Equatoria States Governors: Shameless hypocrites or SPLM stooges?

Editorial Analysis MAY/12/2013, SSN;

Whilst the combined stature of Equatorias’ trio of Governors Bakasoro, Wani and Lobong can’t certainly match that of world-famous South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, these governors and their Equatoria SPLM members who recently held the Extraordinary Equatoria Conference in Juba should learn some lesson from the Nobel laureate. Tutu has unequivocally announced that he’d no longer cast his vote for the Mandela-founded ANC because of “corruption, violence and inequality.”

Archbishop Tutu further explained that “the ANC was good at leading us in the struggle to be free from oppression, but it doesn’t seem to me now that a freedom fighting unit can easily make a transition to becoming a political party or leading a nation.”

Just as equally relevant to our own predicament, Dr. Lual Deng, a man so close to late Dr. John Garang himself, in his newest book, “The Power of Creative Reasoning: the ideas and vision of John Garang,” explicitly wrote that, “Salva Kiir’s responsibility was to take the people to the promised land, but the development of the promised land is a different mission that requires a different leader, and we expect a divine intervention in this regard.”

Dr. Lual Deng blatantly concluded, “it’s therefore imperative for Joshua (Salva Kiir) to give way to a developmental leader of the promised land, that’s the Republic of South Sudan.”

Verily, the South Sudan, but particularly Equatoria, is at a critical juncture especially with the impending so-called leadership crisis now evolving among those SPLM top members who, if the truth be told, all of them don’t really deserve the top position they are keenly aspiring for, especially with their horrendous leadership over the past eight years.

Historically, since Equatoria Region back then in 1983 precipitated the Kokora (Redivision) of South Sudan that saw the expulsion of the Nilotic Dinka and Nuer and Shilluks to their particular ‘home states’ and the evolution of the SPLM/A war which Equatorians rightly construed as reaction to Kokora, there has never been any genuine trust or closeness between the Equatorians and the others.

Governor Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria steadfastly fought on the side of enemy Arabs, preventing the SPLA from ever capturing Juba till the end of the war when he along with other militia leaders like Paulino Matip finally reconciled with the SPLA in 2005.

On the other hand, Western Equatoria Governor Bakosoro was forcefully ejected from the SPLM party during the last gubernatorial election but was later pardoned and readmitted back in the SPLM, inarguably losing his so-called independent stature which had hitherto garnered him the massive popularity to win the governorship against the party-supported candidate.

First, judging from each of the governors speeches, one visibly discerns signs of fear among these governors as they all started their speeches by addressing the president (Kiir) whose ghost wasn’t even anywhere in the hall, as if their speeches were scripted for them to placate Kiir and the party, but more embarrassingly, their singular message was a strong warning to anyone trying to usurp the powers from President Kiir.

Secondly, the predicated contest expected between president Kiir, Machar and others, for the Chairmanship of the SPLM party and the eventuality of multiple candidates contesting in the national presidential election, is a democratic right of any member of the party and it shouldn’t be sanctioned by any body for that matter.

Lastly, Equatoria today is not a homogeneous society in spite of being at peace with itself, and moreover, each of its three states has its own particularity and parochial interest, especially their closeness to and acceptability by the ruling SPLM under President Kiir.

Significantly, these Equatoria governors and their SPLM ministers and officials are equally complicit in the systemic corruption, bad governance and insecurity so prevalent in each state which only amply mirrors and amplifies what is going on in the government of president Kiir itself.

Corruption in each of the Equatoria states obviously emanates from the top to the bottom, so, which governor really can boldly stand up and sincerely and publicly declare his financial assets or vow that he is absolutely clean? Which Equatoria state governor or official can publicly vow that he hasn’t abused his office for personal gain or that of his family members?

For instance, while Wani Konga publicly laments about land grabbing mostly of the Bari land around Juba, how clean and free is he and his family, or his local ministers and officials on this land grabbing? Just recently he publicly provided Vice president Machar a big chunk of Mundari land, ominously openly up inevitable a land grabbing appetite for more Mundari land.

Eastern Equatoria under governor Louis Lobong today is shamefully experiencing famine and government-sanctioned murder of its own citizens ostensibly condemned as cattle thieves. Where is the so-called smartness of these Equatorians if they thought they were homo sapiens one stage higher than the Dinka or the Nuer?

Practically, each one of the Equatoria governors worriedly expressed their apprehension on the impending war that would take place in Equatoria between the Dinka of Kiir and the Nuer of Machar and the impact of such eventuality would only definitely exacerbate the already fragile situation in the region.

