It’s a Dinka-Nuer fratricide & collapse of a nation: New political dispensation needed

Editorial Analysis: JAN/06/2014, SSN;

However much one might want to twist the reality of our current national shame, especially in an attempt to deceive the foreigners, the fact unfolding on the ground in South Sudan tells of a real senseless but well-planned fratricidal war taking place between the so-called majority Dinka tribe and the second largest Nuer tribe.

Whilst foreigners might naively and mistakenly presume that this is a political crisis, we South Sudanese nationals know it very well that what is evolving is a bloody struggle between these tribal leaders for dominance and also of greed for power and the country’s petrodollars.

What national interests are at stake here in the current tribal war? Why should any non-Dinka or non-Nuer die for a country that has been callously misruled by tribally thinking ‘leaders’ who have been steering the nation in a tribal direction over the last eight years?

If one was to ask any Equatorian or Fertit from Western Bahr el Gazel, if he or she was willing to needlessly sacrifice his or her life for either the Dinka or Nuer side fighting the current internecine war or alternately, for either a murderous Kiir or Machar, the answer without any hesitation is an emphatic NO.

What have they, these Equatorians and Fertit will ask, have these two leaders or these two tribal warriors, done for the country besides only impoverishing the nation?

Palpably, there is obvious but unspoken trepidation among the other tribes of what the future holds for them and the nation, regardless of the outcome.

For Equatorians and the other minorities living in Dinka-dominated states, the real worry is that should the Dinka crush the Nuer in this ongoing war, they the Dinka would be more oppressive and more domineering against other tribes, any opposition or criticism from them.

Will the Madi get back the forcefully occupied land or will the Shilluks of Gen. Johnson Uling recover their ancestral land which the same have taken?

Anyway, in as much as they don’t like it, those other tribes had always perceived the Nuer as a ‘buffer’ against Dinka’s feral rule, so should or if that buffer is eliminated, these people will be even more vulnerable to perpetual oppression of the Dinka.

Is it any wonder that today the foreign-prescribed solutions aren’t working or being acceptable, simply because the two warring tribes still feel they have to keep killing each other until they ‘achieve their revenge quotas?’

Quoting from the ‘Economist’ magazine, “Whole areas of Juba that were once home to South Sudan second largest ethnic group, Nuer, are now looted and empty.’

Furthermore, according to the Economist, whilst the UN is asking ‘where are the bodies,’ it reported ‘the killed bodies of the Nuer were removed in a clean-up operation under the cover of a dusk-to-dawn curfew and dumped in the river Nile.’

Aggravating our predicament is the hidden but stark fact that the country’s president is an alcoholic addict whose decisions are generally taken during that drunkard stupor and as such, these decisions are emotional, irrational and of course detrimental to our national interest.

Unfortunately president Kiir is surrounded by hard-headed Dinka tribal bigots who are just preoccupied with the goal of sustaining Dinka stranglehold on the presidency so that their looting, domination and criminal activities are forever safeguarded.

Conversely, if Riek Machar had his way or dreams miraculously fulfilled, he would just be replicating what the Dinka so-called majority has been perpetuating.

After all, when he was vice president, was he any different from Kiir in selfishly sustaining his tribal interests?

Disappointingly, National independence has only quadrupled their appetites for more power and more looted dollars, and combined with their massive and predominant enlisting in the national army, they have rapidly transformed their tribal animosities into a permanent military-political rivalry and antagonistic co-existence.

Retrospectively, introspectively and prospectively, the tragic events of December 15 and the subsequent horrific and deadly manifestations have exposed the deep schism between the two tribes which makes further future coexistence in a one nation very untenable and unsustainable.

South Sudan is a doomed nation as we have fallen victims of the ‘Natural resource curse.’ Whatever happens or might not happen in Addis Ababa peace talks between these two warring tribes, (aka delegations or negotiators), South Sudan Nation is irreversibly collapsing as a State, with very little prospects that things will be back to normal ever again.

In hindsight, the nation might just as well recall Dr. Lam Akol’s prediction about the ‘Somalization’ of South Sudan that would one day happen. It has come true, in just two years of independence. You wonder what this crafty politician, now a party to Kiir’s delegation in Addis Ababa, is now prescribing as a medicine to cure our national malaise!!!!!!

Legend going around popularly affirm that in the cultures of the two protagonists, the words ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I apologize’ do not even exist in their vocabulary. How true that might be is left to the reader, but when have we ever heard Garang or Kiir, Kuol or Machar, Makuei or Salva Mathok… ever once said ‘sorry’ for all the egregious acts of brutality, savagery, animalism and inhumanity commissioned or committed by them or on their behalves against fellow citizens…..????

Coming to the nitty-gritty of the on-going negotiations in Addis, one can only speculate on the futility of the entire exercise, because, importantly, the perceived Kiir Dinka-government and its twins arms, the SPLM party and SPLA, have to first genuinely transform themselves before any peace can come to the nation.

The SPLM, since its guerilla days, has persisted in a tribally-dominated ideology whereby non-Dinka members are cynically looked upon as ‘intruders’ and relegated to second class members.

This plainly explains the stubborn refusal of the likes of Kiir, Kuol or Makuei to even countenance the near possibility of the likelihood of non-Dinka top SPLM leaders like current vice president Wani Igga ever becoming the next Chair of the party.

In all frankness, unless the SPLM is completely transformed into a truly national party, the crises within its leadership will persist forever.

Thus, when Kiir and Machar and the SPLM blatantly embarked on gross misrule, corruption and utter disregard for the rule of law, we clearly foresaw the inevitability of the collapse of the country and the probability of a Dinka-Nuer crisis.

But more importantly, however, the national army, the SPLA, since coming the war ended, has remained a totally primitive and tribally-factionalized army (still singing tribal songs), that’s characterized by war-lordism.

Sporadically, since the nationhood was achieved, there were persistent uprisings and rebellions by south Sudanese guerilla movements against the Kiir government.

However, instead of the Kiir-Machar leadership resolving these crises holistically, they opted for myopic solutions, making separate agreements and reintegration of the individual rebel groups into the national army and these are the armies now fighting on Machar’s or Kiir’s behest.

In essence, the SPLA has been frozen in a state of immaturity, thus portentously endangering the very security of the country despite consuming more than half of the yearly national budget.

From President Kiir down to those tribally-orientated Dinka and Nuer generals, by recruiting willy-nilly only their tribesmen as freely as they like, they all duplicitiously ensured their ethnic balance of power in the Army.

Subsequently, the SPLA national army remained very tribal, disorganized and cynically anti-national; the soldiers, to the best of their interests, paid more allegiance to their ethnic commanders than to the proper chain of command.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that the national army is spontaneously and fatalistically splintering on the Dinka-Nuer ethnic axis?

Why have we not seen the Shilluks, Zande, Bari or Latuko, breaking off? This answer ominously amplifies the popular, widely accepted presumption that the prevailing conundrum is entirely a Dinka-Nuer impasse.

What is the way forward then for the already collapsed and failed state of South Sudan?

First: Both Kiir and Machar armies both must immediately accept a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities. Kiir’s presidency and legitimacy have been irreversibly wounded, he’s just a murderer as is his opponent, a genocidaire as the other, and presumably he’s a likely candidate for the ICC as is his nemesis.

