Dinka youth and government officials plot to commit genocide on Equatorians in Bahr el Ghazel and other places again!

From: Toria, South Sudan, OCT/16/2016, SSN;

A confirmed and disturbing news from reliable sources within the international NGOs working in Bahr el Ghazal have reportedly revealed that Dinka youth in Bahr el Ghazal are mobilizing to wage attacks on Equatorians working in Bahr El Ghazel region in revenge to the alleged ambushes on the main roads in Equatoria.

“South Sudan’s government through its spokesperson, minister Michael Makuei, had threatened communities in Equatoria on Wednesday that his government will take measures against the civilian populations if they are “suspected” to be rebels.”

If we talk of incitement, Michael Makuei is the real inciter of tribal hatred, he has done this before in 2013 which resulted into the Nuer genocide in Juba of December 2013, now he is doing it to Equatorians.

The world and our people must not take this lightly of what is happening in Equatoria as we speak. As you can see here: http://www.nyamile.com/2016/10/16/south-sudan-civilians-fleeing-government-attacks-prefer-rebel-held-areas/

According to this source, the Dinka youth with some guidance from government politicians have convened meetings this mid week in Kwajock, Namelel and other places such as Yirol and Gorgerial, the home state of president Kiir.

Some reports reveal the meetings were organized by the youth under the guidance of the commander of the notorious presidential guard unit, Maj-Gen. Marial Chanuong who had been in Yirol East recently to bring donations of 21 seats for the state parliament in Yirol, Eastern Lake state.

According to the reliable sources, the meeting resolved that immediate revenge attacks should be staged in coordinated attacks, mainly to target people from Equatorian backgrounds working for NGOs in Greater Dinka land.

The meeting further resolved that Equatorian military and police servicemen working in Greater Dinka land should be disarmed and eliminated.

Hence, we urge those Equatorians in uniform working for the government to either desert or not to surrender your arms when approached in the coming days, but make sure you stay around people with like minds and DO NOT GO AROUND ALONE.

Watch and see what the Dinkas are doing to the Equatorian policemen and the government is silent about it: http://sudantribune.com/spip.php?article24621

Sources in Rumbek town have confirmed that several meetings have been held in recent days and furthermore, it’s said some Non-governmental organizations were tipped off of the development of what is about happen to their Equatorian employees and the communities in general and particularly those serving in Dinka areas.

Furthermore, the source has confirmed that some NGO Agencies have started evacuating their Equatorian workers and some individual Equatorian have also begun self-evacuation from the areas where Dinka youth are planning to launch their evil plan to kill unarmed Equatorians working in Dinka areas.

We encourage the move to leave the danger zones immediately.

Up until this moment the government is silent on the rumors and haven’t responded to the allegations… meaning these are indeed reliable information.

Just recently, the President spoke against the killings of Dinka civilians on the roads and many have condemned the killings, including prominent Equatorian leaders and some religious figures, of all that are happening on main roads.

But, unfortunately, the government has never come out to condemn what is happening in the Equatorian villages, because it is the government armed forces and their tribal militias who are the ones killing civilians all over in Equatoria.

This is certainly a very serious genocide in-the-making if not averted. Should the government turn a blind eye to the brewing turmoil, South Sudan is heading towards the situation of Rwanda in 1994.

This unnecessary plan to kill Equatorians working in Dinkaland came just days after an old Dinka woman believed to be residing in Canada or Australia, by name Amira Awad, who urged Dinka youth to mobilize to kill Equatoria from all walks of life and she also urged the President to sack vice President Wani Igga from his seat.

This woman reportedly is saying Jienge owned South Sudan, and she blamed the killing of unarmed civilians along major roads in Equatoria directly on Wani Igga and Bakosoro, the former governor of Western Equatoria state, who is currently in the USA.

Dear people we cannot take this threat lightly, this is eventually another biggest genocide unfolding, we therefore urge people from Equatorian backgrounds to immediately exit Dinka land; failure to take this warning seriously will result into your own deaths.

And we call upon the government to do everything in its power to avert this unnecessary plan to kill Equatorians working in Dinkaland which will result into a tit-for-tat all over South Sudan as everyone now is armed in the villages across south Sudan. The government should also ensure it has protected the civilians.

