EDITORIAL: South Sudan falling apart before our eyes

BY: The EastAfrican Editor, JUL/29/2017, SSN;

In Summary:
“What started as political differences between President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar in December 2013, has now morphed into a free-for-all war of survival in the face of a collapsed economy, high unemployment among the youth and famine caused by many years of war.
South Sudan is heading into the political abyss. The country is disintegrating before our eyes as it sinks into unstructured fighting in various states.”

The international community should now wake up to the horrors in South Sudan, where new ethnic militias are emerging to fight each other and use rape as a weapon of war.

The latest report released by Amnesty International chronicles widespread rape where in some instances assailants mutilate women’s private parts with knives after raping them, leaving them to suffer a slow death.

Men have not been spared in the now widespread revenge attacks, where some have been sodomised, while others have been castrated or tortured with needles.

Amnesty International chronicles gruesome acts committed against citizens of South Sudan by government soldiers.

All these are happening while the world appears to have forgotten South Sudan, and regional states are too divided to come up with a workable solution to end a civil war that has gone on for almost four years, claimed over 60,000 lives and left over four million displaced — two million are displaced within the country and another two million have fled to neighbouring Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan.

What started as political differences between President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar in December 2013, has now morphed into a free-for-all war of survival in the face of a collapsed economy, high unemployment among the youth and famine caused by many years of war.

In the past two weeks, fighting has intensified in Upper, Bentiu and Unity States, Keji-Keji in Yei along the border with Uganda and Imatong town, near the border town of Nimule, where both parties continue to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with abandon.

Yet partner states of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) appear to have given up on South Sudan.

The August 2015 peace agreement cannot be implemented, while the country is in no shape to hold elections in 2018 as per the agreement. If the world does not come to the rescue, South Sudan is likely to turn into another Somalia where ethnic militias will dismantle the country into small enclaves.

The people of South Sudan are hoping that the fact-finding mission by Igad that begins work on July 24 will revive commitment by the region and the international community to come up with workable solutions to stop the war.

It is now obvious that the experiment common in Africa of forcing warring parties to share power has failed miserably in South Sudan.

Igad continues to insist on the implementation of the August 2015 peace agreement, which both parties agree is dead and cannot be implemented in its original form since more armed groups have emerged, fighting for reasons far removed from what sparked off the civil war in 2013.

It is time the international community accepts that President Kiir and Dr Machar will not work together, and comes up with a completely new political solution that involves all the stakeholders.


  1. Son of Western Bahr el Gazal says:

    Freedom for Everybody or Freedom for Nobody.

  2. Samuel Atabi says:

    Those who plunged the country into this war do not show any restraint. Human sufferings are nothing to them. They go from one atrocity to another without care. And now they have killed a citizen of a country who gave so much that we may be free. The killing of the American journalist by the Kiir’s militia should send a clear message to the US government that the Kiir regime is devoid of any civilized value. We continue to be perplexed by the attitude of the government towards the Americans: it accuses the Americans of pursuing regime change in South Sudan; it tried to kill American diplomats and citizens; and it targets American citizen for rape, humiliation and imprisonment. It is time the US government stood up to this tin pot dictatorship and applied real sanctions. Barbaric government as that now exists in Juba responds to the application of sticks rather than carrot; bring it down!

  3. Holo Kor says:

    The government that is rotten like spoil eggs need no petting at all.
    They and their suppers should be sent to Hell sooner than later, is better.

  4. abai okwahu says:

    Perhaps the UN mission in the country should leave altogether and let the opposition forces and the dictatorship in Juba duke it out.

  5. Alex says:

    Cheap politics. I can not imagine that some people in this net a prepared to use all unfounded accusations against the country. Greed for positions, power, and way of greeting employment. Weak people can not learn from history. No body can accept to destroy his country that he or she is fighting for change. Killing innocent civilians on the roads has become their daily life. They kill civilians and they pretend that they are holy or throw the blame on the government is a madness
    Those who deceived innocent people and take them to unsafe places are criminals who does not have concern for human life. They are trying to cover their guilt of taking the innocent reporter to frontline. I think the rebels should provide and were why the have done such reckless thing

  6. GatCharwearbol says:


    What goes around come around. If you expect these people to sit helplessly while you are on your murdering spree, you deserve to be issued a certificate of mental disorder. Let me take you back to what happened in December 15, 16, 17, 18 of 2013 when civilians of Nuer ethnic were mercilessly murdered in great number, I never heard you condemning the act. The law is clear and known to all “Do unto others as you would want them do unto you”. Don’t shit on your pant before you taste the sweetness of your own medicine. Had you not invested in killing of innocent people, nothing like what is transpiring would happen now. So you have yourself to blame.

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