Editorial: Who dies, if our South Sudan lives? Message to Machar, Lam Akol, Nyaba, Cirillo, Pagan, Changson, Oling, Gadet and others….


Specifically, this a New Year message to those opposition leaders mentioned above and all the lesser ones in the same category who’re unnamed, who’ve all assumed to themselves the titles of commanders-in-chiefs of their numerous armed opposition groups.

In spite of your multiplicity as opponents of Satan Kiir’s Juba regime, and despite all your well-written and proclaimed manifestos and declarations to oust his regime, it’s very apparent that you all clearly lack the strategical sagacity and patriotic unanimity as to how to expeditiously attain your declared goal.

The most important question to you all rebel leaders/commanders is this: who should indeed die first if your main objective is to liberate our dear South Sudan nation from the current tyrannical and terrorist brand of leadership?

This current Civil War in the country is an intra-SPLM/A war, period. It’s a war that originated from SPLM/A government’s shameless greed and gluttony of looting the national money and other natural resources with some or most of you mentioned above either actively or discretely participating in the crime.

Yes, it’s our shameless thieves fighting for every bit of the meat!

Moreover, whilst each one of you’d consciously served at one time or another in the Kiir’s authoritarian statecraft and tribalized patronage system that vaporized billions of the nation’s dollars, you, the SPLM/A ‘leaders’ were conspiratorially silent on Kiir’s nihilistic brand of leadership.

Since our so-called ‘independence,’ the political landscape of South Sudan has regressed into a more primitive state characterized by polarization, insularity, vengefulness and lack of compromise. Kiir’s prevailing assertion of tribal politics is “either we rule or we die.”

As eloquently documented by THE SENTRY of the Enough Project of Clooney and Prendargast,”the cause of the current brutal civil war was the falling out between the country’s top politicians.” That’s Kiir and Machar, and their thieving gangs that included some of you, unfortunately.

Further, according to the Enough Project, “the key catalyst for the war was the competition by all of you for the GRAND PRIZE—(the control over the state assets) principally led by both Kiir and Machar. This war obviously only serves the interests of South Sudan top leaders.”

So, not only are Kiir and Machar the main beneficiaries of the looted billions of US dollars, all ye SPLM/A top leaders, now rebels, are/were co-conspirators/beneficiaries who’ve also made off with millions, whilst the majority of our citizens are silently groaning in the misery or fleeing out of the accursed country in their hundreds of thousands.

  • Unfortunately, it’s clearly evident that you, now the self-presumed saviors, are inexplicably fragmented, antagonistic and self-destructive in the current political and the armed struggle against the Kiir regime.

    What’s intriguingly bothersome is the fact that you, all supposedly professional SPLA military men, typically decided to FIRST run away for personal safety to foreign capitals whilst leaving behind your main target, Satan Kiir, standing tall right there in Juba.

    You, rebel opposition leaders/commanders of South Sudan, should clearly understand the current dynamics of international politics which is that nowadays, the international community generally abhors and shuns so-called armed rebel-guerrilla groups fighting to topple a so-called ‘legitimately elected’ government, however detestable that government or leader is, and they also vehemently condemn abuses and crimes against innocent citizens.

    What you, rebel-generals presently fighting Kiir, must undertake first is let go of that legacy of the liberation movement which is evidently still deeply embedded in your behaviors.

    You’re no longer bush rebels and, as Hilda Johnson, the former UN Representative in Juba exactly wrote in her book, ‘South Sudan: The Untold Story,” quote: You can’t keep going back to that (former) comfort zone, that’s when something happens, you first run to the bushes.’

    As we’re helplessly noticing the consistent fragmentation of the myriad of so-called rebel groups that are presumably in the forests of South Sudan, it can only be surmised that with so many so-called ‘rebel armies,’ many of which are more or less tribal militias, your uncoordinated guerrilla war against Kiir will be messy, unproductive and self-defeating.

    Emphatically, you’re now or were once high-ranking men of the National Army (SPLA) of the newest independent nation called South Sudan. As such, like those armies in Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Sudan, lately Zimbabwe, and so on, who, when their governments mess up the affairs of the nation and they wanted to act, they do NOT ever run to the bushes at all.

