Dr. Riek Machar’s Historic Speech At Pagak SPLM-IO Conference

December 10, 2014 (Nyamilepedia), SSN;

“South Sudan and its people are at a precarious crossroads between being and not being. The gains our people scored throughout the six decades of relentless struggle against the oppressive regimes are now at dire risk. There are people plotting to rob us of our independence and sovereignty. We must resist this attempt.

To prevent this from happening and in order for us to save our people and country, we must seriously look for ways to achieve peace. We must be ready to exercise magnanimity[i.e. generosity]. We must forgive atrocities committed against us and likewise ask forgiveness from those we have harmed.

We are holding this conference when we are about to mark the first anniversary of the Juba genocide carried out by President Salva Kiir against his people killing over 20,000 innocent lives of Nuer people in less than a week. The massacres against Nuer in Juba triggered the present civil war, which Kiir feigned as a coup against the state. Our people and the whole world know there was no coup. It all started as a political dispute within the SPLM Governance.

It escalated into a political crisis because Kiir refused to discuss the reforms needed to democratize the system. It is my belief that we must rise above this genocidal act for us to be able to unite our people, recreate the social capital and for us to create a peaceful, multi ethnic, prosperous and democratic federal state of which all of us will be proud of.

The SPLM political dysfunction started with Kiir’s assumption of SPLM leadership in 2005. This situation obtained and endured, however, Salva Kiir while knowing that things were not going right, would not allow his colleagues to intervene to rectify that situation.

Over the eight years of working together, President Salva Kiir thwarted our efforts to correct things on suspicion that we wanted to supplant him. This attitude of not recognizing and accepting his failure while at the same preventing others to function where he failed is at the core of the current situation in South Sudan. I have characterized this failure in seven areas namely:

Concentration of powers in the hands of the President, at the eve of the independence in July 2011, the CPA based democratic constitutions were thrown out and replaced with another concentrated powers in the hands of the President namely “the Transitional Constitutional of South Sudan, 2011;”

The President abused these powers and ruled by issuing decrees contravening the very constitution. He dismissed elected governors at will, etc.

Insecurity and ethnicized conflicts ubiquitous throughout South Sudan but more particularly in Jonglei, Upper Nile, Warrap, Lakes, Western Equatoria and finally in Western Bahr el Ghazal where in December 8, 2012 the police massacred unarmed demonstrators;

Poor Economic Planning Implementation – the government did little to stimulate the economy by implementing the planned programmes and its absolute dependence on oil revenues led to the neglect of other sectors of the economy particularly agriculture which is the mainstay of majority of South Sudanese. As a result South Sudan became a net importer of food commodities from the neighboring countries;

Corruption in government – the practice of nepotism in ditching of inordinately overvalued government contract to relatives and people hailing from particular areas and to those who gave bribes was a major source of corruption. The Dura saga epitomizes the corruption in government;

Tribalism or ethnicization of government – President Salva Kiir appointments whether in government, civil service or in the party do not reflect the ethnic diversity of South Sudan but tilted in favor of particular states.

SPLM dysfunction – instead of leading and directing the government, the government directs and leads the SPLM Party. Government decisions in the executive and legislature are not party decisions. This prompted grassroots verdict that the SPLM leaders have abandoned the SPLM vision and direction.

Regional and international isolation – the GRSS pursued an ineffective foreign policy which resulted to isolation of the country from friends. South Sudan is unable to stamp its presence in the IGAD, African Union and other regional or international bodies.

President Salva Kiir instead of opening up debate on these issues decided to stifle the discourse. In November 2013, he surprised every body by declaring that the party institutions and structures have been dissolved automatically except his office on the pretext that the convention was not held on time.

Consequently, he resorted to issuing presidential decrees which culminated to launching the military campaign on December 15, 2013. The objective of the military action was to stifle democracy and to eliminate his opponents in the part, and to institute a totalitarian regime. This act has now plunged South Sudan into a civil war.

It is unfortunate that President Kiir involved foreign troops in the war to fight on his side. The Ugandan Air Force has bombed our civil population in villages using internationally outlawed cluster bombs. The UPDF is still occupying South Sudan.

Also on the side of the government, the Darfuri and the SPLM-North rebels groups are in active combat operations against our forces. President Kiir has regionalized the civil war. He has also trained, armed and turned ethnic communities against each other. He is definitely striving to erode the social capital that bounded together our people for centuries.

Within the week of the rapture of violence in Juba, the IGAD region intervened to bring peace to South Sudan by offering its mediation. Despite the fact that the Nairobi Communique of the IGAD Heads of State and Government dated December 27, 2013 reflected an implicit support for Kiir’s coup narrative by endorsing Ugandan military intervention in what was essentially an internal matter, we accepted the IGAD mediation.

We sent a high-powered delegation to Addis Ababa under the leadership of Cde Taban Deng Gai. For the last eleven months, we have witnessed a lot of difficulties in the IGAD peace process, however, the talks have now reached a stage which prompted the convening of this conference.

Before I proceed I want to congratulate our negotiating team under stewardship of General Taban Deng Gai for their tireless efforts that made us reach to this stage.

The 28th Extraordinary IGAD summit convened on November 6, 2014 focused only on the structure and functions of the leadership of the would be Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) but also made undiscussed resolutions that were carried in a statement on November 9 to the effect that “the IGAD region shall, without reference to the warring Parties, take necessary measures, if need be, to directly intervene in South Sudan to protect lives and restore peace and stability,” should the parties fail to reach an agreement.

This is a dangerous trend that we must resist. We cherish our hard won independence and sovereignty. We vow to defend it!

In that Summit, we maintain that any peace agreement must tie the two principals with the responsibility of implementation of the would be peace agreement so that the reforms required to address the underlying root causes of the conflict are undertaken during the transition period.

We also accepted that the President shall chair the Council of Ministers against dropping the position of the Vice President, which could be a complicating factor in the relations between the President and the Prime Minister in as far as state protocol is concerned.

We objected to the proposal of creating positions of two deputies to the Prime Minister because we believe it is a deliberate attempt to destabilize the TGoNU and to prevent it from concentrating on the reform agenda.

