Duping and lack of political Shrewdness led to suspension of national reconciliation

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” quoted from Aesop

BY: J. Nguen Nyol, CANADA, APR/24/2013, SSN;

This is what ought to happen in South Sudan but it is unlikely because we are too immature, too tribalized and too irrational to the core. If I may, rationality is being truthful and driven by honest conviction to act and die for what is highly moral as “law is the objectivity” of good instinct. True, but I resent that good never seems to triumph for long before some evil interrupts. Sadly, this is the case in the Republic South Sudan considering the recent suspension of nationwide national reconciliation rescheduled for June 2013.

President Kiir suspended that landmark event despite its overwhelming support from South Sudanese and friends across diversity and various geographical locations around the globe. Inability to think, tribalism and political jealousy to earn credits for what one did not sow, matters in South Sudan so long one is in position of power. This is where things don’t get done in that country because free thinkers are not allowed to thinks freely to enhance innovative ideas.

Everyone is expected to play dumb to resemble the big man at the top. Such trends are the political reality where I was born and where the national reconciliation was suspended on baseless grounds.

After the fact, I felt saddened and disgusted simply because I am aware of the implications on people who needed to heal in order to repair their shattered lives and redevelop a damaged nation were one’s held hostage without national reconciliation in the country. By all accounts, it was a desperate and blinded move ever to say the least.

This is equally painful to many who wanted to heal and desperately disappointing to learn that President Kiir was indeed an obstacle to peace process.

It is one of the gross mistakes ever committed by a sitting president. It is a political blunder, deplorable and unforgivable injustice done by President Kiir to his own people. Above all, it is undoubtedly an endorsement and affirmation of hatred and simmering sentiments among South Sudan’s sixty three odd tribes.

This brings me to the reason why I decided to write this commentary. My aim is to help readers understand that President Kiir was duped into such deplorable eventuality. Also to point out that lack of political shrewdness has complicated the matters and in many respects led to the unsolicited political decision which was poorly presented just like the previous insidious political verdict before it.

In a nutshell, since the untimely death of late Dr. John Garang in 2005, South Sudan has politically been downgraded at a disappointingly rapid pace and more so toward a rogue state.

To start with, it is true that President Kiir was part of the movement who fought on the basis to overhaul the deformed Khartoum regime and then build on common values guided by clear conscience goals to ensure peace and freedom. However, after he (president) ascended to power in 2005, such liberation ideals, values and principles were thrown overboard and became things of the past.

Hoodwinked or not, Mr. President has placed South Sudan and its people before the custodianship of misguided, ill-informed and opportunists cliques. At will, Kiir placed his cronies in sensitive positions in the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) which include the banking and financial systems, judiciary, foreign missions, military and security apparatus.

After ensuring control over these institutions, the president and his clan-mate cliques set out on the next phase of embezzling public funds in billions of dollars in the cover of darkness or in broad daylight.

Four shocking examples of this scheme that caught international headlines were:

1. The $ 3.millions dollars (allegedly) caught red-handed from Mr. Stephen Madut Baak at the Heathrow International Airport in London in 2008, where Mr. Baak was unhesitant to mention that he was working for president as an adviser;
2. The $ 4 billion reported missing by none other than President Kiir himself in 2012 and the $ 600 millions reported allegedly stolen by the former RSS minister of finance, Arthur Akuien Chol in 2008;
3. The $ 20 million stolen (allegedly) by Stephen Baak Wuol and $ 293 millions reported by Aaron Young stolen (allegedly) by none other than Elijah Salva Mathok Gengdit, the current deputy minister of interior in RSS;
4. And the $ 6 million dollars and South Sudan pounds reported stolen from the president’s office 2013;

These are not mere allegations but proven facts simply because the RSS as a nation started this journey with the wrong foot. For example, the former Governor of South Sudan bank, Mr. Elijah Malok Aleng, was not hesitant to assert this that “we already know of people who have millions in their accounts, whether in Ivory or Buffalo Banks. Where did you get the money from, it is simply because you got it wrongly.”

That said the suspension of national reconciliation by the president is just another insidious political blunder in human context. With the latest, South Sudan is once again placed at the crossroads, between good and evil. Weirdly, the evils in their distorted terms are appreciative of the direction in which the nation is heading while the good masses are indifferent and confused.

