Equatoria! Stop fighting for “second” position

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, UK, FEB/01/2015, SSN;

As an Equatorian who believes that the people of Equatoria have all what it takes to lead South Sudan into stability and prosperity, I was indeed saddened to see my old school mates like James Wani Igga and Martin Elia Lomuro reducing the Equatorian fight to only a fight for the second office in the country.

We Equatorians, we are better than that and our aspirations must truly reflect who we are. Since we are equally capable of running the country from the top position, why not join in the fight for the top job?

Do it for the top position. Those lower positions like the vice what! Or deputy what! Or assistant what… name it, are not worth our fights. And any fights for that matter!

My call to every Equatorian is that ‘if we have to fight for a position,’ then we go fight for the top job in the country. However we must understand that to get the top job in the country needs more than just following others.

Like football, if you want to be on the top, you must not only be contended with good play, acrobatic styles, skillful dribbling. What counts in the end of the day is the number of goals scored and who scored them, before we even talk about the people who created the opportunities for the scorers to score and win a victory for the team.

We Equatorians, we are better than that fighting over deputy positions. The fact we like everyone else also have the best for the top job, then let our aspirations truly reflect who we have and are capable of doing other than being other people’s deputies all the time.

It is time we join in the fight for the top job the fact that we believe we are equally capable of running the country from the top position!

Whatever Mr Martin Elia Lomuro came up with is not representative of the people of Equatoria. His smart move to rally the three governors and dispatch them to Addis Ababa solely to protest what they perceive is injustices towards Wani Igga and hence the people of Equatoria are all nonsense.

Once in Addis Ababa did the three Equatoria governors remember to talk about their people calls for federalism?

Not only were they silent on federalism, but they have already shunned it because the same view is now shared by the SPLM-In-Opposition. What is the name of this news game, my dear Equatorians!

The truth be said and said loud, “Wani Igga who currently is Salva Kiir’s deputy got that position as a favour from Kiir himself. Kiir is the elected president and the only person to decide who works on his team”.

No Equatorian voted for Wani Igga to deputize the president. And all South Sudanese people for that matter did not vote Wani Igga to his current position.

As President Salva Kiir appointed Wani Igga as his deputy, it is also true that the same president still has the powers to keep him in office or kick him out if he so wishes.

Unfortunately, the three Equatorian governors have been misled by Martin Elia Lomuro to travel all the way to Addis Ababa only to protest in solidarity with Wani Igga to continue being the second man.

Again I doubt how many Equatorians would sincerely want Wani Igga to be the president if they were to choose between many.

The truth of the matter is that, per the IGAD proposal, Wani Igga remains where he is now – vice president. Per the same proposal the three governors also remain secure in their places.

Now the only people who become insecure are the types of Martin Elia Lomuro who are more likely to lose their ministerial positions once the transitional government of national unity is constituted.

Is this not why Mr Lomuro is feeling insecure?

Brothers and sisters, if you want an end to this rampant insecurity and helplessness, then you better do something about it, by ceasing to always limit yourselves to being deputies while people from Bahr Ghazal and Upper Nile are doing everything to top the list.

If you are confused you should know where to turn to. Just look beyond your nose and salvation is waiting for you!

Dr Justin Ambago Ramba. A member of the South Sudan’s Political Parties’ Delegation to the IGAD led Peace Negotiations for South Sudan. A voice for the voiceless.


  1. Eastern says:

    Thanks Dr. Ambago,

    Being the second Kiir’s sycophant from Equatoria, Igga is first, Lumoro only thinks of his next bread. He is not a member of the ruling party but you can see what types of statements he makes.

    Lumoro and cohorts do not speak for Equatorians at any level outside their home compounds.

    We had unserious fellows on this forum asserting that the Equatorias are inured from the current wars and such folks went ahead to lebel the war as Dinka-Kiir versus Nuer-Riek affair. I was one of those who poured scorn on such simplistic observation.

    Equatorians must not allow themselves to be used as dining furniture upon which ‘vultures’ feast on the resources of the country and yet they are only allowed to partake of the crump falling off the table – this is not be entertained.

    Dinkocracy must not be allowed to set roots in Equatoria or among Equatorians for that matter.

    I have read about dinkas crying in various fora that they will not allow the repeat of the 1980s episode of Kokora in a South Sudan, including Kiir during his speach at the second independence annvasory. But Dinkocracy is responsible for the current involvement of Equatorians in rebellion. The situation in the early 80s is akin to what is being practiced is Kiir’s government.

    It will be costly for any Equatorian to play the ‘dining furniture’ role for Dinkocracy to thrive in this region. Don’t try that role.