Second: Because this is a national crisis of utmost magnitude, and since the State has legally and constitutionally collapsed since it is at war with itself, the president must dismiss the current government and form a transitional government from non-partisan persons, to run the affairs of the government.

Third: A National Reconciliation mechanism must be instituted and presided by others or even a foreigner, but excluding a Dinka or Nuer chairmanship by all means, which as surely as possible will ensure absolute impartiality and controversy.

Fourth: Since this crisis was initially precipitated by internal crisis in the SPLM between the so-called ‘disgruntled’ members and Kiir’s supporters, a National Constitutional Conference must be initiated and speedily convened to iron out all the outstanding issues of constitutionality, constitutionalism and others. For instance, term limits must be set and clearly defined modalities and eligibilities for the presidency and other top jobs in government.

Fifth: Since the current crises are mostly due to the carried-over of the former ‘Bush mentality’ enjoyed by the SPLM/SPLA, there must be total reorganization of the army where recruitment is based on educational background and not on tribalism and ethnicity as sorrily manifested in the infamous so-called Kiir’s home-town boys dominated ‘Republican Guards.’

Sixth and Finally: When the war started in 1983, the South was controversially being divided and fractionalized into self-governing separate regions as a result of the attrition and incompatibility among us, Southern Sudanese, who failed to live in harmony among ourselves.

In response to popular demand by Nuer and Equatorians and Bahr el Ghazal Dinka and non-Dinka, Nimeiri imposed the regionalization of South Sudan. Many supporters of this policy of decentralization, then, believed the SPLM/A creation was a jittery tribal counter response to that.

Today, and taking into account the current collapse of our nation and the unforgivable misrule and mismanagement of South Sudan by the SPLM and the kleptocrats around Kiir, a newer modality of ‘redivision’ and political devolution is imperative.

Finally, without any new comprehensive political dispensation, especially given the underlying apprehensions and grave concerns of many non-Dinka populations, and given the current abuses of the rule of law by those thugs in the current government, the situation in the country will be moving from one crisis to another.

If the pretentious Catholic adherent and regular church-going president Kiir hasn’t sincerely forgiven Machar’s involvement of 1991 Bor incident and forgiven those involved in the December 15 incident, or even yet to apologize for the murders committed by his presidential guards brigade, what hopes are there for peace and coexistence…..??? END


  1. Chol says:

    Just a damn tribalist writing. You have some good points but your hatred for the Dinka and Nuer won’t take you nowhere. They will kill one another but they will not finish, so stop writing like real thickhead Majaka. What are you going to get out of it when trying to incite other Communities to join; yourself I don’t think you can manage to save even one vulnerable person. Keep beating the drums calling it analysis but only full of trash.

    • nikalongo says:

      Is it not true that they (Nuer and Dinka) are bloodthirsty idiots who will eventually kill each other to extinction? We others are only trying to save them from themselves. Look how many (Dinka and Nuer) are packed up in camps like canned sardines. Chol, wake up.

      • john says:

        Saving Kiir’s regime will be the return of Adolf Hitler and is not good for the people of newest nation in world. Please let fall is better to lose everything than having no freedoms. Mark my words, you will see.

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      You are denying the truth, according to the Editorial Analysis, dinkas under kiir cost more destruction, more crimes committed by kiir because he designed it right from day 1.
      the questions such as how did it start, where, how did it start, why did it start, who felt scared to convene splm meetings?
      Can you answer these questions without being bias. yes, other tribes view Nuer less evil compared to notorious jienge.

      • john says:

        Any war when it started you have to try to stop it. Since non-Dinka and Nuer fail to stop the fight. Why you choose which side fits you and you think you gain freedom through it. To me the answer is very simple, the Reik’s side. Why Reik declares to run for 2015 election and he needs to differentiate himself from the sitting president. So that his supporters know Where he stands on issues that are effecting the citizens. You should also, that this country doe not belong to Dinka and Nuer therefore, the problem is not between them. It is the people of south Sudan responding to the killing of those innocent victims whose lives were cut short by government security forces.
        Furthermore, the world knows and hears What had happened in Juba on night of Dec 15-17 that Kiir will face the world soon. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if you try to stay out of this war it will affect either direct or indirect because you may have relatives in both sides or your property destroyed by the war. Good luck you need it.

    • Wani Adalla says:

      Chol, I have been in SPLA since 1991. As a young man, I saw something was wrong with the Army. Dinka were so brutal as if the other soldiers were not fighting for the same cause. Then my analysis drove me to a conclusion that southerners will have to live according to their Regions. Because life will not continue easily under Dinka.
      Brother, accept the fact. For South Sudan to have relative peace and development, we should forget about the so called the majority rule. Even in the most democratic countries, the majority can be wrong.
      This presidential seat will have to go to a non Dinka-non Nuer. You are not even shameful to see that almost Dinka dominate everything everywhere. Tell me why are Dinka refusing to leave Nimule for land owners the, Ma’di etc.Who cause chaos all over. Two days ago Dinka fought Nuer in Arua and Adjumani leaving some of them dead. Learn how to say sorry or else you will not fit anywhere of your idiot characters.
      For the rest of the tribes, we need unity to keep the two warring tribes aloof.

  2. Jonatha says:


    This is well thought article, nothing is left out, you hit the point, and you truly understood the essence of rule of law, thank you, I hope this article will land by all means on Kiir’s Table, and they should implement immediately the six points you enlisted as a road map to resolve the ongoing issue escalated and fabricated by kiir to get rid of his opponents. I am retiring to my bed this night as a happier person and I pray that the six points will find their ways.

    • Manh-Bai says:

      Leave all nonsense and let’s come together for peace talks b’se the deadly politician (Machar) is finishing our dear community, nuer, unknowingly for national cause not for community cause.

      • lado says:

        Stop pretending like is all right in Equatoria. Equatorians killing themselves on a daily basis, Didingas are killing, Toposa, and taposa are mboya, and Lokoyas are killing Latuko and vice versa. So stop labelling two tribes that they are bloodthirsty. South Sudanese communities have never had peace among themselves. Also, we all know that many DINKAs and Nuers who were before this saga, they dying in the hands Equatorians. You guys are not the angels. Please, stop pretending, we have a problem and it needs to be addressed fast or we go extinct.

        • Deng says:

          You’re a patriot; you tell the truths the way they were intended to be; why do I came to support your comment and not one of my tribesmen? Because you told the truth; you’ve said Dinka are the problem as well and I agree with you 100%! There some in Dinka community who believe we are the majority and that give us the license to do whatever we want but that’s not the case! The over role issue here is we are all not perfect!

    • john says:

      you have raised some rather important points, however to answer the question you probably struggle to put it right. How different Reik is? He helped the national reconciliation committee, but when Kiir saw it as way that his vice has day-to-day contact with citizens about their affairs, the president got jealous and dissolved the committee.
      When Kiir fired Chuol Tong of Lakes state and later Taban Deng Gai of Unity state, Reik reacted that an elected governors can not be fired, then the president fired Reik.
      The next Kiir quoted their words and said “the talk like that can take it back to 1991, and on spot the woman sing a song in Dinka’s language and the president sing along, which mean he was engaged in weighting on his rivals.

