Equatoria MP & ex-Ambassador defect to Machar’s SPLM-IO

Nov 21, 2014 — The former South Sudan ambassador to Geneva, Ambassador Lumumba Stanislaus and Hon. Henry Dilah Odwar, the former MP representing constituency No.9 of Eastern Equatoria have switched allegiance to SPLM-SPLA faction under the former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar.

The two officials confirmed their declaration yesterday in a meeting with Dr. Riek Machar, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/SPLA-IO.

“Today I had a nice meeting with Hon. Henry Dilah Odwar the former member of parliament and Ambassador Lumumba Stanislaus the former south Sudan ambassador to Geneva after their declaration of joining SPLM.IO” Dr. Riek Machar states.

Hon. Henry Dicay, in a press briefing extended to Nyamilepedia, calls for “an end to the misrule of president Salva Kiir”

“I have joined the Opposition to demand for President Salva Kiir to step down. As you are all aware President Kiir has been in power since after the demise of Dr. John Garang de Mabior.”

According to the former lawmaker, president Salva Kiir’s inept rules have been characterized by but not limited to:

1- Lack of vision and no clear direction of taking the country forward. His recklessness has ended South Sudan in the abyss.
2- Low moral aptitude- inappropriate sexual relations, high consumption of alcohol,
3- Reducing a once mighty SPLA to a militia army.
4- Nepotism – the practice elevated to the level of clan and family.
5- Ethnic cleansing: – massacres of ethnic Nuer leading to retaliatory atrocities.
6- Manipulation of the Constitution and the SPLM party so that he [Kiir] becomes President for life.
7- Corruption – epitomized by A1 Cardinal scandal, Dura Saga, Crisis Management Committee, amassing personal wealth by siphoning public funds through businesses such as ABMC, concocted made-belief insider theft at his office etc,
8- Mismanagement of economy- he abhors the Appropriation Act and hence never used;
9- Lack of transparency and accountability – South Sudan has borrowed heavily against oil from different countries and from predatory commodity trading companies.
10- Mismanagement of public funds – Sale of hard currency in the streets for economic empowerment of kith and kin; and
11- Lack of Seriousness in the current IGAD led Peace Talks — vows to adopt Khartoum’s style of power sharing during CPA where Ministers from the Opposition and other Parties shall have no real authority.

Hon. Odwar reiterates that the SPLM/SPLA-IO is a national movement for which the officials have made a conscious decision to join.

“The SPLM/SPLA in Opposition is a National movement that enjoys the support of all South Sudanese. It is for that reason my compatriots and I have taken the stand to join the opposition.”

The former MP calls upon the president to step down for the sake of peace and his own legacy, otherwise the president risks the worst records in the history.

“History is replete with the types of Salva Kiir in the names of Hitler, Bokassa, Idi Amin, Mobutu, Gadafi and Sadam Husein, just to mention a few. President Kiir shall not avoid a legacy of being in the historical characterization. I therefore call upon President Salva Kiir to step down not only for the sake of the unity of South Sudan but also for his legacy.”

“I call upon all South Sudanese to raise their voices and ask for the exit of President Salva Kiir and his incompetent government and not least, I appeal for the SPLM in government to not die for Salva Kiir”

The MP calls on the foreign troops to go back to their respective countries to protect their people instead of South Sudanese.

“I also take this opportunity to call upon all foreign troops to go back to their respective Countries and protect their own citizens there, not in South Sudan.”

Hon. Odwar calls upon the International Community to support the people of South Sudan but not the government of Salva Kiir, saying:

“Any assistance to Salva Kiir and his government will only prolong the suffering of the people of South Sudan as such assistance will only benefit Salva Kiir and his cohorts.”

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  1. johnjerry says:

    It is very,very unfortunate when your very own MP,s defect to join the opposition . It is clear there must be a defect somewhere in the pipeline. Could Ultrasound, magnetic particle, Liquid Penetrant, Radiography detect those defects so that a remedy is found .A non- destructive testings is the best way of solving the problem of RSS,but unfortunately the destructive way is the one that has been taken that lead to some many people displaced from their homes.One life lost is a great lost to RSS and no amount of money can buy that.The Idi Amin’s , Bokasa , Gadaffi, Mobutu , Sadam Hussein,and the famous Germany’s Hitler went down in history in a negation.Your former MP and ex. Ambassador were right in every way possible to defect. What is in a name?.

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