LATEST NEWS: Dr. Riek Machar under ‘House Arrest’ by South African govt. in Pretoria

BY: Peter Fabricius and Denis Dumo, MAIL & GUARDIAN, Pretoria, DEC/13/2016;

South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar, who fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo in August after fierce fighting, is being held in South Africa to stop him stirring up trouble, diplomatic and political sources said on Tuesday.

Removing Machar from circulation would be a blow to his rebel SPLA-IO faction in its three-year war with President Salva Kiir’s mainstream SPLA, and could sway a conflict the United Nations fears is tilting towards genocide.

Over a million people have fled the world’s youngest nation since conflict erupted in late 2013 when Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, fired Machar, a Nuer, as his deputy. The cross-border exodus is the largest in central Africa since the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

In South Africa, a well-connected regional political consultant said Machar was being held “basically under house arrest” near Pretoria with his movements restricted and his phone calls monitored and controlled.

“If he wants to go to the toilet he has to hand over his phone and a guy stands outside the cubicle,” the source said.

Department of international relations and co-operation spokesperson Clayson Monyela denied Machar was being held against his will, describing him instead as a “guest” of Pretoria as South Africa tried to prevent the civil war sliding into genocide.

“Him being our guest here is part of our responsibility as a mediator,” Monyela said, adding that it was “difficult to predict” the duration of his stay.

“It’s very hard to put timelines on these peace and security situations.”

Dickson Gatluak, a Machar spokesperson in Ethiopia, denied there were any restrictions on Machar and dismissed the reports as misinformation. “This is not true. It’s baseless and unfounded,” Gatluak said in Juba.

“Dr. Machar is safe and doing his normal duties as usual. He is communicating to us daily, including his field commanders in the entire country.”

Attempts to speak to Machar in South Africa via his spokesperson were unsuccessful.

Kiir visited President Jacob Zuma, on December 2 to “review … the latest regional political and security developments on the continent”, according to a South African statement that gave no further details.

Refugee accounts and human rights reports point to both sides in South Sudan targeting civilians along ethnic lines.

Juba or Joburg: You decide:

Machar reached a peace deal in 2015 with Kiir but the agreement fell apart in July, leading to several days of intense fighting in Juba, the capital of the five-year-old nation.

Machar himself was wounded and after fleeing to Congo went to Sudan, a long-term supporter of his rebel faction, for medical treatment. He then turned up in South Africa in October for more treatment.

A diplomatic source said the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, an eight-country East African group, had asked Pretoria to make sure Machar did not leave. The United States, Britain and Norway had supported that request, the source added.

“He keeps going back and mobilising his people and stirring up problems,” the source said. “It’s best to keep him here for a while.”

Machar flew two weeks ago to Ethiopia, which has also tried and failed as a mediator, but was refused entry and given a stark choice: go back to South Africa or get dumped in Juba, to be left at the mercy of Kiir’s troops, two of the sources said.

“The Ethiopians told him there were two planes sitting on the tarmac – one heading to Juba and one heading to Joburg – and told him he had 10 minutes to decide,” the political source said.

“It didn’t take long.” – Reuters


  1. False Millionnaire says:

    Who should have any doubt that he has been sold into an infinite exile?
    He better be calm or else he Will get a piece of his ear in an envelop for Kiir as a material proof of his end for a trifling fee that would hardly exceed 50 dollars.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      The untold truth isn’t just 50 dollars. With the greed for money by SA president Zuma and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, one can only postulate that the price for Dr. Riek Machar might have cost the South Sudan ten to 50 million dollars. Wouldn’t this blood money have helped in the alleviation of the misery of our citizens, leave alone the thousands of jieng fleeing to Arab North to inevitable impoverisement and slavery?
      Kiir is just Stupid, nothing more. A detained, curtailed or dead Machar will not resolve the ever widening gap between the jieng and other tribes in South Sudan.

      • Roberto says:

        I would not make much of it. Dr. Riek Machar is not under house arrest. something else is going on and even the enemy does not know about. Mark the following sentence, Kiir will regret the appointment of Taban Deng as a vice president. Even if Machar is dead, the reality on the ground will not change.