We also objected to the retention of the position of the vice President for the same reasons. As you well know, we stand for inclusivity, and as such we think that other stakeholders can and shall participate in the TGoNU as ministers without necessarily enjoying special status.

I wish to remind you that the CPA and its implementation modality did not give the other political forces in the country any special status equating them with the NCP or the SPLM. You will discuss these matters in this conference as IGAD Peace Talks outcomes are the first topic in our deliberations.

At this juncture, I want to reiterate that we in the SPLM/SPLA, the resistance movement, are for a just peace. However, just peace comes consequent to addressing the root causes of the conflict. The root causes lie in the governance system as I stated above.

You know that concentration of powers in the hands of one person – the leader – created personified, rather than, institutionalized power resulting to bad governance and in actual fact it reflects lack of internal democracy in the ruling party. This leads to building a cult of personality, consequently creating frictions and conflict in the system.

The SPLM had experienced several splits because of this practice. In brief, allow me to enumerate these splits so that we learn and guide against repetitions of such practices..

The first conflict occurred in 1983 just at the inception of the SPLM. The resolution of that conflict led to reunification of the SPLM/SPLA with Anya-nya II in 1987. However, this reunification left the SPLM intact without changes to accommodate the new reality.

It was just a return to the fold. This generated contradictions leading to the Nasir Declaration of August 1991 on the Right of Self Determination for the people of South Sudan, and another split within the SPLM/SPLA.

The reunification of the SPLM/SPLA in 2002 still did not address the structural reorganization of the SPLM/SPLA. It generated the Yei crisis in 2004. The Rumbek conference was called to resolve what appeared to be personal differences between Dr. Garang and Salva Kiir Mayardit but did not address the structural causes of the contradiction.

President Salva Kiir has refused to learn from these experiences instead he has now instituted a security system to buttress his fascist rule. The Republic of South Sudan has now become a police state characterized by disappearances and assassination of dissenting voices and emasculated state institutions.

We, in the SPLM/SPLA, constitute an armed and political resistance to South Sudan sliding into anarchy and total failure. In this respect, our political programme shall entail the following:

1). The SPLM/SPLA calls for the institution of federal system of governance in which the states and the local governments shall be devolved more political, judicial and economic powers. We have renamed our country the Federal Republic of South Sudan and immediately establish 21 states based on the former districts during the colonial period instead of ten states;

2). The SPLM/SPLA shall implement Security Reforms affecting the Armed Forces, the National Security, the Police, the Correctional Services, the Civil Defence Services and the Wild Life Services in terms of their philosophy, mandate, mission and objectives to reflect the ethnic diversity of South Sudan in terms of the officer corps, men and women in them;

3). Undertake radical reforms in the judiciary and the justice administration system that will make the courts and dispensation of justice fair and accessible to the citizens;

4). Administrative reforms at the local levels to dovetail the traditional institutions of governance with the state governance institutions for peace and harmony in society;

5). Institute reforms in the political parties system to render them national rather that ethnic or regional in character. The SPLM/SPLA stands against politicization of ethnicity or ethnicization of politics as means or ladder to power and wealth;

6). Reform the civil service by depoliticizing and professionalizing it. The civil service is the backbone of the state. Recruitment, appointments and mobility within it shall be on basis of merits, experience and qualification;

7). Promote economic growth by investing the petrodollars in agriculture to stimulate the surplus potential in mechanized crop production, modernize animal husbandry to transform the enormous livestock from cultural to economic wealth. Introduce modern methods of fisheries and aquaculture in the rivers and wetlands. Organize and develop forestry and related economic activities including protection of Wildlife and other fauna for tourism and recreation;

8). Build modern physical infrastructure in cities, towns and villages. Construct inter- and intra-state highways, feeder roads, railways, high tension power transmission grids, fibre optics lines and microwave lines for telecommunication linking the different parts of the country and regionally;

9). Construct dams and hydroelectric power generation in addition to exploit the solar and wind energy to generate electricity for speedy industrialization of South Sudan and;

10). Encourage private sector as well as private public partnership to drive the development of South Sudan.

In conclusion, this is our party’s political programme for transformation and modernization of our society.


  1. AGUMUT says:

    A joke…. Actually, who’s going to be Indicted first by ICC, is it Machar or Kiir?

    • John says:

      Agumut, I know this is not your real names….I had research and read a lot of your comments about SSD crisis on various media. Do you really feel it is right spreading hate speeches and bias? Will your writing ever bring peace?
      Think about this…should you have any complain about my observation, feel free to write to me on johnlead19@gmail.com and I will explain my position to you clearly

  2. John Khot says:

    Riek Machar Teny is simply a naive and very shortsighted leader. He blames all the troubles the country has been and is going through on others, who does he think would be believe him apart from his crazy and violence addicted supporters? He was largely responsible for all the troubles the then Southerners went through in the 1990s, and he is still responsible for the current chaos even though to a lesser extent. Accept peace or stay in the foreign Capitals indefinitely.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      John Khot,

      Let’s give credit where it is due. 90s is now past tense; let us focus on the present tense. Sure, this current predicament cannot be blame on Riek Machar. This fact needs to be recognized so we can apportion blame to the proper culprit. By so doing, we will see peace in our nation again.
      Have integrity… call spade a spade. Who started this uncalled for war? I hope you will have the audacity and balls attach to point your pointy finger in the right direction. One person is responsible for this mess our country is going through, it is who you call democratically elected President, who we see on our side as illegitimate President because he murdered innocent people who voted for him, and thus, he forfeited his right of Presidency.
      We do not want our social fabric shatter by these politicians. South Sudan will never be without Nuer, it has never been and it will never be. It will likewise never be without Dinka, it has never been and it will never be. It also will never be without Equatorians, it has never been and it will never be. But if we are not going to be careful, we will see something we never seen before.
      Let us stop supporting these politicians on tribal line. It is this tribal lens that will strip us all out of the precious gift of Sovereignty.

