Eating human flesh is an extreme injustice venerable South Sudanese are subjected to

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Law Development Centre, Kampala Uganda, JUL/07/2016, SSN;

Vulnerable people of South Sudan are reported to be eating human flesh while in reality the government officials or public officers are driving the latest and most expensive cars which among others include: Mercedes Benz, Hammer, V8, Nissan, Bullet Proofs and some cars that can speak that “NO ROAD” where there is no tarmac road.

All the above mentioned cars cost the country thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars, money that would have been used to set off the shortage at this time of need, if the leaders had the interests of the people at heart.

However, leaders are keen in building personal wealth and empires which have led to patronage and snobbishness.

Thus, all the state machineries and apparatuses are being used to protect not national interest but the interests of the individual leaders who do not have any vision for the country.

Because of that, the country has been turned into a butchery and witch hunt ground for imaginary criminals who are being framed and killed while leaving the real criminals to roam about freely.

Leaders have disunited the country as the disunity of South Sudanese turns to support and benefit them by maintaining their own interests. Hence, South Sudanese are being used to kill each other just to protect interest of individual leaders.

Leaders have hijacked the liberation war and independence of South Sudan and South Sudanese; hence, turning South Sudanese into slaves in their own freedom and in their own country.

The status quo created by misgovernment that created disunity in the country as people struggle over limited resources is being maintained with blood and iron by the state authorities and their protectors.

Any person seen to be critical with the government is deemed as an enemy against the tribe not against the government because of the disunity created by the government.

The recent comment by the Catholic Priest in Juba that South Sudan is being ruled by “Monkeys and Devils” attracted a lot of attention and condemnation that he said something bad.

However, any patriotic South Sudanese would have never found any problems with that statement because if leadership does not protect the interests of the people then a patriotic South Sudanese can view such administration as less human because it does not have any moral authority to run the country.

When that Catholic priest made a comment, he did not intent to target a certain group as it was interpreted but he was attacking all government officials and public officers including the opposition.

His views are proved by what we are witnessing in the government now. The Opposition and the Government are on each other’s neck as they twitch-hunt and kill each other in daylight while the citizens’ interests are left at the periphery of the governance.

The two parties are at loggerhead over the power sharing and because of that the welfare of the people is disregarded.

Moreover, innocent people are being killed in Wau State, Western Lakes, Western Equatoria and the Upper Nile Region. The insecurities caused by the war and killings plus looting have left innocent citizens with no means of survival hence leaving them at the jaws of hunger.

As a result, the citizens have resorted into eating flesh of their fellow human beings because of hunger, which is an extreme injustice committed against vulnerable South Sudanese.

When a private South Sudanese citizen with concern points out these injustices with anger like that priest in Juba who said that South Sudan is being governed by moneys and devils, he is branded a traitor and looked at as someone who is against the government.

Moreover, his life might be in danger from the invincible State Security apparatuses for pointing out the truth. Simply because the State Security apparatuses have not understood the fact that what appears to be a horn-bill’s problem will become the problem of all in future.

The State Security agencies may protect individual leaders at the expense of South Sudanese and the implication is that in the long run they will be the victims as no system will protect them which will be a part of extreme injustice.

The desire for retaining or grabbing the power has left the country in tatters. Killers who support the government or opposition are left free while citizens who feel and talk against the government because of the problems are seen as enemies.

In summary, a patriotic South Sudanese who has no interest in taking part in the government but desires only to see good governance prevail will never stand aside to watch at things as they go to the dogs.

In order to end the crisis, the only viable solution now is for Kiir and Riek to step aside and leave the country to the committee that will work for the unity of the country.

Otherwise if things will continue like the way they are going on now, the country will reach a point of no return.

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  1. Mohamed says:

    I think south sudanese have to try to do another referendum to rejoing the old sudan

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Mohamed
      Please rethink your proposal. Why on earth do South Sudanese want to join a country that does not know its identity. The Sudanese of Sudan are confused about who they are. This is not a simple issue after all the Sudan is in the same predicament. It is a country constantly in conflict with its citizens. Just look at the mayhem in Darfur, Blue Nile, South Kordofan. Is that attractive to join? South Sudan has a better future. What is going on in South Sudan is a teething problem that we will solve soon. My sincere advice to you is keep your unhelpful advice to yourself and try to sort out your own mess in the Sudan

      • Bol says:

        Elhag Paul,
        WOW! …… Are we shredding up the whole mouth just to ease the teething problem? Anyways, thanks for shutting down that window unequivocally, but I will keep signing Jamie Lawson song “I Wasn’t Expecting That”…..

