Dr. Machar on right side of South Sudan history and his opponents on the reverse

By: Gatkuoth Lok, APR/16/2015, SSN;

In this rigorous analysis, we’ll focus on Dr. Machar, the SPLM/SPLA- IO chairman and his politico-contemporaries namely Dr. John Garang and president Kiir Mayardit. In this respect we shall briefly explore and detail the grounds on which it is inevitably right and suitable to attribute the independence of South Sudan to Machar and necessarily ascribing democracy to him undoubtedly.

Besides, we will further be able to explicitly expose Machar’s political pursuit in 1990s on compared to Garang’s as well as his political ideology in evaluation to Kiir’s political ideology.

In the course of this demanding discussion we expressly ought to figure out the ideals harbored by the said troika-political-leaders and to find out who among these leaders truly became instrumental in terms of his ultimate goal plus his political ideology as well during and after the SPLM or SPLA liberation struggle and who remains truly non-instrumental, not workable to date.

This in the end shall land us to sincerely and wholeheartedly admit that Dr. Machar Teny is the only politician in this Republic with his country deeply seated in his very heart.

Based upon his unquestionable nationalism and patriotism in objectively choosing what works best for the citizens of this blossoming Democracy, Machar qualifies himself not only the father of this country but also the leadership best exemplary for the country as a whole, Africa and indeed fits himself for the rest of the world at best.

Having seen the topic under discussion-being workable, sounding and resounding worthy proving thesis, the key questions one is about to ask here are what the author does have in mind on the issue in question and whether or not he may be knowledgeable about the history of South Sudan. Have it gone through and examined.

Prior to embarking on the matter and giving some possible solutions to those mentioned doubts I would rather like to inform us dear readers whether or not you like it, that politics per se, in South Sudan political perspective, in my viewpoint and probably beyond is to politically morally and militarily fight for the total freedoms and benefits of the people of one’s own politically defined territory.

Coming back to the topic at issue, the question is, has Dr. Machar fought for what about which this author places him at the right side of the history of this politically defined territory known as the Republic of South Sudan?

Can we rationally and empirically give undoubted and undeniable vindications to make our thesis valid? Next we shall get settled in the succeeding dialectical reasoning. What for?

Good enough, we are going to work out to give sufficient rejoinders in the following subtopics notably; ‘Machar over Garang’ and ‘Machar over Kiir,’ two of which function for substantiating the given thesis. Have a look below then.

Dr. Machar over Dr. Garang

Did Machar win the history of the liberation struggle over Garang? I answer, yes he won it. Now scrutinize critically, in 1991 Dr. Machar disagreed with Dr. Garang on what to fight for. Why?

Simply because Machar thought it right that to fight for Self-determination consequential to the Independence- the total beneficial freedom to the people of southern Sudan, would rather work best for the common good or will of southern Sudanese.

This Machar’s better off antithesis opposed to Garang’s below worse off thesis became the best choice during the referendum on Machar’s self-determination.

Dr. John Garang thought it, erroneously right that to fight for unity of Sudan under new basis would rather be workable for the greater good of all marginalized Sudanese. This was or is a good idea however, unworkable. This is the straw which broke the camel’s back.

This hot rupture got resolved when Machar and Garang themselves realistically agreed to sign the comprehensive peace agreement, CPA, that enshrined their pursuits and the two principal leaders made what is documented as Nairobi declaration, in 2002.

This courageous decision from our dear leaders helped us to choose between their said pursuits, namely Machar’s secession and Garang’s unity of Sudan in a conducive environment. The question pops up, which one did we choose for its workability and which one did we not choose for its unworkability?

In answering this question, what got actualized in favor of southern Sudanese destiny was Dr. Machar’s political pursuit; being self-determination resultant to our breathtaking Independence, on 9.7.2011. This is now Machar’s victory. And this historic and historical victory for Dr. Machar happened when Dr. Garang died in Museveni-Kiir helicopter crash, unfortunately.

Where did we leave Garang’s pursuit then? Eh, Dr. Garang’s pursuit, unanimously and contemptuously was left to Malik Aggar and Yasir Saed el Arman (SPLM or SPLA-N leaders) in the North Sudan by us who have chosen freedom in the sovereign South.

Without any doubt, it follows that our thesis that Dr. Machar won over Dr. Garang in terms of their political pursuits has been proved beyond any reasonable reservation.

Any shadow of doubt yet? No, not at all, though it shall bewilder ordinary readers yet clear to those who are able to discuss ideas, ideologies and philosophies. What of the death in 1991?

Looked at superficially, one may ask why Dr. Machar’s 1991 correction declaration victimized a lot of people from different communities. And another person may enquire whether possible blames can be objectively put on both sides of the then conflict and lifting irrational bias of being unjustly judgmental on Machar and excusing Garang to remain blame-free, while in reality Garang himself was the prime cause of the war.

Yet another may still in confidence think that Garang is blameworthy while Machar is praiseworthy. A concerned person still might further ask of who will be liable for the deceased death between these opposing protagonists.

Giving somewhat answers to the proceeding questions, I must say that because the prime cause of the 1991 split was Garang himself for he imposed unworkable pursuit – unity of Sudan, he, Dr John remained answerable.

Garang influenced a lot of South Sudanese including my granddad to fight for what they were less aware of. That was inhuman to use people who were unable to know the purpose of their fight against anyone, or right exponent as Machar.

All those people just followed Garang for the sake of following him. They all got lost in the world of they-ness, epistemologically speaking, so to speak. So correcting this trend, for Machar was or is never ever sacrosanct, rather the reverse.

When hearing people today blaming Machar for fighting for Self-determination consequential to dream became true Independence, as pronounced by Dr. Machar himself the day before the Independence celebrations, they merely do that in hope to assassinate his very personality and to vilify his name in order for him to have no chance to become president of this country for the man shall change the false history of South Sudan, Garang’s new converts fear.

We can see that it is a manifestation of a deep seated hatred against Machar for it is known in general ethics that when two evils occur you rather go for the lesser evil.

Now what do we benefit from that lesser evil which Machar opted for?

Looking into those queries and speculations-they get resolved partly by Machiavellian theory which is applicable here, for it says ‘the end justifies the means.’

Then, that partly the death of our people in the aforesaid war year was never intended whatsoever. This necessitates forgiveness and reconciliation countrywide in due time.

Again in the light of Machiavellian theory mentioned, the rational question to ask is, is the aforementioned 1991 case an exception? To me the answer is negative that it isn’t.

Is South Sudan Independence a valuable freedom for all South Sudanese of different walks of life? I answer with affirmative, then why brooding over the death of our people whose untimely death, which is sacrificial one, turned out as our today’s pride?

Can we not be heartened and solaced by this fact, which reads in this embodiment: our fallen heroes and heroines died in fighting for the extant independence in one form or the other; hence they did not die in vain?

For we all cry when commemorating their lives and duties as well as we all laugh when remembering their epoch achievements on our existent Independence. This kind of political action is not sacrosanct as I alluded to somewhere above. It is one of the useful-meaningful side of politics. It might resonate resembling what is known as necessary evil politically speaking. Let it be.

We have to bear it embracing the spirit of tolerance resulting to realization of our common good minus what takes us apart genuinely loving what binds us together effecting prosperity coming into existence, and this is tantamount to happiness of us all.

Next we turn to discuss how Machar’s political ideology is overshadowing Kiir’s.

Dr. Machar over Mr. Kiir

Dr. Machar is now winning over Mr. Kiir. What is the reason for this? To right away answer you without any further ado, I must say that Dr. Machar has got a doable political ideology opposed to Kiir’s. This brings us to wonder of what the two political key players’ ideologies may be. What are their political ideologies then?

Let us answer in the following order. Machar be first and Kiir next.

What is Machar’s political ideology? In short, Machar’s political ideology is none other than Democracy. In this democracy or government, Machar’s system of governance as he already fine-tuned, is federalism. And this federal government shall get undergirded by a federal constitution, which is the skeleton of the sovereign state of South Sudan.

Then this constitution embodies all fundamental rights, especially inalienable rights of all men and women viz: South Sudanese and others. It also contains diverse provisions on how best different public institutions can get re-established and how preeminent they ought to function.

It implies that justice content too, is guaranteed; be it the rule of law, rights and equality ….etc. Such a tremendous success be compelling us to impose both transparency and accountability rigorous application in all state public institutions and this encompasses all three government levels, notably; federal, state and county.

This is synonymous to radical eradication of corruption in the country; hence it is the potential emergence of much needed prosperity.

This exactly is consequential to Machar’s would-be prosperous African tiger: a democratic federal state of South Sudan, in which Mabior, Ajawin, Udiki, Gatdet, Tombe, to mention a few from our beautiful diverse ethnic groups, all indiscriminately shall be enjoying Machar’s state of equal rights, identical dignity, equivalent opportunities based on merit and so on.

Next is the instillation of the what-ness of Kiir’s political ideology, what is it all about?

Well, Kiir’s political ideology is all about dinkocracy as ElHaj Paul oftentimes labels it or what the distinquished Professor David Dechand characterizes as Kiirocracy or it was also characterized as benyocracy by professor Taban Loliong of the university of Juba and this typical government by definition is a government of Dinka by the Dinka for the Dinka. Such dinkocracy is for Dinka elders, a real substitution of democracy and its definition.

The system of governance in this respect is totally a confused way of intermittently talking to use decentralized system of governance and ending up practicing centralized system of governance that is branded as quasi-decentralized system of governance directed by Dinka elders based on a policy known as muonyjiengism that embedded the necessity of institutionalizing a Jieng state, in which non-Jiengs have been criterioned to die in anywhere they are found.

South Sudanese have already witnessed the genocidal program of this Kiir’s Jieng state early when what I called Kiiroproject first got applied on Lou Nuer in 2006. This war by President Kiir killed approximately 6,000 or more.

