, the proposed Lol State. Currently the county belongs to Western Bahr al Ghazal State, in which the Dinka are an ethnic minority. Under Kiir’s proposal, the county would be merged with two areas of Northern Bahr al Ghazal, radically shifting the ethnic balance in the state.

Meanwhile, the proposal for creation of 21 states by Riek Machar similarly creates advantages for his own ethnic group, the Nuer. Most notably, the Dinka area of Baliet County in present-day Upper Nile State would be merged into Nuer-dominated Sobat state.

The existence of a Dinka minority in present-day Unity State would remain unchanged under Machar’s proposal, whereas in Kiir’s proposal this minority would be given its own state administration.

Under Machar’s proposal, the Dinka minority in Pigi County would find itself isolated within a Nuer-dominated Phow State; presently the county is part of the multi-ethnic Jonglei State, in which there are other Dinka tribes in the southwest of the state around Bor.

The former vice president’s proposal would consequently result in an increase in predominance of his own ethnic group from 15% of total land area to 19% of total area.

Machar has also proposed that the minority Maban be merged with a new ‘Adar State’, which is otherwise Dinka-inhabited. At present they are part of the ethnically diverse Upper Nile State, which is dominated by no single group.

Both the proposal of Salva Kiir and the proposal of Riek Machar result in increased administrative influence of the Dinka and Nuer and less influence for smaller tribes.

—Last week’s constitutional amendments pushed through by South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir, establishing 18 new states and appointing governors have cast a shadow over the peace agreement and the formation of a transitional government.

President Kiir had invoked Article 101 (f) of the Transitional Constitution that allows him to initiate constitutional amendments and legislation, enabling parliament to pass a raft of amendments on November 19. The amendments now pave the way for appointment of new governors for the 18 additional states.

Amended was Article 162, which states that South Sudan, comprises 10 states and the states boundaries and names shall not be altered except by a resolution of the Council of States approved by two-thirds of all members.

Also amended were Article 165, which provided that governors are to be elected by the people. The amendments now gives President Kiir powers to appoint new governors and entrench the additional 18 states into the Constitution.

Superior law: Chapter 7 (3) of the agreement says: “This Agreement shall take precedence over any national legislation, and in the event that the provisions of a national legislation conflict with the terms of this Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail”.

However, other stakeholders argue that the amendments will not hold because the peace agreement is supreme and any amendment to the Constitution are to be undertaken by the National Constitutional Amendments Committee to be formed under the Transitional Government of National Unity.


  1. Alier-kon says:

    Dear writer,
    which one is Governed our country now? the constitutions or peace agreement?
    explain briefly to mark different between constitutions and peace agreement. and if we are to follow any agreement which is related to peace. like CPA in 2005.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Killer NyanKiir and the JCE deserves nothing short of elimination from South Sudan’s soil if they keep on pushing the ill-evil intent plan of annexing others tribes’ lands to Dinka. They are the South Sudan’s 63 tribes’ ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Nazis period

  2. Raan Naath says:

    The Peace Agreement is the supreme document from which the constitution can be amended, as simple as that. Kiir is doing the opposition in violation.

    For the Radio Tamazuj, South Sudan Nation should have attached the counter-explanation on Sudan Tribune in which Dr. Riek Machar’s press secretary, James Gatdet Dak, clearly explained the genesis of the creation of the 21 states based on former colonial districts. It was not an intention of the SPLM (IO) leadership to increase the Nuer dominance by 4% from 15% to 19%. Both Baliet and Pigi counties happened to be part of the Nasir and Fangak former districts.

    The proposal is the best since it attempts to avoid or minimize violent conflicts that would definitely arise from the creation of new states and their boundaries.

    The 28 states of Salva Kiir which increases Dinka dominance by 18% from 26% to 42% comes out of the blue and is a clear greedy strategy to take away other communities lands and give it to the Dinka.

    There is therefore a bid difference between the two proposals and I do agree with the explanation by the SPLM (IO) that the analysis by Radio Tamazuj was not well informed, or was simply based on the desire to blame the two leaders equally.

    • Abiel says:

      Raan Naath.
      For your information Baliet never became a part of Nasir district, the Sobat was not Nasir. Baliet is a Sobat and the Sobat headquarters was inside Malakal since 1956 when the colonial left the Country. Then in 1986 Nasir became a part of Sobat administration inside Malakal town and not Baliet become a part of Nasir.
      secondly Baliet taxes never paid to Nasir before greater Baliet paid theirs to Malakal headquarters. Then how could you claim that Baliet was a part of Nasir.
      Raan Naath, you don’t know how many district were there during the colonial administration and i can’t blame you because at time you was living in your Mother hut.
      to the author why you looking for the numbers of the States and not looking on the populations and before this new states, Dinka were existing within 7 States. did you try to ask Sudan government why Dinka exist within 7 States in Southern Sudan.
      for your information if you hate Dinka, Dinka will be there.

