Embarrasing South Sudan: UNMISS, GOSS & the duped picketers

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, APR/08/2014, SSN;

With no question, United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), like South Sudanese civilians, has had it rough for the last few months. And this can be blamed on a number of factors. Regrettably, some of these factors include the following: UNMISS officials’ negligence, naivety; South Sudanese officials’ incompetence and vain arrogance; ignorance and blind support among South Sudanese populace. All these have the effect of embarrassing South Sudan.

When operating in a post-conflict environment, it’s imperative that one takes into consideration the ease with which politics can smell of militancy. Political rhetorics can easily turn into bullets with Jesuit fervor.

It’s therefore crucial that UN agencies take absolute care when it comes to their operations in countries that are prone to what economist Collier calls ‘traps.’

With that in mind, it’s very dangerous for UNMISS to allow room for recklessness; such as wrong labelling of military hardware. While mistakes are human, it’s very important that UNMISS does everything with surgical precision.

UNMISS has of course expressed regret regarding the wrong labelling, however, no one is going to rebuke it for carelessness and negligence. While South Sudanese government and uninformed South Sudanese citizens took the matter to uncritical and naïve proportions, it’s crucial to remember that UNMISS did a terrible mistake they should be castigated for.

Hervé Ladsous, UN Under-Secretary for Peace Keeping Operations, harshly criticized South Sudan government at the UN Security Council for its treatment of UNMISS staff and its head, Hilde F. Johnson.

While South Sudanese government acted with devilish immaturity, it’s important to note that UNMISS needs to account for its own mistakes as it’s headed by human beings, not some flawless robots.

Besides, Ladsous, Johnson and UN should note that South Sudan is not a country with 500 years of democratic tradition and liberal principles under its belt. Lack of experience and trauma of war let these officials down.

While there’s no excuse for the harsh treatment of UNMISS staff, UN officials should remember that South Sudanese officials need help rather than being criticized like officials of countries in the caliber of United Kingdom, United States or France.

UN officials should put into consideration the existing realities because we live in a real world. Embarrassing South Sudan in the manner Ladsous did is not only irresponsible; it also fails to put into consideration the recent past of the country.

I’m not excusing them here but, believe me, these blokes, as Australians would say, need help! All the folks, the ‘leaders’ in Juba, need help! They don’t understand the value of criticism! It beats me why but they just don’t!

Government of South Sudan
No one will ever question the fact that South Sudanese officials speak first then think later. The leaders are so fixed on the idea that what happened on December 15, 2013 was a coup attempt and anyone who says otherwise is either a rebel or an enemy of South Sudan.

This is the twisted mentality that’s ruling South Sudan. And it’s the same twisted mentality young South Sudanese have assumed. Oh Deng Pakeny (my clan’s, Adhiok rain-god) help South Sudan!

While the officials have every right to be upset regarding the wrong labeling given the fact that the country is at war, the way the officials handled the issue of UNMISS trucks in Rumbek, Lakes State, is embarrassing.

Given the way the president and some of his officials publicly lashed out at the UNMISS and its head, it’s no brainer the government was going to do all it can to prove its hypothesis about UNMISS.

When the trucks that were wrongly labelled were seized, the government didn’t wait for an investigation to find out what exactly happened and who did it. It’s conceivable that GOSS can do that to embarrass UNMISS.

With great fanfare, the determined officials took their cameras with their propaganda South Sudan Television (SSTV) to show the world the supposed proofs that UNMISS was supporting Dr. Riek Machar and his forces. These officials jumped to conclusion without investigating first.

This action has cost South Sudan enormously. We’ve lost the confidence of our most important allies; especially those who helped us realize South Sudan independence.

South Sudan is now desperate; signing agreements with ‘devils’ as Ethiopian foreign minister said. The officials and the government have embarrassed us enough.

Duped Picketers
South Sudanese are intelligent people. That’s unquestionable. However, when it comes to tribal and political allegiance, their intelligence is sacrificed or shelved.

While some of the South Sudanese who demonstrated against UNMISS and Ms. Hilde Johnson really believe in the truth professed by the government of South Sudan, some picketers were demonstrating out of tribal allegiance.

