EES Government planned for illegal inauguration of Nimule Town Council


Like any other South Sudanese citizen, the day when Independence was declared on 9th July 2011, I was overwhelmed and found tears running from my face all the way to my chest when the then speaker Honourable James Wani Igga read the declaration speech.

I knew we had obtained our respect, dignity, freedom and liberty at last. Today like any other fellow citizens in South Sudan when the Ma’di people enjoy the peace, justice, liberty and freedom well deserved as prophesied by our fallen hero late Dr John Garang, I look back and say, my sacrifice as an SPLA soldier to pick up the gun as opposed to the pen and fight for my nation has well paid off the sacrifice I made.

That sense of peace, freedom and justice became short lived and has sent me in a state of shock with the unfolding events happening in Ma’di land, particularly in Nimule. The Eastern Equatoria State (EES) government came up with Nimule Town Council (NTC) conversion plan.

Rather than consulting with the Ma’di people, particularly the Nimule clans who are the rightful owners of Nimule, EES government delegates met a handful of local businessmen in a nightclub and plotted the scheme. When the Ma’di heard about this, they summoned their local MP for Nimule, Mr. Aventore Amure Bilal for further enlightenment and further discussions about the plan.

In that meeting which was attended by many Ma’di people from all walks of life to include engineers, local authority expertise, lawyers… etc, the attendees of the meeting voted with the overwhelming majority of 513 against NTC introduction and a minority of 16 voters for the introduction of the town council before proper assessments, consultation, demarcation proposals, compensation plans, benefits of the scheme in terms of employment, population influx with its associated crimes and so forth are at hand.

Ever since this unpopular NTC came to light, meetings upon meetings have been held between the community and the chiefs and their local MPs with all the feedbacks being sent in forms of memos or documents to EES Governor Luis Lobong Lojore.

The Nimule payam chief, Livio Ajugo, after several meetings with the community realized the need for further consultation as the impact of imposing the town council on his people would be great and uncompromising if the NTC is forced on the Ma’di as it were proposed.

Shortly after announcing withdrawal of his signature in that decisive meeting of 24/08/13 in which he named and shamed all those who paid bribes in order to see to it that the NTC is urgently imposed on the Ma’di as soon as possible, he was gunned down by unknown persons when returning home on a night out watching football with friends.

Ajugo’s killing can only be explained by the exposure of the names of those involved in the money payments. In order to keep quiet further exposure of what other dirty deals went behind the closed doors in relation to the dirty scheme of NTC, the illegal selling of the Ma’di land, the dirty games of the Internally displaced persons (IDPs).

So the EES can only win by doing a dirty game. This saw Daudi Kisire, a local businessman, a self proclaimed businessperson in the name of John K Maire who fans the fire in Torit where Deputy Governor Jerome Surur, immediately takes action in the constant absence of the undergraduate Governor Luis Lobong who is studying in Kampala.

Torit puppet MP Bilal, hungry local businessmen Daudi Kisire, Inyani Jackson along with the die-hard IDPs whose dirty schemes against the Ma’di nationals are to wipe the existence of the Ma’di from their heritage land, all have to protect their interests – money and power.

I believe the killing of chief Ajugo brought the NTC scheme to a halt and of course this became an embarrassment to the EES who paid huge monies to see to the completion of the plan. The failure of the NTC can only mean something to the three categories of people:

1. The EES governor who lost monies paid him in bribes and his failure to deliver the huge chunks of land or plots they have promised the land grabbers.

2. The local businessmen and women who have been promised business deals.

3. IDPs whose hidden agenda is to forcefully occupy Ma’di land and establish a dynasty in Nimule and push the Ma’di from their ancestral land where they will enjoy peace and basic subsistence to across the boarder, an act of mass injustice against the Ma’di.

Barely 2 months after chief Ajugo’s death and the killer(s) still at large, the EES government pressurized to deliver by the hungry underworld land-grabbers, has announced a town clerk.