How naive, hypocritical and irresponsible of these Equatoria SPLM leaders gathered in that cosy conference hall to needlessly worry about being the “grass that suffers when two elephants fight,” as if they are constrained by some invisible power not to avert or ameliorate the severity of their predicament?

Wake up, men and ladies of Equatoria, you’re now in dirty game of politics and politicking, and as they say, there is no permanent friend or enemy in politics, and the presumption of neutrality is not an option.

You are either with one or the other, especially since your collective decision has been already made easier — since ‘Greater’ Equatoria has shamefully capitulated and accepted to be hostages and second-class citizens — so, it’s either standing with Machar or Kiir, period.

Unsurprisingly, Governor Clement Wani Konga narrated multiple failures committed and commissioned obviously by the current Kiir misrule and failed government, which of course incriminates also Machar, so, like the humble Archbishop Tutu, who has supported the ANC all his life without ever betraying the cause of liberation waged by Mandela, Equatorians have the other alternative of not supporting either person.

If really those Equatorian SPLM supporters seated on those posh chairs are genuinely concerned about the future of South Sudan Nation and if they are collectively pained by the relentless suffering and depravity endured by the common people as a result of the immoral rule by Kiir-Machar, they, like Tutu again, should reject to vote for the same criminalized party, the SPLM.

Furthermore, to quote Dr. Lual Deng again, who has been a staunch SPLM/A adherent, “there is absence of a visionary leadership which has led to sclerotic management of the SPLM bureaucracy.”

Just within one year after independence, the country has been declared a failed state, the people of South Sudan, who should have been fortuitously blessed with abundance of natural resources, the situation has continuously deteriorated, thanks to the myopic and dysfunctional leadership of the SPLM under Kiir and Machar.

Indefensibly, the behaviour of the leadership these Equatorian leaders purportedly support has engendered international shame like the $4 billion dollar theft which has remained unresolvable because the third top SPLM person, the Equatorian Speaker, Wani Iga, conspired in disabling the national legislative assembly from doing anything.

It’s time these Equatorian leadership in the SPLM seriously acknowledged that there is palpable and irrefutable evidence that there is a leadership vacuum at the top level of the government and the party itself. Those close to Dr. John Garang might still recall his repeated quotation that ‘the fish rots from head down,’ a fact that the brave Professor Wako reiterated so adamantly to President Kiir recently.

Finally, if all Equatorians, together, are seriously concerned and perturbed by the unpredictable crisis looming ahead, they all either quit the SPLM and form their own party to contest in the leadership, or otherwise, the lesser evil would be to collectively align with the next alternative to Kiir and hopefully anticipate to reap some dividends for their support of the next leader of the country.

Better still, like Archbishop Tutu, they don’t vote for the SPLM again. Why not, you are free at last, you are no longer stooges, the choice is in your own hands. Why be the grass being trodden upon, why not be the hunter and shoot down both elephants…… politically speaking, that is…….


  1. Eastern says:

    Dear Editor, with due respect, read the situation between the line! The whole extraordinary meeting is not about Equatorians quaking because of the in-house fighting in the SPLM; it’s about more than what you have discerned here. Read the situation from the late 70s to days before 1983 then you will understand what is boiling! Thanks for your analysis, superficial though.

  2. Dear Editor:

    I have given you two thumps up for this article. In fact, the Equatorian politicians should not always think of themselves as if they are the briefcase or handbag carriers of Kiir and Machar. They should know that they are not lesser than Kiir and Riek in terms of the Citizenship, Rights and Political entitlement in the Republic of South Sudan. Personally, I hate to see the Equatorian politicians behaving like children, second class Citizens or aliens in their own Country and particularly by politically retreating or resorting into the creation of Kokora divisions which resulted in animosity between Equatorians and their Nilotic brothers and sisters.

    Now the time has come for the Equatorian politicians to stop bowing down for Kiir and Riek and claim the leadership of this great Nation. In the upcoming presidential elections, I want you {Equatorians} to take the lead, or continue to follow submissively or get the hell out of the way in the South Sudan Politics once and for all.

    Personally, I advise you to form a non-tribal and/or non-regional based political party and to be led by a non-Kokora warlord politician and you must recruit members from the Greater Bhar El Ghazal and Upper Nile Regions should you decide not to partake in the SPLM party leadership. Apparently, you would not win the presidency if you don’t generate political support and votes from the other Regions or States.

