Equatorian Police not to be issued machine guns, as many of them killed by Dinka colleagues

JUL/16/2016, SSN;

Latest reports from people ground, it’s now been revealed that during the three days fight which started on July 8th, between president Kiir’s army and his first vice-president Machar’s SPLA-IO, all the Dinka in the National Security services maliciously participated instead in the killing of their Equatorian co-workers.

It’s now reliably revealed that the Equatorian National security officers were shot at the back in a devious Dinka plan to eliminate most of their Equatorian colleagues.

Furthermore, it has been exposed that Lt.General Saeed Abdul Latif, the Dinka Commissioner of Police in the dominantly Bari-speaking Jubek State, with Juba as its headquarters, has given an Order that all the Equatorian policemen and women should be totally prohibited from possession and carrying of automatic Machine guns.

Only the Dinka members in the Jubek State should be the people carrying such automatic weapons.

This order is utterly surprising given that the minister of national Security in the Kiir’s government in Juba is an Equatorian himself by the name of Lt.Gen. Obutu Mamur.

More developments will follow….


  1. fire zone says:

    this information yet to be confirm

  2. Kwacha says:

    This is untrue. How many Equatorians were killed? Do not implicate Equatorians in your ugly wars.

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