Dr. Machar & Individuals within SPLM: Another Road to Hell for South Sudanese

BY: Deng Mangok Ayuel, AWEIL, RSS, FEB/13/2014, SSN;

As you go along reading this piece, I urge you to remain a good reader. Our moral stand as good citizens is ever fading. This doesn’t mark the end of the world for us. Therefore, we should be good readers in order to understand the impact of our doings.

In my village of Udhum in Aweil West County, a good villager is he who knows where the tall grass grows, the source of his river and his neighbor’s safety. Most of us were born in the military barracks, which makes it difficult for some of us to tell the truth due to our backgrounds.

Many people lived in Khartoum and taught by jallaba (Arabs) that also make it difficult for them to accept the truth. We are different people with different ideologies in one country.

We need to reform our ways of doing things, live together as meant to be together. This is my personal take on individualism, Macharism, tribalism and SPLM-ism as problems for South Sudanese.

A man who would risk his life or the lives of others without a cause or for his own benefit lacks objectives. It is paining to remember the tragedies in life, unforgettable to see fellow citizens being murdered innocently by their own sons.

Who can remove immoral bromides with moral judgment in man?

Last week, my boss asked me to go to UNMISS compound to get security updates. However, I didn’t argue with him or refused to go to UNMISS because it’s our habit to rely on White man.

Within a few minutes, I walked to the UNMISS compound in Aweil. And before I reached the person, I wondered and asked myself the nature of security updates my boss is concerned about in my country that I can’t be able to know.

I should be the one to know more about security situation than a foreigner in my village because I am part of those who have been affected by the rebellion in the country.

Hence, we need to trust ourselves before trusting foreign media or agencies, lest we shouldn’t claim that UNMISS is running a parallel government within a sovereign state when they are the first people to get our local information on daily basis.

Western agencies usually wire information to the west minutely. We should take care. Information is a great traveler.

Do you know the estimated number of people killed since December, 2013 in the country? The UNMISS knows the number or believed to be a good estimator of our own problems. UNMISS is interested to estimate the lives lost, number of people exiled, IDPs and those involved in political crisis as ring leaders or causers, just for reference in their records.

We should prioritize our local apparatus and social media to report our doings than western media and agencies.

Whatever affects people directly in the greater Upper Nile affects all of us indirectly. South Sudanese shouldn’t be plunged into the abyss of despair by few people for their own gain.

We have learned that peace is never given by oppressor but demanded by oppressed. We fought with oppressor in Khartoum for half a century because we had been oppressed.

Uncle Joseph Lagu was the leader of Anyanya one, then came the SPLM with late Dr Garang who struggled to finalize a journey to the promised land, South Sudan. We are free at least.

Who is Mr Oppressor again in the baby nation? And is rebellion a force that gives us rights, fame and leadership in South Sudan?

Some of the leaders seem to be partially fond of immoral means to attain moral ends. The current political crisis is an unexpected historical turning point in the new nation. It was an immoral act – sensitively enemizing, rooting hatred among South Sudanese. We never wish to be misled any longer.

As Dr Machar murdered his country men and women to further his uncertain political dream for presidency, one may not cease to say that he has committed political career suicide by using white army to kill people in Jonglei, Malakal and Unity states.

Thereafter, South Sudanese shouldn’t help him to kill people, but encourage him to come back to answer treason charges.

Leadership aspiration, tribalism, democracy and rebellion cannot be packed out into pieces to ensemble political expediency. I don’t believe you can stand for freedom for one ethnic group of people and deny it to others.

It’s politically suicidal for Dr Machar to tribally take action against Dinka or other tribes, while trying to be the president for the nation. Political machine triumphs when a leader unites all people.

I don’t think President Kiir could one day say that the Nuer, Bari and Jurchol are bad people, for instance, while still aspiring for presidency.

I hold president Kiir as a man of integrity for the nation because I never heard him on TV talking ill about the Nuers or other tribes in the country.

The egoism, beliefs, old liberation stories, military backgrounds of some individuals within the SPLM shall take our country into superfluous end.

The SPLM is honored for job well done. It’s brought us a country. Does the SPLM also have rights to destroy its nation? The SPLM leadership is supposed to teach South Sudanese a culture of hope, love and harmony. SPLM is big and beautiful in our eyes. It’s a matter of time. It shall reform itself.

But the big challenge is how SPLM shall reform itself without a problem. The politburo should be vigilant this time.

Excuse me. Dinka is like any other tribe in the country. It shouldn’t be a fortune for Dinka to be the largest tribe in South Sudan, or be taken as fame, ways of avoiding the truth because of being someone from majority.

