Enforce South Sudan peace pact: Uhuru, Kerry express concern over S. Sudan situation


President Uhuru Kenyatta and US Secretary of State John Kerry have expressed concerns over the slow implementation of the South Sudan peace agreement.

In a meeting at State House in Nairobi on Monday, President Kenyatta informed Mr Kerry that the recent violence in the neighbouring country had had serious implications on the peace agreement signed in August last year.

According to Mr Kenyatta, the process has been “sluggish and under severe threat due to lack of commitment by the parties involved.”

According to a statement to newsrooms, Mr Kenyatta told Mr Kerry that the regional Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) council of ministers had created a roadmap to end the fighting in South Sudan.

Consequently, Mr Kenyatta urged the US and the international community not to relent in their support for the region aimed at finding a long-lasting solution to the conflict in South Sudan.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has added his voice to the concern over the slow implementation of the South Sudan peace agreement. With the pact signed in August last year still hanging in the balance, the consequences are dire for Africa’s youngest nation, which has not known tranquility for over two years.

South Sudan’s independence had been expected to usher in peace, stability, and prosperity. However, it has turned into a nightmare for the ordinary South Sudanese as the sabre-rattling by their leaders continues.

The topmost US diplomat, who was in Kenya on a peace mission that included discussing measures to combat terrorism in the region, was briefed by President Uhuru Kenyatta on the recent fighting in South Sudan and the efforts being made under the auspices of the Inter-Governmental Authority (Igad) on Development to end the violence.

Though the volatile situation in Juba has been compounded by the recent sacking of Dr Riek Machar as deputy president, President Kenyatta assured Mr Kerry that the Igad council of ministers has created a road map to end the fighting.

The South Sudanese deserve peace so they can rebuild their lives and develop their country. The leaders must step back from their inflated egos and sue for peace to put South Sudan back on the right track.

“There is absolutely no question that we need to move forward with the deployment of the regional protection force authorised by the UN Security Council,” Kerry said after meeting with five regional foreign ministers in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed also urged a speedy deployment. “When should it be there? Sooner rather than later,” she said.

In the wake of fresh fighting in the South Sudanese capital Juba last month, Kenya offered to provide troops for a new force, approved by the Security Council on August 12, alongside Ethiopia and Rwanda.

The 4,000 new troops will join 12,000 already deployed as part of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) which has been widely criticised for its serial failure to protect civilians.

Not an ‘intervention force’

Mohamed said a “gradual deployment” would allow troops to reach Juba more quickly.

“Any number of soldiers that goes in in the name of a protection force would be welcome and would open the door to everything else,” she said.

Kerry said the new force would only seek to improve security in Juba and allow for the implementation of a peace deal signed a year ago.

“This is not an intervention force, it is a protection force, with a very clear mandate to protect people, to ensure access, freedom of movement and to be free from ambush or attack of any sort,” he said.

No timeline has been given for the deployment but South Sudan’s government has expressed strong reservations over the plan and called for further discussions.

“We want to know the mandate of this protection force,” said South Sudan Vice President Taban Deng Gai during a visit to the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Monday. “We want to sit with them in Juba, not in New York.”

Deng is strengthening his position after seizing the vice presidency from his old friend and ally Riek Machar who was forced to flee Juba during last month’s fighting.

Kerry signalled that Machar’s ouster did not undermine the August 2015 peace agreement of which he was a key signatory. “Legally, under the agreement, there is an allowance for the replacement of personnel and that has been effected with the appointment of a new vice president,” he said.

Kerry also announced an additional $138 million (122 million euros) in aid for South Sudan where 2.5 million people have been uprooted by war since December 2013 and close to half the population is in need of emergency food aid. END


  1. Lualdit says:

    Those of Kerry, lack knowledge about how Taban get into the position of Vice Presidency that is why he make uninformed statement. Taban wasn’t endorse by the opposition. Mr. Kerry need to know this fact. I don’t blame him because IO didn’t react strongly to the violation of the peace agreement. For the world to know the game being played by Jaang government, IO has to militarily react. The peace agreement will not be implemented if the IO leadership will be passive. I hope Dr. Machar learned this time around. Even if he doesn’t order the military to fight, he should strongly let the international community know the consequences of the impediment of peace implementation by the Jaang government. He should be more vocal and campaign for immediate third-party involvement. Jaang has tested the reaction of international community by 28 problems, refuse demilitarization of Juba, by attacking the Malakal POC and many others atrocities.

