Equatorians and the Federation of South Sudan: Analysis

BY: Chuol C. Puoch, JUL/01/2014, SSN;

Greater Equatoria lies in the southern part of the Country and is made up of many different small ethnicities divided into the three states of Western, Central and Eastern Equatoria under the leadership of Bangasi Joseph Bakasoro in the west, Clement Wani Konga and Louis Lobong Lojore in central and Eastern Equatoria states respectively. The region is currently represented in the Central government by James Wani Igga as the Vice President of the Country with other Equatorian sons and daughters holding ministerial positions in the government of Salva Kirr Mayardit.

Position of Equatorians in the current conflict and its dangers

Often, Equatorians go after democracy, federalization and good governance which they never achieved throughout their life in the history of South Sudan. However, hearing anyone calling for democracy and federalism is in their utmost interest and they would, in one way or another, go for it.

On the other hand, it seems not only difficult, but also undo-able for them to rise up on the streets and in the bushes to bring down the government of Salva Kirr, which has humiliated them for quite so long.

In spite of the military strength of Riek Machar and Lado Gore, Equatorians are still thinking that going to the bushes to bring kirr’s government down means life risking with no benefits. That is absolutely not true!

According to how I look at it, Equatorians are digging their own grave for them to be disgracefully cleansed and maimed by Kirr Mayardit in Juba and other areas in Equatoria.

That will be a great melancholy though it’s known before it happens. Equatorians are calling for democracy and federalism in fear and suspicion of falling into the grave that they are digging.

Honestly, how do you think you would succeed yet, you understand that the only language that works at the moment and understandable to Kirr is the gun?

How would you call for federalism which is in the opposite interest of Gen. Kirr, if at all you are allying with him?

You are exactly doing the opposite inside and for that, I must patriotically urge you to rethink, based on my prediction of what is going to happen.

Absolutely I am calling you to wake up and do what we (concerned peace loving South Sudanese) expect you to do! I don’t see the reason why you should risk your life by making that suicide because telling Kirr to accept federalism while sleeping in your houses is a suicide.

Most of you have seen the Juba massacre and Nuer will absolutely do nothing to bring those lives back. It’s his (Kirr) leadership culture and you should understand that before attempting to make that unwanted suicide.

It’s worth mentioning that Kirr is on his last digit to quit counting his days in South Sudan presidency but, I would like to make it very clear that he would not leave with only and already done massacre of Nuer while there is a great opportunity for him to do more especially in Equatoria.

Be very careful on that. He may decide anytime soon to cause tension in Juba as you are as well provoking him with federalism advocacy and he can do the worst massacre ever witnessed in the history while he is on the run.

What are you waiting for? Who is going to fight for your objectives and rights? When are you going to realize that this is the right time?

Who are you going to blame at the end of the day? And lastly, but not the least, how do you think even this federalism would work when there is no commitment and sacrifice in doing something as you seem to be doing now?

To borrow John M. Mitchell’s word, “nearly every man who develops an idea works at it up to the point where it looks impossible and then gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged.”

The real hero is a man who fights even though he is scared. There is no food for a lazy man!

Way forward for Equatorians in the current conflict

First and foremost, I would like to bring it to the attention of some individuals, and not tribes or groups, who think that Equatorians are merely voiceless and harmless population where anyone should decide upon them insolently according to his/her wills. That is completely rubbish and immature thinking.

Equatorians are people of patience and endurance; they are people of peace, love and coexistence and more importantly, they are people of unity and determination.

You may give them more than seven pinches before they give you the first warning of not to do it again. You may take their houses in their land, but still they can host you as a friend and brother.

You may even tend to remove them from their ancestral land and still, they can call you not an enemy but a friend who may only need dialogue. However, some tribes and groups of people have taken their behavior contrarily.

In fact, it is life risking coming up in Juba saying that I support federalism but Clement Wani Konga did it, Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro and Louis Lobong Lojere of western and eastern Equatoria states did it respectively.

However, the question remains unanswered, and the way forward seems to have not yet been instructed by these governors in their comments on federalism.

