Equatoria: This land of milk and honey is ours

By Alma Ettore- Equatorian citizen in the UK, MAY/05/2016, SSN;

I have been hearing many biblical quotations casually used by arrogant people and people of shallow knowledge to justify the injustices and terrible deeds done to innocent civilians in South Sudan. People who do not know anything about the Holy Scriptures have started to use the phrase “The land of milk and honey” to describe Equatoria and justify their carefully planned and forceful occupation of Equatoria, resulting in land-grabbing and brazen-faced daylight thieving.

They are likening Equatoria to the “promised land” that was promised to Israel by God in the Holy Scriptures. In reply I will say to these misguided people that misquoting from the Holy Scriptures is a satanic act because Satan (a fallen angel) knows the Holy Scriptures very well and often twists it for his own ends to confuse and mislead people.

In short, it means that Satan is a liar.

The land of “milk and honey” which is the land of Canaan according to history and the Holy Scriptures originally belonged to Israel (Jacob the descendant of Isaac and Abraham). Abraham, the grand-father of Jacob, used to live and own massive pieces of land in Canaan. Jacob (called Israel by God) and his descendants went to live in Egypt. They lived there for over 400 years by God’s plan.

Later they were delivered from the hands of the wicked ruler of Egypt (Pharaoh) through Moses, the man of God. God instructed Moses to take the sons of Israel back to their land (Canaan, called the land of milk and honey) because at that time ungodly people were living in that land, whom God wanted to punish and remove so that he gives that land back to Israel to facilitate the coming of Jesus Christ.

The bad people who God wanted to remove were people who did not know God but followed worshiping idols and performed obscene acts, displeasing to God. When the children of Israel were on their way to the land of Canaan, God consecrated them by giving them strict laws to keep themselves pure from sins so that they are set apart from the ungodly people in Canaan.

The basis of the law is the 10 commandments, which was given to Moses on Sinai Mountain. The Jewish people had to keep these laws or else they died. Of the commandments there were laws against worshiping idols, stealing, killing and coveting other people’s possessions.

That is why land grabbing and forceful occupation by the SPLA/M of Equatoria goes against the will of God. The SPLA/M are the opposite of the people of Israel who God blessed. The SPLA/M cannot claim that they are God’s people. On the contrary they are the same as the people who God wanted to eliminate from the land of Canaan.

So this will bring me to the question: Who was the character that ordered the SPLA/M who are predominantly Dinka to kill Equatorians and forcefully occupy their land? It is clearly not God. Was it Dr. John Garang De Mabior?

If it was he then why did the forces behind him collude, kill him and later stage his death? It is clearly not he as he would be immortal if he were to fight the will of God. He will have to be stronger than God in order to win.

By dying he showed that God is his creator and he was weak in front of God just like any one of us.

If he was behind “the milk and honey” legacy of occupation of Equatoria by the Dinka, then his followers will have to know that that is the wrong and deadly approach to follow because clearly God is not happy that his laws are being broken.

When things happen to us especially in a bad way, we need to sit down and think rationally about the root causes and ways to address them in a civilized, balanced and mature way. People have to know that the Equatorians will never give up their land and history has proved time and time again that any bunch of dictators, occupiers and forces of evil will never win.

One day the whole of Equatoria will be a free land through the will of God, where people will live in real peace, respect, love and harmony with each other.

God the Almighty created the land of milk and honey, thousands of years ago and He decided that “This great land shall be called Equatoria and the people who I am going to give it to will be called Equatorians.” Period. The same goes for the rest of the country.

The Dinka were created in Dinka-land. The Nuer in Nuer-land. The Fertit, in Fertit-land. Likewise all over the world; each and every people have their own designated countries. This was God’s plan when he created the Earth.

He started by putting Adam and Eve in a specific place called the Garden of Eden and when they did not obey his orders he expelled them from that specific place to show them that he was displeased with them, so they had to look by themselves for another specific place which they called “home” to live in.

This shows that land allocated by God is a plan of God. No man should change it at his/her whim. If any one wants to cross over in order to live among other groups of people they have to respect that land and its people because it is the land that God has given to that specific group however lowly or poor or weak they may be. It is their inheritance from God.

Living in one’s land is the cornerstone of peace, because however weak a person is, if you want to dispossess them of their inherited land, they will fight you to death and if they do not fight you, God and the land itself will fight you.

In the Aramaic Bible it is written in Mark 10:9, “The things that God unites let NOT a son of man separate.”