  3. Koul Deng says:

    You wrote a good article but again as an intellectual you don’t need to shy away from the reality of ethnic diversity in South Sudan. There are Equatorians who participate positively in the national issues and also there are some who are naive thinkers. Instead of coming up with viable solutions that can support co-existence of our tribal structure and unity, unfortunately they think too far by making Dinka and Nuer the cause of the problem. Equatorians were the first to start struggle movement in 1955 before the independence of Sudan. Why are they negative in the current issues, Equatorians need to come out and help in the making of future South Sudan. Don’t think of joining Kenya and Uganda, they aren’t paradise on earth, they also have their own issues. It is not a solution. Come out clearly and participate in the new south Sudan. Were Dinka, Nuer and Equatorians will live in peace.

    • Lado Lo Kidden says:

      Hey Koul Deng,
      Please wake up from your drunken stupor and once for God sake accept the facts and reality currently on the ground. Many narrow minded and tribally blinded fellow Dinka commentators stated repeatedly in this outstanding social media forum that and I quote” Equatorians generally are cowards “ who will flee the county to Uganda and other neighboring countries in the face of slightest conflict or war in South Sudan. Please I beg you just step over briefly to the Uganda and Kenya and see for yourselves who are the miserable, terrified and pitiful people fleeing the country. Contrary to their alleged courage and bravery, thousands of Dinkas are running away enemas for their deer lives preferring to leave as miserable refugees in the neighboring countries rather than defend their murderous government in Juba. They planned and started this ethnic cleansing war but are the first to cross the borders for safety, what a shame! just go to Adjumani, Moyo, Koboko, Arua, Gulu, Kampala, Nairobi, Loki, Kitale, Eldoret and see for your shameless self. Thousands of Dinka men, women, children and elderly are received, transported and placed in miserable refugee camps. Others are loitering and sleeping in the streets. By the way, most of the Equatorians cowards as you like to believe retreated peacefully to their villages instead of crossing the borders as refugees. I hope you and your fellows “Ostrich buried head in the sand” Dinka fellows will learnt a lesson or two about peaceful co-existence from the ongoing tragedy which our hearts all bleeds for our beloved country.
      Editor, Please don’t publish my private email for security reason.

  4. AW joseph says:

    Riek Machar and the Nuer people are never and will never be blamed for the carnage and destruction that is taking place in the country. What else was left for the so call 12 coup plotters when what they asked for was the normal democratic due process of the party to take place in free and transparent manner.

    What has the innocent Nuer children, women, elderly citizens and unarmed civilians killed in Juba to do with Riek Machar?

    If the 12 Coup plotters includes all the tribes, why did Salva kiir’s Militia kill only Nuer civilians?

    Why would the Nuer people not defend themselves in the face of organised and sustained wholesale extermination?

    if you travelled around South Sudan you will be surprised with the arrogance and disrespect the Dinka treat the rest of the South Sudanese people with. See the following examples;
    A- They always referred to Nuer as traitors or Nyagaath and food lovers.
    B- Dinka called Equatorians as cowards and women,
    C- Referred to Equatorians in their own lands as Ugandans.
    D- Claim to be the sole liberators of everyone
    E- Entitled themselves to everything including key jobs
    F- No migration control
    G- foreigners employed in sensitive government jobs
    H- mysterious killings of people

    JOANA ADAMS, one of the great writers and thinkers of our generation had this to say:

    “The SPLM government under the careful watch of the security officer turned president, has introduced new vices in our society. It will be fair to say that more people have died in the hands of the SPLM government than they did in the hands of jallaba at least in some quarters.

    Places that didn’t know violence before are today routinely being rocked by senseless killings as if there is no government in the land. Speculations that these atrocities were being committed by security agents fell on deaf ears.

    Kiir may come from a generation in South Sudan who believed that when you come from a so-called majority tribe then you are immune to safe guards of modern democracy.”


  5. Editor,
    your hatred towards Dinka And Nuer still holds its place but south can not be called South Sudan if one tribe from 65 tribes does not exist.
    the ongoing war you termed it as Dinka Vs Nuer is a magic fall from you. the war is between the government and the Nuer. this could be the answer to your alleged claim.
    Nuer at large in Greater Bhar Elghazal remained untouched, how could you term this as Nuer-Dinka war??
    is South Sudan belonging to Dinka and Nuer?? is Wani Igga a Dinka or Nuer, Obote Mamur, Elias and Aggrey, are they Dinka or Nuer???.
    personally the on going war is blamed on Media posting incitement comments on the web. you are just good only to implicate the situation. you have incited Nuer VS the Government and now you are still digging more graves for more bloodshed. I’m disappointed with you.


  6. lutageng says:

    we need to negotiate and sign cpa 2

  7. Alier says:

    The editorial truly identifies the roots of divisions, destructions and mayhem in our country; but the reporting should at least be free of insults and crying victim at the same time to the people you intend to have compromise with; because it undermine your noble message behind it. Insults would never bring civility or courtesy to any serious and vital conversation; no matter how nicely you covertly phrase it. We are not going to move forward unless we first have graciousness and respect among all of us.

  8. Peter Adwok Nyaba says:

    Dear Peter Wankomo,
    I commend you for your courageous editorial unfortunately it revolves in same vicious circle. South Sudan remains still born and that explains its status as being under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. The current crisis allows the UN Security Council to impose strict orders on the government of Kiir.
    However, the big powers who control the UN Security Council have more problems in their hands; problems of international dimensions which directly affect their respective national interests and therefore will not concern themselves with such a globally unimportant primitive landlocked country like South Sudan.
    They have left President Museveni to handle the situation and is doing his worst sending in troops and warplanes into south Sudan. Large numbers of his troops have been decimated already fighting an unknown enemy and in an unknown terrain. At at certain stage the helicopter gunships were shooting friendly forces who look like the enemy forces.
    To categorize the conflict as Dinka-Nuer is fallacious which is meant to justify why others are keeping aloof. It remains a political crisis within the SPLM. President Kiir transformed it into a military confrontation. He is responsible for the mayhem in Juba and the subsequent revenge killings that occurred in Akobo, Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, Nasir, etc.
    Even if President Kiir manages with the assistance of Museveni to gain victory it will not be possible for him to rule the country. Eight years at the helm in Juba has revealed he has no new ideas for running the country, But he will insist on account of having been elected in 2010 and this will keep the country in perpetual straits as long as others remain docile and indifferent.
    He can not form a new administration, as you suggest, and expect things to become normal again. What we need in South Sudan is a non-partisan government [in fact we don’t have parties] under the stewardship of the UN Security Council, which will assist in complete disarmament and demilitarisation of society in South Sudan; reconstitute the national army, police and security agencies; recruit professional administrators if need be from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria to re-establish civil administration and local government, freeze all political activities for an interim period of five or more years until life has returned to normal.
    So, in short, the responsible for the governance of South Sudan should revert to the UN Security Council for that period.
    Other ideas as to what to do in terms of social and economic development of the country can be provided by the large number South Sudanese intellectuals who have been marginalized in this militaristic environment.
    Thank your very much.


