Dr Barnaba Marial: Communitarian and prudential politics of essence in South Sudan

BY: Wani Tombe Lako, SUDAN, MAY/20/2013, SSN;

Dear Dr Barnaba Marial, Minister of information:

The birth of the Republic of South Sudan (RoSS) ought to have heralded in the flourishing of communitarian and prudential politics. Communitarian in the sense that the RoSS is the comprehensive territorial and socio-cultural and political crucible in which, all of us, in South Sudan, in our myriads of tribes and customs belong, and where we would love to be buried in, with the glory of belonging. Prudential in the sense that the RoSS ought to be guided by polity, politics, and policies, which are all aimed at achieving positive cumulative and comprehensive as well as integrated results, in which harmful effects are greatly minimised in the interest of us all in the RoSS.

I strongly believe that, we, in the RoSS, are politically mature to the extent that we are very conscious of what we actually want in a government which is in power in the RoSS. I do not think that, we, in the RoSS, need some political baby-sitting, especially on issues that touch our everyday lives.

We in the RoSS do not need political monitors to daily monitor our political behaviours, including our political allegiances, vis-à-vis political parties. We are politically mature to the extent that, we know what is best for us as individuals and as members of various religious, social, professional and political groups. It is extremely misleading, to portray us, the discerning peoples of the RoSS, as needing some political lectures by some political manipulators, on the highways and byways, of belonging to the RoSS.

It is also fitting to strongly argue that we, in the RoSS, know our duties, rights, obligations, and privileges. Therefore, for constructively communitarian politics to flourish in the RoSS, our freedoms of consciences must be respected and honoured by all those saddled with the responsibilities of managing the RoSS. The government of the RoSS must protect us from some political groups which appear to believe that, they alone monopolise the political freedom of association.

In the free and sovereign RoSS, while there is nothing like absolute freedom anywhere in the whole wide world, the relative freedom allowable by societal laws and rules of law in the RoSS, for the human society to function effectively and efficiently herein, there ought not to be others in the RoSS, who illegally arrogate to themselves, some authority to regulate the context within which, we must associate with, or become members of various political parties in the country.

This regulatory and oversight powers assumed by those others, and to control the political development in South Sudan, verge on political ownership of our political consciences. We reject being considered as political and intellectual property of some self-serving political groups. These are the kinds of individuals who like to entrench the culture which appears to mean that the only claim to political representation in South Sudan is predicated on the barrel of the AK47.

Dear Dr Barnaba Marial:

I strongly believe that all citizens of the RoSS are free to belong to any political party in the country, as long as these political parties operate within socio-political and legal norms of the RoSS. It is unconstitutional to victimise some of us, who refused to belong to some armed groups; but yet would like to voice our opinion in a peaceful fashion, through writing, as being pro-South Sudanese enemies, and thus, we have no right to live, work, and share in the general welfare and happiness of our brethren and sisters, in the RoSS.

Prudential leadership ought not to be premised on the argument that some South Sudanese are more nationalistic than others and thus, those more nationalistic South Sudanese are deemed as being peoples of the leadership and those others are the enemies of the said leadership.

These kinds of political taxonomies are dangerous precedents, and they do not serve the comprehensive interests of the RoSS and its honourable peoples.

The prudential leadership meant here is that type of leadership which has the human capacity to joyfully celebrate the multiplicity of tribes and cultures in the RoSS, and thus, embrace all sons and daughters of the RoSS in their totalities. Any leadership which does not have the capacity to embrace all of us as its peoples, without any discrimination and exclusionist tendencies must not be allowed by us the peoples, to be our leadership.

It is an anathema and sinful for us to murder ourselves just because we belong to different political parties. Communitarian politics demand that the essence of politics is the welfare of the community; in this case; all of us in the RoSS. We, the peoples of the RoSS, ought to celebrate multi-parties system of governance, because, it is the only guarantee against party-political tyrannies. On the other hand; our tolerance of one another, within the remit of various political parties, is indicative of a mature polity, which we aspire to achieve.

As long as various political parties have no ill feelings or harmful agenda against the peoples of South Sudan, these political parties ought not to be vilified by the very sons and daughters of the RoSS. Allegiance to political parties, just like respect at the individual level, must be earned. You cannot coerce highly educated people to follow you even if you will murder them in the process, should they disagree with you. Many highly educated South Sudanese have lost their lives because they dared question some political logic of some political parties during this tortured short history of the RoSS.

For example, some of us must not be vilified for refusing to belong or follow political parties that are instruments of tribalism, nepotism, ethnic control and degradation of human dignity. On the other hand, we must not follow political parties whose leaders appear to be politically unstable to the extent that their objectives in life appear to be leadership positions at all costs. We must not allow ourselves to become political pawns in the hands of those who want to have all their political eggs and eat them at same time.

