Does this Clueless and Directionless Leadership in Juba care about the Lives of its Citizens?

BY: John Nhomachot, SOUTH SUDAN, OCT/23/2013, SSN;

I am sometimes amazed by how naive, ignorant, clueless and direction-less the Juba government is. For the last 8 years, Kiir and his government have never shown any true leadership on many issues to the people of South Sudan. One thing that is obvious to the world in general and South Sudanese in particular is that, Kiir government is incapable of managing the country’s affairs.

If South Sudan is not a failed state yet, then it has some symptoms that might qualify it as a failed state in the near future.

I understand that the phrase “Failed State”, is one of the things that is hated by South Sudanese and which offends a lot of people when it is mentioned in relation to South Sudan. I absolutely agree with them.

Failed states has a negative connotation and nobody would want to be associated with it. But it is sometimes good to be realistic.

How many people are truly and honestly confident in Juba government? How many people believe that Kiir’s government has a vision for this country? How many people believe that South Sudan is in a right direction? How many people are still optimistic about Kiir’s leadership in general?

According to Wikipedia (not appropriate to reference but will reference it anyway), failed state has the following common indicators: a state whose central government is so weak or ineffective that it has little practical control over much of its territory; non-provision of public services; widespread corruption and criminality; refugees and involuntary movement of populations; sharp economic decline etc.

You may dispute it but our country has most of those indicators. There is only and only one country in this world that is run from hotels and it is none other than South Sudan.

It was recently reported that the newly appointed (rubber stamped by the parliament) speaker, Magok Rundial, moved into a hotel with his 9 body guards, occupying 10 rooms.

Majority of, if not all ministers and some generals live in hotels. All these unnecessary expenses are paid for by the government of South Sudan while millions of ordinary citizens are living in abject poverty.

While the government is baby-sitting ministers and generals in Juba, our people in the villages are facing brutal and unforgiving enemies (Hunger, Flood and Insecurity).

Over 6 states are currently affected by the flood. The flood has killed people, wiped out crops and left a large size of the population vulnerable to starvation. Over 20 people have so far died of hunger in Unity State after their crops were mercilessly wiped out by the flood.

But still our president and his government have no plan to help those who are affected. They have not shown leadership whatsoever. I am yet to see the president of South Sudan on a national TV addressing these natural disasters.

Bany Kiir Mayardit, this is the time that the president should stand with his people, this is the time that you should show leadership to your people, this is the time that you should tell the nation that you are feeling their pain.

It is very unfortunate that the only thing you seem to care about is power rather than your role as the president. You have been busy lately appointing and dismissing government officials.

The only time you are seen on a national TV is to either appoint or dismiss somebody through your infamous decrees. Is that all you care about Mr. President?

Mr. President, the recent incidents in Twic East County-Jonglei State have just given me enough reasons to give you a vote of no confidence.

You have again shown no leadership. Innocent civilians, devastated by flood were attacked by rebels fighting the state. Over 70 people died, about 24 children abducted, over 140 houses burned, and several other people injured but the president has not release even a single statement about the incident.

That’s how insensitive our president is. He seemed not to understand his job description. He does not understand that he is the top representative of the people and his words matter a lot.

It is very unfortunate that the president can’t condemn such a heartless killing of innocent people. I am gutted, annoyed, angry and embarrassed by the level of ignorance of our president.

While all these things were happening in Jonglei State, the president and his government were busy preparing for the arrival of president Bashir.

Isn’t this the time to focus on internal issues that are threatening national security rather than receiving a foreign president? Why wasn’t it possible to delay Bashir’s visit and pay attention to the victims of rebel attack in Jonglei State?

While the UN, USA and other countries were condemning this massacre, the president completely ignored it and he even failed to mention it during their joint press conference with Bashir.

Instead he had this to say; “Bashir is here with a wide heart. He is a brother who cares for victims affected by flood in South Sudan.”

Seriously Mr. President! How do you feel when leaders of other nations condemned massacre of innocent civilians in a country that you lead and you cannot condemn or think about it?

What does that say about you as a person and as a president?

Mr. Bashir must be a happy man at the moment. He has outwitted, outmanoeuvred, bullied and defeated Kiir diplomatically on Abyiei issue.

He made it clear that he wasn’t happy with hardliners in South Sudan government. President Kiir responded in kind and appointed a cabinet that was widely celebrated in Khartoum.

President Bashir called the people of South Sudan insects/cockroaches and today he enjoys maximum respect from South Sudan.

When he visits, the capital-Juba is locked down, businesses and other important institutions are locked down, school children urged to line up the road to cheer Bashir.

Yes, I understand that South Sudan like any other country should provide maximum security to any visiting foreign presidents. But that does not mean locking down the whole town.

President Kiir visited Khartoum recently but was it locked down for his arrival? Did Bashir order school children to line up along the roads to receive him?

Mr. President you are the face of this nation and you should represent us with dignity and self-importance not with subordination/inferior status.

With this kind of leadership, I don’t know whether the people of South Sudan will employ you again as their president come 2015. This mediocrity and indecisiveness is too much to bear.

By John Nhomachot
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  1. Tyson says:

    If indeed many South Sudanese are able to follow such conversations in the social media, it is time to throw this cattle camp leadership into the dust bin.
    What do you expect from a semi illiterate President who has no national agenda? Instead of hiding his weakness by appointing the right people to technically manage affairs of the state, he is busy ferrying his kinsmen to guard him and his cattle. He has also reduced himself to a total mediocre by pampering El Bashir.
    The people of Abyei should go ahead with their referendum. This is their right to freedom instead of being drained by Kiir syndrome.
    If all can rise up against these criminals in Juba, we can save our poor people from all the atrocities of this government.