    • upiu says:

      Your generation of leaders have terribly failed our young nation. It is probably true that before education became accessible to masses of S.Sudan, a few bad kids were sent to missionary schools by their parents to keep the trouble away from their homes. Now, there is nothing those parents could do because those bad kids are ruining our country at will. It does matter what level of education they have achieved, their disposition will always prevail and that is why we are witnessing the worst of what they are made of. Our innocent citizens who are the victims of this unfortunate educated few bad apples will only have our forefathers to blame. They shouldn’t have sent them ‘away’ but should have kept them at home to instill the values and sanctity of human lives in them. If Riek becomes the president today, he is not going to make any difference in the lives of those innocent Nuer kids he sacrificing for his ultimate ambition.
      In your many articles, you seem to suggest violence as the sole tool of getting rid of Kiir and this comment is no difference. I don’t know when you are going to stop those inciteful writings and write positively for the welfare of our nation.
      The editor does a fair job in terms of anaysis of our current situation. You condemn a bad practice but violence should never be an option towards solving any problem. Both Kiir and Riek should not escape an investigation for war crimes and genocide.
      Our nation deserves better than those you involved in this carnage. You might not be carrying a gun or commanding a force but your inciteful writing can not be overlooked either.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      Dr Nyaba,

      Greetings. I am glad you are well and abroad. I had made my comment somewhere below before reading what you had to say. I welcome your view on the ultimate solution to our present predicament. I know this might be your personal view and not that of the peace delegation of which you are a member. But it reassures us that some of you are thinking on a higher plane than just the SPLM issues and power-sharing level. Next time you meet Makuei Lueth, tell him this: Hitler was even elected in a more transparent election than Kiir. But, when he (Hitler) murdered his Jewish population, the world had no choice but to overthrow him. So we do not want to hear the mantra that Kiir’s is an elected government which must not be overthrown.

      I want to assure other readers that I feel gravely sad about the sufferings of our people. But then dictators always hide behind these sufferings to survive and to inflict more sufferings at future dates. Kiir was the instigator of this war and he now hopes that the world will save him because of the sufferings of our people. The soldiers in the battlefield have no excuses to kill civilians. They should also provide corridors to humanitarian assistance to the displaced and those caught in the battle areas. Having said this, I would like to insist that, based on the prima facie culpability of Kiir on the Juba genocide, the forces of freedom and democracy should still go ahead and overthrow his government. In the recent past, George Bush Sr stopped short of overthrowing Saddam Hussein in the first war, for some strategic reasons. But later, his son had to come back again to finish the job but through a more expensive and bloodier war against Saddam Hussein.

      If because of the pressure under which Riek et al are Kiir is let off the hook now, then we must be ready to fight another more bloody and more expensive war in the future. Kiir came to power through a rigged election which was declared to be below standard (even by the Carter Foundation). He must be removed and tried for genocide. Incidentally, Kiir has the power now even to vary charges against suspects!. He arrests a group of people for alleged coup plot. When pressed to release them, he turns round and tells the world that three are actually corruption suspect and as such will continue to be detained. It does not matter to him that suspects must be presented to court within certain time limit and, if qualified, given bail.Yet, people like Lueth who are supposed to be lawyers are abetting this blatantly illegal practice. God save South Sudan.

    • nikalongo says:

      U are no longer the voice of reason. U insult those opposed to violence as docile and indifferent. I also understand to whom that message is directed: Equatoria. For ur information, Nuer killed Dinka. Dinka killed Nuer. That is a fact u seem to be ignoring. They (nuer and dinka) are all bloodthirsty idiots who have no regard for the sanctity of human life and dignity.

      We are not die-hard fans of Kiir but there is also the constitutional order to follow. Those aspiring to the highest office of our country must present themselves to the voters whom u now refer to as docile and indifferent.
      Nyaba, the president of the Republic must not be SPLM. As a matter of fact, most voters belong to no party. Brave Lam Akol contested for the presidency outside SPLM. U, Riek, Hiteng or any other South Sudanese can do the same if SPLM has no more space left. Let our people decide.

      As for coup, the truth is always the first casualty. All are insincere about what they know and do not know. There are circumstantial evidence linking Riek to the mutiny. If he had nothing to do with the disturbances in Juba, Riek should have disassociated himself from the actions of Gadet, James Kong, Lual and others. From his hiding, he could denounce the mutiny in Juba and call for a UN sanctioned investigations into the killings of innocent civilians. Had he done that, he would be a president in waiting. He did not do anything in that direction because he was involved.

      U and ur comrades languishing in custody may be victims of a grand plan by Riek. He was able to slip out of Juba with Taban Deng. How did he do that? The answer is, he had a standing army waiting for an order to move.

      What next, Nyaba? The peace talk is the only solution. U want us taken over by the UN? That is a rude insult to the people of South Sudan. We fought many years to rule ourselves and we are not about to let a few imbeciles like you, Kiir, Riak and all the fools not mentioned here to take away our hard won country. Your kinds are proving to the world that we are incapable of governing ourselves.
      Imagine even Bashier coming to Juba to talk to reconcile us? U exploit our diversity to promote insecurity that destroys the fundamental values so dear to our people.
      As I write now, 300,000 of our people are either displaced from their communities or on the march once again on a long road to exile in foreign countries. The difference this time is, they are running away from savages like u who are supposed to be protecting them.
      U and ur kinds have failed. The UN must take all of u idiots to the Hague so that South Sudan can be governed in peace and tranquillity.

      • upiu says:

        Good points Nikalongo.
        Nyaba by his own admission said that they have to recycle themselves because there are no better options for our country. That attitude speaks volumes as to why we are facing what is before us in our nation. They will continue to destroy our young nation until their last breath if it is true that there are no other options. Mr. Nyaba feels that because of his writing proficiency, all should believe him and his distorted ideas which brought us the mayhem we are witnessing. I wonder why he is at large. He is not only insulting Equatorians or other ethnicities who are not involved in the fratricide on tribal lines in our nation but he will only be happy if all ten states are like Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity states – a mess. He is clearly enjoy what he is seeing in those states, enough material for his future book as he is always an insider to those rebellions and eventual genocides/massacres.
        His continued misinformations has won him some disciples like Choromke Jas et al who are loudly beating the drums of doom.
        The elderly elites of Juba, to whom Mr. Nyaba belongs, have failed our nation miserably as they continue to exploit severe lack of education of our citizens and use them for their personal greed for power and wealth.
        Soon or later, the youth of South Sudan will say enough is enough of this elders’ exploitation. Any body that carry out impartial investigations into the current unrest and its fateful genocides can not leave out the likes of Mr. Nyaba. They deserve their day at The Hague.

      • Pan says:

        Nikalongo, I am also extremely disappointed with this liberator’s suggestion that the people turn the governance of their country over to the UN and foreign administrators simply because the old guard has failed after elbowing and killing off South Sudanese who might have done a bit better. Riak’s group claims to be for democratic change and yet seems not to know the tools for building a democracy. Building a democracy is not rocket science, not just a term to be bantered about by political narcissists. Of the top of my head, I can think of a hundred ways Riak’s group could have shown they were truly for democracy for the nation – rather than just for themselves, within their own party- but will just share a few here:
        1. employ qualified South Sudanese in both the public and private sector, based on merit; don’t give these jobs out to expats
        2. pay these employees regularly and well, as you would a foreigner;
        3. these employees will create a ”middle class” and will invest their earnings back into their country, perhaps even into their own villages
        4. this will build an informed, invested public constituency the government must answer to – rather than its preferred constituency of foreign aid workers who have more power and say in the country than most South Sudanese
        5. invest in the country’s universities. Engage the minds of young people, give them some liberation theology books to read rather than stuffing their heads with the petty politics of the old guard.

