Dinkocrats going bananas in Juba on hearing president Obama’s sweeping sanctions!!

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, UK, APR/05/2014, SSN;

Kiir’s minister of misinformation Michael Makuei was reported to have gone bananas on hearing president Obama’s authorization of the “ground sweeping sanctions” against all south Sudan’s warlords in government and in opposition, obviously including both President Salva Kiir and his ex-deputy Dr Riek Machar.

Makuiei who looks and behaves like someone fresh from the cattle camp is one of the many unpolished characters in Kiir’s current cabinet. A lawyer and judge by profession, there is hardly anything in his crude behaviours to suggest he had even seen a blackboard let alone going to school or holding a degree in Law from Sudan’s prestigious University of Khartoum.

His comments here sums it all:

“In the first place, I don’t know what are the criteria used by him (president Obama) to decide who (whether X or Y) has committed human rights violations or abuses,” he said

“The investigation has not yet started, and based on that investigation, this would have been the most appropriate time for him (Obama) to decide as to who violated and what action should be taken against them,” Makuei continued rambling.

You see, this is the same Michael Makuei who was involved in physical shovels and abusive words with the UNIMISS forces in Bor when his heavily armed guards were refused entry into the UN compound.

Do we really want to be told that this very minister is the first on Obama’s list of people who obstructed the UNMISS duty in South Sudan?

But see how he is reacting now and asking for an investigation to be carried out, as if he is just waking up from a deep sleep, and all that he did was a “sleep walking”.

On the other hand was it not his boss, the South Sudan’s Vice President, James Wani Igga, who addressed the SPLM mob as they demonstrated against the UNMISS in Juba, accusing the UN of being a colonialist organisation?

This is more than a gone case by the way. And we all know that the international community is fully behind Obama’s sanctions.

We also know that it only a matter of time before the remaining Oil production in Poluch, Upper Nile State is brought to a complete halt by the imminent rebel attack on the site.

With these glaring facts, Kiir and his dinkocrats are between a rock and a hard place.

They will have to both choose between using their cows’ dung for fuel, cows’ milk for food and export the cattle hides to fetch them the much needed hard currency.

Or with a local currency in a free fall and an economy that never ever existed, their other alternative will be to continue begging Museveni of Uganda for both food and endless military protection, crowning him as Master of the Dinka and Ruler of the Great Lakes region.

Which is the lesser of two evils, when the choice is in fact between the devil himself and the deep blue sea!

For those you who follow articles on South Sudan, there is a well written piece of Ed/Op under the heading “Kiir should plan his exit strategy: A Citizen’s Concern’s point of view, by: Abraham Deng Lueth, B.S., MPA, Kansas City, MO, USA, APR/03/2014, South Sudan Nation.

This beautifully thought through article, represents the author’s attempt to assist President Kiir with an exit strategy.

However the truth remains that Salva Kiir’s leadership has long been identified by many analysts as a system too deformed to be reformed.

And the only way for Salva Kiir to appreciate what the author has suggested to him is for something dramatic to happen.

As a less humiliating exist strategy after those who stood with the independence of South Sudan are turning their backs to him en masse, our friend’s advice is still not in any way an easy prescription that Kiir can adhere too, nor is it an easy pill for him to swallow.

But at this very advanced stage of his mental confusion, Kiir has obviously repeatedly made many wrong decisions than he had made right ones. It all boils down to his state of mind.

Thus anything new can only make sense to Kiir and his coterie if they underwent mind transplants first.

The truth is that these type of operations are not feasible even in the far future and South Sudan cannot be kept waiting forever when atrocities are being committed everywhere.

Instantly calling it quits after reaching this stage would have been the only logical thing to do.

Yet logic, like common sense, are things that have long left the country the moment these guys came the default rulers in the embattled South Sudan.

Hence, it is impossible for president Kiir to relinquish power voluntarily. Even if he were promised another chance to rule South Sudanese in the next world, he won’t do it.

Voluntarily stepping down is just too much for this dictator’s inner psychic which has long been mal-conditioned to recognise no any other possible successor.

Practically speaking, this dictator has very limited choices and I hope President Barack Obama sees it the way I see it.

To me Salva Kiir and his followers have only two exist strategies to choose from.

To cut a long story short, as things stand now President Kiir can either choose to exit power the Sadaam Hussein’s way or he chooses the Muamar Gadhafi’s way.

There is no any third option left for this dictator after he has caused the death of tens of thousands of innocent civilians!

Dr. JAC Ramba. A voice for the voiceless.


  1. Mr Justin.
    Bear in mind that Obama is an American president not South Sudanese as you may think. second to it we are not governed by US laws but we have our own constitution and laws that govern us.you and your Obama will fail miserably as in the case of Syria and Crimea.