Let President Salva Kiir, who is a churchgoer, listen to these words from the Holy Bible. God has united the Equatorians with Juba, Yambio, Torit, Nimule, Yei and every inch of the land of Equatoria. Who is he to separate us from our land?

If he thinks that he wants the Dinka ethnic group to occupy Equatoria because he has helicopter gunships, SPLA/M, Bahr-El-Ghazal militia, the UDF, TBN Joshua and all the Nigerian Conjurers behind him, then I would say we have God on our side who created the Heavens and the Earth.

Who are President Museveni and TBN Joshua in the sight of God??? Listen to this:

Peter 1:2 New International Version (NIV):
“All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall.”

This is how men are. Therefore I will fear my God only, not man who is made of dust; who is here today and gone tomorrow. It is only our legacy that will remain. If we preach and make hatred and war, hatred and war will follow us up to our fourth generation and even further if we do not repent.

Yes, Equatoria, the land of flowing milk and honey is ours. It belongs to our father’s fathers and their father’s fathers. It belongs to us the Equatorians. Our destiny is entwined.

The nomads do not understand our attachment to our land because they roam with their cows here and there and everywhere. They do not have a fixed abode nor have any ties with any piece of land. They do not know what land means, nor do they respect it.

Land is something that is alive. It has ears and eyes. It breathes and it fights back if provoked. It has its own spirits which never slumber or sleep. This is why we treat our land with reverence, respect and fear because it is directly linked with the spirit of God.

That is why people lay their lives to fight for their land. If someone takes your land, that means he has killed you and your descendants. No one will give up his or her land, because land is life itself. It is honour, integrity, destiny and longevity of the human race.

President Kiir has divided South Sudan into 28 states for his own political gain and ambition but doom is round the corner for him. He can change the name of the land but he will never change the fact that we are Equatorians and that our land will remain Equatoria as long as we live.

Changing the name of Equatoria is like changing the name of an individual. Will it change who the real person is if a person who is called “Peter” today decides to call himself “John” tomorrow?

Equatoria will always remain Equatoria however divisive are the forces that try to divide its people because Equatorians respect neighbours and boundaries. We as Equatorians will never infringe on other people’s territory and if there is a dispute we always settle it in a civilised way. We do not kill each other to settle issues. We talk before we act.

Daniel 7:39
“Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.”

“A strange god” means power; riches, lust, witch-craft, false prophets and people like Museveni of Uganda who are helping Kiir kill his people. Dividing the land of South Sudan (28 states instead of 10) for gain by President Kiir was mentioned in the Bible more than 2500 years ago.

This verse is describing the behaviour of the rulers of South Sudan who are not true leaders. This is a message for President Salva Kiir and similar rulers such as Bashar El Assad who are doing mirror image atrocities to their people.

As I said no man will be able to help bad rulers from the wrath of God. Dictators will always fall with a bang on their own swords. Look at the fate of Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, and Gaddafi etc. History will always repeat itself. This shows that God is alive and working.

We the Equatorians cultivate, clean, nurture and love our land. We hold it sacred. For us our land is a gift from God. We are born on it, we live on it and we get buried with dignity within its soil. We choose a spot and God will bless it forever.

These are spots that we do not forcefully occupy or grab from other people. When we have a spot we mark it and respect our boundary. We live within our boundary and respect our neighbours.

If blood is spilled on the land we perform rituals taught by our ancestors to appease our ancestor’s souls and bring peace in the neighbourhood. Appeasing our ancestor’s souls means appeasing God’s angels that guard the land. This scenario is mentioned in the Bible:

Genesis 4:10 “And he said, what hast thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.”

That was a conversation between God and Cain after he killed his brother Abel and spilled his blood on the land God gave them. God later laid an eternal curse on Cain and his descendants because of his evil deed.

Many innocent Equatorians are killed on a daily basis and the SPLA/M land-grabbers spill their blood on the soil of Equatoria daily. The most infamous incidence occurred about 2 years ago during which 2 sisters; their cousin and children were killed in Juba a few months before the December 2013 incidence.

The young women killed were indigenous Bari citizens whose ancestral land is Juba. Their family did not retaliate against the Nuer SPLA who shot them in their own home, in cold blood like dogs over land dispute. How can a Nuer come all the way from their land and kill Bari citizens in their ancestral land? Do we have Nuer tribe in Equatoria???