        Those are just 5 ingredients out of thousands that would kick-start the democracy you all are whining about. They are obvious and straightforward. It’s a wonder that in 8 years, neither Kiir’s group nor Machar’s group has managed even just one of these things. You all have no right to hand the country over to foreigners again simply because you have failed.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Dear Dr. Peter Adwok,
      I agree with your suggestion that South Sudan has failed to rule itself so far, but I do not agree to the suggestion that its governance should revert to the UN. In 2012, on this very forum, out of frustration of what was happening in the country, I too suggested what you are suggesting now.

      Categorising the conflict as Dinka- Nuer is not fallacious but the truth otherwise how do you explain the massacre of Nuer civilians by Dinka security agents in Juba and subsequent retaliation against Dinka civilians by rebelling Nuer forces, if confirmed.

      In my view, other tribes may be keeping aloof, not because they view the conflict as Nuer Dinka conflict but because the two tribes are also the majority in the so-called national army. If indeed the present fighting is between Kiir vs Riek loyalists in the army fighting each other, it goes without saying that it is the two tribes in the SPLA engaging each other. This doesn’t show that the rest are keeping aloof but that the national army is a tribal army of two tribes.

      This goes to the heart of what those critical of government vision, policies and performance over the last 8 years have consistently been pointing out. And if I may spell it out again here: South Sudan has failed as a nation and has in record time become the most corrupt government in the world and unfortunately you may be whiter than white but nonetheless has been a part of this government since 2005.

      We are a tribal society and we love our tribes and there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is the use of state powers to misappropriate our national resources, constitutional positions, and national opportunities and privileges to almost exclusively to our tribesmen and women in all organs of government.

      But Salva Kiir went further and started to violate our constitution and treating the nation as his personal property. It is this unrestrained exercise of state powers to promote exclusive tribal interest which is the biggest cause of disaffection among the ordinary citizens. By this Kiir adopted a tribal vision and neglected national building.

      The stand-off between Riek and Salva may be issues of democratisation within the SPLM, but given the history of the SPLM, the root causes of these conflicts are also tribal in essence beginning from the kokora politics, the annihilation of Anya Nya 2 forces which were predominantly Nuer by John Garang’s SPLA at the beginning of the movement. Then came the 1991 split which though political in nature has gone to the psyche of the people as Dinka-Nuer conflict.

      I personally do not see this as a Dinka-Nuer conflict but a struggle against tribal hegemony by the ruling tribe against the others. So yes, in the 80s Equatorians lead the struggle, today it is the Nuer. Tomorrow it may be the Chollo. This is where it would be for our common Interests to join the struggle for freedom, the rule of law, democracy and equality.

      This is a movement and like any other movement, the leaders in this case Dr. Riek, yourself and the others must reach out to your wider electorates. Don’t expect people to come out to you but look for them and lead them. After all that is what leadership is.

      I still believe that as expressed by others, a genuine government of national unity should be established as a part of the peace deal to take the people for election in 18 months.

      May be instead of negotiating among yourselves as pro Riek or pro Kiir, we should have a national dialogue comprising all the other anti-Salva political forces to negotiate on Riek’s side to reach a broader consensus for the way forward. If all fails then by all means let others come and drive some sensibility in us.

      Joana Adams


      • Roger says:

        Editor, you are probably correct in your conclusions in your response to Joana. Only Dinka’s from Kiir’s region are allowed to openly criticize him from within.

  9. Chol Awek says:

    I really appreciate your critical analysis toward Dinka Coup fabrication and blindness of others South Sudanese calling it Nuer against Dinka fight and doesn’t affect anybody. the reality is that, this war concerns everyone and should anything happen, for example, Dinka with the help from two Countries defeat Nuer, then all the tribes will be at risk. unless if Nuer manage which is limited chance simply because of Dinka being backed by Uganda, Kenya and Sudan.
    Nuer have already decided to oppose the dictatorship and criminal activities which will either finish Nuer on the earth or give freedom and stability to every citizen in this Country.
    It is good to let the South Sudanese know the actual cause and the nature of this war. this is not revenge killing either as many people easily grab this word to describe the massacre in Juba and capturing of both Bor, Malakal and Bentiu by Nuer fighters. Nuer could have finished Nyaweang, Twic, Bor and Ngok in Upper Nile in less than an hour.
    Imagine a force defeating Ugandan force along with SPLA special forces and militias of Kiir, burning down almost 12 Military Tanks, three Gunships in less than a week, what do you think can happen to unarmed innocent Dinkas??

    Thing will change any time from now and international community needs to held Museveni responsible for these atrocities, human rights abuses and genocide against Nuer in Juba. Nuer will not revenge but change the regime of South Sudan to free everyone although all 63 tribes in South Sudan are confused and decided to join Dinka facilitated by Uganda and Sudan who will join any time, Nuer will try.

  10. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Well said Editor,
    you left no stone unturned, I absolutely agree with you and in my opinion the six(6) prescribed drugs to cure SS have to go concurrently with the International Criminal Investigation of the crimes committed and the primary suspect (kiir) be brought to questioning and if found guilty (obviously) he be thrown behind bars, that’s it and a win for every victimized person!
    A whole president of a Republic spearheaded tribalism yet does not feel any sense of remorse?
    There are God-created humans living in SS terribly lacking humility, hypocritically they humble themselves when they see a representative of God on earth with all the evil bags behind their backs, kiir is 100% responsible for throwing South Sudan apart first by spearheading tribalism in the country and secondly by inciting one tribe against another and thirdly by using divide and rule policy.
    he will never succeed in dividing Nuer, Equatorians, shilluk, fertits because all these sections are capable of deleting or ex-communicating that particular person from their community designed for the said purpose.

    • Daughter of Equatoria,

      Thank you so much for your smart and patriots comments. This war, Dinka politicians called it tribal war in an attempt to convince the dump citizens and the world rulers so that they could not support Dr. Machar and his allies. Now some of our goofy South Sudanese citizens called it tribal war too. Although the war is intensifying between Nuer and Dinka, it is not actually a tribal war. However, it is a war for change and democracy. Dr. Machar and his friends in the SPLM ruling party, asked President Kiir several times to scheduled convention to choose the SPLM chairmanship but president Kiir refused to schedule convention. Dr. Machar and his friends again asked the president to schedule the presidential election for 2015 so that those who want to campaign for the presidency can do so but the president rejected that request. Dr. Machar and his friends asked the president not to choose the state governors for the states but let every state chooses their own governors. However, the president rejected this request. The president treats the South Sudanese politicians like his owns wives and children. Dr. Machar is the only person in the SPLM ruling party that could tell President Kiir the wrong doing that is why president target Dr. Machar and his tribe most. If the president did not ordered the killing of Nuer in Juba including those Nuer who oppose Dr.Machar, Nuer military commanders would have not defected in large number.