Governor Luis Lobong is dying to install his brother-in-law David Eriga as Nimule Town Clerk to seal the scheme of land-grabbing, forceful land selling in order to ensure he remains in power, an act of corruption of its highest level at the expense of the Madi people.

It is also crystal clear the EES government knows that it will fail to secure a majority vote regarding the NTC implementation plans in its current state.

I would like to make it clear for record purposes that we the Ma’di in principle have not refused the town council as we know it will bring development and employment opportunities to our land. In fact should this be a government scheme to boost development in Magwi County, then town council status should be awarded to Magwi, where the headquarters is.

We the Ma’di wrote to the EES governor demanding the repatriation of the self-proclaimed Dinka Bor IDPs and their cattle that is a constant source of destruction of our crops and pollution of the up coming town.

Secondly we demand the granting of our Pageri County, which we were tipped of as approved but awaiting sorting of austerity measures before announcement.

If there is no budget for a county so much desired and rightfully deserved by a people is denied, why does the government so much desire to impose the town council on a people it does not care about its welfare?

The fact the Ma’di people were not informed about the inauguration ceremony shows clearly that EESG has hijacked the people of Nimule and held them hostage.

As I write the generally mood in Nimule is like in funeral place, the only visible people one can see on the streets in Nimule or at inauguration ceremony are boda-boda riders who had been brought from Elegu, Uganda, to escort the delegations that accompanied the designated town clerk, and commissioner of Magwi, just few to mentioned.

For boda-boda riders from Ugandan side this is an opportunity for making money, as I was told each one of them was paid an amount of 500 SSP and free full tank of fuel. This EESG project has been imposed on Ma’di though the plan was rejected by the majority of Ma’di people.

Finally Torit has succeeded in its agenda which it has pushed it through, what I don’t know is the consequences that will follow the days after. As I said before, the mood in Nimule right now is like in funeral place.

Earlier on I talked to an old man in his 70s in Nimule who expressed his disappointment and he said, “the noble called for further consultation fell into deaf ears in Torit.” He farther said right now in Nimule people are scared about the Pro-NTC and fear to speak openly as the threat for more arrests is going on.

The so-called democratic Republic of south Sudan remains in theory, but practically we are at the mercy of dictatorship of Mr Louis Lobong Lojore, an ex-seminarian who by chance became a governor without sound academic background.

As I write the inauguration ceremony is on going today in Nimule, this was done without informing the community and the people the town clerk is supposedly coming to work with.

I wonder whether this is how democratic south Sudan for which late Dr. Garang died for, or if this is the new beginning of Kiir’s empire, where critics and writers like Isaiah Abraham were silenced by a single bullet and till to date his killers are still at large.

Importantly, this is not only Ma’di issue, this is a national issue. The people of south Sudan will one day wake up from their sleep and find Kiir is everything, as we have already seen recently how he forced the parliament to endorse his vice president without legislative procedural background check.


Okudra Paul Ojjali, Business man in Nimule.
Okudra Paul Ojjali


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Hopefully South Sudan wakes up sooner, instead of thinking this Madi and Madi alone issue this is all of our issues. It is Nimule today, which place will be next and who shall be next?

    • nikalongo says:


      Dr. Itto, DG. Jerome, MP. Bilal and Amb. Andruga have large following in M’adiland. Like u, they all support and work for peace and prosperity for M’adi and South Sudan. Calling them names and assigning them titles just because they have alternative views different from ur own is unjust. Are u aware that communities elsewhere in South Sudan, for example, County headquarters Magwi next door would have wanted that privilege? We all fought many battles to bring towns and services closer to our people and now u are telling our people that that NTC thing is evil. Tell us why.

      IDPs is an administrative issue that area MPs, County Commissioner, Governor and Govt. of EES should deal with. Nobody wants to see a large scale government resettlement programme for Dinka in Nimule other than Bor nor persecution, oppression and insecurity for our people in general in Nimule. Criminal gangs in uniform on our streets and in the kraals should be apprehended and persecuted. Besides the IDPs and NTC, there is the County issue which I think should be resolved amicably after a land demarcation with the Acholis which has yet to be decided.