    • Nikalongo says:


      Take it from me, Ambago, Kenyi, Lasuba, Mr False and Nikalongo are as disgruntled as every South Sudanese can ever be about how our country has been looted clean, properties destroyed, villages emptied of her inhabitants and citizens massacred. The culprits are non other than Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak. James Wani, Lomoro or Lobong may be incompetent administrators but they have no blood of innocent citizens on their hands. If Kiir and Riak behaved like Wani Igga, there would be peace and tranquillity. Ramba himself was a peace delegate in Adis. He should tell us his contributions and why it failed to achieve peace. Let us all call a spade a spade. It is a Dinka – Nuer conflict rooted in centuries of savagery, mutual distrust and destruction. We shall never be in position to help them to an amicable solution by taking sides. It is time the communities behind the two guys revisit their blind and overwhelming support for the home boys. Attention therefore should be focused on educating Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak and their people on the values of peace than wasting time on what Governors in Equatoria are doing or not doing.

      Lasuba, Kenyi, Ramba and all the Warmongers in Equatoria on SSN will remain a one band briefcase movements as long as they champion war and destruction as a means to change. Do not be deceived Eastern, those advocating violence and purporting to represent the voices in Equatoria are liars. There are no fools residing in the hills and valleys of Equatoria. We will protect peace in Equatoria by preventing war and violence against our people. Where are the thousands of Equatorian recruits that Gen. Gore promised would join him? As I write, he (Gore) is still being guarded by the same Nuer militia soldiers who single handed transported him on their shoulders from Juba to Bentui. Had it not been for Riak’s propaganda purposes, he would have been replaced by now (Taban Deng wanted him removed for adding no value to SPLM -IO). People in Equatoria do not follow Generals and politicians blindly. Politicians and Generals follow people because the interest of the people is not necessarily those of politicians and generals. The majority view in Equatoria for now is in favour of peaceful resolutions without harm to life and property. Those opposed to this, can take their grievances hell.

      The Governors in Equatoria were democratically elected. Apart from Gov. Wani, Lobong’s and Bakasoro’s elections were never contested. Those who think the Governors are underperforming can take their complains to the electorate in the respective regions if and when elections are held. Yes Eastern, Equation should not be used as a dinning table and for that reason alone, it must defend what it has now (vice presidency) and go for what it does not have when the position becomes vacant (Presidency). This is not about James Wani, it is about what IGAD is dishing out in Adis. Kiir can only appoint within the framework of that IGAD document. It is what thousands of Dinka and Nuer died for. This should have been achieved without taking lives of people.

      Once more Eastern, tell your communities (Dinka and Nuer) to sue for peace instead of chest thumping. All of us stand to gain from peace than the path to destruction that Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak are pursuing with the backing of their communities (Dinka and Nuer). Who is Lasuba going to kill in Morobo. What about Kenyi? The people of Magwi county are not his enemies. Attempts to export your war and savagery to Equatoria will fail. Dinkocracy is just as evil as Nuertocracy.


      • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:


        Are you hoping that if you repeat this lies thousands time it will become truth? All of them have blood of innocent in their hands. To claim otherwise is to twist the truth to justify their sinful action. Who killed Nuer civilians in Juba? The government of Wani and Salva Kiir, right? So you are alone on this claim of no fault to your Equatoria Kiir’s puppets.

        • Nikalongo says:

          Another Nuer,

          It is simple. That war nonsense could stop today. Put down your arms and convince your cousins the Dinka to do likewise. For your information, there are more Nuer in government and the SPLA-Kiir than all Equatorians put together. Those you call puppets are just peaceful people. Every Nuer/Dinka defector SPLA killed another Nuer/Dinka before defecting and will continue doing so after defecting. Interesting isn’t it? You do not have to believe, but that is the truth. It is either inter-clan war as is in Lakes and Bentui or inter-communal war as is along the front lines of Renk and Akoka.

          Once more Another Nuer, leave the People, Governors and Politicians in Equatoria alone and out of your mess. You know who killed Nuers in Juba and Dinka in Bor. Go after them please.

      • General South says:


        In Africa when you happen to sit between trouble some neighbors,believe me you are waiting your time if need to teach them peace, one of the two options Nikalongo, neither you leave the place for them and you immigrate or you also accure war tools and fight with any of them at any cost and period. we do not care whether this war is a Dinka – Nuer conflict rooted in centuries of savagery, mutual distrust and destruction. The way now the SPLM-Dinka Dominated government is handling affairs of this country, it is now not SPLM affairs, it is our Land(Eqatoria) that maters to us and this is a clear reason for us to fight indefinitely, Nikalongo, Eqatoria never tested peace and prosperity for them to fear War, Rebellion(Revolution) in ALL places eat from its sons & daughters, Look Arab world countries that have tested peace and prosperity for decades(Libya, Tunis, Syria, Irag, Egypt) ended up fighting for freedom, Eqatoria is not an Exception, Murle have started small war for election false results , ended up to Administrative Area(State) and next time they will demand their our country or attached Pibor to Ethiopia(God knows), Eqatoria have started with does of Lasuba, Kenyi and other will follow. Let me tell you if you dream that their will be peaceful solution in South Sudan before you force somebody with fighting to sit on a table with you (fresh your brain).