Then the sequential killings went on to Shulluk (Chollo) kingdom where in Owacj 2010 and so more or less thousands of unarmed people were mass-massacred, Gawaar and Laak Nuer in Kaldak in 2011 were mercilessly annihilated. Bol Nuer in 2010 too were given the same treatment of their cousins and it reached Murle people in 2010-2013 where Kiir worked harder and harder to eliminate the whole tribe by all means, God forbids.

This paradigmatic Kiir’s ill-sequentialism of genocide resulted to its irrational action peak on 15.12.2013 during which all Nuers of different walks of life were criterioned as 91s by none other than president Kiir Mayardit himself.

All the aforesaid homicides of non-Jiengs were meant to pave Kiir’s way to possibly institutionalize an exclusively Jieng State in which Dinka’s ‘we-are-born-to-rule-and-not-to-be-ruled’ be implemented to its fullness.

This has been proved right by Bona Malual, one of the Jeing council of elders who explicitly put it clear that such a state has to exist by all means necessary, or else Dinka will have nowhere to go, Malwal argued.

Such killings to institutionalize Jieng state, need to be stopped by all the targeted abovementioned Nations plus targeted Nations in potency.

For if these Nations leave the problem to one Nation like Nuer, it will come to annihilate them one by one, should the Nuer be unable to stand their ground in full support of the SPLM or SPLA-IO, this is the intentionality of Kiir Mayardit.

I call upon all people South Sudan, particularly the experiencing Murle, Shulluk, Fertits and Equatorians, and Dinka Pandang that they should not easily forget the struggle for appeasement ranks and money. That all of you have to say enough is enough in a nationalistic way to Dinka government.

To sum up our thesis, existential logic obliges us to admit that Dr. Riek Machar Teny won over Dr. John Garang. And president Kiir is being won over by Dr. Machar Teny.

Based upon his mission, the independence of South Sudan that got actualized plus his vision, democracy tied with federalism, Dr. Machar has qualified himself to be called the founding father of this country who right now settles assured at the right side of this Republic history and his rivals settle uncertain at the reverse.

I expect a bitter reaction from Kiir’s Sycophants, tribal bigots, Jieng indoctrinated lackeys, radicalized diehards, quasi-professors and care-free cronies, all those who unknowingly or knowingly refuse objective knowledge, may be tempted to make some premature conclusions or shall start writing non-reflected upon responses, attacking personalities.

Should any one feel like doing so, let them, for methinks it is true for me to give you this simple piece of critique. If anyone should choose to write in a scientific way, let them, for that’s what I entertain most than the opposite. Have your strictures on this or otherwise. END

Buom Lok


  1. Force_1 says:

    Riek Machar to be anything in South Sudan politics; is the dream Riek Machar supporters will daydream to the end of their existence!

    • Toutoute Dagany says:


      If Dr. Riek and the White Army can easily cause the following domino effect in 1-year, what is gonna stop him from taking power by force from the crumbling Kirr’s & Elders’s Regime in the next few months???:


      I like your attititue and your likes because this only just boost our wrestling power off of splm-Juba easily since we have managed to cripple the economy – 100USD=900SSP’S now in the market, proving SPLM-JUBA ECONOMY IS DOWN ON THEIR KNEES CRAWLING!!

      The end of the ELDERS REGIME is now clearly visible on the horizon – no doubt.

      • Force_1 says:

        Toutoute Dagany;
        You remember 1990s when Riek join forces with Bashir aganist SPLM/A? What did you do then? You failed against SPLA and you took the walk of shame back to SPLA? What make you think you’re going to do anything today without Bashir forces behind you?

        Talk is cheap; why aren’t you in Juba now to take over the government? Do you have white army anymore? If so then count them and let me know their number! Do you know why Gatdet is not on the offensive but out there in hiding in the bushes? Are you Nuer smart enough to know why? Are you aware that you’re in disarray and hopelessly helpless to have power by force against Dinka?

        You’ve tried it in Juba on December 2013 and couldn’t do anything at all; and all you do was to go to the villages in Bor and killed innocent patients in Bor’s hospital beds, Churches and in villages who had nothing to do what what happened in Juba and you want to called yourselves brave by killing patients on hospital’s beds! You people are just not smart enough to know that you’re just highly irrational!

        Here is what you need to do if you going to response to this comment; don’t forget to tell us when Riek Machar will be president in South Sudan by tell us the year, month and the date he will be president in the future South Sudan.

        • Force-1;

          You need to go back 2 school, buy a book on elementary philosophy and read about ” cause and effect ” – which one comes first and which one second following the other.

          Otherwise you go ask Omer El Beshir which SPLA zonal commander broke his 2 legs with an AK47 bullet.

          Then come back and bark some more in the webb.

      • Bolabokdit says:

        Dr. John Garang once said we can forgive Dr. Risk Machar but history will not forgive him.This time around Risk will lose his life

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          After you failed terribly in assassinating him in a well organized fashion, this man will surely die a natural death. He is very guiltless and God denied you to be his murderer. Hundreds of thousands of UGANDA and 15,000 privately trained army from Bhar El Ghazel were present when he left Juba, leaving them with their tails tuck between their legs. Many of them had their AK47s glued in their hands looking for this man and he escaped in their face. Only God, his creator will take his life away but not you.

  2. AGUMUT says:

    Abusive and no more,he has abused All Dinka for no reason,Die boy Die.

    • Toutoute Dagany says:

      I think you and your likes (in SPLM-Juba) are the people Prophet Ngundeng collectively referred to as “gook nyaliep” as described in the verses below :

      Ngundeng continued to say “gook nyaliep, gook nyaliep cuare kuar kuon ruac Deng rol kene wea (cuor) ka jala ke mac mi riaw how.” It translates “Prophets (leaders?); prophets of Nyaliep don’t reject the leader; God rules the land with vultures and I am carrying a weapon that lightens the skies.” Again, I don’t know who he refers to by the name ‘Nyaliep’ that has prophets (leaders) who he cautioned not to reject the leader. And who is that leader? The elders I asked did not know.

      In what seems to be his assurances, Ngundeng said “Jal Deng ke mac mi riaw how, chan dial bi ku kaan ke Ngundeng, Ngundeng Bong laar jiak ka laar goy, cuara beera mat keel kene beer roal…luore cier e bee mo …e hoo ruac kuar ke nei ti mieng, ca laat caara cu pal ruec.” He says “God holds a weapon that lightens the skies (world); all the poor will survive because of Ngundeng; Ngundeng Bong says bad things and also says good things; don’t mix my flag with the flag of Jalaba…receive the star from the East….It is because the leader talks to the deaf, who have forgotten the messages of the black (cow)”. Again, here he refers to prophesies about South Sudan as prophesies about a black cow. He warned against combining the flag of Jalaba and that of his (South Sudan). It is not clear to elders what he meant by mixing of flags. Some say he might have meant the current GONU and GOSS flags used by Salva Kiir. Others also think that two different flags could simply symbolize his declaration of separation (two separate independent countries).

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Dear Toutoute Dagany:

        Certainly, the prophet Ngundeng was talking about mixing the South Sudan flag with the Sudan. And the leader he was attempting to introduce to the Naath (Nuer) people was General Kiir Mayardit. I also leraned that Ngundeng cut a tongue of a Bul into smalll pieces, threw them in the Air and then said that Nuer would just be like that tongue and would never be united nor agreed on anything. This means that prophet Ngundeng had cursed the Naath people for rejecting his prophecy. Is this true? If so , Please don’t let president Kiir curse you again.

        • Boll Akuoll;

          Don’t twist that curse to all Nuer, the bull are currently with you waiting the wrath of that finalization of the curse with you in SPLM-Juba currently.

          Even Ruai Koang was cursed and that explains his current position waiting the curse progress with Kirr and you guys.

          Every one that was too greedy about the “milk of the black cow” i.e. oil money has been cursed and is in splm-juba now – i.e. the dinkawew and nuerwew are all trapped in Juba and they will never scape the wrath of Ngundeng this coming summer.

  3. BILL KUCH says:

    Gatkuoth Lok,
    Well, I am glad you have acknowledged that people would object to your writing whereby you credited Dr. Machar for the independent of South Sudan. Anyway, for your information, you have been misinformed on the real Dr. Machar. So, only the dead person before the South Sudanese movements or yet to be born child should be the one who could believe your constructive history of Dr. Machar to be so. And please, if you are optimistic about Dr. Machar ruling South Sudan then you should be realistic unless he will remain a Nuer leader for life. Moreover, Dr. Machar went to Khartoum to get pay against Dr. John Garang and signed an agreement for South Sudan that did not work. Thereafter, he came back to Dr. John Garang for better position when he realized that, his treaty with Khartoum wasn’t working. Now, where are credits due? The leader who betrayed his people for his benefits is the one you need. Right? Dr. Machar affiliates himself with superstition by believing in traditional practice would never make him a better leader for all of us. Thx.

    • Bill Kuch;

      You may fruitlessly bark about and try to keep Dr. Riek Machar in your own locally imposed darkness, but technology will eventually betray and expose your small dark mindedness.

      Please watch following videos and witness how Dr. John Garang himself was convinced beyond doubt that Dr. Riek Machar was indeed telling the truth about the then “Sudan Problem” after all:
      It took Dr. John Garang more than 10years of dodging Dr. Riek Machar’s separatist bullets in order to come to above conclusion – that there had to be a U-turn of the whole fruitless SPLM/A Struggle.
      It is now Salva Kirr’s turn to dodge his share of the original separatist bullets meant for him.
      Whoever (regardless of tribe or ethnicity) died during those 11 years of that painful u-turn should be regarded as legitimate national martyr and their relatives should stop barking now about those deceased patriots because the end justify the means.

      Independent S. Sudan Oyeee!

      Dr. Riek Machar should have not apologized about those 1991 Bor Cross fire victims!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Toutetoute Dagany,

        Your name suggests that you are a Nuer from Leer County, where Dr. Machar hails from. You have been defending the right of the innocent Nuer civilians murdered in Juba, which as result caused this civil war we are in today. Thank you for your strong stand against the genocidal regime of Juba.