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Nikalongo AKA Awola,
        Your position has been known and you can not hide.You are spreading false information when you say these selfish pseudo-politicians have large followings, If so when was the last time they held public meetings so that the people give them their Ok to go ahead with their scheme? Indeed when the people were given chance to vote in Nimule they recalled Bilal.

        • nikalongo says:


          I do not know what “Awola” is, but I would suggest you stop calling people names. The people you term pseudo-politicians surely have supporters in M’adiland because some are elected representatives. We should give reasons when we disagree. I do not personally know the people and may never vote for them, but I understand they are South Sudanese and Madi just like you with a role to play in the development of my Country.
          Do they mean well for Madi? Yes they do.
          Are they involved in the death of the Chief? Probably not. Why would they want the Chief dead. Can they make mistakes? Yes, who does’nt?

          Samuel, It is my hope that the killers of the Chief will face justice. The people currently being held must be released without condition if their only crime is to have protested against the killing of the Chief.

          • Elijah Samuel says:

            Consider this, the Madi people as reported held numerous democratic meetings, all inclusive in the presence of the Pseudo politicians, They in each case voted to reject the NTC. Not only this they send delegations to the governor in Torit and met him and he supposedly respected the peoples vote, until pressure came from Juba and money exchanged hands.
            Now, if these Pseudo politicians are indeed elected representative as you said it, are they not suppose to represent the views of their people? If the people say no to NTC, shouldn’t they do the same instead of working against those who elected them. If the opposite is true, if the people Voted Yes to NTC, even if they think it should be a No, They are obliged to Vote YES and if they disagree with the people, then they should resigned.

            Be reminded that there are no major followings of those who are traitors to their own people. Indeed when the people came together in Nimule before the killing of the chief, they the people as reported voted to recall the chief of the pseudo politician, Bilal. Indeed if he had major followers as you stated where was the vote?

            Nikalongo, If we do not want leadership by consensus but by dictatorship, why then did we fight the Jalabas this many years with so much lives lost. If Dictatorship was bad for the Arabs, It is Bad for the Dinka Bor and their local puppets. Do not defend the indefensible.

      • terenzia says:

        Brother Okudra,

        If you do business you will know that you give people what they want and what you think they want. The Madi people if asked for count and if democracy is to be followed that is what they should get. If something is imposed on people that is where trouble is.

        When we have our county then together we plan upgrading the villages into towns. The rightful thing to do now is give Magwi the town council since they have a county already and the Madi a county.

        The governor needs to spend more time in office and understand the needs of each community.

  2. Moigo says:

    ma’di, tomorrow morning when you wake up the status of Nimule will be changed on papers, what is the right of the people? the earth will open up its mouth and swallow Jerome, Bilal, and more evil men in Torit. Lobong don’t play with our land, why don’t u go and sell Kapoeta?

    we madi were misled to vote for you thinking you will be of good stewardship but we have seen your failing administration. mind you, no single ma’di vote will be spared for you in the next coming elections unless you quit, the same to Mr Surur, who is an MP from Mugali constituency but since the day of his election, he never visited Mugali as an MP, instead he suited himself in the office of deputy governor.

    Surur, you should have quit the office of Mugali MP seat, as for Bilal the people have spoken, they gave you their vote of no confidence and have recalled you, so till to date you are holding the Nimule MP seat illegally, your legitimacy right have expired on 24 August 2013.

  3. I really concur with the request of Maadi people, that they have the right to be granted their County and to be head-quartered in Pageri. The EES gov’t does not have the right to ignore and compromise their demand for the Nimule Town Council,
    Please Governor Lobong look into this issue seriously. the NTC project should go ahead once their demand for their separate County is effected.