People are numbed to the core and ceased to think. Few who asked honest questions were threatened, kidnapped, killed and accused of wanting to overthrow the broken government. What a shame!

No one can justify beyond reasonable doubt that the suspended national reconciliation was a political enterprise or has been used as one by anyone. The fear is based on political insecurity and lack of political shrewdness from the top spoiled brat.

Another disappointing fact was that President Kiir allowed himself to be driven, misled and grossly manipulated at his disadvantage by well stationed crooks whose aims are to set him up for failure and expose his weaknesses as a head of state. The April 15 presidential decree read on South Sudan Television (SSTV) was one of them and meant to trash the president’s records.

The decree read dissolved national reconciliation committee and suspended national reconciliation process based on misconstrued political insecurity and erroneous speculations to say the least.

However, this was not the first time President Kiir made such erroneous and regrettable decisions based on ill-informed advice which exploited Mr. President’s weak self-confidence, self-esteem and the absence of political shrewdness.

In 2011, President Kiir demanded more powers to avoid unfounded insecurity and was bestowed unnecessary absolute powers in the South Sudan Interim Constitution. The clause granted the president power to remove elected officials including the governors. Four months ago, Kiir acted on this misplaced clause and removed Lakes state elected Governor, Mr. Chol Tong. Mr. Chol’s replacement was a military man.

Subsequently, Kiir emotionally led South Sudan to war with Khartoum regime which in eventuality led to Panthou crisis and the bombing of civilian targets by the Khartoum’s rogue regime. In that incident, more than 1000 SPLA soldiers died and to this day no one in South Sudan talked about this humiliating adventure.

After the fact, President Kiir made an uncivilized political remark toward Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General. Kiir told South Sudan parliament on the televised broadcast that “I told Ban Ki-moon that I am not your commander and not answerable to your directive.”

The most disappointing part in that fiasco was that Kiir caved in and withdrew South Sudan troops from Helige in a cowardly disorganized fashion which resulted into the reportedly thousand death toll. Another poignant event emerged out of the Panthou Crisis was salaries of the deceased SPLA’s soldiers were cut in half in the same month they perished by the same government who sent them into harm’s way.

Out of emotive, Kiir frantically ordered the closure of South Sudan oil production without back up plan. For the last 20 months South Sudan’s civil servants barely got paid due to the fact there was no money in South Sudan reserve opposite to what president Kiir claimed.

Early this year, President Kiir relieved 153 senior army officers at once and replaced most of them with new close associates and tribal men. The move was nothing short of consolidating power and for South Sudan to become a rogue state. The move was seen by many analysts as a dangerous and irrelevant since it sets the new country into the wrong path of dictatorship.

Before President Kiir retired the 153 senior army officers, however, he also personally signed off big chunks of South Sudan’s land to Arabs in the name of the questionable demilitarized zone between two countries. The signed off places have never been in the historical part of the northern Sudan but Kiir signed them off to appease Arab Northern (Sudan) for South Sudan’s oil to flow north.

The sell out did not stop there. The president pledged to compensate North Sudan with $ 3 billion US dollars simply because South Sudan separated from Sudan. If President Kiir was politically smart and thought independently as an able politician, Sudan would have compensated South Sudan for the atrocities and human sufferings the north inflicted on South Sudan and not otherwise.

Rumor had it that President Kiir suspended the national reconciliation because of an internal strife in the SPLM between him and his VP, Riek Machar. Mading Ngor wrote, “the Vice President Riek appears to overplay his hands at times and some of his moves border on insubordination, expressed consciously or not.”

In this quote, Mading failed on specifying which area the VP may have overplayed his powers over his boss, which in my view amounts to mere speculation of a thought and insignificantly factual. If President Kiir has based his decision in suspending the national reconciliation citing above mentioned point as a reference, therefore, it’s fair to conclude that lack of confidence and political shrewdness are the driving factors.

As I was about to publish this commentary, I realized that President Kiir has on Monday appointed Archbishop of Episcopal Church of Sudan, Daniel Deng Bul Yak, to chair the national reconciliation and Archbishop of Catholic Church, Paride Taban as his deputy. This is indeed a good gesture as far as peace process is concerned in South Sudan, considering the fact those appointed are clergies of the House of God.

Who is Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul Yak?
Who is Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul Yak? Is he the right clergyman to lead this so much politicized national reconciliation?