        Just to let you know, there is no malice intends in pointing out your county, but wanted to let you know that our Nuer way of telling the truth must be maintained. It is one thing that set us apart from others. You have different view regarding apology message from Dr. Machar to Bor – Dinka. The manner in which they were killed isn’t similar to how they killed Nuer in Juba. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make it less painful to them. We are Nuer; we are not Dinka. We value truth over falsity. I applaud Dr. Machar for doing the right thing. It is what honest and humble national figure should do. It is also Nuer’s nature of doing thing; we apologized if we done wrong to someone. It doesn’t make us coward; it is just adding meaningful manner to our already existing honesty. Hence, Dr. Machar has done the right and let us all stand behind him for that noble move he took. I know why you are against it; it is because our brothers from the other side of the fence took it as a weakness, the same to the compromise Dr. Machar took to rejoin rank with Dr. John Garang for sake gaining our independence from Jallaba. It was taken us weakness. With telling the truth, God will be on our side and hence, we shall succeed over these goons wishing for our demise.

        Stay bless!

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Toutetoute Dagany,
        Please, don’t blame me for Dr. Riek leadership style being in darkness, but you should direct that to those Nuers whom Dr. Riek always misused for his demeaning leadership of power greediness or himself. You should not look for power the same you do for food because leaders are being chosen by God. However, there is no darkness in Dr. Riek leadership somewhere else other than him believing in ngundeng. Well, not all Nuers, but most of Nuers are lazy to work on their own for living. They like free stuffs such as lootings, rubbings, and creating rebellions for the purposes of promoting themselves to the high ranking generals. So, you guys did not join rebellions for changes, but to acquire more ranks and that is all about. It seems to me like you got big mouth there and I don’t know what for! You definitely know very well that Nuer militias were the only one integrated into national army when there were none from Dinka or rest of the tribes. Also, we all knew that Dr. Riek did not mean his 1991 rebellion apology, but he tries to blackmail people to prove leadership position. If it was true then there would have been no reason for repeating the same mistake. An apology would be accepted by yet to be born child not us.

  4. A. Lako Lukudu says:


    There are more politicians that played a great deal for self determination…at the end of the day it’s the people’s choice that matters….Dr. Riak is seller and opportunistic that’s why he’s back in the bush…Dr. Jonh was dreamer and made sure the fight went all the way to Khartoum and gave Al Bashir a shock of his life when thousands showed up to meet him…option? Secession….Mr. Kirr has always been for self determination…if SPLA/M would have captured Juba from Sudan Government, Mr. Kirr would have remained in Juba to defend it while Dr. John would have continued to North Sudan with those of Mr. Malik Agar and company…Dr. Riak has been double dealing with enemy for a long time….all he had to do was wait for his turn to run in this years elections to redeem himself and repent his sins against the people of south Sudan.

    Sibu kalam farik!

    A Lako Lukudu

  5. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    Dear Force_1 and AGUMUT I kindly ask u both to be scientific not as u made fun of yourself!!

  6. DR reik is a hero, here we believe and we can not understand more then him,DINKAs they have betray as like animal they wont us to be slave to them ,but make Shure one day the opposition will be on the ground governing the whole south Sudan.and that will be the end of dinka kingdom and we will be calling it (dinkcollapcy). we are not created be dinka we are Created by GOD.they take our land by force. WAU NAR

    • alex says:

      If you are a thief then support this tribal Riak. He is the leasder of the currupt politicians and a friend to the Arabs.
      I think all Madi people are not like you who choose to eat together with a group of threaters and killers like this man called Riek.

  7. mindra says:

    hey lok,
    Good bulletin,but too long,
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,Madi corridor,EE

  8. Agook Mayek Riak says:

    Gatkuoth….your piece is a bluff and more so incoherent.That aside, what do we call “democracy” in Nuer language? It is a high time Naath should view Machar as a curse unto them and the people of South Sudan as whole. To borrow ideas in Goodluck Jonathan’s phrase, ” No one man’s ambition should be worth the blood of any single Nuer or South Sudanese for that matter”. Machar and all his SPLM colleagues’s(whether in Govt or in opposition) hands are drifting with the blood of the innocent South Sudanese and ICC is the place for them.

  9. alex says:

    Mr Gatkuoth Lok

    If this man has S.Sudan in his heart will he let the killing of innocent people in pretext of revange killing. He is waiting to answer the killing of 2000 people in Bor in 2013. He did the same thing in 1991 killing innoceent people is this the leader we S. Sudanese like?
    He instructed the killing of patients in the hospitals is this a true leader? He instructed the rapping of our old grand mum is this the type of the leader we want? He istructed the burning and destruction of hospital and university in Malakal is this the leader of the right side of history.
    Riek prevented SPLA in achieving victory in 1991 by capturing Juba instead he join the enemy forces to fight the SPLA is the leader who have S. Sudan in his heart.
    Riek refused the disarmament of the LUO or white army who were terrorising their neighbours the Murele and Dinka by looting their cattles. Is this a leader we want?
    Riek encouraged the formation of tribal army is this the leader on the right side of history?
    Riek encouraged curruption in Juba in the last eight years and he denied the issue of the sogam is this the leader we want?
    Riek went and acquire loan illigaly without consulting the S. Sudanese people is he the owner of ower resources?
    Riek can not agree with most politicians and he is a divisive factor is this the type of leader S. Sudanese want?
    Riek has no vision for the country is this the trpe of the leader we want?
    Riek is not a nationalistic is this the type of the leader South Sudanese need?
    Riek has a girlfriend a white lady and the son is married to white lady how will we protect our state secret and is this a type of a leader we want?
    Riek is now living in Khartoum and he is recieving wapons from Sudanese armed forces is this the leader we want?
    Riek betrayed our fellow Nuba, Dafur and Blue nile people by accusing SPLA is providing arms to this brothers is it not our moral obligation to help our fellow African people?
    Riek wanted to hijkt the Banks accouts of the petrolum money he want to open another accouts who gave him that power and is this the type of a leader we want? Somebody who think he is above all the people.
    Riek is not loved by 50+1 of S. Sudanese even within his own people the Nuer he does not command any support is this the type of a leader we need?
    Riek claim to fight for curruption in S. Sudan and yet he is top of the group will he name those currupet people is he is not a lair?
    Riek work with a currupt people with Taban Gai Deng is he able to fight curruption?
    Riek is not a principled man some other days with SPLM, Arabs, Lam Akol and again Arabs is this a type of a leader S. Sudanese want?
    Riek want to enforce things without S. Sudanese people to be consulted eg the issue of federal system is this the type of leader on the right side of history.

    It is sad to a group of people supporting a tribal and visionless tyrant like Riek. This man does not believe in elections , he is afraid of elections and his sole aim is to fail the country. So how much media propoganda you wage we will not let this nation to be ruled by unprincipled man and somebody without a vision. We would not like a leader who encourage tribal politics to achieve power and we watching him. The reason he is insisting for two armies is that he knows many people hate him and he is too scared to come and walk the streets in Juba


  10. Francis says:

    Dear writer,
    I quote:
    “I expect a bitter reaction from Kiir’s Sycophants, tribal bigots, Jieng indoctrinated lackeys, radicalized diehards, quasi-professors and care-free cronies, all those who unknowingly or knowingly refuse objective knowledge, may be tempted to make some premature conclusions or shall start writing non-reflected upon responses, attacking personalities.” end quote.

    What is Dinka Pandang? You are talking of Dinka or Jieng…kindly revise your logic. All the Dinka have taken up this country and turned it into Dinka Kingdom or we are faced with generalization here!

    Well any leader in South Sudan deserve to look for power by the means they see best, unfortunately; many innocent people die along the path for these leaders to come to the elm. 1997 Khartoum Peace agreement was signed to end with a referendum in four years but with the government of Sudan having the upper hand to extend the period. This agreement was signed by Riak Machar and his friends.

    Riak Machar mobilized mostly villagers telling them that Dinka are your enemies. 1991 and 2013 he did the same. But unfortunately some came to look for booties and possess a gun. Something that was done for Malakal and also for Bor and and all were pointed to go to Juba to take whatever they can lay hands on. Machiavellian indeed, come to power by all means because the end justifies.

    Kiir and Riak and the G-11+ enjoyed the loot and booties of this country. They jointly looted the country and never put in place institutions. People came from villages and were accommodated in hotels unfortunately which belong to them. The nations money was used to pay the bills, government officials were also accommodated in the same way. Can you tell me that these people have vision or mission to accomplish except to entrench their own cohorts whether in government or in opposition to continue to loot the country. All have failedto run ten states and what will become of mushroom states when the tradition in South Sudan is to do good to your native and relatives at all cost?

    I can say many things, bu let me leave it to others, South Sudan is not mine alone. Let us agree to destroy it? But I will not be part of it. Go on, all the tribes of South Sudan.

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      Dear Francis, you asked me to revisit my logic claiming that I committed a fallacy of generalisation on Dinka or Jieng, but that is untrue bro. Any mention of the said names is either referring to Dinka govt. by Salva Kiir n Dinka council of elders or Jieng state in the making……. For your information you will not find any statement generalizing Dinka or Jieng that “all Dinka or Jieng” are these and that, for that’s a fallacy of generalization, which I know better and I cannot commit it for this fallacy is oftentimes committed for good reasons.

      Regarding your point of sharing booties among the then govt. officials, I doubt whether u r scientific here for u write like a common man dear, Machar isn’t implicated in anyway in this practice n the rest r answerable for their accusations. Mr. Francis, you rather sound a memorizer than an independent thinker or u r lost in the world of they-ness. Well stay well, but learn things as they are not as you are told they are without any rational reflection.