The former picketers are a mere herd who go where leaders tell them to go. They have no sense of mental independence and critical thinking. Truth, to them, is what the government says.

The latter group knows the government’s nonsense; however, they are imprisoned by their tribal allegiance to a point of stupid belligerence.

While the former group has no idea what it was saying, because some of them called for the exit of UNMISS from South Sudan, the latter group only wanted the exit of Ms. Johnson.

I can even agree with those calling for Johnson to call it quits because her working relationship with the GOSS is completely destroyed. Restoring it will be next to impossible.

However, those calling for UNMISS to leave South Sudan are just clueless Martians.
Before calling for UNMISS to leave South Sudan, these poor souls should have considered a number of things:

• During this tragedy, a number of our innocent civilians took (and some are still taking) shelter at various UNMISS compounds.
• Do these picketers still believe we can dismiss UNMISS from South Sudan and still be members of United Nations?
• Do these picketers know that it’s the same UN that is and will feed our brothers, sisters, mothers, uncles, aunts… in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan?
• Do these picketers know that being an independent country comes with responsibility in order to fit in with sovereign nations…to be assisted through development?

It’s sad to remember that these picketers take South Sudan to be the sayer of the truth they hold dear. However, I don’t blame these people much because they don’t know any better.

Those I blame is the government that mislead them and the educated tribalists who misplace the contents of their minds.

Those who only called for the exit of Johnson without calling for the exit of UNMISS are right in some ways because they see the importance of UNMISS; and the difference between individuals and organizations.

However, there’s one embarrassing fact they overlook. And this comes with the fact that tribal allegiance and support for the GOSS is more important than the lives of South Sudanese.

None of these people demonstrated when civilians were massacred in Juba, Bor, Akobo, Malakal, Bentiu and all the areas affected by the current crisis. None of these people demonstrated when Murle raiders butcher innocent civilians in Twi Country, Bor County and Duk County in Jonglei state.

None of these people demonstrate when civilians butcher themselves in Northern Bhar El Ghazal, Lakes State and Warap State. None of these people demonstrated when government opened fire on civilians like what happened in Wau in 2012.

None of them dare to demonstrate to show the government that displaced civilians are eating wild roots and leaves.

It’s embarrassing for South Sudanese to demonstrate against UNMISS (which has done a lot of good for us) in support of a government that’s destroyed our country, and don’t demonstrate against the massacres of innocent South Sudanese all over South Sudan and the utter destruction the rebels have caused in the three eastern states of South Sudan.

Is the support of the government more important than thousands of innocent lives? One demonstration in support of the displaced souls and for the lost lives would be honorable.

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese author living in Canada. He’s the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically. For contact, visit www.kuirthiy.info END


  1. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Kuir
    Why have you not reminded your readers that, “none of these people have demonstrated when (the Jieng and Nuer) repeatedly massacred the Murle?……..” Could this be because you tribally hate the Murle? Haaaaa a case of blood is thicker than water.

  2. Arabbmoi says:

    Mr. Garang Kuir,

    Un has never done anything wrong rather helping people who were slaughtered by Salva Kiir Mayardit Militias in Juba which by then followed revenged from Nuer warriors upon hearing the said genocide to their families. Your piece of article is seemed partly Dinkocratically written. There was no coup detata in Juba Dinkocratic were lied about coup that never took place. Your piece is so so.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    You have said some strong stuff and they are powerful but it seems the tribal allegiance you talk about has not allowed you to come out forcefully as must when it comes to the Dinka Government.
    For example in the loggerhead between UN and GOSS, you call for UN to be pushed and for Hilda Johnson to exit but why not Kiir to exit the presidency after he made illegal Militia recruitment of some useful primitives, It was Kiir who gave order for Non-; Dinka in his Militia to be disarmed, It was these useful primitives who turned useless and shot each other up and the semi Primitive President took advantage of this, lied and declared a coup against his political opponents.
    It was this his useless primitive militias that went house to house hunting and killing their fellow Citizens of the Nuer ethnic group who have done nothing to kiir or to these useless primitive militias.
    It is Kiir who instigated the war and it is Kiir who is prolonging it by refusing to release all the political opponents and his former comrades instead triggered a kangaroo court.
    So Brother Garang, If Hilda Johnson deserves punishment and bing kicked out of RSS then why will you not come forcefully against Kiir for committing multiple crime against the Citizens of this great country?
    The answer is, inspite of you coming a long way, the trace of tribalism is still in you! You have expressed strongly “The utter destruction of the three eastern states by the rebels” But make no similar blame on the government who had the power to end the pursue of war and call for peace!
    Remember, It is the government making moves into the rebel areas to fight while peace is going on. They are suppose to hold defensive positions while peace talks going on.