      • John Khot says:

        First of all you can’t call the 1990s a past tense while Riek is belligerent and unapologetic about it. Read the article carefully and see how he tries to apportion blame on Dr. John Garang and President Kiir. Do you honestly believe Riek Machar is clean from all the man made calamities and suffering in the greater Upper Nile region for the past 2 and soon to be 3 decades? If your answer is no, then you are one of his crazy and violence addicted supporters I mentioned earlier.

        In regards to the ongoing carnage, I fault both the president and his ex deputy for not peaceful about their struggle for power and resources of the nation. This is what the war is all about (power struggle just like in the 1990s). I blame Kiir Mayardit for being slow on the process of passing the basic documents of the SPLM. If he had the will this process would have been completed earlier and the SPLM’S Convention would’ve been conducted on time. But the rest of the chaos are Riek Machar’s making starting with demotion from the vice presidency.

        I am telling you the violence amongst the presidential guards on the night of Dec. 15th 2013 was Riek and Taban Deng fault. They incited the Nuer guards to refuse orders whatsoever when according to the law the pair do not have jurisdiction over these guards men. What do you call that if not tribalism? It was these Nuer guards who started the violence after breaking into the weapons depot in the barracks and indiscriminately inflicted heavy casualties on their Dinka colleagues. The fighting then spread to Bilpham after an attempt by some Nuer soldiers to repeat what happened among the presidential guards barracks in Giyada.

        The fighting later in the morning and subsequent days unfortunately spread into civilians inhabited suburbs leading to huge losses of life among the Nuer community. I have always condemned this vile and criminal act by in discipline soldiers. But the whole evil that be fell on our nation that night and the subsequent days, months and close now to a year lies in the interference by Riek and Taban into matters which shouldn’t be of no concerns to them at all. What made the duo felt they had right to give commands to presidential guards who clearly are supposed to be under direct command of the president? Can you give me an honest answer as to why you think Riek is not responsible for what happened that night? Finally FYI I have NEVER and NEVER WILL described the events of Dec . 15th as an attempted coup because I was on the streets of Juba 30 minutes before violence erupted in Giyada. Only fools would buy into government coup narrative if they were residents of Juba that night.

        • Bol says:

          John Khot,
          These are the facts that Gat..bol and others Nuer Cyber Squad want to be lucked up for ever becuse it blows up the slogan of (this war is imposed on us). They wanted the world to ignore their role in starting the killings and focus on the aftermath of what they did. The names of Nuer Army offers who started killing their Dinka colleagues are well documented and can be varified if need be.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          John Khot and Bol,

          Come on! Where is honesty and integrity? If you want to be a good ruler, accept the responsibilities that come with the leadership. Ruling people on lies will not get you further from leadership. The reason of lies is what you have seen in December 2013.

          The narrative that Riek Machar and Taban Deng are the problem is a complete lie meant to cover up the truth just like your coup narrative. If they were truly the problem, why not tell the masses like it is instead of inventing the coup narrative? After you lie to the world, now you want to come up with another lie to cover that up? A lie can never cover up another lie. It will die out soon just lie the first narrative.

          Fine… let us assume your new lie is the truth. Why murder innocent un-armed Nuer civilians instead of going after Taban Deng and Riek Machar plus their Presidential guards who mutined? What was the function of the 15,000 privately trained army? Was it to murder un-armed Nuer civilians or to assassinate Taban and Riek Machar? I tell you the truth, if you only went after Taban and Riek Machar, our nation wouldn’t have been in this mess. The fact that you shamelessly murdered innocent un-armed Nuer civilians and lie to the world to cover it up is a criminality in itself. Who can believe your narrative now when you are a liar? Please know that I wasn’t born yesterday. Riek Machar and Taban Deng are clean of the incident of December 2013. In fact, they are victims and how could a victim becomes the culprit? That never happens except in Jieng’s mind, sorry to blanket the whole Jieng community.

          Anyway, thank you both for admitting that Nuer un-armed civilians were killed in Juba under the direct command of Salva Kiir. Even though you yet have the audacity to want to keep him in power. Cheers!!!!

          • Bol says:

            Integrity has two faces. One face is on your side…..Admitting quilt has two sides too… The reality is Kiir didn’t know what his forces were doing on the ground, particularly on the 16th, 17th of December 2013, which is a failure of leadership, but he never gave orders to kill civilians and if he did, Machar son would have been killed, not let go as he was caught……President Kiir’s crime is failure to rein in his forces, which rounded up Nuer men and vanished them…. Their defence is; they couldn’t tell who is who as Nuer civilians were also involved in the fight, especially in and around 107 Bus Stop Residential Area, where Machar forces were shooting at civilians randomly from High Rise building claimed to be possessed by Machar ….. Kiir needs to mitigate the risk of being assassinated by the remnants of Dr Machar Presidential Guards after falling out with him and the best way of doing it was to recruit from trusted source, which is not a crime in itself even by Canadian standards ……Disarming Nuer soldier was not demanded because they were Nuer, but because the person who brought then is no longer a member of presidency, and the demand is administrative order ought to be obeyed, everywhere in the word, otherwise it become a mutiny …..Sir, if you are really a person of integrity, I need you to check with your sources whether there was a colonel in Presidential Guard by the name of John Malual Biel. This colonel was the first person to kill his deputy (Akol Reec) in the first battalion of Tiger, triggering December tragedy. Presidential Guards Payroll is not damaged and we can get a copy of names from them… Cheers.

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          John Khot:

          You have correctly confronted our Cousin, Gatcharwearbol with all the facts regarding the incidents of 1991 and December 15th, 2013. In fact, our Nuer Cousins do not reflect on the past nor future. They just concentrate on the present, therefore they don’t remember the past nor the future. Therefore they don’t remember what happened in 1991. Anyhow, you have stated all the facts and I don’t want to repeat whatever you have correctly stated above. The only thing that I want to emphasize is that a Military Coup does not usually take place in the street. It starts in the military Barracks and that what happened precisely on December 15th, 2015. It would have been a coup if they captured Giyada Al haam(military Barracks), presidential palace and SSTV in Juba. However, it is no longer a military Coup since it had failed. Why did Riek Machar and his wife Angelina Teny, Taban Deng Gai and Alfred Lado Gore flee Juba if it was not a Coup?