  11. Tombe Gboro says:

    Gatkuoth Lok,

    Neither Garang nor Machar is the father of South Sudan. If South Sudan has fathers — they are many. Here are the list of those fathers:

    1- Satrulino Lohure
    2- Joseph Oduho
    3- Agrey Jaden
    4- Joseph Oduho
    5- Emilio Taffeng
    6- Gordon Muortat Mayen
    7- Joseph Lagu
    8- Kerubino Kuanyin
    9- Gordon Kong Chuol
    10- Paulino Matip Nhial
    11-William Nyuon Bany

    • Tombe Gboro,

      Read Gatkuoth’s article again I do not think you understood what the article is talking about. Mr. Gatkuoth said Dr. Machar is on the right side of South Sudan history. However, he did not say Dr. Machar is the father of South Sudan. Of course Dr. Machar is one of the fathers of the nation, there would be no question about this if Gatkuoth mentioned it on his article, but he did not said this.

      Gatkuoth said Dr. Machar is on the right side of South Sudan history because he believes that Dr. Machar policies line up very well with general public opinions. And Gatkuoth believes that if Dr. Machar is given chance to rule, South Sudan would be much better off in term of development and co-existence of her citizens.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatkuoth,
    Are you really so idle n have nothing else to do in your life than wasting time dwelling on Riak,Kiir and Garang?Just go for a sport recreation and after exhaustion,you may recover regenerated thoughts to be able to understand that there can be still RSS with our society without any one of your three protagonists.

  13. Toutoute Dagany says:

    If Dr. Riek Machar doesn’t become president of S. Sudan that means this whole bull of Sovereign S. Sudan be damned to Somalia status. GUNS (greater upper nile state) will be better off being annexed to Sudan Kordofan or Ethiopia Gambella. This will be better than surrender submission to stupid self fish idiots and murderers of unarmed civilians of Dec. 15!
    This is the absolute Red Line – that Dr. Riek Machar, the eyes of S. Sudan Citizens CANNOT become president of the federal republic of S. Sudan. If Riek Machar is a citizen of S. Sudan we will install him by force if need arise. The White Army will be forced to adopt Dr. John Garang + Salva Kirr style of staying in power if you internet idiots reject the appeal for democracy – Mark My Words very very carefully!! If you reject the 40-40 deal, you will end up total losers with nowhere to hide in SPLM-IO S. Sudan regime.
    In another prophesy which is thought to mean the conflict involving all parts of S. Sudan, Ngundeng said “Cango wa gaako piny be tee wany wany, be ku wany en piny, be wany mani kany cang, mani kuony cang, cuec de hoa ba wany, cam hoa be wany.” “The day I will get angry the land (nation) will be unstable; it will be unstable; it will be unstable in the East, up to the West; south of it will be unstable; north of it will be unstable.”
    In what elders thought was a situation of an imposed final war on the South that would also be different from the wars fought in the past; Ngundeng also said “Koor e thaar rele rode ci dual ngoang gat gualeen, cieng guari ci duale ngong, nyan nyan koor e kua jol ni wal …kora col yiene mieth beel.” Translation, “The war of last year (before) is different; I am tired of being afraid my step brother; people of my father’s land, I am ceasing to get afraid; I have been trying to avoid war for a very long time…do you think my war is like eating grain?” In another portion he continued by saying “yoate thony e bi kuake duoth, kathi rodu nhiam Deng ke taath mi boor, ken wii wal bike ku ruac..10y…?.” This translates “I will hit the circumcised (salfa kirr or malong); and he will leave behind all his properties; kirr or malong has come across God who holds a big brand new spear; the ten states will finally be ruled by…10y…? A “big brand new spear” to elders may mean a type of modern weaponry. Also note that I cut off some of the last sentence because of its sensitivity.
    He also said, “Ken jiook ka ci kena ngar-ngare…caa goola yoac mac ci goola de riaw, wec jiath da thiele coah, coah ni coa ran…gaat ji hook e mo ca ngaai.” Translation, “My dogs have played against me; they have dragged my family (nation?) on to fire; my family almost got destroyed; among our trees have no other bones; only the bones of humans; my children, I don’t know why.” And he continued in another portion that “Mi waa rode thaac luak ba gaat ka ciol…ba gaat ka col I bia luaak bi rol kon ben jiek ni rey luak, e luak Deang yith puar.” Translation, “When I reach (control) all the corners of my luak (greater upper nile state =guns) I will call my children to come so that splm-juba will get us in our land (guns); let the Luak(guns) reach to the skies.”
    Another one says, “Ba yioku yiath, ba yioku yiath luak Ngundeng cie jen kuaa Nguene, me kua nguen bia kule we ni yicia widun guandong.” It says, “I will use your weapons, I will use your weapons because Ngundeng’s nation has been envied; where will you go as it has been envied; return to God as the last choice.”
    Ngundeng also predicted the return of his dang (rod), which was taken to South Sudan from Great Britain after 80 years, when he said in his song, “Mi ciaa thuok ke ruac noonge dang, en mac thok eni nyuura.” This translates, “If you have finished with the talks (debates) bring my rod (dang); I, the language grabber, am still seated.” Elders say the timing of return of Ngundeng’s rod was in accordance with his prediction. Some say the talks could mean the Naivasha peace talks in Kenya or the current IGAD-PLUS talks. Others think it means the current debates going on in the implementation of the CoH’s. But they all agree that the return of dang symbolizes the return of power which they said was lost since 1920s, or acquisition of modern weaponry. This, like others, is also a food for thought.
    He also said “Kuar dang nguan ngot ni joor jal ke jur ti kur ke bathdor …bi wang cuec de a cang kene pay.” It translates “Four leaders are yet to come with hundreds and thousands of strangers (forces)…on my right eye will be sun and moon.” Elders think that these hundreds and thousands of strangers that are yet to come may mean foreign forces of aggression against South Sudan by about four countries. But Ngundeng said they would also be defeated. Again, this is a food for thought


    • alex says:

      Toutoute Dagany we know all this hidden agenda. We are not stupid people, we know Riak is fighting for power but enough is enough he should be denied that power. If you want to use force to install him that is fine. It indicate your behaviours. Although you people are trying to hide that you are wicked people we S. Sudanese know your group well..
      We know you were againist us having our own nation since 1991 when Riak see SPLA were about to score victory, he broke away and start to fight the SPLA siding with the Arabs. To day when Riak sees investors were planning to come to S. Sudan he staged a coup. Its is good that you said it and we will not let you to sell S.Sudan. We will defend thiis nation until those who want to go to Sudan will choose either to remain in slavery or come and join your brothers in S. Sudan. The country belongs to us all but you have right to choose were you want to stay. Some people are born naturally they enjoy slavery but not SPLA. We are libertors and will shade the last drop of our blood to defend the nation from hopeless people. We will bring any goverment of Riak down whether by bullet or popular upraising and force him to flee to Sudan. Never and Never will backward people like you who believe in nonsence will be allowed to spoil this country. We want to prove to you that ngundang prophase will not work in this mordern world. Anyone who want power should come through elections but not through short cuts. You must also respect the constitution. These are two red lines that must not be crossed for those of you who are dreaming of power. People of S. Sudan must elect you to the top office in the country and you must respect our constitution. If you fulfil these two conditions you must be allowed to rule the country because it belongs to us all.


      • Alex;

        As far as we are concerned the real constitution has not yet been made in S. Sudan – what you call constitution was the temporary one that was made by John Look under the influence of whisky to please his whisky buyer -Salva Kirr.

        We are coming to design the real Constitution when we finish kicking your butts this summer. After that we will go for the real election with the White Army guarding J-1 against ballot rigging from King Kirr.

        You should have realized that Ngundeng has banned the milk of the black cow (oil money) because you foolishly used it to kill his innocent unarmed nuer children. Oil is now 40usd a barrel in the Ngundeng International Oil Market – gottit?!! El Beshir takes 25usd leaving splm-juba 10usd to fight the coming war against the white army soon.

        100$ = 900ssp’s in Juba now am I right??? That’s it! You are done.

        M7 will leave S. Sudan as soon as the Middle East refuses to extend your saturated debt ceiling line of 10billion USD’s in 3-years.

        Very soon we shall see whose blood is the reddest -nuer blood or jieng blood!

    • bol akuol says:

      Toutoute Dagany:

      Please be a disciple of Ngundeng and forget about the presidency of Riek Machar. That lunatic, Riek Machar will never rule Nasir/Leer, leave alone ROSS which he betrayed in 1991. Believe you me if Riek Machar becomes president of RSS, I will change my name to Angelina Teny. President Kiir Mayardit was so stupid to forgive and make Riek Machar vice president of RSS. As from now on, Riek Machar will never rule ROSS whether by Ballot or Bullet.

  14. GatCharwearbol says:

    Gatkuoth Lok,

    This is very impressive piece but too long. I prefer short and sweet and to the point articles otherwise superb article it is. As you expected, I also expect nothing thus, both of us aren’t disappointed because we weren’t expecting anything opposite to what many commentators have written here in an attempt to suppress you and others.

    After scanning through these comments, I found no constructive criticism to counter your piece. All I see is naming callings and negative perspectives on it. All the same, it is what you expected.

  15. Dengchol Machar Atem says:

    Dear Gatkuoth Lok,
    I have gone thoroughly into your objective analysis and I find nothing unusual therein. Eventually there is diehard supporter of every politician as you’re on Dr. Riek’s side today. But perplexingly wondering why our intellectuals always reside with their relatives or sons rather than investing where ideas matters. Your analysis is not long rather is full of banalities and twisting of realities to suit your egoism. In your comparison of Dr. Riek Machar over Dr. John Garang, you credit Dr. Riek to had won the war strategy of what to fight for. But you failed short to mention where did Dr. Riek end afterward. When Dr. Riek lose the war and subsequently strategies, he surrendered himself to Khartoum elites and become betrayer’s for he stabbed movement at the back when it was near-victory time. Is this a victory? Also, there is no better word to describe 1991. Even though you attributed to differences between Dr. Riek and Dr. John Garang, one can still ask a question of how differences in war strategies as you claimed takes the life of innocent civilians in thousands and made millions IDPs? It was disconsolate calamity as always shown by documented degrees of disaster and by-time atrocities. And it remains a crime against humanity and particularly South-west Dinka (Duk, Twic East & Bor counties). It’s forever acrime as evidnce by his recent apology on the 16/08/2011, he undoubtedly admitted!
    Mind-less, justifying 1991 Bor massacre in whatever manner will also be use as a means to justify others!
    As you rightly put it, democracy is all about laws and their applications in crime against humanity, corruption name them! Are you aware that Dr. Riek Machar is amongst “nouveau riche” politicians in South Sudan? To who will he start the said democracy? I believe to be a step forward and lead exemplary for Dr. Riek Machar to come to book not through denials and pouch of Kangaroo court.
    Plainly, whether Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. John Garang, Dr. Aduok would-be entitled as “Father of the Nation” defends on collective analysis of Southerners not individual. But personally, Dr. Riek Machar can not and will never be the founding “Father” of the nation called South Sudan. He have unique gift of blood which become a conventional wisdom among Southerners…Why G10 refused to joined him? simply they don’t want to be hold accountable for shedding innocent blood. Think how Dr. Riek Machar blackmail youngsters of Nuer in 1991 and 2013 respectively?
    Honestly, Dr. Riek Machar would have been another chrismatic leeader like Dr. John Garang, however he always mislead by significant others and Ngundeng’s prophesies. But I’ll leave it upon his diehard supporters to bring him to presidency but one thing, it will take you longer to come-up with genuine multivariate- based political equation for Dr. Riek Machar to be a president and Father of South Sudan Nation. I loathe him!