    Over all your article is strong but mine is to call your attention to the devil in each one of us!

  4. Elijah Samuel says:

    Sorry that was for the UN to be punished

  5. Mr.kuol says:


    You did really put it right. I have followed and read most of your articles and found that you always have important point to make. So, that is how educated human being should put his /her judgment on the subject. Keep it .God bless you for being fair on your article sometimes.

  6. Shamga says:

    Stop being jumpy with pompous and ambiguous clichés; have a pride in making clear your intentions and convictions.
    Through your writings, it is easy to infer that you have an ideology that you want to impose on South Sudanese, but your main hurdle is that you tend to be implicit with it, which makes all that you write susceptible to misconception and interpretation.
    When the war broke out you put all your writing efforts against the government; this to many was translated as a fight for Nyandeng, and not what you believe to be right regarding rebels. But when the rebels tried to bite a number of times and fail the direction of your wind changed. From then you started writing balance articles, one of which is this one right here. The question is, what is your conviction? Do you want to impose an ideology to change the minds of these naturally cynical people called south Sudanese? If so then why being jumpy and not develop that ideology and stick to it?
    You might be an idealist, but most idealists fail for simple reasons; one of these reasons is that they they have ideology in mind but don’t have a technic to present it. Or after many failures in tempts to convince people to follow they see no worth of it and they simply give up. A lot of times people with high ideals are bitter because of a lot of disappointments in people and situations that don’t pan out as they should. But here is the simple answer, when you develop an ideology because you have a solid faith that its going to work, but people try all means to put you down and let you believe that it won’t work so that you give up. But the fight on your side should be that you should chuckle and go on.

    In brief, people brainwash the idealist until they force him to give up on something that he really believed in. However, getting a panic attack and finally giving up because you may ruin you social connection if you hold on to the ideology means you risk writing articles full of pompous and ambiguous clichés.

  7. Daniel A. .O. Ayong says:

    Dear Kuir,

    You had point out crucial aspects that indicate our primitive and backwardness behavior. Our people seam to be more emotional and they never articulate and diagnose the thing before taking sharp decision. This is why we are in mess and consequence is heavy on all of us, whether we are part of this mess are not. We just support our kinsmen blindly without being objective in the matter they raise to us. Personally, I could be more willingly to be governance by dog that have clear program for welfare of my citizens in South, rather than supporting my blind brother who will take me into pit like what is happening in South today. We have blared down- down to UNMISS and that attitude put us into bleak situation.

  8. Dear Kuir e Garang, in this I quite agree with you, that there is always a difference between the world body (UNMISS) and the personalities operating under it, although your language is too harsh, but I quite agree with your analysis. Helde Johnson has tarnished her reputation beyond repair, though Mr. Ladsous used a threatening tone without any due consideration to the wrong labeling of weaponry consignment camouflaged as general goods, it is a grave mistake that cannot happen in any part of the world if not in South Sudan. it is incompetency of the security personnel that allowed the consignment to passed to be only caught in Rumbek and not in Juba, the supposedly capital city where the most senior and more security officials are operating. God bless south Sudan. thanks.

  9. Kuir the South Sudan problem need our collective responsibility to sensitize our communities about the importance of peace and if not this country will in conflict for more decades compare to the 21 years we had with Arabs because internal conflict is worse especially when people are not united and they are pointing accusing finger to each other that Xs and Ys are the one fueling this conflict, so even if we call Deng Pakeny, Baar Kooch, Liirpiou or Aleer Nyarweng they will not help at this situation

  10. monychol says:

    Kuir, you are correct our people have been taught not to hold their leaders accountable either for fear of being killed by their leaders or by being denied fruits of patronage that the ruling thugs meets out to their loyalists .It is now aboundantly clear that all people are seeing what is wrong and is going wrong in our country but they are timid for fear of the two points that I mentioned.It take courage and people patriotism to speak up and say the truth.You can see our elders and the intelligensia are frozen by fear except Edward Abyei and m Paul .The entire Nuer community except fews is fighting, Dinka except fews is frozen by fear and blind tribal loyalty and Equatoria is Paralzed by their usual cowardice .I said last time that it is we the Dinkas and especially the reasonable Dinkas who should and must speak up to bring this madness under control. The population here in South Sudan is so pertified to death by this military junta.Kiir Mayardit has becomes the supper genius among all our Dinkas. This dude was cornered by his party members and was about to be voted out by the SPLM caucus thenhe decided to trigger a national crisis and turned around to called it a coup then used it to stage his own preplanned military takeover .Why we the Muonyjang allowed th Kiir to staged a coup successfully? Here in Juba things are not easy escapegoating has became the order of the day and pointing fingers at

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Your statement “Equatoria is Paralzed by their usual cowardice” is an absolute bullcrap and What make Dinka hated by all tribes as they call others names and you primitive bunches do not want Dinkas being generalized! It is this very reason that we generalize Dinkas by how you labeled others. Your people seems brave only because the bulk of Dinkas are primitives, when your few enlighten say jump your primitives Jump! When it comes to most enlightened Equatorian Tribes, you can not tell your tribes men to jump without them questioning you! All enlightened people do not rush to killed or be killed like as the primitives do! Look at you Semi enlightened President, when death seems eminent what did he do, He went to sign treaty with the Devils..Egypt and Sudan!
      Look at Crimea, Ukrain had no resources so it had to wage a different kind of Campaign to undermine Rusia. The Equatorian as of now Do not have the equipment and we shall who is the true Coward when time changes! Your people are running to Madiland in Nimule, Tell me who is Coward?

      The Small tribe of Madi, led the first Anyanya for 17 years and the Equatorians fought as one people and brought the entire South Sudan in unity of purpose, nothing like what happened with SPLA in the bush and post independent! SPLA misfuction in the Bush and in peace times! The Dinka is not Brave but brainless like the Viking! Rushing into Death and killing like a wild animal is not bravery bout being dumb!
      We must stop glorifying Retardedness but praise calmness and peace instead of calling it cowardliness!

  11. monychol says:

    Distance entities had became a face saving exercise.If you come to Juba you will know that it was Kiir Mayardit who staged his successful coup against everyone of us South Sudanese.This Kiir’s and his gang plus Museveni conspiracy was a well planned coup against the SPLM/SPLA. and it’s success seriously underscored the gullibility and cowardice of our South Sudanese and especially the Dinkas only Lino Abyei and Mach Paul had the audacity to described it the way we saw it happening and said there was no coup.The only points they stopper short of making were that this was preplanned political diversion by Kiir and that there was actually a military takeover by Kiir Mayardit.

  12. Eli says:

    I didn’t finish reading your article because as usual every dinka writes to promote dinkocracy, although how much you dinkas try to smoothen things out it’s too late. You dinka as a tribe has gone into history as the worst tribe in South Sudan. You have criticized Joseph Lagu but hailed John Garang as a hero but look now what is happening? Our Ma’di people never went to take any dinka or other tribes land just because we value human dignity. Lagu recruited Garang and Salva into the army but today you shamelessly denied that truth and rather focus on lies and corruptions never had we seen it like that before. But all lies shall come to an end while truth will prevail.

  13. Mr Monychol,
    you are just a retarded nuer boy in goat skin and pretend to be a Dinka. there is nowhere in this world that a president can plot a coup against his juniors. 2015 is just at the corner and if we were not power hungry,we would have waited for the elections.what are we gaining in this blaming game?sincerely speaking,if we want solution to South Sudan problem,let us abandon the so call Dinka,Nuer ,madi etc and etc.I’m really tired with such comments from those tribal headed individuals.

  14. Tutbol says:

    The US is the one sponsoring this war against the South Sudanese people and the same time, the same US is telling the world that it wants peace in South Sudan and is brandishing it so-called “sanction” on South Sudanese leaders instead of Riek Machar’s tribal armed rebellion against the South Sudanese people. When is the US going to its Riek Machar Machar that governments aren’t going to be changed by coups in this century and when is the US going to condemn Riek Machar about recruiting minors to fight his own people in his greed quest for power to rule South Sudan?