    As advised by the Editor, please be the hunter this time. Get your political hunting Arrows and shoot Kiir and Riek on the foot, nailing it hard and deep into the Native soil of Equatorians in Juba and claim the presidency of South Sudan in 2015. I’m reserving my political vote for an Equatorian presidential candidate provided that he/she would not be one of my political foes such as Nyaputa, Eastern, Umoja and Elhag Paul.

    Editor: That’s a nice comment from you!!!!

  3. Dau-network says:

    You nailed the point at last!
    If equatorians really care about South Sudan future, they should take the leadership because all eyes of the consenting citizens are on a leadership from equatoria man nowadays because we already experienced president Kiir leadership which will be 10 years in 2015. And we already witnessed Dr Riek leadership from for 11 years from 1991-2002. Former Anyaa Anya 1, Ali Guata, from Torit said in 1994 convention that equatorians have a big problem, they can know things better but fear of heart don’t let them achieve the goals.

    Nuer in general have a big problem too, they always oppose the truths, when people go West, they go in east direction.

    Dinka have a problem also, they do the right things by force until other people turned against them. To me all the above said by the leader of 1955 Torit rebellion are true of our colours.

    The point is why equatorians call themselves the grass to suffer in their own land and they have all rights to challenge in any way, doesn’t reflect the words said above about them by their own son. Some dinka want to force Mr Kiir to be president again, doesn’t reflect the above word said about them!

    Some nuer want Dr Hitler Adolf to be president in 2015, doesn’t second the words said against them. If equatorians need to defend the words said against them then this is a right time to take leadership before dinka and nuer united again as you know they always support each other like identical twins!

    • Diu J.Kuek says:


      You have touched so many important points regarding this current crisis, thank for your analysis as an analyst.
      for you so called Dau Network, before coming to your rubbish comment, you need to know Equatorian can not be mobilized in the internet.
      first of all they are very civilized and intellectual community beyond reasonable doubt they have their own judgement on nation affairs besides Equatorians conference that was conducted in Juba by three Governors plus Hon. Wani Igga and so on.
      Equatorians are mature enough to understand the problem that we are facing now in the nation in so many aspects, whether its land grabbing, Institutions grabbing, Corruption, Mismanagement of national Resources, inciting tribal hatred and security, all are relevant to the party reform and so on.
      Equatorians in general are well aware for these and they know who is capable that can lead the nation. Is not a matter where he/she comes from provide that will be a leader who having national agenda not tribal agenda.
      for you Dau, you are using abusive language against Nuer community in general that will not help you and no one will be in position to respond to you in such a manner to call Dr Riek Machar as Adolf Hitler. I can term this as natural hatred or personal problem .

      You remember that word was quoted by Dr Lual Deng. President Kiir was able to lead us in to the promised land but it’s totally different from managing the nation affairs in practical manner. In referendum process every one played, his own part Dr Riek has done very crucial part. Mr Pagan Amum done his own part and Hon, Atem Garang done his own part and so on, all these historical records go to our President Kiir but if will be the case every one will claim his own history.
      Dau now you are calling for help from Equatorians, do you take proper investigation for the death of their beloved son Engineer Louis. please people are very cautious.

  4. Deng says:

    Dear Editor,
    I wish you live here in Juba and I know you so that I will invite you for a coffee chat.

    Any way, it is a well educated analysis, but for me, since corruption, misrule, tribalism, nepotism and or ….you name it.. are innate with us in South Sudan, we better try the devils one by one until we stumble on the good one to lead us. By this, I mean Kiir’s time for taking people of South Sudan to promised land is finished and is overdue. It is time we start to use their so-called SPLM hierarchy to try Machar and so on and by probability we will come across someone who will make the promised land an enviable place in this part of Africa. Have a good evening buddy, it 13 minutes to 3PM – breaking.

    EDITOR: Thanks, Mr. Deng, for your kind offer and comment. When I get there I promise I will look for you. Stay safe.

  5. Dr.Duol Tut says:

    To editorial analysis,
    For the greater good of this noble website, when you write about political issues identify the author’s name otherwise the site will be subjected to bias as a political mouth piece of an individual who wants to promote himself which I don’t think it was the objective of this historic website formation since 2003 when I began reading daily update about CPA. Any way the topic is good but I view it to be an individual opinion which is most welcome.

    EDITOR: Dr. Duol Tut, most editorials are generally assumed to be written by the editor, as is the case with the Editorial Analysis on this website. Stay well and thanks and great appreciation for your long dedication to the SouthSudanNation.com website.