    You know what action they took. With a few soldiers as is usually the case, those heroic commanders (from Gamal Abdel Nasser, Abboud, Gowon, Thomas Sankara, Idi Amin, Ghadafi, Bashir, Mobutu, Samuel Doe, Obasango et al) boldly marched onto the Presidential Office/Palace, arrested, ousted or dealt decisively with the resident and took over power, on the behalf of their people.

    One wonders, why didn’t any one of you, with your soldiers/armed supporters under your command, operationalize such an expedient military action to deal with Satan Kiir right there and on spot in Juba, with the intent of deposing/terminating his regime, ending his presidency and saving the country?

    Such a heroic and bold action, specially as you’re supposedly sworn to die for the country, would’ve decisively had a positive political trajectory and perhaps today, many innocent lives would’ve been spared.

    The dilemma in South Sudan presently is that there’re just too many of you so-called ‘rebel’ commanders-in-chiefs and too many so-called ‘armed rebel’ opposition groups, fake or real, all supposedly sworn to topple the Kiir dictatorship, regardless of whether they’re physically roaming in the bushes, the foreign capitals or just in the imagination of their self-proclaimed commanders/leaders.

    Sadly, however, among all of you, true or fake rebel commanders, there is evidently no unity of purpose, no strategic coordination of your military forces/resources and no political commonality.

    It’s worth reminding you that the nation and the people are more important that an individual, specifically in light of the atavistic and satanic dictator Kiir who’s infamously now in the same category as Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. Soon it may emerge that Killer Kiir has killed more South Sudanese than the Jellaba Arab Northerners ever did!

    Someone once said that “Nobody likes war, we all hate war…..it’s a brutal necessity forced on them by the ambition of a tyrant.”

    Indisputably, it’s very clear that Kiir himself, who’s unrepentantly a murderous dictator, has fatally strangulated the State and is perpetuating a reign of terror and chaos in the whole country that tragically impacted not only everyone else but most tragically his own jieng tribesmen who’re ceaselessly killing themselves in their own wars.

    By all international parameters, South Sudan is definitely now a failed state, like it or not. The Satan Kiir and his accomplices are today wholly responsible and they must be either ousted or terminated, by whatever means necessary if we’re to salvage the people and the young nation.

    The Arab Spring that had swept North Africa was quickly tolerated and applauded by most people, and the newer regimes that usurped power were immediately recognized and even abetted by the international community, regardless of whether the deposed leaders were killed, exiled or imprisoned.

    However, it’s now imperatively urgent that all the numerous anti-Satan Kiir rebel groups should and must come together, align their political objectives, their armed forces and whatever resources they possess so that these assets are properly utilized in the dethroning of the big target, instead of hopelessly wasting resources fighting petty wars among themselves.

    In our current messy predicament, the international community wont or doesn’t really care how you depose of your inept leader but they’ll willingly thereafter help South Sudan on it’s road to recovery and in the resolution of the multiplicity of problems as a sovereign country.


    There is preponderance of evidence that also many of you, so-called ‘rebel commanders/leaders,’ are allegedly compromised by your previous collaboration with Satan Kiir in either the massive looting of the nation’s wealth or in the commission of the egregious crimes against humanity on the people by some of you at the behest of Kiir.

    Succinctly, according to Hilda F. Johnson, “In a way, the SPLM leaders kept each other in the check, since most of them knew about others’ malfeasance.”

    This means that Satan Kiir practically knows what crime or crimes each of his opponents, (that includes some of you) have committed, how much dollars each one of you has stolen and stashed away…practically every scandal on each general, minister or party official.

    This is what is currently enabling Satan Kiir to blackmail some of the self-styled rebel commanders/leaders, overtly exemplified by the so-called Gen. Taban Deng Gai, Machar’s former deputy, now Kiir’s vice president, who’s slavishly killing his own people at the behest of Satan Kiir.

    The SPLM/SPLA organisation, unfortunately and historically, has been an organization that severely desensitizes and numbs it’s recruits/members to acts and crimes of inhumanities and abuses that were or are being so openly and commonly committed by its own leaders.

    This is akin to the ORIGINAL SIN, imbued in most of you, that you still carry in your political genes, attested by the intra-rebel killings going on among yourselves in Upper Nile (Nuer-on-Nuer, Shilluk-on-Shilluk) and in Equatoria (Bari-speakers against Bari-speakers) and in Bahr-el-Ghazel (Jieng against Jieng).

