Dinka and Nuer are a sick and a cursed mob

BY: MAKER MAYEK RIAK, Australia, DEC/20/2013, SSN;

I will let you in on a family secret. Years ago when we were growing up with my two elder brothers, in some little village, deep in Western Yirol, our neighbours thought we were a bunch of sick and cursed children. We were notorious for beating the hell out of each other.

Actually, I was notorious for agitating for problems and then all I got was a proper beating. I had no physical strength to return the same treatment. So, I let my tongue do the job.

There were three of us. First, was our elder brother, whose acts of tyranny were akin to those of Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya in Sacha Baron Cohen’s film The Dictator.

Our elder brother’s main responsibility was to maintain law and order. He was a strong, brutish, and an unforgiving herd boy who ruled the house with an iron fist. We used to call him a herd boy because he had little regard for education despite our mum’s persistence to get him into the same business as us.

He loved the nomadic life; feeding on milk and occasional meat, wrestling for pride and bragging in colourful songs about his bulls. At times when he came home, he would wake up with roosters and he’d be singing about his bulls.

We detested his ways and mocked him for his rudimentary behaviours. But for records, he did give in years down the track and followed the path of education.

Our elder brother ruled the house with tooth and claw. Anyone of us who attempted to go against his rule would be punished severely – even to the disgust of our own mother who was in her own ways, a strict disciplinarian – but she thought our brother’s ways were too raw and cruel for our misdemeanour’s.

But other than urging restraint, our mother would often refrain from imposing her will on him as he was seen as the man of the house. The actual man of the house was far in some land unheard of fighting for the rights of the people. So, we had no choice but to put up his no – nonsense and an uncontested style of leadership.

And then there was the second brother, who was quiet, reserved but often would strike and run as fast as he could to escape any punishment. He was a very fast runner. Every time he struck – often with a stinging slap on the face, moreso, on me than anyone else, he would run for his dear life and kept away from home for a few hours until the anger subsided.

He would return and no punishment would be exacted on him. Our mother had this policy that once a past event, no matter how painful; it should never be talked about leave alone punishing this repeat offender. He exploited that policy right to the top of the tree. So, he got away without being punished often.

And then there was me. The skinny, short and strength-less kid whose tongue spat out the most spiteful and sharp insults that would make any calm headed person catch seizures of rage. I breathed venoms of suborder serpents. I was a bag full of mockery; picking up on the slightest of weaknesses and hit you hard with them. I’d roll on the floor with laughter at any time someone uttered something unintelligent.

I was the most perfect object for my elder’s merciless leadership. Every time I received a beating, which was not less than three times a day, I’d cry with the loudest voice possible with the intention of letting the neighbours know that I was being mistreated.

With the blend of these three different but yet notorious kids – as a collective, we earned ourselves the perfect village tag of sick and cursed children. We got the tag because we made the most but we got to grow to become some of the closest and successful brothers.

Which begs the question, are the Dinka and the Nuer the sick and the cursed children of South Sudan? The answer by any honest person, Dinka and Nuer or not, would be a resounding YES.

Here are a few reasons why I think Dinka and Nuer are the cursed children of South Sudan. Dinka and Nuer, back me up on this.

Dinka and Nuer are the same breed of a people. They share the same practices, cultures, behaviours and physical features. In fact, they are the exact prototype of each other. Yet, they hate each other to the 206th bone.

They maim and kill each other mercilessly. They rape their women and kill their children. They destroy their properties and retard their developments. They are the example of what brothers and sisters should not be. In that regard, they are the sick and cursed children of the same womb.

Dinka and Nuer leaders are greedy, vainglorious and myopic. They fight hard for leadership just to stuff their pockets with dirty money.

They don’t give a toss about their people. They like to eat rich to bulge stomachs and have fat necks as a sign of importance in the society.

They like to brag about themselves with their pitiful words of “beny” and “kuor” to satisfy their vainglory. They are so short-sighted to an extent that the retard their own progress.

They loot and rape blind their own development in broad daylight. They are the sick and the cursed children of South Sudan.

Dinka and Nuer youths are gullible. They bloviate tribalism and bear the fangs of a cobra. (bloviate- verb: to talk at length, esp. in an inflated or empty way).