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul was born in 1950 in Twic East County, Jonglei State, South Sudan. Archbishop Bul has studied theology in Sudan and United State of American. His work with church since 1970s undoubtedly suggested a good clergy man but his work with people traumatized by war suggested otherwise.

Archbishop Bul spent most of his clergy work in the northern Sudan during the Sudan civil war, particularly in Port Sudan and Renk. Archbishop Bul did not live through the horrors during war time. During Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) it seemed, Archbishop Bul moved to Juba where he became the archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

After Sudan elections in 2010, Archbishop Bul was appointed to lead a peace delegation to make peace between rebels led by George Athor and the Republic of South Sudan. That peace initiative failed because Archbishop Bul was accused of conspiring with the RSS to capture George Athor instead.

During the Jonglei crisis, Archbishop Bul was also appointed to head the reconciliation process between the warring tribes in the Jonglei. In the process Archbishop Bul “was {also} accused by the Murle community of allegedly siding with the Dinka Bor, his tribe, prompting the Murle to withdraw from the reconciliation process and demanding for appointment of a neutral person to chair it.”

Given what we know, Archbishop Bul appeared problematic and might not be the right person to chair national reconciliation in South Sudan for the following reasons:

1. Archbishop Bul has never been in the bush and never experienced bush life and therefore he has no personal experience to relate to during the process of healing.
2. Archbishop Bul is already accused twice: one for siding with his native tribe during Jonglei peace process and for conspiring with RSS to capture George Athor. Therefore, his neutrality is in serious question;
3. Archbishop Bul’s appointment will be viewed as politically motivated and considered as the Dinka led political hegemony in the country;
4. Because the national reconciliation is already politicized on tribal basis and that President Kiir has intentionally avoided Archbishop Paride Taban to chair the process is another serious phenomenon and hurdle;
5. The two tribes that need serious focus in South Sudan in the course of this national reconciliation are the Dinka and The Nuer. They (Dinka & Nuer) must be led through this peaceful healing process by a neutral personality like Archbishop Paride Taban to avoid tribal siding.

Though I personally applauded and supported the formation of the new national reconciliation committee by the president, I honestly feel that President Kiir has again made another political blunder by not appointing Archbishop Paride Taban to lead the process. Archbishop Taban will be a right choice and considered neutral by all parties involved in the healing process. Because this issue was grossly ignored, there is no doubt that neutrality and fairness is in serious question.

J. Nguen Nyol is a concerned South Sudan citizen living in Canada. He can be reached at nyolgaar@yahoo.com


  1. BOM PET says:

    Mr.Nyol, this is really a well-constructed intellectual way of writing. I fully agree with you in the way you put it. South Sudan is at the verge of collapsing because of the misuse of power by the president & his close advisers. There is no need of fiddling while Rome burns. Let’s wait and see if the Archbishops’ Committee is going to bear fruits in the volatile nation. Let’s continue asking Almighty God for peace despite our leaders’ obstinacy.

  2. Dau-network says:

    Mr Nyol.
    you are right in part of corruption but wrong on the other side of appointment of archbishop Daniel Deng Bul because he the right person to lead committee. he is a sound-minded man and archbishop Parid Taban can do his part.
    Forget one thing, there is no problem between dinka and nuer at all, particularly in Jonglei. big problem is murle against other counties which are surrounding them such as nuer, dinka Bor, anyuak, mundari of mongala, lokoya. They are problem toward those tribes since the creation!!!

    Second problem, Lakes State, it’s easily to reconcile them.
    Let’s assure you guys, even if Jesus comes for our conciliation and we are not willing, I think it can’t work, let alone archbishops, Taban and Deng Bul. Dr Riek could not do it unless we are willing.

    Third, stolen money will be investigated after regime change because they can block justice. so they will be followed up to their grand-grand-grand children. where did the great-grands get money? just relax guys, it’s a HOT potato now.

  3. umoja says:

    J. Nguen Nyo,

    My friend, Bishop Deng was also unorganized person in his behavior, this is my bishop in the church I pray, nothing good will come from this man. But because appointment here is based of tribal affiliation there we go. Do you think Bishop Deng will reconcile Nuer & Dinka in an objective way? This is highly doubtful.