The Dinka, Nuer and other tribes might have good and bad individuals – or problem of one man or two people can’t take everyone to the hell.

As South Sudanese strongly believe in tribal norms, regionalism, partially negating modern world approaches to economical, social and political tribulations, however, it is hard for people to avoid enunciating tribally when defeated politically.

Tribal thinking leads to tribalism. I never wish to be called a Dinka in my doings. Dinka is my background, not my doings or action per my own thoughts, passion and objectives. Please avoid tribalizing when anything falls apart.

Tribes are primes of our cultural deeds or Africanism. President Kiir should be treated as president for the Republic of South Sudan, not a Dinka. For South Sudan to be a good place for all South Sudanese; there is a need for us to refrain from tribalism.

Many people from Dinka in Bahr el Ghazal worked in Bentiu and Malakal for NGOs but wouldn’t easily return to work in greater Upper Nile after they learned that Dr Machar’s power laddering turned a tribal quandary when he failed to secure the party’s top leader position.

The Nuers should calm down as South Sudan isn’t for Dr Machar or President Kiir. They should also impede to support Dr Machar.

When judging a man, one must bear in mind that there is no universal estimate for his inner weight of social approaches, politics and evildoing.

The SPLA has rights to fight anyone or group of people who armed themselves to act against the nation. It’s a duty for national army to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Is the SPLA a professional army? A lot needs to be done. The SPLA is full of former militias from greater Upper Nile. There is need for training in order to professionalize the army.

Moreover, ranking system should be authenticated to meet the need or legally match with military principles. The army should also be separated from politics – army’s generals should stick to military ethics to avoid loyalty to politicians because national army is for everyone.

White army or Dr Machar’s boys from Nuer were meant to fight for Dr Machar’s political war in order to enthrone him, or overthrow the legitimate government so that the interim government is formed in order to fulfill his dream for presidency if a failed coup attempt succeeded.

There is no need for a politician to recruit small boys to sustain his political legacy in a modern world. Well, some of these boys are those whose relatives were killed in Juba or greater Upper Nile but they were supposed to be comforted than being used to kill others or be killed like their relatives who died ingenuously.

As our leaders have sent their kids to Boston, New York, Sydney and Washington, it’s a hell for poor man who can’t afford to send his kids to Boston in order to avoid being used as tools by Dr Machar and others to fight their political war.

People lost beloved ones, property destroyed and many people exiled. Is it easy to reconcile? The causes of the political crisis are almost established. Those who have committed atrocities should accept their wrongdoings in order to feature the way for reconciliation.

Deng Mangok Ayuel lives in Aweil, South Sudan. He can be reached via mangokson@gmail.com. He also blogs at theshoeshinereyes.wordpress.com


  1. Tyson says:

    Don’t be a slave of denial. It is only a Jieng like you who want to anoint killer Kiir. Kiir and his cattle camps boys were the first to start killing Nuer in Juba.
    Kiir and his cohorts should be the first to be persecuted before we can tall of Machar.
    If Kiir was a sensible man, he could have voluntarily resigned for having caused havoc in the country BUT as cattle camp chief, he pretends to cling to power. His days already numbered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Peter Madual says:

    Ayuel, you are a purveyor of lies.

  3. upiu says:

    Deng Mangok,
    I have enjoyed your previous articles but this one seems far from being objective. It’s your view, nevertheless. I condemn the violence that has overtaken our country, and Riek Machar and his gang of politicians who comes from all regions and various tribes of South Sudan definitely have a lot to answer for it. Violence shouldn’t have been an option for achieving their political ends or settling their differences. Pres. Kiir is not an angel either. He promised the nation and the world that he would not, or rather accept to take our country back to war. If his intelligence knew of the impending crisis, why didn’t he do enough to avert it? He said what the people wanted to hear but couldn’t deliver on it. That is a big question on his leadership. A lot of people do not feel the same about our country anymore. The communities which have been gravely affected by this crisis wish South Sudan had never seceded from Khartoum. SPLM liberated us but have turned around to destroy our country, a liberator-turned-destroyer. It need to be scrapped and South Sudanese need to try other parties whose leaderships are not supportive of this carnage or participated in any ethnically motivated violence.
    The greedy politicians of SPLM deserves a punishment from the masses of South Sudan. They can call themselves historical or whatever leaders they want. Their time is up and they intend on taking the country down with them.