Equatorians, men and women, are at the juncture with their hands on the waists wondering who to follow and where to go: There is the then South Sudan of humiliation and unfairness, inequality and domination as the way we came from on one hand, and there is a way to peace, democracy and federalism followed by Riek Machar and the other brutal, bloody, Kirrorized and ethnicized way under Gen Kirr in the other hand.

It is up to their (Equatorian) leaders to define a very quick way for Equatorians and accept all the hardship that are possibly on the way they may take.

What is likely to happen?

“Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer” ~ Jacqeas Prevert. That is exactly what is going to happen in Equatoria.

I am afraid Gen. Kirr will soon or later use his decrees on these three governors and replace them with other outstanding sons and daughters within the Equatorians community, just to set brother against brother and family against family. The divide and rule:

Then assassination and depression, complete destabilization of Equatoria region just like Upper Nile region.

Is that what Equatorians are waiting for? Will it, in any case, change the land and the people of Equatoria to any tangible situation? Equatorians will only go back to camps in Uganda, DRC and Kenya for some more years. Equatoria land will only come under destruction given the fact that it’s currently taking the lead in development.

From there, after coming to realize that mistake is made, it will have already made some permanent scars which should have been prevented by now. It will need more efforts for resistance to come to effect because Equatorians will be divided after food and truth.

I think this is the right time for Equatorians to come up and take the lead in achieving the South Sudan we struggled for since 1955 and not this South Sudan of hatred and communal domination and humiliation.

Therefore, the only window of opportunity is for Equatorians to act promptly; they should say enough is enough and force Salva Kirr to either accept peace and step down or face the brave young men of Equatoria led by the three governors.

That is the “ONLY” way before the unwanted maiming operation is laid in Equatoria region. Take care!

Chuol C. Puoch, the writer, is reachable via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com or on twitter @Chuolchot


  1. Ma'digo says:

    Choul C Pouch,

    What is the different between Dinka and Nuer? For your information Equatorians done care anymore about south Sudan.

    Long live Republic of Equatoria !

  2. Eli says:

    Thank you for your concern and details of what is looming to happen soon, after the massacre of innocent Nuer citizens in Juba and that of Dinkas in Bor and other parts, every

  3. Eli says:

    body is asking why not Equatorians. Remember we are the host, there is nothing to stop Equatorians to take up arms and fight. At the end our record is still cleaner than that of Dinkas and the Nuers, but this may change if Kirr decides to make a foolish mistake of committing genocide against peaceful people of Equatoria. The difference between us is that unlike the Dinkas and Nuers who are power hungry, we Equatorians wait for our time and you know what? Patience always pays off. And our time is very near.

    • Lomisak says:

      You couldn’t have said it better !! Patience pays off. The use of tact and discretion will grant the equatorians thier wish. A progressive, egalitarian, peaceful and harmonious society.

    • alex says:


      You need to be a nationalist. Dinka and all the other tribes in South Sudan are our brothers so lets us avoid tribal arguments. If you see the current structure of government, it is not for any one tribe alone. Do not base your arguments on rumors generated in the net to confuse South Sudanese people. Lets us put the interest of our nation first. There are people in the world who create those rumors to disorganize us so that they can get opportunity to loot our resources as they have done in Democratic Republic of Congo. We are one people one country. Avoid being dragged to regional politics. Let us be nationalistic visionary people. Our coexistence as one people is a paramount prerequisite for our survival in this current world of confusion. You can take my advice or reject it. Its up to you


  4. Burakeel Nyanwundit says:

    If peace is federalism, i would ok it.

  5. Lomisak says:

    Great Article from a truly concerned citizen. However, I would like to challenge the following excerpt by the author, “Often, Equatorians go after democracy, federalization and good governance which they never achieved throughout their life in the history of South Sudan.” The author should research the history of Sudan thoroughly emphasizing on ANYANYA 1.

  6. Chotngaal says:

    Chuol, you are begging Equatorians to join you in destroying Equatoria region the you destroyed Upper Nile? why don’t guys reason with your minds rather then with your mouths. why should Equatorians destroy their homeland in the name of federalism when there is nobody refusing to grant federalism to anybody? I believe Dr. Riek Machar did not go to bush because somebody here in Juba refused to grant him federalism. if it was because federalism, then why killing innocent people in Upper Nile and destroying their homes yet people in Upper Nile did not refused to be ruled under federal system? you have to revisit your sincerity in calling Equatorians to join you in fight for federalism, because I know the Equatorians calling for federalism is sincere and genuine but your type of federalism is just a fake and insincere ploy for short term political gains.