  4. James De'Guin says:

    This is a fair and objective minded approach to political commentary, Mr. Nguen! I wish some rent seeking political leaders read your article and understand your point of view.

  5. Lual Garang De Lual says:

    Dear Mr.J. Nguen Nyol
    I am please with your article, to be sincere and transparent, Paride Taban could have been the right choice to chair the Reconciliation process in this nation for better healing. Deng Bul Yak is from my county of Twic East in Jonglei state but would be the right person for the job as per the reasons mentioned above and more others which you might not know.
    As we talked, Deng Bul Yak has not tackle the issues affecting the ECS in Twic East diocese his home area. The church is disorganized and confused b’se of power struggle between his in-law and those rejecting him. That issue is still troublesome to ECS Twic East diocese today but he has not resolved it to date being the head of the church in this nation, he is accountable to any misunderstandings within his denomination.

  6. Wunditda says:

    Nguen Nyol—–
    Many thanks indeed for your well constructed commentary. It’s based on intellectual argument. Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better you do better”. Conversely, president Kiir is not aware of what he is doing. He is surrounded by circles of thieves, metaphorically referred to as wolves and hyenas in Republican Palace. Undoubtedly, they’re president’s clan-mates, just from Awan-can or Greater Gok-rial. He has abandoned himself ruined and reduced to his knees. He is no longer seen as a people’s president. He is seen a clannish leader.

    South Sudanese should avoid the priori and notion of one having fought war during struggle for liberty in our country. These kinds of primitive concepts are scheming no development nor unity among South Sudanese. Well, it’s a pride to be veteran combatant during the war. That portrays manhood and patriotism. Let’s open a new chapter in history. A chapter that begins with unity and reconciliation. A chapter which is so humble, inclusive and participatory. The one which opens doors for love, unity, development and prosperity. To do this, in order to propel forward and achieve a common goal as a country and as a people, we must accept each other and stay away from being divided on tribal lines by tribal political leaders like Kiir Mayardit, Riak Machar, Lam Akol etc.

    On the ground of Peace and Reconciliation Committee, I think the committee is very inclusive and probably neutral because it has encompassed several social categories e.g. youth member, representatives from each and every state in South Sudan and religious denominations e.g. Christian and Muslim. Peace and reconciliation in South Sudan is something that needs to be handled with care. Daniel Deng Bul Yak must not dominate and monopolize the committee during deliberations for the tactics and strategies of the conduct of peace and reconciliation.

    • AbielAkol says:

      We thank mr. Nyol for your article very interesting.
      Archbishop Deng Bul has failed to lead many committees, so he is not a good person to lead the national reconciliation. The Bible said, ‘If you are faithful in little things you well be faithful in large things, but if you are dishonest in little things you well be wanting in great responsibilities.’

  7. Nyangchuor says:

    please, kindly leave the president alone, after all he is a fully grown up person who knows what he is doing. be mindful if the process failed it is none of your business, the president is the one who will shoulder the blame, so why do people engage in an unnecessary war of words when we should only wait and wish. this culture of insults and defamation is completely unacceptable in this young country. Finally, I know some of you will be offended by this comment but if you take it or leave it, that is the reality of the matter.


  8. Both Nguot says:

    Dear Mr.J. Nguen Nyol,
    If all writers were like you, south Sudan as a nation would have developed. i am really very happy and i will even save your comment in my computer. i have been passing through all the opinions and comments posted in different websites and found that most of the writers took different directions leaving the realty on the ground.

    On the appointment of Bishop Deng as the head of National reconciliation by the president Kiir, it’s the final failure of peace process in the country because that is not the first for him to be given such a big issue as you have mentioned before and i might also agree with some of the points you have stated above.

    This National Reconciliation under this Bishop will never produce any fruits.

  9. James Lual Garang says:

    Having Dinka Bor on one side crying foes on the killing of their loving ones by the Regime…..This is just to please Dinka Bor not truly reconciliation….. Otherwise Bishop Paride Taban was the right man for the Job. it is a waste of resources and time!