    • Force_1 says:


      Another referendum to rejoined Sudan?! Really! That’s your daydream that would never happened. We may hate one another but that doesn’t make you any less evil than the differences we have. On the other hand; the referendum I would agree with is the referendum that says; “Any South Sudanese who like to disowned his or her South Sudan citizenship and moved to Sudan to become a citizen over there is welcome to do so”! But I doubt it anyone would have the courage to do anything radical of that sort.

      You can’t tell us that you’re the angel that’s living peacefully in Sudan; when innocents Nuba civilians are being bombarded everyday in the mountains; with millions of their people all over Ethiopia as refugees for safety. And millions of Darfur refugees in Chad and Central African Republic fleeing from your aerial bombardment in Darfur.
      Now before you come and talk about trash in South Sudan house; you first of all need to clean all those files of trash in Sudan and after that; you would have the credibility to point out anything wrong in South Sudan.

  2. Gatdarwich says:


    You must be highly intoxicated, “the citizens have resorted into eating flesh of their fellow human beings because of hunger–!” What a pathetic Jenge liar!

    Is forced cannibalism called voluntary act of satisfying one’s hunger in Dinka’s language or what?

    Plus, “all the state machineries and apparatuses are being used to protect not national interest–IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, but the interests OF DINKA TRIBE THAT do not have any vision for the country PERIOD

    • GatNor says:

      Thanks Gatdarwich for posing this great question.

      “Is forced cannibalism called voluntary act of satisfying one’s hunger in Dinka’s language or what?”

      let it go on records too that some Jaang make the most ridiculous of claims out of all South Sudanese. Infact I think many of ’em believe in falsehoodism for a God.

      I dare the highest of IQ and the most learn Jang to give you a logical answer to your question with out making more false and controversial claims.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Thank you Wutnuer!

        We are dealing with psychopathic liars–traitorous Dinka, and must keep them in check in all fronts period

  3. Mohamed says:

    I think there is something urgent that can be done by NGOs to help the people and to support them in cultivation activities and medical first aid and to help in suppoting local schools and teaching women and gils some works for developing local communities and brining peace culture between neighboring tribes

  4. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    Rejoining Sudan is an option worth considering. South Sudanese failed miserably to rule themselves; a fact that cannot be repudiated.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    That’s a wondeful shot.Please add more weight on him.He is another confused fellow like u!!!

    • Gatdarwich says:

      False millionaire,

      To hell with you.
      You are a clueless-lost-traitorous jenge and a pathetical liar like your kinsman, Juol.

  6. Hoiloom says:


    South Sudan has voted for separation and no turning back. Use your energy for search of peace in Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur. RSS is a gone case! As for Dinka madness the citizens will deal with them, this is our internal issue.


    • Bol says:

      Citizens V. Dinka madness! Aren’t Dinka citizens of RSS? Why don’t you use the most correct word (All tribes v. Dinka)? It is excruciating is it? Thanks for rejecting outsider interference.

  7. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Gatdarwich, can you please read the news from‎

    By Raji Bashir

    entitled South Sudan: Human Eats Human in South Sudan Crisis published on 6th July 2016. If you do not have any problem do not think that South Sudanese are like you. You be considerate and human. Read the story below. Thanks.

    South Sudan Cautions Against New Report

    Govt Cautions Crisis Group Over Reports

    The 3-Year-Old Victim of Renewed Fighting

    Bishop Calls for Speedy Investigations Over Killing of Nun

    South Sudan Cancels Independence Day Celebrations

    Govt Cancels Independence Celebrations

    Cannibalism, Rape and Death – Trauma As the Nation Turns Five

    Five Years After Independence the Country Faces Myriad Challenges

    Unprecedented Level of Food Insecurity in South Sudan, UN Agencies Warn

    Related Topics


    Burundi: Back to Arusha and the Politics of Dialogue

    Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe’s Child Exodus

    Africa: Great Lakes Region Legislators Discuss Security

    Nigeria: Military Reopens Key Borno Road

    East Africa»

    Rwanda: Genocide Ex-Mayors Jailed By France

    Uganda: Locals Accuse Tororo Phosphate Investors of Cheating Them

    Kenya: World Understands Nation’s ‘Refugee Fatigue’ – U.S.