        Roberto Kosongo ( Bana Equatoria )

    • Gatdarwich says:


      I thought you cowards Dnka have learned your lesson at J1 and Jebel battle-why you shouldn’t foolishly attempt to touch or even dreamingly wishes death to the mightiest Machar? Do you really think that the 4,000 poor kraal Jenges civilians recently recruited by your warlord, Malong to replace the quadruple plus Dunkubeny nailed and seriously wounded-permanently disabled at J1 and Jebel battle, that are now being rushly train to steadily squeezes a silver bullet out of the barrel of the gun without farting in the procces, will be capable to face 50,000 plus(not 1300) of Dr. Riek’s freedom fighters in the imminent rematch against killer nyankiir’s and Malong’s militants, the globally known-documented civilian killers–robbers–food–looters?

      No more forgiveness, next round WILL , and SHALL decisively and unreservedly be an EFE operation period

      Only Almighty Ngundeng shall be the judge full stop

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Dr. Riek is not the big problem in South Sudan. In fact, he has been a pumper in preventing other tribes–particularly NaathNation from doing to the traitorous Jenges what they have done to the rests. But, make no mistakes Dr. Riek is completely done being a pumper. You, the traitorous Jenges will, and shall imminently pay a hefty price sooner or later no matter what full stop

    • Bol says:

      There is no harm in jacking up the price a little bit as it will save lives and properties. I won’t mind 5M and the Diaspora can raise 90% of the project cost. What remain undetermined is the project coordinator.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        You, the traitorous Jenges have miserably failed several times to kill the indisputable patriot, Dr. Riek.

        Bol, FM, Mading, & all the natural born traitorous Jenges

        The man is indisputably too mightiest for your likes to mess with period
        The few listed below–embarrassing and humiliating failed-suicidal attempts on the man’s life were your last God’s given golden opportunities to get the true father of the South Sudan nation, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon!
        1991–kongror_Bor ambush, December 15, 2013 assassination attempt, July 2016–J1 bloodbath ambush, followed by the well-coordinated simultaneous four days bombings-plus twenty-five suicidal ground assaults at the man’s residence at Jebel–using all war arsenals at your possession, and the $100 million plus-40 days aerial bombardments using 10 rented helicopters gunships, and five drones at the man while he was boldly matching with his troops to the Congo-South Sudan border. You have totally failed . So, the man you provoked and pushed to implement an EYE for an EYE operation on your cowards’ asses, will, and shall imminently supervisor you helplessnessly gnashing thy ugliest teeth in an indistinguishable hell fire full stop.

        • Bol says:

          The only reason Dr Reik walked away from J1 is because President Kiir was so annoyed see him (Crying like a baby), but believed me knives were sharpened, boys ready to hold him down and the onlookers gathered to wittiness his circumcision. Some JCE circles think that most of Dr Reik’s evil deeds originated somewhere between his legs. This time around, President Kiir will be last person to know, if the boys ever come so close to Dr Reik, its a matter of time, if he never quits.

          • Gatdarwich says:

            “The only reason Dr. Riek walked away from J1 is because Killer nyankiir was so annoyed see him –crying like a baby!” Really? you are a pure Dinka pathetic liar. What killer nyankiir’s boys were ready to hold Dr. Riek down while all killer nyankiir’s bodyguards inside J1 were crucified/cremated within minutes by the mightiest Dr. Riek’s bodyguards when the hell got loose at J1. Liar Bol, How could dead killer nyankiir’s bodyguards sharpened knives-ready to circumcise Dr. Machar ? It must be happening, and perhap ONLY TRUE in Jenges’ kraals that the dead-cremated humans are circumcizing the living Jenges! In fact, what you said was the exact opposite–killer nyankiir was crying like a baby holding-begging Dr. Riek to spare his treasonous Jenge’s life. Wani Igga and Ezekel Lol Gatkuoth who were just uncontrollably farting seeing killer Nyankiir helplessly begging the mightiest Dr. Riek for mercy are living witness to nyankiir’s suicidal assassinstion attempt on Dhurgon’s life. Plus, even the living Jenges–40,000 of malong’s militants who had actually “sharpened knives-ready circumcize Dr. Machar miserably failed to do so at Jebel–they were humiliatingly defeated by only 1132 of Dr. Riek’s diehard bodyguards in four days men to men gun battle. Killer nyankiir’s and Malong’s militants–backed by war tanks and helicopter gunships embarassingly made twenty plus suicidal and deadliest attempts to overrun Dr. Riek’s headquarter at Jebel. Countless destroyed tanks and artileries are physicsl evidence as to how nastiest was battle at Jebel. The physical evidence are still there at Jebel for any skeptic to see.
            Bol, your Jenges’ boys have zero gutts to face Dr. Riek’s men at one on one battle–even when your boys outnumbered Dr. Riek’s men 1000 to 1!