  7. Loguca says:

    Chuol, Kirr is not and will never be president the rest of his life. Remember leaders come and go. We are not scared to fight to bring Kirr’s presidency down. If he want war with Equatorians he should arrest the 3 commissioners and start killing Equatorians like he did with Nuer in Juba, then you will see what will happen. It doesn’t take long to trigger war. Remember the current war was long planned by SPLA to wipe out other tribes so Dinkas introduce kingdomship in South Sudan, which will never happen since people know what this is all about. We are ready for war, just start.

  8. wani lo Igale says:

    It will be a grave mistake if dinka attempt fighting equatoria. They will loose eventually and that will mark the end of what is called one nation one people sung by dinka. It will be euatoria for equatorian. Just start and see.

  9. Dell says:

    “I think this is the right time for Equatorians to come up and take the lead in achieving the South Sudan we struggled for since 1955 and not this South Sudan of hatred and communal domination and humiliation.
    Therefore, the only window of opportunity is for Equatorians to act promptly; they should say enough is enough and force Salva Kirr to either accept peace and step down or face the brave young men of Equatoria led by the three governors.”

    Choul C Pouch, before you go anywhere, looking for a window of opportunity for Dr. fugitive in the Equatorian front

    Why is Dr. Riek always failing at success?

    • He never fail in success as a person, but I think you are talking about politics and struggle in Sudan. Well, he signed the KPA and the fruits and road map of that agreement brought us to CPA and eventually to the main goal: INDEPENDANCE OF SOUTH SUDAN!

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Dearest Eli:

    I hope equatoriens will neither commit genocites nor suffer one.As for the patience that pays off n the time that is nearer,it is allready here.A wise fellow like u desrves our support.This one would not mean handing u equatoria becouse it would be too small.We would give u the whole south sudan.The horrors of the SPLA/SPLM bad leadership has changed the mentality of everyone that has nothing to do with the SPLM/SPLA.I am among this lot n we r the majority.Ordinary citizens from our 64 tribes:includeded.The next leaders we will choose will be the best ones from among us.U could b one of them by merit.I would never shorten to campaign for ur presidency.

  11. Hassan Bior says:

    Equatorians will never get federalism. Unitary system is the best way to treat any group of people behaving like Equatorians. We invested a lot to develop this part of South Sudan. Today Juba is a city because we Dinka know how to build a city. Torit, Kapoeta, Yei, Koja Keji, Nimule and other towns in Equatoria are there because of us. What the Equatorians have in mind is serving the Arabs (Jalaba). We kick the Arabs out and brought real development they should appreciate instate. Encouraging decentralisation is not good. In 80s we left Juba but shortly came back stronger than ever before. If Equatorians touched that bottom again this time, they will have to join their relatives in Kenya, Uganda, and Congo for good. If you need peace, respect the government, the constitutions, the president, and our right to colonise. Nuer rebels must not deceive you, they are Ethiopians. They intruded in South Sudan the way you Equatorians did from Kenya, Uganda and Congo.
    Hassan Bior

    • martin. L says:

      “They are Ethiopians. They intruded in South Sudan the way you Equatorians did from Kenya, Uganda and Congo.” Hassan, stop making a fool of yourself.