  4. Mikith Kuol says:

    It would be very challenging though for local governements to be run in tribal lines- this Dinka, Acholi, Madi County etc. I also don’t understand the reasons why the busiest border town in terms (business &immigration) can not be upgraded if resources are available to do so.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Kuol, This busiest border happens to be also of the Madi people, Just because it the busiest border does not mean the government should not practice democracy and instead rule by dictatorship and impositions. The President is one of the busiest person in the country but he is also a father and a husband, which can not be negated simply because he is the head figure and a busy man. let us not confuse roles.
      In fact the Madi people gave a piece of land for immigrations and custom and it was the IDP that has proven powerful than the government and prevented its use! So the problem is not the Madi people, it is the Occupying forces from Dinka Bor.
      If the government were to remove this occupying Dinka Bor, the town upgrade could have been no brainer, but still consultative without impositions.

  5. Ohi,de says:

    I think madi should not cooperate with the administration that was imposed on them till the EESG apologised and accepted their demand. This is not a healthy situation.

  6. Ohi,de says:

    Mr Mikith Kuol
    You have not understood what Madi are protesting about. The government did not take the right proceedure to implement NTC. The land belongs to Ma’di and they were not consulted.And about county Ma’di have right to be granted a county.
    How many counties Dinka have? Not only counties but States. Lakes state is Dinka state, North bahargazal is Dinka State, Jongulei is Dinka State, Warap is Dinka State and Upper Nile is also becoming Dinka State.

  7. Dan says:

    Forceful removal of people who have stayed in an area for about a quarter of a century will not be easy. Asking Eastern Equatoria state government to repartriate them was meaningless because it did not play any role in their settlement in Nimule. You will have to tell us anywhere in the world where people who were removed or left their place and settled in other areas have been forcefully removed.

    The Indians that the white men brought to work for them in Africa were never forced to go back to India and in fact they are integral part of our African continent now.

    The Nubian soldiers the British took to fight for them in the East Africa were never told to go back to Sudan even after the British left.
    So what makes you think that these people who have settled in a part of their country where they have a constitutional right to do so would be forced out like that?

  8. Madi Pride says:

    It is possible to forcefully remove people who lay claim to other people’s land even after 100 yrs. The only thing maintaining these IDP’s in Equatoria is Kiir’s rogue gov’t. They have NO constitutional right to forcefully settle there (I think you need to check your facts before commenting here). And remember that in 2009 they signed a memorandum/agreement to leave. So what is their legal claim to OUR land now?

  9. John Yugu says:

    You seems not to understand the essence of what is happening in Ma’diland!. A sound minded person can’t support this unjustified act of the tribal oriented system in Juba claiming to be a government! Most of these so called IDPS moved to Nimule and surroundings after the signing of the CPA, and continue to relocate till today.
    Nobody is against freedom to live where ever one chooses to do so, but not a whole village(villages) relocating to other people ancestral land with a clear intention of settling?
    This is a government sponsored project ,but remember to any imposed project its deem to fail!!!
    What an irony ? What is taking place in South Sudan today have never been done by the ARABS

  10. Bhanyker says:

    Something is not clear her. Is it the Dinka came to Nimule to live peacefuly like any other community or they really, forcefully grabbing the Madi people land?
    First and foremost if the intention of Dinka is to live peacefully like any South Sudanese community, then i think they should be welcome, but if their initial objective is to uproot Madi people from their land, just because they think they have liberated South Sudan as LGG put it, then they are mistaken.
    It does not make sense to claim that the Dinka had liberated the whole country just because the SPLA/SPLM leader was a Dinka. If the latter point is correct, than the Madi people have no choice, but to resist the Dinka and resist them vigorously. Peaceful solution always comes after war. War is a language some South Sudanese community understand best.

  11. Tyson says:

    Your arrogance will not help your Jieng kinsmen.
    It took the Moru short time to evict the coward Jieng IDPs from their land. Therefore, consider the Ma’di people soft but they have not surrendered their land to you.
    Think twice and act sensibly if this country will benefit all South Sudanese. We should not drag our country into another internal war.
    The people of Ma’di land have all the options to raise their voices louder so that locally and internationally, some of these criminals will be held accountable. The thugs among the Jieng and the undergraduate Lojore with his team will not evade justice. It may take long but things will catch up with them.