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Bo Akuol,

            Do you even understand what John Khot wrote? I am afraid you do not!

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            Now you are backpedalling from what you acknowledged previously. Previously, you confessed that Nuer un-armed civilians where indeed intentionally murdered in their thousands and accepted responsibility for it. Now you’re claiming that Kiir didn’t know what is forces were doing…. you remain of Marial Benjamin and Micheal Makuei Lueth, the notorious liars of our time.

            You see, Mr. Smart Boy, Salva Kiir gave green light to his privately trained army, in fact, the purpose of training them was to fully execute December 15 genocide. It was well planned long and there is nothing to deny here. He succeeded and you should be happy for him. He gave green light to them by inciting them using 1991 incident. He basically told that here is your opportunity to kill Nuer to your heart’s content and that is what they did. Mission accomplish, basically. FYI, the 15,000 privately trained army you claimed to come from trusted source in December 15 were trained for this very purpose before the incident.

            As for John Malual Biel, I do not know him and I did not here any narrative similiar to yours. Firs thing first, where you in Juba when this incident occurred, or when John Malual Biel killed his Dinka dupty as you alleged? If not, who told you that? Had it ever crosses your mind that it might may be another lie like that of coup narrative or the usual lies of Makuei Lueth and his group? I know you are taking it at face value because it satisfies your side of narrative and trying to put yourself in better place. Check the reliability of your source again, I would prefer it if it is not from any Kiir’s stooges. Peace to you!!!

      • AGUMUT says:

        We have lost parents too because they were not happy.

  3. Akra says:

    I know this guy is good. He is born to direct south sudan in the right direction.

  4. joe says:

    this is vision of spla/m and now spla-o.

  5. Auger malek says:

    Thirstiness leader of all times, this Reik is si ignorant to stage where he can believed himself as a leader, if this Reik is alive for next come ng years I am confident that there will be no more Nuer brother lifted in this earth.
    He did it 1991 and now in 2013, I just advice our brothers Nuer to fight this senseless war that will eat them up, brother you can fight because of one person position all the time,you must come to your sense immediately.

    • Jake says:

      Your comment is childish and baseless. You think the nuer are not also killing your dinkas and allies? Or do the Nuers Guns shoot water? There will never be peace in south Sudan if the Nuers don’t accept it. Therefore for there to be peace, people like you who are tribal bigots of Kiir must cease to support this mass murderer and his clique of looters, masquerading as a government. The Nuers were put on this earth by God and Only God can remove them from it. Not some drunkard who has been a failure all his lifetime. Kiir thought killing Riek was going to be as easy as he did killing our father of the nation Dr. John Garang. That was a grave mistake. Kiir now regrets that under the influence decision of December 15 2013. The targeted killing of Juba have already been revenged. Thousands of Bhargazalian kids have perished due to the dictator ‘ s lust for power. Now there is no more oil money. How will Kiir finance his mercenaries? Plus sanctions are on their way. Seem Kiir has no option but to receive Machar back with executive powers. When elections arrive Kiir will loose since, the whole nation knows he started this senseless war. That’s why he wants to rigg the election before a peace deal is signed.

      • Malek says:

        Jak just as I told you before you think this war is between Nuer and Dinka, you are absolutely wrong, this war is only between Nuer and the Government , I am sure if the whole Dinka is involved I am confident there will be no Nuer in South Sudan, but because do not just fight for no reason that’s they are not participating in this senseless war, that you and your ignorant thirsty bloody leader is waging for, brother mark my words again Reik will never ever govern this new nation.
        You are wasting your time, you must wait and see after your meeting, if Reik insist then he will not exist in the new year.

        • Jake says:

          Are you serious? The dinkas are not fighting for Kiir in this War? The massive recruitment of Dinkas before and after the December 15 Mutiny of civilians from Bhargazal Region is recruiting Foreigners, Equatorians or Dinkas? Even the training centers in Luri and Panyeer must not be Dinkas? You my friend are a liar. The leadership knows that they can fight the Nuers population, with Dinkas
          History says the Dinkas would run like cowards. That’s the reason why your president(Dinkas) went and hired foreigners to fight and supplement with the few brave dinkas who have been recruited. But now if we equatorians are now forming our own country, will you cowards Jungles monkeys be able to sustain two fronts?

          • Malek says:

            I am telling you once again, Dinka’s are not involved, we have brain to think, we are just like Nuer who just fight for position of one person and loose one million position they used to hold due to their stupidity , and you as equatorian you just start that war again, you will see what happen to you, I know Equatorain are more smarter than Nuer and they can not fight for no reason.
            Neither Reik nor G10 will be able to governor our beloved country,MIT will only be for those who sacrifice themselves to continue serving us like Wani Igga and Mayardiet

      • Raankan says:

        Please do not think about Riek Machar and Kiir Mayardit.think about different person apart from those leaders because they are not good in eyes of South Sudanese.

        • Jake says:

          As much as I would love for someone like Bakosorro, James Hoth, Pagan, Mama Nyandeng, Clement Wani or anyone else apart from those who think they were born to rule and loot south sudan. These two personalities are the only options we have up until elections time. So I would choose Riek over that Drunkard Kiir, since Kiir is the one who started this war that is killing our people. All for selfish reasons. Riek is the best option between the two, Kiir lacks vision and basic thinking skills of an adult.

        • Jake says:

          Clearly you are delusional,If you truly think the nuer are fighting for no reason. Your tribal King Salva killed thousand of Nuers and you expect them to not retaliate? Especially when they know they can chase every Dinka out of South sudan in a war. To make matters worse you tribal King, went and brought mercenaries to wage and war on behalf of you cowards. A war Kiir with the blessings of the foolish Jenge majority elders approved. Now it’s consumed too many of your youth souls, how will you ever bring that man power back? Every family in Bar Elgazal region is mourning a child lost. How many are those souls killed by Riek ‘ s rebels. What did That achieve for your stupid tribal interests? For you information, G10, SPLM/IO WILL COME BACK AND RULE SOUTH SUDAN. Your tribal King Kiir abused the power bestowed upon him by the very people he killed. His days are numbered he can’t even win a governor’s seat in any state now. Election time he is gone and will be nothing more than a bad stain in our country ‘ s History. A stain that will haunt his descendants and Bar Elgazal region as a whole. Your people will never rule south sudan again.