Political times in this great country of the RoSS are changing, and we must be free to join any political party as long as it is not based on tribal, sectarian and dubious socio-cultural ideology. It is obvious to all enlightened minds and eyes that current quest for peace and stability in the RoSS is being premised on the Unity, Independence, Sovereignty, and Integrity of this nation. That being the case, it is right and fitting that, this unity, independence, sovereignty and integrity must be sealed by all of us working together.

Nobody is going to privatise the RoSS politically, so that he alone has the political access card. We do not need any more bloodshed in the country.

All South Sudanese of goodwill must come together in one solid march towards love and stability with themselves and with all international neighbours because our peace and harmony as well as socio-economic development within the RoSS, depend on peaceful coexistence among ourselves, and with our neighbours from all geographical directions of this nation.

In conclusion, Dr Barnaba Marial,

The time has come for us in the RoSS to make precise cost-benefit-analysis in terms of all economic sectors and in terms of all substantive and philosophical paradigms. The carnage being inflicted upon various communities in the RoSS in the name of political disagreements and therefore declarations of military confrontations to resolve hitherto civil and political misunderstandings are costing us in the RoSS too much. From the outset, there are no military issues to be resolved by any nation within national political parlance.

There are always political issues. Therefore, political issues must always find their rightful resolution places on negotiation tables. The rest are clear writings on the political walls which any political and military baby can read and understand.

We are sick and tired of wars. We refuse to be dragged into unnecessary wars against ourselves, and against neighbours with whom we should be consolidating other beneficial relationships instead of killing ourselves for no good reasons whatsoever. We want our government to be asking itself questions like:-

a) what is happening to child mortality in the RoSS;
b) what is happening to the marginalisation of women in the RoSS;
c) what is happening to youth unemployment in the RoSS;
d) what is happening to poverty in the RoSS;
e) what is happening to perennial food shortages in the RoSS;
f) what is happening to threats of hunger and famine in the RoSS;
g) what is happening to general education in the RoSS;
h) what is happening to technical education in the RoSS;
i) what is happening to higher education in the RoSS;
j) what is happening to tribal warfare in the RoSS;
k) what is happening to rule of law in the RoSS;
l) what is happening to quality of governance in the RoSS;
m) what is happening to quality of civil service in the RoSS;
n) what is happening to inequality in the RoSS;
o) what is happening to inflation in the RoSS;
p) what is happening to the depletion of foreign reserve in the RoSS;
q) what is happening to money supply in the RoSS;
r) what is happening to sectoral and general development in the RoSS;
s) what is happening to internal; border, and international trade in the RoSS;
t) what is happening to corruption in the RoSS;
u) what is happening to deficit of meritocracy and accountability in the RoSS;
v) what is happening to human rights in the RoSS;
w) what is happening to rural development in the RoSS;
x) what is happening to social development in the RoSS; and
y) What is happening to morbidity in the RoSS?

I can go on infinitum in terms of issues which the peoples of the RoSS want their government to be involved in, and concerned with.

The author is Professor of Social and Rural Development and Lecturer in Laws. He can be contacted via wani.lako@yahoo.com


  1. Do our politicians even have time to read all that in their spare time on SSN?. If they do, thanks, God.

  2. Politics in republic of south sudan will not allow visionary politicians to exercise or to campaign for democracy in the new Republic. New nation needs good quality of being long serving since from date of formation.

  3. aj says:

    Dear Wani,
    your article is well stated but I think our politicians are low capacity to understand simple and well written articles like one you just wrote.
    I think we should use primary school level of writing for them to get it. None of them seems to ignore or fail to understand these writing if they do read these posts.
    Top on the list should be ROADS AND HOSPITALS. Second on the list should WHY CARRYING GUNS IN TOWNS.

  4. Morthon Akol says:

    hahahahahahaah. you mean the capacity of those PhD like Dr. Barnaba Marial they can not understand those kind of articles on the net? so those writers should reduce the level to primary level in order for our politicians to understand? to my understanding is not a matter of not to understand but they just ignore what people like you say it.

  5. Mtatu says:

    Wani Tombe is a first class slave of Arabs. He is arabised and islamised to the core. Has any one forgotten that the so called doctor was a strong supporter of forceful unity during the referendum? He should understand that South Sudan attained her independence in 2011. He thinks that development is something that people plan like trees. Shame on people that have inherent slavery in them.
    Wani Tombe needs to apologize to RSS for working against his own identity.
    Can the gods of RSS take time to ask you why you were born a Southerner? Good for nothing doctor.