    Your ONE single and URGENT purpose NOW as committed ‘liberators’ once again, with all your claimed or available expertise, resources and the valor and heroic sacrifices of your unpaid soldiers-cum-volunteer fighters, is to expeditiously terminate the treacherous and contemptible Satanic Kiir’s divisive regime in the nation.

    Surely, this new struggle to oust the Satan from power must not be another long drawn-out ‘war of liberation’ like the SPLM/A war against the North, which was needlessly prolonged for over two decades because of the prevalence of and aggravation by the incessant inter- and intra-tribal antagonisms and hostilities exacerbated by most of you who’re now, once again, standing up as reincarnated liberators/leaders and saviors of our people.

    Dear our so-called ‘Rebel leaders:’ after many years of your previous long service to the Satan Kiir, be it as ministers, governors or Army generals, and after quietly but knowingly prolonging and expediting the reign of terror and death at the behest of the Satan, it’s time you all say your MEA CULPAS and start to ACT TO TERMINATE THE SATANIC REGIME immediately.

    Finally, let Rwanda not repeat itself in South Sudan just because of the culpability, inequity and incapability of the one person.


    1. Beek says:

      We have defeated Riek Machar,while I have never been in frontline.

    2. False Millionaire says:

      If Rwanda has not repeated itself in south Sudan, it’s only due to dinka’s konk koc philosophy. It’s only the ordinary jieng who are refusing to make it happen.

      Nothing could be more inhuman and more provocative on earth than road targeting of certain ethnic groups for the simple reason of having the government being presided over by a member of their kin.

      As for the protagonists whom are the subject of the article, it’s impossible to imagine their comeback. Kiir has defeated them and only doing himself no service with his victory. If he kicks out the Chinese in favor of the British and US companies today, Trump will let him stay in power forever.

      • Eastern says:

        False Millionaire,

        Sounding one of the beneficiaries of this regime, why doesn’t Kiir take your advice and stick to the status quo? Why the forum-shopping and the running around? Kiir has defeated his political and military adversaries and he should be the one dictating the terms so long as he’s aware that he’s in UTOPIA but not a SHIT COUNTRY!

      • Third class citizen says:

        Bullshit False Millionaire! Who is targeting who on the roads? It is Jeng militias who are targeting dollars on Nimule road. Do you know that it is Jeng who kills Jeng on the roads? If you do not know, then perhaps you are living in a grave.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        False Millionaire,

        “If Rwanda has no repeated itself in South Sudan, it’s only due to Dinka’s konk koc philosophy. It is only the ordinary Jieng who are refusing to make it happen”.

        I kind of see where you are heading with this mumbo jumbo. I understand you would like to see what occurred to Rwanda to happen in Equatoria. For your information, it had happened, the magnitude might not be the same but it had happened. This is pertaining to Equatoria.

        I disagree with Editor in the sense of claiming that what took place in Rwanda had not repeated itself.

        Mr. Editor must have been sleeping the whole time, Nuer-genocide took place beyond what occurred in Rwanda. Rwanda had indeed repeated itself in form of Nuer. Unless if Mr. Editor is relating this to Equatoria case.

    3. Mor-amook says:

      There are no real politicians in South Sudan who rebelled to topple Kiir Regime in Juba. Every non-Dinka who rebelled against government starts with his tribesmen and campaign against Jieng/Dinka, orienting his militias to target Jieng/Dinka.

      I tell you this is where the failure is! For example, if Dr. Garang had accepted a short sighted ideology of those who wanted liberation of South Sudan to form South Sudan Independent Movement not SPLA, we would have failed.

      We succeed because it was liberation of all the marginalized Sudanese people. Do you think there are no Dinkas who do not like Kiir regime? They are compelled by tribal rebels to stay with Kiir because rebellion has taken tribal dimension.

      Please stop targeting a tribe and assume that you will succeed. You will never ever succeed within uniting all tribes including the Dinka into your rebellion! the Dinka will defend itself at wherever cost, because members of that tribe will not accept rebellion that targets their kin on road ambushes and towns in Equatoria and some part of Upper Nile.

      Please don’t call for more bloodsheds for 2018, you will not topple Kiir militarily. I urge you to stop fighting, come back to Juba, play politics of unity to defeat Kiir on ballot box.