        If you need to remain us about election, Lado Gore have defeated and hammer Clement Wani properly in 2010 Election.

  2. Choromke Jas says:

    You get the leaders you deserve, Equatorians.

  3. Alier Gai says:

    Mr. Ramba,
    It is funny to hear you talking discrusively while missing the point. Lomuro and the three governors of Equatoria region are people’s representatives and they do have right to join negotiations unlike you…nothing they fear about their positions but what is right for the country. Your position in Addis has the opposing view than theirs and it is questionable that, you represent nobody there but yourself and the enmpty pocket. The leaders of the region are focusing on those repeated crimes with none-ready-solution, because of the individual’s desire above everything. They are trying to make sure that no short change this time to Wani Igga than it was in the past, when Macher was seated in his place without any future promise given to that second contesting seat for a nation’s stability. And that is, they’re representing what needs not to happen again in southern leadership in the near tomorrow. What are you doing in Addis if you know the place where the salvation would come from? Can you go and get it for us and stop being voiceless for the voiceless there?

    • Diu J.kuek says:

      Dear Justin

      I am agree with your article even I am not from Equatoria region the fact and meaningful statement must acknowledge
      how come the Equatorian politicians could work hard from day and night to fight for Vice President ,do we have any tribes or clans In the Republic South Sudan are fit to be there as President for this nation always ? I hope the answer will be no because we all are equal before this Country and equal before the Law what I can see and say which may be reasonable for demonstrating in for what is going on now in Addis Ababa its genuine peace Unity and the Harmony for our nation is most needed .
      Or may Equatorians politicians were been advise to do so by those we are working against peace in South Sudan this may own analysis that is not so far from the facts to my dear brothers and sisters let us not accept the spirits of inferiority complex all we are equals.

  4. Diplo Guest says:

    The only four robbers of positions in salva kiir regime, aren’t representing the voices of Equatoria people but represent their families. My question is like this, why is it that u turn for our representatives. I think they were very straight forward. What has changed their minds. They use to cry for federal government and who is the champion of the federal government? Please think twice before it’s too late.

  5. Itikwili says:

    it could not be said more eloquently, we cannot afford to be at the tail end; a lazy way of looking at reality in a country that could hang together for this long because of equatoria! remove equatoria the only uniting force and all that you get is pieces!

  6. Dear Justin Ambago,
    Watching the meeting in Addis Ababa unfolding on the TV was disheartening as I see our leaders shake hands for nothing. Although the agreement signed in Arusha is work in progress and no agreement is perfect, for sure, I don’t see anything that is future binding. It was even more painful to see the three governors of Equatorai emerging in Addis Ababa meeting hall to address the gathering with insipid agenda. As an Equatorian, the question that we must ask now cleanly is: what is Equatoria fighting for? Clearly there is no leader in Equatoria that is worth following, and that stands out for Equatoria interest. Equatoria needs direction, and we need outstanding leader that is unifying and worth fighting for.

    I don’t think Equatorai should fight for Wani Igga because Igga has become defactor of division among Equatoria. Igga wants only to be a landlord. If Salva Kiir wants to kick him out, he should do so immediately because vice president position is not an elected office. The president chooses someone who can serve his interest and that could be anybody. Wani Igga is not a man of integrity but opportunistic, divisive figure, tribalistic, and stooge of the regime. To see the governors protesting in support of the vice president is like piecing Equatorai with a sharp needle in a broad day light. Greater Equatoria deserve something better than fighting for a second position that we don’t even deserve.

    IGAD leaders are trying to bring the carnage in south Sudan to a halt. But it is up to south Sudanese to decide for what is best for their country. It is frustrating because the 13 months conflict has caused the donor communities millions of dollars already, and it has killed thousands of innocent civiliants. It will be a waste of time if the protagonists of the war do not take precedents. Equatorians should fight for the leadership of the country, not for Wanni Igga, not even for second position, nor for the speaker of the national assembly. Justin Ambago, who is that leader? and that is the reason why we serve as subordinate to the regime.

    • augustine says:


      Equatorians should not fight for a second position. Does Wani Igga really cares about or contribute anything for Equatorians? Wani Igga is just stooge in the government of Slava Kiir. Equatorians experience so many hardship in their soils but those of Wani Igga are doing nothing.

      When I heard three Governors went to Ethiopia to fight for Wani Igga, I was shocked. Governors are fighting for second position instead of federal government? Something is serious wrong with our politicians. If Equatorians are not serious, they will remain second citizens in South Sudan.