They bite each other hard and mercilessly. They allow their tribal cocoons to overcome brotherhood and sameness. They are the douchebags of tribal “benys” and “kuors”. (douchebags: a pejorative term for an arrogant or obnoxious person)

They allow these fat necked tribal henchmen to use them to further small mindedness and fatten their stomachs at their expense.

They allow three selfish leaders (Kiir, Riek and Gadet) to piss on them as they wish but would never react to put these leaders in their rightful places. They are the sick and cursed children of South Sudan.

Dinka and Nuer are poor leaders when they are supposed to be the natural leaders of South Sudan. South Sudan has got more than 60 tribes but all we hear about are these two sick and cursed tribes.

At a time when the country was in a celebratory mood for the hard won independence, they are busy maiming, killing and bullying minorities in the country.

They are the dream wreckers. The South Sudanese dream which we were all yearning for when our flag was hoisted has been turned into a nightmare by these two tribes.

They are the sick and cursed children of South Sudan.

Dinka and Nuer need a proper exorcist to cleanse them of their demons. They are possessed. They are cursed and fully sick. They are the sick and cursed children of our country.

For the pain and suffering that innocent civilians are being subjected to at the moment, I can only say, let’s hope one day, we are cleansed of these bad spells.

Maker Mayek Riak is a Lawyer


  1. Deng says:

    Pls, get yourself a life. You have no any point to make.

  2. wani Lutuori says:

    Truth Is so bitter to accept but Truth Safeguards n God will bless our country if accepted.

  3. Majongdit says:

    Moulana Maker Mayek,

    You were very stubborn and talkative, but you were also very clever. But you were a genius in class. Your brother was, and still, is the quietest. Riak Mayek, my friend and age mate was a fighter and a wrestler. Now he is a very peaceful man in Rumbek.
    Anyway, I read this article and it is really so balanced. But will the Dinka and the Nuer listen? Here in our state, Lakes, the Governor has ordered that anyone who shoots a Nuer may also face the same. This is regardless of the fact that Lakes citizens are being targeted and killed in Bentiu – including my own cousin. However, such acts are being done by some people who have just put themselves in the middle to confuse, kill and loot people.
    I wish all the Nuer and the Dinka are given the same heart that you possess. Look you are a Dinka, but you did not spare Dinkas in this piece. I am going home to propagate for peace and advocacy and tell everyone that Nuer are not enemies. Our message is that “no one should touch any Nuer that is residing in Lakes State”

  4. Nyantung says:

    Food for thought.

  5. tribewatch says:

    This is a very good article. Dinka and Nuer they exactly behave the same way you described and more often they listen to the advice especially Dinka. Others tribes in Southern Sudan which are watching in keen interest in these clashes have contributed negatively to the situation since last two years.
    The clashes which took place on Dec 15,2013 was incited, propagated and encouraged by other tribes which are non-Dinka or Nuer.
    I agreed with you that they are notorious children but there is little foolishness that can be considered. Why do they accept to be used to fight themselves on others interest rather than Southern Sudan advantage?
    If Khartoum attacks Southern Sudan today who do think will defend this country? Please sit down and sort out problem peacefully.

    • john jerry says:

      Tribewatch, whatever you all yourself all other people in south Sudan are south sudanese and the clashes that took place on Dec 15,2013 was not incited, propagated by other tribes which are non Dinka and Nuer. If you the Dinka and Nuer think that you are the only people in South Sudan go ahead and fight your tribal war, but other south Sudanese will keep watch.

      You cannot lead a country with multi-ethnicity based on tribal line. We are south Sudanese not Acholi, Bari, Cere, Dinka, Nuer, Tabosa and you name it. See where you the so called big or major tribes are trying to lead the country into. Be civilized those dark days of tribes are gone. we must see ourselves as South Sudanese and not Dinka or Nuer or Azande. Wake Up South Sudanese!!.