  6. Tyson says:

    Well, Riek has something on the table as political agenda to challenge Kiir’s dysfunctional government and his cohorts of killers, looters, land grabbers, etc. Where is Kiir’s political agenda in the mainstream comatous SPLM?
    None should believe in all these burgeous propagandas when the country is already in the dustbin. What a shame!!!
    Jieng are a curse to this nation! The Jieng metamorphed just a single step from their wild cattle. As such they are by default behaving just like wild animals. It is unimaginable that so called educated Jieng cannot distinguish between their backwardness and the cruelity they are melting in this country. Why create hell for yourselves by fighting almost every tribe in South Sudan? The collonial days are over when Jeing were properly enslaved by the Jalllaba but Jieng cannot be apply this to the rest of South Sudanese. Sanctions are swiftly coming and some of the criminals should start preparing family handovers because they will rot in the Hague.

    • Thanks Tyson! Kiir leadership is far worst than Ebola and HIV. Dinka are wild animals with human being shape.

      • Raankan says:

        Bentiu Ramaran,
        Please,take a good medicines to treat well otherwise Dinka HIV will not accept them inTGONU because Dinka HIV was with you transmitted your relationship into transformation manner.

    • Malek says:

      Tyson, I do not know what kind of people are you, do not you guys have a logic at all, challenge who, does Reik have a brain to challenge in first place, you guys are so funny, you believe in someone that does not have a brain, so that’s mean you are brainless too, wow I feel sorry for you, just wondering where can I find a single Nuer who have a brain and that can come to its sense one day and said to Reik you are wrong, I never heard the tribe can just support with blindness and with no thinking at all, what a shame. Feel sorry for you.

  7. simon peter says:

    they all blames others for theirs did, you see 1991, they are the one who start it and kills 270 Nuer officers when Nuer retaliated they blamed on Dr. Riek. in 2013, they lied to themselves in order to got away with corruptions money, they cook negative coup which was planned by Dinka elders, still they blamed On Riek Machar. the good things is General Gatdet , will bring down the evil kingdom, Now all option has given to Dinka for them to saved the rest they could let Kiir to step down that will help the Dinka land not to be destroy.if, not next year will not be same like last year,

  8. james says:

    You south Sudanese are the most stupid people in the world. Whether it’s dinkas, nuers, baris….etc you are the most arrogant and stupid people probably on earth. I have been to so many countries but I have never seen a people so disrespectful to other people and the law. Your problem in the government now comes from your personal behavior. How do you expect to get good leaders and government. They are part and parcel of the people.
    You have only two options either join to Sudan so that the Arabs can lead you…or get under UN care.
    You simply can’t and aren’t ready to lead your country by your self. May be after 50 years after you educate your people…but now you aren’t ready!!

    • Tyson says:

      First thank God that you and your likes are able to kill their poverty and survive with droplets from South Sudan. You have no moral authority to speak about politics of South Sudan!
      All of you were like scared cockroaches when the dysfunctional government of Kiir threatened to send some of you majestically out of RSS to your countries. If your country is “heaven on earth”, what are you doing scavenging for food just like vultures in the jungles of South Sudan. Shut up!
      Stop insulting South Sudanese! The right thinking South Sudanese are expressing their concerns and fighting the looters who are suffocating innocent masses of our country! It is the same looters entertaining you in South Sudan. Go home instead of barking about South Sudanese!

  9. Davie says:

    What other good thing will the the person who already wasted his chances in fast achieve when given a second chance? When people fail, they want a second chance to do it again and try to do it better. They make a lot of promises and talk about how they will make up for what went wrong and only need another opportunity to do the right thing. The only problem is they are going to mess up again and break their promises that things will be different this time around. Nothing changed. In an attempt to be given one more chance, the person will raise the bar and say that this time he will do this, that and the other……. He will avoid bad company, ignore all sorts of evils’ deeds (probably placed the blames on evils grinds/temptations), optimistic to make sacrifice, etc…. as far his mouth is full with countless lies.
    The chance is given and once again that person messes up……yet again wasting one more opportunity to make things right. How many times should someone who cheats, deceives, robs, commits adultery or abuse be forgiven? Jesus said to Peter we should forgive more than seven times. And notably, Jesus said, “I do not say to you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven”(Mathew 12:22). That means: God forgiveness has no limits. Oftentimes, something tells me that there are people out there who like this part of the Bible quote quite a lot. To those who cheat, it must sound like a “credit” facility to keep on doing the wrong things and getting new chances again. They mess up all the time and believe they will be granted a full “Forgiveness Packages” with rights to regain everything that was lost, including trust, as if nothing had happened. For this same reason, I believe that it’s not bad to put ourselves in God’s shoes to forgive other people’s wrong deeds and honored them as if nothing had happened, but perhaps something happened and the wrongdoer won’t hesitate to do it again – hoping that it will be forgiven. By forgiven the wrongdoer, we are simply encouraging him repeat the same mistakes twice, thrice or even more. That is the greatest mistakes in human beings. Here is the Bad-News for the cheaters or cold-eyed people: Although God will forgive people’s transgressions, the effect and consequences of their bad choices will not be cancelled – “two wise words clearly say, “What you plant, you will reap. As you made your bed and so does you also lay on it”. Once you fall down, you may be forgiven to rise up, and then fall again only to rise again….. Nevertheless, you must be aware that one day you will use up your last chance. Death will visit you and you will not be able to avoid the harsh judgment. As for the court’s requirements of witnesses during the judgment: All the opportunities given during your lifetime will be used as witnesses against you. There are many things in life we cannot control, but the choices we make are entirely up to us…..we decide whether we are going to do what is right or rong. Whether we are going to embrace the chance given or toss it aside again. Be wise and stop falling down in your life, you may cross the red-line and be unable to come back.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Mr chairman cited the events of 1983 with those of 1991.Ignoring the rest of the details,it’s natural to conclude that the events of 15 December 2013 were continuation of those of 1983 n 1991.In this context,for Juba as for Pagak,it’s impossible to imagine any possibility of peace by way of negotiated settlement than by pure savage military victory.That means more destruction,more human suffering n more lives to be sacrificed.God have mercy!!!