  10. Dau-network says:

    Lual Garang.
    man, don’t follow the hearsay about archbishop Deng Bul. the problem of ECS or diocese Twic in particular was started before CPA, while archbishop Deng Bul was still in Khartoum at that time. it erupted under the leadership of then bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth about the name of new diocese which is East Twice diocese now, so nothing do with archbishop Deng Bul at all. I knew archbishop Deng Bul when he was under-secretary of archbishop Benjamin Yukusu and late Joseph Marona. he is a brilliant man but followed by confused generation such as Lual Garang who should not differentiate true and false if you are really a member of that community .
    I think you are kind of people who sinned against God and claim because they inherited from Adam or temptation from Satan. have to be logic.
    How do we think that murderer could be good peace-maker with the same brain?
    Sincerely, problems of dinka among themselves and nuer themselves are difficult to solve by non-members because they are complex. but problem of equatorians is easy to solve. Both archbishops Taban and Deng Bul are good for reconciliation.

  11. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    you seem to know what your’re saying enough, only that you either refuse to tell us why you said about the above leaders or you politically prefer to attack them: President Kiir, Riak Machar? and Lam Akol. Who do you mean by Riak Machar? If you meant the vice-president, his name is Riek Machar. Do not abuse that name please! Because the name is not good in its very meaning. You mentioned Dr. Ajawin, what is wrong with him?
    Let me be clear to you that a person is characterised as a tribal leader only when he favours his tribe over the other tribes and introduces both nepotism and cronyism in full practice of tribalism. Who is doing that among the three? Answer that please scientifically otherwise you are vilifying their names for no good reasons.

  12. Anei says:

    The writer of this piece of article has put in a considerable point because the so-called national reconciliation is already politicised and infected by tribal politics.
    For the president to be seen as realistic and neutral in his decision to cut down on His VP’s delegated powers, he should have appointed Bishop Taban as the head of the process because he is more than accepted by majority of South Sudanese tribes. But to make this process a successful one, it will be good for all of us to throw our weight behind this body to make happen.

  13. To My Dear Fellow Country Man Brother J.Nguen Nyol:

    I thank you for your important written article. God will save South Sudan from President Salva Kirr hands!

    For Archbishop Daniel Bul. He the president Kirr by himself, he does not know him very well! I have seen him in Port Sudan near the port in the water! He had a church before there in presence! He was a tribalistic minded. Again, he is a hypocrite! The president should leave this work for Riak until the convention has done! But unfortunate!

  14. Joseph says:

    Dear Nguen Nyol,
    Many thanks for this wonderful article, in fact Kiir has totally failed and we South Sudanese do not need him anymore. He has a poor leadership style and characteristics which a normal person with a sound mind will never condor/support. The appointment of Rt.Rev. Daniel Deng is just a mess again. His Grace Daniel Deng has bad reputation among the ECS followers. First, Daniel Deng took the only Juba Cinema and changes it into a Church which is called St.Emmanuel which is also nick named “the church of comrade Yesua/Jesus”. Today Juba does not have a Cinema because of him.

    Second, Daniel Deng appointed his tribes man to be the Bishop of Juba Diocese yet there are many qualified pastors both within Juba and abroad who could be given that opportunity.

    Thirdly, Archbishop Deng connive with the pastor in-charge of Juba Bari parish in leasing the whole of Hai Mission to some Eritrean investors without consulting with the posters who have stayed in Hai Mission and served the Church before Daniel was born.

    Today he (Deng) does not visit the Juba Bari Parish Church. The worse of all rumors said that Archbishop Deng has taken “somebody life” in his youth hood. How can somebody accused of murder be a prince of peace in South Sudan?

  15. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Nguen,
    Welcome to the reality of South Sudan and its ill-advised President. Canada has shaped you into a better man who now knows the difference between right and wrong. To make you well informed, South Sudan is not Canada. In South Sudan or Africa at large, President is the Chief Justice, Governor, Lawyer, Judge, Secretary of State, Police, and nothing short of any responsibility that should go to others. You and I know very well that we are just wasting our valuable time here writing. Nobody cares about what we put down here.

    But we will never stop questioning the wrong deeds and keep offering better options for change. That is what patriotic men do. We understand where you come from and where you stand. Remain bless buddy!

  16. Dear James Nguen Yol,
    Your article is well written for convincing those outrageous politicians who like to head’s throng some other tribes as per their political manipulations before 2015’s election is going to be inching. However, let me mind you on other side of coin’s head, not from its tail? This an initiative national peace’s making reconciliation is not either for reconciling the two big tribes in South Sudan, which are “Nuer and Dinka” in particular my friend, just get it very clear! It’s only about Dr. Riek Machar himself who should personally apologize to all people of South Sudan whom he had killed after forming his tribal rebellious movement at Nasir in 1991.

