Dr. Riek Machar: A First Vice president or a Failed Suicide bomber?

BY: Malith Kur, London, Canada, JUL/23/2016, SSN;

“Riek Machar had a gun in our meeting, reveals President Kiir as he recounts gun battle ordeal.” CCTV Africa Reporter (http://cctv-africa.com/2016/07/21/video).

As time goes by, extremely troubling details are emerging from what happened in and around the State House in Juba over a week ago. The scene of devastation and unexploded ordnances lying around the presidential compound are indications that a vicious battle took place there. It is a scene that an ordinary person would expect to see on a battlefield, but not within the vicinity of a presidential palace.

According to CCTV reporter, “it is an extraordinary tale.” It is a tale that betrays the madness which has always accompanied Riek Machar’s search for power in South Sudan. But what is even more extraordinary in the eyewitness—President Kiir—account is that the First Vice President was carrying a pistol, a gun.

The simple question to ask in this situation is, “why he carried a gun?” It is a legitimate question for South Sudanese and foreigners alike to ask. But before we try to answer this question, let us take a look at how senior government officials are protected in the world.

We understand that high-ranking government officials around the world fall under the protection of their assigned, professional security personnel. They do not need guns when they attend the business of running the affairs of a nation.

All nations protect their very important people very well. Their protection is governed by the so-called “first rule of protection,” which states that “the protector cannot be a protectee, at least not at the same time.” In other words, important government officials cannot function while looking after their own security. Somebody has to protect them.

Following that principle, presidents and other high-ranking officials worldwide are not responsible for their security details. The state agencies specializing in the protection of government officials carry this responsibility.

The business of the state officials is to run the country, not to manage the minute details of their security. Often well-trained security agents are given necessary resources by states to perform efficient protection of high-ranking officials.

So president Kiir, Fist Vice President Machar, and the Vice-President Wani have well-trained bodyguards and do not need guns to protect themselves.

Given the first rule of protection we have mentioned above, why did Riek Machar, the Fist Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, carry an undeclared gun to the meeting at the State House on July 8, 2016? It is an act that warrants a criminal investigation. It has gone beyond what we expect from political aspirants in the country.

As we now know, few hours before the fighting around the State House in Juba began, Mr Machar’s spokesman, James Gatdet, posted a note on his Facebook page in which he claimed that President Kiir attempted to put Machar behind bars. He also rushed to announcing the incident of fighting around the State House.

Indeed, there is a correlation between the Facebook post, the fighting that erupted at the State House, and the gun Mr Machar was carrying in his pocket.

Looking at these activities, one cannot fail to see that there was a coup planned to take place on that day. Machar came with a gun in the anticipation of a violent confrontation and he was ready to use his gun had the conditions permitted him to do so.

President Kiir is right when he says that Mr Machar was likely to assassinate him if he had a chance. The apparent reason Machar did not use his gun to assassinate the president was the fear for his own safety. If his forces had entered the State House, he would have shot the president and announced a takeover by force. That is it.

There is no doubt Mr James Gatdet, who is a professional liar, is going to come out denying that Machar had a gun is his pocket. He will go as far as suggesting that president Kiir is lying to gain sympathy from the public.

But we need to be very clear here that Dr Riek Machar has gone too far and his behaviors amount to a criminal activity. He has chosen terrorism instead of sound political discourse. The ways in which he is pursuing his opportunities to grasp power are no longer governed or supported by the international norms.

I heard him last time saying that he had never killed even a fly, but this time around he wanted to kill the President of South Sudan.

In this unprecedented episode, President Kiir has shown high standards of political civility and how a statesman should conduct himself when dealing with political enemies. He sacrificed his own safety in protecting Machar from a potential harm.

As I have learnt over the years the conduct of Riek Machar, he cannot protect his political enemies. If Mr Kiir were in Machar’s position, Machar would not have spared his life. It would have been an opportunity for him to get rid of a political competitor. This is how William Nyoun, Peter Panom Thinypin, and Karbino Kuanyin Bol died. Riek Machar’s political and military associates killed them in a cold blood.