  11. Deng Hanbol says:

    We all know that the most gifted leader in South Sudan in our time is Dr. Riek Machar.

  12. survivor says:

    few of words words that comes to mind are, hypocrisy, arrogance, out of touch, baseless, stupidity. etc.
    simple utterance of DEMOCRACY or stating FEDERALISM doesn’t make someone a democrat
    1, the man claims to be a democrat, yet his breakaway party of SPLM Nasir fell apart due to lack of DEMOCRACY.
    2, the man claims to have fought for the Independence of South Sudan , yet fought along the side of NIF.
    3. the man claims bad leadership, yet he was the second most powerful man in the very administration
    4. the man claims to be against tribalism, yet his office of vice president was staffed exclusively by his tribesmen, the Nuer
    5. the man claims to be fighting corruption, yet he is listed as one top five most corrupt politicians in South Sudan. he has even earned himself the nick name Mr. 10 percent, because his office of Vice President is responsible for signing of contracts, thus, in order for him to sign a contract, he is given 10 percent.
    6. the man claim to be fighting for a federated South Sudan, yet two years ago he was chief among those that resisted the very idea federalism in South Sudan.
    and the list goes on and on. contradiction after contradiction, yet the man has the gall, the audacity to claim to be the face of change, good governance and democracy. neglecting the fact that his actions and deeds prove the opposite. even more sad is the fact that there are people that actually believe, there are people that would commit themselves to fight, to kill and be killed by words of this fraudulent actor.
    change is South Sudan is what we all yearned, and we were on the cusp of uniting as one and forcing upon this change, till this fraudster jump on board and turn the whirl winds of national change, and turned into his own personal quest for presidency. this fraudster has turned the genuine grievance of Nuer people, these people genuinely angry with the government that killed them as a part of his presidential quest.
    if there is one single individual who has been more detrimental to the aspiration freedom, unity of South Sudanese and building of a viable nation. that individual has to be Riek Machar. only if there was a way we can simply get him to leave us the PEOPLE of South Sudan and let us enjoy our hard earned freedom.

  13. Awomdit says:

    You are right but stop abusing us, you also become arrogant and disrespectful when you throw abuses anyhow. And for your information, we aren’t going back to Arabs nor be ruled by UN. Tell us about your country if you are gentleman enough and we will tell you a thing or two of what becomes of a nation that has just emerged from civil war..

  14. BILL KUCH says:

    I hope Nyandeng and her son Mabior De Garang have heard the speeches of the man whom they have been supporting. And if they think Dr. Riek is right on what he said, then Nyandeng and Mabior should have corrected husband and father.

  15. AGUMUT says:

    Roly-poly. Nuer can’t be trusted,even John Garang and his cronies used them as the tools to killed their friend Kauebino Kaunyin Bol.

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Mr John Khot:

    I find your writing to be very interesting n you appear to be a formidable useful insider in our thirst to learn so much from the most confused situation in RSS.I have retained the following points from your comments:

    1 Dr Riak n Taban incited nuer presidential guards to refuse orders(apparently from president Kiir);
    2 The nuer presidential guards started the violence after breaking into the weapons depot in the barracks and indiscriminately inflicted heavy casulties on their dinka colleaques in Giyada and that
    3 The fighting then spread to Bilphem after an attempt by some nuer soldiers to repeat what happened among the presidential guards barracks in Giyada.

    If you are truly sincere with your comments,then you have provoked so many questions becouse along the way you rule out the theory of a coup d’etat.
    What could have been the intentions of Dr Riak n Taban in inciting the nuer presidential guards to refuse orders?
    Who ordered the nuer presidential guards to break into the weapons depot in the barracks n indiscriminately inflicted heavy casualties on their dinka colleaques in Giyada,an infraction that was attempted on Bilpham military barrack by some nuer soldiers?
    What could have been the final objective from the use of violence if the nuer soldiers succeeded with their military rampage?and finally
    Dispelling any appearance of naivity from my part,if such violence could have been intended to over throw Kirr’s regime than to kill dinka soldiers for the pleasure of killing them,what’s the difference between this context n the theory of coup d’etat?

    Wishing you a very best week end,thank you.

    • Bol says:

      There is another related article published by Gurtong Peace Project early this year under the title: Making sense of 15/12 events or similar by Dr John A Apruad. If can find it, I will forward it you.

    • Bol, John Khot, and False Millionaire,

      Before answering your silly questions you need to answer the following questions first. Who ordered the disarmament of Nuer in the presidential guard? Why only Nuer are being disarmed in the presidential guard? What was the motive of disarming Nuer only in the presidential guard? Why rearming Dinka in the presidential guard? What was the reason the Ugandan military invited into South Sudan? Why the Uganda troops deployed in Juba airport starting June 2013? Why president Kiir cancel the SPLM convention several times? Why Kiir said there would be no election in 2015? Why Kiir ordered the recruitment of Dinka Warrap and North Bar-El Gazal only?

      • Bol says:

        Is disarming Nuer soldiers in Presidential Guards a crime? Were they recruited there for life? The motive of disarming Nuer soldier is to mitigate the risk of these guards killing Kiir. Remember these Nuer guards were Machar body guards and as thus, how could they protect Kiir who is not in good terms with the guards’ boss?

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          You are either insulting our intelligence knowingly or unknowingly. For your information, we know better than that. When in creation did Riek Machar’s guards mix with Salva Kiir guards? In actuality, Machar’s guards were all killed cold blooded by your 15,0000 privately trained army in Juba.

          And no, disarming Nuer soliders in Presidential guards isn’t a crime. But why do it right now after they have been there for the last 8 or 10 years of Kiir reign in Power? Why disarm them after the problem becomes tensed? Don’t you know they are human and have human instincts? Their lives as guards were clearly in danger and their instincts tell them that it right to speak up for your right. So, I do not see your point. Anyhow, it is military issue. If the problem is these guards, why murdered un-armed civilians who are not members of the so call Presidential guards? What is your explanation for this?