  6. Itikwili says:

    When people hear about equatoria, what comes to mind is regionalism, kokora, kicking out the dinka, the nuer, the shilluk, continue to name them. contexts have changed and it is simply naive to get fixated in such a simplistic thought. we cannot be hostage to history, although learning from it without being apprehensive. but even then perhaps it is time to ask. What is wrong with regionalism? what was wrong with kokora especially if implied in it was also the understanding that we should take towns to our villages, go and develop the areas where we come from?

    Many South Sudanese have the habit of running away from their places and enjoying living in places which others have put a lot of effort to develop. go to kampala, Nairobi and the cities around the world, you will not fail to spot them in their suits, neck-ties and well polished shoes living lavishly and always talking politics.

    back home, now think of going to villages of some of our politicians holding big offices and always in their suits as if they matter, you might only see small grass thatched tukuls and nothing less. most may even be implicated in tossing the heads of the poor villagers around fuelling conflict everywhere.

    Equatoria is a region, (if anybody would like to continue with such labelling), that has relative peace to itself to some extent. if the other regions could encourage peace among their inhabitants, one would simply embrace regionalism. the next thing in politics is then to struggle with regional alignment without use of he gun knowing too well that a politician from one region will not secure the top seat without the support of at least one other region.

    Even in giant, super power like USA, they talk of swing states, this state is where Obama and so and so will get his support etc. We may have our individuals issues with the SPLM party and would wish it break it into pieces, analysis has been made, but i am afraid the editorial has given in too much.

  7. Okeny Lojuron says:

    Dear editor,
    Thank you for your analysis, thought we equatorians are not fully satisfied with governance in the three states of Equatoria but I see this gathering as a promotion of co-existence through dialogue between our people instead of fighting each other. the removal of this present corrupted leadership should be a collective issue, not only to be left to Equatorians. on the other hand the current leadership are blindly supported by their ethnic groups.
    Regarding your comment on kokora, we all know very well that kokora was used by Equatorians then to address the one ethnic domination of the region, on the other side it was initiated by the central government to weaken the South. If we need clear leader we should educate our people how to choice leaders that can deliver.

  8. Dr. JAC Ramba says:

    Dear Editor

    Thanks for the wonderful Ed/Op. What you have said about the three governors of the three Equatoria States is true and it true of all the other seven governors as well. And since all these conferences are being organized by the ruling SPLM party, we shouldn’t really expect any of the speakers to come forward to criticize the bad leadership which they are part of it.

    As for the top position in the land, which is the presidency, it is not possible to require of these three politicians to opt for something that they are not psychologically prepared to do.

    Anyway as I can see no true change can ever be realized before the country can adopt the Federal System of Government equal to what is being practiced in the USA, or Switzerland or Canada… etc.

    I don’t suggest that they should just line up behind others – but of course should no other candidates come forward to challenge the SPLM candidate – then the country is likely to remain in the same loop.

    The last thing that can ever happen in South Sudan is for SPLM to put forward a presidential candidate from Equatoria. This is closer to being impossible given the current tribal nature of the organisation.

    The salvation for the whole country lies in Federalism and Multiparty democracy. I am glad that you have said it, for indeed this SPLM party hasn’t even a clue as to where it’s dragging the country.

  9. Simon Tongyik says:

    Dear comrades, don’t prejudge those politicians of equatoria, they do know what they are doing. It would be better for you to wait for the end of the game. South Sudan under that leadership is ending and a better one will arise, thanks.

  10. Dear editor, Iam glad to write to you. Iam a regular reader of this website reading an articles and comments. Last months i sent articles to you but they were not published and yesterday i also sent an article but the same thing happened. So tell me if i failed to follow your regulations.

    EDITOR: Mr. Mangong, I regret if your articles have been overlooked, although I am not sure that I really came across name of yours as used herein now.
    I would make a review of the articles if you can send me the names of the articles.
    Rest assured that we don’t segregate our esteemed contributors of articles, and thank you.

  11. Taban says:

    It’s not yet Uhuru.
    Yes, we are too far from independence. the masses are ignorant of what is really taking place in all the levels of governments.

    What we need is an accelerated civil education to enlighten the masses of their rights before the greedy destructive politicians exploit our differences for their own benefits.

    We do not need upper Nile leadership or Equatorian leadership or Bhar -El-Ghazel, we need strong patriotic national figure.