    So, his problem alone is up to his neck, then if he wants to be a next president who could replace president Salva Kiir in 2015’s election, well he needs to declare himself openly instead of hiding out his political engineers behind the scene. To me, if we have all meant for making a really national peace’s reconciliations in our South Sudan, as we are now an independent Country, then there is no sort of skepticism and snubbing gossipings from people’s mouths if this is said to be a relevant to be co-chairing by the two senior archbishops Paride Taban of Roman’s Catholic Church and his counterpart Daniel Deng Bul of Episcople Church.

  17. Duma Lokiden says:

    Mr. Nyol, i personally credit you for your wise analysis, i don’t know why always any formation of a committee in the Republic of South Sudan is Headed by a Dinka and some times even with Inexperienced Dinka. First of all the so called Bishop Daniel Deng Bul’s career well known to me, he was a former Captain in the Sudan Military Intelligence before become a church personal, as of now he rules the Episcopal Church with terror and cannot unite the South Sudan Church.

    secondly as you mentioned he failed two peace conferences in his own state, what do you people expect good to come out of Bishop Bul? I think the President Salva will never be happy if he did not appoint his tribe mate to lead any process in South Sudan. Sincerely the right person for this peace reconciliation is Bishop Parida Taban, he has received two peace novel prices by the International bodies and mere example is the Kuron Peace Village where he managed to reconcile different tribes and made them to co exist together in Kuron Village.

    the thing Bishop Taban don’t side with any tribe in whatsoever the case, and this is according to the Catholic doctrines. for instance, during the war while we were in Kampala, in Uganda, Bishop Taban was taking Dinkas, Mundri, Acholi, Lango, Lotoka, Toposa and other tribes for scholarships and telling his tribes men, the Madi, that your eyes are open, so i don’t take you people because you are educated. who can be able to do in South Sudan now? Even President Salva cannot do this regard the fact that he is a president for-all South Sudanese. So brothers i think is right time now to call a spade a spade otherwise we shall continue wasting our effort and resources for nothing. Let us wait and see if this peace process didn’t fail under the chairmanship of Bishop Bul and President Kiir.

    • Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

      This is getting very interesting. I thought His Lordship Bishop Emeritus Paride Taban was a Lotukho… but may be I am wrong. My view is that we should give more credit where credit is due. I applaud this article, but much of it especially when it comes to the criticism of the appointment of most Reverend Bishop Daniel Deng is baseless and ignorant when we understand ecclesiastical politics.

      The way the colonial masters have divided Church jurisdictions in South Sudan must be taken into consideration before we rush into knee jerk reactions. The Greater Upper Nile region has always been mostly the jurisdiction of Protestantism with the Anglican Church in the forefront as the largest church. I don’t know about what mess Bishop Deng has been involved in in the past, but he’s the Archbishop of this largest congregation in the areas where the reconciliation process must begin the healing process. Therefore, his appointment only makes sense, because you cannot appoint a Shepard from the Catholic Church to lead protestants, otherwise you will end up creating a mess and exacerbating the problem.

      The most important thing is that of late, (President) Kiir seems responsive to our demands of letting the church spearhead the process, which is a positive sign, but whether or not this will be consolidated with other policy changes that will lead to a third term in the office, remains to be seen.

      Personally I think it’s too little too late, and Kiir has lost South Sudanese support. But let’s give the reconciliation exercise under Bishop Bul a chance. And remember, Kiir is a Catholic, which means it would have made more sense to assign a Catholic bishop if he was being nepotistic as usual!

      • Tongun Lo Loyuong:
        You are absolutely right. I think people are getting mixed up here. Bishop Paride Taban is indeed a Lotuko from Torit. I know Bishop Paride Taban personally, therefore I was a bit bewildered when Mr. Duma Lokiden called him a Madi. General Joseph Lagu is Madi and not Bishop Paride Taban. The talks of the national reconciliations have lately dominated the SSN forum and I’m somehow confused about the issue. Who are we hoping to be reconciled with whom and for what? To me, it doesn’t matter who is appointed to lead the national reconciliation process. We must have to identify the people that need to be reconciled. If we need to do the tribal reconciliations, then we must include all the paramount chiefs and the politicians of those tribes in the process.