    • monychol says:

      Matot,you are sovereign and independent country as you claims ,are those internally displaced people and those who are in refugees camps not your people? Are you the ones providing them with protection and basis services? If not you and your government,then where is your sovereignty and who is taking your resources if your citizens are begging the world community.Whose man can claims a manhood if his wife and children are be.gging other men to survive?Only a government that is lead by Awan Chan and Bor county thugs is where such a situation is tolerated.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Are you still supporting Dr. Riek still? You are here complaining of two Dinka Counties of Awan and Bor as being hard headed in the conflict. Those two Dinka sections are the reason we have South Sudan today because they did not let Dr. John Garang down during those days war between South and North Sudan. They persevered regardless of hard time SPLA/M faced when there were many defection during the civil war to the north side. Well, what are saying of rebels looting that took place in Duk And Twic East Counties? Please, tell me, why would they be disturbing peace in those Counties since they are not Awan and Bor Counties?

    • Ambago Ramba says:

      My Friend Tony Tony Matot

      You are absolutely right that Obama is not the president of South Sudan . Of course the president of South Sudan is Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Vice president is James Wani Igga, the Minister for Foreign Affairs is Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin. What more does a country need in order to fail with flying colours ?

      Your examples of Syria and Crimea are completely irrelevant. You cannot compare any of these two with the poverty, ignorance and illiteracy stricken South Sudan. For if Russia succeeds in maintaining Bashar Al Assad in Damscus and also interfered in Crimea, the same will not be true of South Sudan.

      Do you you think that “Baba” Museveni will protect Kiir’s “dinkocracy” the same way Putin protected Assad’s ” “Alawaite Baathiests” ? Think of it again.

      • Shamga says:

        I like your nonsense because it stimulate thinking. But you should understand that in this world people can’t be as equal as buttocks. The aspiration to become a superior—superior to your fellows, if possible, and superior to your own past and present is natural.
        History reminds us that many humans were worshiped throughout history as gods in the past. The Egyptian pharaohs and the ancient Roman Emperors and many others were deities within their state religion, and even today there are very few who honor them as deities today.
        The main setback with these individuals is that as their state backing declined and so did their religious stature . Despite that, there is no reason why anyone in power couldn’t follow in their footsteps. True they’re just humans, but even humans can potentially be regarded as demigods, and it is still practicable to day in a subtle manner. The case in point is the american leadership whose people like you are dancing to the tune of, and whose mind you have enslaved yourself to. Hence, you are dancing like a child whose mother has returned from a long day work.
        Of course, every one in south Sudan is born to free. However, it is important to know, if you have no intuition to do so, that some are born for slavery, and others for dominion. I believe you can’t argue with this fact as it is in every human society including Dor or Jur community.
        In short don’t bother always about the so call south Sudan democracy. It won’t make you free from your burdens. We know your are a beast of burden their in London as you are a staunch factory giant worker. But tranquility is found also in dungeons so relax and enjoy it as you carry on in London your factory dungeons.

    • Morbe says:

      A point of correction; South Sudan still operates on a transitional constitution who’s time is up and needs an overhaul so as to immune the country from sweeping powers of the executive and promote role of institutions and rule of law.

    • Nyesi Ta says:

      Fellow Dinkacrat, your example of Syria and Crimea does not relate to our situation in the Republic of South Sudan. What I see here you are trying to fill a clean bucket with cow dung. If you can read and write and cannot see the truth about the crises in our country, then your brain is deformed politically.

  2. Long Ranger says:

    Your are right brother Justin.

    I do not think all the current Good for nothing Ministers, army officers, will want to go down with Kiir. Something may happen. Even M7 who is defending Kiir may turn against him to appease the the USA and the people of South Sudan.

    We need an overhaul of the whole system. Verification of these thugs’ wealth and then nationalize them for deterrence purposes.

    Their lives are not even enough to pay for their evil deeds, including some of our useless sons-of-no-people Equatorian leaders.

  3. Rumunu says:

    Bravo Brother Justin,
    For your case Matot, you are just talking for the sake of others who are also talking or writing. You guys are blind and you should be left a lone, let me use these words of Jesus they have eyes but can’t see, they have ears but can’t hear, they have nose and can’t smell. These guys have the mentalities of Arabs since they are cousins. You see for your selves the case of Sadaam Hussein, Muamar o Kadhafi and Osama Bin Ladan as you have put it, they accepted to die than to surrender peacefully.The Dinkas have no sense of evaluating what is good and what is wrong, they only believe in superiority. Obama’s stand is good and he should continue with his campaign for immediate sanction. In actual sense if a person does not bury the death ones such a person have no humanity in him. They don’t believe that they have killed human beings, what only they value is their cows. Had it to be cows that have died that much even five hundred (500) his enough for that matter, they were going to say that in deed there were atrocities caused in South Sudan. These are animals, they are not human beings by behavior. South Sudan being a Sovereign state is not free to cause atrocities as they wish. They are governed by the Internationals for human rights. Matot leave your idiotic reasoning like you are in the Kraal of cows, don’t and ever bring it to advanced societies that have humanity in their hearts. Long leave President Obama, long leave South Sudanese in the struggle for human rights and long leave the International communities.

    • Mr.Telltruth says:

      Yes, Dr Justin. You really put it right. Kiir’s leadership has become a shamed for south Sudan nation. No president can do what he has done his own people in the capital of the country. Plan to declare curfew in order to throw the murdered women and children into the Nile river to avoid being detected for felony and facing crime that his soldiers,the Gogorial militia men committed .But, he should remember that Sudanese president was indicted by ICC not because he himself hold the gun start shooting at the people of Darfur but his government cooperates with janjaweet militia in killing in civilian . In Kiir ,case recruited his tribal men with the aim to carry out these atrocities that we all witnessed in Juba 3 months ago. For kiir ,he is a war criminal and has to face justice no matter what . He miscalculated his plan and the situation that follow and has to face those crimes in front of the ICC . FULL STOP.

