Equatoria Leaders in Diaspora condemn Pres. Kiir for turning his govt. against the people of South Sudan

Press Release:

1. We, the Equatoria leaders in the Diaspora, strongly condemn President Salva Kiir for encouraging his appointed Governors to turn against the people of South Sudan, as demonstrated in Greater Equatoria.

2. We condemn the arrest of the Paramount Chief of the Azande people, Mr. Wilson Peni Rikito, on 20 November 2016. The Chief represents his people. The arrest of such a prominent community figure is indicative of the growing repression of the Azande people. We hold President Kiir and His Governor in Western Equatoria, Patrick Zamoi, responsible for this outrageous action.

3. We observe, with grave concern, how Governor David Lokonga of Yei has betrayed his own people. Governor Lokonga has allowed himself to be used by President Kiir, and his parochial advisors, to brutally suppress the Equatorians of Yei.

4. We note that President Kiir does not pursue, in his own home state, a similar policy of targeting civilians and forcing them to seek refuge abroad. This presents further evidence that his presidency is discriminatory and unsympathetic to the suffering of all South Sudanese.

5. We, the Equatoria leaders in Diaspora, reaffirm our condemnation of President Kiir and his appointed governors. Their deplorable and highly divisive actions continue to exacerbate instability in South Sudan at a time when the focus must be on creating an environment conducive to peacebuilding.

From: Equatoria Leaders in the Diaspora
Issued: 23 November 2016


1- Federico Awi Vuni, Chairman, Executive Committee, Equatorian Community in the UK

2- William Orule, Interim Chair, Federation of Equatoria Community Associations in Australia

3- Kwaje M. Lasu, MPH, RCP, President, Equatoria South Sudanese Community Association-USA (ESSCA-USA)

4- Joseph Modi, President, Equatoria South Sudanese Community Association-Canada (ESSCA- Canada)

For Correspondence: Federico Awi Vuni; livi.hope@yahoo.co.uk

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  1. arabbmoi says:

    We should separate south Sudan into three regions and three presidents. We Equatorians should have our own president.
    We do not need Jenger in our land. Let them go and rule themselves in jenger land.

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