        We, the honorable Parliamenterians of the South Sudan Nation (SSN.com), need to reconcile our tribal hatred and differences online. Who will reconcile us in the SSN.com Parliament? Would it be possible to reconcile the following SSN’s tribal warlords online?: Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, Dinkaland, Elhag Paul, Peter Madual, South mole, Moses Jal, Nyaputa,Riek, Eastern, Gatkuoth Lok ,Umoja, Kuot, Domac, Dr. James OKuk, Manyok Chuol and the list goes on?

        Frankly speaking, We would never be reconciled until we forcefully twist our arms in the manly way at Jebel Dinka in Juba. Late Dr. John Garang said in 2004 that it is easy to make a lasting peace with someone you have forcefully twisted your arm with and that his peace with Omar Al Bashir would be a lasting one if they both agreed for the peace.

        • Manyok Chuol says:

          Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
          I hope I’m not being overly sensitive and it’s not my habit to respond to all criticisms directed at me as I from-time-to-time post comments on this great website but I feel your characterization of me as different. Sometimes, I disagree with comments posted here but the founder and editor of SSN website does excellent job championing freedoms including publication of slanderous articles, although seldom, and even those, the editor rightly defends as freedom to express opinions. I mostly agree with the editor on such matters/judgments.

          Having said the above, however, I should say that I had always, in general, thought of you as a reasonable guy, and perhaps you indeed are and I’m even still willing to risk believing that your depiction of me as “…tribal warlord (-) online” is uncharacteristically you; baseline being your earlier depiction of own self as credible analyst.

          Honestly, I like to think of myself as objective citizen despite truthfully admitting elsewhere on this website that I’m a Jieng but who fully believe in unity and equality of all South Sudanese, whether from different tribes or from one tribe of South Sudan. You see for me, I see all as South Sudanese but to say that I’m a ‘tribal warlord’ is not only inaccurate but similarly offensive.
          Thank you.

          • Dear Mr. Manyok Chuol:

            There is a saying that a Baby Monkey is as beautiful as a Baby Deer in the eyes and hearts of it’s adoring Mother. In this regard, you and Mr. Elhag Paul are Baby Deer in the eyes and hearts of your respective tribesmen and at the same time you are viewed and regarded as Baby Monkeys in your respective opposite tribes. To be precise, you are viewed as a warlord and tribalist by Mr. Elhag Paul’s supporters although in reality you are not. Also it would be same case for Mr. Elhag Paul. Your supporters or tribesmen would view him as a warlord and tribalist even though he is not.

            Brother, I have no intention to tarnish your image or personality and I believe deep in my heart that you are not a warlord or tribalist. However my believe in you as a great writer and nationalist may not alter the negative perceptions of Mr. Elhag Paul and his online supporters about you due to your writing, political views and ideologies. As a Dinka, no body believes in your good deeds and contributions as a writer on this website unless otherwise you turn against your own tribe in order to earn a trust and credibility from the Non-Dinkas.

            In addition, I would like to remind you that you have become a national figure by writing and posting your political views and beliefs online. Being a national figure, you risk being condemned and/or applauded by the people who read whatever article or political views and ideologies put out for the public consumption. I may be one of the people who appreciate and applaud your writings and political views/beliefs, however will this make you a Baby Deer in the eyes and hearts of Mr. Elhag Paul and his supporters? if not, then accept my personal invitation to the warlord Club of South Sudan although you and I believe we are not warlords in the real sense.

            Please bear in mind that no Jieng is ever regarded as a hero/heroine or nationalist in South Sudan by our fellow Countrymen/women otherwise Late Dinka heroes and heroines such as Late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, Late Dr. John Garang and Late Commander, Mrs. Ageer Gum and many others who fought for the independence of South Sudan both in Anyanya 1 and the SPLA would have been recognized nationally as national heroes and heroines in South Sudan. However, on contrary, they went down into their graves as traitors and warlords although we are currently enjoying the pride and freedom of their struggles.

            Therefore I encourage you to continue to write or do whatever you believe is right and will benefit your people and your Country even though you are wrongfully indicted in the hall of warlords. Take it easy, brother, you are not really a warlord or tribalist however, I mentioned our names herein just to get the attention of those real warlords who put their heads into the tribal sands and claim to be nationalists in our Country.