  4. Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba,
    You have been in the front line for many years, criticizing also everybody including the notable case of the late Diing Chan Awuol whom you had implicated yourself in his death through one of your article in the same nature of today. Yet, you are not satisfied with that as it’s with Hon. Makuei Lueth again. In fact, Makuei Lueth have done something you have never, never and ever going to do yourself to the people of South Sudan, compared to the Minister Mr. Makuei. In addition, school doesn’t change behaviours and habit. And if it does, then why are you wasting time on the past incident of Words between the Minister Mr. Makuei Lueth and UNIMISS Forces in Bor. Did you know that Two Thousand and Five Hundred (2500) people got killed and their bodies were left around the same compound of UNIMISS Forces that angered the Minister Mr. Makuei to question them and the reason why those innocent lives were not protected likewise those they have had inside the UNIMISS’s Compound? Looking at your judgment and the way you did weighted words of mouth over those human being ‘s lives lost here make me shocked! Completely, I don’t understand you making a huge deal criticizing Hon. Makuei Lueth for that case alone rather than talking about your own brothers and sister’s bodies that surrounding the same compound Dr. Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba!

  5. Joana Adams says:

    The news of the ground sweeping US sanctions is the best.t news I have heard in many long months since Dec 15th 2013. I pray that this is the first concrete step that will swiftly be followed by 1) A people’s agreement to end the senseless war. 2) instituting an Interim government of national unity excluding the two main protagonists and some of their close associates in crimes. 3) The said Agreement must include provision for a) rotational presidency between the three former provinces of Bahar El Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile to stop the bloody rivalry for power because in this system every former region will patiently wait for its turn for leadership. Conventional democracy is a disaster in this moment of our historical epoch. b) the Agreement should also have provisions for self determination for any of the former province or part of it thereof, in the event that peaceful coexistence is impossible within the present artificial republic. This may well act as a deterent against the myth of “born to rule” perception. Unique situations demand unique solutions.
    So please Mr. Obama keep the heat on, you are beginning to understand the language these dinkocrats understand. There should be no regrets and certainly no apologies. These war criminals and human right abusers have only one place to call home: ICC at The Hague.
    Well done brother Ramba, its time the likes of uncouth lawyers like Makuei, fake Telar, belly politician Lomuro, disgraced Marial, and butcher Kuol Manyang and their comrade in crime kleptocrat Mayardit face the music, and the ghost of Garang will join them long into the night.

    Joana Adams

  6. Majongdit says:

    Dr Ambago Ramba,

    You are a very intelligent man, but I fear that you are almost getting caught by a disease – the Wani Tombe disease. You must please live up to the value of your good education. For a whole you to sit down and write on Dinka and lie about several things is not good for you. Dr. Wani Tombe is suffering from rabies. If he has bitten you, then you are seriously infected. You will join a long list of sick PhD holders.

    Dont allow your reasoning to be so blunt to an extent that you can be challenged by younger uneducated class.
    In this article you committed two damaging mistakes:
    1. To single out Dinka instead of using the right term “government” is a mistake. It puts to question your education itself. Your language appear to be so light. It is a complete street boy language and with contents issues based on pathetic unconfirmed assumptions obtained from informal conversations with few individuals.
    2. mistake no two is when you predict the Obama sanctions to be on Dinka. Have you talked to Obama? Have you seen his list?

    Aha! Dont be surprised that its your colleague in madness Dr Riek Machar that will be top of the list.
    Take the example from Kenya where those who were crying for justice so loud only happen to be the ones contained in the ICC criminal list. They used to cry, “don’t be vague, it should all go to Hague”. their biggest shock later was that they were the leading culprits.

  7. Justin, Let me give an example of Zimbabwe, did it fall even after the whole country, Individual Ministers and companies were sanctioned?. My friend just joint the rebels if that is what you want. Americans will write individuals even those tribalist like you and El-Paul who incite violence through writing in diaspora. Your writings are worse then confronting an enemy in front line, and these writings will qualify you to answer court cases. Just keep writing to add injury, you will be surprise that your name will appear in the hague. Just take an example of a Kalenjin FM radio presenter who is now being question in the Hague with Ruto. You will go to hague in the same manner, because your articles are everywhere for coining a tribalistic word called Dinkocrats with Ali=Haj Paul. by the way the list will include not only those in frontline fighting, but also those who write inflammatory articles like you. You top the list my friend followed by El-Hag Paul, so be prepare for it.

  8. Omang Rollo says:

    How about you and Deng Lueth kiss each other ….., now that you are full blown rebels .Kiir will not be remove by you and ….. Obama, no matter how you hide and write from his shoes’ closet.


    • Omang Rollo says:

      Thanks, but you need to know that Ramba is victimizing innocent Makuei Lueth, a capable leader who is brave and outspoken. if he gets fire or sanction because of Ramba obsession with his strong standing, it will not look good on saboteur Ramba and his likes later on. a nation should be above personal interests, this article is tasteless, no good citizen will wish his leaders to be embarrass just because they happened to be on top at the time of trials.

