Dr Machar & Amum: South Sudan is Bigger than ‘SPLM’

BY: Deng Mangok Ayuel, AWEIL, SOUTH SUDAN, NOV/29/2013, SSN;

Today the cure for fire within the SPLM as a party that fought for the independence of South Sudan is fire. The SPLM became critics to itself and the problem of the individuals within the party used to be the trouble to innocent people in the country.

In 2010 election, individuals from the party who were rejected tickets by the SPLM to contest at their home constituencies during the election had averted and contested as independent candidates but after losing the election, some of them, like late George Athor Deng and David Yau Yau took up arms and started killing their own people in Jonglei.

The problem of the party used to become a national problem – experience teaches us that there must be something wrong in the political machine or individualistic interest that used to take people into inadvertent trouble. Why are we impatient?

When Machar declared to take over the party’s chairmanship through party election in the upcoming national convention in order to contest for presidency in 2015, he kept biding by accusing the president of incompetency as party leader but lost his job as a country’s Vice President within a short time.

Is it a right time for Dr Machar to show his colours to Mayardit?

It was Amum and Dr Machar who fished the president to trouble them. After Machar & Amum accused Mr President of doing less than expected as party top leader, however, the SPLM convention was delayed and delayed and Mr Amum got suspended as party’s Secretary General, and then the SPLM structure was dissolved.

Politics is really dirty politics! Mr Amum and Dr Machar are now at different angles and President Kiir remained strategizing to survive every day.

I never thought that party’s senior people should betray themselves. Some of the top members in the party will be at the departure point after the convention – should others leave the party to go home or form another party?

It is so disappointing to be sacked or have a problem from the party which you have dedicated your life for the sake of South Sudanese.

Mr Amum dedicated his life to the SPLM for the sake of peace and freedom. He {Amum} is a man that works to the best of his knowledge.

Mr Amum, Kiir and Igga were among the most dedicated SPLM commanders during the war in Sudan. They should be together but politics can’t allow, sorry!

Therefore I would like to urge Dr Machar and Amum to remain calm and patient. South Sudan is for everyone. It is the country you fought for its independence. You are the founders. South Sudanese respects you for great achievements.

President Kiir is our leader and your most senior person in the party, work with him, encourage him to do good work and respect him to respect you and let continue to shine the SPLM to the world.

President Kiir is a good person by nature. Leave him alone or help him and he will not trouble for ages.

I am also tired of individuals who have been accusing the president when it is someone else mistake.

The presidential press team should take their job seriously to dispute allegations. I am happy that Mr Ateny Wek Ateny is appointed as press secretary to the presidency. Mr Ateny should try his best to clear president’s darkened shade from those who wish to spoil others for nothing.

All in all, SPLM is big and beautiful. It is the soul of our country. It is the party of generational credit. We should protect its image and be the SPLM in our doings and in the hearts.

Deng Mangok Ayuel lives in Aweil, South Sudan. He can be reached via mangokson@gmail.com. For more inform visit my blog at: http/theshoeshinereyes.wordpress.com


  1. Rumbek says:

    There are signs of confusion in your article brother. Try to clarify your stand.

  2. A.W Joseph says:

    Deng Mangok Ayuel,

    Does King Salva of the DINKA Kingdom ever think before making certain decisions?

    Which exactly part of the South Sudan interim constitution OR the SPLM OYEE party manifesto gives KIIR the powers and the right to shut down the party?

    You hope the oust of all KIIR’s challengers by all means was something to be celebrated by the petty, cheap and savage Dinka illiterates from Warrap and Northern Bahr El Ghazal.

    When things did not go your way you cry foul and turn to anger, claiming the rest of the tribes in South Sudan are against Dinka.

    The fact of the matter is South Sudan is Home to all of us. So Salva Kiir and DINKA can not choose to run it like a private property as they wish. It’s for the public or all South Sudanese Citizens to decide on how the country can be run.

    IF YOU Dinka + Salva Kiir CAN’T HANDLE THE HEAT from the fire the Dinka helped to lit, RESIGN, PACK AND GO back to your muraa in Kuacjok & Aweil and leave Equatoria and the rest of the country alone to enjoy its peace.

  3. Nhial Gatkuoth Chung says:

    Salva Kiir is a true dictator, president is subjected to challenge which is very healthy in any democratic country, being challenged democratically can not raise political temperature to the extend of not knowing the consequences, his imperious behavior is almost putting this country ablaze and his cling to the power is creating political tension which can dictate the tranquillity of the nation if not handled properly.
    Riek and pagan are the sons of this beloved country SS and get the same privilege as Salva to have their say in nation affairs, having said to run for chairmanship should not be taken as a betrayal, these two men have paid ultimate price for the independence of SS to be a free and democratic nation but if taken for granted will jeopardize the progress and crisis will automatically befall in this nation.
    Perception of who did this and that during the liberation war are undermining the peaceful coexistence of the people. let’s hope for better and development. we have contributed to bring about the independence of SS. Then our motto should be Forward ever, backward never.

  4. Awan Moses Biar says:

    My dear bros and sisters, please can you stopping pointing your hand to Dinka as all. Dinka is nation it is not tribe, if you have problem with president Salva Kiir Mayardit, don’t generalise all Dinka as Kiir kids.

  5. When dog is barking he doesn’t know that he’s barking for nothing.

    Camel may go & go on, never response to dog until dog keeps quiet.