  4. Mathew Juan says:

    Dear Mangok Ayuel, I would agree with you that Kiir is a good man as an individual, but to condone his miserable political decisions is simply being dishonest.
    First of all if you believe SPLM is for all of us, Kiir had no right to fire all the SPLM leaders whom he fired in such a hateful manner without consultation or notification. What he did, if there was a so call civilian coup, was a coup against the SPLM leaders he fired from his government. Simply, that he has constitutional power does not give him a wreckless power to dissolve government with a goal to do away with his rivals.
    Also, SPLM is the ruling party. Why would Kiir remove most of SPLM hard core? Simply because he saw them as rivals? why he does not want political rivals? Does not he want democracy?
    What about SPLM party? Do you support his action of dissolving SPLM? Event though he has party power to do so, could he not realize that chasing people from government and then party would amount to dictatorship suspicion? Coming to him telling Riek and other challengers to wait for 2015, how would that be possible when he knows one got to be a party chairman as a condition? Also, after dissolving SPLM, Kiir restructured the party to give himself an edge while telling other leaders to just sit without being party of party structuring. How does he think his challengers would win if he threaten them?
    Kiir is not a peace loving person. If he is why did he not listen to the voices of people calling for dialogue before war? The SPLM leaders asked him for dialogue to solve leadership crisis, but during his speech he ruled out the dialogue. The PLM leaders in a non-democratic way wanted to conduct rally, instead Kiir made their rally day his meeting day. what was he meaning by doing that, if what he wanted was not war?
    Mr. Mangok Ayuel, you lack nothing to talk about, and you are a pure tribalist, just like Kiir who recruited gelwang to come and depend himself in Juba as his militia.
    Anyway, continue talking lies, but the whole world has already known the truth, you government is a liar. they are just not interested in peace to come back in the land, but on a political witch hunt.

  5. Simon Tongyik Dahel says:

    Gossips would not take you to kingdom of God only hell is waiting for you. Kiir and his crocks Dinka should be ashamed to what they plan for, we do know for sure that Dinka has been long time ago plan this war of tribal war and we do know for sure that the time will com for execution of this plan against by Dinka. Because Dinka are all lier that thought they could blind fool the entirely world but everybody around the globe is aware about your tactic. what you did to Nuer is not gone to go away for year and south Sudan will never be the same, you thought you could get ride of Nuer but you failed and you are going to face the consequence of your action. one of the tribe between you the Dinka and we the Nuer one would remain in South and one will remain in exile for good. you be prepared to go to your daddy Musevenci and your will be slaves of Uganda and we will defeat you with your Uganda no matter of what believe me we will get you out from South by force

  6. Taban Mawa says:

    Our leaders have lead us not into the promise land we once thought and dreamed was achievable. They forgot what our fathers, brothers, uncles and mothers have sacrified for in the long struggle for freedom and Liberty. They instead choosed to take us into the path of yet another war. Despite the spirit of our deceased Heroes begging for peace, they, our leaders never listen to their cry. Our own Army turned against us, to torture and kill us instead of protecting us. I have a word for our brothers and sister in uniform (army);

    Remember Dictators free themselves but enslaves the people. Soldiers, don’t give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you, enslave you, regiment your lives, tell you what to think and feel, treat you like cattle’s and use you as a cannon fodder. Don’t give youselves to these men with brutal and killing hearts. You have the Love of your fellow citizens in your hearts.

    Soldiers, don’t fight for slavery, figh for liberty! You have the power to make this country free and safe for all of us and the future generation. In the name of peace, liberty, freedom, prosperity and hope, let us unite in one voice and say ENOUGH!, Enough to the bloodsheds, enough to tribalism and corruption.

    The destiny and the hope of the future of our children and childrens children lies in your hands. You can choose to refuse shooting your fellow country men and seek to reconcile. Don’t listen to the leaders who have failed us and continue to struggle for power to maintain their base. They don’t care about you or your family, they care about themselves.

    It’s my hope that one day all children across this magnificant land blessed with lots of natural resources and heart of humanity will rise up and live truly to the creed once set for our liberation and that’s is a free country where all tribes will live together in harmony and shape the country’s future for the next generation.

  7. Joe says:

    Mr Mangok.

    Remember to blame your primitive President for ill intention of instigating the chaos in order to get ride of his opponents, Dr Riek was using nonviolence means, having sense that only Dinkas are his only supporters left his last option is militarily.God help south Sudan from the Primitive Kiir and his Anthropologist turned Legal advice.

  8. FOX says:

    I started reading your ariticle and was encouraged by the first paragraph stating “we should be good readers in order to understand the impact of our doings” I continued through halfway and gave up as it lacked originality, ethic and the ability to internalize criticism and objectivity.