  9. alex says:

    Dear Dr. JAC Ramba.

    I think you will run mad in London. Do you know who are those affected. You never know may be its Riek’s accounts being affected. The proposed sanctions are not for South Sudanese officials only but to both parties who are found hindering peace talks, contributing to the suffering of the people of South Sudan. Do not mislead people. Read the posting in Gurtong or Sudan tribune properly before rejoicing. Did you know what was told to Riek when rumours circulated he was flown out of Nasir for a trip abroad? You are not even afraid to lie what kind of a person you are. Are you writing your wine in your head to the public. Riek is politically neutralised and soon he has no choice either he have to sign peace or face a defeat. Through elections he will not win you even knows that , that is why some people from Riek group are proposing new faces of people because they new the future looks bleak for Riek and his supporters.
    To tell you the facts whether the west try to impose Riek we will overthrow him through the people power and send him back to Nasir. If you have been promised a position by Riek brother forget it now he is fighting a loosing battle. He now knows that in the battle field. Its not just the media propaganda which will help Riek. South Sudanese are ready to defend country.


  10. Morbe says:

    Hey fellow South Sudanese, our tribes are apolitical, please let us desist from making sweeping statements against our tribes. Being different in our tribes is a gift from God; no body chose to belong to our different tribes; our diversity in our tribes is a good thing we should appreciate.

    I thank the writer for the commentary on the latest development from USA. For I think it will help our leaders listen and raise up to their duty of working for the interests of the people of South Sudan who are dying and suffering around the country. However, I think the writer was not objective and politically correct in his article when he attempted to attribute political wrongs of Gn.Salva and few influential individuals from among the Dinka tribesmen in the current administration to Dinka tribe as a whole.

    It is important to remember that Late Dr.Garang was a Dinka and many others who’s political contributions were positive for the well being of the country and we do hold them with high regard. Yes today Gn.Salva has shown his political weaknesses in leading the country as a politician but we should be objective enough to look at him as such and hold him politically accountable.

    South Sudan is in crisis at present but is not going away. Tomorrow another president will come through democratic process and all these will end. South Sudan will remain as a country with its divers tribes holding together as a nation; each tribe compliments the role of the other in pushing our country forward towards prosperity.

    Personally I lost closest friends killed by forces of Gen.Salva Kirr in Juba but I also have friends from other tribes across the country including those from Dinka. And I think most of us have the same relationships including the writer. So my humble prayer to all is that we should look at the crisis as being political rather than Tribal, because there is nothing good comes from it being taken tribal.

  11. Morbe says:

    Additionally, I think political activist from Dinka tribe should come out and show political leadership in pointing out mistakes of the current Administration instead of keeping silent. For Your silence is hurting the country. I would love also to see a league of elders from amongst the former leaders coming out to point out mistakes and suggesting way forward rather than shying away in silence.

  12. BILL KUCH says:

    I thought you were one of the rebels under your boss Dr. Riek? Well, I think talking here about Dinka as tribe would not help in problem solving. And dealing with chaos causes should be better. Also, Obama is not going to choose South Sudan leader in the absent of Dinka tribe participation and therefore; there is no need to celebrate yet. Now, you should know that your boss is no longer popular to replace an elected president unless he agrees to laying down arms in order for him to take part in the upcoming general election. As according to you, you said, that the present information minister know nothing like you mentioned. So, that suggests you are better than him, and with all your education back ground, what have you done to South Sudan and what plans do you have for your good tribes other than Dinka?

  13. Dmajak says:

    Dr JAC, your title doesn’t match with article even your Godfather Alhag Paul will agree With me . Don’t abuse your father term and otherwise he will kick you out of family. According your father, dinkocrats means ruling the south Sudan with Dinka laws and their ways of life, but is not true.
    Back to your article, uncle Makuei is smarter than you that why he hold his position. He also smart than you because he know how keep cattle, which give him courage to lead this nation . Obama’s sanctions will not affected the Dinka lead government because everyone has cows to milk. So we don’t worry about it, we had money in reserve or sell some of our cows if we need money that bad. Money are not that important in Dinka culture or south Sudan.
    About Deng Lueth ‘s article you quoted it, he is a man without any culture how in the world you support Riek who looted thousands of cows in your county last week.

