Dismissal and readmission: A case of waste recycling in Kiir’s government

BY: Marial Mach Aduot Mach, AUSTRALIA, JAN/27/2013, SSN;

Like all other South Sudanese reading the news of our president firing all the generals deputizing the SPLA chief of general staff and more others in the regular army as well as the dismissal of Lakes State governor, it greeted me with mixed feelings.

Firstly, I was amused and dismayed given the analysis I made in my mind. The greater joy was that our president whom I have been assuming to be politically brain-dead was showing some signs of recuperating, and like a child learning how to walk, he slowly learns the courage to make tough choices. He needs to have that in the first place anyway.

Secondly, I also agree with the president that our army needs reform, hence reserving more than twenty generals is still too little though, but it is long overdue. Given the conventional transformation of military across the globe, it is not only necessary for a country to have a minimum, well trained and armed forces but it is a pre-condition of a supposedly capable modern army.

Feel free to call it an exaggeration, but the tendency in our country where everybody wants to be a soldier would eventually make this young nation another North Korea in Africa.

As a person born in the age of SPLA, I am holding no doubts about its effectiveness, but in contrast to the current state of our economy, a gigantic army is costly to manage financially and judicially.

People can count the events which took place in South Sudan between the army and the people it’s supposed to protect, such as rape, torture and looting and murder, you name them. These are the results of the army which was trained and still being trained to shoot but not to uphold the rule of law.

Reducing the size of the army in my view can be on the card; hence more is needed to be done than just demoting generals and promoting some. That is not change! It is called a recycling of waste, if I may give it the name.

Demoting and promotions general without a proper proceedings of how the general army is going to move forward shows undoubtedly that our leader is not fully recovered from its long-term political concussion it suffers as he rose to the rank…?

Don’t get me wrong! Presidential political medics are doing a great work bringing back the man we assumed critics pronounced political dead, but more is needed to be done especially in the government. The men and women who are holding the ministerial posts need some sophistication or perhaps polishing.

Some of them are too rusty, including the nation’s foreign minister which I assume because of his defects or rustiness, has chosen to mute the South Sudan in international arena. It is disgraceful of course.

Not only that, what have dismayed me very much is bestowed in two events– the promotion of recently dismissed general Pieng Deng Kuol as the South Sudan police chief and the sucking of Lakes State elected governor are very disgusting.

Gen. Pieng Deng is a gentleman of course, and very a decorated war hero, but seeing him as the chief inspector of South Sudan police is like seeing a dog on a roller-skate. The guy is a military general who may perhaps know little or nothing on how to deal with policing aspects. God help us! He may have a good military experience, but I doubt if he can even understand the role of police and its technical work.

This means that in the next four years, as they said, our internal security well being will continue to be looked through the toilet-paper roll like the previous years. That is not a change, it is simply a recycling of waste.

Finally, the striking event on my part and a delusional decision on the part of president is the sacking of Lakes state governor. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Chol Tong is an exceptional leader, but people elected him. The reason of his sacking is not said publicly, but it is assumed that the demise of Chol Tong has something to down with security situation in the state.

Well, that maybe the case, but if he is dismissed because of that, question would that, is he the only governor that actually failed that duty?

Prove me wrong, but if people were to be fired for mishandling state’s security, I would have guess that our failed delinquent general in Jonglei should have been sacked three times already. What we have in Jonglei is beyond imagination and the reason why Gen. Kuol Manyang Jok remains in his post until today comes as another weak point of president Kiir. He is so naïve or feels inferior to some of his former army generals counter-parts, now in charge of States; it’s obviously ridiculous and horrendous.

People wonder why the removal of a governor concerned me a lot. Well, first it is an assault on democracy. Issuing presidential decrees, (very idiotic, by the way) to dismiss an elected official does not reflect well for the meaning of elections and the function of electorates who ordain the governance. It is the holiest move by the president pueblos’ dogs, but it a tragedy to the people hoping for public voices.

In fact, people of Lakes State are being bullied and disrespected by the president who is running the country with an expired transitional constitution. RIP!

Secondly, it shows that leaders in our country are not psychologically well, and intellectually impeded to understand that the responsibility of removing an elected official can only took place in a competent court of law, which we don’t have anyway, and through the people who elected them. These two organs are empowered by a clear margin of law and that is simply breached by our commander in chief, sheep, cheap or shift, whatever.

I would have not been yapping or even dreaming of doing that, if the Governor Chol Tong was shown the door by the citizens of Lakes State by converging to the polling stations and substitutinged him or if he was impeach for a supposed crime of stealing a quarter of our missing four billions dollars. That could be in correlation with the constitution.

So, is the act of our president justified at all? How and on what basis?

Marial Mach Aduot is a South Sudanese residing in Australia, Melbourne. He can be reached at pandepiol@yahoo.com


  1. Sacking of elected governor of Lakes state has proven that pres. Kiir is not acting in democratic way. Kiir, he himself was elected by south Sudanese citizens and among those are Lakes state citizens who also elected Chol Tong.
    Since Kiir failed, no citizens uprising for govt. be his term finish. Let him continue doing that, but he doesn’t know that the citizens he has annoyed to sack their elected governor, is the same citizens he will be back later asking to vote for him.

