Dr Riek Machar: Please sign the “Proposed Compromise Agreement”

From: Choromke Jas , Canada, 31/JUL/2015, SSN;

Dear Dr Riek Machar: Please sign the “Proposed Compromise Agreement”

I have taken time to read the IGAD’s “Proposed Compromise Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict South Sudan”. I must say, IGAD this time has done an excellent job!. That is my reading of the document.

In this Forum I have in the past offered unsolicited advice to you on a number of topics. Some of these include the need to have two armies to safeguard the delivery of a permanent constitution, reform of institutions (security, civil service, economic, ant-corruption etc) and general election after the transitional period.

Today, I continue in the same vein.

It appears to me that this latest offering from IGAD-Plus fits the bill. I would like to urge you to compromise on certain issues such the illegitimacy of Kiir, extension of equal shares in executive branch to all the ten states and the special treatment of Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei states.

These, to me are adequately compensated for by articles on:

!- Reparation;
2- The Hybrid Court;
3- The Truth and Reconciliation Commission; and
4- The water-tight collegiate decisions-making between the President and the 1st Vice President.

Further positive articles are those on federalism, monitoring and evaluation, the safeguards on the electoral processes and the reorganization, professionalization, and downsizing of the army and other articles.

Of course you and your colleagues will carefully look at the draft and come up with the best options for the way forward.

However, according to the views of the many people I have talked to, the draft contains all that you have been fighting for.

Above all, it has the REBOOTING features suggested by Hilde Johnson!!

Good luck, God bless YOU and God bless South Sudan


  1. deng hanbol says:

    Choromke, Male Gat remeraan,
    As Adrian Lefiwich proclaimed in what is politics? Politics is in essence, power: the ability to achieve a desired outcome, through whatever means. This notion was neatly summed up in the title of Harold Lasswell’s book politics: Who gets what, when, How? While human needs and desires are infinite,the resources available to satisfy them are always limited. Politics can therefore, be seen as a struggle over scarce resources, and power can be seen as the means through which this struggle is conducted. Dear brother, base on this opinion, Dr. Machar Teny is going to sign the proposed compromised agreement.
    Thank you for your excellent input.

  2. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Okay Mr. Choromke,

    Show me a country were there are 2 armies in one country … “Some of these include the need to have two armies to safeguard ” To safeguard what?. How childish/nonsense is your comment, the man is a serial killer …. Machar can’t be trusted … go back to 1991 when he tried a coup against Dr. Garang and tell your readers otherwise.

  3. Choromke Jas says:

    When the SPLA/M came to Southern Sudan there were two armies. Right? The SPLA and the Sudan Army.Why? Because Dr Garang did not trust the Sudan Army. Now, the SPLM (IO) does not trust the Kiir’s Army. So, there must be two armies in one country. Yeah?

  4. taban lowani says:

    Gusto, your misleading yourself. Please let your president kiir leave the office or resign. There isn’t a capable president in the country. Mr kiir isn’t going to be elected again because of his bad governing record. Thanks

  5. alex says:

    Dear S.Sudanese
    Do not listen to this useless person called Jas Choromke this man has no direction and he did not know what is going on in S. Sudan. Riek Macher is already in from his own commanders and he has been asked to answer some serious questions which he failed to do so. Last time I told this net there is volcano developing inn the rebel camp and even within Riech own household. His people now has known this man is a dictatorial he does not practise what he preach. It is high time the Nuer youths should not listen to this lair. We are one people this man is fighting for his stomach. See now what he is doing in other parts encouraging those who support him to shoot innocent people so that he can claim the problem is a national problem. Recently his supporters attacked cars going to Kajokeji and Yei with the aim to claim they are active in Equatoria. In Yambio his supporters also shoot 6 innocent people so that they can claim their is insecurity in the country. Why on earth would you kill innocent civilians which you claim you are fighting for their right to mislead the world that there is insecurity in the country. This group are ready to kill innocent people as much as they want to achieve their goals. Should we allow such people to be our rulers NO NO NO NO. So Jas is one his Riek’s advisor in Canada giving him all this evil advice to kill innocent people. Let us isolate this useless people in our country because they are not for peace their plan is only power and kill those who oppose them.
    The volcano is going ahead soon all our problem will be over .


    • Elhag Paul says:

      Seeing the response of the Jieng to the proposed agreement says something important. First, Kiir and Paul Malong are incensed with the proposal. Secondly, the Jieng intellectuals and tribes mate are running crazy with the proposal as shown by the demonstration in Bor. All these say the Jieng don’t want the agreement. If this is the case, why? The answer is simple, the agreement is a danger to Jieng power base. If this is the case, then Choromke Jas is onto something here and this thing is the deconstruction of Dinkocracy. Do we like Dinkocracy? Certainly not. So although we dislike the proposed agreement let us all encourage and support Riek to sign it so that the Jieng internal unity fractures and also for Riek to portray Kiir rightly as the monster of South Sudan. Therefore, whatever Kiir and group do they are the losers whether they sign it or not. Both ways the Jieng lose and their empire crumbles. Grudgingly let Riek sign it so that a new reality emerge in South Sudan that consigns Dinkocracy to the dustbin of history.