    • monychol says:

      Dmajak and Bill Kuch, I’m seriously tired and saddened by your methods of debate that was why I stated last month that it was typical of your Bor county’s thugs reminesence to that of your uncles Makuei Lueth and other Bor county’s crooks .You hates to make objective arguments.I screened Deng Lueth argument and there is no where that he stated Riek Machar Will be install as president of South Sudan if Kiir Mayardit steps down.Deng made a reasonable argumentsbase on the circumstances that the country is in.I was surprised when I read your arguments against him.It dawn to me that you and Bill Kuch are just malicious of him telling the facts because he is from your neighboring county of Twic East.I came to realized that you two are from Bor county and you are carrying you county’s envious and malicious attitudes towards them because they are your white men.All Dinkas in South Sudan respect the Dinkas from Twic East.We as Dinkas from other areas do know that they are much more honorable then you in bor county.county .The time that I visited your county(bor) on a government mission in 2012 I was stunned by your community of Bor behaviors .It was characterized by thievery,crookery,hoodwinking and some vulture types of attitudes and behaviors .I asked one of my colleagues if these was the bor that Dr. Garang came from? He told me that Garang was from Twic East. He suggested that there is no way that honorable gentleman like Dr.Garang can come from Dinka trash such as the ones in Bor County.I couldn’t disagree with him.Even the physical look demonstrates the difference between you and your cousins from Twic East County.Those from Bor County look like people from Pibor and Terkeka county while those from Twic are much more similar to people of Duk and others upto Pigi county.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        First of all, I did not say a thing about Greater Bor Leadr, Abraham Deng Lueth. I knew you as Dr. Riek or Nyandeng supporter. And so, I were asking you to give me the logic reason on why the man you have sidelined with him people went for killings or looting in Duk and Twic Counties as you might heard it on the news. And you failed to answer it. You said, Bor County has similarity with those Pibor and Terekeka Counties, meanwhile you forgot to mention yourself as having close relationship with those ones of Akobo County. Please, for your information, we, the people you are bitching about, then beware that we really love ourselves for who we are! Therefore; if you don’t like us for whatever reason that might be, then simply tells your people to build greater wall between us and we shall see who need whom.

      • Bol Akuol says:


        I wonder, Which part of Dinka do you belong to? In fact, I thought all this time along that you were a Dinka. Howevere your recent comment has proved that you are not a Dinka descend at all although you are using the Dinka name”Monychol”. Are you really a Dinka Monychol or A non-Dinka Monythieth/Jur?
        Brother! Nobody favours one Dinka section over the other. All the Dinkas whether from Upper Nile or Bhar El Ghazal region are all the same. What makes Dinka Twic East more attractive and likable than Dinka Bor (Bor South)? Does Majak D’Agoot and late Dr.John Garang look more handsome than Michael Makuei Lueth and late Martin Majier Gai?

        Please be informed that the human beauty has no colour, race, tribe or section. If you are born ugly or stupid you could so be even if you were born in Twic East, Sudan or United Kingdom. What is wrong with Dinka Bor (Bor South) looking like the people from Pibor and Terkeka? Please give me the answers to these questions because your tribal bigotry and ignorance is driving me nuts/crazy.

        • monychol says:

          Haaahaaaaa, It good now that your are nut and crazy.Because it was you and other misinformed morons are so bent on this ethnic dirty politics of attempting to spray any Dinka who tells the truth with poison.I have to tell you now that Muonyjang/Dinka is genetic or blood deep.Those of you who inhabited Bor county are not pure Dinkas but Dinkas by assimilation.They were assimilated from Murle and Mundari places.Please stop defecating and desacrating our Dinka name.You must stop being vulture like in attitudes and actions .Now I have gathered enough information about you guys .Our great Muonyjang in South Sudan is quietly conversing and exploring the way out of this national crisis and you the fake Dinkas who have hands in setting the nation up for disaster are are trying to make it an issue of creating loyalty to eat like what your Abel Alier did toJoseph Lagu of Anya Nya one. We the original Muonyjang by gene and blood know you guys .You just in our tribe to expropriate and feast on our name and image.We are tired of you and how you have been hostile to our original Muonyjang such as Aliap,Ciec,Atuot and Twic.We the greater Muonyjang though we are far from you are watching your mischievous and malicious deeds to our genes and blood .

          • Bol Akuol says:

            Dear Monychol:

            You are very funny and naive. Who told you that Aliap, Ciec, Atuot and Twic are the only original Muonyjang? Some of those Dinka Sub-sections whose names are mentioned here have their own languages other than Thongjieng,Thongmuonyjang/ Dinka language. If they speak in their own language , you, Abel Alier, Bona Malual Madut, Matur Chuot Dhuol, Malong Awan, Aleu Ayeny Aleu,Rebecca Nyadeng Chol Atem, Deng Alor Kuol-chol and Philip Aguer would not understand a single word from it unless otherwise you belong to that Sub-section of Dinka.

            I wonder, How would you claim someone who speak a different dialect to be the original Dinka? I’m glad that you know how to spell Twic correctly as some of our Dinka Nuer, Dinka Murle and Dinka Mundari spell it as Twi. Are you one of those Murle, Mundari and Nuer who are being assimilated in the Dinka Community? Anyway, I don’t want you to be ashamed of who you are because we are all brothers and Compatriots. We all belong to South Sudan regardless of our tribal and political affilitions.

            ” Just a Food for thought” What is the different between Muonyjang and Jieng? Who named Dinka a Dinka and Why? Can you name all the main sections of the Dinka tribe? What make you the original of Muonyjang?

    • Dan says:


      Deng Lueth and others are just trying to be truthful. We are not going the Nuer’s way of supporting one of our own even when they are wrong.