The government of South Sudan did nothing to the culprits, and to rub salt on the wounds, they did not apologise to the bereaved family who made their peaceful protestations by taking the dead bodies of their loved ones to the House of Parliament in Juba to show the heinous crime committed against them.

The bereaved families did not retaliate but left every thing in the hands of God. God was greatly angered and so were the spirits of the ancestors that were being laid to rest hundreds of years ago. That day a tremendous black curse was laid at the doors of the SPLA/M: Men, women and children.

The blood of the innocent young women, their children and cousin cried out to God and God executed his wrath on South Sudan within weeks from the arbitrary and cowardly killings. The Holy Scriptures has clearly described the “Tall and dark-skinned people who live beyond the 2 rivers”. In the same chapter IGAD and TROIKA are referred to as “ambassadors travelling down the Nile” It is crystal clear and this shows that the Holy Bible is alive.

Isaiah 18 described the culprits as “…a nation scattered and peeled, to a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden down; whose land the rivers have spoiled.”

A people “terrible” means awful and horrible people. It is people who can only do the things, which the SPLA/M are doing to innocent helpless civilians in Equatoria and other parts of South Sudan.

Verses 4-5 goes on to say:
“For so the Lord said unto me, I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs, and like a cloud of dew in the heat of the harvest.
For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.”

This verse explains God’s anger “like a clear heat upon the herbs.” This anger resulted in the door to door killings in December 2013 when the SPLA/M turned upon itself and destroyed itself in Juba and the same deed later on spilled to the Dinka and Nuer lands where the “sprigs and branches were cut off.” These are the young people dying, thousands upon thousands and the rest were scattered in different direction.

The same chapter 18 continues in verse 6:
“They shall be left together unto the fowls of the mountains, and to the beasts of the earth; and the fowls shall summer upon them and all the beasts of the earth shall winter on them.”

We have seen during the December 2013 war how the vultures and the eagles have pecked and feasted on the dead bodies of those killed and the hyenas, foxes and other beasts of prey have scavenged on the their bodies in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal. It was the most shocking and alarming event to unfold to the whole world.

We were all in tears of dismay and gripped by total fear, panic and utter shame. Can anyone dispute that God has delivered this unnatural phenomenon? Have we learnt any lessons yet???

How much more clearly do we need God to speak to us? Prophet Isaiah made these prophecies long before Jesus Christ was born. At that time he did not know anything about the land he prophesied against. He never set foot in Africa. It was God who put the words in Isaiah’s mouth so that it is written down and handed to us today so that we know why December 2013 happened and return back to Him (God). People are talking about “root causes”, looking at every issue under the sun but not seeing the gaping truth, which is staring them in the face.

Mark 8:18 (NIV)
“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?”

God is saying to you “Don’t you remember the incidence which happened just weeks ago; the killing of the innocent young women and their children?” God has avenged them with thousands upon thousands of lives. Don’t you see with those eyes and hear with those ears that are on your heads?

Genesis 11: 5-7
But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other”

This verse clearly shows that God has seen what was and still is in the hearts of the SPLA/SPLM leaders who were colluding together and planning dire things to the other tribes in South Sudan. The Nuer and Dinka were thinking, “we are the majority tribes and together we can overcome God’s plans and take over the whole of South Sudan.”

This is their “same language.” God therefore came and confused their language and the epic and spectacular fall out happened on December 15th 2013. The SPLA/M was a very strong force. It was like the tower of Babel. The people involved are arrogant and thought they will build their tower so that it reaches up to the heavens: (President Salva Kiir was prophesying that the SPLA/M will rule South Sudan for the next 100 years!!!

Now it looks more unlikely than ever. Is he stronger than God? Is it God’s will or his? This is all the blasphemy, wickedness and corruption committed after God blessed us with Independence in 2011, in one of the most beautiful and rich countries in Africa. He gave us everything but what did we give HIM in return?

THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE CIVIL WAR OF DECEMBER 2013 IS THE FORCEFULL OCCUPATION OF EQUATORIA AND THE PERSECUTION OF ITS INDIGENOUS CITIZENS. If the SPLA/M continues to grab land and kill innocent Equatorians, more calamities will befall them. If anyone is in doubt, let him or her check the Holy Scriptures.

Equatoria is our land and we will never let it go. Equatoria is our flesh and blood; we will guard it with our souls. Equatoria is our crown we will forever decorate our heads with it. Equatoria is our beginning and our end; we will defend it until the last man standing.