      • Choromke Jas says:

        Dr Paul, thank you for this position. I have always believed that there are good and reasonable Jieng who must be thinking very deeply about the future of their people. Once peace is established, I would expect Jieng to enter a period of introspection on the political future of the Dinka. They might care to ask why are many South Sudanese against them, what have they achieved in the last 10 years under the largely Jieng government? etc. To me to lose power now by Jieng is a blessing in disguise; for power has gone to their head, blinding them on the need to live with other South Sudanese in peace and harmony.

        Noises coming from Pagak indicate that IO might accept this document. It is important that they do so, so that Kiir will be the only to face the wrath of the international community.

  6. Alier Gai says:

    Tell him to accept the offer, or otherwise he will achieve nothing in the end.

  7. Hoiloom says:

    Choromke Jas

    This is a good advise to Riek and I believe he will heed to your call. We loose nothing in IO by signing the proposed IGAD document. Kiir and the cohorts on the other hand have more to loose by not sign the peace deal. Let us keep the ball rolling in their court..

  8. upiu says:

    yeah, he better signs it before he starts dealing with splits vs. mediation within his camp as this agreement has more in it for Riek and his Addis group than anybody else, not even his foot soldiers and their commanders.
    however, the grss should not rush into signing this or any agreement as they will have to come back for another peace talk with Gadet and his group. the IO needs to get their act together before any agreement is considered binding for the entire group.

  9. Eliya James olami says:

    Please am just trying to say let’s come to gether and start re_ building as one people one south sudanese. Stop misunderstanding, i will be proud if we do so. Thanks

    In jesus name amen.

    Upcoming student of S. Sudan…….

  10. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear Rebel and Government in Juba,

    In the name of our God, I would like to ask you about these questions: who is fighting on behalf of innocents’ people of South Sudan between the government and rebels if many of you are ordering and continuing killing civilian? Who is fighting for peace, justice and equality if you people who called yourselves freedom fighters continue killing the civilians? Who is telling the truth if many of you do not know the important of civilians in the country? Here I am not talking as a Dinka, but independence thinker and I think as independence minded because I am not Kiir or Riek. My name is Francis Mangok Angeir and I do not use the fake name because I am a South Sudanese who love to preach for peace.

    In spite of this, I think many of you South Sudanese need to learn and understand the different between the government and tribes. Without knowing this the stability, equality, freedom and justice would never come to South Sudan and you will be continuing killing one another until the end of the world. Because, I have seen no different between rebels and government because they think equally. As independence thinker I think being a leader is very important, it would help people to understand the conflict resolution, help people to learn how to reconstruct the community, but not to destroy. Both government and rebels have no logically argument if their politics ideological differences are to kill the civilians instead of building the country for them.

    Every day I read many articles and responses, but I felt very sorry because I did not know that South Sudanese themselves would support the killing of civilians. How are we going to governor our country if we continue killing the civilians? As independence thinker, I think no different between the rebels and the government because there is no significant justification and argument to make people to support the government or rebel revolutionaries. Are the rebels fighting to kill the whole Dinka tribes or are they fighting to overthrow the government in Juba? Is the government fighting to kill the rebels tribe or fighting to destroy the rebel?

    To continues doing this fighting the Dinka who are in the power, what about if the rebels won the war today and tomorrow the Dinka take the guns against them and went to the bush against the rebels government, do we think South Sudan will be in peace in that way? I think us South Sudanese we need to learn and significantly understand the different between the government and ordinaries civilian in the country otherwise it would be very difficult to bring the equal peace and unity to people in South Sudan.

    Question for rebels who are against the government in Juba. How are you going to win the court if you are going to take the government in Juba to the court while you are also continuing killing the Dinka innocent?

  11. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear Choromke,

    Do you think begging Dr. Reik to sign peace would help people of South Sudan to live in peace? I think the peace for interest would not be last forever, but the peace for people would last forever. As independence thinker, I think most of you are seeking for the peace that would hurt the country back to economic and war crisis later. This peace is not going to be bless by God in heaven because you are begging somebody to sign the peace that is not interesting him. By begging Dr. Riek to sign this peace, do think this peace will be blessing by God? South Sudanese need the peace that come out from hearts, but not compromise and begging peace. Let us pray to God to touch these leaders heart to sign the peace for the country, but not for interest.

  12. user44 says:

    Truth be told, from the way things are being handled both by the government and the civilians, I have come to the conclusion that none is ready for peace! Simply put, whether you agree with me or not, there is no lasting peace without bloodshed. The government and the rebels continue to disagree, the civilians continue to fall victims. As if that is not enough, the civilians continue to raid and attack themselves along tribal lines. We are not yet ready to live together despite our petty differences by tribe, language, cultures, religion etc yet these are some of the principle causes we fought and shed our blood for. Until we realize how ridiculous and childish our attitudes towards those causes are, and until we wake up from our slumber of ignorance, more will continue to perish both in ‘hot’ and cold blood.

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