      • Samuel Atabi says:

        The biggest obstacle for successful Dinka hegemony in South Sudan is the phrase “Aryan Jenge”, the naked Dinka. This naked truth (pun intended) describes the basis for resistance against the Dinka domination, particularly in Equatoria. In order to subjugate a people, the potential oppressor must have some myths to justify his superiority and hence ascendency over the potential victim. The Romans, the British and even our own northern Arabs had these myths of superiority. However, our neo-colonialists from Dinkaland are literally naked and devoid of any of the myths. They have further jeopardized their chance of domination by running one of the most primitive, violent and corrupt governments in recent history of the world. Bona Malual and Francis Deng should advise their ideologues to go back to the drawing board to formulate another strategy of domination. The current one which depends solely on violence will never work!

        • Deng Hanbol says:

          As Dinka/Jaang comes to be redefined in best terms, as “Aryan Jenge”, “slaves”, “feudal Jellaba” and alien to South Sudan, the Jaang are apparently not only busy looting our resources, but also selling our country to Uganda and Egypt and return for protection.

    4. Elhag Paul says:

      The worst enemy of the Jieng is Jieng himself. The impending genocide is that of Jieng annihilating the Jieng. If you haven’t seen it yet, please open your eyes wide enough. Otherwise, it will be too late.The former detainee masquerading here as reasonable with his konk koc nonsense will soon find out for himself the hard reality of life. What a pathetic being?

    5. False Millionnaire says:

      The sun is setting on u than rising from the east to make of u an eastern rock.
      U will grow old one day my friand to understand that u won’t move an inch to tople Kiir with such inhuman method of road targeting of innocent citizens.
      By the way which jieng wouldn’t know where u are if things get accepted to be played according to your nasty Game?
      There isn’t any heaven for you on earth if you aren’t a creature from the Sky. The false kidnapping rumor on Bakasoro have sent the shock waves into the depth of the opposition cercles. So they will likely be barking at distance than venturing to shit in Africa.Hope u can now understand that the shithole country will remain as a shit country for a very long time with u bearing the fat part that prolongs it.

      • Eastern says:

        False Millionaire,

        You remain for ever false as your alias! Eastern Rock is real and not imposing or coercing anybody to believe in its existence but its is a force to reckon with! Ask any battle-harden SPLA soldier who fought the SAF and associated militia in Eastern Equatoria.

        That being said, I am not in the diaspora and that’s what you and like-minded should know. I have never boarded an aircraft and southern Sudanese (then) were taken to the Global West by sea.

        The roadside attacks are just the same evils of war Dr. Garang visited on Equatorians in Juba by shelling them along with the NIF forces. It was the same evils of war Dr. Garang used to down a civilian aircraft taking off from Malakal to Khartoum in the 1990s, It was the same evils of war that led Michael Makuei Lueth to look st UN Sanctuary in Bor as ANY PART OF SOUTH SUDAN, to which he, as a minister in Kiir’s regime has the absolute right to access!. War is laced with evil acts and blinds the protagonists….

        I am happy that you live in Utopia!

    6. deng hanbol says:

      Dear Dr. Peter, the central question is, how to end the destructive rule of the Dinka tyranny in Juba? And how can we induce those recently rebelled against the Dinka regime specifically General Thomas Crillio to unite with the IO so that accelerate or speed up to topple of the tribal in Juba? Let me make a few correction to your article, the much-debated causes of the South sudan civil war was then the Nuer massacre by the Dinka regime period. And to answer the call from their NAATH people, the Nuer Generals namely General Peter Gadit aka Jundei Iraq, the former commander of division 8 in Jungle,General James Koang Chuol aka CDR the former commander of division 4 and Gathoth Gatkouth said CASH LOURAH and had declared the war of attrition against the Dinka president and his tribal Generals who committed an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of Nuer people in Juba. General Peter Gatdiet and the Lou Nuer white army indeed, were about to capture Juba from Dinka regime in 2014 and inaugurate Dr. Riek Machar as the president of South Sudan. However, it was the Ugandan military intervention that was thwarted Dr. Machar victory over Kiir and Koal Mangang. The fact is, M7 and Barack Obama, Susan Rice and John Kerry schemed to prevent Dr. Machar to captur Juban because they think that if Nuer Generals manage to expel Dinka government they might subjugate Dinka. No one in the world can deny that it was the Ugandan military intervention that safe Kiir and the JCE.
      Any way,I would argue that the best way to get rid of Salva Kiir is through military resistance, rather than the passive resistance. Dr. Riek Machar and his Nuer Generals have been struggling in the Dark, without help, and without knowing the outcome. the good news is that the people of Greater Equatoria likewise, the people of Western Bahr- el Ghazal , Chollo, and Nuert are now fighting side by side against the new Jallaba.The Nuer Generals heroic deeds indeed, has encouraged the Equatoria to join the rebellion. Initially, the people of Greater Equatoria thought that the Nuer massacre was Nuer problem. In Addition, they thought the Dinka regime was too powerful, security apparatus too ubiquitous,but they were surprised about the Nuer courage particularly the JI fighting-dogs that stunned the entire world.
      Lastly,but not the least, the Nuer, Chollo, Equatorian as well as the people Western Bhar- el Ghzal are poised to topple the Dinka tribal government in Juba.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Deng Hanbol,
        Seems like you didn’t get the gist and core of my article. Yes, the Nuer generals might be ‘heroic’ as you put it, but that bravado and resilience so widely reputed among the Nuer…those generals included…hasn’t achieved much so far. This exposes Machar as an inept and incapable commander who doesn’t know much as to strategically utilize this legendary Nuer courage.
        Anyway, my article seriously questions the core target and objective of these so many anti-Kiir rebel groups under the command of the people mentioned above. No more need for another long war when the problem is only one man.
        Surely, Kiir is the main source of all problems, so why are your Nuer generals not targeting him instead of killing so many among yourselves or targeting peripheral targets that will have any impact on Kiir?
        Like what’s happening in Yei/Kajokaji areas where Machar’s SPLA-IO fighting against Cirillo’s NAS as we sorrily witness so often. Kiir is the problem not these innocent volunteers.
        Lastly, you mentioned the J-One incident, OK…. why didn’t your Nuer generals put a bullet on the big target that day if you seriously think the Nuer were successful???? and….. they the Nuer would heroically declare the end of Kiir tyranny. Perhaps, so many Nuer lives would have been saved also.
        That’s the gist of my article. I am challenging all these rebels, from Machar down to the last one. Hitting the One target would have surely resolved the problem of South Sudan and stopped the continuous suffering of your Nuer and everyone else.
        That’s how the examples I quoted expeditiously and successfully dealt with their nation’s presidents….
        I seriously question these rebels’ objectives, are they going to fight the kiir government for another 10, 20 years, like the SPLM/A war against the jellaba of more than 20 years….????? Tell me!

      • Mor-amook says:

        The so called Samuel Atabi and Deng Hanbol, it will take you decades to topple Kiir if you still target innocent Dinka/Jieng unless you change your strategy. Do you know how many years/decades it took America to overtake Britain as super power? Do you know how many years/decades it has taken Southerners to get independent from northern Sudan?

        That would be the same period you take to topple Kiir administration by force, if you still think foolishly. Peace campaigns are going on in Greater Bhar el Gazal former 3 states of Dinka for armed youth to leave fighting among themselves and wait for threats against them from you idiots. If you attempt to topple Kiir by force, that is when millions of armed youth in Bhar el Gazal will teach you lesson, Riak or whoever comes in by force will not stay in Juba for 72 hours. Only ballot box could make Kiir’s successor peaceful in mind.

        Let me remind you, from 1991 – 2002, there were nyagats of almost 90% from Nuer who were brain-washed by the same Dr. Riak, and there were also uncounted number of malitias from Equatoria who were fighting a long side Jallaba against SPLA claiming that SPLA was for the Dinka. Did they manage? Again, there was no M7 or Uganda intervention, but Dinka resist all of you, the nyagats until Riak came back on his own in Nairobi in January 2002. Did Riak sign any protocol in the CPA? This is because he was a newcomer and could not be trusted.

        By the way, short Uganda intervention save genocide in South Sudan, the few of white army who could have entered Juba would have been cleared finally and the “Gelwel” cattle forces in the cattle camps now in millions would have retaliated aggressively.