    • Eli says:

      Just like your name says it all, you are an Arabized dinka, rest assured you will soon join your jalaba cousins in the North. You are a foreign intruder, infact you are from North Sudan, an enemy. You dinkas ran with your tails between your legs like dogs and surrendered your ancestral land Khartoum to the bastards, (children born by dinka women to Arabs). What does “khor tum” mean in dinka dialect? I can even translate for you, it means the “death of two rivers”, that is river White Nile and Blue Nile become one.
      Dr. John Garang tried to teach you people about your history and that was why he wanted united Sudan, but you cows are too dumb to understand anything.
      You losers prepare to vacate our South and go back home to your cousin bastards in the North

    • kijana says:

      Hassan Bior

      I only know of coward jienges who ran away from jellaba and now from nuer fighters. I can´t imagine the liberating Equatoria. They´re in Equatoria only for Food because there is nothing in jienge heartland. Ya aryan jienge

    • Taban Mawa says:

      Hassan Turabi Bior,

      Sound you got some real mental problem. To say the Dinka’s knows how to build city is like a bird saying it knows how to ride a bike. The question you need to ask yourself is ‘if the Dinka’s knows how to build cities, how comes their places ares till as they we’re back in the 1600AD?

      Try to analys things in your little brain before putting it for public consumption.

      Equatorians are known doers, makers of things, brainers and above all peaceful people unlike other tribes (which I won’t mentioned).

      You sounds like an ignorant for that I forgive you for your ignorance. Go get some education to enlighten yourself.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Hassan Bior-

      I dont’ blame your attitude towards Equatorians because my uncles Equatorians always call dinkas animals because they reason exactly like you Mr Bior base on your posting here that is why I cannot blame your behaviours for that sort of culture of your up bringing.

      Now back to business if Equatorians are from Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia and CAR-you forgot to include because thesecountries too border Equatoria why borther them. If I was you Mr Bior, I will pack and leave Equatorians alone in their Equatoria beautiful land wich is moreless like the Beautiful African countries you have rightly mentioned. Mr Bior Hassan after pulling your socks out of Equatoria you must also vacate all dinkas from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Congo, CAR and Ethiopia because you hate their people-the Equatorians. Mr Bior what I am saying is that your future is doom or your next step will be to go to your slave masters Sudan and leave with your Arab nephews in the like of Hassan like your second name.

      Mr Bior I advise you to pull out the UPDF who are protecting your loose arses and huge mouthes in this rotten Govt. because the UPDF are the people of Uganda the brothers of Equatorians, Kenya, Congo, Ethiopia and CAR.

      Mind you the people of Equatoria can leave in harmony with their neigbouring brothers you have mentioned right here but will you afford to leave with Sudan in harmony without picking any fight?

      Take time and read these peace of mind several times….

    • John Samuel says:

      Hassan Bior,
      It is good that you know we have our brothers in other African countries. sooner than later we will call our brothers from Kenya, Uganda, Congo and CAR to wipe all these black monkeys calling themselves dinkas in South Sudan. Just touch the wrong baton now and you will the sun at mid night.
      How can primitive people develop other peoples land? .

    • cos says:

      NAIVED and STUPID people think like you.How dire are you to say you built Juba,Kapaoeta,Yei,Koje Keji Nimule and other Towns?And ask your self if you can built such alleged beautiful cities of equatrians why didn’t you built at your home state.
      Bior your the people singing songs of “we shall never,NEVER,NEVER,NEVER surrender when the country is already fragiled.

  12. Mathew Agar says:

    As confirm by governor Clement Wani Konga, The Equatorians has already lost big. There is no way they can regain their lost glory. Militarily they are incapable. Their claim to support Dr. Riek is a measure to seek allies. Kokora is too late for the Republic of South Sudan. We already put our roots deep down in Equatoria and any crisis will be treated dearly. Besides our generations born by Equatorians women are enough to crash any rebellion. As of these days, the security situation in Equatoria will remain very tight. As you choose to behave like Palestinians, remember, we are South Sudan Israelites. We will not withdraw from Equatoria. This as a land God promised to Dr. John Garang and his generations forever. The same way God promised a land to Abraham. A land for which we are proud for over 30 years now. You will bake like a dog but you will not get it. Republic of South Sudan is The Dinka Republic just to let you know.
    Mathew Agar

    • Lavina Lual says:

      You are dreaming. I am half dinka and half Equatoria but deeply involved and support Dr Riek’s rebellion. EES is well tite now coupled with Northern Uganda allies as well CE I do not know WE.

      What are you talking about, a dying horse or the begining of the end of the salvage dynasour and its species-animal rule regime coming to an end???