  2. Deng says:

    Yes Marial, our president’s stupidity is increasing by the day, I agree with you. If I take you back to the event at the United Nations’ voting on the Palestinians’ status on being a non-member state at the UN where our country voted against Israel and in favour of Palestines. If Israel it is not our ally then it is our sympathiser while Palestinian – Hamas’s leaders inlcuding; the so-called Hamas’s political guru, Khaled Meshal, and their prime Minister have even gone extra mile by insulting South Sudan, no one will dispute that and argue that Palestinians deserve our support.
    Even after voting, no acknowledgement from any Arab nation, no appreciation whatsoever.
    Who is responsible for our country voting that way at the UN? The answer is president Kiir and as you have just correctly referred to him in your article as naive, he blindly and/or naively decided to appoint Mading Deng Majok as our representative to the UN.
    This post at UN is a prime portfolio in governmental portfolios in South Sudan and should have not given to Mading a man who is always very grey and a president with comprehension will not appoint him to such a position.
    On top of that, Abyei is not even part of South Sudan legally/officially, they are no different from South Kordufan and South Blue Nile, the different and only different is that they are Dinka by tribe.
    I don’t hate Abyei people to be part of our government in South Sudan, I like them and if electing Dinka Ngok as president in South Sudan will bring Abyei, I will go for that, but our president is dangerously over-confident and not studying them before giving them core and sensitive jobs.
    Sorry for going long on this issue but it concerns me, so, congratulations, Mr Aduot. We hope that our president will change or God gives us someone else comes the SPLM Convention, I am betting SPLM members could convince him (Kiir) not to insist on re-running again in in 2015 and nominate someone with a potential of quickly getting it right in learning presidential capabilities on job.
    I put on the job learning here because as a new country and only with former guerrilla leaders who have just emerged from the war and who have only perfected war asserting themselves to be the only candidates to run for president and alienating other South Sudanese who are not warriors and suppressing their own comrades who are not on the upper rank of the movement.
    I hope speaking your mind will not warrant one’s death which seems to be the case, if it is not then lucky we are.

  3. Michael Abu says:

    The man is not a political leader. He was appointed to the position was vacated by the loss and this loss still follows him. Interfering on the affairs of state and removing elected governor need a lot of questions to be asked by all South Sudanese who understand the way the democracy works.
    Mr. Kiir had overstepped on his powers and if all of us will not take it seriously, then the country will sink into the ocean before 2020.

  4. Malith Alier says:

    I could agree more on this article. Many people fail to see the illogical being played out. The motion is carried.

  5. wad wau says:

    Africa needs leaders like Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere: those who don’t take decisions based on ethnicity & tribalism. Leaders who don’t take revenge, SALVA KIIR is systematically killing all those who oppose him & arresting those whom he can’t kill through the help of his Brother-in -law who is in NISS. Blood spilt innocently will turn on those who spill it.

  6. Lewi A. Mursale says:

    My fellow Countrymen,
    it is indeed commendable to advocate for democracy by south Sudanese near and far. Personally I have foreseen this during the civil society constitutional review meetings organized by the government of the Republic of South Sudan in Nyakouran Cultural Center and Sahara Hotel. There, the chairpersons made it sure that all views were uttered and written down for references – I remember even I questioned the representation of that house whether we were all members of SPLM or not. I found out that other parties were indeed represented by one or two dormant people.

    Some SPLM members as well as non-SPLM spoke courageously citing that Decentralization was the best way for governing the Country’s diversity. Every plenary group discussion presented same report against absolute presidential powers especially that which gives him power over elected governors.

    We knew it, it was predictable with SPLM greedy members who feel the country must belong to them both direction and destiny. They threw out our recommendations, didn’t they?

    Now, it’s true beginning of a long term dictatorship and Southerners better take it serious, for the time being it does not bite but later on it will swallow every silent citizen of this country and make them pay for their stupidity even long after this regime is long gone.

    South Sudan would rather start with the right note before it is immersed in unforgivable sins. The current silence is only out of majority ignorance plus fear of intimidation and or opportunism.

    I have great hope that when things get out of the roof, heaven always does respond as last resort – let us keep the fight for your vote and mine in 2015 if at all.

  7. Lumali Peter says:

    Marial and Deng,
    I don’t Agree with your comments for what you are saying about president, the president actually makes good decision, according to the southern Sudan Constitution.
    brother Deng and Marial, a country like Southern Sudan, you do not need to deal with our people in that way. I wish the president could do the same to the other Governors. Now he did Gain the historical ground from Southerners because politicians will come and go, you never know whether they are the same boat with you or not.

  8. Marial Mach Aduot Mach says:

    Lumali Peter
    I don’t respond to comments made by people especially if I am the writer of a piece they’re making comment about. I am not intent to do that now. I just want to correct one thing you and many others keep repeating. Where is South Sudan in the world’s map? For God’s sake, our country is called South Sudan, please stop insulting my identity.

  9. acid bank says:

    let’s just wait for 2015 to find the best kiir’s spare part.

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