    I don’t see it within the SPLM top goons

  12. Kajokeji says:

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for giving us an informed analysis of the political developments in the Republic of South Sudan. Everything you said about the three governors of Equatoria States involvement in the corruption of SPLM is true, but I am of the opinion that the salvation of the Republic of South Sudan lies with these governors- at least they are coming together to share some common issues! Frankly speaking, the equatorian soul and spirit has been subdued by Garang’s SPLM/SPLA war of liberation.

    During the liberation war, Garang had effectively managed to divide the eqauatorian tribes; even to the extent of clans so as to consolidate his rule of domination by Dinkas for many years of come. Therefore we in equatorial have become political orphans- the evidence is that equatorians are so fearful that they have accepted their faith of being a second class citizens in the Republic of South Sudan. These days, most equatorians in good positions in the government of SPLM/SPLA have participated in betraying his/her people in one way or another so as to share in pubic looting of the country.

    As you may recall during the liberation war, most equatorian politicians convinced their respective people to stay neutral and accept the human rights abuses of the Dinkas so as to save the liberation movement of SPLM for the bigger picture- to attain the independence of South Sudan, and the contest for good governance or leadership would follow after liberation. The fear was that if the Equatorians colluded with Dr. Machar or challenged the dinkas with all the atrocities that were committed against them, most Dinkas might flee to the Arabs as it is a well known fact that the Dinkas’ behaviour is similar to Arabs, except that they are Black in colour, and to them the independence of South Sudan is by default, but anyway they like to claim good things!

    Today you see the pictures of Garang and Salva hanging in public spaces all over South Sudan as if they are the true liberators of the people, but that is a false claim because the very goal of SPLM was to subjugate the southerners under dinka rule; with overall master in Khartoum (the Arab at the top). In fact if there is a hero or nationalist in South Sudan during the SPLA war, that person is Dr. Riak Machar who challenged the status quo and declared the popular demand of independence for South Sudan, a dream which would not have been achieved sooner without his effort to bring the voice of the oppressed people of South Sudan to the World.

    Editor, you are absolutely right that these Equatorian governors should be bold and clear about their political position in regards to the presidential politics of south sudan. If they’re supporting the SPLM, my hope is that they should support Dr. Riak Machar to counter the dinka domination and corruption in South Sudan, or else they should fall out of the SPLM and form a true political party to accommodate the voices of those silenced by SPLM and also those SPLM members who are dissatisfied with the current structure of their party which resembles the communist party of the old Soviet Union.

    As for now, the lesser of the two evils is better than nothing, it is my belief that the freedom of southerners- especially the equatorians is in the hands of the three Equatorian governors because right now any political attempt by ordinary citizens will be silenced by salva and his accomplices in the SPLA/SPLA.

    • Kajokeji:

      Please swallow your hatred against Dinka and live with them in peace and harmony otherwise go back to Uganda where you belong. Dinka, Nuer and Equatorians are South Sudanese and are capable of resolving their own internal issues. We don’t want Aliens such as you and your likes to come and tell us what to do in our own Country. Who cares if you do or don’t recognize late Dr. John Garang and General Salva Kiir Mayardit as true liberators of this great Nation. Whether you like it or not, the history of the Republic of South Sudan would recognize those great freedom fighters for their tremendous dedications, achievements and outstanding contributions in the liberation of this great Country,South Sudan.

      General Kiir Mayardit should be advised to issue the presidential decree, ordering the SPLA forces to distinguish the real Equatorians from the fake, LRA deserters and send them back to the LRA camps in Northern Uganda. Those thugs are not good for anything in our Country except creating more confusion and animosity among our beloved people in South Sudan. We truly need Kasha (Deportation) in South Sudan so that we can get rid of those FAKE Equatorians or LRA deserters who have nothing more to contribute in our Country than Confusion and hatred.

      • nyaputa says:

        Dear editor,

        Thank you very much for your great piece that you have presented to all south sudanese about our greater equatoria governors conference. indeed it was reasonable and superb in its content and context and that is the way forward for us greater equatoria in particular and south sudan in general.
        I Salute you and Paul El-hag for great job you have done to educate our people about what is going on in south sudan. let those who preach the word hatred continue doing it but eventually we will catch them soon. Dr. Garang and Salva Kirr were not in the bush alone. They were with people of greater equatoria and other regions of sudan. time has come to tell of Gatkuoth like enough is enough and go home. Kajokeji needs to rest and do other developmental activities.

        SSN editor and Paul El-hage, both of you are my heroes and nothing can take it from you. THANK YOU, NYAPUTA!!!!

