Disposition of Wani Igga or other positions shouldn’t be redlined

BY: John Adoor Deng, Australia, NOV/15/2014, SSN;

In recent days, the wishers of South Sudan peace saw a glimpse of hope igniting a possible return of lost peace to the dying people of South Sudan. Unlike other peace talks and summits, recent East African leaders, Summit appeared to have yielded considerable fruits. For the very first time, both President Kiir and Dr Machar were seen showing an inch of their white teeth in a cordial smile. Other protagonists known to have red-eyed each other in the previous talks, have shown courage in recent days to mixed warmth of their hands in hands shakes with one another.

Also, the few women who have attended the mini-signing ceremony at Addis-Ababa demonstrated their happiness by giggling and clubbing. The mood at the hall was notable and fervently peace encouraging.

Although other factors such as pressures or call it striking hammer from IGAD countries, AU and UN Security Council, are believed to have precipitated the mood. Arguably, one could still believe that out of pressures, South Sudanese at the peace talks were in one accord to bring peace back to their country.

Surprisingly, we are confused by post-Summit utterances from Juba and from the Rebels side respectively. One notorious example of these utterances is the notion of equating the possible removal of Hon Wani Igga as redline!!

What is redlining in the South Sudanese politics? This phrase ‘red line ‘has been used extensively and inappropriately in the conflict. Correctively, let look at the etymology of the Phrase ‘redline’ before unpacking why it is inappropriate to be used for Hon Wani Igga. The phrase ‘Red line is used, both in Hebrew (קו אדום‎, Kav Adom) and English to mean a figurative point of no return or line in the sand, or “a limit past which safety can no longer be guaranteed.”

If this meaning is what is implied by those referring to the removal of Wani Igga as redline, then chances of domesticating peace to South Sudan would be extremely narrow. Truthfully, to make peace long lasting, institutions or factions involved in the peace making must first achieve a balance of powers–an interlocking of mutual.

For example, accommodate demands that would implicitly concede one’s superiority or may make completely unjust demands in the hope that through compromise long lasting peace is achieved. If there is genuine calling or questing for peace, then positions of individuals do not amount to be a hindrance. Peace only comes through readjustments, change of status quo, in other words, peace grows well on a new surface.

I, therefore, think there is nobody’s position is to be above peace in the context of South Sudan. Our dying masses do not want Wani Igga or Riek Machar or even president Kiir Mayardit as substitutes for peace, but they are in their languishing conditions calling for genuine peace for their survival.

Nobody’s position, whether current positions or future positions should be regarded as untouchable or redlined at the expense of peace.

Finally, brothers and Sisters in the peace talks or leadership of both factions, bring genuine peace to South Sudan not for you but for the innocent victims who are now dying of starvation and diseases. Whoever is preventing these innocent to enjoy peace in their country should be redlined Not positions of certain elites.

The Author is John Adoor Deng, director of Civil Society Organization in Australia, Former President of Sudanese community of Queensland INC, & Former Interim President of the Federation of Sudanese Australian communities. He is reachable at: dengjohn780@gmail.com


  1. monychol says:

    John, I see now you have started to be reasonable to a point you have realised that it doesnot takes two camps to negotiate peace as you used to think of former detainees and other stakeholders.Peace also takes concessioons and compromises.We learnt that in the CPA and we must continue to learn.Those 2004 Yei coup plotters will continue to resist peace and decieves the public at home. untill the opposition leaders and their forces enter Juba and take offices while Makuei and the rests of Yei coup plotters are still in denial till they finds. themselves on the street.
    This man called Wani Igga bodyguard almost assassinated the US ambbassador in Juba.That could had been a redline.A true redline. that could have rolled their heads in the street of Juba.Murdering US diplomat could have not been light on them as they are now murdering their own citizens.The US military is right here at the horn of Africa in Njibouti and Salva Kiir could had been dragged in the street of Juba or thrown into the sea like Osama Bin Laden.