  7. Tyson says:

    The Martin Elia’s are the other group of ramsackled pot-belly quasi-politicians who reduce themselves to leaking kiiler Kiir’s boots for survival! What a misery!!!!!

  8. Olur Sisto says:

    Dr. Justin Ambago you have summed it all. People like Dr. Martin Lumoro have no power base as evidenced by the fact that he was rejected by his own people during 2010 Elections. Wani Igga whom he is trying to protect has no power base either a part from his own home village, Lobonok. Secondly, his CV is very poor and it was a Nuer executive called Daniel Kier Bangot who raised his profile by appointing him as a Clerk in the Insurance Company before he allegedly fled to the bush with the Company,s money. The issue here should not be about protecting positions, but it should be about finding a political settlement to the current crisis. We have better alternatives to Wani from Greater Equatoria. There is no position which is permanent, but what we need here is a clear vision to avoid surrendering the country to the dog.

  9. If a character is not contagious, it is never a worth emulating character. The character of a leader who always kills innocents for a top job should stop mentioning in order to reach peace. Because if these three Equatorian governors would have known beforehand what they are striving now the evil man should have come to his frank and full fathom to quit his selfish ambution of murdering a number of civilians who did not have a glimpse of his false prophecy of which has been ending their lives to become a leader of ghosts. To this writer, who wants to lecturing the overt opposite of peace. There is no way you will success in delivering your confounding call for presidency if you are on diet of peace. As I have read through your article, I got startled at your a sentence calling Kiir as the elected president which has never evidenced in your last many writings inundating this Wed and other social networks. That alone is verdict to stupidity of denying the reality in your own face. As you are experiencing from the governors who were confusing federalism and peace , they first could have worked hand in hand with their president to open up a wide Lean of peace that could lead to federalism. However, They were not getting it right if the country is lacking tranquility, it requires harmony before preaching for a wrong path of which they totally indicted themselves as it has now shown to these gullible governors. Why now since the savior is coming in to save the federalism from peace? The hingsigh extremely exhibits and evinces to us a crystal clear conduit that the citizenry is against the nation particularly those who have inherited the hard- earned nation. They think the struggle was so easy when they hear music of the dead and living wounded that they want to stage their unwanted struggle instead of desisting from dissuading themselves from their self- defeating and simple speculation. My dears, confused citizens you need to do your mathematical work rather than mounting mayhem that will end in 2040. With me, I know those folks who have been hooting and holering on the top of their unsythampathetic hearts they need to comprehend that what they are inciting poor boys to do would never materialize in their presence nor will never come to the expectations than telling and pointing the evil man it is just that time to call it a peace! All in all, the name of the game which is imitated and initiated by the governors is called Splm/a in the first Vice President in oppostion. Look the names of parties we have formed all got the brand of Splm of which we deny and come to call ours parties by its name without realizing they did repudiate that name before and later came to marry to undoubtly. They need to cease calling for nothing. Now every is acting recklessly because there are people who are protecting the country from mad men in the likes of Riek and the rest of voices not appreciating enjoying the blood of innocents they have perished without facing ramifications of their madness and mediocrity. They should know time will for those protecting the nation from madness to say let the heel goes loose.You want it or if you continue follow a blurry road you are veering off to we will call what is unless you convince not to confuse us.That way you will acknowledge the burden of keeping you off from giving away the nation to foreigners as they signing their contracts due your useless call of the president. When did Kiir say he will hold to power? Like say this president fought to make the great of South Sudan live in an arrow like freedom not what the rest have been shifting their positions without recognizing folks like have heard them since from the very day they started saying what they rejecting as we speak. Former president of The United States once said if you can not convince them, confuse them. Tell me if it is not the similar trend our nation is not truddlng. This trend reflects who we are. As we have come an enormous obstacle to our own country. We have to have discourse not destruction.

  10. Majongdit says:

    Classmate to James Wani Igga, you must have known my father too. He was a classmate to Igga. I am a Dinka supporter of Wani Igga not because he shared a class with my late dad but because he is humble, patient and patriotic. However, now is not the right time for him. The politics of pushing the incumbent out forcefully has not been awarding the pushers here in Africa. That’s why Dr Riek is spoiled and like Raila Odinga he will find it very hard to rise to the top because there is a mafia that will ever work to see him not get the top most seat. Meanwhile for Wani, the moment Kiir steps down he will get an endorsement to replace Kiir. That to me would represent the right oppertunity.
    If you look at the succession clause in the Addis Agreement you find that Dr Riek SPLM Camp is treated like a different party. It’s why it is stipulated that any person will be succeeded by an individual from the party.
    Thank you.
    Dinka Wani

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      I know your father as well. I was in the same class with him and James Wani plus Dr. Justin. Per your father’s characters, he is no different from first grader. No wonder why you have such characters. You inherit them from him. Shallow thinker he was and so do you. Like father like son. Him and Wani were closely friend because they think like each others… They are both unserious and nobody took them seriously during our school period. I’m glad now that I know who produced you.