The recent event which took place along Juba-Yei road explains that the blood and the lives of Dinka are of much worth than the lives of “other” South Sudanese, the killing of unarmed civilians are unjustifiable and must be condemned, whether the victims are from Dinka or Kakuwa, Azande, Madi, Pojulu, Lorim, Otuho, Moro etc. and every other groups.

For so many years, SPLA IG soldiers and Dinka militias have been killing unarmed civilians in Equatoria with impunity and Kiir never came out to speak against them as he has done this time when it happened to Dinkas, which again once more confirmed that this is a Dinka-centric government that treats his kin preferentially above and against all others while Pres. Kirr is supposed to be president for all.

While the unidentified gunmen killed 21 Dinka mostly soldiers in civilians clothes, the action taken by Dinka politicians is unprecedented and we condemn these Dinka generals and their mouthpiece minister of information, Michael Makuei, who is fanning the flames for their blood-thirsty regime to kill more.

Who then is going to develop the country when everybody becomes an enemy of them? END


  1. Tokdepiny says:

    The revenge is not a solution to the problem but bear in minds that those who lost their love ones may revenge.

  2. Ishakho says:

    Dear Toria,

    There are no Equatorians in Bhar El Ghazal and Uppernile. when did they become MTN to be found everywhere?

  3. Simba says:

    This is very worrying at many levels. It is dangerous for both Equatorians and Dinkas alike. How did we come to this?
    I dont think we can resolve our problems amicably. Sign the below electronic petition, perhaps the world will see our misery and prevent an imminent genocide.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Toria stop cheap lies over the net. Do you think S. Sudan government all innocent people to be killed.
    It is stupid splm in opposition that kills innocent people in street. It is vision less people like splm in opposition who does murder on the streets. Lying has become a character of its members. You claim to have captured Kaya Morobo Yei mundiri and Malakal. You people do not know what to do and wait if Kenya slap the sanctions will see where Gadet is going to fabricate his lies. You are only champions og lairs. Spla in opposition is really suffering from what to do and we are walking to isolate you people diplomatically. Your only hiding place will be Khartoum

  5. mading says:

    Toria. Don,t worry yourself to death, you Equartorians will know when Muonyjieng come to revenge their love ones in Equatoria,you cowardly killed Dinkas just only they were traveling in your land. The way your people killed our people showed the world how much you hated us, I hope Dinkas are documenting all those atrocities for future references, because there will be a time our people will stop you cowards. Even with evident every where now you Toria still called that killing ” alleged killing”. That hat rated speak to itself.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The world shouldn’t take criminals who are killers of innocent people seriously
    . These people are lairs and they are working hard to push the country to genocide. The evil hate splm in opposition has for S. Sudan will never succeed. The world has witnessed the horror you have inflected in Wau Yei road Nimule road and it is a shame to splm in opposition. Is this the democracy you sing day and night. inKajokeji your members of splm in opposition are executing innocent civilians that they are posioners with evidence. Free ex judiciary killings without fair trail before s competent court. Spla opposition ate raping women in Kajokeji. Is this democracy? The government will never allow killings of innocent civilians but will work to expose your have and evil plans to plunge the country to tribsl fighting. We will try to persuade the countries where these peace haters stay and manufacturing Their lairs and hate speech to be stopped. Those who promotes or provide the infrastructure to the war mongers to be held accountable. The hate preachers should be made to understand rule of law.
    This movement of killers must be brought to an end by peace or war. You are enemies of development and peace in the region. We D. Sudanese should rise up to end this tribal splm in opposition movement of Machar.

  7. Mackoi Mayen says:

    Stupid. Awiel youth have issued a warning letter urging all equatorians to leave bhar el ghazal within 24 hrs. Failure to do so will lead to grave consequences.

  8. Joel says:

    Remember all, what ever you do today has it’s answers tomorrow back to you. If you do good all goods things follow your generation and if you do bad things today then espect the worse will follow your generation.
    The choice is yours.

  9. Steve John says:

    There are thousands of MTNs wondering around in Equatoria especially in Juba they are a soft target. We know where they live, eat, sleep and hangout. We will unleash blood bath without mercy. This is going to be the final battle either the MTNs defeat Equatorians or we shit into their mouths. Simple.