  6. Anyar Deng says:

    The actions of those involve in Juba city mayhem; were not the actions of Dinka and Nuer alone. I am talking about those who mastermind the so call coup or not. You just need to get the list from the Ministry of information. Second of all; the actions of those who did the killing in Juba are not responsibilities of millions of other innocent Dinka and Nuer who had nothing to do with the killing. This broad-brushing or guilt by association is dangerous and irresponsible. You may have accomplished your gold of throwing your fellow tribesmen under the bus for the purpose of looking good in front of others but you’re not that reasonable.

  7. upiu says:

    Yes, your tongue showed in this narrative. You’re probably the only commentator who’s maintained his cool since the current calamity erupted in our country. If the current events are to be taken to gauge Dinka and Nuer, then your assessment is correct.
    My assessment, however, is that we just happen to have wrong leaders at the right time or, right leaders at the wrong time who come from those two tribes. Both Kiir and Riek are not the leaders our country needs right now. Look at James Hoth Mai, who has all along maintained that SPLA is a national army. Not any person’s or party’s. He did not just blindly follow his kin-man in Riek or succumb to Kiir’s demand, but stood for our nation. People like him do not fit into your ethnic generalization. I am sure there are many of his likes from both Dinka and Nuer who can do better than the duo of Kiir and Riek.

  8. Elijah Samuel says:

    Maker, Yours was a brilliant piece, indeed soul searching, No one can liberate the Dinkas and Nuer from this curse other than themselves! It is precisely soul searching messages like yours that will lead to these two tribes valuing a more humble, educative and humanistic approach to solving issues and how we all view each other.
    In all heterogeneous society, social tranquilities are determined by the majority ethnic groups, if the ways of the majority ethnic group is salvage and brutal, then the society will thus be. The two tribes are squandering the perfect opportunities for leadership, rather those of us who are not of these two tribes, all we feel is what you where feeling with your elder brother! That is how we view the Dinka in particular, they are sitting on our necks even in our own tribal and ancestral space! At the end of the day, this is the greatest of the offenses the Dinkas have committed in this new country.
    Keep all the oil money and all the big posts in the country but leave our ancestral spaces for us to breath and practice our ways of lives. Should you like our ways of life, then you are welcome to become one of us, after all are we not all brothers and sisters, but does not mean you take and invade all my spaces.

  9. Mohd Adam says:

    Mr. Tribeswatch,
    you need to know how to carry your own cross. What has the other majority of South Sudanese to do with your historical hatred? Your wars against each other’s are rooted into your lust for wealth. From cattle rustling to a messing yourselves with public properties, from grabbing other peoples’ lands to indiscriminate killing of others. Now that chicken have come home to roost, you are throwing unwarranted blames to others. What a joke, man. Riek Machar is angry because he was removed from the position of the VP, just put him back, and peace will return, that’s simple. Ok?

  10. Kei says:

    how did the “Other” tribes in South Sudan contribute negatively to the situation in South Sudan as you claimed. How did non-dinka and non-nuer tribes contribute negatively in 1991? You are just a fool like your kirr and riak.
    We have a proverb in Pojulu which says, “If you have seen a man behind two cows, assume you have seen three cows.”
    This is what the other tribes (excluding dinka and nuer) in South Sudan look at the current situation in South Sudan. My prayers go to those non-dinka and non-nuer tribes whose relatives were killed in cold blood by these cows.

  11. O'hide says:

    Maker Riak
    I think you must be the only Dinka who wholeheartedly abhore the behavior of your people and seeking change. There are some Dinka intellectuals who acknowledge the bad behavior of their people but support it as their culture or use for their own interest, they do not say it is something wrong. It hard for someone to see and accept the wrong from that behavior unless you stand outside the community.

  12. Mony-nyiir says:

    A very soothing article thanks bro; if you critically observe the root cause of hatred; your finding are surely going to rotate around greed for wealth ; tribal gratification ; contempt for the one in power ; need to get quick riches examplified by cattle rustling among others . My view as an economist is that ; instead of pre occupying ourselves with nonsical fights ; we should instead embrace one another as brothers; recent fight will negatively affect our economy since investors will deem south sudan as lawless and unsuitable place for investment …… Although i am dinkan by tribe ; i do not entertain tribal wars or fight ; let’s forget the past and let’s move on as brothers and sisters of south sudan ; build our nation together and leave it to our children when old age catch us up ……in juba here ; i have a nuer who is our nuer and no one has touch him and his family ……do the same wherever u may be in south sudan. May God bless South sudan

  13. eberu dan says:

    such tribal introspection is a way to reconciliation and co existence. each and every tribe out of maturity must be able to describe itself if we sincerely want to develop and contribute positively in our new born country south Sudan, I am sure many of us would not dare to say any bad word about his or her tribe. Thank you the initiator of the issue Maker Mayek: Dinka and Nuer

  14. Peter says:

    @Deng if you did understand this brilliant piece of writing from high a man of intellect then you have problem. People like you are the problem in South Sudan. People like you are dispointment to us.