    7. mading says:

      Putting bullet through Kiir as you want it is not easy, and if that happens, internet warriors like Deng H, Eastern and the rest will see something you never seen before.
      Second, those who run away before they declared war against Kiir’s government, they always go to their tribesmen first to complain about how bad Dinka government is when he was a part of it until he was sent home yesterday.
      Because they know that if they go to other people than their own, they will be asked how come Kiir government became a Dinka government today and you were part of it yesterday?
      Removing Salva Kiir? Forget it… that is what Nuer rebels used to say about Garang that John Garang’s days are numbered, until they started coming back to Dr. Garang one by one.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Exactly, that’s what my article is all about these rebels/politicians who keep vacillating between serving Kiir and then running to the bush, then again come back to Kiir. Taban Deng, now vice-president is an example.
        My article puts forward into question this behavior. Hundreds of Nuers and Equatorians lost their lives because of the weak hearts of these leaders.
        That’s why I am seriously asking these soldiers/politicians: Why run to the bush if Kiir is your problem, why not deal with him right there in Juba?
        Seriously, once Kiir is out from the presidency, which Dinka are going to fight whom? We all know that the jieng are a fragmented tribe who easily fight among themselves. So, Kiir is taken out, most probably the Bor and those in Upper Nile might remain neutral, those of Rumbek are always fragmented, now Aweil of Malong doesn’t like Kiir of Gogrial. No jieng unity!!!
        I cited examples in Africa how hopeless presidents like Kiir have been removed/terminated from power. Now we’ve too many rebels in the bush such that, instead of fighting Kiir, they’re killing themselves.
        Kiir can be removed if these rebels/commanders take such action. The jieng cannot defeat the whole South Sudan if all the opposition followed a united plan, but first they move remove Kiir by any means.
        Read your history, brother. Where are those of Nkrumah, Mobutu, Mugabe, Bokassa, Anwar Sadat, Ghadafi, Obote, Mengistu…and so on….?

    8. Dear; Editor

      In opinions, according to my own opinions manifesting to me, I share my opinions with you on one point of your opinions when saying on so the called rebel leaders which is beginning right away from Dr.Riak Machar himself up down! They by themselves, but the way, they are VISIONLESS! They themselves,they after all, they do not know what they are on fighting against President Salva kirr administration in power in office in his presidency in the country.They by themselves,they would like to be presidents by themselves! They should be told in point blank first,and foremost, that fighting the cause without good causes,it is as good as DANGEROUS!! The rebels leaders should be have been ever known what they are objectives are in the first place! Anyway it is on them! not on me! Thank you!

      Sincere Keeping Peace and Harmony!



      • mor-amook says:

        Dear Editor,
        The Dinka are not fragmented, I tell you they are watching and observing. My dear you don’t know them practically, you know them theoretically. If any of the rebel takes over power by force for example killing Kiir as you all nyagats wish, that would be the dark day for those who want south Sudan genocide. That government you want to put on by force will never ever be stable.

        • Loberito says:


          Your readings are quite fascinating. You are in denial that Kiir cannot be toppled. You reminded of Paul Molong who promised to clear the rebels, but instead the rebellions grew bigger. Even Paul Molong who defended Kiir’s government becomes a rebel himself.

          Also, you denied that the Dinka are not fragmented. Are you really serious? Paul Molong was fired and replaced immediately. Did that not break or cause the Dinka to break into fragments? Are you trying to tell us that the supporters of Paul Molong are very happy with the supporters of Kiir? Kiir has his own supporters and Paul Molong has his own. This is the reality of life in South Sudan.

          Paul Molong defended Kiir’s policy of imposing domination in South Sudan, but Kiir kicked him out like a dog. Paul Molong was humiliated and he has lost his dignity. Especially when he lost his own daughter in Nairobi and his own government denied him to tribute to his daughter at funeral. Therefore, the Dinka are already fragmented whether one likes it or not! Good luck for your defend.

    9. False Millionaire says:

      Please be so kind to help those idiots like Kwaja Alhag and Atabi.They are so disconnected they aren’t getting your point at all.

      • Elhag Paul says:

        The former detainee is getting rattled. I am gathering all the details and then boom! – you will not be able to refute who you are Kraal boy. Just wait and watch this space.