    Uganda: ‘Makerere University Bankrupt’

    South Sudan»

    South Sudan: The 3-Year-Old Victim of Renewed Fighting

    Sudan: Aid Reduced for Nuba Refugees in Yida

    South Sudan: ‘No Health Care in Duro Camp’ – Darfur Refugee

    South Sudan: Bishop Calls for Speedy Investigations Over Killing of Nun

    Photo: ONU / Isaac Gideon

    Children calling for peace (file photo).

    By Raji Bashir

    Khartoum — People forced to eat human flesh and disembowel corpses during South Sudan’s civil war are among thousands suffering from trauma and psychological distress amid a chronic shortage of mental healthcare services in the country.

    This is according to human rights group, Amnesty International, which has documents the psychological impact of mass killings, rape, torture, abductions and even a case of forced cannibalism.

    “While the death and physical destruction caused by the conflict and preceding decades of war are immediately apparent, the psychological scars are less visible and neglected,” said Muthoni Wanyeki, Amnesty International’s regional director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Killer nyankiir’s and the jenges’ warlord, malong Awan’s militias are the perpetrators of the forced cannibalism in south Sudan. No one consumed human flesh because of hunger as you psycho-pathetically portrays.

    • GatNor says:

      Yet with all the junk references you provided, neither of.. explains the claims made by the author nor do they give a simple answer to the question Gatdarwich have asked. In that I rest my case. “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” like I said, none can give an answer with out making more ridiculous claims nor stay clear of controversies. Am I wrong. I think not. Just walk away dude.

  8. mading says:

    Mohamed, stay a way from SS issues, your Sudan is doing worse than So Sudan, we will never go back to your sick sharia law rule country.

  9. Hoiloom says:


    You’re one of the rarest Dinka who speak truth and I respect you for that. Back to the topic, it’s unfortunate that I am forced to generalize the whole tribe because the good ones keep silence. You need to speak out against injustice the Dinka inflict on others. Just follow Juba events and you will agree with me. By the way JCE had the opportunity yesterday to get rid of Dr. Machar once and for all, why didn’t they use that opportunity?


    • Bol says:

      President Kiir refused to do it, but it was close! I hope this incident would change the perceptions and forces everybody to play in a much safer way……

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Why apologized to the traitorous blood Bol for stated nothing but the ultimate truth!
      South Sudan’s citizens are bleeding because of “Dinka madness”, unsatisfiable desires for power, and traitorous nature full stop

  10. Hoiloom says:


    Please,don’t joint the club of liars. No body spared Machars life but his troops. We all know what took place in J1. A clear signal to Kiir and JCE that things may get worse if they don’t stop their madness. Consider inviting UPDF because I O is here to stay.


    • Bol says:

      If JCE had the opportunity to get rid of Dr Reik according to your own admission, then how did Dr Reik soldiers protected him? As a man under huge pressure, I understand the contradiction in your statements and accusation of others of being natural liars. Please focus on your personal safety in Juba and leave the debate for now.

  11. Southdan says:

    This argument of return to Sudan maybe correct.beacuse Dinka had failed to rule South Sudan. For me, I might join the agreement for return to Sudan for lots reasons.

  12. Hoiloom says:


    There is no pressure from my end at all. They tried to assassinate Dr. Mahcar and that is the fact. JCE mission failed because IO men stood their ground by eliminating the threat and that is the undeniable truth. Had the Mathiang Anyor got the upper hand they would have finished him then. I hope I made myself clear.


    • GatNor says:

      The tribal militias are only a factor when and if they are going after unarmed women, children, blind and old folks. jaang have a lot to be proud and boast about. What a crapy tribe.

  13. Bol says:

    Your right. I forgot that Dr Reik was not armed and that his Army is the national army which protected civilians in Bortown, Malakal, and others parts of Upper Nile! My apologies…..

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