In 1991, senior military and political figures from Dinka, Nuba, and other communities who were in Nasir but did not endorse his coup against John Garang were brutally butchered in front of him. He never lifted a finger to protect them.

The fact that Machar was armed when the fight occurred at the State House explains why he is refusing to return to Juba and call for a special protection force to intervene in South Sudan to guard him.

The emergence of these details concerning what happened in Juba on that fateful afternoon makes it impossible for the government and the South Sudanese populace to accept a third party intervention in the country at this time.

What needs to happen instead is for IGAD to launch an investigation into the events which occurred at the State House in Juba to establish its cause. This process does not require any military intervention. It requires urgent criminal investigation to uncover the hidden facts.

The revelation indicating that a member of South Sudanese Presidency carried an undeclared gun while in a meeting with the president is quite serious. It reveals a gang’s mentality that has developed in the rebel movement. This gang’s mentality prevalent in the SPLM/A-IO is the factor driving the endless violence in South Sudan.

South Sudanese would want to know why Mr. Machar carried a gun into the meeting at the presidential palace in Juba.
Those who call for Mr Machar to be replaced with someone else from his party are right. He is no longer a politician but a potential assassin, who is willing to lead a death squad as we have seen at the State House in Juba. He should not be allowed to come near the State House again. He is a failed suicide bomber.

Malith J. Kur
London Canada


  1. Jungule says:

    Malith you Jieng always want to manipulate things in favor of covering up all what went wrong in the jieng government misrule of Republic of South Sudan turn to be Republic of jieng or Jieng Kingdom. haven’t you seen leaders in Africa and around the world caring a gun, if you did not I do not know where were you born and grow up. Leaders like Gaddafi, Eddi Amin, Thomas Shankara, Menkisto, to mention a few, all this leaders are caring guns all the time, does that mean that they violated any law, caring a gun is not a crime. What your saying is a cover up for a failed assassination attempt by the jce and the president on Riack life, if not why attacking Riack resident and the soldiers barracks the following day

  2. Peacemaker says:

    Mr. Malith,
    You cannot take what Salva says very seriously because he often lies. Both President Salva and VP Riek Machar had some of their body guards inside the palace but they were wise enough to remain calm. For how did he know that he had a pistol with out Riak exposing it? You should also hear Riak’s side of story before jumping to conclusion.

  3. Gatdarwich says:


    The truth is, it was your traitorous kinsman, killer nyankiir who had a pistol, but was overwhelmed with nervousness to use it after the shit got super hot at J1. The plan was to have killer nyankiir himself shoot Dr. Riek in close range, after killing all his bodyguards accompanying him, but the devils'(Dinka’s) carefully planned assassination attempt turned out ugliest and nastiest for malong’s poorly trained and non-battle tested militias period

  4. Deng deng says:

    Mr. Kur
    You are a member of Je ge Council of Evil and Professional liar. Your article is misleading and will not be taken seriously by informed southerners. The fact is ss has no leadership. What we have are criminal warlords who are always thirsty of blood.God is watching them and their days are numbered

  5. False Millionaire says:

    If u captured a chicken and have intention to kill it,which way could it escape u?
    Please do your self a favor.Listen to Yien Mathiew and take very seriously what he says.He is back in the forum.Our Bishop could have been forced to telerate him so far as many things he had predicted including Dr Riek losing a taile in Juba 2 have come to pass.

    • Jaro Soyi says:

      I child can figure out that your story is a conspiracy theory gone wrong.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      “Chicken”, whose forces totaling to only 1370 lightly armed troops, destroyed dozens war tanks with–AK-47s and PKMs, embarrassingly defeated over 30,000 heavily armed Dinka militias, and nailed over 2,000 of malong’s non-battle tested militias, is undeniably a mighty bird that you, the traitorous Jenges must acknowledged and should never again cowardly dare to capture-kill full stop
      Mighty Naath “chicken” is the greatest period

  6. Simba says:

    It is fascinating how the splm/ig always fabricates stories to get rid of machar their nemesis. First they said it was a coup in 2013 and was found to be a lie…then there was the fabrication that riek collaborates with khartoum,another lie,and now this.