  2. Comrade Yien mathews says:

    Mr Lualdit,
    Enough is enough Riek Machar is no longer first vice president but former full stop.Machar is playing with the mind of people thinking he is the only one that has a brain.He must go, his political career has finally ended he suppose to thank God that he is alive and at the same time blame prophet Ngundeng for making a false prophecy that a left handed guy,teeth with space from our Nuer community will be the president of which Machar belief to be one prophecies.Although he belief to be the one but his negligence can not make him president.Some body who can be deceived by weak people like Pagan Amoum,fake PHD holder Dr.Majak Agot,and the rest of G10 who don ,t have support at the grass root.Now they are in exile and his is there in Khartoum on sick bed suffering.Please if there are those who have been support Machar stop and change the political enviroment.

  3. Ishakho says:

    Dear Editor,

    I was really really bewildered when you removed/deleted an article you post few days ago. I mean the article from Kenya Standard newspaper which described how President rushed to the rescue of Dr Riek Machar. Please clarify these points for me(us):

    1.are you going to republish that article now that it is confirmed Mr Machar is actuality in Khartoum millitary hospital?

    2.When was the last time you removed from this website a piece of unconfirmed news that was against the government?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      To allay your concern, the article was removed following the newest article posted that confirmed Machar was then taken to Kinshasa. Also, since there was no more further verification of the story of the Sudanese commandos plane landing in Congo from any other websites besides the Kenyan Standard, we thought it prudent to remove the story and post the update which showed that Machar was then in Kinshasa.

      For your satisfaction, the website is completely independent and as such, it has the secured liberty to post, delete or repost whatever it deems of significance and interest to its world wide readers.

      Further, being against that government is part of our privilege, since we are not under any patronage, be it from the government or the opposition.

      Best wishes,

    • Bol says:

      Brilliant observation. The post was deleted and unrelated comments attached to the new article. Common sense and its offspring are in real danger !

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        What is so important about the deleted article? Why does it make your heart-ache so bad? Did it says Dr. Machar is dead and to your surprise, he popped up in Khartoum? Editor, something really crucial must be in whatever article you removed. The reason Dr. Machar is alive is because your removed this article. May you republish it and sees if these two cats will be forever happy?

  4. Lualdit says:

    Yien Matthew’s,
    If Gatmchar is your problem, then what is your stand against heinous crimes committed against nuer? What’s your stand on December, 2013 massacred of Nuer and target killing of Nuer ,raped of Nuer women simply because they are Nuer? If your support for Jaang government is not for your selfishness, greed and lack of dignity then, what’s your reasoning beside your dislike of Gatmchar.

  5. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    There is no point to waste your precious time responding to a fool. They said, never argue with a fool, the onlookers may not tell the difference. Halt responding to this goon immediately. He doesn’t know what he wants in life. It is only money talking in his filthy mouth. We shall overcome no matter what.

  6. J A C Ramba says:

    My fellow south Sudanese

    It’s very funny when I hear you guys pushing blames on other people than yourselves. Whatever we write on this public media is part and parcel of the ongoing civil war ravaging in our country. We are all fighting in the same war albeit in our different ways and strategies.

    Where our country is now, it’s no longer about Kiir or Machar. This civil war has already crossed the threshold for it to burn on without any contribution from either Kiir or Machar. This is now the war of communities on “whether to be or not to be”!

    For those of you still trapped in the old version of events, it would be better if you upgrade your own perception of the ongoing war in South Sudan. The whole thing has simultaneously become regionalized and internationalized all together.

    For the next twenty years which will roughly represent the life spun of this new civil war, South Sudan is likely to experience more than two or three changes in the top leadership before any piece of sanity kicks in.

    So, instead of making meaningless comments of this forum, why not give war a chance. War is what South Sudanese people want and war with all its consequences is what they will get!

    Even the people who are engaged in the daily planning and execution of the ongoing war battles are not part of this forum.

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