    These simple questions are not answered by some South Sudanese rag-heads who only want to flaunt this ugly chess game the US is playing on South Sudanese people. But they will be sourly big losers with their UNIMISS-US mercenaries against South Sudanese people.

    The clowns that are chirping around here with their slick support of the UNIMISS are either ignorant of what happened in the 1960th Congo, or what is the meaning of the UN peace-keeping in Africa. And what who was supplying David Yau Yau with arms, and who was dropping arms to rebels in Malakal and Unity state and who is still now supplying arms to rebels in Anasire?

    Yes, Salva Kiir is a bad administrator and he has surrounded himself with empty heads, but that doesn’t warrant an armed rebellion. He has even now resorted to defending than offensive. Anasire has been left to rebels to arms themselves and then come to battle fields to loots when their supplies are over. And Salva Kiir thinks that this is how wars are won

    The foolish ethiopian prime minister is being used as a supply route to Riek Machar rebels, by the corporate US and corporate Europe criminals, but Salva Kiir is just keeping quiet. He is not calling out those so-called negotiation to be moved away from ethiopia, in that prostitute in infested country than to be moved to Kenya or Zimbabwe.

    The UN peace keeping missions like the UNIMISS is just an outsourced US empire organs that are set up in the resources rich third world countries to keep an eye on the resources on behave of the corporate America, for future use, against the other resources users like China.

    The clowns like e Kuir Garang had some South Sudanese dimwits who appraise his preposterous writings, they may probably be idiots or they not may not have their families in South Sudan taking this useless war their demigod Riek Machar waging against the South Sudanese people on the chins, in the most squallids so-called UNIMISS camps or they may be the criminals that the AFRICOM trained as South Sudanese so-called freedom fighters, to bring freedom to South Sudanese people?! What a piece of rubbish!

    Let them go for it, but they must know that South Sudanese people have adjusted and are going to face these perverts with full force, they are now the known evil with their master, the corporate America and Europe, behind this war that is killing our peoples.

    The bunch of criminals in Washington think they are smarter than the rest of human beings, but they are just being laugh at by the ordinary folks who know who they are; pigs and hyenas!

    The US is deep in the neck with its evil corporate US and Europe, in this war against poor South Sudanese people, and now the clowns like Kerry and Obama, still think that South Sudanese people will still give a damn about there threats.

    The US sponsored an arsonist (Riek Machar) to lit a fire on South Sudanese homes, to kill the weakest South Sudanese people, destroy South Sudanese people’s properties and displaced innocent and vunerables South Sudanese to misery and the same US that is the ones sponsoring the arsonist, Riek Machar, and the same US is threatening the victims, the government of South Sudan to negotiate in good faith with its sponsored arsonist, Riek Machar tribal armed rebellion?!

    What planet does the US lives on? Mars or Earth? The US with its corporations and its superiority has gone out of touch with the modern realities. South Sudanese people used to consider the US as their trusted ally—best friend to put it.

    But many South Sudanese are now checking their poor heads in disbelief, that they have trusted a monsters, an evil empire that thrives on the innocent peoples bloods after all! Let criminals in the US issue every South Sudanese their sanctions.

    South Sudan is not a US 51st though and South Sudanese peoples are not a US subjects, but only US friends and the US knows that a friend does not sponsor proxies criminals to destabilized his/her friend home.

    Borders and lines are always kept in their places in a friendships, the US friendship with South Sudanese has cross those borders. The US greed and its geo-political intrigues has messed up the friendship with South Sudanese peoples. And the friendship has to be looked the way it is. Simple and plane.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Are you drunk?

    • monychol says:

      Tutbol, if you are a South Sudanese which I doubt,you must stop apportioning the blames to outsiders .Its seems you are one of those North Sudanese mullatoes who always believe that they are not responsible for their actions but are always victims of Christian and Jews conspiracies. That is how your Muslim and Arab world minds had been deformed by your dictators that you are always victims of Western and Jews conspiracies .Arabs or Muslims are always like that appathetic attitudes of victim hood. You can harbor yours my friend but I would like to inform you that we South Sudanese do not buy that Arabian and Islamic mindset.We are masters of our destiny that is why we are telling our people that the problem is homegrown and must be given homegrown solutions .Whose foreigner fired that first shot on December 15th at Gihada?