Before I lay down my pen I will share with you Psalm 137 4-6

“How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?
If I forget thee, O (Equatoria), let my right hand forget her skill.
If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not (Equatoria) above my chief joy. “
I would add if I prefer not Equatoria above my life.
This Equatoria, this land of milk and honey is ours, the land of our inheritance, given to us by God and no one, no man, no conjurer or a false prophet will ever be able to take it from us.
Yes, Indeed this land is ours. END


  1. Beek says:

    Stop Racism and tribalism. Bhar El Ghazal in general is very very fertile than their Racist Equatoria ,while Equatorians are using and destroying others in order to survive.

    • Diktor Agarab says:


      If Bahr El Gazal is very fertile, then, why are Jiengs like you continue and want to live in Equatoria? Admit it, Equatoria is paradise because it’ll structured and well organized. Baher El Gazal is nothing but a big luak. Your people don’t even build houses let alone tukuls. Women are your builders. Your men are so lazy that all they do is play “mongula”……

  2. Kokora II says:

    “Equatoria is our land and we will never let it go. Equatoria is our flesh and blood; we will guard it with our souls. Equatoria is our crown we will forever decorate our heads with it. Equatoria is our beginning and our end; we will defend it until the last man standing.”
    Yes, the message is lout and clear, it is our turn. “Time for everything”.

  3. samuel says:

    this is a well written article if anyone is still doubting biblical verses quoted in this article he and their generation to come will be curse, this is a wake up call for all the Dinkas

  4. Southdan says:

    Your thoughts are currapted as your name (Alma). I agree and disagree other ways, you have a right to express you views in any categories forms. You are also free to express your hate and discomfort towards Nuers and Dinkas, but remember don’t ever try poisoning Equatorians people by preaching an Holly Bible. Otherwise you will end up being (stigmatized Joseph konyi the Lord resistance Army leader). Today what happens in South is an history repeating itself, however it reminds me a popular Equatorians jocks that describe Nuer, Dinka as geingee the (nacket man). I absolutely agree, Dinkas Nuers are….look at the evidence. President Salva Kiir had vigorously oppose peace agreement supported by Western and African countries.dose President Kiir realize opposing Western he would expose nackedness therefore the Western nations would not allowed him a dictator in the new nation.

  5. alex says:

    I think it is time for us to seek peace among ourselves. To pour human blood because your brother has settle in it is sin. As brothers and sisters we can be able to settle our disputes. God will only accept people to depend our land from outside aggression. If we are able to sit down with Sudan and let their people to come a graze in South Sudan in a peaceful way, how comes that we as brother and sisters are not able to iron out any difference. To be sincere the issue of land has been hijacked by our sick minded old politicians to achieve their ill motives of getting to power. To kill a brother or a sister is a sin and will remain a sin whether we twist the Bible to suit or support the wrong things we are doing. God will and will not accept that. You are led by your own desires or devil is misleading you. The issue of land is a cover up but soon those promoting all this evil be under God’s curse. The blood of those we killed or those we mislead to kill others will remain in our foreheads.
    so if we reject repentance now and confess our sins there will be time when you and me will know that God is holy and mighty. Justice will prevail how wise we may thing or how strongly we argue or depend our deeds. The almighty and the God The creator Will expose the humanity evil. He will throw sad back in our lives and if the hour, minute and second arrived, it will be the time for us to know, he id indeed a God. Cain was arguing in the same way like us now but the time God punished him he realised that, his actions were bad and he begged God. The same will happen to us.

  6. Gatdarwich says:


    The traitorous Jenges won’t and shall never leave your land unless you forcefully evict them full stop
    Act now before it is permanently too late to reclaim your land period

    • Bol says:

      “The young women killed were indigenous Bari citizens whose ancestral land is Juba. Their family did not retaliate against the Nuer SPLA who shot them in their own home, in cold blood like dogs over land dispute. How can a Nuer come all the way from their land and kill Bari citizens in their ancestral land? Do we have Nuer tribe in Equatoria??? ”
      Mr Gatdarwich…..The writer is talking about Nuer killing them in land grabbing issue (Dr Reik Farm) in December 2012.