  11. Tombe Gboro says:

    Well said Mr Ramba.

  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    The way our Equatorian leaders address national issues is childish. A leader role is to fight for general citizens; not only single tribe or groups. If you follow closely, their narrow thinking tell them that this war is between Dinka and Nuer and they go around preaching just that. What kind of leaders are they? Uganda troops, Egyptian troops, JEM troops, SPLM-N troops, Burundi troops, Rwanda troops are in the mix fighting one tribe. Is this what you see as Nuer vs. Dinka war?

    No wonder they are only after Vice Presidency post. Who told them that Equatorians are not good enough to rule this nation? Who told them that they can’t take both President and Vice President at the same time? Two or more Equatorians can line up at the top if they are there for the goodness of this land. I wouldn’t call it tribal or regional so as long they are doing right thing for this country. Thank you Dr. Ramba, those Equatorians in SPLM are stooges just like their colleagues from Nuer tribe. Let them do whatever to keep their jobs under Kiir leadership.

  13. GatNor says:

    Ramba has a point.

    1) VP Igga & the 3 governors of Equatoria will joined Revolutionary EQuatorian Moment for National Salvation(REMNS) or will joined Martin Kenyi along with the oppositions. mainly because they have no future in the current tribal government. Its almost a given that my observation is the possible outcome of their fate.

    2) Both 4 leaders can choose be out spoken from within against policies there are destructive to their communities and the country as a whole and face death or constant humiliation from the tribal extremist.

    3) The 4 leaders can play the house slaves and be the hand of the king that wipe the king’s butt and in the process contribute to their community’s downfall as the handed down oppressors. I heard of the system practiced by some where brothers and families are forces to do harm to each other as so to create more divisions not only within the family but the community in which one comes from. I was horrified to hear it the new cowardice act being practiced by our people, villagers and military officers alike. Either way both choices as mentioned will only have them humiliated more by the master(tribal regime of kiir) and the community of Equatoria they have let down.

    Yes Igga deserve being appointed to the VP and so he does deserves the presidency as he aspires. Equatoria too deserve equal representations and if VP does the trick why not as long as they are content with it according to the 4 leaders. Should Equatorians voice their concerns to have a transparent discussion with South Sudan on the position of VP or any other position in their minds, then it all for the better. The funny thing here is that the confident of the position is fluid as it comes from the person who does the actual appointment of the occupancy. Occupying that position depends on how high one jumps when the dictator say jump. God forbid the dictator wakes up on the wrong side of the bed gets up and walks into that office of the VP with orders for the VP to jump off the clip.

    The 4 leaders should not waste time and on this tribal government to reverse the course it had taken. The goals of the dictator is and his kingdom does not favor them but would like to use them as tools for the time being.

  14. Okuc says:

    You are right Dr. Ramba, Equatorians should not limit their aspiration to the position of Vice president only. It is unfortunate that the tree Governors did not think deeply before they catch the bait laid for them by Mr Martin Elia who has no constituency in Equatoria.

  15. Maker says:


    Thank you for the nice respond.


    Since you are part of South Sudanese who’re negotiating peace in Addis, you should represent or stand for Equatorians in your own right. Just leave Wani Igga, Elia Lomoro, Lobong, Konga and Bakosoro alone. In South Sudan had decided to claim everything and anything on tribal mindset or regional mindset, as such, the three governors are not wrong to storm IGAD that Wani Igga is a son from a very vast, important and peaceful Equatorial region of South Sudan. IGAD’s proposal should not humiliate Igga just because he had not picked up arm against his people of South Sudan. And by the way, Wani Igga will rule South Sudan after this war. He is popular across the country. You continue to scorn him and I know how he had politically dwarfed you.

  16. Yanga says:

    While Justin Ambago’s point of view deserves some respect, it can be said with certainty that the quest for the top job is, if anything, premature for Equatorians. For one thing, there is no leader who has expressed desire to run for the top job and by implication, challenge Kiir – definitely not Wani Igga. Other Equatorians who may be harbouring that intention are all inconsequential, so the fight now can as well be for first vice president. For your information Mr Ambago, Wani Igga’s position is not safe as you alluded in your piece because Riek is returning to fill it – it can never be otherwise. Riek’s demand for Kiir to step down is a waste of time, even regional leaders have come to accept this.