    • BILL KUCH says:

      You are the only smart one here! It seems that you have knowledge on what’s taking place there in South Sudan. You know better than most people do. Well, people in the world never got satisfied with all those changes they did in places like Iraq. Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and Syria. And so, they are looking for more of the kind and they are not giving it up, but they don’t know that as it is actually creating more terrorists and disconnecting the world relationship. Thanks?

    • Martin L says:

      “The US is the one sponsoring this war against the South Sudanese people …” Brother Tutbol, what have you been smoking? please stop blaming others for our shortcomings. President Kiir and his stooges are responsible for this human carnage…

  15. Daniel D. Mabil says:

    Well said!

  16. AW Joseph says:

    You Dinka lied to the South Sudanese people that you were bringing democracy and freedom but to our surprise you delivered to us gross human rights violation and become worse oppressors than the Arabs.
    You lied to the whole world about everything. You DINKA thought you will get away with it. Thanks God, all your lies has caught up with you. Now you are turning against the people (USA) that made it possible for you to acquire this so called independence through fraud and unfair means.
    Thanks Tutbol, again for biting the hands that feeds you and which set you free..!!
    Now America knows that the Dinka are the real problem in SOUTH SUDAN. God has heard our prayers. The international community has now believed all what we have been saying about this rotten JIENGE government and is standing with us the oppressed people.

    • AW Joseph:

      Dear Jalaba:

      Your wishes of returning the ROSS to the old Sudan will never become reality in your life time. Please roll up your part of the South Sudan and take it back to the old Sudan otherwise shut up and put up with the Dinkas in South Sudan…Period!

    • BILL KUCH says:

      AW Joseph,
      You are not smart enough to know that USA is not against Dinka like you put it. And therefore; you need to double check your news sources because USA is favoring another Dinka for South Sudan leadership. So, you would never be separated with Dinka until the time you will meet your death probably. And if you think South Sudan would be better under Arabs leadership than Dinka, then let Omer united Sudanese under one administration in order for the rest of tribes to be served better. Americans and all Europeans leaders are all now supporting Professor Francis Mading Deng, who is actually a Dinka and that’s for your information.


      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Dear Editor:

        I do agree with you on the issue of Dr.Francis Mading Deng. I believe that the man (Francis) is indeed looking after his own Bread in New York. I wonder, Why he was awarded the position of South Sudan Ambassador in the UN. In Fact, Francis Deng never raised his voice and advocated or lobbied for the rights of his Native people of Ngok Dinka (Abyie) at the UN Security Council in New York. Once again, he had failed to condemn the smuggling of the Weapons to South Sudan by the UNMISS, instead he labelled the government of South Sudan and the people of South Sudan as traumatized by the war or current crisis in the Country.

        It is very unfortunate that president Kiir has surrendered himself with the people who are working against the interest of the people of South Sudan. President Kiir must get rid of those who are solely looking after their Big bellies or personal interest. Dr. Francis Mading Deng and the likes must be fired and terminated from the government’s payroll as they are not serving the interest of the people of South Sudan.

        Oh Lord hear our prayers and have mercy on the poor and innocent people of South Sudan!

  17. alex says:

    You will wait and wait untill you lose hope. At end you will home back home because east , west home is best. Even in America there is opression on the blacks and the lationos. Do not think if somebody helped you, then you will let him to sleep with your wife. We are going ahead and when you are tired of your wishes you will come home alone. Your shame will have punished you enough.
    God bless


  18. BILL KUCH says:

    Sir, Mr. Editor,
    I don’t call Prof. Francis Mading Deng, my man as you stated. I was passing on what seems to be the spot light idea of first world countries as in accordance with their plans. I got your point of recommendation as on what to read or look about the man. Anyway, don’t give me wrong, Francis Deng don’t even get along with Dinkas or South Sudanese in General. But, that what comes in with foreigners intervention for we know ourselves better than them knowing us. Thanks.