  2. Nkojo Araali says:

    Dr. Machar’s Feared ‘extended Diplomatic Visit’ In South Africa, Can Be Interpreted By Anyone Especially By SPLA IO Fighters As A Betrayal Of Trust By The Hosts. Well, This Cld As Well Be A Welcome Devt In The Ears Of Other Groups, Key Among These, Is Kir’s. However, Alot Of Questions Remain Unanswered. Regarding Whether, Machar’s Absence Cld Be A Long Lasting Solution In The War Torn South Sudan And Would Kir’s Free Role In The Country’s Fragile Security Situation Be Percived As Objective By All Players. In A Bid To Try Restore Peace In South Sudan. Or A Major Opening For A Fresh And Worse Armed Conflict In The Infant Nation.

  3. Gatdarwich says:

    Dear patriots,

    Don’t panic for this fake news is nothing more than the usual Dinka’s concocted liars. Dr. Riek is simply just recuperating in South Africa before he returns to South Sudan and triumphantly leads his diehard freedom fighters to hellishly crush killer nyankiir’s coward jenges. As per the August 2015 peace agreement, it is undeniably dead at the night that Dr. Riek left Juba full stop
    Killer nyankiir’s and the Jenges’ warlord, Malong’s militiants(those who luckily survived J1– sucidal attempt to kill the man amidst his one shot one kill warriors) knows better than anyone else what awaiting their cowards’ butts period

  4. micheal west says:

    Dear info@,
    I hope you did not see well, please get eye glass and read well whose tribe are running to neighboring countries for safety than Jieng. Equatorians are in Uganda, Congo, Central Africa & Kenya. Nuer are in Ethiopian, Sudan, Kenya & Uganda. so if you see what I mentioned here don’t be supervise because of hatred and tribalism that is in your mind will make you suffered for decade if not denounce it bitch.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Michael West,
      Putting your insults and innuendos aside, check who are the people filling up the Bidi Bidi or Adjumani refugee camps in Uganda and Kakuma in Kenya or those reaching the Arab Sudan?
      And who is the cause of the flight of your people into refuge once more…….Isn’t it the failed Kiir government?


    • Kimang says:

      Micheal Worst,

      It’s a pity that you do not even know the statistics of the tribes in the refugee camps, majority are Jeinge. Few Equatorians took their women and kids to camp but are all in the jungle

      Its true that the equatorian tribea have their kind the Uganda, Kenya, DR.Congo, CAR a reason you must be worried about Coz it doesn’t matter how long it will take, you will be defeated, just pray for your people in the camps,I am afraid they may have to be flown to their luaks.

      We have hit the dead end as far as national unity is concern, prepare to mix with cow dung

  5. Bentiu Ramaran says:


    You hit the nail on the head. Your predicted figures dollar amount must be very close to what South Sudan has paid to South African. Imagine, South Sudan paid Kenyan $3 million to arrest and deport James Gatdet Dak. How much would it cost South Sudan to pay South African to arrest Dr. Machar? Answer is a lot.

  6. lodani rama says:

    Mr info leave such cheap thinking. South Africa is economically better than South
    Sudan so there is no point to think Kirr gave those countries money. Our people have suffered a lot and civilised society can not let S. Sudanese to be brutalised by people who are power hungry. Peace is the only way forward and Riack Machar must denounce violence and opt for peaceful political settlement. He can not and will not be allowed to destroy our country.

    Africa has now a new breed of leaders who are working to end the fights in the continent. The elimination of Machar from the mathematical equation is an agreed formula among TORIKA, IGAD, AU and S. Sudan to bring peace to S. Sudan. The country does not need politics of divisions. War mongers shouldn’t be allowed to terrorise the innocent civilians. The door is still open for Machar to play politics in future if he denounce tribal politics and violence. You have to regret Machar’s urgely politics that has brought him his detention.