      Are you lying to people on this net that the children born of Equatoria mothers are supporting the arian jienge oppression against their uncles/mothers are with you?, or you are regretting to have children rallying and supporting the right course parrallel to their forfathers?

      Mind you half Equatorians are rallying to gain civility from their uncles which they failed to acquire from their fools majorities father lands..


  13. Eli says:

    You are wrong to conclude that way, Gov. Clement is a tactical leader, he is not just going to run like that, he understands his leaving a vacuum in office shall be filled by another stupid jenge, and also result into him being called a deserter. The best way to defeat an enemy is to fight it on both internal and external fronts. You see how minded you jenges are? We are Equatorians dinkas are nothing but piece of rotten wood to us, doesn’t need much effort but power of brains to bring you down.

  14. John Kijana says:

    Mathew Agar

    Interesting that such jienge scoundrels would call South Sudan a Dinka Republic. Numerically, they represent the single largest ethnic group but not necessarily the smartest. Even then their dominance has manifested itself in the failed state: Look at what is happening in jienge heartland: chaos, anarchy, backwardness and poverty. Literally living as destitutes. Equatoria has made them human, given them a sense of civility. Now these jienges want to reduce Equatoria to a sort of luak.Just wait till the 60 days are over.

  15. John kijana says:

    Mathew Agar

    You know so well that South Sudan without Equatoria is as useless as a swine is to a muslim. Equatoria is the heart and Soul of South Sudan because we are civilized, educated, development oriented and clever. Look at your jienge states: anarchy, chaos, wanton killings, no Schools, no development except sitting idly naked under trees and talking shit. Now you have infested Equatoria with your intolerable attitudes, idiocy and backwardness. It is our Obligation to instil in your dump heads some civility and manners otherwise South Sudan will look like a huge and uncared luak

  16. John Kijana says:

    Jenge Mathew Agar,

    You know so well that Equatoria is the heart and soul of South Sudan. Without Equatoria, South Sudan would be useless like a swine is to a muslim. The other jenge states have no added value to South Sudan: educationally, intellectually and morally. Equatoria can do withouth them we just dont need them. You are like pest or scourge spreading your everywhere. Otherwise, it is our noble obligation to teach you, accomodate you and civilize you because then we would turn South Sudan to a huge and stinking luak. Which came fist. th cow or the jenge?

    • Bol says:

      Dear John,
      I can see how civilized you are !!! I am just wondering….how long does it takes to civilize someone like me to be a good swearer and hate-speech wholesale distributor like you? ….and are all Equatorians civilized the way you are ? Is indiscriminate insulting of other communities part of the civilization and value-addition that you intend to bring to Jieng areas ?

      • cos says:

        Accept the truth.In the civilized world not that every one is civilized.But it is the percentage that matters.
        That,s why in a class of 100%,if 10% passed in first class as compared to less or more students in other schools who passed with less number of first class are not considered in leading the first position.
        When you look at the rate of educated people in south sudan, Equatorian are the leading thus qualified them to be more civilized than others.
        You as a person Bol with your knowledge when you go back home you are more civilized than your people and if you out numbered the equatorians then you be the most civilized people in south sudan.
        And off-course civilization go with new change and flexibility but with conservatives.
        To be sincerely Bol most of cattle keepers can not accept change easily,they raid cattle,they are open killers,hostile,rude,careless,shabby,hooligans.This is evidence at the current crisis where all warring parties don’t want to accept a change.
        WARNING: I have not attacked any particular tribe but for all cattle keepers mostly in south Sudan.You know your selves better.

  17. Lavina Lual says:

    Why don’t you tame the first animal before pocking your nose to my cousine Kijana; is this the majority rules theory of uncivility you are applying right heret, or what is it anyway?

  18. brilliant Lavina Lual, I enjoyed reading your comments, because I am your uncle, and need you to stand up with us to teach and educate some of your stupide minded fathers, to make South Sudan a better place to live for all including the gieng community. Keep up the excellent job. Take care.

  19. SON OF MAN says:

    Of all p’ple u called on Equatorians 2 join u in your bid 2 eliminate Dinkas u will come back 4rm that ridiculous war and bow in front of DINKAS trust mi if at all yur work is to dinkas’ elimination

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