    • South Mole says:

      Why should Wani Tombe apologize? Your uncles Garbriel Roric, Dr. Francis Deng etc still remain unapologetic for supporting unity to this date. Why the double standard? In fact, Dr. Francis Deng was appointed the permanent representative to the UN not based on his politics but his tribal affiliation.

  6. Mading says:

    Let’s forgive Dr. Tombe, Mr Mtatu, he came back on his own. I remember he was on the other side during Referendum as you mentioned, and that was Sudan government side.

    • South Mole says:

      Before pointing fingers, check out Dr. Francis Deng’s stance. He remains to date staunchly opposed to the secession of South Sudan. That is why I think fighting for Abyei is useless because the people of Abyei are like him.

  7. andrew poth says:

    Dear citizen
    stop blaming each other, nothing i was disappointed by mr mtatu who is insulting wani. This guy works extremely hard for south sudan than anybody else n maybe even you, yourself haven’t done anything to this country.

  8. Majongdit says:

    I read this article, Mr Professor. I found one thing out of this article: It’s mere intention is to tell us that there is one Prof. called Wani Tombe who knows how to write an article in English language.

    • Wani Tombe Lako says:

      Brother Majongdit;

      Thanks for your nice words. My intention of writing the said article is obvious to any reasonable and honest South Sudanese. However, you are entitled to your own opinion. I do not need to show-off anything whatsoever. My humble English language which appears to displease you so-much, is a result of years of formal education which has produced in me the simple skills of writing which appears to make you unhappy. As for my Professorship, I do not need to show-off because of that. I just happened to have earned it. My simple academic qualifications include the following:-

      2002-2003: The University of Nottingham (UK), graduated with an LL.M. Degree in International Human Rights Laws;

      1999-2002: The University of Reading (UK), graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. Hons. in Laws);

      1998-1999: The University of Reading (UK), did a Post Doctoral Research in Social Development;

      1991-1995: The University of Reading (UK), graduated with a PhD in Rural Social Development;

      1988-1989: The University of Reading (UK), graduated with an MA in Rural Social Development;

      1984-1985: Universal Management College Nairobi (Kenya), Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Management Course;

      1978-1983: The University of Gezira, graduated with a B.Sc (Hons. Second Upper), in Economics and Rural Development; and

      1975-1978: Rumbek Secondary School, (Passed with Sudan School Certificate 79%).

      I have authored books, published articles on Laws, development issues; gender issues, etc.

      Please, rest assured that there is nothing for me to show-off. Reasonable people do not show-off what comes naturally as a result of hardwork!!

      Look after yourself;

      Wani Tombe Lako

      • Dr. Wani Tombe Lako:

        Dear Doctor Good for Nothing:

        I’m not impressed with that list of credentials or educational accomplishments. I don’t see any reason why you have to list all your credentials or educational background since nobody has challenged or denied your educational abilities. You should have shown those credentials to the Arabs in Khartoum during the referendum in 2011 and fight for our independence and liberty as an educated son of South Sudan.

        Dr. Wani Tombe Lako, South Sudan was under the occupation and rule of your allies/Masters, the Arabs for over 50 yeras and all the conditions and suffering of our people which you have clearly listed in your article addressed to Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin did exist in South Sudan. Despite the long overdue suffering of our people under the occupation and rule of the Arabs, you still wanted the people of South Sudan to continue to suffer under the unified Sudan. Why did you argue and/or advocate for the favour of Unity if you know our people are suffering?

        You do the math, the government of Dr. Marial Benjamine has been in Power for 9 years in South Sudan and the Arabs have ruled us for 50 plus years. Whom should we blame for the luck of develpoment in South Sudan? And Why were you silent when we were suffering under the occupation and rule of the Arabs? I would have been grateful and appreciative if you sent that long list of underdevelopment to our slave Masters in the North, the Arabs. Please know that I’m not defending the government of Kiir nor denying the facts that you have stated in your article. However, I’m so disappointed with the debate you had with Mr. Peter Bashir before the referendum in Khartoum in front of the Arabs, fighting for the continuation of our slavery with the Arabs. What was going on in your head by that time and what made you arguing for the favour of Unity?

        • South Mole says:

          Gathkouth Garang,
          Before pointing fingers check out your uncle Dr. Francis Deng who traveled extensively all over the world preaching against separation. What was his reward? Permanent representative in the UN. This is an egregious example of Dinkaism in action. To date, Dr. Francis Deng still espouses his view but because the president is a Dinka nobody challenges him.

          • Dear Alien, South Mole:

            Dr. Francis Mading Deng had never opposed the secession of South Sudan. He was in favour of the secession, however he followed the SPLA/M’s former political tactic of calling for the unifying/secular Sudan. I have watched many videos of Dr.Francis Deng and Dr. John Garang addressing Americans/Westerners about their views and lasting resolutions on Sudan. Have you ever watched any videos of Dr.Francis Deng debating with Mr.Peter Bashir or any South Sudanese about not wanting South Sudan to separate from the North? If not, then advise your Uncle, Doctor Good For Nothing,Wani Tombe Lako to eat his bribery money of President Omar Al Bashir in peace and leave us alone to enjoy the liberty in the Country he intended to sell to his Allies, the Arabs.