      • Southdan says:

        I believe you however, this writer who allegedly speak of a land grabbing probably a (Dinka Bor) who trying to buy and organize equtorians and fight like Uganda defence forces, Nuba and Darfurian against Nuer.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Please, stop lying, cousin! The writer is not solely talking about unsubstantiated single deadly land disputes incident which supposedly occurred between two individuals—SPLA soldier–Nuer and a single Bari land owner, but mainly focusing on the carnage that the Jenges’ killing machine, the SPLA/M that constantly “kill Equatorians and forcefully occupy their land.”
        Bol, as a matter of fact, there is ZERO–NIL Nuer cattle herder currently in Bari, Madi, or in any part of Equatorians’ land, but thousands Jenges Padang and Bor cattle herders who are daily displacing, terrorizing Equatorians, and forcefully occupying their lands period

      • Gatdarwich says:


        The Writer is not merely talking about the unsubstantiated 2012 incident which supposedly occurred between two individuals–SPLA soldier-Nuer and a Bari land owner, but mainly focusing on the Jenges’ kill machine, the “SPLA/M who are predominantly Dinka that kill Equatorians and forcefully occupy their land.”
        Bol, as matter of fact, there is ZERO-NIL Nuer cattle herder roaming in any part of Equatoria region, but thousands Jenges Padang and the demonic Bor roaming, terrorizing, displacing, killing, and forcefully occupying Equatorians’ land.
        Traitorous blood, Bol, please stop lying and twisting shits constantly full stop

  7. abai okwahu says:

    folks,how can this author claiim that the root cause of the december 2013 war was the forceful occupation of equatoria and persecution of its people. is this writer out of their mind? it was the nuers that were massacred by the thousands and survivors are still languishing in overcrowded spaces in unmiss camp (pocs) in juba. the cowardly equatorians watched the nuers being slaughtered for three consecutive days! nobody in juba was brave enough to go out and demonstrate to stop the killings, so please spare us your biblical nonsense, you should be preaching coexistence and tolerance if you care.

  8. Southdan says:

    Dear Alma your thoughts are currapted as your name indicated. Please don’t not use Holy Bible verses in order to achieve a political goals like President Salva Kiir as he qouted the bible verse “my house has many rooms” President Salva Kiir government is not a secular, it is a government that relly on theocracy by of biblical verse whom does belongings to him. President Salva Kiir and Mr.Alma don’t know using biblical words for gaining political agenda does not work. Alma, upon reading your article, I was amazingly noticed you have focused on holy Bible verses thinking you have fully gave a positive side of who you are. But to me you seems to be faithless individual a faithful person should know what to say in order to bring peace in a war torn country like South Sudan.Alma, you have a mixed feelings.if the root cause of 2013 killing was a forceful occupation why don’t the Dinkas whom you called land grabers, occupiers died?. please don’t ever expose your nackedness in such ways. Here you quote so many Bible verses however you never mentioned the very inportant verse which brought our South Sudan onto existing (Birth) John 20:27 is giving birth verse in the Holy Bible I ever discovered.”Than he said to Thomas “put your finger here see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe”.all verses you have mentioned are.
    1.Isaiah 18 is (talking about global warming) and those who caused it should come into book.
    2.Mark 8:18 is (a Reproaches to the ignorance for committing an evil deeds) President Salva Kiir is one.
    3.Mark 10:9 any one calling for False unity is making a (coup) like President Salva Kiir.
    4.Mark 8:18(This verse is a diversity of world’s languages South Sudan has 64 tribes speak different languages it has nothing to do with SPLA
    5.Genesis 11:5-7 (divisive language President Salva Kiir has divided people and had killed one tribe the Nuer.
    6.Genesis 4:10(confession President Salva Kiir confess that the was was instigate by some one above him) Dear Alma, I have noticed how far you want to use biblical verse to achieve you political agenda by mentioning:
    Conclusion, never equaites President Salva Kiir to Hitler, Gadafia, Mussolin,and Madam Hussein, they are above us.

  9. taban lowani says:

    Hi brothers, the writer on my analysis to her or his article is a kiir security agent; his task is to seduce hatred between equatoria and neur . I never heard that equatorian are saying to neur ; they are jiangay. Equatrian peoples knew how to distinguish these two tribes. In addition, neur have a good attitude toward other tribes not only equatorian people. unlike jiang love to dwelling on groups and create hatred toward others. Actually , no single tribe likes dinka in south Sudan or around the globe if people around the world see theirs mental activities.