  13. Tyson says:

    I partly agree with you that the Equatoria State Governors should not leak the boots of Kiir or Machar for purpose of being in power. The SPLM system is already rotten and too deformed to be reformed now. None of the SPLM top brass has anything to offer. They have looted enough and are mature candidates for prosecution should a credible government take over.

    However, The Equatoria conference was not about strategies of snatching power from the Dinka and their Nuer cousins. I don’t think Equatoria should enter this useless battle and neither should they take sides. Kiir, Machar, Nyandeny, Amum, etc… are the same. They are all looters and deserve no credit.
    equatorians are cautious but not blind.

  14. Wanilosake says:

    You guys are cooking a food which will invite all to come and dance. your country is too young for all these, if confusion takes place in south sudan this will give jalaba a golden oportunity to reinvade southsudan again. let Splm go through democracy not such talks of equatoria, Bahr El ghazal, etc…etc, or who fought and for who? this is time for reconciliation development as already happening.

    • Dear Wanilosake:
      Your comment has made my heart to pump up with pride, dignity and hope. I never thought there are Equatorians out there who put the interest of our Country above the hatred and animosity of Dinka and Nuer. I’m extremely impressed by your comment and I want you to continue to write so that you can educate and enlighten our people that good and bad leaders come and go but the land/Country remains for the next generation to reform it, develop it and rebuild it for the interest of all Citizens. In fact, Kiir and Riek, SPLM party and all those corrupted politicians will soon vanish in the thin Air, however the land of our ancestors,South Sudan, will remain for all of us if not invaded and reclaimed by the Arabs and LRA. I hope those Aliens or fake Equatorians such as Eastern, South Mole ,Nyaputa, Umoja and Elhag Paul should read and comprehend your tremendous and patriotic comment or advice. May the almighty God of our great Ancestors bless you and keep your wisdom alive and blossom!

    • luke says:

      Bro Wanilosake, I agreed with you all these confusions are jallabas business, remember we got bad or worse ambassador in our soil so he’s working every hour to create as such.

  15. Dear Editorial Analyst:

    I read your minutes of Equatorian conference held last by three governors include House Speaker Mr.James Wani Igga and members of assembly and ministers both national and states, and local government officials. In your summaries, there are many mis-steps that you have put them across. Most your analysis were focused on event of President Kirr, and his Vice President Riak on their bickering on powers struggle in the party leadership.There have been nothing very new to know in the first place.We heard long time such stories with full allegations. We are looking new ideas for new events!

    Corruption problem in the government of South Sudan in the country has become a POLITICAL CIRCUS FOR THE DAY and that it has become VERY TEDIOUS ALTOGETHER!

    For Equatoria conferences,they have held for two times without solid objectives and good reasons for the ground on such meetings!

    I read Central Equatoria Governor of Equatoria Clement Wani Kongo press speeches in opening statement in the conferences, they are not making any good point at all! For example, he said two elephants fight, but the grass on the ground to suffer! WHY?!!!??? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???!!?? Are Equatorians suffering now???? I want Governor Clement Wani to respond to me?

    If somebody in Equatorians wants to be president, he or she, there is no problem to blame President Kirr in his administration in the government. Let him or her come forward to declare himself or herself to run for president. The door is open wide! Time for democracy. It is people themselves to decide! There is need to criticising President government for long for wrong doings! Let us wait until in 2015!

    • Chief Abiko, the African proverb that when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers is very true and Governor Clement Wani Konga is right in his press speeches in opening statement in the conference. Equatoria may not be suffering now, but when the two elephants referred to as the Dinkas and the Nuers start fighting Equatoria will be the Grass, this is very clear and take the word of the Governor seriously.

      When you look at the big picture, our so called national army the Spla is almost 40% Dinka and 50% Nuer and the rest of 10% is other South sudanese with Equatoria may be at 2%. Do you now see where the Governor refers to Equatoria as being the grass?

      In African politics there is power in the Army not unlike in the USA where the army has no play in the politics of the country. Unless and until we make it a law for the Army not to intervene and interfere in politics as in any civilized democracy such as in the Americas and the EU otherwise we would not be still seeing SPLA as the country’s national Army.

      And that is not all our people need to be educated, being in the government should not be seen as the only thing in life. Our Government is just too young and immature to handle a lot of things, one of which is democracy. When we stop thinking of ourselves as being the best nothing will go right all the time. Peaceful transition of Government should be peaceful and not best of tribe(s). The Nuer are now saying it is they next to be president. What tribe next after the Nuer? Zande,Taposa, Shilluk or Cere? See how short sighted we are when we come to politics. Where will tribal politics take us as a country?