  2. Deng Hanbol says:

    Bravo Monychol! a Bari man called Wani Igga purporting to be a vice president. What a shame

    • monychol says:

      Deng, there is nothing wrong with a Bari man being vice president.Bari men can becomes presidents let alone vice presidents.But not this goofy clown.He is a non entity altogether.He does not bear semblannce of a politician with distinct political beliefs, but a decoy kind of a guy.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Monychol, point of clarification. I didn’t mean Bari politicians are not deserve to become president. This is absolutely not my intention. What I mean is that James Wani or his predecessor Manasseh Magok Rundial from Jagi Nuer in Western Upper Nile aren’t qualified for any official or any governmental job in our country because they are feeble-minded. In other words, they (Magok and Wani) are well known for being spinelessness. Both Wani and Magok look alike to everything they do. In Fact,they have been given unequivocal support to the tyrant Kiir Mayerdiet. Therefore,they have been estimated by many people as vicious and treacherous.
        My dear friend Monychol, south Sudan has a lot of nationalist leaders who come
        from Bari tribe. Some of the nationalist or political figures I like from this community are listed below:
        1- Gen. Lado Gore
        2- Peter A. Sole
        3- Dr. Luka Moniuga
        4- Dr Wani Tombi

        Bearing in mind that 70% of Upper Nile people support Gen. Gore and when it comes to his region or Greater Equatoria, about 80% of the population more less are supporting him comparing Wani Igga who has got 20% supporters in Greater Equatoria

  3. AGUMUT says:

    I think John Garang might have taken his own life (SUICIDE) because everything was not good among themselves.

    • monychol says:

      Why did the helicopter had to be lost in the rainstorm and made several attempts to land at new site? Don’t you know that Garang was a master all sort of arms importer and why didn’t even used a pistol or grenade that he has in his many warehoues to take his own life?
      Your thoughts are shear idiocies of a deadman walking.You are dead it is only that you have not been burried and you have started rotting from your head.Fish start rotting in their heads and that is what you have started now.

  4. Yiey W. Teny says:

    Rev. John,

    That was a good arguement. I think the President and his boys have used the word redline many times. It was first used by the current Israelis Prime Minister Benjamin. Again President Obama used it in August 2012 when he was about to take serious action against the current President of Syria Bashar. It sounds good to them since they haven’t been exposed to the world of free will. In every society, when the intellectuals are keeping quite in name of being call good man, when the very people who know better depend nothing, when mps who were elected by their electorates betrayed their electorates, when the truth is abandoned, when you are killed because you are supporting Dr. Riek or President, when Mps are not speaking out because they will lose their jobs, a nation will not move forward.

    There many intellectuals who are living in Juba who know more than the outsiders know. But because they dont want to be call nyagat when they say Salva Kiir is wrong, because they don’t want to be called betrayers, because they don’t want to be called people who betrayed Dinka interests, we have a very long way to go. it is a “riek mi baar”.

    Our brothers in government should know that change is a good thing in one way or the other. Salva Kiir should compare his previous photos and the current ones. Kuol Manyang too should also check his previous photos and the current ones. If change is a bad thing, Kiir and his likes will not look the way they are today. And again, the current chief of General Staff should also know that, change is very essential, when he once was a cook and to the army and then to governor of the state and to the top job that he is in now, it is not because of a change? If change is not a good thing those of Kiir, Kuol, Malong would have not been in suits. With the exception of “Deng Majiok gangs” whom have been in Jalaba pockets for a long time.

  5. monychol says:

    Correct Yiey.These men in power in Juba are leading the country the wrong way and they know that, that is why they are muzzling people up and give them all sort of names when they says anything.
    The wants to continue leading the nation the wrong way and they wants to leave it like that for the next generations.What sham of unpatriotism.People are destroying the country in our own eyes and they still have the audaaacity to want to be left like that.
    These bullheaded thugs got to find ways of dealing with them because they are wrongly teachingg the next generations to be like them.The next generations are going to suffer as well and these old men have shown their hatred to the nation.One generation lay the foundation stone for the next generations.Parents who are thieves bear children who are thieves.So do children of dictators are going to be dictators,thieves and genocide perpetrators.
    So where do we go from here?

  6. Tutbol says:

    So Riek Machar and his tribe men goons would be allowed to throw tantrums like babies every time, killed South Sudanese people and then turn around and ask for rewards in return for their bad behaviour? Good luck, but not again this time never. Some criminals are hedging for their Riek Machar on whelm in South Sudan’s top job, but they are just daydreaming and are wasting their times.