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Brother ngundeng,
    I find your work on the real messages of God to the voice of the prophet ngundeng to be very interesting,enlightening and fantastic.But you have eclipsed your great scholaristic image that has enabled you to achieve such a difficult task by concluding so narrowly that,”If Dr Riak doesn’t become president of S.Sudan that means this whole Bull of sovereign S. Sudan be condemned to Somalia status”.And what’s next:you continue,”Guns(greater upper nile)will be better off being annexed to Sudan Kordofan or Ethiopia Gambella”.You have become too confusing at this point provoking such questions as what place is really yours in the story.I would have believed that you are a historian documenting the prophet’s messages with certain unbinding measures of interpretaion.But you have over stepped that limit to speak of Dr Riak becoming president or disintegration of RSS in case he doesn’t.How would justify all that and you have failed to produce verses in which prophet ngundeng has predicted such outcome?Or ought we believe that in reality you are God who gave the verses to ngundeng,that you are ngundeng who revealed the verses to the masses in 19th centuary and that now you are the same God and ngundeng who is interpreting the practical meaning of the verses?

    It’s better to assume a position of great responsibility becouse stakes are very high and consequencies will be very grave if you ever finished misleading the masses!!!

    • Dear Dinka Bound Slave man: False Millionare:

      I know you committed yourself to be a Dinka slave and you accepted Kiir to the bottom of your heart to be your master for the rest of your life. Your money hungry heart prompt you to accept evil president who commits untold crimes over people. However, do not criticize those who have not, are not, and will not want to be slaves. Gatkuoth Lok is comparing Dr. Machar, Dr. Garang, and President Kiir’s performance in the government and during struggle for independent which you did not took part. His finding indicated that Dr. Machar is much better than Dr. Garang and President Kiir in performance.

      Dr. Machar is the most main character of the struggle of South Sudan independent, 1991 split, and 2013 South Sudanese conflict. This is the key reason why Mr. Gatkuoth Lok is comparing Dr. Machar with Dr. Garang, and President Kiir. So it is you False Millionare who is extremely confuse, but not Gatkuoth LoK because you are resisting change. You are hiding behind corrupted president who is humiliating your own people just for sake of money. You value money too much more than human life.

      Come back to Dr. Machar. If Dr. Machar was the rebel leader in 1983, South Sudan would have achieved her independent in less than 20 years, and if Dr. Machar was the president of South Sudan, South Sudan would never have gone back to civil war. As you know without doubt that Dr. Machar works with people intelligently with wisdom and patience. When it come time to make tough decisions, Dr. Machar is guided by his vision, personal competence, self-awareness, self-management, social competence, social awareness, and interpersonal skills. Dr. Machar would have passed laws that could treat all the citizens of South Sudan equal regardless of your position in the government.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    Is it the spirit of ngundeng’s spirituality that has failed to work to save you or have you simply refused to jump into a lake after swallowing a bottle of whisky and ayak as I have advised you to do on our last exchanges?I am surprised to see you come back in total contradiction to anything in my comments under Mr Gatkuoth’s article.I advise you to exercise sports recreation and after you should have shit off the whisky,you could retain a sense of purity that might bring you fresh thoughts.

    It’s a pure stroke of good luck for the likes of yours who have this forum to express yourselves but without anything to express.That’s most unfortunate becouse any consensus that may bring conducive conditions to harmonize the society from the difficulties we are facing requires constructive views of debates with objectivity based on facts.Accordingly,”If Dr Riak Machar is much better than Dr Garang and president Kiir”,that’s your view.But I have a counter argument to contradict you.I say that you are wrong.Dr Riak is not better than the two.Why?Becouse he is a party to the events of 1991 and those of 15 December 2013 in which many lives of innocent citizens were lost with the means of living of the surviving victims destroyed.That is just to be brief but furthering the argument can include acts of corruption in which Dr Riak was the champion among the thieves who stole billions of dollars of the oil money.

    In so far as my view in the debate is as I have disclosed,the other participants on the forum have the right to express their views including the right to contradict my position.That is what is democracy and at the end,our positions will be subject to vote to produce the final result that is called consensus.If Dr Riak ever becomes president of RSS by the merite of consensus,even if my position stands against him in the debate,I will be among the first citizens to swear allegeance and loyalty to his leadership.

    Consensus is the only possible way Dr Riak can become RSS president.If the sacred facts of this civilized reality escape your comprehension,I am sorry to say that you and your likes have condemned yourselves to an infinite hell fire becouse violence will never put him in the helm of RSS presidency!!!

    • False Millionaire,

      Often time you tell me I drink “whisky” while you are the real drinker of whisky. I know this because children born to parents who do not have cattle are raise with whisky. Those parents keep special whisky for children instead on milk. People like you start drinking whisky as young as one years old. Because you are so addicted to whisky that is why you brought it up on every your single comments.

      The “Hell” that you have been wishing other people to enter and you have been sucking in your mouth like tobacco will not avoid you. Supporters of murderer president and stealers of public money like you will never miss hell. If you do not know this take note today that there is real flaming fire that has been made ready specifically for you. Stop complaining wishes and start to worry about your own hell and fade of your master.

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      Dear False Milliionaire, your point on Dr. Machar, being a party to 1991 and 2013 events cannot in anyway disqualify him not to become president of South Sudan rather than qualifying him winner over his aforesaid opponents as well as qualifying him too father of this Republic of ours, who is doubly qualified to become president of this country. Why? Simply because his pursuits in all those events upon which I argued in the article are all in the end becoming salvific choices of all South Sudanese. Good examples are: 1- ‘Independence’ is actaulised on 9.7.2011 and no question that it was Machar’s ultimate telos, end, pursuit, or goal that he achieved by us all. 2- His current cause, democracy plus federalism-being now prevailing to be embraced by us all sooner than later compared to Kiir’s dinkocracy, which is Jieng choice, for it suits them though a shame to some dinka intellectuals, yet imposed on them by dinka council of elders for its profitability to them at the expense of South Sudanese. Hence, u agree with me that to correct Garang to embrace Machar’s mission of southern Sudan Independence is holy. Likewise to correct Salva Kiir to embrace Machar’s vision of democracy is life saving and salvation to us all. Therefore; our thesis that Dr. Machar is at the right side of South Sudan history is binding and irrefutable.

      Regarding your point that violence will not be a means to bring Machar to presidency, dear False Millionaire, Dr. Machar did not chose to correct his opponents in a violent way, but violence has every now and then been imposed on him by his opponents because of his counter pursuits and permanent politico-ideology: democracy. However, I doubt whether or not you are serious on the essence of politics here. Rethink bro, yet I personally respect your opinion. Stay rational and pragmatic.

  18. Hoiloom says:

    Toutoute Dagany,

    Thanks for teaching the public about Ngundeng’s prophecy. The final battle will be fought this summer and Kiir will not rule beyond July 2015. Other prophets in the bible speak about the current events in South Sudan. Isaiah chapter 18 in particular is talking about the Nuer.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      You’re very true. Isaiah is exactly talking about Nuer. If anybody is interested to know, read Isaiah chapter 18.

  19. Alier Gai says:

    How would it be that the military condomn of the two sudans be a father of the nation he doesn’t even know? John garang said it clearly that I was using macher and bashir is using him now and he will be back for another use. It became clear of who this guy is when he returned to garang in 2002, and garang was right and he needed this borrowed condomn then. Now, he is back to bashir for another use, and kiir will soon borrow the condomn and put it on for use, too. The lord resistent army (lra) is even in negotiation to borrow this condomn for their good use. Where is self-determination he guides here? Where is another condomn to be compared with for its use? You are fretting about macher’s fate looming around the corner, because its use has expired and the life extension has become human hazard. He is harmful to the people of south sudan, and therefore we don’t need him. Mecher is known internationally as one of those of osama bin al den, who acts to promote self-narcissism in the name of religion, race and hatred among the people of God’s given tongues and colors. Ngundeng has become a center of macher”s soul-saving figure in his life. He is using devil’s face to connect himself with those people who believe in illusion of their immoralities. 1991 and 2013 are just two prime examples with no lying escape of who you said to be, when he luanched his village’s army on the nation and particularly on the dinka who blocked his claimed promise from ngundeng, he failed after time and again to fill up that negative dream. His impure politices and his dirty activities are of a hazing rituals against human morality and against the logic minds of any other banal human beings you might have come short to accept in your writing. We are jaded by comparisons for we are knowing the short list of our founding fathers in the stored data of south sudan. Do you know nyuon bany and gai tut are two nuers in ranks than this fake claimed leader? I am talking about nuers, not garang, kiir, lagu or the greater jaden.
    He was not who you highly lauded in the past and nor will he ever be of the founding fathers in the history of our nation in the future. Mind your business and don’t worry about the nation’s one face. Crimes hold him they know.