            I’m extremely glad that General Kiir Mayardit, Dr.Barnaba Marial Benjamin, Mr.Peter Bashir and many others had fought so hard for the independence of Our Country, South Sudan. Please tell your Uncle Wani Tombe Lako and his likes that Land is more precious and valuable than money. The precious land of South Sudan would outgrow and/or outlive the traitors, tribalist, greedy and corrupted politicians. The Republic of South Sudan would remain ours for ever and would be utilized and rebuilt or developed by the next generation if not in our time.

      • Majongdit says:

        Prof. Wani Tombe,

        Thank you once again for letting me know that you achieved the following:
        My problem is simple, I read your article even once more after your comment and I couldn’t change my mind about what I thought about it. Just that, Prof!

  9. Joseph says:

    Stupid and Foolish people like you advertise their ignorance but educated people like those of Wani Tombe and myself ignore even an insult. Garang, Kiir including yourself have been to Khartoum and back now, so what is wrong if somebody was in Khartoum or North Sudan and has chosen to come back now?

    • Joseph:

      You have terribly missed the point and I doubted you will ever get it at all. Being in Khartoum and/or in Omar Hassan Al Bashir’s Kitchen is not the point or topic here. The point is that you and Doctor Good for Nothing, Dr. Wani Tombe Lako had attempted to deny the independence of South Sudan after 50+years of fighting. If you truly love the people of South Sudan and Ross, Why would you and Doctor Good For Nothing,Wani Tombe Lako tried to deny our independence? What was going on in your educated heads in Khartoum by then?

      You and Doctor Good for Nothing, Wani Tombe Lako had attempted to betray our independence and liberty, however, our Native and beloved son of real Equatorian and South Sudanese Mr. Peter Bashir had proved you wrong and stored the reputation and nationalism of Equatorians during that debate. Mr. Peter Bashir had won the debate and left Doctor Good for Nothing,Wani Tombe Lako in ruin, shame an disgrace. The true hero, Mr.Peter Bashir had put his own life in danger for the sake of the independence of South Sudan. The people of South Sudan are in need of national heroes and heroines such as Mr.Peter Bashir and his likes.

      Joseph, I wonder, What kind of educational quality are you boasting about it? The illiterate people of South Sudan took up arms to fight for their freedom in South Sudan but unfortunately, you,the educated South Sudanese and PHD holders such as Dr.Wani Tombe Lako and his likes collaborated with the oppressors(Arabs) and denied the rights and freedom for the people of South Sudan. Please be advised that any PHD without Nationalism, Vision, Guidance, wisdom and strong personality behind it should be regarded as toxic and meaningless. I strongly believe in Mr.Peter Bashir ‘s personality and educational quality plus his up bringing more than Doctor Good For Nothing, Wani Tombe Lako.

      • South Mole says:

        Gathkuoth Garang,
        Try advising your uncle Dr. Francis Deng since he is in a position to do us more harm. Otherwise, next time we ship you back to Abyei in North Sudan with him.

  10. Domac says:

    Mr Joseph, have you ever watched a video clip, Wani Tombe vs Peter Bashir? if you haven’t watch it, I recommend that please watch it and you will be able to differentiate people who were residing in Khartoum for the interests of South Sudanese and those who were residing opposing the interests of people of South Sudan. Wani Tombe is a sucker.

    • Domac:
      Thank you for the reminder of the video. I watched the debate on the video between the very well educated Equatorians before and after the referendum and I did not have a clue of the Doctor who was debating in the favour of the Unity. If that Doctor was Wani Tombe, then his writing and credentials are meaningless and useless to the people of South Sudan. This guy is a traitor and not different from Dr. Lam Akol. The land of our Ancestors and the almighty God of Ngundeng would keep his toxic ideas from South Sudan. During the debate, I felt like getting a gun and shoot the traitor, Doctor good for nothing, Wani Tombe Lako.

      I was so proud of Mr. Peter Bashir and so did every South Sudanese who had attended the debate in Khartoum. Mr. Peter Bashir had won the debate even though the Traitor was supported by the Sudanese Arabs. I wonder, what is wrong with our PHD holders? Are they really getting the right education or are they just learning how to master the English language?

      • South Mole says:

        How about nyegats like Dr. Francis Deng, fake bishop Gabriel Roric and that Dinka second vice president in Omer Beshir’s cabinet? Are they not the senior most traitors?

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