  15. Manyang Manyange says:

    My friend, You generalised Dinka and Nuer as greediest, that is an abuse.

  16. Jacob Adut Mabor says:

    Matik……I wish they (Dinka & Nuer) will read and understand this article.

  17. nikalongo says:

    Let them take that fight to their areas. We want a peaceful nation in Equatoria. The Nuers or whoever is occupying Mongalla should pack up. We shall count on our cousins across the boarders for help. The three governors should begin to explore this alternative. They (nuer and dinka) can take their oil along.
    Fed up Equatorian.

  18. Wololo says:


    Thank you so much for this article. I have been waiting for the comments this topic would generate but only 5 people have posted so far which is a clear sign that it is a perfect topic.

    If this is a topic concerning equatorian grievances to the government, you would have seen the insults towards the equatorian.
    But thank God that you have come up to discipline your own.

  19. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Dear Maulana Maker

    Could President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda with his UPDF now roaming the streets and jungles of South Sudan be the right exorcist that the Dinka and Nuer people need to cleanse them from whatever you seem to suggest could be possessing their spirits? Or an extra dose of seasoned US Marines can also be added to the mix?

    One way or the other my brother – we are almost there to rub shoulders with Somalia, C.A.R and the DR. of Congo.

    The UNSC is already considering withdrawing all assistance from the vision-less SPLM leadership and listing RSS under a private sector management.

  20. Alex says:

    Dear brothers
    This is a real tragidy we need to pray to God for forgiviness. Fighting will leads us to further destruction and I appeal to all South Sudanese to condem the ongoing killings and fighting. We are the same people whether from East, West North or South of South Sudan. I call upon those writing in the web to exercise maximum caution in the use of words that can inflame the situation. we should leave those name calling of tribes. We are all South Sudanese and in this difficult time we should all press for peace talks no more blood sheding. Those who have influence with our leaders should appeal for cession of the fighting.
    Let us unite together to work for peace so that God will be able to call us his children. Let’s hear to the cry of our mothers, our children and our relatives. Divided we fall and when we are united we will stand so lets join hands to call for peace. Alex

  21. Pac Marial says:

    Dear Tribewatch, you have said it all. God bless South Sudan

  22. Bhanyker says:

    Good article

  23. Simon Peter says:

    Peace could not come if presidential guards are still hunting Nuer forever. And they are still lying that it’s coup, while they know very well that nothing called a coup happened. The big question is why they target Only Nuer while those politicians are not all Nuer? Nuer civilians have nothing to with politics as well as other tribes civilians. Kiir has given Money, He is the law by himself, he killed Nuer In Kaldak.
    Nuer were holding their breath for sake of our country and freedom, can one justify why they’re killing Nuer? the only solution Kiir must resign to save the light of ours innocents citizens.

  24. Ahmed morgan says:

    Maulana maker. I am so grateful that we have among the dinkas or the nuers very reasonable persons like you. plse, let us get together now n face these tribalists so that we can save south sudan. The current leaders have failed. ahmed a. morgan.