    • alex says:

      Mr Lowani, did you really read the article properly before you jump to the keyboard and say she is Kirr’s bodyguard.
      Some of you are just jumping like flies who just go where they are not wanted and that is why clever politicians just use you like dogs who just follow the its master without knowing where they are going. People will use you as a ladder and when they got up there, they will throw the ladder away. I pity our understanding. All your writing is driven by a hate for particular people without any reason. You will die as dog if you do not make your own independent decisions. This days , we mixed like fish and snakes in the river. You will not know who is who and what are his or her plans. A fish can eat a fellow fish and a snake also can eat fish. So watch up before you act like a drunken person.

  10. Southdan says:

    Please don’t deny the truths, there is nothing wrong if people saying jocks. Like I was was quoting Equatorians jocks in which they called Nuer and Dinka as (nacked people) another Jock of Equatorians to Dinka and Nuer says. If you fighting jeigay with out under the tree he would runs away from you. But, if you fight under the tree,he would climb up take the branch and bit you.

  11. John Steven says:


    Thank you for the nice piece. The time is dawning for Equatoria when it must leave behind these jienges who add no human value. Equatorians must be grateful to Kiir, that he has divided the South into 28 states and now the loathed jienges must quit Equatoria and go to their luaks . Equatoria can now fully blossom and develop without having hungry, foolish and rude jienges at our backyards. We must not mix, marry or even associate with them, because one can easily catch bad manners and gradually become less intelligent

  12. Ray says:

    Mixing the holy word with hatred of your brothers and sisters is just a plain twist. This types of writings does not help the cause of freedom but weaken it. Our Unity is of the utmost important and as people of this land, we must in our own way attempt to prompted cohesiveness and civility in our discourse. No particular region in South Sudan is the only land of milk and honey. The only milk or honey you should be talking about is gaining our freedom from oppressor! If South Sudan was fought by region and not as our collective land, some areas would have not be liberated and that is a true fact:) This can not be denied and we all know it. There are some people who would have been comfortable being a second class citizen in the former Sudan and this is also a fact:) Corruption does not know tribes and I am pretty sure all that were involved and continued to be involved it are not only Dinka as claim by those who love division. Somehow whoever had access has looted whether you were Murle, Bari, Anuak, Jieng, Nuer, Shilluk etc all participated in the looting of the country period. Even if the leader of the Country was Jur Choll, this looting would still have occurred and we should not loose sight of that fact folks. We have to be realistic and honest with ourselves. This is what happen in Government. Only in South Sudan do people look to government for everything but government is just a necessary evil. Join hands and create enterprise and you would see the power of collective ideas and human creativity in South Sudan. Keep setting under those trees and expect change to happen in your live and keep quoting the hold word to twist history and that would not make any difference in your life Alma! Good Luck in trying to help tear down the fabric of your people. Equatorians have benefits a lot in South Sudan but most of them still failed to understand this but history is an evil and we must not blame them!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless of what is going in South Sudan, I am proud to be in an independent country,…the rest are human tragedies that would be solved by humans wanting a better future and those that care for the future generation. =========

    • Bol says:

      Ray of Hope !?
      you got it 100 out of 100…..try worming up the frozen brains!…..Some of us are (Home & Away ) in every thing which went wrong….. They (Home) with looting of millions of dollors, making bad decisions, killing other people and yet they are (Away) not part of corrupted system because the Head of State is not their tribe man!

  13. ohi'de says:

    I think this article is about the evil plan of Dinka to destroy Equatorian.The plan that was set by the Dinka during the Civil war of 1983 – 2005. Some of the Mastermind of this plan are members of the Jenge Council of Elders. Other passed away like those of Justine Yake. The plan was to take the land of Equatorians and displaced them. This plan is currently being implementated by Kiir government. Because Nuer was the worst enemy of Dinka and being in peace together under the banner of SPLA/SPLM, Dinka thought that they could oppress Equatorians 100+ years and Grab their Land.This plan would work well if they (Dinka) and Nuer are together but they Lord had to break this unity for the purpose of EVIL. The two tribes clashed and separated.

  14. KOKORA 2 says:

    And they Dinka/Nuer will never ever come together again, and their plan will never work anymore because a scripture says in proverbs, you can not set a trap while the birds are watching. This evil plan of Dinka and Jenge Council of Elders to destroy Equatorian is now in our mind, but i want to make this statement clear, Political science had a question which says, what are the causes of re-carring war? or what cause war to happen again and again? the answer is that, If what causes war in the past had repeadted itself again. Therfore this 100 years plan of oppressing Equatoria is only stiring us for the second KOKORA/KOKORA2. This time around they will run to Bor or elswere bare footed, Equatoria is our Crown.

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