  3. Ghol Chot says:

    Every piece of sh*t often written is rubbish these days, including the rubbishes of SUDAN TRIBUNE and RADIO TAMAZUJ, often spew every piece of rubbish about the Dinka/Jieng. SUDAN TRIBUNE and RADIO TAMAZUJ are based in France and are used to play propaganda about South Sudan; in the hope that South Sudan may be re-united with the North Sudan just like former “West and East Germany”.

    Some white people are just out of touch with realities. South Sudanese people are conquering people, and there is no way we will be re-united with the people we hate to death, the cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, by any rubbish in any form or shape. In fact, we are going to bomb the mighty US to oblivion.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Ghol Chol,
      Radio Tamazuj is just putting more light on what pres. Kiir has promulgated, so, please, forget about this foreign conspiracy theory.
      Incidentally, more South Sudanese, especially the Jieng and Nuer have gone back to Khartoum than before.
      Don`t you think that if another referendum was done today, the vote for unity might plausibly win?

    • Hard Target says:

      Who did you conquer Ghol?
      If only Nuer made you run allover the place looking for help, inviting UPDA, JEM ++++, what if the rest of the tribe join the dance which in now imminent, what are you going to do you beasts??

      Anyway I hear the UPDF are back only that this time it’s going to be much worst coz the Equatorian terrain, the Jungle, is perfect for guerrilla warfare

  4. Gatdarwich says:

    Comparing the JCE’s 28 states proposal to Dr. Riek’ proposal of 21 states as similar is absolutely short-sighted, and clearly shows the disputable insanity of this article composer. In a nutshell, JCE’s 28 states proposal is ill-intent, because it will give Dinka legal tool to annex other tribes’ lands. On the other hand, Dr. Riek’s 21 states proposal won’t legally license Nuer or any other tribe to annex others’ lands. Let’s be logical, reasonable, and think patriotically when attempting to analyze national matters, which if handled unwisely, shall be disastrous to the Nation’s very existence!

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Comparing the JCE’s 28 states proposal to Dr. Riek’s 21 states proposal as being similar, is absolutely short-sighted, clearly shows the indisputable inanity of this article’s composer. In a nutshell, JCE’s 28 states proposal is ill-evil-intent because it will gives Dinka legal tools to annexes others tribes’ land. On the other hand, Dr. Riek’s 21 states proposal is noble because it won’t legally lincensed Nuer or any other tribes to annexes others tribes’ ancestry lands. JCE’s 28 states have no clear historical boundaries, while Dr Riek’s 21 states proposal does. Fact. Let us be logical, reasonable, and think patriotically when attempting to analyzes national matters, which if handles unwisely, shall be disastrous to the Nation’s very existence period!

  5. David .k says:

    I am sure that those who’re called Dinkas do not think for tomorrow.

  6. A Lako Lukudu says:

    28 or 21 or 10 States!

    Both leaders are political thieves who think of South Sudan as Dinka and Nuer….let both tribes collect their thoughts together and divide their territories as they want. None of them can impose anything on others just because they can’t live together…We can all make this easy…ceasefire and let the people vote for what they want. The so called leaders and some chatterbox tribalistic individuals here should not even try to justify anything without the ordinary citizens vote. Your tongues and mouths stink with hatred.

  7. Alier-kon says:

    Dear info@southsudannation,
    we don’t want unity and let every one have his or her own state to stop this noise people are making on Dinka, that they dominate the Government.
    why are you worried Nuer and Dinka will stayed in their land and you too so there is no need telling many stories about land etc.

  8. jok lual says:

    gatdarwich kiir is your presidant you have to respect him now no Jalaba behind you is better to come to Juba befor 28 states been announce or you been a Gambella Nuer.
    thanks from monyjang thondit

  9. Beek says:

    South Sudan will not re-united with North again because we don’t them to rule us again. They are our people and neighbours and that’s all. Iraq and Jordan are Arabs,but they are neighbours,what is the point if South Sudanese are living in the North.It is the same like millions Egyptians who living and working in Gulf States,Libya,Iraq even in Jordan.Those who are cleaning Arab’s countries streets are Egyptians.

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