      To all South Sudanese citizens, please pay attention to our president political vision and do not make wrong judgment by saying it is a war between Dinka and Nuer. If you think so, then tomorrow when Mabuto Mamur tells president Kiir you are wrong, do you think we will say the problem is between Lotuko and Dinka? Next tomorrow when Dr. Lam Makol says president Kiir is wrong, then do you think we will say the problem is between Shilluk and Dinka?

      Last year, 15 people from Balanda tribe in Wau were sentenced to death for killing Dinka in revenge, however, the Dinka people who attacked them first were not sentenced to death. Is this killing a South Sudanese problem or a problem between Balanda and Dinka?

      I believe if Balanda tribe is large as Dinka or Nuer, they would have declared war on Salva Kiir government long time ago.

      Again, Daughter of Equatoria, you are a sister of wisdom, smart, and good citizens.

  11. Mohd Adam says:

    Mr. Chol,
    reality must be accepted. What is written here is not about hatred of Dinka or whatever. It is the truth that is clear like the Moon on cloudless night. Your likes have earned us shame among other Southerners, to them, we are a naked King. What else can you say, my brother, the author of the article has said it all. Our shame is spreading to the neighbouring countries like a wild fire. We are to lick our wounds and swallow our pride, as a naked King.
    Thank you Editorial for educating my people on this forum always! God bless and give you more wisdom.


  12. King wa Nyamlel says:

    As for your tribal website is concerned, preach the Bible of equatorians and fertit in Wau. many of you are laughing because Dinka and Nuer are warring. HENCE, THE WAR IS NOT BETWEEN Dinka and the Nuer … it is between the SPLA and defected group mainly the nuer boys and their generals. YOU FAILED TO PUBLISH MY ARTICLE LAST WEEK BECAUSE I CRITICISED SOMEONE YOU ARE LOYAL TOO. WE KNOW YOUR COLOUR!!!!


  13. King wa Nyamlel says:

    you failed to tell us how this war should be stopped!!


  14. Choromke Jas says:

    Incisive comment as usual. Sometimes ago, I alluded to a possible and negative omnipotence of a Jieng dictatorship happening in this country if the Nuer were to fail in stopping the morphing of Kiir into a dictator. I can see you also touched on it in this article. I still believe that in the absence of any other means of taming the Dinka aggression and dictatorship, the Nuer’s countervailing role remains paramount. I also buy into the idea that Riek and Nuer might imitate the Dinka in dominating other Southerners if they were to win the current competition purely on their own effort. It was because of this concern that I invited (in my Letter to Equatorians) other tribes to join the Riek’s effort to first tame the Dinka, and then have a form of restraining influence on an unbridled resurgent Riek. If, this will not come to pass, I am afraid, we shall be told later “Where were you when the mighty Nuer were fighting the Dinka. It is our time time to eat and rule”. I might be mistaken, but I can see a glimpse of this already: the delegation of the Riek group appear to comprise of only persons from the “Greater Upper Nile”. This begs the question, Why are there no Equatorians in the mix?

    The credentials of the Riek’s delegation are another source of worry.They appear to lack clout and experience in negotiations. Does Riek want to have a complete control over his delegation, without giving them some room for independence? We (including Joanna and El Hag) on this site have pleaded for Riek to take this opportunity to reshape the entire governance of this country. The negotiations should be about national issues. But, it appears the negotiations will gravitate around the SPLM politics and power sharing. If this is indeed the case, then the country will have missed a very important opportunity.

    I still believe that were the Dinka to be tamed through this conflict, there is a chance that we might have another chance for a good start for our long journey towards a united, peaceful and prosperous nation.


    • upiu says:

      And that’s why you will always be WRONG on this current crisis. You have been fuelling an indiscriminate fire that has no definite goal. Your hatred for Dinka cloud your mind which is why you’ve been calling for a genocide on Dinka (taming of Dinka) by all ethnicities in South Sudan. Remember there is no person called Dinka but there is a corrupt dictator who can come from any ethnicity. Riek is all about power and so are his comrades who are in detention. Your observation of Riek negotiation team and strategy is revealing, and sober minds will come back to realize how they were fooled into believing that a messiah in Riek has suddenly appeared. The end result of the Addis Ababa negotiations will be nothing short of power sharing and re-accomodation of Riek comrades. He is adamant about their release for the obvious reason – so that they can go and mobilize their communities and command forces against fellow South Sudanese. What a shameful trick!
      Riek doesn’t care about you or anybody else, or South Sudan for that matter, it is all about seeing himself become president of a nation at all cost. I won’t be surprised if he end up calling for a Nuer self-determination if his current ploy fails.
      On our current mess, nobody would have said it better than Benjamin Franklin when he asserts that, “ANY FOOL CAN CRITICIZE, CONDEMN AND COMPLAIN….AND MOST FOOLS DO”
      See where you stand on that.

      • Pan says:

        Good comment, upiu. The latest trip to Addis has the air of a farce – which is not surprising given the vaudevillian character of the dissenters. As if they ran their former ministries cleanly! As if they have any credibility!

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      What side are you on? Are you in Kiir’s camp or Dr. Machar’s camp? You rushed shamelessly in very the beginning of this war and went to bed with Kiir. What happens to the FailED Coup you helped Kiir spread out to the world in December 2012? You must be short minded. Jas is completely right and I sincerely admire his writing. The war that Nuer is fighting is to liberate all other tribes and we need your help on this.
      Many Equatorians, especially the educated ones are helping through words, but we need manpower as well. Someone needs to step up in your community and mobilize your people for this worthy cause. So far, we have only seen Lado Gore, but his whereabouts is unknown or he is arrested. This is the man Dr. Machar would like to include in his negotiations team. The rest of Equatorians are silent and are nowhere to be found. I do not see why you are blaming Dr. Machar now when you are contributing.

      You, Editor, have been a promoter of Kiir’s dictatorship style. I do not know what went to your head when you wrote the stupid article in support of what is well known to not be coup by majority. You ran your way and made a shallow conclusion based on lies that Kiir feeds you. What were you thinking? A man of your caliber should know that. You become as shallow as Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang.
      Nuer are trying to give a level playing field to South Sudanese. We are the only ones that can tame Dinka as Jas said it well. But we need your input and help as well. This nation belongs to you as far as we are concerned. Nuer do not see you as Ugandans, Kenyans, Congolese. We see you as South Sudanese. But you are keeping quiet and seem to condone what Dinka are doing to this nation. I know it is not all Dinka, it is the greedy ones like Salva Kiir. Without Nuer in South Sudan, Dinka would do whatever they please and I am positive that none of you, Equatorians, would question them lest you would be finished.


      • jay johnson says:

        thank editor,

        the nuer do not see thing beyond tomorrow as you alluded to.