      The likes of the so called Honourable Michael Makuei have contributed greatly to the mess the leadership of Gen Kiirdit is in now. His ( Michael Makuei ) willingness to say things without reasoning first is creating more enemies for their government in Juba. His boss ( Gen Kiirdit ) needs to restrain him to mitigate the damage his careless running of his mouth has already done.

      the notion that one is a supporter of Riek Machar , if he / she points out where the current government of Juba went wrong must stop. This is not 1991 when Riek and Lam came from nowhere with their ” Garang must Go” slogan. This time, Riek approached his quest for the top leadership position in a more peaceful way but that peaceful effort was frustrated by some criminals who are still sitting in Juba and this triggered the current conflict where thousand of our innocent civilians have lost their lives.

      Both Dinka and Nuer diehard tribal oriented extremists, need to know that we must always be ready to tell the truth. I myself will never bought for Riek Machar but this does not mean that I cannot give him credit if he says or does something commendable.

      • monychol says:

        Those of Michael Makuei think and believe that the United States will not get them and their accounts and he has families in the United States including Dumas, Texas or does he think that because he has opened accounts using names of his other family members so the US will not trace them? He is so naive even those accounts he has in East African countries will be blocked.This man has been hostile to the United States and the UN in the media and the time has come for him to take his position in US view .Very soon he will be among the enemies number one of the United States among Alqaeda, Al Shabab and Taliban leaders.

  14. Dear Justin Ambago Ramba:

    If President of the United States of America,Mr.Barack Oboma,is sanction,the government of the South Sudan,it will hurt you too and others who are WAGGLING THE TAILS BACK AND FORTH for the sanction of his! He has no right to tell the government in the South what can be done!

    The problem in the country,is internal!He should leave to the Southerners themselves to settle their own disagreements that have caused the destruction in the beginning.If he wants to help,but he should not come up with a threat of sanction! It will make Southerners not to show a respect to the American President! He should talk good

    • Kijana John says:

      Chief Abiko,

      Your Analysis is stupid and ill-thought. You can not relegate the current crisis in South Sudan as purely internal and only to be left to the Southerners. Why then did Uganda come in? Are you suggesting IGAD should simply shut up and let Kirr and Machar battle it out? Have you given any of your welfare handouts to any of the many thousands IDPS in UNMISS camps? Our problem in South Sudan has been such half-educated fools masquarading as academics and writing nonsense on issues they cant well Analyse. Let good thinkers do the thinking while drinkers drink and shut up.

  15. Ambaga. You are educated idiot I had never meet on this earth.
    Your jeoulousy towards Muonyjieng in South Sudan is not a suprise but to me and others but it is a pure empty hatred.
    Let me remind you that Kiir will never be overthrow by Nuer ‘s rebels by God. We know each other. On 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 were Museveni forces in South Sudan? Were they around? They were the sons of Barh el Ghazal region (Mathiang Anyioor) who taught a lession to rebels of Nuer till the left Juba and do says before the fighting that they are 75 percent in army . So it will be easy to overthrow the goven’t and capture Salva Kiir. Daaamn??? They capture Salva and Kill him where will they be going nuer? Within the days fighting was continuing. Thousands of soidiers were brought from Barh el Ghazal to flush out the AK 47 rebels. I swear Jieng has never accepted to expel out whoever against the Nation but if they accept you guys will learn quickly.
    Your education to us is valuelness and meritless. Your writings tells me you didn’t made or wrote Master and PhD dessertations leave alone academic standard that we know.
    You just make mannual works in UK to survive. Makuei ‘s bachelor of law is not like of BBA of yours. A Dinka son in primary four is more smarter than you leave alone uncle Makuei who went to Law school. A leaders of cattle Keepers in our areas are highly smart in argument than you when resolving the issues and problems that raised among the fellow brothers. A problem that can cattle keepers ‘s leader resolve is beyound your capacity since it is full of nothing and Matooki. Iam proud to have my cattles. Who do you have in UK than begging mannual works from white Men? PhD in where, when was it completed? Is there a dessertation written by Ambaga? Who as supervising his fake research?
    I doubt there was not research at all.

  16. bagish says:

    Mr. Justin
    the decree is not meant for all south Sudanese, but for individual officials. so stay clear.

  17. Tygson Black says:

    You are really foolish and an idiot son of bitch writer,now why do you talk and point your dirty finger on Dinkas? do you think we Dinka are the only ones who makes up this country or government of south sudan? please I suggest that you stop your stupid tribal articles if you want to survive,sooner or later you will face the biterness of what you are preaching him

  18. NHALIC says:


  19. Tutbol says:

    This Justin Ambago Ramba, is a known supporter of LRA and is a Ugandese not a South Sudanese. A guy who was in Kakuma refugee camp, knows him. He is said to have once been a teacher at Kakuma refugee secondary school while he was waiting for his resettlement to the UK in the Ugandese community (Kakuma refugee camp).

    The guy is not a South Sudanese, he is only supporting everything that Riek Machar stands for, but not the South Sudan stood or stand for. We all know the marriage between Riek Machar and LRA after Riek Machar 1991 rebellion against the genuine South Sudanese demands from North Sudan.

    The guy has an absolute hatred to Dinka peoples, we hunted them (LRA) very badly in Eastern Equatoria and Western Western Equatoria during the war with the North Sudan. We captured some of them at Parajok, in 1993 after they ambushed our convoys, they even said they were locals, but when the locals authorities were brought in to talk to them, they then turned out to be LRAs.