  17. Krockodilo says:

    This is a real historic speech. Can he deliver? Let South Sudan give chance for Machar also. These are the reforms, that Kiir didn’t want to implement and got us into this war. If Kiir is not afraid of change, let him have term limits in the permanent constitution, allow for freedom of press, not harass his critics with the security laws. Let it be up to the South Sudanese to vote for who they want…

  18. Southdan says:

    People, I would like to point out that game of current war in south Sudan was being menifluated by Dinka Bor they have fooled other Dinka who had co-existed with Nuer 10,000 years to kill Nuers on December 15, 2015 for the sack of Bor kingdom of Avele Alar who are sent John Garag 1983 in order to steal Anany 2 movement. I have read Dr.Reik Machar speeches in Pagak, I found out he is a man of truth telling unlike visionless Mr. Salva Kiir.

  19. Akra says:

    AGUMUT, tell us what does salva kiir have to deliver to the people? Only he says he is the elected president and he thinks because he is elected, he can do anything he wants. Riek Machar told him that what he is doing will make south sudan unstable. and that is what happened. luckily, machar escaped and he is doing a miracle. Riek machar is a genius by the way. dont even try to compare kiir with him. With out him, south sudan would have been different. Look at those of pagan. he fought hard to ensure their release but where are they now? this is because these people lack integrity.

  20. Isaac Deng says:

    False Millionaire,

    I agree with your earlier statement that in a democracy all every adult and sound politician has a right to climb to the leadership ladder without prejudice, and such ambition whether from mama Rebecca Nyandeng, Lado Gore, Pagan Amum, Dr. Majak, D’Agoo and Dr. Riek is very valid.

    Therefore, it was wrong for President Salva Kiir to be very angry and hostile to these SPLM party members who are aspiring for top. If that is not dictatorship tendency, pure and straight, what is it?

    Leadership does not belongs only to one individual or Dinka from Bahr Ghazal. President Salva Kiir had his chance from 2005-2015, he should now hand over the torch to a second person in command of party hierarchy and let the party members through delegates chose who is the best among them to lead the party in a fair and free democratic process.

    If President Salva Kiir cannot succeed in the past 10 years what makes you and me to believe him again? It is better for him relinquish power peaceful, reconcile with Nuer community and free South Sudan from perpetual political crisis and turmoil.

    When was the last time we hear President Salva Kiir talking about transparency and accountability, social and economic justice, political reforms and development of democratic South Sudan. When was the last time President Kiir government arrested his corrupt ministers, generals, and senior civil servants who are steaing millions from the public money?

    I have written before that the only Dinka and Nuer suffering are the poor ones in rural vilages but politicians and their family members are enjoying their looted wealth in Juba, neighboring cities and foreign countries like Australia, America and UK. Their children and close relatives are nowhere eating wild leaves in bushes of South Sudan or surviving in the refugee camps in Uganda, Kenya or Ethiopia.

    If it not for bad leadership, South Sudan would have been one of the fasted growing economy and developing country in the region.

    If we were to have a visionary leader who cares about the well-being of its citizens we would not have seen our children are send to schools in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt. Yes, we are seen as stupid people, corrupt country next to Somalia.

    Today, our leaders and politicians are not respected in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia. They see them as fools who are busy buying expensive mansions in Nairobi, Kampala and Addis Ababa while Juba is the only city in the country with less than 50 kilometers of tarmac roads. If greedy people like Nhial Deng, the chief government can pocket $2000 dollars a day in a sitting allowances what will make you and me think these kind of greedy leaders care about the country’s tarnished reputation?

    President Salva Kiir must stop listening to Paul Malong, Michael Makuei and his self-serving radicals from greater Bahr Ghazal who are only defending their positions and big pockets. He must seriously start thinking about his political legacy because there comes a time when the power of supreme God will take his soul not in a coup but in a natural way. Then the whole country will celebrate his achievements and he will remembered as a great leader like we did to our late hero Dr. John Garang. For there is nothing shame than to be compared to other world worst dictators who destroyed their countries future.

    • Isaac Deng,

      Thanks Isaac for your good words and for your sympathy for Juba massacred. In addition to your comments, quiet conflict is growing within the SPLM party among Dinka. Some intellectual Dinka and former true SPLA commanders do not want to serve the government under Kiir. For example, Ciekgai Atem, Bior Ajang (Bior Athuot), Nyandeng Garang, Majak De Agoot just to name a few do not want to work for the government anymore as long as Kiir remain the president of South Sudan.

      Mach Paul, the former military director and head of military intelligent was dismissed because he said there was no coup attempted by Riek Machar and his groups. Alew Ayiei told journalists in Juba he had no clue whether there was a coup attempted or no coup attempted by Riek in Juba that is why Alew is able to maintain his position today. Nyanguek, former interior minister of Warrap was relieved simply because she said there was no coup attempted by Riek in Juba. You see Salva Kiir placed our country in chaos for no reason.

  21. Amum Machar says:

    Press Release

    Targeting forgotten innocent civilians of Padang Jieng is another Rwanda Genocide committed by former Vice President and Rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar, his extremist radical Groups and special interesting in this war