    Its not anything new to us.
    I would encourage you next time to be a good writer , fair, objective and establish merits and de-merits in order for us to understand the impacts of our doings buddy.

  9. Mading Bulian says:

    Deng, who targeted who first on 15 of Dec 2013 in Juba? Don’t let Malong Awan and Salva Kiir blind fold you from seeing and telling the truth. You lied again that Kiir never talked about Nuer in the media, shame on you. When Kiir, the so called president went to Rumbek and openly said in Rumbek Freedom Square that, “This time, we shall fight till blood flows”. Who was he referring this to? Am a Dinka from Lakes State but you guys from Warrap and Aweil are using other Dinkas as escape goat or as a cover up to gain their support. Let me tell you, if Kiir insist to contest in 2015 elections, tell him not to count Lakes State votes for him. How can he imposed on us his illiterate, greedy and corrupt Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol and again expect Lakes state people to vote for him? It is hard now to meet president Kiir but we Lakes state people shall meet him in a ballot box should he attempt to contest.

  10. Alier Gai says:

    Mr. Ayuel
    Our mentality is so oriented in the direction of choas. We do hold up our broken minds when we are obessed with power’s quest. And evildoers are the ones chasing history wrongly even when they don’ have competition skills.
    Anything that is unneccessary to compliment life is what we worked hard for. Look at the commitment we are making to put our two year old nation into the chain of a disorderly command because of the interest of the few.
    We become who we are when we fall apart to create a tribal nation while leaving out a real sense of being a nation founded on the principle of deversity. Recent fall out war is a testiment of dysfunctional nation in regard to tribal affiliation. The nation is at large betraying itself for tribal’s sake instead of finding a common ground for solutions; we choose not to do so because each tribe comes frist. We have become undiscovered tribes resisting change coming from outside. Good article!

  11. Dan says:

    Deng Magok,

    What about the former militias of Abdelbagi Ayii Akol and Tong Lual Ayat?

  12. Deng Mangok Ayuel:

    You should have a fair mind in your judgement. In your written article,there is one thing I totally agreed with you on white man in the third world on their double standard hegemonies.They have their own ideas and sentiments.The number of people killed in the fighting in the country,it was exaggerated by the UMISS and human right groups.

    Nuer who were shot in Juba,they were not gone over a thousands lives.Even Jongolei,in Malakal,and Bentiu.The number was not too big.The west always exaggerating things on people when fightings are taking places to peeople in the third world.But they do not have accurate information to believe.

    Now,I come to you on Mr.Riak Machar issue.You have now singled him a culprit alone on the crisis in the country.It was not him the one who brought the blood first.It was the private local soldiers home made from Warrap State by President Salva Kirr the so called Republican Guards who have caused the blood first.Why they killed Nuer people the civilians in Juba in residentials areas when have nothing to do with army problem in the beginning in the government in the country. It could have been good if the matter was remained on the army hands in the government in the country alone politically!

  13. Dr.Duol Tut says:

    TO BROTHER DENG M AYUEL,The current skirmish is bitter tab to be sugar-coated.Who order the killing of Nuer civilians and put curfew in Juba to exterminate a tribe before Dr Machar declare his rebellion?Who label all TRIBES including those in UN compound as REBELS?Who invited foreign troops to kill Nuer?Who used a cluster bombs to kill Nuer?Who used chemical spray in Jonglei with foreign jet fighters? the answer is SALVA KIIR which you claimed to be honest.My brother,as sound minded South Sudanse you must condermed the target killing of a particular tribe to get respect beyond your county.Even arabs which we fought for more than 50yrs did not level all Southerners as rebels and that was the reasons why more half of our population was living in arab government controlled area.I pity you to waste your time to praise Salva just for the sake of getting political favor.DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS ONE BASKET;South Sudanese shall come back together soon.

    • bolabokdit says:

      Everyone may draw his conclusion differently depending on the way he view his relationship with the other. If president was guilty of creating all this problems then it would have been easy to hold him accountable had Riak Machar respond negatively. It is too late for Dr. Riak Machar to win the heart and mind of Suothern Sudaneser even his colleague who he allied himself with them.
      It is challenging and painfully for Dr. Riak as a former vice-president and a candidate compaigning for presidencyto take law on his hand. Here is the question mark; Is this really a war to reform the government? if not who do you think is on the safe side in this killing?