        Gatcharwearbol have no shame claiming that the nuer want to liberate south Sudanese. if the nuer can sided with the enemy during the 22 years of war of independent, then it is mind boggling to believe any claim of patriotism and liberation of south sudan. a traitor and backstabber community as nuer was in most part during the liberation struggle have no creditability what so ever.

        the Anya nya II, white army, spla/Nasir and many alphabetical soups militias of western upper nile were 95% NUER. Remember, they just join southerners when peace agreement was inevitable. so please do not buy the liberation claim from Gatcharwearbol. it is empty and hollow. 75% of abled nuer men were with the enemy while 25%, who they viewed as traitors were fighting the just war of independent with other southerners

        they were wrong then to fight southerners alongside the enemy and they are wrong now for staging a foiled coup and subsequent rebellion we find ourselves in right now. you can not violently overthrow a democratically elected president no matter how dictatorial he became while in office.

        all regional bodies will not accept undemocratic transfer of political power even if they know Salva is corrupt and bad leader. that will set a bad precedent to future and potential aspiring politicians. that is why I am with the government to fight the rebel until they become exhausted.

        and by the way, why fight a war you will never win!!!

        • AW joseph says:

          Excuse me Mr Jay Johnson, you live in your own world. Its Salva kiir the DINKA King who has betrayed the Cause for which many of country men and women gave their precious lifes for.

          Kiir sold us to the Kenyans, Ugandans, Ethiopians and Erithreans. Look at how our country is being swamped by this foreign criminals.

          As of Monday this week its on record, the Sudanese FM Ali Karti was reported on Al Jazeera TV that Salva kiir had asked Omar Bashir to send SAF to help protect the oil fields under the control of Riek’s forces. We can see in this conflict who is the sale out. Back then Sudan was one country, therefore Riek had every right to align himself with who ever he chooses. Why would Salva Kiir now align himself with your perceived enemy in independent South Sudan?

          Therefore your argument does not hold any water.

        • President Kiir house keeper “Jay Johnson” never say anything convincible to South Sudanese citizens.

  15. Beek says:

    The current government in Juba has nothing to do with Dinka or Nuer.It is Dinka Who protect Machar all this years,but now he turns against poor Dinka people who gain nothing from Elites SPLM.Dismantle old SPLM.

    • Chol Awek says:

      It is alredy known by what you always term as women, Cowards and foreigners in their own Land. you like it or not, Nuer have opened the eyes of everyone. Again, have proved your Cowardice act as you resort to Museveni to help fight against Nuer. who is now coward between Dinka and Equatorians?????????????????
      Without M7, Kiir would have fled the Country. Dinka are proved from today onward as cowards and women with ……s

  16. Alex says:

    Youths, Men and Women of Republic of South Sudan Please stop hatred and sensless writing. Is blood that has been poured out not yet enough to us. If we want to be a nationalistic and civilised people, we should learn to live in peace with each other. If we LOVE each other we can over come hatred. Solving our differences in a peacefull manner will show that we a matured and civilised people. We have brougth shame upon ourselves because of this senseless war which we brought to kill our own children, women, men, brothers and sister. Some of our writing in this net has shown to the whole world how stupid, floosh, backward and uncivilised people we are. In addition, it has shown our orrogance and the amount of hatred we have towards each other. We look gentle but useless only our minds think of evil hatred and wars. If other people can live in peace, what kind of people we are? We were crying and praying for a nation for over 50 years and now we want to kill this young nation in just two years. Is it a curse that is making us to do all this foolish things? Does the youths not able to think independetly that is why we are deviding ourselves along trible lines. Youths read all our postings or writings in this net. Can you see a kind of a future leader who can emerge to be like the Mandela and Gandis if we analyse our writings. Is there a sign of intellecturalship among you or you have become a followers of who ever say I want to be a leader or I am a leader. Throw triblism away today and become a nationalistic independent thinkers not based on tribe or community. I urge you to be leaders of peace makers not people of roumer mogering. Stand up to fight the ilitracy among our people, eridicate the hatred among ourselves and you stand up to build our nation not being complainers all the time. If you want to write, write things that can give us hope, encourage us, that can develove us. that can unite us and things that can please GOD. Keep your hatred in your house and do not expose your backwordness here in this net because it is read world wide. Therefore, if you are one of those who still believe in violence, do not shame us all the Sourthern Sudanese.


  17. Bentiu today says:

    you show nationalism in your editorial but you Equatorians you need to rally behind Nuer this time, otherwise being between the two Lions will deny you from your rights.
    you can either be with dinka or with Nuer, you can not just follow the direction of winning; everyday you need know your status as well as Nuer done their part.

    • jay johnson says:

      this war is not and will never be between nuer and dinka as you desperately want it to be. it is between the government and power hungry rebels led by the demon and prophet of doom Riek Machar puot Nyuon, a fourth generation Dinka-Nuer from Hol Dinka of Duk county. that is the fact that need not be twisted.

      There are thousands of nuer soldiers fighting on behalf of government. And as you know general Hoth mai, the chief of general staff and Gen.gony beliu of division 7 are with the government as I speak defending the constitution and territorial integrity of south sudan. so please stop the nuer vs. Dinka war nonsense

      it is true that 99% of the rebels fighting government forces are nuer but that does not make it a nuer vs. Dinka war.

  18. jijury says:

    Brilliant Analysis Mr. Editor, I recall when Dr. Riek Machar advised people not to convene regional meeting as it may lead to tribalism. He stated that, a smart person from minority tribe will never get a chance if we keep calling ourselves Upper Nilers, Equatorians, or Bahr Al Gazalers.

    • Joana Adams says:

      That is where I beg to disagree with Dr. Riek. Human beings by nature feel vulnerable when they stand alone. Equatorians are a collection of tribes and most of these tribes are a few thousands in numbers. For them to withstand the tribal onslaught of the ruling tribe, they need each other just to survive and find some voice. Not that the government bothered to listen to resolutions of the last two Equatorian conferences.
      The Nuers and the Dinka don’t need other tribes as they are in their millions if we are to believe the ever fraudulent statistics which are politically inflated. The Dinka as a people are self sufficient, have their language, culture and the number as a nation to form a state of their own. Perhaps the Nuers can too.
      However for the many small tribes of Equatoria, though Equatoria is not a tribe in the ordinary sense, it is a geographical identity which has since the colonial era taken some political connotation. It is also the case that Equatorian tribes share similar traditions and cultural values and practices and therefore find it easy to get along with each other. So to deny them this freedom of Association which is a constitutional right would be double jeopardy.
      Perhaps if the new political dispensation will strengthen federalism, it may act as an antidote to regionalism. However, the leaders cannot have it both ways. At the end of the day only Soviet style Marxists control freaks fear regionalism. If a national government does the right things and treats its citizens and provides for them opportunities equally, without discrimination and favouritsm, it should have nothing to fear.
      Joana Adams

  19. Bentiu today says:

    this is what Dr. machar was advocating but people like Wani Igaa can only see theirs salaries scheme, they only fight for salary opportunity not national issues.
    these groups can not support any good idea from someone who oppose kirr leadership style even if it can be good for future generation of theirs people, they don”t care of what the future will look like, but the today food is the one that matter for them.

    Mankien Town.

  20. malith Alier says:

    I can see we stick to our guns and our tribes. Many are inciting more violence by mobilising the restive masses. Remember that if KIIR or RIEK was to be indicted by the ICC, you are also an accomplice to the crimes.

    We have to see clearly beyond tribes and leave alone those motivated by power, they are not now dying.

  21. Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:

    Editor or people siding with Salva or Riek

    All you wrote about the current political trends could be true in South Sudan, but this is too late.
    Internet War is over. You either take a gun to defend your side physically or shut up for good.