    We then left them to the local authorities, but they were LRAs terrorising their Sudanese cousins like they were doing in Northern Uganda toward their own peoples and Riek Machar doing the same to his peoples in the greater Upper Nile. The guys Justin Ambago Ramba, are pure opportunists. You are their friend to day and tomorrow, he turns to be another chameleon.

    If South Sudanese would have to be like him, Paul al Hage and several other clowns who have never heard the sssh-squisssh of the bullets and to protect their wounded brothers. Then we will not have had South Sudan today.

    Every piece of trash is now spring up from his/her hibernation and is shouting that the Dinka has done A bad, the Dinka has done B bad, the Dinka has C bad, the Dinka has done all ills in the world bad. To hell with these criminals.

    What superior, management these criminals have showed in their former respective portfolios, before their rebellion? To a keen seeing South Sudanese, it looks like the same fellows who are killing innocent South Sudanese peoples are just the same guys, who have been making all these messes of killing peoples for their own positions. But the clowns like Justin Ambago Ramba thinks, apportioning every piece of trash on the Dinka is the way to establish political carrier!

    Well, that may be the case with the likes of Mr Justin Ambago Ramba, but even if the Dinka pull out from the current SPLM/A, and give the likes of Mr Justin Ambago Ramba, the president post. They will not do anything tangible to South Sudanese masses other than to be ruled in London or Nebreska or Khartoum.

    We have seen these movies before, South Sudanese are NOT going to give away their hard won freedom for some SO-CALLED democracy coming out of the UK and the US.

  20. Thon Ajith says:

    Justin was right on his piece.Kiir government has lost its legitimacy.There is no point for his supporters to say because everything in south sudan now is in total mess. In my view, he stated the truth about the current situation in the country.Anyone who denies this must be view as the Neanderthal minded if not already mentally retarded. Facts must be told. Anyhow, thanks justin for your article

  21. Choromke Jas says:

    M r Editor, please allow me to share with your readers a joke (some of them might have heard it before).

    In my early English class, we used to be given phrases by our teacher to punctuate from time to time. One of the phrases, which for my purpose, I will paraphrase, goes thus:

    “what do you think you sleep with me for nothing and i pay you us$ 100 per night”

    A certain sex worker (gender withheld in deference to my sister, Joana), recently placed this phrase as an advertisement on “its” window for customers to read.

    A coyote character, named M7, that frequents the neighborhood happens to pass by and notices the advertisement on the window. He promptly knocks and the owner of the window opens.

    “I am M7,” he says. “I think I can take up the job you have advertised”.

    “OK” the owner consented, and invited M7 in.

    The two enjoyed themselves for four days. However, on the fifth day, when M7 returned from his usual evening walk, he finds the door to his lover’s abode is firmly closed and locked.

    He knocks and says: “It is me, M7, I am back darling. Please open”.

    But the lover answers from inside saying, “No, I will not open because there has been a misunderstanding.”

    “What misunderstanding?” M7 asks.

    “Look, you did not properly read the ad”, says the lover.

    M7 asks, “What does the ad say, then?”

    The owner retorts, “It says ‘What! Do you think you sleep with me for nothing and I pay you US$ per night?’ Go away, M7! I now have a new lover. He will not demand from me the bloody US$ as you have been doing all the past several days. On top of that, he has agreed to play with me a Russian roulette; like it happened in Crimea.

    “And what is your Crimea if I may ask”, posed M7.

    “Oh, you are so innocent. Don’t you know we have near my house a cottage called Aby..? I can offer him that instead of the dollars. It is cheaper and less troublesome” the lover answers.

    “And who the hell is this guy who dares to replace me?” M7 angrily asks.

    “You are so dumb. You see, this is my real and old lover. Om.. Be…We have most of the things in common. You have just some in the other day. I do not even know your history”, reels the lover.

    The lover continues, “Good-bye greedy Bantu prince. It has been nice knowing you. It is finished between you and me. Why don’t you try DR…, your usual play ground?”

    “Pr…primitive ssenene (grasshopper) from the swamp! Now I know, although they appear in the Bible, these insects still live in a time warp. May you remain the evolutionary relics that you are for ever!, shouts M7 as he haughtily hurries towards an iron bird to take him home and to his cash cows.

    Uncle Sam is coming!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Very interesting, Chromoke Jas!!!!

      • Choromke Jas says:

        Mr Editor,

        It is an honor to receive a comment from you. Comedy is a risky business. If your punchline is not received by the audience correctly, then your career is dead. I wrote in support of Dr Ramba, who is one of the best contributors in this site. Dollars is becoming a problem after Obama sanction. We are soon going into batter business. Hence Abyei and other areas can be handy! Regards.