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      Alier Gai, you have not done anything in refuting the rationale why Dr. Machar is at the right side of our history. You docilely went astray to existential logic, which enables us here to focus exclusively to Machar’s mission=Independence, (actualized .9.7.2011) of South Sudan and his vision=democracy ( being now actualised) in comparison to Garang’s mission and vision; unity of sudan n hard socialism respectively. Salva Kiir is a person who is now working in institutionalizing Jieng state and its subsequential dinkocracy, two of which are in fact hell of nonejiengs. It follows that Machar is at the right side of our history and as such he is the father of this Republic based on his aforesaid mission and vision whereas Garang is a peace hero and Kiir, is a dinkocrat who is working in entrenching jieng state, it follows that Garang and Kiir are at the reverse side of our history as I put in the article. What u have done here in your comment is attributing all negative things on Machar, and this is always done by Kiir’s sycophants, tribal bigots, indoctrinated jiengs and radicalised cronies. There you are in those categories!. Dear Alier Gai, rethink to refute this irrefutable thesis of mine otherwise you are just making fun of yourself. Yet I respect your opinion, though irrational and bizarre.

      • Dear Gatlok,

        You have absolutely whipped this fake crybaby call himself Alier Gai. Your have successfully defended your thesis and I give you an A+ grade for the knowledge resulting from the comments.

        The fact that these guys are reduced to whining and cursing is evidence that we have defeated them with logic.

        No chronic wrong-doer Jieng Elder ever admitted defeat in public – a fact that will drag them deep into their graves.

        If Dr. Riek Machar doesn’t become president of this country, it will be a weakness that will haunt all of us for the rest of our lives.

        If Garang ruled us by force, Salva ruled us by default + force; why can Dr. Riek do the same if Nuer are also citizens and liberators of this country????

        What Hoiloom said quote below sums up our argument on your thesis:

        “….Some years from now the people of South Sudan will thank Riek Machar and Nuer for the sacrifices they have made to realize the dream of free and prosperous nation including those who wish him ill….”


  20. Hoiloom says:

    Alier Gai

    Stop using abusive language. Dr. Riek Machar is the only hope and the glue that keep South Sudan together. I understand your frustration as he, Riek is the only man in South Sudan who stand tall and challenge your corrupt leadership. Yes, I said it there is no other man or women in South Sudan who can challenge your Dinka Kingdom but a Nuer. Riek Machar and the Nuer in general will be pain in your ass until the whole system of government is overhaul. We shall not rest until the rule of law,a constitution that respective all individuals irrespective of tribal, religion or political affiliation is in place. The same Riek Machar who fought your late King for self-determination and was realized by our independence in 2011 is the same man who will bring federalism and good governance to this fragile nation, no matter what you crooks say or do. Dinka Kingdom is crumbling under your watch and you won’t reverse course. Some years from now the people of South Sudan will thank Riek Machar and Nuer for the sacrifices they have made to realize the dream of free and prosperous nation including those who wish him ill.

  21. alex says:

    Blindly the ignorant will be pushed to suffer and even death because of their lack of understanding. Rejected by 63 tribes and yet you claim Riak is popular is madness. The rebellion lacks support and you will continue to loose young man from your tribe for nothing. The brothers who could be useful are now being deceived to accept death for no reason.
    Why are you people afraid of elections if you thing you are popular so that people see how you people are going to win
    backwardness is a terrible disease. I really pity our innocent brothers who are being deceived for someone’s ambition.


  22. Hoiloom says:


    No one is afraid of elections but Kiir himself. Maybe you’re behind the news when Riek proposed reforms within SPLM party in 2013 which led to his sacking. It’s also the same Kiir who fears SPLM convention and made coup against himself to alienate his political opponents. So who is at fault here? Don’t lecture us about why Nuer rebel when your trained Gelweng militia targeted them in Juba in a house to house search for 5 days. Nuer have every right for self defense and there is nothing to apologize for. The rest of 63 tribes were not the target in your self made coup in December 2013. No one follow Riek Machar blindly but your collective punishment against the Nuer. Had you only gone after Riek Machar alone I doubt Nuer would have followed him.

  23. alex says:

    So you think you will be able to rule S. Sudan without the support of 63 tribes in the country. You are really isolating yourself more and more from the rest of the tribes. I think you did not follow the issue very well. Riak wanted secret ballot will the majority wanted open ballot where people will raise their hands and this is a type of elections used to elect school prefects. You can know if people really like you because people can just line behind you and there is no cheating but secret ballot some people who does not accept defeat sometimes can make claim that the votes were rigged. You need to leave what has happened a come back home to rebuild our country but the more you continue to insist to fight people will never trust your group. You people have also killed people in the context of revenge and you burnt hospitals, houses and University which we can not find its meaning. Burning the little things we have tried to build amount to destruction which we can not accept. You need to think of your future relationship with other tribes. You have problem even with the Murle so you need to take a serious evaluation of your selves. Even most Nuers do not support you can you explain what is the reason? Please you are our brothers it sometimes good to listen to advise from your brothers. Secondly the children in the war affected areas are not going to school which is a great lose to your people. Many woman are becoming widows so please brothers lets us leave this war. If you can come out and establish a good relationship with other tribes , Your group have high chance of ruling S.Sudan but the more you persist in fighting no one will trust you people. Third listen to the cry of the women. Fighting is not good brother and I hope you will be able to pass these massage to some of your brothers in the bush to come back home.


    • Crybaby Alex,

      Stop your serial hopeless lies and listen to what the responsible Jieng Intellectuals have to say below about the root causes of this Crisis:


      These wise Jieng are trying to save your sorry a$$es but you blindly refuse and silence them. Where will you run to when Gojam and White Army come home to roost in Juba this Summer???

      We will keep on fighting you until you quit your baby attitudes.

      • alex says:

        Dear Toutoute time will come when you will remember what I told you. Today one brigadier general, Captain and other two rebel officers have defected and arrived Juba and you are still beating drum of war. You will one day wake up to see that many of the rebels are defecting and you will end up even not gaining good deal my friend. Since you did not want to listen encourage your group to continue with the fight. You will realise the badness of war later on. People are going ahead with schooling yet your children are missing out from this opportunity.


  24. Alier Gai says:

    There are many of my friends who have made their positions clear that this written article is baseless and it holds no substances to its core. I put what is important there than to waste much of my time and the readers’ time bragging on this nonsensical subject. And I think I did refute your incoherent article with a clear short cut to its claims. There is no thesis that I have failed to challenge nor do you have anything of any importance you are either defending. The article is full of baby talking words with the attention to impress his/her parents. And I believe that Dr. Risky is happy with this self-promotion article altogether with his seasonal followers. The term and condition of this overused condom is expired in the south and wherever you might think it is going to do a day run.
    You did not answer my questions of where is self-determination he guides come from?
    Where is another military condom to be compared with here?
    To be an independent state is a life sacrifice that needs a moral disciplined leaders who are goal oriented people. Joseph Lagu and John Garang and Agrey Jaden are good examples of a few people who you could call to be on the right side of the history. Macher is not even close to the rank and standard of that class of Kiir, Kuanyin, Nyuon, and Arok behind Garang. Let alone his claimed position in history. Mission is a consistency plan for a goal set until that goal is fully attained. Coming up with anything that crosses your head rather than being consistent with the course of action that undo the process is a wasting mission. Macher is always an hour doer, but not a day doer for anything he intends to do. Vision is about how, when, and where to end up with it and with some moral principles in place guiding it. Macher’s vision is often unconcised and with many of his personal agendas on top. Fulfilling his guilt pleasures of his brute personality is what drives him most of the times to act childishly. Let me come to you with substantial evidences of his past, as you want me to. Mr. Risky Disaster joined the movement in 1984 and he defected away in 1991 and formed his white army to overthrow John Garang and Kiir , but later failed in defeat to achieve that evil plan. he killed Dinka bor’s civilians without any due cause of the event. He joined Khartoum in 1994 after his wishful thinking went in vain and after the promise of Ngundeng totally collapsed; he then changed the plan that it would be helpful for him to maybe defeat his foes through Khartoum, that plan did not last either. So in 1997, he signed an agreement with Government and the peace agreement he signed to stay on a personal-determination level was unrealized by him and he quitted his right side of the history back to Garang, to Igga, and to Kiir. In 2002, when he returned, Igga, Garang and Kiir freezed his wrongful crimes and accepted him as a lost son who came back to his parents no matter what had happened. Wani Igga gave up his post for the sake of Macher’s staying with them. He assumed Igga’s post until he decided to go back to Bashir. It was a long stay for him. After Garang’s death, Kiir offered him a second post. And as Kiir’s vice president, he doesn’t even know that South Sudan broke away from the north in 20011. He is still thinking of toing and froing between these countries, and that partying was long due and it is over. We are a nation on our own without more condoms in practice between the two states. This human military condom has nothing to do with us but himself. He doesn’t look into Nuers ‘eyes or citizens and say, I am so sorry for your sufferings under my interest and under poor leadership: I am out of your ways. He is instead putting nuers and all of us at risk, and we are not questioning his demon possessions. It was Garang’s dictatorship, and now it is Kiir’s dictatorship which caused him a break away. So, whose dictatorship is next to cause Macher another rebellion? Anyone who will be assuming power will always have a bad lack so long as Macher is still there. There is no logic defeat in your discourse, for it is carrying here and there mind boggling activities without definitive cut. Self-determination is a misplaced word, because we are already emancipated under the leadership of kiir mayardit and Garang and Wani. Easy said than done is what you are trying to go for on your daily basis. However, Macher wasn’t there at the time when these gentlemen stood bullets’ heat for the right history to happen to us. Federal system is a word being used to lure those charlatans into the routine of wrongdoings, but not their intended selection anyway. Democracy is a sweet honey that attracts insects at the time when it is sweet and the self-invited insects would spoil it to unsweet one. Libeling Dinka/Jieng as your problem is something obvious and it is not going to bring you some comfort your fellow nuer failed to deliver to you. Macher is your bigger conundrum. The right side of the history you are representing is for his self-glory. No one who served South Sudan with honor be compared with this your minute dweller on one thing and then another one the next minute. This rental flesh criminal will never be called a father of the nation, you get that right. You nuers you want to rewrite Southern history to be yours and that why you are beating all these noisy drums. But it will never happen. It is going to happen when the other human wrongs are equalized in the manner of your tiresome, reckless doings are match. We are building a democracy on the internet while leaving the real meaning of it to its doers outside there.