      The year 2015 will be the litmus paper for our democracy to be tested if multi- party system becomes accepted as the norm.

  16. umoja says:

    Congratulation to you the Editor,
    My own rating gives you 98% for your analysis, it is time high time that Chameleon colors should be rejected, all these governors talk something in their conference and do opposite things with their dump leaders (Kirr & Machar). Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, be informed that we don’t support the likes you on tribal line. All these Equatoria governors if they stand today they will even fail within Equatoria, we don’t entertain pretenders because they are one of our clan, society or regional member, get it all right.

    Again, you are very wrong. Parties are not form on regional basis but political angeda, Don’t be misled by the way dinka or Nuers are behaving, I will not support Equatoria because of him being so but on what his vision says.

    Get matured and stop supporting on tribal and regional lines but the political agenda.


  17. Dau-network says:

    To Diu J Kuek aka Deng Atem,
    What wrong with calling Dr Riek a Dr Adolf Hitler? Can you tell the public what is the different between Dr Riek and Adolf Hitler toward their last actions?
    Mr Diu, as l know that you are an intellectual, could you define a word (Genocide)? To me, genocide is a killing of number of people in short time. Could we be able to differentiate those above?
    My friend, l have no problem with nuer people at all, even if any candidate from nuer apart from Dr Hitler, l would go for.
    My best friends are from Lou nuer where l was supporting one of them to be became a community leader.

  18. Umoja: Dear Political Foe:

    At least you are making a little bit of sense today. Where did your hatred against Nuer and Dinka go today? Are you being bribed by Kiir and Riek not to insult Dinka and Nuer today? or are you trying to be nice in order to acquire your permanent resident status in South Sudan? If not, then I would assume that you woke up from the wrong side of the bed this morning or perhaps the mighty God is doing some changes/repairing in your loathing heart. My Foe, Please do yourself a favour. Be mature and keep this spirit and attitude of today alive in you forever because loathing Dinka and Nuer would not do you any good at all nor would it change anything in Nuer and Dinka’s ways of life. You should be advised that hating the entire tribe is as painful and dejecting as biting your own tongue.

    If you truly support a political leader due to their political agendas or visions as you had stated in your article above, then Why do you hate Dinka and Nuer instead of Kiir and Riak whose political agendas/ visions are being applied in the current government of South Sudan? Please be informed that 99 percent of South Sudanese including you do not support the political agenda or platforms. They support the party due to who is leading it and who are the main supporters of that party. For instance, the vast majority of your likes rejected the SPLA/M from the beginning and they viewed it as a Dinka organization due to the fact that it was being led by the Dinka and the majority of it’s supporters were Dinkas. The SPLA/M was indeed viewed by your likes as a Dinka organization until the CPA was signed and the referendum/independence achieved. Although I hate you just for being anti Dinka/ Nuer and anti unity of South Sudanese, I will vote for you if you legally acquired the Citizenship of South Sudan and have formed an outstanding political party with great political ideologies, agendas and visions.

  19. Dengdit says:

    I like that point.

  20. umoja says:

    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang

    I don’t hate Dinka and/or NUER, I hate the behavior of most of dinka and/or Nuer. One reason is that dinkas and Nuers are supporting any leader from their tribes blindly just because they are from their tribes. Something that we don’t do. In politics there is NO permanent enemy, if you don’t come across this phrase then know it today. I may be your political foe today and tomorrow your ally. GOT IT…..

    know me well, i will point out wrong things done by Dinak and Nuer as well as Equatoria even if he is my kin as long as he/she is wrong. Two days ago a 50 year old Dinka man raped a ten (10) year old girl from Kakwa tribe and also killed her. Now I am telling this to you. Do you also say I hate dinka and nuer? this is the TRUTH it happened in Munuki.

    Tell most of your fellow dinaks and nuers to behalf their selves. I will even vote for a Nuer and Dinka candidate that do not entertain this nonsense as Kirr’s regime is doing today.


  21. Alierthiy says:

    Dear editor

    Wani Igga is there to hold Equatoria away from top position. Mr Igga had corrupted the trio governors of greater Equatoria with falsehood about SPLM and its achievements. These governors, too, have poisoned Equatoria intellectuals not to think outside Kiir or Riek. They are doing this just to serve their tummies brushing aside plights of common citizens across South Sudan.

    People across the country are aware that SPLM led by Kiir has failed horrendously. Should there be a level political field in 2015 general election; Kiir Mayardit will not win. Riek Machar, too, is not a viable option given that he had been a partner in the ruling since 2005. His past strife with the masses and people caused during war years may not go down well with him. Thus people could not be sure that Riek is a credible alternative for Kiir.