    Riek Machar himself knows, he has gone too far and he knows he is unwanted these days in South Sudan, let alone being given another platform as a South Sudanese leader again, unless the criminals that still want their Riek Machar to challenge the intelligent of South Sudanese people to which, no South Sudanese with his/her sound mind would again wants Riek Machar to be flashing his evil smiles in the South Sudanese people’s plains, never ever again.

  7. AGUMUT says:

    SPLM of John Garang knew that majority people in the South wouldn’t support UNITED SUDAN, so simple is that!

  8. Yiey W. Teny says:

    Tut Bol,
    People like Hon. Aleu are the preferred future leaders in your point of view hey. When he was the architect of Yei Planned coup. When he was removed from his previous position, he went to Current head of our state and told him you are not even a deputy, Nhial Deng Nhial is the deputy and President Kiir asked him what are the proves and he said, one of the proves is the fact that I have been removed without you being informed. Well, my brother tutbol, if don’t compromise South Sudan will not a good country. You don’t know how embrarrased we look all around the globe at the movement. You can not say this clothe is terrible when you haven’t tried it on yet. People don’t like Dr. Riek for reasons that are unknown and if they are know what are they? It is your political right to say no to Dr. Riek not to be a leader, but if you get it fully, you can do it through ballot box.

    You went as far as calling people with the good criminals, well that is your point we will not be criminals because you said that so. What ever sensible human being knows now is that, change has to South Sudan. As Dr. D’Agoot put it, “South Sudan will not be the same again.” Mr. Tut you can insult and insult but that wouldn’t help you my brother. I realised that people like you want leaders who don’t have programmes. Dr. Lual Acuek said it in his SBS interview that, Kiir threw Garang ‘s proposals after he assumed leadership.

  9. Yiey W. Teny says:

    What did President offer to the people of South Sudan? Bribing people whom thinks were threat to his leadership. Destoyinng and setting members of the communities against one another. Bribing Nuer politicians so they are hostile to their communities members. Is that the president that you prefer to be our president when our diversity is so important than setup. My friend for us to live in a better South Sudan we have to change our mindsets. I have learnt that, when someone is telling the truth, he is a Nyagat or traitor, well Dr. Machar is a human being yes, he makes mistakes yes, however who is holy in the land of South Sudan? Unless you will die tomorrow, if not so Dr. Riek Machar will be your next leader in few months time unless your mobs in Juba don’t want peaceful South Sudan. If you don’t well you have everylasting problem that will only address on your own.

    After dust bining Dr. John proposals, what programme did he provide to South Sudanese? None, so it is unfortunate that our Country is on the road that it is on now. Bringing Ugandans to sustain his leadership is programme? Calling IDPS who ran for their dear lives to UNIMISS rebels Hon Makuei said it and the President said ,that they have guns, is that a programme? I think we should use our common senses better.

    If South Sudanese are smart enough, let ‘s give whoever is willing to lead a chance. Like the chance our President had, he messes it up he will not blame South Sudanese, he will blame his advisors after his leadership.

  10. monychol says:

    Tutbol, who told you that when somebody mention anything wrong in South Sudan, then he is talking of two choices of either Riek or Kiir? We are talking about shear refusal of those in power in Juba to bother about the suffering of their people.You must know that the power that they are sitting on is not theirs but property of those who are suffering.I see you are not a true patriot.A true patriot is the one loyalt to fellow citizens not governments.Governments comes and governments comes and governments go.But citizens remains.Unless you are a profiteer, you cannot be loyalt to governments over your fellow citizens.
    The country iss going to be taken over by the UNS. council if Kiir and Riek donot share power equiftably.The sooner they bring peace to the country, the better.
    The world and Africa donot wants to see Sudan and Uganda confronting themselves over South Sudan and should that scenario occurs, the world will put South Sudan under UN trusteeship like former Tanganyika.Then why would a scenario like that won’t be avoided.I know you and your like minded donot heed advices.If you do, we won’t be where we are now.
    There is a real danger to our hard worn independence and sovereignty.Remember sovereignty lies with the people not governments and if citizens are in danger, sovereignty is in danger.
    The government in Juba has threatened the sovereignty of the people of South Sudan as a stwart of that.

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