  12. Elijah Samuel says:

    This same Dinka Bor lived in Bor thousands of year and since time immemorial not just a quarter century and yet they fled! So if the government does not respect old boundaries and continue to impose on the rest of the country , the same fire that chased them from their ancestral land shall chase them from Nimule! Even our great Hero Garang is dead! We all have a life to loose, no one is made of iron, even then irons do break! So do not be absorbed in self importance and intoxicated with Oppressions under pretext of Jieng engineered Constitutions! That constitution is dead and the rule of law has been buried by Kirr who must go! It is time to give chance for Marchar, Lam or any other national leader who fell off with this Lost president.

  13. Leader says:

    Ma’di Pride,
    Even without Kiir’s rogue govt, no one or govt is going to force them out of Nimule Town. Nimule is a town just like any other town and everybody has a right to live there. They did not settle anywhere in Ma’di villages, so stop your wild dream of them leaving even with a Govt headed by a Ma’di man like you or Joseph Lagu. I know you are easy to be deceived and someone will come in future to ask you votes in return for chasing away the so-called IDPs just like it was done by Luis Lobong. Give him your votes but rest assured that that will not happen.

    • Madi Pride says:

      To Loser (not leader):

      Gov’t Lobong was imposed on EES just as Taban Deng was imposed on Unity State and just as Clement Wani was imposed on CES. Their fates rest on Kiir’s morning moods (just ask Taban Deng). So stop this hogwash about Madi having voted for Lobong. Democracy has NEVER existed in South Sudan…

      Those governors under Kiir’s failing gov’t will be forced to pack their bones and leave with him when that fateful day arrives in 2015. The criminals in Nimule and their patrons in this failing gov’t have very short time left. Clearly, people like you are either not seeing the writings on the walls or are simply ashamed of your shortcomings.

      Whether Nimule is a village/town/city is beside the point. The fact is: IT DOES NOT BELONG TO DINKAS!!! Get that? And if/when it comes to decision-making regarding its status and future, it’s the MADI people to decide, NOT imposition by a greedy and failing gov’t that’s run by a cohort of tribal racketeers. We have the ultimate say in our destiny—that is the essence of sovereignty. Get that?

      We Madi people know that we’re envied by the Jieng’s because of the strategic location of Nimule (and all surrounding Madi villages) and the strength we have in both natural and human resources. Today it’s Nimule; but where else tomorrow?

      Jieng’s are people with no pride or dignity. They desperately want to become Equatorians but remain Dinka. They believe that by blending with us, they can cover their shortcomings (which are ALL criminal in nature) and use us keep South Sudan looking good. You can’t have it both ways. Very soon you’ll learn that the only place safe for you and your crime-ridden kin on planet Earth is your own ancestral home. Either you develop it and make it hospitable for yourselves or go BUST!!!

      Jieng’s have soiled the name the of South Sudan in every corner of the world. Even Equatoria doesn’t want you. You’ve overstayed your time and if the name IDP really bothers you, then PACK AND LEAVE!!!

  14. Mankien town says:

    some south sudan community understands only the language of war such as Dinka” which does not look good at all, Madi people have right to claim their land given to them by God no matter what it will cost them.
    no dinka liberated this country and if they are the ones, then it does not mean becoming land grabbers of people land of their ownership.
    when your community is in power than it is good for dinka to show good example to other south Sudanese instead of threatening life of other communities members in the country because the president is theirs and why spoil the name of the president?

    keep peace.

  15. Deng says:

    If you want to live with other people in their land then you must respect and behave good. One can’t continue to behave like cows grassing everywhere even on people’s farms!. Definitely you will find resistence from them.

  16. Wololo says:

    This government is doomed. We M’adi are said to be cowards but time will tell. We as a people will reach there one day. We M’adi don’t fight blindly but we only act on defence. When you are a liberator, you need not to grab any thing from where you fought.

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