    By Amum Machar

    December 15, 2014(U.S.A) -Atar community in Diaspora condemned the attacks, massacred, and life threatening of unarmed innocent civilians, blamed rebel leader Riek Machar’s forces and extremist radical groups, angry Nuer civilians of killing 78 unarmed innocent people in Pigi County Jonglei State. It is believed that their forces have changed the core objectives, they took arms struggle against the State, and turned hostilities against innocent civilians. It is clear that such disloyalty groups indicated that their aimed is not to fight the government soldiers, and to continued raiding, looting civilians’ properties, launching brutal attacks on their neighbors, displacing innocent civilians of Padang Jieng and others communities. This is a clear intention to occupied Paweny’s lands and continue conducting operations with tensions to committing ethnic cleansing on the Atar people of Paweny. As rebel fighters have carried out consecutive attacks in Pigi County since the war was erupted in in Mid- December last year in Juba, Administrative –Headquarters of Fangak County, Phom El zaref under the the SPLA in opposition killed 17 people wounded over 9 people in previous attacks, and threatened them to leave their homes, continued attacks has devastated the community.
    In recently attack after government took over Fangak headquarter, rebel launched serious attack on Atar villages, Wun-de-Kiir, Anyang and Alui. While in some parts of Kotwach, Pachot and Alela areas, the forces under commander Tangany is believed to have committed atrocities on unarmed civilians and burned down all the villages looting their livestock and taking away their properties.
    The Atar community in diaspora is deeply saddened and raising concerns about the lives of those innocent civilians that have been scattered in bush, became victims as result of crisis, politics being played in Juba. Those innocent civilians have been suffering in creeks just like any others ordinary Nuer civilians struggling for survivors. Above all, Atar community is appealing to the government to rescue the civilians and wounded people.
    In strong term the community is also stressing to the Nuer communities across the globe and rebel leader Riek Machar to stop revenge and violent, looks at the future of Youth, children and families to restore their hopes and lives by accepting peace. To put life of innocent first and looks peace in their magnifying glass and give it a chances for lasting peace. Since South Sudan got its independent, Atar civilians have never smelt peace, freedom, and security like any others communities. Daily life has been struggle depending on small traditional agricultures creation. Now the Southern ending up killing each other because of political differences that don’t allow them to put an efforts to stop the war and ended unnecessary violent. The civilians in Pigi County Jonglei State have the same frustrations, nothing in hands, no better schools, and even clinics, because they have been denied of humanitarians’ assistants due to fear of insecurity that has been taking place in the areas. It is unbearable that they have never seen any human development and infrastructure in their areas. The war ought to be stopped and must me ended because it is causing pain to all our children and families who should deserve better lives after losing 2.5 million lives in civil war.
    In view of the facts and future and relationship between the neighbors, collaboration and cooperation between the two communities, Atar community is urging the rebel groups to give chance to peace makers, and those who have respect, care, empathy, human rights, to respect the integrity and territories of the Atar people, and not to turn conflicts against the innocent civilians in retaliation to innocent of Nuer that were killed in Juba.
    No matter whatever crisis happening that pain is damaged the ordinary bond, the Nuer and Padang Jieng had. Their common mutual interest and the existing relationship, it shouldn’t never easily be forgotten as they have been leaving as brothers, neighbors, in-laws and sisters ever since they inhabited that land. Many viewers, Southern Sudanese Politian calls this war as senseless while rebel call it freedom fighter for changes, however those definitions fundamentally do not fit whenever guns are turned on civil populations! In cognitive thinking, rebel should know that it is the same children that are being killed, dying of hunger, luck of health care and better schools.
    In any critical times, peace and stability between the two communities should always be respected, and leaders to technically use as tools to keeping relationship much strong. Keeping civilians out of conflicts is necessary and safe ways to protect their families alive, and leaders should always be committed to maintaining relationship for purpose and peaceful coexistent.

    By Amum Machar
    The author can be reached by machar.amum@yahoo.com

  22. If these ten commandments of oral democracy were enacted beforehand , for instance, during the Referendum, we would have not faced up with this war of wealth. I have commented one time. We Southerners made this conflict. We made it because none of us was saying the different thing he or she is attempting to tell the nation today in order to be considered a holy one. But the history shows we have no holy man among ourselves, and striving to be holy always qualifies the country to go down deep to whereby we are now pointing the bloodied fingers to our countenances. We should have learned more on what appears on our own hands. There will be no single Southerner who happen to convince me in 2005 , we have devised a blueprint to guide us to the path of what we are incessantly calling for. That sane path of democracy, not knowing that mentioning democracy as much as you can, never paints one an ardent democrat. As i have been hearing those mentions, they just are vindications of the mere laundering leaders who called our country of the nation of the employed. This condition construes that we are endowed with dexterity and enquantity to come and concur on a particular point of saving innocent we are taking on the altar of oral democracy. Had have such mantle of it, we would not have a year dancing around things which would not yield peace. Unity is peace, and it should never discounted on thing that are off the record right now. If we continue writing, speaking, and bashing for the sake of democracy of diatribes , we will not come holy in the expense of losing lives. With Riek who confuses democracy with discipline, I can tell me to to they are totally differing one to another. He called for democracy at discipline is a military in the world adhere to it, not his thing that has stuck in his head as a song of a deaf. However. For him to be a conductor of democracy needs to know when to sing it so that the nation we join him. Not when his hand is taking lives, he would be calling and singing to himself or with only Nuer or jobs seekers not democrats.

  23. am happy for the representation that Dr. Riak Machar gave to his people in Pagak

  24. Warrior says:

    Riek Machar is a man who has no vision to lead and to rule, he always mobilizing nuer youth to fight for his post and claiming that he’s democrat…he has history of criminal record during in 1991, he rebelled causing our found father that he own party as his personal belongings as well as property. he went signed deceived peace with Khartoum, which has no mechanism to permanent settlement. in 2002 he came back to the joining SPLM/A, but he was welcome back as just usual brother who rebelled that he be known for his action by stabbed our movement on back. again he did it in 2013, when tried to over throw an elected government by the people for the people, now he whining that there’s no coup, then why did you fled if wasn’t a coup. I’m glad that this fight is going to eliminate who are against peace in south Sudan. now it’s your turn to feel to the pain and devastation of war on Nuerland. Riek and his supporters feel the consequences of war and its devastation.

  25. luel yic says:

    Hello guys.
    please we have to be realistic and tell the facts.
    it seems like we fighting another war here on website where Nuer comments are agaist Dinka and likewise.

    all of us here on website are fueling the conflict instead of commenting positively. what will we gain if we keep reminding ourselves about what happened?…….

    yes I agree with those who say Kiir Machar and G 10 must be held accountable for the mess they have caused. all of them were in the government so if there was any miss conduct and corruption in the government then they are the ones to be blamed for.
    why didn’t any of them resign from their post if they were democrats? shame on those who support these heartless leaders. south sudan does not belong to Nuer or Dinka it belongs to all 60 plus tripes of south sudan !!

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