    These glaring facts, give credit to your analysis. Equatorians intellectuals and politicians must know that nothing is far from grab politically. They must not bow down to Wani Igga who has fooled the three governors.

    Dinkas will not nominate another a guy to challenge Kiir because of reasons known to all of you. But, don’t mistake me; there is a huge number of Dinkas who are not happy with status quo. Nuers, like the Dinkas, are not going to encourage other Nuers besides Riek to head the contest. In all this, Equatorians are the ones to hold the fate of the country beyond 2015. I am sure there’s not much level of antagonism against Equatorian by Dinkas and Nuers compared to the hatred between Dinkas against Nuers and Nuers against Dinka.

    An Equatorian candidate will garner most support from dissatisfied Dinkas, whole Equatoria, and other tribes who were angered by Dinka leadership. So this is a real chance for Equatorian to lead the nation.

  22. Dau-network says:

    Thank you Alierthiy, you love this country very much, if we have 10 fairer people like you we could make change happen.
    Equatorians oooyeeee
    Equatorians oooyeeee.

  23. Dear Mr. Justin Chicago Opiny:

    Your respond to me in my comment to posted in the forum is well understood! You said Dinka and Nuer, they have big percent in SPLA when Equatorians are entitled to lower percent.

    Well, both tribes, Dinka,and Nuer are the large tribes in entire South Sudan.They are deserve to have big percent in SPLA simply because they OUTNUMBERED other tribes in the South Sudan in proportion. You should not support Governor Clement Wani Konga on his speech when he had said that two elephants fight but the grass suffers on the ground. WHY??!!? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???!!?? Why other tribes in the South Shilluk,Anyuak,Murle, Balanda, and many others don’t say so??

    Equatorians, they have not yet been victims of two elephants. Equatorians three governors have held conferences repeatedly without having any good agendas for them. The conferences are unnecessary!!

    • Chief Abiko, you are entitled to your opinion, I have no problem since you want governor Clement Konga to respond to your article he will do so if he wishes, I am not part of that. So you mean when you have a big population or number then you have the right to do anything because of your number?.

      You know very well how the number of these two big tribes is larger in the Spla. Most of them were militias and rebels absorbed into the SPLA. Do you see how joining the Spla has become recently?. Rebel and when amnesty is issued come with all your troops that is why the two tribes outnumber the rest of the tribes.

      National Army should be represented proportionally, one or two tribes should not dominate the entire force. As I stated above you have your own opinion and it is your right to air your views democratically.

  24. Thank you, mr Editor, for the wonderful article you have posted. Obviously we Dinka and Nuer support a leader because they hail from our tribes which is politically not true. I disagree with governor Konga speech that *When two elephants are fighting, the grass will suffer*
    Equatorians are men like those fighting or they fear their properties damaged and that will be cowardly act, let them embroil and take sides. SPLA is mainly every tribe not Nuer and Dinka as you claim. I thank Mr Lual Deng for hard campaign for democracy in our country.

  25. Dear Editor, you look like somebody who lost sense of reasoning. The Equatorians are the democratic people of this nation, because they are not power hungry people like you. You’re in power, you loot a lot your own government and you’re the rebels of your own government. what kind of a tribe are you people in the world?
    please, you people need to learn from others, there is nothing in the world which has no end. Your narrow simple minds will be captured in no time.
    We the equatorians have big heads and wide reasoning minds, we people always don’t hurry in plans. you people nowadays are smirching your selves and that’s a solution to your problem people. One Equatoria mind is equivalent to one hundred Dinka and Nuer minds and I don’t think we are equal in reasoning.
    You talk of democracy and you people from the same tribe occupied all GOSS offices, commissions. Are you people out of your minds or what?

  26. Atanasio ulwala paul says:

    What else than to side up. In fact the three governors were not able to foresee probable political modality, only that they were blinded by their myopic vision. The imminent dispute of kiir-machar will definitely have negative impact to innocent equatorians and even among equatorians themselves is division, no cohesion at all and in fact these are not just conceptual but facts.

    Now, should kiir-machar lock horns given their premature political context where will be the stand of the governors? That’s a question which can be answered by present association and harboured retrospective. No one will ever whitewash the past impurity and malpractice to suddenly become pure . So equatorians have all reason to severely suffer loses for one reason or the other and it is because of unforseen political features of the new nation by our myopic equatorian leaders.

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