    So now kiir is our source of truth? Laughable is this jce propaganda boy.

  7. alex says:

    Brothers there is much to say now.
    Machar has meshed up his political career

  8. Eastern says:

    Dear Malith,

    You Dinka zealots shouldn’t continue to make it area as if all is well and the recent skirmishes at J1 is something that can be wished away with such hogwash you’ve penned here.

    Kiir has leaped from the boiling cauldron into the fire; Kiir thinks by staging that deadly clashes at J1, he’d for good remove Dr Machar from the limelight. Days of battle was witnessed by the UN and the diplomatic communities in Juba leading to mass evacuations. The Juba onslaught on SPLA-IO (targeting Dr Machar really) was on grand scale using all the military hardware in SPLA-Kiir arsenal to “wipe out” Dr Machar and his inner circles. The attack on SPLA-IO encampments in Juba was not a case of failure in command and control but a coordinated attack directed by Kiir: using tanks, attack helicopters, artillaries, etc.

    The appointment of El Tabani only drives the final nail in the coffin of Kiir’s leadership as Dr Machar will continue to fight in self defence wherever he’s leading to a protracted war forcing the region and the world to intervene, taking over the country – this will humiliate Kiir the most!

  9. Kwacha says:

    Eastern, please stop insults. Do not insult the Dinkas or the Nuers but always put the facts. I concur with Deng who said “The fact is ss has no leadership. What we have are criminal warlords who are always thirsty of blood. God is watching them and their days are numbered”.
    In the absence of Riak and Kiir, South Sudan will enjoy prosperity.

    • Eastern says:


      Where have I insulated the dinkas and the nuers? I have always been as frank as the esteemed Editor can post my comments/responses. My reference to the acts of dinka in South Sudan through the Jieng Council of Elders amounts to zealotry at best. The Zealots were originally a political movement in 1st century Second Temple Judaism which sought to incite the people of Judaea Province to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the Holy Land by force of arms, most notably during the First Jewish–Roman War (66-70). Now what’s so differnt from that act in the 1st century from what’s happening today in South Sudan in the 21st century?

  10. Defender says:

    If the president is lying through his teeth all his life, what makes it plausible that he is telling the truth? This is the question that you need to pose and answer at the same time. Kiir has nothing that is important to him than power. He can cheat, kill and pray at the same time to protect what he gained by the sheer foolishness of his comrade, who under the influence of emotional loss of Dr. Garang, gave him power without reflecting on the disaster they have created.

    This is the reality of our situation in South Sudan. We cannot blame everything on Machar and leave the other evil unblemished. This is JCE’s machination of working hard to deflect their reality on others but fail to accept their mess. This is akin to shitting on yourself then blame others when they point it out. I am yet to be convinced that Kiir has anything to offer the people of South Sudan except death and destruction.

    Since he took power or when it fell on his lap in 2005, Southern Sudan and South Sudan has been on a downward spiral that only an illiterate in his calibre will insist that it is going in the right direction. It is as if an illiterate is offered a book and asked to read, turning it upside down and narrating what others have told him about leadership and governance, pretending to be reading it from a text. This is the shenanigans that people such as this author are parading and with it their ignorance, whether educated or not.

    South Sudanese will not be subject to this situation for long because the laws of nature is all powerful than the might of guns. Examples are many, not far a field but within our own situation. Great dictators were once thought would not be removed but we saw them fall from grace with their empires. This is if those who are champions of reform are not able to wrestle power away from them and give it back to the people of South Sudan, who have suffered for many decades hoping that with their independence, a true change will bring them the hope that they bled to see come to fruition.

    So, the whole Jieng nation have focused on Machar as the sole evil but have not realized that form among them will rise another savoir that when compare to Machar, they will be in sorrow, crying that they have lost the golden opportunity for peace and unity had the heeded the call of Machar to check their unvarnished thirst for anarchy. power without a vision or wisdom to see the what he has been calling for all along. When that time come, we will, whether on earth or heaven, all will have their judgement.

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