    I agree that Equatorians are more competent to run the country than others but since there is no democracy, the fight for the top job is like the war of eggs against stones. Right now the only way to the top is through SPLM that is why you see SPLM-DC, SPLM-IO and SPLM-God-knows what! The belief is that if your party is at least associated with SPLM, then you have a chance, albeit a slim one. That is why Justin’s party and all other parties have a long time to wait unless there is genuine democracy. So the fight right now should be for democracy but not for the top job. You cannot get to the presidency in a Sudan’s style democracy, forget about it.

  17. Ohisio John says:

    Useless, useless, useless and useless Governors. Whom have they talked to ?. Who delegated them ?. Which part of Equatoria did they consulted ?.

    Ohhhh God help the people of Equatoria !

  18. Duot The Dinka boy. says:

    You Equatorial, If you want the top job you must form a political party with no association with the SPLM and prove that you can indeed manage a political party, then go for election against the SPLM and if you win then you have the top job. Too easy.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Duot the Dinka boy,
      that’s exactly my anticipation and suggestion, Equatorians must break away from the monstrosity called SPLM and form their own political party with the paramount agenda being that of introducing federalism in the country.
      Probably, the Chollo and Nuer and the Fertit and even some Jieng will join in and support that notion.
      What’s really pathetic is that currently, all those three governors and Wani Igga are mere puppets of Kiir and the Jieng SPLM.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Professor Ramba,
    Please count on me n on my friends the day you choose to conquer RSS’ power.Nuer,Dor or dinka:all that matters for us is one with constructive leadership qualities.But be careful never to tell any one what I am telling you becouse the likes of uncle Adwok will not be too happy n comrade Eastern will die of jealousy.Nikalongo n follwers are a stony challange too heavy to beat but we can negotiate with them to form one single front.

  20. Teach-The-Fools says:

    Most South Sudanese Drs are fools including Ramba! If you can’t see that the only chance towards top leadership is where Igga is sitting right now, the vice presidency, then you must be dumber than Dr. Riek. Wani, Limoro, and the three governors are approaching it smartly; that if they can keep Wani in his current position, then there would be a greater chance for an Equatorian to lead South Sudan. Like somebody up there has mentioned it, that having an SPLM ticket in your hand will give you the jurisdiction and leverage to become president at least in the current form of government structure.

    I can see you throwing another chest-thumpings, calling for Equatorians rebellion without asking yourself first if Dr. Riek and his cohorts got anything out of it when they fooled thousands naive, untrained, and illiterate Nuer children who later ended perished in vain.

    Wani Igga might have weaknesses like anybody else but I would give him my vote if his time come just because he proved beyond any doubt that he is a leader through resiliency and peacefulness.

  21. False Millionaire says:

    You are in your deep sleep in England,watering your mouth coolly with a holly spiritual whisky n only going merry on the net without a clue with regards to the true nature of today’s equatorians.Ignoring the ordinary equatorian masses,I get the impression that your equqtorians are the SPLM/A elite in the leaddership.Those are the ones you are intending to say will break out to form an equatorian party.Really?Good luck my most admired scholar but write down my words for the record:you will hang yourself out of bitterness after you finish realizing that they are merciless savage thieves that will never give a single drop of milk to equatorian hungry orphans.I invite you to come to Juba to assess the situation yourself!!!

  22. Kondokoro says:

    What DR
    with your blind followers
    equatorians are not for positons but seeing Riak and his group manipulating the whole south sudan while entangling the President and his tribe equatorians realised it is time to mobolised the 62 tribes to tackle riak machar and his crafty group who are willing to do anything to get positions in the goverment including unseating those who had strengtend the president and the country, why should Equatorians keep watching riak coming into power to make another coup, riak had a plan of ruling south sudan for long time with 80% positions toward the victims of his fail coup in juba, attacking Lomoro James and the governors of Equatoria you are attacking the back bone of the Republic itself

  23. False Millionaire says:

    Brother Gatnor,
    Please grow up never to believe that the 4 equqtorian SPLM/A top guns will ever join any rebellion,any whwere n whensoever.The highest objectives above anything else for them as for their likes are power,business,money that rain from the sky n the heavenly fantastic life.They are enjoying all these today in Juba n throughout RSS without sweat.What makes you think that they would dare to rebel to spoil their fortunes?It’s only up to you,me n our fellow ordinary masses to fight on against them becouse we have reasons to do so n having no stollen fortunes to spoil….

  24. Latio Ramba says:

    may be your observation can tell but full of hate you address itself Dr. ….and call DR lomuro Mr. don’t u value his doctorate’ DR Martin is actual a strategies and reformist the best ever human being I learned not those who always writes about hate’ do not trade ur intellectuality cheaply Dr. Justin. we need peace and those who can bring it. and later if u opt for presidency no body can stop u. we equatorian are too clean to swim in a dirty water.