  19. Kikisik says:

    Mr. Kiur,
    It is better UN had recognized their mistake of poor labelling and had apologized but what did your beast president do for the genocide that he committed to the Nuer innocent lives? Nothing, your beast president days are numbered, either he surrenders or ends up like gadafi. His inner circle will be the one do away with him when that time comes.
    The only way out for your beast is to agree to the interim period without him and had to apologize to the people of South Sudan for the mistakes that he had committed maybe he might be forgiven and his chances to ICC might drop from 90% to 50%
    If I were you Mr. President (innu) I would call it quits!
    “Leader comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      What will the apology of president Kiir brings to the people of South Sudan? Well. Dr. Riek Machar apologized and wiped in the front of Bor people in late Dr. John Garang’s residence in Juba 3 years ago for the massacre of Dinka Bor civilians in 1992. However, the same Riek Machar went and committed another massacre on Dinka Bor people in December, 2013. Does an apology really mean anything to our leaders?

      The leadership of the ROSS was given to Kiir Mayardit by God and it will be taken away from him by the same God who made him the president of the ROSS in the first place. Dr. Riek Machar can go up and down, massacre innocent people here and there but he will never rule South Sudan as president if God does not propose. Who are you to undo what God proposes?

  20. Majongdit says:

    Kuir e Garang,

    Your articles are well balanced. You spread it all over. Everything you said about UNMISS is true only that it needs some additions to it. But those you call duped picketers are the true nationalists of our country. Our population here in the country knows what is happening. When they demonstrated it is because they were angered. These people you describe as duped picketers are what makes you you and the country to exist today. The hardest people to buy our people. There is no any amount that can be enough to buy our people. Jalaba would easily have bought them. Please Sir!

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Dear Majongdit:

      You have never ever disappointed me with your brilliant comments and analogy. You have put it correctly, Brother. In fact, Mr. Kuir Garang and the likes should be informed that the first and the last Bullet for the freedom of our people was shot and/or will be shot in the soil of South Sudan. They should also be informed that the presidency and the independence of South Sudan did not come as a gift from Sudan or Diaspora. The presidency and the independence of South Sudan was earned through the bloodshed and sweat. Please let those of Kuir shoot us with their empty words and bad wishes online in Diaspora and we will dodge it and intercept it with the truth and Bullets in South Sudan. Please keep it up! You are more nationalist and wiser than those confused poets in Canada.

  21. Kikisik says:

    Hi Mr. Bol Akoul,
    Reik Machar was force on this war, as Kiir (innu) wanted to kill him, what would you could have done if you were in Machar shoes? Look if Kiir (innu) could kill innocent lives during Christmas Day, What a beast! What a President! He pretend to be a man of God by going every Sundays to church. Please Bishop Lukudu this is your assignment , please ex-communicate (innu) from setting his foot on the church. I was wondering what was going on with Bishop Lukudu, if you stand up for the people of South Sudan during the Jalaba war why not now?
    What happened in Juba was unacceptable now and will be unacceptable tomorrow and many years to come. To my dismay and the dismay of people of South Sudan you Mr. Lukudu kept quite. Where you this innocent people go? May be Bishop is protecting the offertory Kiir (innu) used to contribute during church service. But mine you My Lordship those are blood money. To those innocent families, who lost there loves, all your sons, doughthers, fathers, uncles are in Heaven sitting on the right hand side of God The Father. Amen
    “Pleaders comes Leaders goes, South Sudan will remain forever”

  22. Bol Akuol. says:

    Dear Kikisik:

    Dr. Riek Machar was not forced to rebel against the government of president Kiir Mayardit. He, himself (Riek) decided to take the leadership from president Kiir Mayardit by force as he attempted it with the leadership of Dr.John Garang during the liberation movement in 1991. Was he (Riek) forced to overthrow late Dr.John Garang in 1991? If Riek had attempted in the past to unseat the rebel leader, late Dr.John Garang in the Bush, What would prevent him from repeating the same insanity in Juba on December 15th,2013?

    Regarding his Lordship, Bishop Paulino Lukudu, he had done all he can in his power as a holly man by praying for the peace and appealing to president Kiir, Riek Machar and all the SPLM members to resolve their political differences peacefully and amicably during the SPLM meeting on December 14th,2013. What else can he do as a holly man and private Citizen? What difference will it make if he (Bishop Lukudu) kicks president Kiir out from his Church in Juba? Will this makes president Kiir to resign and bring peace to the people of South Sudan?