  6. Machien Luoi says:

    Dear friends as you observed, the author may have not satisfied your queries on the political situation at home but he has thoughts and has freedom to do so to that end, let’s respect him. I will agree with those who commented that on current issues happening in the current, it is worth not generalizing. I concur with brothers who urged that we judge the President as an individual and not generalize his issues on the whole Dinka tribe. This is not only true about Dinka with regards to the position of the president, but also with regards to all other tribes in relations to our leaders.
    It is good to make distinction that President Salva is not Dinka tribe himself, Dr. Riek Machar is a son of Nuer but not the tribe, Cde Pagan Amum or Lam Akol are sons of Shilluk kingdom but not the kingdom themselves. National solidarity is very important but can be fragile if we tend to generalize individual actions on their ethnic groups.

    Having said that, I must urge my brother Deng Mangok Ayuel that Dr. Riek or anyone including Deng Mangok Ayuel as citizens of South Sudan should not fear or hesitate to express their intentions to lead our country. It is such an honor to lead the country that you love, it should be the dream of every South Sudanese child, be them boys or girls. The constrains we are imposing on ourselves that there are those who deserve to say they should lead while others are not worth the same claims will not take us to prosperity. Deng Mangok, when should one dream to lead South Sudan? For me it should start from the time you begin to be conscious about your identity as human being born in the land. If at your old age you do not become president, you may become Minister, Governor, Commissioner, professor, Military General, Medical Doctor and Rich tycoon in the country. In any of these capacities, you will have led your country in one way or another if you were faithful to yourself and what you do.

    Look, caution is always good, but dreams of Dr. Riek, Pagan or any South Sudanese should not be constrained by an individual person. An ambition to lead should be open to all who dream. Let their limitations be imposed by ballots and popular consent. Let it not be about who should finish how many years before someone else could take over leadership. Ballot box and the people of South Sudan are the only limitations, even to your ambition to be president or Governor, my brother Deng Mangok. Let no one else’s ambitions to lead our nation, which I think is a noble and just cause be restrained by another persons ambitions to stay in power.

    We are all South Sudanese, We should be proud to lead at whatever level we dream to lead it at, and must not hesitate to communicate our desire to lead it. Let the people decide who has the right political acumen and vision that can propel our great nation to the next heights of development and prosperity. Doing otherwise will subject our country’s growth to destruction by a few who think leading our country is their inalienable that can’t not be shared with other citizens and only them deserve to exercise it.

  7. Machien Luoi says:

    Sorry, I meant “inalienable right” on my conclusion above, Mea culpa!

    • malcloum x says:

      I don’t know exactly what the DINKA need from others, they just believe south sudan is their belonging which is wrong, one day they will be in shock, they will not believe their future, life will be dark in your eyes. they are now happy because they have this AK 47, but let me assure you AK 47 it’s not a GOD made it’s a MAN made…….it’s easy to find specially when things FALL APART, you just don’t understand..

  8. Deng Mangok Ayuel says:

    I didn’t write that Pagan and Riak Machar can’t lead us. I am even dismayed and pained about Pagan being troubled since he suffered negotiating the CPA and others for the sake of South Sudanese. I also write that he is a man who follows things to the last limit of his energy. For Dr Machar, I don’t have any problem with any South Sudanese who is aspiring to be a leader of our country. I emphasized that Dr Machar, Kiir and Pagan shouldn’t make the SPLM problem to be a country’s problem, urging them to stop accusing each other.
    I am Dinka but not tribalist. I grew up in Yambio and have been with different tribes when i was a teenager. Hence, govt of South Sudan is our govt and the people mentioned in the article are our leaders.
    FINALLY, I am not working for the govt, I am not like others who write to get something from leaders. I am independent and have nothing to do with Dinka as my tribe or any leader. I am opinion writer and can side with anyone doing the right things to South Sudanese.


  9. Your article is brief and clear, I like it. what is there is that Salva and Riak will never work together.

  10. Lare Justice says:

    Our SPLM Senior Members are trying their very best to make sure that this blind man and cattle keeper Salva Kiir who brought shame to our beloved nation is long gone. However, it’s up to all of us to play our role to kick this shameful man out of our country. Folks, this is Salva Kiir’s dictatorship VS the rule of law which is Democracy that Dr. Machar, Mama Nyandeng and Pagan Amum are fighting for on our behalf. Dictator Salva Kiir must go and go now by all means.

  11. Dear brothers,
    This nation is very big than all of us, please let us love this nation and work toward peaceful nation and put the interest of our people first than our tribes and our selfish interests and write and talk as free people of this free nation.

  12. Api says:

    i think the writer made it clear lastly; be at yourself, your country and not for vicious ideas from our so called leaders perhaps am sure you my bros, politics is a game of personal gain while ethnicity brings mistrust and hatred to people, so ignore the politics coz!!
    it’s young men dying and old men talking, at last victory remembers the king but neither soldiers nor anyone who contributed to the stand up. Nonetheless let’s embark on nation building and leave the differences far behind us in order to cement our solidarity.

  13. Samuel Bai-cheng says:

    Pointing finger or labelling the whole Dinka is not healthy in the current political situation. we don’t want our poor politicians by this time to use the mentioning of Dinka and Nuer as a political shell and a tool to aggrandize the power or subjugate the average population of South Sudan. it is quite obvious that Dinka are majority tribe in South Sudan but it is being greatly abused by few Dinka who are ignorant of the politics.

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