    Again, what you all wrote here may not make sense. We have lost a number of important people from Nuer, Dinka and Equatoria. Those who say the war has affected Dinka and Nuer alone are major liars. see the reporting killing sheets and proof me wrong.




  22. Mohd Adam says:

    Bantiu today,
    You are just a sick man. Being between two lions. Who are those lions? Equatorians are not fools to be dragged. If it goes down to that, then why don’t we divide the country into three former colonial provinces of Equatoria, Upper Nile and BGP, becoming different and independent states? Some of us knew it that South Sudan was not going to be a viable state. Our common grand that propelled our temporary unity was the Arabs. Once they are no more they, we knew our differences would emerge. Now, we are on our own, but our differences will never make us a nation. So guys, let us divide the cake into three. Go UN, Go, BGP and the Equats, go!!

  23. Beek says:

    They were DUALISM through for no reason.

  24. Lokeri says:

    Bentiu land, we equatorian are not followers of Dinka either Nuer. Equatorian are not part of so call power struggle in camp of Riak Machar leader of Nuer and camp of Salva Kiir head of Dinka. If equatorian is going to involve in this tribal conflict who are we going to support? Our war will be base on political agenda. We will not take side with any of struggling forces and we alert of what is going on. If any one want to temper with us we are ready to defend ourselves.

  25. Beek says:

    There is no differences between president and Vice President, greed of power is a kind of sickness. Riek Machar needs HEALING.

  26. Alex says:

    Politically we are bankurpt if we just follow things blindly. I had wanted to see some of you people personally. Why make the world to laugh at us. You people are trying to hide your true colours but it appears openly all of you are tribalistic. Some of you if your god leaders ask you to throw yourself into river nile they will do it without questioning why this man want me to throw myself to the river.
    Politics are not about they and we. It is about differences in ideology, brothers, that is why when some of you are challenged they begin to hate their brothers without knowing that his or her brother has got no problem. it is only the difference in the ideology that makes us not to agree sometimes.
    This is not the stone age period where you just follow things as you have been told. Children of this time even have to question their parents decisions to get clearity how about leaders whom you do not know their hidden political motives which is there risk to follow them like goat which is being taken to a grazing place.
    It that lack of knowledge that is going to make us perish blindly. Let us just pray for peace so that we can get a chance to go back to school of learning politics. In this current situation we are in even if it comes to voting we will vote according to our tribal lines but not according to the merits of a political manifesto and agenda. I am afraid for those smaller tribes they are at stake whether whatever good political programme they may have. Education is the only tool to make us change and get civilised..


  27. Bentiu today says:

    your people have been kill everyday by dika militias such as Nimule chief and Engineer of Juba.
    when are you going to react?
    or want dinka to come to your doorstep first so that you can realized that this kind of people are not good for the national Building.

    • Yom says:

      you have tried to analyze current political situation in our counry and l agreed with you about corruption in our country. SPLM Leadership had made unforgetable mistakes, no permanent constitution, there no good service and military was not retrained for national duties.
      Pagan failed to reform SPLM, that is why its lack viable institution. Kiir neglected SPLA for years since we earned independent. Reik was campaigning for 2015, so he becomes dysfunctional. let’s focus on national reconciliation instead of tribal rival, no one will finish Nuer nor Dinka , No, need for senseless war. it is a time for rationale and genuine debate

  28. Col. Yuoi Latjor says:

    Dear Editor,

    Maintain your neutrality as you have stated in your post! SPLM/A is not mine; it is not even for Salva or Riek; it belongs to martyrs and wounded heroes and heroines. The mastermind of Dec 15 2013 coup attempt and his colleagues are ok. But what about the innocent Nuer, Dinka and Equatarians dying for the greed of the few people?

    Senseless sacrifices as such are meaningless at worst! Since I worn uniform for liberation struggle in 1984, I did not regret why I took a gun in the first place. I defended the land and I am currently still defending for the sake of my children and citizens of South Sudan.

    Thanks God, Bentiu is under control of our forces, Govt. I know things are not going well since CPA and independence were achieved. But can we destroy the citizens and loot their things? Can’t the disgruntled and inciters wait for 2015 general election? Can’t they not form their own party if there is no way to challenge President Gen. Salva Kiir?

    We have to love our own people just as we love our nation we fought and liberated from the Khartoum. I like your analysis in most cases, but I would advise you not to call the SPLM/A mine or for anyone. You are a liberator whether you fought or not. The war fought in South Sudan did not leave one’s relatives who died. we lost all people from all tribes.
    Have a good day.


  29. Bullen Bol says:

    To editor,
    your article has alot of things which are fallacious; you talked of spla being dominated by two tribes ; r u not aware of how these tribes became dominant in national? Dikans are many there because those were the forces who had been fighting arabs all years. Nuer majority can be blamed on integration into the army many maitias ; such as those that came with paulino matip; Dr.monytuil ; and impending integration of yauyau forces if he accepts peace. You also raised the question of singing tribalistic songs in spla; where do u want the army to leave those songs to ? R u not aware that existence those songs gave a considerable morale to the army during war which in one way or another influence them to fight well? Who prevented other tribes from joining guerilla war by then and sing songs of their choice? No one will change the history of south sudan in regards to who constitute guerilla army.
    Although your recommendations sounds good, the permanent answer to our problem lies in strengthening our economy so that number of people vying for government jobs reduces. I will stop here because addressing the current crisis require a full article of its own which do any time……remember to aspire for peace but do not dwell in writing tribalistic articles.

  30. kikisik says:

    Mr. Editor,
    Excellent analysis with solution-but was not a coup?

  31. Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:


    Thanks again. I believe you are one of the few South Sudanese who could see trouble our country is heading to. I said earlier that words may not be enough for sides supporting either Dr. Riek or President Salva Kiir; I then concluded that physical presence in the fight would be better. Why? Because action speaks louder than words. CHoromke Jas and Gatcharwearbol are doing more harm to our community Nuer than helping.

    Nowhere in the World Can a single tribes tame the entire country. We have great leaders in the current SPLM, many of whom are ministers, deputy ministers and undersecretaries. I do not want to talk about Nuer heading commissions in the country. War must be fought when there is a clear definition of objective and goal, thing that leads Dr. Riek Fails to garner support from other communities in South Sudan.

    Several Dinka leaders were arrested plotting coup against Kiir’s government, the people to whom Riek strongly urges for their release before he could sign cessation of Hostilities document in Addis Ababa. Whose knows if the release of these coup plotters may rejoin the SPLM/A leaving Riek on the spotlight of being the traitor?

    Nuer must be smart! No way can a single Nuer community overthrow the government. Even Dinka community cannot overthrow the elected government because that government in power may contain powerful other Dinka people or communities whose minds are similar to that of other powerful Nuer community.

    Incitement is the chemical weapon Riek is using. It is unfortunate for defectors to label General James Hoth Mai, the Chief of General Staff as coward and bought by Dinka. This country does not belong to Dinka or neither or Greater Equatorians: it belongs to the people of South Sudan irrespective of labeling of our own freedom fighters..

    Again, Editor, thanks for your words. Please ignore people calling you Kiir’s supporter.

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