    With regard to the allegation of the Church offertory, I strongly refuted this comment and regarded it as bias and pointless. In fact, the Church and his Lordship, Bishop Paulino Lukudu has existed and functioned in Juba way before the South Sudan became independent and Kiir and Riek became the rulers of South Sudan. Do you think the Church is operating now because of the Weekly offertory of president Kiir Mayardit? Please let us respect the people who humbly devoted their lives and times in serving our needy people and the Country through the Church.

    As you quoted correctly ” Leaders come and go, South Sudan will remain” Indeed my Kiir and your Riek will go. However the Church and his Lordship, Bishop Paulino Lukudu will remain our leader whether or not the receives the presidential offertory. What is happening with your logical thinking my SSN Friend? Do you think or believe that his Lordship, Bishop Paulino Lukudu will close down his Church and resign when the tenure or presidency of Kiir Mayardit ends? His Lordship,Bishop Parade Taban has successfully brokered and mediated the peace between David Yau Yau and the government of South Sudan. Can we at least give thanks and praise to our holly men/women for their outstanding services and dedications in helping our people and Country? Shame! Shame! Shame! on you for being demeaning to his Lordship Bishop Paulino Lukudu.


  23. Kikisik says:

    Thank you very much for replying my comments. First, I did not say Bishop Lukudu should remove Kiir(innu) from power. Your right Bishop Lukudu really did a lot to the suffering people of South Sudan especially during the war and after. He did a lot praying for peace and during the crisis that let to genocide in Juba by trying to bring both sides to resolved their differences peacefully. What you did not get me was my question to why the Bishop did not come out openly and condemn the genocide committed by Kiir(innu) on December 16/17 and at the same time allowed to the church.He should have been the voice of voiceless. By doing so he would given hope to those families who have lost the love ones.
    I know the Bishop have right to treat Kiir(innu) in his private residence with golden sofas etc, but not in the church. If you happened to attend a service in St. Teresa Cathedral (Kator), there is an especial place meant for president with expensive sofas. The church that I used to go to is turned like a beauty salon with expensive sofas to attract customers. This is not the church that the present Pope Francis would like to see.
    The Pope in his launched of the revolution of tenderness call the church”of and for the poor” and that it should not turned into itself, but “in the street”. That was my argument, and that was why I was asking for Kiir and the likes to have been ex-communicated from the church, because what happened in Juba on Dec. 16/17 even the devil will not accept. I condemn any lives lost (innocent) whether in Juba or other places.
    In your conclusion you talk of ” my Kirr( innu) and your Riek” there nothing call ” Your Riek because I believe in truth which I believe your not and as such my truth can be found in Riek. As for you and your beast you have turn South Sudan into a killing zones. I don’t know Bol whether you can have courage to say what took place in Juba was a crime, the only thing you people have is talking about what happened in Bor, Malakal and other places leaving the very point to where the genocide first started. Again your notion that Riek wanted to take power by force is bogus and rubbish. You can lecture me about what happened on Dec. 16/17 and 91. Lectures those to your Ugandan or Kenyan.
    What is the way forward bro. Bol, according to me the way forward is for your killer to step down and an interim government be formed!
    Happy Easter, and stay bless.
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  24. Kikisik says:

    Dear Mr. Editor,
    Thank you very much for making clear my points to Mr. Bol.
    Have a wonderful Easter, God bless !

  25. Mohd Adam says:

    On the night of Dec. 15, 2013 a group of SPLM members led by Riek Machar attempted to seize power by force, using his tribesmen in the army to accomplish this illegal Act. This is a piece missing in your good and written article brother, Kuir Garang. Great writers have always called the objects by their names. I don’t know, what kind of writer are you. If Riek Machar was not sucked from the VP position on July 23, 2013, South Sudan would be peaceful to this date. But his dismissal has led to the attempted coup, hence the ongoing bloodbath. If people of South Sudan want peace, no need to be in the ongoing IGAD talks. Just get Riek back to the position and the Nuer will stop fighting!

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