  14. Jow says:

    Mr. Deng, If we don’t say the truth, this will be the fate of our young nation. tell the truth and it will free you

  15. Alier Gai says:

    We are driven by emotions and not looking beyond our boarders to solve those rising problems. The current war would have been avoided if we all have moral obligation in putting our nation first. However, doing just that is harder than taking the lowest and a cheapest road to the villages and tribes. We are addicted to hatred and tribal egos that are doing more damages to our congregated communities. Truth telling is a school of accuracy that needs every southerner to be a student. Do not defend your village but your nation. Think human!

  16. bolabokdit says:

    I am not happy by the huge amount of attention devoted by the Western media and Riak followers on the subject of crisis. Daniel reveales that Nyandeng careless interviews with Western media ruin Suoth Sudan reputation and I quote this from him. “You will agree with me that the interviews are damaging to the government whether or not what she says is true”
    This is the result of assuming oneself as somting. Nyandeng had never been a politician and Kiir gave her that role as a mother of our nation. This will be the good lesson for Kiir not to appoint politician with the aim of creating harmony in the party unless people with skill and experience.
    The issue that presidential guard cerated the problem was good to be left at that point so that they be brought to justice. Riak use the excuses that Kiir started the problem because his guard killed Nuer civillian justified his rebellion and atrocities committed by his militias in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu. Riak was having a plan to purue his ambition of becoming president of Suoth Sudan

  17. King wa Nyamlel says:

    You are right. You voice is loud!!

  18. Defender says:

    Sad indeed. When lies are told a thousand times, it becomes truth. This is the kind of reality that we are currently living in South Sudan. The writer encourages people be good readers but failed to provide the objectivity that he has demanded. It would have been fair on his part to state facts and let us his readers decide for ourselves what to believe. When one is trying to use language to conflate one’s personal opinion as facts, insults the intellect. I hope when you write next time, use this basic tools of reason: state your bias from the beginning so that your readers understand where you are coming from.

  19. James says:

    Reading your senseless article MR DENG of FEB/13/2014, I,M really convince myself in totality that who ever is DINKA will never AIR out any truths in this world of modern technologies, I believe DR MACHAR run for his life,(he) DR MACHAR was not really the cause of JUBA massacre and these proved by the killing of all his body guards after being disarm , so MR DENG since your are DINKA you will always be part of any problem in SOUTH SUDAN because you always beat the drums of lies and you were born without any human objectivity in your blood, I think killing of NUER innocent lives on fabricated coup attempt in JUBA, in the mid DEC/13, have no legal justification only that your blind support to MR SALVA KIIR AND MUSEVENI OF UGANDA plus PAUL MALONG the head of DINKA MILITIA, MR DENG time will tell us who is right in our war. SOUTH SUDAN become a country because of DR MACHAR a man who always endure those who opposed democracy and good governance he is not like your boss SALVA KIIR and all his inner circle who believe guns shots are the answer to who ever want to take power from them. SO MR DENG take your time and relax, It is a matter of time that the law will take its course nobody is above the laws, I believe MR KIIR , MUSEVENI and MALONG AWAN will eventually end up answering some questions in the court of law . in conclusion let me advice you my enemy and cousin at the same time you will pay back the blood of those Innocent NUER people being killed by DINKA militia in JUBA DEC/15/2013.

  20. Deng Mangok Ayuel says:

    I am not tribalist. The war was started by presidential guards. They killed Nuer and the Nuer revenged in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal by killing Dinkas. Why don’t you balance argument as I have been doing. I used to Support Dr Machar in my writings when there is a sense. I do support Kiir because of constitutional legitimacy. I am working with thus govt of South Sudan. I am a farmer and can do without supporting any leader. For those of you of think that I do write to he heard by Malong or Kiir are averting my human nature. I am a. man of my own thoughts. Nuers are egoists, and that is why some of us might think tribal sometimes. Call me a Dinka but not writing for Dinkas!!

  21. Aguer says:

    Hi I had taken half of spare times to read the article as well as commentaries from some people regarding what had been going on the country since December 15/ 2013. Upportunitely , I wasn’t convinced by the Slava Kiir administration policy. This doubt resulted in crisis that kill many people of Nuer tribes in Juba by Kiir security agents. I would not agree with some people becuase of their limits understanding of Kiir personal characters. People are judge based on their characters. If that is the one we looking for, then Kiir has made wrong to his people. Kiir is a head of the state and also he is incharge of the state affairs. Base on Kiir responsibilities, she will be hold accountable for the wrong he had done. Recently you had UN and some agencies report on the wrong. The worng start in juba and this has escalated to vrious cities in South Sudan. Changing hands has cuase most lives between Nuer and Dinka. This conflict will not end unless Kiir leave the office and possible to ICC for justice. Riek Machar should do the same like Kiir.

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