    • mading says:

      Steve John.
      It seems really your are a notorious man if your are inside Yei or where ever you are in Jungle of South Sudan.

      but keep your tong sylent,until they will court you.


  10. False Millionaire says:

    I agree with u.

  11. Gentlemen,

    I have taken long to respond to this article for I was doing some kind of research of what truly is this article about. I write to admit that there were meetings held at various locations of Bahr el Ghazal region. However, these meetings are isolated from general public knowledge, understanding or view. Disgruntled youth of various locations are very up sad with what has been happening to their loved ones in Equatoria region especially the recent incidents between Yei and Juba, and the next between Nimule and Juba. They say that these incidents amount to massacres with full intent and knowledge of Equatoria people and their leaders.

    With all these above, governments of various state of Bahr el Ghazal are offensive to arrest all of these youth, and have put in place all control tools to prevent any attempt of revenge. Thus, I urge all my brothers and sisters from Equatoria to stay calm, observe, and judge themselves from public mood, and to prove if these meetings are of public knowledge or plan.

    I pray for peaceful co-existence in South Sudan, and that forgiveness, and tolerance are the best tools in a society like ours torn apart by unnecessary conflict – of 2013 and now.
    Remember, no one can take the other out of this SOUTH SUDAN. It is ours, and will remain ours, and for all of US.

  12. Okuga says:

    To all my fellow south Sudanese regardless of region, MTNs and Equatorians are south Sudanese, no way to kill each other, as am taking off to ICC to file case against, the those spreading false rumors on net.

  13. Majur Moi says:

    The people of Bahr el Ghazal did not intent to kill Equatorians working in their lands. It has never been in the habit of Dinka especially people of Aweil to kill defenceless person in their midst in the name of revenge. We kill in frontline not by hiding along main roads to kill the travellers. Of course some people threaten Equatorians back doors. They do not do it openly with knowledge of the people and Government. However, it has been politicized by Equatorians, I don’t know what their interest may be if Equatorians are killed in Bahr el Ghazal. ” There is a saying that says, The fall of a dry leave is a warning to the green ones”. Stop targeting Dinka, the revenge will not be in Dinkaland as you presume.

  14. Majongdit Junub says:

    I quit reading or commenting on articles in this web for quite long time ago because it has become a propaganda website. There is one thing you can buy in the market and that’s integrity. South Sudannantion website is losing its image and I want the Editor to consider reviewing articles before the are posted here. The article here about Equatorians being killed in Bahr el Ghazal is a lie. Not even a single person has been targeted here in Bahr el Ghazal.
    If the Dinka people want to revenge they can’t do it in their homeland. We know where Equayorians are. The Dinka like cold blood killings. If we fight we go where you are and fight you, not lay ambushed or drag people out of their homes and kill them. Even Arabs know from the experience of the last wars that the Dinka do not fight murky wars but open ones.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Majondit Junub,
      What propaganda are you inferring here? Commenting on some event or against some person or thing is not propaganda, that’s simply an expression of opinion and that’s what this website has generously availed to all South Sudanese to do so, including you most certainly!!!
      Now, the article is not about Dinka killing Equatorians, not yet, it’s about the UN expressing concern about the leaflets inferring to do so. Just a reminder, the killings are and have been ongoing in Yei, Wonduruba, Lainya, Kaya, Opari, Lobonok and other places already.
      Are you not aware of who is or are doing these murders????

  15. tit4tat says:

    Majongdit Junub
    “If we fight we go where you are and fight you, not lay ambushed or drag people out of their homes and kill them.”
    “drag people out of their homes and kill them”
    The above statements sounded like dinka militias dragging Nuer women and children out of house and killed thousands of innocent civilians in December of 2013 right here in Juba. You cowards will pay.

  16. Bol says:

    It is obvious u don’t know what happened in 2013. EDUCATE yourself before making mosquito noise in the Internet. There are thousands of Nuer, I’m Bhar el Ghazal., why nobody touches them?

  17. Tit4tat says:

    You are right I don’t know what happened in 2013. Please take this opportunity to EDUCATE me or us, but don’t lie and tell the truth so that “the truth shall set us free”. Obviously it was a Dinkas grandeur hidden plans and some of us were left out as usual so why don’t you go ahead and shed the light? Am waiting!!!!!!!

  18. Tit4tat says:

    Your silence shows you don’t know anything.

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