    10. A says:

      Equatoria must go. Eastern, Central, and Western Equatoria is on the verge of separating from the rest of the country. This will be the eventual peace that all Equatorians need from our brothers that think they are born to rule. Let them rule and kill themselves as they are used to for centuries. The Dinka people have no respect for any other community in the south Sudan. They think the country belong to them and can run it as a cattle farm as can be seen with their movement of cattle into Equatoria Land and territories. As a matter of fact, Kirr is not the problem at all. It is the people that surround him and give him rotten advice that pushes him to take wrong measures as the president of the country based on tribalism, nepotism, and pride of being in power. This is the time we need the highest and strict court to be built in the country to bring all these so called liberation fighters to answer questions that the public need to know.

      • Mor-amook says:

        Dear Loberito,

        Being chief of staff was not created for Malong to remain there forever to defend Kiir as you say. Look, Gen. James Hoth Mai did not behave like Malong when he was removed, he handed over office to Malong professionally and peacefully. Those are types of leaders we want in South Sudan. Was James Hoth kicked off like a dog? Was he not defending constitution like any other General in the world? James did not say that why could he fight his tribe Nuer.

        You are the guys who are beating drum of war and wishful to fragmented Dinka community as strategy to topple Kiir. I am not depending Kiir, but the facts. Kiir doesn’t even know me, I only see him on TV or at times physically at far distance. Chief of staff is not for individuals or tribe. Gen. Ajongga is a Luo ( Jur-chol) and maybe in future an Equatorian or any other tribe. It is not to please or reward Malong for live. If there are supporters of Malong as you called them, they are few for individual interest.

        Even Malong has not rebelled, but those of you fragmented rebels wish him to rebel with narrow calculation that Bhar el Gazal will join him to topple Kiir. That is a lie. I come from Aweil and I am telling you the truth my Dear believe it or not, marked my words in your dairy book.

    11. Loberito says:

      Dear Mor-amook,
      Let me take this opportunity to thank you for response. I do agree with some of your points, but on the other hand, I disagree with some of your points. I do agree with you that the position of the Chief of Staff is not permanent. Therefore, your point is well taken. In addition, I hope you will also agree with me that the position of the President of South Sudan is not permanent either, but that is not the case with the current Presidency.
      Also, I do agree with you that James Hoth characteristic is highly respected for being a real leader. He is very humble General of Staff. Even though Gen. Hoth, a graduate with Master Degree in Public Administration, is a Nuer from Nasir, he didn’t use his high position to revenge when the incident happened in Juba on 13 December 2013. We should all embrace his humble character. Gouth (2014) stated, “I believe in peace and our people have fought for decades and we have lost more than 5 million people to get our freedom. I thank and urge our people not to use my relieve as propaganda to continue this war. I am always calling for the unity of people for peace to prevail so that our people can live in harmony in their own country (p.1). James Hoth is a nationalistic leader in South Sudan. We all wish South Sudan has many of his character.
      Furthermore, I strongly disagree with you that I am not among the guys whom you have accused to beat the drum of war and wishful fragmentation of Dinka community as strategy to topple Kiir. For your information, according to Wek (2018), Malong was ordering his commanders in South Sudan to attack the government. He cited an audio recording obtained by its intelligence services (p.1). In addition, Oduha (2018) stated, “On Monday, President Salva Kiir accused his former ally of forming a rebellion and ordering attacks against his government (p.1). Both Ateny and Kiir accused Paul Malong of being a rebellion. Do you then agree that they are beating the drum of war and wishful to fragmented Dinka community to topple themselves right? In addition, do you disagree with Ateny and Kiir that Paul Malong didn’t rebel?
      Finally, but not least, I am very puzzled by your statement that “Even Malong has not rebelled, but those of you fragmented rebels wish him to rebel with narrow calculation that Bhar el Gazal will join him to topple Kiir. That is a lie. I come from Aweil and I am telling you the truth my Dear believe it or not, marked my words in your dairy book.” When you said that those of you “fragmented rebels wish him to rebel, are you referring this to Ateny and kiir who accused Paul Malong as a rebel? Or are you telling us that Kiir and Ateny are now fragmented rebels? They are the ones who accused Paul Malong as a rebel. For your record, just in case I will mark your words on my calendar.
      As a South Sudanese citizen, I strongly believe that God has given us a beautiful land with abundance natural resources. Therefore, we do need to take into consideration that every South Sudanese benefits from these resources. In addition, I believe that every South Sudanese has a profound need and dignity and respect. Equally important, we are all human beings!

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