    Machar’s experience should also act as a stern warning to Kwajok and Lotole lo Luri that, they will soon face the same fate if they continues to meddle in our country’s affairs without proper national objectives. They will pay the price for hate speeches. Its now time to end senseless wars of positions seeking. It is time of national politics but not tribal or regionalism. All the old politics of divisions must be dismantle before the battle for development start.
    Long live the liberation and liberators
    Long live Splm and spla
    Long live the vision of Garang
    Long live AU.

  7. Hoiloom says:


    Don’t be over excited for nothing as the news is not entirely correct. Dr. Machar has direct contact with all his lieutenants and is not under house arrest as the report alleges. This is the propaganda work of Gordon Buay and JCE elites who also claim last week that IO office is shut in both Addis Ababa and Khartoum, which turned out to be misleading and nothing further from the truth. Tell you what, it’s good that Dr. Machar stay far away from the battle fields to allow IO military high command execute their work. Sooner rather than later you will be begging Machar to return to RSS for full peace ARCISS implementation.


  8. Dear: All of Us Members(SSN)

    President Salva Kirr Administration of South Sudan Republic,has turned a MAFIA GANGS! Hunting his rival Riak Machar,in peoples foreign lands,it will bring a recipe! Riak Machar should arm himself and his body guards from toes to nails! He should defend himself very well! If Salva Kirr agents,are going to his place without his permission,he should not wait to shoot intruders at home! There are no laws for gangs! Again,he should make his foreign policies in the movement very well! IGAD,AU,UN, and International communities should become aware! He should not disregard at all!

    Remember that,before in the Any Anya One Civil war,in the South Sudan,in Sudan.Sudan government in Khartoum,in central bribed President Milton Obote in Uganda.Therefore,he killed our Uncle Priest Saturlino Ohure Hillangi.If it was President Idi Amin,regime in Uganda,he would never have died totally! But,President Salva Kirr,himself,he should never and ever miscaculates. Well,if he thinks,if he kill Riak Machar,there going be no trouble in people in South Sudan in the government in the country later! NONSENSE!!!!+!!!+

    Sincere Saving Human Lives!

    Ongelet Village,South Sudan,Africa!

  9. mading says:

    Editor. Kiir is not stupid as you said ,he is very smart he knows how to put a way his rivals with out killing them like other leaders do to their political enemies in Africa or else where. You are only angry at president Kiir because he is winning, that is all.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Where is the smartness of Kiir you are inferring?
      Secondly, how many potential leaders has Kirler Kiir killed before and after the so-called independence of South Sudan?
      Finally, how many politicians are on the murder list or rather, his menu, waiting to be kirled?

      Winning? What is he winning except an exacerbation of divisions amongst South Sudanese?

      This is what Kirler said today in Juba while addressing his SPLM/A co-conspirators: “I’m deeply concerned about the current direction our country is taking. I’m particularly concerned about the recent report of rising hatred, divisions and tensions; all of which are rapidly eating into our social fabric.”

      More South Sudanese have once more gone into refuge than during the war time…… Tell me why?
      More money stolen by kleptocratic kualkual Kiir than even Congo’s Mobutu stole in nearly 30 years as president or Jomo Kenyatta or Egypt’s Mubarak stole.

      Surely, any sound-minded South Sudanese must be very angry when such a calamitous kirrrrrrrriminal is your president.


      • The plain truth is that , Dr Riek Machar is and has never been under a house arrest in the Republic of South Africa. This is simply a disinformation and illusive campaign destined for the sole purpose of throwing a blanket of confusion on the fighters of the SPLM-10 as well as the general supporters of the movement. If anyone at any time surfaces to accuse Gordon Buoy and Ateny Wek, the good boys of the sordid regime, of this malicious concoction, I would emphatically have less doubt it.

      • Sonofthesoil says:

        You have given this Jenge the right questions and answers to complete or fill into his blank and empty head, he is thinking like he just came from the Muraa or that is how they all reason. What the Jenge understand is Jengeism nothing more and however much Kirler Kiir pleads with the people of south Sudan no one from the 63 tribes will accept except his Jenges, period.

      • Bol says:

        “kualkual” That was a good one.