      • Tyson says:

        Bishop Paride Taban is a Madi. But indeed he is of exceptional character among the Catholic Bishops. He is a unique and a humble shepherd. If you have a chance, please read his book, “Give Peace a Chance.”
        To Brother Nguen, This is a very good article. I hope President Kiir and his cronies will even have a glance on it.
        Keep it up.

  18. Dau-network says:

    “If the whole town worships a calf, then cut grass and feed it!!!!.
    “If you don’t want to be beaten by the monkeys’ tails, then don’t join their dancing.”

    Guys archbishop Deng Bul had never committed any crime. To be prankster. Second to that, dinka appeared everywhere because of their numbers. S Sudan have 10 States, dinka alone have 4 and half. if because why dinka, why dinka, why dinka, one day there will be no dinka appearing. Third, religious leaders are for peace around the world.
    Can murder make a good peace???????? big NO.

  19. Dear Brother Tongun Lo Loyoung:
    Let us just blame President Kirr alone for his maladministration in office. He is causing a mess too much! He should leave Vice President Riak Machar, to finish his initiative first. But he would come to remove from the delegated powers shortly thereafter the convention is finally over!

    But for you, Bishop Daniel Bul, had been for many times in reconciliation which was began with late Hero George Athor Deng in Korfus incident. Why he President Kirr, appointing him repeatedly without appointing other people different religious groups from church leaders and Mosques leaders, including Jehova Witnesses, Budha Temple and very many more can’t be understood! Thank you!

  20. Duma Lokiden says:

    Dear Lukudu, yes, you may know Bishop Paride Taban but you’re really ignorant about his background. i think you need to go and consult him since he is still alive. let me tell you the first Catholic evangelization started in Madi land of Luo not in Torit that is why Bishop Paride becomes Senior Priest and later Bishop. So Bishop Paride is from Pageri Village. For Catholics, you can be assigned any where in this world to serve the people since Catholic Church is Universal. I know this is the behavior of South Sudanese, they always claim to things which they don’t know. next for you to be reliable and significant you need to research on the background of people you don’t know first before opposing some one like me whose limit is the sky.

  21. Peter Madual says:

    Dear compatriot, congratulation on your well written article. I believe without a shadow doubt that you’ve gained appreciation for your constructive criticism. In fact, what you have mentioned are all in place. For reminder, brother nyol, I am sorry that we were not able to communicate since 2012. The reason is because I misplaced your cell.I also tried to reach you via your e-mail address: nyolgaaan@yahoo.com but it didn’t go through. It seems that your email address is incorrect. Any way, this is me email address: denghanbol@hotmail.com
    Peter T

  22. Dear Duma Lokiden:

    Perhaps his Lordship Bishop,Paride Taban was teasing me when he told me he was a Latukho by tribe and his home Town is Torit. In fact, I was reluctant to question him or do more research on his originality since he was the one who told me the information himself. I could not doubt the information he gave me because he was serving and treating the Latukho people and other South Sudanese like people from his own tribe. His holiness, Bishop Paride Taban is truly a humble, loving, holy man.

    I have lived and studied with numerous friends from Madi and none of them have ever corrected me about the Birth place and tribe of Bishop Paride Taban. Perhaps, they did not want to disappoint me by correcting the information I had about his holiness, Bishop Taban or they did not even know that this great, loving, holy man is their Native Son of Madi. For your information, Bishop Paride Taban, Bishop Paulino Lukudu Loro and Father Hector Ayon from Didinga tribe are my favourite holy men in South Sudan. If we have more people like them in our Country, South Sudan will indeed be a great place to call home and be proud of it.

    Please accept my sincere apology for disputing the information you had provided earlier about his Lordship, Bishop Paride Taban. I admitted that I might have been teased by the Bishop if the information you have provided herein about his tribe and Birth place is accurate. I sincerely acknowledge the fact that I was so naive not to question or do more research on the information given to me by the most respected Bishop in our Country. I have learned my lesson in the hard way. As from now on, I will not take other people’s word or information for granted even if Pope Francis tells me that he is from Italy, I will do more research and tell him that he is originally from Argentina, South America. Please be informed that all the information I have provided here on the SSN forum with the exceptional of Bishop Paride Taban are accurate and valid even if people attempt to deny it.

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