    • Good Boy Alier Gai!

      I praise you for the introverted change of heart about your next President as indicated by the following quotations from your very heart and brain:

      You said quote: “… And I believe that Dr. Risky is happy with this self-promotion article altogether with his seasonal followers. … “, and quote again, “…You nuers you want to rewrite Southern history to be yours and that why you are beating all these noisy drums…., The right side of the history you are representing is for his self-glory…. ”

      If those above thoughts came out of your own self, I congratulate you to be a honest person, but one whom have been consumed by misdirected emotional hatred for our God-given” Founding Father”! I don’t blame you because maybe you must have lost a parent or two during that indispensable historical U-turn.

      I am sorry man, if you might have lost loved ones in 1991 – but you need to know that life is mysterious most of the times – because it sometimes throw gifts at you in the wrong contexts & places, where you least expect them to come from.

      I believe 1991 was S. Sudan’s God-given gift in disguise of those unintentional cross-fire deaths in “Bai Diit”, I swear to God they were because of out of control-emotions – not absolutely intentional!

      I am sorry!

      If now you want to write the biography of your next president, I am giving you a couple of links that could be your guidance for writing a non-screwed biography, and here they are below:



      Let bygone be bygone, and let us embrace reforms and build our beloved new country.

      Extreme jealousy and hatred will only consume our much “needed energy” that is to be used to build and establish this potentially rich country of ours!


    • Alier Gai,

      We are not here to discuss Prophet Nguendeng prophesizes, but you can believe what want to believe because it is your right. However, bear in mind that the same Nuer and the same Dr. Machar who reversed Secular United Sudan to self-determination vision are going to transform dictatorship tendency of Kiir genocide one more time to genuine democracy. Anything shorter or longer than reversing Kiir’s dictatorship will not work. Nuer and Dr. Machar will never allow dictatorship take root in South Sudan. Nuer and Dr. Machar will not accept colonization and re-colonization of South Sudanese.

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      Where did I go incoherent in this article? May u point out plis, Alier Gai? U defined n explained mission and vision in yr comment, but we r not concerned with that now, rather which n what mission n vision each one of the compared leaders got. And whether or not each one’s mission n vision became workable n which ones became unworkable. I did not talk of Dinka, but Jieng state in the making n Dinka govt advocated by your likes and dinka council of elders, represented recently in US by Hon. Bona Malwual.

      • Alier Gai says:

        From the first word to the last one, nothing is worth any intellectual reasoning. The article is full of guilt pleasures that seasoned the rebellion with flavors of your desire. Otherwise, you are a doormate of riek macher.

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      Dear Alier Gai, what u have done, is attributing superficiality to me for its sake, denying me authenticity for its sake n trying to assassinate Dr. Machar’s personality and tarnishing his good name for its sake too. That is irrational n bizarre for it is not how u can disqualify my thesis, so to say. Let me help u to disqualify my thesis, though seems to me impossible, say that it was Dr John Garang who fought for southern Sudan secession, democracy n respect for human rights n opposed to Dr Machar who fought for the unity of sudan n socialism?. Again deny the undeniable truth of Kiir’s institutionalization of Jieng state n its system of governance, which is dinkocracy. proofing that it is Dr. Machar working for them and Kiir working for establishment democratic federal of south sudan with its system of governance; democracy, two of which I think r Dr. Machar’s ideals. After that substantiate to irrefutable antithesis against my thesis. If u make it a success, this shall disqualify me as well as Dr. Machar abut whom I concretised my thesis, on condition that u sound scientific, not just arbitrary n willy-nilly emotional way of yours.Good luck.

  25. False Millionaire says:

    Mr ngundeng,
    “Let bygone be bygone,and let us embrace reforms and build our beloved new country”,now you show a sense of ngundeng’s spirit in you.This was long coming but welcomed.You will have greatly helped the cause of peace and reconciliation among our communities if you stick to this position.But be careful:your,”…God-given father”,is a liability that will spoil any effort for peace and reconciliation.As in grec’s legends,there is nothing to gain in,”defending a king at the expense of a kingdom”!!!

  26. Alier Gai says:

    Mr. Ramaran and Mr. Dagany,
    Know that 1991 and 2013 are holding dictatorship trends alike, but Macher himself accepted the same dictatorship tendencies when he returned to Kiir and to Garang in 2002. He will soon join Kiir as for the same reasons he did return in the past. All the shorter and the longer resistances are going to be accepted under this very dictatorship’s tendencies. Macher has no clear plan and he will always be failing to achieve that risky attempt to thrust to power by force. I don’t think that there is any reconlonization taking place among us in the South; however, what we are wrestling with is the self-denial of one another. We don’t trust ourselves as one people under one nation, for our tribes are the resting pride we find happiness. And at it worse, our politicians are damn good for running the juba project to scatter us here and there for their political gains. We will be using this false prophecies of Ngundeng at every turn to end that fairy tale of Riek Macher, that he is the chosen one among other nuers to rule South Sudan. When Macher went shopping for Ngundeng’s ROT in London with his former classmate Douglas Johnson and shipped it to juba, the guy lied in juba during the arrival of the ROT that the time has come for him to rule and the prophecy will be soon fulfilled. How long ago we did hear that? We never had any record indicating that the COLONIAL ENGLISH took that rot in the 1880s and stored it and put it up for sale in the London’s mall. The Europeans and Londoners then ran out of money to buy the rot and Macher was the luckiest one to find what he was looking for and got it affordably; I wonder. Some say that it is Mr. Johnson’s grandfather stick. Some say that Macher found that stick in the Market like other old men for his own use. And to the same contrary, Some say that he got it from his village of Leer. And some strongly believe that this is Massai’s stick that was for sale in Nairobi, Kenya. The reaction in Juba after that rot was dropped contradicting the real belief about what the rot is for. Ngundeng’s family did not buy that idea that the return of a ROT, as theirs, is a sign of recovery for the assured victory, but an extraneous one contradicting Deng’s traditional beliefs at home. And the other indicating element that this rot was forged by RIEK for his political scheme which later remained at large, ruled out everything else unknown to be true. He is using that stick even right now in Ethiopia for his own without constant from the owners ( the Deng family). Johnson and his Southern-nuer friend are liars of the rot they bought somewhere and used it for the mobilization of nuer people to serve Macher’s interest. Deng and the Rot are all telling character in Macher’s quest for power, and it’s better not to forget this unfolding story until its end.
    My friends, Macher’s misdeeds are affecting us directly or indirectly. The lost of Southern sisters and Southern brothers is not a laughing matter, because they have died in vain for the same reason this criminal Macher often fail to acknowledge. His one man show during the three decades of his political career is bringing us no peace. We have become our tribes with well defined boundaries due to his dirty play. We are reduced to the self-defense without reason why we are such masters in our villages than to find ways of building our nation. I don’t think that it is a gift from God to kill other human being for one selfish cause, which many have denied time and again. Whether these people died in the hospital’s beds, whether they died in the bushes or they died at their homes or by gun cross fires while running or by the spears being thrown at them, is all human wrong. Such a gift from God is questionable if you think that way, and Macher is not his deliverer to do so. Ngundeng might be the agent for these crimes committed and God is not. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a nuer from Adok/leer or a dinka from Baidit/mathiang being killed, no party celebration. I am against the immorality culture which is spreading at uncontrollable speed with many damages left behind, including the death of our loved ones who lost their lives recklessly. At the dawn of Sunset Macher will be answerable for these man-made human damages. I am also with myself holding up that sense of humanity in my heart and in my mind to our nation to live beyond measures of human trials; that is the moral ground I am still holding. I hate no one and always be. The wrongful death of my relatives, which happened intentionally or unintentionally in 2013 and in 1991, is as the same as yours or as to anyone who falls into that sorrow at that given moment. 1991 and 2013 are years of no beneficiaries or gainers among us…we are all pain dwellers of the past and we are shrinking the unpredictable future of tribes. Our nation is withering in our hands. And that is why you are continuing with this delusional thinking of brute macher being the future father of the already founded nation, as a gift from Ngundeng to change things. Mind you, he is done with crimes and the ICC is next than to be the father of the nation you still wish. It is therefore painful to see Nuers intellectuals like you and many others making tiresome lies on things that are dangerous to our coexistence. You have to end your pleasure hunting activities now and accept other tribes in your living spirits, or otherwise the peace would be uncommon to achieve through these intractable, nonchalant behaviors you are expressing at your own violations. my consanguineous nuers, please act humanly and with the caring sense of belonging to South Sudan.

  27. Toria says:

    Alier and Alex and the likes
    So far your comments are the worst in every site you post them, they are not worth wasting time to read or reply to. Mr Editor please edit and correct these sycophants before posting their worthless comments. Thank you.

  28. alex says:

    Mr Toria, Truth is always bitter. You people want me to write things which can please your ears but that will not happen. I have to tell you the truth whether you ignor it or accept it, it have to be said. I am aware that this website is for people who support rebels and the tyrants in Khartoum but time will come when the owners will have to answers some questions. We are following you people very closely. Secondly you people are used to fighting that is why people like you did not like to hear a massage about peace and this was what Khartoum was waiting to see. To tell you the truth SPLA is getting stronger and stronger and we will expose your lies. Your father Bashir was denied a trip to Indonisia while Slaver Kiir is accepted to go to Turkey and ask yourself why? You said Slaver is a muderer and why is the good man Bashir being denied air space to travel to Indonisia? But news Toria, spla opp brigader , captain and some non commision officers are back to Juba last Wensday what can you say about that? NGOs are fleeing splm opp held areas what is the indication of that? More is on the way so it is time the truth will come out. Toria Juba is distributing 1000 tractors, we are building, the road to Rumbeck is going to start, The work in the bridge have started, Schools are functioning and we are going ahead.