  10. False Millionnaire says:

    Gatdarwich,Bantiu,Hoiloom,Toria,Roberto,Kokora II and rest of arrogant bloggers,
    We are closer to the end of the year with the editor carrying the log alone and that’s how this website manages to air up news,articles and reaction comments.It’s an RSS’ useful forum and the prove is that u can come to vomit and see it published.So to keep it in the air to serve our masses,the hour has come to send what ever donation that u can manage to the editor.U aren’t bliged of course if economic circumstances couldn’t permit u to do so.
    Wishing u Merry Christmas,False Millionnaire.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      I like to thank you and appreciate greatly your concern about the support for the website. To tell you the truth, last year’s response to my appeal was very poor except for you and two other guys who positively responded to the appeal.
      Once again, as the new year approachs, I will post another appeal for the 2017 year.
      As I said last time and as you also reiterated in your comment above, my motivation for pushing on with this responsibility of hosting this website is to encourage dialogue amongst South Sudanese world wide. Even if some comments or articles look extreme, it’s better we dialogue in peace than needlessly kill each other in war.
      Personally, I will continue to stomach all the insults but I know that at least we are peacefully talking to each other as South Sudanese.

      Best regards and thank you for your concern and support.

  11. GatCharwearbol says:


    If Kiir surely wins, it is only a pyrrhic victory. But as early as it is to project the winner, you can help yourself to laughing now. Upper Nile region is now with no homes or houses. Equatoria is now under destruction. The final destruction will take place in Bhar el Ghazel. At that stage, it will be safe to project the winner and who will laugh last. Surely, the winning side will have the best laugh ever. Enjoy now!!

  12. micheal west says:

    Dear info@,
    I did not said Jieng has not gone for safety in neighboring countries but you pretended like your tribes men & women have not left their home land for protection. If you talk of Bidibidi camp in Uganda its occupied by Equantorians people only.
    you guys don’t have your own Government than the bad one of Kiir and still you re telling us bullshits, Kiir gave you opportunity for three years to topple his regime but you failed at all to do any thing tangible.
    if we talked for Adjumani I hope it has been occupied by madi who went to Uganda from South Sudan as refugees long time ago. so do we have Jieng as citizen in Adjumani Uganda? if yes Uganda people will correct your liaise that you preached always.

  13. Dut Majiing says:

    Let Machar tastes the fruit of his works. The man has been a stone in the shoes since the time of struggle, if he had not defected in 1991 we would have won the war but because of his shallow mind he opted for what not only failed him but the entire nation. The blood of those he slaughtered in Bor and soldiers in his command will never forgive him. This should serve as a warning to those brainless tribalist minded people in the country that hating Dinkas is hell for any future of him or her. That doesn’t mean that Kiir has no sins, he has completely failed the country and to be realistic, I have never witnessed such a leader may be he is a punishment for the country from God. The shaky politics of tribal based by Machar has always been a support for Kiir because if has waited for elections by avoiding all tricks meant to dragged him to war Kiir would be a history now.

  14. Bismark says:

    I think it is a long journey that the people of South Sudan must take to reach where they want to be. He who destroyed the country can apologize for having killed innocent people under his orders as well as locking up patriots in dreadful white houses for speaking out their minds on good governance in the country but time will come when he will be asked why. Did they go to the bush to become rapists, land grabbers, looters, highwaymen and mass killers of South Sudanese? Who invited and permitted them to be what they call so-called Liberators: Jallaba rained bombs on our babies, mothers, grandmas and granddads so they are with our own resources. How can we call them our own really? They shoot us and then say unknown gunmen did!! Our jobs go to aliens. Kenyans employ Kenyans in Kenya, Ugandans employ Ugandans in Uganda, Japanese do likewise in Japan why should our jobs even sensitive diplomatic jobs go to foreigners? One day somebody will answer for all this mess.That day will come to pass.

  15. lodani rama says:

    Why wast time with people who believe they have captured Yei, Marobo,Kayaya,Nasir and they have blocked all routes to Juba. Machar finished his treatment and we heard how he was rejected in many other countries. I wish these diaspora fighters should have not mislead innocent people for a course on its way on collapsing . Why not phone Angalina in USA to break the news. Machar is not detained but he has no where to stay in the region. Even Machar’s rebels are not wanted in Congo. Soon people will have to think twice to associate your self with the name splm – io. Riack wife Angalina has said it is time to stop the war and we must reconcile and that is the thing we need. No more war and only political settlement. If you think Riack is on diplomatic move then wait and see whether he will step our soil again. Unless he listen to his wife to renounce violence and agree on peaceful settlement, this is the end of his political career. If you are still the Thomas of the Bible, then ask Machar to show you that he is still lobbying in S. Africa and he will come soon. Our next war is now to deny the war mongers a stage. Secondly, we want to dismantle tribal politics and lies.
    Just continue to deny the truth and the day you wake up to the reality will be the day you will not wish to hear again. Mr info I told you last time that Machar has stated move to exile but you and Machar himself didn’t believe until his experience in both Khartoum air port and Addis Ababa international airport.