        • Joana Adams says:

          South Sudan can be led by any South Sudanese hailing from any of the 62 ethnic groups. That should give the Jieng sufficient time which they clearly need to sort out their failed states before they can rejoin the civilised community of other South Sudanese. There are gallant sons of South Sudan leading the rebellion in the bushes of South Sudan who can competently lead this nation.
          Should that be a problem, there are other sons and daughters of this noble country who have been forced into exile by dinkocracy in one way or another, who reserve their legitimacy to lead this country should the people say so. No tribe has the right to bar any citizen from leadership position in their own country.
          Mr. Bol, In case you are not aware the time for ruling people has gone with medieval era. Modern democracies need leaders whose powers are constitutionally controlled but not rulers who want to reign supreme like medieval monarchs.
          No one is a traitor. Traitors are those who have failed this country.
          Good luck with your illusions.

        • Joana Adams says:

          Dear bro Jas,
          Clever and interesting analysis as the Editor said, but not every one will appreciate it. However, as for me and some of the sisters on the forum, rest assured, we can deal with the moral contradiction of the story. In times of high tragedies, comedies are needed to lightened the human spirit so that we can step back and laugh at our situations. It gives people sanity at difficult times. If that is your gift or calling, do not hold back but develop it to bless others.

          God bless.

          • Omang Rollo says:

            Crome Jug, is not close to being a comedian, I felt sorry for you, that you laugh your ass off from his sleazy, risqué stolen punch lines.

  22. David J says:

    Telling the truth will changing our Country for good and misleading people will not take us any where. why the Dinka Community are keeping quiet?

  23. Murle says:

    Salva Kiir is a known murderer. He has always been a murderer throughout all his days in SPLA. Starting from massacring Murle women and children in 1987 by orders from Garang himself, using SPLA tanks to overrun Murle civilians. Thousands were killed, but nobody ever mentioned a word about it because it was the Murle who were killed. Kuol Manyang killed many Murle civilians with his own hands. He used Nuer to kill and abduct more than 4000 Murle and children in 2011/12. Now the same Salva Kiir and Kuol Manyang now turned against the same Nuer and killed them in Juba in their thousands, again women and children. Kiir is a murderer just like Kuol Manyang Juuk and Malak Ayuen. Barnaba Marial is in the business of denying

  24. Jiengs,

    Your time is over and all you need to do is hand over as a result of your incompetence from the highest office of the land to the lowest as all guards from the Jieng society failed South Sudan.

    • Bol Akuol says:

      Anti Rotten System:

      Yes, You are right, Compatriot. However, Who will take the leadership from the Dinka since the people who are capable to lead and rule this Country are hiding from the Dinka in exil? Please let the Dinka keep it until our good leaders and nationalists return to South Sudan. No one can be elected and made president of the ROSS in exile. And by the way, we don’t want the traitors and anti Dinka to rule South Sudan.

  25. Ambago Ramba says:

    Dear Dinkocrats

    Please accept failures. Now you are running the affairs of this embattled country called South Sudan and you have spectacularly failed with flying colours. Does this matter to you or what do you normally do when things go wrong for you in the cattle camps?

    You seem to be quite oblivious of how you have spoiled the name of South Sudan worldwide.

    Well, it can get any worse than what it is now. I doubted whether you guys even have any last minute surprises for yourself. But the way we intend to play it is to squeeze you from all directions.

    First we know your folks don’t own your food as you don’t grow food. You may want to copy this in your private note books. Remember, food is grown. The hunting gathering era is over. Practically your people just eat any thing any body offers them and calls it food. You may want to address this.

    As for the letter from the Dinka communities in the Diaspora begging the three Equatorian Governors to allow the refugees in Equatoria, this is not a big deal.

    All Dinka refugees are welcome as long as they come as human beings. Don’t bring your animals with you. And remember that you are in Equatoria because you ran away from the Nuer.

    Later on don’t turn around and claim not even an inch square as your own. No local Dinka chiefs, no local Dinka courts, no local Dinka nonsense. And please never ever in your wildest dreams think of yourself as a liberator when you are in fact a runaway.This may work if they… the Equatoria Governors take you to settle in their homesteads.
    But not and never in my backyard!

  26. Dear Mr.Kijana John:

    I read your comment to my comment to Dr.Justin Ambago Ramba.the author of the article.Yes, for me sir.The conflict in the country in the South Sudan,is internal! It has nothing to do with Uganda at all at this point! Idiot Yoweri Musevenin,it will not bring any tangible solution for the South Sudan crisis at all at this this point in front of God! He instead prolonging the crisis in the South Sudan to people most!He is using the leaders both the late Dr.John Garang De Mabior,and his successor President Salva Kirr,to protect his best interests! because both of them are enemies of Prophet Joseph Kony the leader of Lord Resistance Army(LRA) He dislikes Riak Machar,because he thinks he is going to allow Joseph Kony in the South in which it will become a threat for his AUTHOCRATIC REGIME IN UGANDA!

    To your question on foreign troops from Uganda,you need to ask President Kirr himself about to give to you a good answer.

    For you,for me,to help our people IDP in UNMISS in the camp,I do not have a comment! Do it first by yourself! I do to them later when I have freed my people entirely in the Sudan from enemies of Sudanese people in the country!

    For your information,I do not have a welfare being handsout to me as you have decerned in your mind! I AM DOING OKAY!! You may have heard a nonsense from the bins from a jealous people on me in which they are suffering after me to hell!!! It will not help them at all! Thank you for your comment.No grudge! Your freedom of speech is for you! You entitle to it!

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