  2. Mankien town says:

    Hi. John Nyomachot
    that is all true, you are truely nationalist who shows good heart to his country on how our country looks like, in other countries in the world when the foreign president visit the country many people may only see his coming over he TV or newspapers. it is not about closing down the business center or schools, what does it mean to the general public? this is just a diplomacy issue.
    This is not the first time when the bashir visit every time that all schools close down as well businesses, why?
    it good to this when we are mourning the death our people in Jonglei state, this can only make sense in this respect but several times hundreds of people are killed but our president keeps quiet to issue a national mourning day.
    The incomplete president does not care and he can not lead a modern people, i don’t know why he calls himself a president by degree.

  3. Martin L. says:

    Brother John, well said…

  4. Aj says:

    Bor East Twice incident is tit for tat case. Both communities take part in it. so Government can only be reliable when its really represent people.

  5. kikisik says:

    Mr. John,
    Thank you for pointing out the weaknesses of President Kirr. If you look at the people of South Sudan, they are like orphans because their leader is not caring about them. The Bashir visit was an attempt to protray the image of Kirr leadership that things are well and to please the AU, and UN master Ban Ki-Moon. Even the summit between Kirr-Bashir was a failure because the real issue was not discussed -Abiye.
    Kirr is a kind of leader who is always clearly interested only in his own agenda, advancement and well being but not caring about the suffering of his own people.
    “Leaders comes and Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever

  6. Elijah Samuel says:

    Your article is great but still very kind to the president. We should state clearly without fear that the president had his shot at it and he failed and it is time for him to go! It is time for likes of those who disagreed with him to try their chance with our country, If we can accept a terrible president like Kirr, who is inept, Imprisoning opponents and under him opinion writes like Isaiah Abraham got killed, Why will we not give a chance for Lam, Machar etc! Time others to try. the Power belongs to the people, Government comes and government goes!

  7. Agip The Great says:

    Dear John,


    MY ANSWER:- No, not at all

  8. Samuel Yien says:

    I do not have words to describe this guy, shameful to be called president of our wonderful country. Any alternative to him even a woman, for South Sudan presidency, would do much better than him.


  9. Issack Deng says:

    You asked if South Sudan is not a failed state yet? South Sudan under ‘clueless and directionless leadership of Salva Kiir is already a sinking ship. Differently said, FAILED STATE. Here is a man who decided in January to suspend its production of oil, which accounts for over 98% of government spending, sent thousands of the SPLA men to fight and be killed in hundreds, only withdrew few weeks later and immediately started begging Bashir 24/7 to allow back oil production.
    To add salt to the wounds, he surrendered the 14 miles and Abyei cause. The above narrative shows this president doesn’t grasp basic economics let alone comprehending the implications of the rushed shutdown and rampant going insecurity and lawlessness spreading across the country.

    Paradoxically, poor civil population were slaughtered more than once in Kiir’s backyard in the name of cattle rustling, yet he never showed sympathy and continue to stick his head in the sand. Many peaceful demonstrators were murdered by the state security at broad-daylight in Wau, instead of consoling the aggrieved families, he insulted them.
    In Twic East County over 80 innocent children and women were massacred in a matter of hours, still, Kiir was not moved an inch. Forget about the flood victims, for they have to fond for themselves and only God will be on their side.

    Now, you tell me what is left there to be proud about Kiir’s ineffective corrupt government in Juba?

  10. Moked Batali says:

    Brother John Nhomachot, you called it a spade, but Kiir could call it a big spoon.

  11. Martin L. says:


  12. Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

    Dear John, all commentators
    These are good words on terrible time and to an illiterate president, he divided our people. I don’t think an idiotic president would be awake. He has been waiting only oil revenues. some communities have learnt to rule by Sultans like him, traditional kings, magicians, that why this man called president has a group among them.
    Let’s him go with his group.

  13. Dau-network says:

    President Alcohol Salbashir was knocked out by Kizkiz before Sunday morning that why l failed to responded for 4 days or he was enjoying news.

  14. Lare Justice says:

    Dear John,
    great work sir! now the only thing that’s left for us South Sudanese people is to tell this Warrap State’s cattle keeper leader is to go away and leave. Shame on dictator Salva Kiir the tribal leader in our beloved nation South Sudan.

  15. Mankien town says:

    Dear Lare Justic
    Mark Nyipouc talked nonsense yesterday that Kirr should be give more chance so as to realize the vision of SPLM, i believe even Kirr is to be given 100 years chance, there would be no change in south sudan.
    i swear this food seeker calling himself Mark is just a nightmare who is just looking after the position, nothing else…. no chance for kirr, no insecurity no corruption,
    thank u guy.

  16. Lare Justice says:

    Mankien Town:
    the so-called Mark Nyipouc is one of the blind man Salva Kiir Kuethping Lual’s thugs. Even two year old kids can do better than this shameful Mark Nyipouch. Forget about Warrap State cattle keeper Salva Cancer Kiir, his down fall is near and worry about your coward self. what’s going to happen to you, shameful animal Mark Nyi-shit. We the South Sudanese will come after your coward naked eyes either in that tiny ugly slave Dinka land or Uganda Salva Cancer Kiir’s dictator Yoweri Museveni’s Land.

    Lare Justice/Eastern Nuer/Naath

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