  16. BILL KUCH says:

    Who cares?
    Riek should just stay there for he can never rule South Sudan no more. God chooses leaders and that means if Riek is one chosen by God, then he might come back for sure. Or otherwise, it might not happen that way. So, there is no need for bitterness since Riek chose to force himself as a right one, but you know God never bless it anyway.

    • Bol says:

      Bill Kuch,
      What if Dr Riek was chosen by Ngoundeng? Are you telling his boys and the Equatorian orphans that he won’t be celebrating the X-Mass of the year 2029 in J1? Get serious man for God sake!

      • Eastern says:

        Equatorians have never had the word orphants in their communities hence the absence of street kids in our towns. Go to Aweil, the capital of street kids in South Sudan for lack of better words….

  17. mading says:

    Editor. Kiir is winning you are a rebel that is why you don’t see it, also Gatdarwich Mounyjang are not fighting with Nuer, let me try to put it in your nuer small head. The war is between the government and Riek machar rebels, may be Roberto,Hoiloom and Toria will tell you.

  18. Eastern says:


    The story about the arrest of Dr Machar was just diversionary…..Kiir has now handed the mantle of manipulating the constitution of South Dudan to a “Kikuyu” man. Kiir refused the services of an objective Luo constitutional lawyer:

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Brother, it’s quite obvious why he chose the Kenyan, simply because Kenyans are easily malleable and can be manipulated, especially when the mighty ‘dollar’ is exhibited in their noses. Yes, they are a bunch of hyenas. Never once have Uganda and Tanzania ever requested Kenyan so-called expertise in anything, they would rather hire a British expert. In fact, their constitutions have lots of British influence.
      The problem in the country is this Kiir and nothing else.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Did u read the edtor’s comments about the appeal u made last year for the website’s funding?
    Only three people out of thousands big mouth bloodthirsty talkactive bloggers responded positively.
    What a pity and yet try to fool people around that they would do better than the SPLM/A’s elite if they take power.
    The 5M u suggests for the head of Mr Agany is far too much.A closer relative to a south african elite would do u that job for 20 dollars.That’s how low Africa has sunk.U couldn’t imagine that elites with universal convictions like Mandela have ever existed.But lets send what ever few dollars to the editor as a priority!!!

    • Bol says:

      Yes I did, but I didn’t want to talk about it as the editor had exposed most of these people, especially the blogger who was you challenging to match my donation of honey and bush meat. He didn’t donate a thing! After all, there are doers who talk less and talkers who do less! Its the winning formula they will never possess.

  20. False Millionaire says:

    U have got the point.But that’s why MTN project targeting innocent jieng is a stupid strategy.
    Just never dare to ask me why.
    Those street kids for which u name Aweil as,”the capital of street kids in south sudan”,will fight on the side of jieng if the line ever defines it’s self to mean a war of equatorians vs jieng instead of every body against Kiir’s bad government.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      What you are alluding to is already happening. Bound by their culture of collective responsibilty, Dinka youths have been drafted in their thousands into the ranks and files of Mathiang Anyor, by Paul Malong Anei to defend the interest of JCE: maintaining Kiir at the helm and move forward the Dinka agenda. Don’t sound delusional to think that another time, possibly in future, is yet to come for Dinka vs. other South Sudanese war. It’s already happening in the country.

      The street kids in Aweil, Wau, Rumbek, etc have been greatly violated. Earlier in their lives, they were denied parental support. Most of them were involved in petty jobs to survive in the streets of Wau, Aweil, Kuacjok. Now Kiir and Malong are using them as foot soldiers around Wau, Yei, Malakal, etc where the war is decimating them. A latest report by UNICEF puts the total number of such hapless underage fighters drafted to fight in this civil war close to the 17,000 mark. That’s a huge problem given a large number of these boys have been killed in action (KIA).

      Don’t bask in the glory of mobilising these socially disadvantaged children to do your dirty bidding in the guise of waging an Equatoria vs. Dinka war. That’s already being done by Malong on behalf of JCE!

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