    Wait the best news will come soon

  29. Alier Gai,

    Have you ever heard Riek said he wants to be the president because Nguendeng foretold it? Dr. Machar never said something about Nguendeng in politics. It is you Alier and other Dinka keep on singing songs about Nguendeng’s prophecies.

    I wonder why are you, Dinka so worry about Ngundeng’s prophecies, while TB Joshua, prophet of Nigeria is physically living with Kirr in Juba and Ariadhdit, prophet of Dinka Bar El Gazal? In addition to TB Joshua and Ariadhdit, there are several other gods Kiir brought from Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and several other countries in Africa. Are those gods not enough to protect Kiir from Ngundeng, Riek, and Nuer? You see Nuer and other tribes do not complaint about those gods Kiir brought into South Sudan to keep him on presidency and at the same time protect him from Ngundeng, Nuer, and Riek using South Sudanese’s oil money.

    • Alier Gai says:

      That is funny but still not holding anything on the basis of the truth I am sharing with you. Riek wants to fake his way into power through this once upon time witch craft called ngundeng. However, he has failed time and again because the magical powers are not doing him any wishful good to get there. You are just charging kiir on these moral hazing, but no single one of your claims is true. Cousin, you accept this truth and live with it.

  30. Alier Gai says:

    Toria, I am not going to countercharge you for the same false basis you are part of. The editor himself is the one with problem than all of us, by allowing this cult of negativity to dominate the network. Because he likes to post offensive articles intentionally, and than people would react to that after the posts. Over a year ago I personally admonished the brother in command about this before I then joined the wagon. So, what is wrong with it in so doing? He is doing it, you are doing it, they are doing it, and we are doing it. You are pushing your defeat and friends’ defeat in the debate against us through charges and it will not work, as you might think. I am debating any common lies, and let us do it as far as you want us to go. What is wrong now with ourself-defense?

  31. survivor says:

    Cherry picking; in regards to picking and choosing reason to support one politician over the over. While citing ideology as the reason for South Sudan independence. One has to bear in mind that, CPA and the eventual independence of South Sudan; wasn’t simply ushered in by ideological or philosophical reasoning. CPA was hard fought and was won on trenches of South Sudan.
    Machakos protocols that grew into CPA and ultimately the eventual independence of South Sudan. Was a direct result of those men who fought the enemy tooth and nail from day one to that last day in 2002! It was through the blood, sacrifice and effort of these men that the enemy accepted to come to the negotiation table; moreover, it was because of these men that the enemy accepted to sign a peace deal that had in it, the potential for the breakup of the country and the independence of South Sudan.
    As for Riek, he joined the movement in 1985 and by 1991 he was fighting against the movement! As matter of fact, Reik spend more time fighting the SPLA/M then he did fighting for the cause of the people. He was fighting alongside Al Bashir; furthermore, Riek forces helped cleared the area of its inhabitants and paved way for the oil companies to exploit Southern oil. Thus further strengthening Al Bashir forces even more.
    The truth is, with regard to this conflict. No one is better than the other. Riek and Kiir are a cut from the same fabric. But as far as the history is concern. With regards to who contributed more to Southern independence! It is without a doubt Kiir and Dr Garang . Riek if anything was more of an impediment. .
    Thus the debate of whom is better is irrelevant. The unequivocal to as to who is a better leader between Kiir and Riek is. Neither, they are both bad for South Sudan. They are equally liable for the crimes, rampant corruption, division and the bloodletting that is ensuing.
    There is no point in one wasting their precious time and obvious talent to fluff up this pathetic excuse of human being. The more pressing issue at this point is finding a way forward out of this mess; instead of wasting our time of these individuals. Let’s focus on what is important and that is, ending this conflict and preserving precious lives of innocent individual dying everyday over nothing.

  32. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    Dear survivor, u knowingly avoided to write in a scientific way fearing that neither Garang nor Kiir did have political ideology n not even a system of governance. And so u know they have been to grievous confusion or bewilderment n as such you r are ashamed of that historical astray. It is in fact still binding that the one who found for self-determination-led our breathtaking Independence, unquestionable is Dr. Machar, though u don’t agree with me. And the one who is fighting for democracy now is Dr.Machar himself. These facts r not debatable rather recognizable. The question why Garang and Kiir got lost in our history is never my concern rather yours, if u choose to.

  33. The coming wrath of God

    Very soon, the one who is now weeping, and him that is now laughing will both weeping together bitterly. [Zephaniah 1:12.] “I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.” [Isaiah 13:11.] “Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them;” “their goods shall become a booty, and their houses a desolation.”

    Dr. Riek will remain as rebel leader until Christ comes and consumes him with his breathe of his mouth.

    All politicians without exception will soon be eliminated out from the earth and the earthly kingdoms will pass successfully to the humble ones. “The crown removed from Israel passed successively to the kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. God says, “It shall be no more until he [Jesus] comes whose right it is; and I will give it to him.”1 Ezekiel 21:27. Education, page 179, by E.G. White.

    [Zephaniah 1:18, 13.] The prophet Jeremiah, looking forward to this fearful time, exclaimed: “I am pained at my very heart.” “I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war. Destruction upon destruction is cried.” [Jeremiah 4:19, 20.] “That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wastefulness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, a day of the trumpet and alarm.” [Zephaniah 1:15, 16.] “Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, . . . to lay the land desolate, and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.” [Isaiah 13:9.] The Great Controversy 1888, page 309, 310, by E.G. White.

    So, you don’t know what the future will bring.

  34. The coming wrath of God is against the impious ones.

    Very soon, the one who is now weeping, and him that is now laughing will both weeping together bitterly. [Zephaniah 1:12.] “I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.” [Isaiah 13:11.] “Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them;” “their goods shall become a booty, and their houses a desolation.”

    Dr. Riek will remain at wrong side as rebel leader until Christ comes and consumes him with breathe of his mouth. He is an addicted person who will not accept change of heart for true conversion. You cannot change him, and I will not change him; neither can anyone some where change him.

    All politicians without exception will soon be eliminated out from the earth and the earthly kingdoms will pass successfully to the humble ones. “The crown removed from Israel passed successively to the kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. God says, “It shall be no more until he [Jesus] comes whose right it is; and I will give it to him.”1 Ezekiel 21:27. Education, page 179, by E.G. White.

    [Zephaniah 1:18, 13.] The prophet Jeremiah, looking forward to this fearful time, exclaimed: “I am pained at my very heart.” “I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war. Destruction upon destruction is cried.” [Jeremiah 4:19, 20.] “That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wastefulness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, a day of the trumpet and alarm.” [Zephaniah 1:15, 16.] “Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, . . . to lay the land desolate, and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.” [Isaiah 13:9.] The Great Controversy 1888, page 309, 310, by E.G. White.

    So, you don’t know what the future will bring.

  35. survivor says:

    to Gatkuoth Lok
    When one partially looks at an issue. One most often fails to see the whole, and this is exactly the reason why you have failed to see the grand implications of this issue. furthermore,this is why you continue to think there is such a thing as right and wrong, Good VS Bad.
    When in actuality the notion that there is such a thing as right and wrong, good vs bad; is wholly irrelevant when it comes to this conflict. Whatever excuse you use to support one could also be said against the other.
    Riek, like Kiir is fully responsible for all of nations ailments of the past 8 years; like Kiir, Riek is corrupt, relies on tribal support, seeks to attain power or remain in power at all cost; believe in mythical tribal witchcraft. And the list goes on.
    The fact is none is better; they are one in the same. The sooner we realize this the sooner we are going to get out of this mess they imposed on us. The second all the Nuer realize that Riek is not synonymous with Nuer. The sooner this simple fact that there was Nuer Long before Riek; and the tribe called Nuer is going to exist long after Riek ceases to exist.
    The bottom line is, we as the nation are bigger than these two individuals. Moreover, we are better than Riek and Kiir
    This debate as to who is better is a never carousel. It’s a never ending debate that has been exhausted of any value. It simply needs to stop. It’s time to move on from these two figures. The sooner you and your cohorts come to your senses the better.

    • S. Sudanese VP calls on region to save his country’s economy

      Cry Baby Cry!
      Idiot, didn’t we telling you don’t you ever mess with the “Original Real Founding Fathers” of ROSS???
      Do you remember your exact words prior to the 2013 NLC appeals for reforms?
      Now what do you visionless looters see, now that you have completely burnt your life-saving bridges??


      QUOTE & Quote:
      “Reinstatement of Riek Machar, his deputy Alfred Lado, Taban Deng Gai and all the FPDs. Unfreezing of their assets and accounts. Granting them, general amnesty. Announcement of unilateral ceasefire from the side of the government and so on and so forth,” vice-president Igga outlined them in the statement as position of the government to end the war.

      Did I read the above correctly? Help me somebody……

      Ahahhahahhhaaaa …. ###3 ahah — &.,,.$$$$$ ahahhaa
      Oh My God!
      Ngundeng is reallllll!!!!

      splm-io Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
      Sweeping Reforms Oyeeee!!!
      The War against the “Liberators-turned-Opressors” is already won in advanced.
      WAR & PEACE – choose One!
      Let all of Us Choose Peace!

  36. GatCharwearbol says:

    Ting Tueng Noi,

    Godly people don’t judge others.. This job of judging is solely for God himself. Who are you now to judge Dr. Machar? Did you meet up with Jesus or God himself to be so sure of Dr. Machar’s sin? That’s preposterous. If I were you, I would first worry about my sin leave alone Dr. Machar’s sin.

  37. Bhan Lual Yiech says:

    Am very glad because God is winning, now this comment belongs to SPLA/splm IO am very happy for your struggling against the abuse of Salva Kirr, now time is ready coming, we have to get into power very soon, the discrimination that happened in south sudan is already finished, it’s time for freedom, now is time for Nuer to get into the throne.

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