  25. Awomdit says:

    Muolana Maker,
    I could not disagree with you much. You have exactly described the three bad brothers honestly for I have known you during our childhood years in Yirol West. I used to hate your stubbornness but people grow up like what you are today! I hope Nuer and Dinka grow up too.
    The analogy of three brothers with Dinka and Nuer relationship is not a bad comparison but I would beg to disagree with you on certain points. On hostility or a passion for maiming each other. This is pertinent to the Dinkas and Nuer of today who have been impoverished by the civil war and taken advantage of by politicians. While I was growing up, my uncle told me stories of two big brothers (Nuer and Dinka) who fought and raided each other and this was done without hatred of the other.
    These two brothers herded the cattle together across the great marsh lands astride the Nile River. They inter-married, they were known for hospitality. A stranger within their tents was not killed even if they had conflict amongst themselves. They stood up for the weak. They learned each others language. In the whole, they were two brothers who worked for nobility rather than villainy.
    You have to agree with me that all these changed with time especially when their quite pastoral life was interrupted by Sudan’s civil wars. The war brought the character of rebellion, plundering and all bad things that a rebel can do to survive. The two brothers had to fight for survival. Then all of a sudden a whole new generation of notorious Nuer and Dinka emerged.
    This is what we are seeing. It has nothing to do with culture or else they would not have survived up to this point in history. That is why the Dinka and Nuer of today have to discover themselves and get some restoration. Without this then they will soon disappear from the face of the earth. The choice lies in their own hands. Thanks once again for your analysis

  26. Choromke Jas says:

    I have never ever read something like this before! I did not know a Dinka was capable of self-criticism. Man, you have been liberated. Can other Dinka people follow this guy?

  27. majok Bol says:

    Brother Maker, I have really appreciated all you have said hit the trust all about Dinka and Nuer. Your article has precisely described Dinka and Nuer to their fullest behaviours, nobody can deny that fact. He who listens can hear and he who sees can see and look into ourselves, revisit our leadership style as Dinka and Nuer at the modern times of freedom, prosperity and justice for all.

  28. Akau says:

    Thanks a lot for showing transparency by not taking side.

  29. Malok Majak says:

    Dear Maker,

    You have some facts in your text but the way you have presented them lacks relevancy to what happened in Juba which has turned tribal. Until you call a spade a spade, this is where your independent opinions and views will have impact. If you was to be a listed judge posted in unity you would have not have provided this view.

  30. Joshua jop says:

    Well done Maker, we should see more of this kind of writing, well said on spot., but unfortunately all African specifically South Sudanese, we did not learn from our own mistakes in the past two decades, and from our neighbours in the continent such as Rwanda etc.

    I hope this will change us all, and start to reason as civilised people, not our tribes first but our priority to make a positive change in someone’s life. A patient can only seek for help when his/her life is threaten, my prayer that this calamity will unit us all and seek God to deliver our Nation.

  31. Pan says:


  32. Joshua jop says:

    To God the glory, and congratulations if you have already received God’s salvation.

  33. James Obale says:

    Dear Mr Maker,

    Thank you so much for this well written article. A lot of intellectuals from different tribe (other than Dinker and Nuer of course) have been gob-smack on what to say with regards to current on going situation in South Sudan. However much they try to explain it, it is never satisfactory intellectually. What I have read and observe so far from different websites and face book is that the two tribes who started the current killings in South Sudan are not willing to accept that their ways of thinking, their sense of leadership especially governing a country such as South Sudan is not in line with how a country should be govern at all yet they seems to display a very high interest in running the country. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against anybody who wants to run the country so long as they don’t run it on a tribal line. Anyway, what is left now is how we can move forward from here since the genocide has happen? from the way I see it, Kirr is not ready to accept that genocide has happen in South Sudan under his nose and watch which if he did would be the beginning and bases for reconciliation and a piece of acknowledgement from Kirr’s government that bad thing has happen, Secondly, the whole Dinker community needs to stop being arrogance and just acknowledge the fact that things have gone bad first from their side and that what Nuer are doing at the moment is just a retaliation to those bad things that has happen. It takes a big man in power to do this so since the Government of Kirr has been proven beyond reasonable doubts that it is run on tribal line, Dinker need to accept and acknowledge it. This way, they can prove to the rest of South Sudanese tribes that they are responsible people who don’t need to grab power by bulling and massacring other people who do not agree with them. Our people have had enough war for over 60yrs with only about 10 yrs in the gap for peace. Our children need to growing up with the mind and ability of being strong in the art of expression, hand Jobs than the old ways of physical confrontation and iron fist rule whenever there is problem. i am sure Nuer will be able to calm down when this things are acknowledge and move towards a peaceful solution. Thank you all.

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