    • J A C Ramba says:

      My friend Latio Ramba
      We are all for peace and you know that I didn’t start this war . I also agree with you that this is not the time to squabble over positions while our people are dying of hunger , disease and abuse. However my argument is should Martin Elia Lomuro and Wani Igga want to rally Equatorians behind them for a fight, it should not be for the sake of a second position. Second position is not worth anyone’s fight.
      The Martin Elia Lomuru you are talking about is a long time friend and colleague of mine, way back from our days at Rumbek in mid 1970s. We also attended university together in Egypt. I also met him here in the United Kingdom before he went back to serve in the first Government of South Sudan. He is a brilliant academician with a Master degree in Veterinary from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I don’t think that by addressing him as Mr constitute any violations. Of course I will value his doctorate anytime he gets it even if a honorary one. This is not the point.
      Martin Elia Lomoru as a leader of a political party, the South Sudan Democratic Forum has nothing to do in SPLM’s internal hierarchy issues which is the the argument behind the Igga vs Riek discussions. I want to see Martin Elia Lomuro leading a fight for the top office in his capacity as a friend, former schoolmate , and far most an Equatorian Leader of a political party, rather than getting consumed with SPLM internal political squabbles. I hope I have made myself clearer.
      JAC Ramba

  25. Gordon Ajak says:

    Equatorians governor are good for nothing politicians. Big bodies without brain, is one of the factors which makes colonisation of Equatoria possible. Today most people think it was bad idea that we colonised Equatoria. We colonise Equatoria for the right reasons. Living vast land like that in the hands of big body without brain could be the mistake. Nothing is wrong in using such class of human beings for development of others.
    The position of Wani Iga is a given position. He did not work for it. Something given can be taken at will. No Equatorian qualified to work with the government. We know Equatorian life style from village to village. Those in diaspora we know them with what they do. All are backward and beggars. Those governors clearly expressed clearly illiteracy of Equatorians in whatever level. South Sudan is the World of Dinka. You think you are wise, where is that wisdom. In 19870s to 80s you Equatorians were fighting one Dinka, Abel Alier. Today you have multitude to fight. Remember it was one man Abel Alier who crashed Equatorian rebel in the name of Any Nya 1. To open the door for colonization, Dr. John Garang crashed the Any Nya 2. Our systematic agenda became possible and is done.
    In Equatoria what we want is the land, not the people. Dr. Riek had failed for the second time. Peter Gadet failed before on his own, now again with Dr. Riek. Yau Yau failed, our government remained. We are heroes. We will be your masters for ever. We used all the skills politely to talk to you Equatorians so that you can learn, but you chose ignorance. See behaviours of your governors. Do they have brain in their heads? Triple illiteracy.
    Gordon Ajak

    • GatNor says:

      Peter Gadet & White Army please hurry & occupy Lake State & reverse this madness Gordon Ajak is doing. Lake State will be divided b/t Nuer & Equatorian. Talk to me again about how you just want the land and not the people.

    • johnjerry says:

      Gordon Ajak use your education in a wise manner. Remember we know who you are and do not forget what you write in the media today will hurt you tomorrow. I will advise you again talk the talk of learned people. we can stripe you naked if we want,but this is not the right place for that.

  26. alex says:

    Drear Brother Ramba

    I need to correct you from saying that Wani Igga is hand picked for that position. Brother when Dr Garang died, the position of v-presidence was going to Wani Igga but for the seek of peace in our country Wani voluntaraliy accepted to relinquest that position. Secondly Wani deserve that position given his past history in the movement. His steadfastness and determination to fight the Arab regime in South Sudan. If you listen to Wani’s speech when your leader Riek was playing the underground politics to unseat presedent Kiir, they approached Wani to contest for the position of SPLM chairmanship but Wani is humble he turn those advice down. We are not after qulifications but we are for leaders who will stand up for us when things are hot. Some of you were enjoying drinks in London but Wani did not leave his people. He was determined to die for the seek of his people but some of you were afraid to scrifice their lives that is why you ended up in London.
    So if it comes who should lead equatoria, I better stand for Wani than choosing people who talk much about qulifications but can not face the enemy when it come to critical situations. Wani is a hero and he a humble man who takes the interest of his contry before a position. We have seen how the greed and rush to grap power have pushed our country to destruction. If Wani was to listen to those of Riek;s advice where would Southern Sudan be now. Wani know leadership can come if God choose you. This man deserve respect and we should appriciate what he has done. He is not after leadership but he is after his country.
    I think it is not worth to choose those who claim to be educated and yet leads the country to destruction as evident by the so called Dr Riek , Dr Richard Mulla your self and many others. We have seen how a PhD holder like Lam Akol last time was fighting hard for South Sudan to remain in the hands of Arabs. What we know is education is a curse to South Sudanese. We thought people like you could know the dangers of war, deplomatic way of settling problem, value human life, goodness of development, dangers of tribal politics, dangers of hate, democratic values and nationalist but now see what you and your group have done in South Sudan because of fighting for positions. It is not even a shame for you to speech about the steps our governors have taken. For you you are after top position but we are after the unity of our people and the security o our people.
    If you are saying we shouldn’t only ask for that little position, why don’t you contest Rieks position of chairmanship so that when the peace is signed then we have two of you in the top positions. We need you to stand up for the top chairmanchip position in the splm in opp brother. If you did not do that then you a coward. You need to challange Riek position because he is not a popular figure.
    I am really sorry who you in the opp- movement have been marginalised especially Lodu Gore in the talks and making top decisions in the movement. It is sad to see some of you during the peace talks to remain outside and only act like lobeylist. The whole think was hijacted by the nuer group even the late’s Dr Garang son role was a humiliation to him and the mother. I would be very greatful if you and Richard Mulla stand up for Riek as you now in his leadership, your group will only remain a Nuer movement. So is it not a high time for you to challange Riek or the opp-movement system of running affairs to bring slavation. If you fail to challange Riak the we can assume that , you are there only as target worker. Just fighting to be given a position in the Riek movement. At least the three governors manage to stand up to the regional leaders of IGAD compared to you who are shading corocadile tears for the injustices in the splm opp.
    Lastelly look into the reselutions you group passed during their convention, Rambago with all your title of Dr and to be part of that group is a shame to equatorians and entire muru community. You have become so primitive like your commander Gadet who has hijacted all the power from all of you the so called intellectuals. Brother to conclude, we are waiting for you to maunt that challange to Riek and Gadet if you did not do it then you are a shame to equatorians. Your fighjting is all about power only but the three governors are fighting for stopping rewarding a criminal to become a v-presidence while this post was even given to him before in good faith while he was not even elected. We will not elect anyone who did not stand up to face the Arabs. You are just like hyenas waiting to fight for the ready meat on the ground an even don’t appraciate the person who killed it. How would you remove Wani’s name in the history of South Sudan when you were heavely drinking and enjoying live in London doing nothing. Even not fighting with the pen. It is only now when you people have seen the lion has been killed and some of you start to run with your so called qulifications that you want to unseat those who gave their life for this country. We need intellectuals but they should respect our libertors. They should not be thrown out like people have done nothing for this country. You need to humble yourselves and come as advisors first before we entrust you with those top positions but if you think because they have low level of education and you want to push them aside, history will not forgive you.
    So Wani deserve the position and it was his position and he will remain untill other people are elected as chairman and deputy chairman of SPLM.

  27. abai okwahu says:

    Folks, almost 90 per cent of the membership of the parliament of South Sudan is composed of SPLM dudes. There is practically no opposition to the the government nor to the president who is also the chairman of the party, commander-in-chief of the army, and the keeper of the constitution. The interim constitution was doctored to give the president absolute powers, that would allow him to appoint his deputy (vice president), ministers, commanders in the army, police commissioners, etc., as well as fire any high ranking government official he deems a threat to his authority. The press is muzzled, the national security will pick perceived enemies and imprison them or make them disappear. The Equatorians or others who dream of one day reaching the top job may have to wait for another 10 to 15 years before Kiir vacates the presidency. The seeds of dictatorship are already planted and the SPLM is here to stay.

    • alex says:

      Do not be scared brother. The truth will come to surface. Those who claim they are popular will show their popularity induring elections.
      Some people will only enjoy the transitional period and that is it.. The noice in the web is big but the time of truth is drawing near. The lairs their names will be eressed of in the History of South Sudan for ever. Some of us will not even like to hear their names.

  28. alex says:

    This is website for Riek movement that is why they are refusing to publish those who knows their rubbish. My response to Rumoga was not put on the net because they knew it hit them on the head but despite all your dirty tricks you will never win. This is to the website managment.


  29. Kondokoro says:

    DDRRR J Ramba
    why cant you go back so that our people can benefit from your degrees you went for education not to fight for riak but for your community stop all this but be stupid so that your people can benefit
    now what will they benefit when you are making noises in london??

  30. BILL KUCH says:

    It is as it was long time ago during those days of civil war. Equatorians used to say that, it was a problem of Arabs and Dinkas and they were less concern. And as today, it was not too long ago when one of the Equatorian governors repeated the same. So, what I am saying is that, Equatorians should take anything for South Sudan as their own in order for them to compete with other Southerners when it comes to posts. Thanks.

  31. Daniel Moi says:

    Time will tell if individuals from this tribal government will open their mouths again in Equatoria.

  32. simba says:

    Want the top job? Form a political party backed by a loyal and capable militia/army…the only way it works in South Sudan.

  33. simba says:

    …and one more thing; whatever you call your party, dont forget to include the four magic letters S P L and M in the name or else you risk disapproval.

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