Difference between Equatoria & Riek Machar call for federalism in South Sudan

BY: Jacob K. Lupai, JUBA, JUL/01/2014, SSN;

Federal states have been in existence for the last two hundred years. Although there was no explicit mention of federation, it was in the Juba Conference 1947 that South Sudanese first voiced their fears of domination and marginalization by Northern Sudanese. In the Conference Southerners basically wanted safeguards that they would not be mistreated by Northerners. It can, therefore, be seen that indirectly Southerners were already calling for a federal system of government that would have guaranteed them equality with their Northern counterparts and also sustainable national unity.

As Southerners were not well informed and sophisticated enough like the Northern conferees, they were easily manipulated to go along with the concept of one united Sudan without concrete guarantees. They took what Northerners said by word of mouth in the Conference as a guarantee. This is because in the Conference Northerners stressed that they had no intention to dominate the South.

However, what the Northerners had stressed turned out to be a white lie or deception. It was to take the South two bitter and devastating liberation wars to get rid of Northern domination and marginalization.

Eight years later from the Juba Conference 1947 Southern members of parliament in Sudan put forward a condition for supporting the motion for independence from British colonial rule. They proposed a federal system of government for Sudan to safeguard the interest of the South. The Northern deceptive response was that the proposal for a federal system would be considered after independence of Sudan.

After independence and under no obligation Northerners rejected the federal system for Sudan without any convincing explanation. To add salt to injury Northerners instead drafted a constitution fit for an Arab Islamic State. The Southern call for a federal system of government for Sudan was unceremoniously outlawed. Nevertheless, the Southern response was nothing but an armed struggle for freedom.

The point that is being made here is that the call for a federal system of government in South Sudan is not unique. In 1955 the Southern call for a federal system was to make the unity of Sudan attractive as the basis of sustainable national unity.

Unfortunately the dominant Black Arabs of Sudan were arrogant, insensitive and extremely stubborn to their Black African cousins in the South. The Arabs were only to regret when Sudan ultimately disintegrated into North and South with colorful and magnificent celebrations in the South as that was where most of the resources the Arabs had exploited were found.

Federalism in South Sudan

Equatoria, of the three regions of South Sudan, was the first in 2011 to pass a resolution in a conference that: A democratic federal system of governance should be adopted for the Republic of South Sudan, therefore the establishment of the new country as the Federal Republic of South Sudan.

The motive for the call of a federal system of government in South Sudan is not very difficult to comprehend. It is to promote justice where none is above the law in contrast to selective justice, it is for sustainable national unity in contrast to ethno-centricism and it is to promote prosperity for all in contrast to absolute poor service delivery.

The call for a federal system of government in South Sudan should be seen as a national agenda instead of being narrowly perceived as an Equatorian plot to segregate others. Federalism is for the benefit of all in South Sudan.

The essence of a federal system is its responsiveness to diversities and in defusing simmering tensions that may tear a country apart. The loud call for a federal system of government may co-relate to people’s experience of absolute poor service delivery. Things may therefore be different when a federal system is adopted.

Riek Machar’s call for federalism

Dr Riek Machar was the second most powerful man as the Vice President until July 2013 in the Government of the Republic of South Sudan. In December 2013 Dr Riek Machar declared openly that he was in rebellion against what he described as dictatorial tendencies of the President. In his rebellion Dr Riek Machar wanted support. Knowing very well that the call for a federal system was popular in Equatoria he wasted no time to make the call for federalism the top item on the agenda of the rebellion.

Dr Riek Machar must have calculated that by crafting federalism onto the agenda of his rebellion he would get automatic and total support from Equatoria. This, however, seems to have created a problem as Equatoria is now perceived sympathetic to the rebellion.

A critical analysis is therefore needed of the extent to which Dr Riek Machar’s call for federalism is the same as that of Equatoria. This is in order to allay fears that may cause unnecessary panic and also for people not to get confused.

To begin with Dr Riek Machar’s call for federalism is at best deceptive and at worst a betrayal of the genuine Equatoria’s call for federalism. People must recall that as the Vice President Dr Riek Machar at first supported federalism when the majority of members from Equatoria in the National Legislative Assembly in July 2011 endorsed federalism just before the day of independence.

However, at the last hour Dr Riek Machar rejected the very federalism for which he is now calling. People must take it with some caution as to why Dr Riek Machar is now turning around to claim to be the champion of federalism while he was comfortable in rejecting it.

The difference

The difference between Dr Riek Machar’s call for a federal system and that of Equatoria is crystal clear. The Equatoria’s call for a federal system is genuine while that of Dr Riek Machar is a ploy for support from Equatoria. Dr Riek Machar is unreliable and so it is doubtful that he will ever implement a federal system in South Sudan.

Did he not let down the people of Equatoria during the crucial vote for either federalism or decentralization on the eve of independence?

It is clear that the difference is that Dr Riek Machar sees federalism as a sure way to the presidency while Equatoria sees federalism as a national agenda that does not need the use of force to impose it on the people of South Sudan.

Federalism is a revolutionary agenda for the acceleration of socio-economic development for high standards of living in South Sudan.

In the communiqué that followed the Equatoria Conference 2011, it was affirmed that: “Mindful of the suffering of the people of Equatoria in the past decades, we will no longer accept Equatoria land to be used as a battle ground for any senseless bloodshed.”

This confirms that Equatoria has nothing to do with the rebellion. Equatoria is peaceful and development oriented. It will therefore not welcome to its soil such a rebellion that has caused untold destruction and mayhem in the country.


It is hoped that there won’t be any confusion again between federalism called for by Dr Riek Machar and that called for by Equatoria. Equatoria had called for federalism before the rebellion. The vision was that federalism would not be imposed but rather would be accepted or adopted through consensus. This means people will need to be educated and convinced through open discussions and debates.

People’s fears about federalism must be allayed and federalism must be thoroughly illustrated with examples from around the world.

Putting a redline to discussion on federalism is not helpful because people may be forced to discuss it behind closed doors which may be much more dangerous than discussing it openly for people to gain confidence.

In principle it seems many people in South Sudan have no problem with federalism. One prominent revolutionary and architect of the armed struggle that brought independence said in a function that “federalism is not bad but proposed at the wrong time.”

The implication is that South Sudanese support federalism but their fears must first be addressed and the time for adoption should be right. When should the time be right is the question.

The issue of rebellion and federalism could be addressed concurrently where the states should be involved as important stakeholders. Muzzling free thinking is not helpful in our search for a lasting solution to the problems of South Sudan.

In conclusion, no one appears to be against federalism but the fear seems to be the unseen devil in details of federalism which, therefore, needs our collective effort to reduce the fear for the common good of all.


  1. jijury says:

    Whether Dr. Machar call for federalism was different from that of Equatorians this is not the case anymore for it will stop Kiir’s gov’t from killing Equatorians. If you an equatorian leader just be prepare to fight to defend your call for federalism. The time for blame game is over sir! Kiir wanted to replace Clement Wani and need Luis Lobong’s opinion Luis refused to go Juba after he was accused by Dinka government when one general left the military barrack from Torit and went to bush with his soldiers.

    • Nikalongo says:


      Do not buy into rumours of Kiir wanting to do this or that in Equatoria. Those rumours are part of the war game plan to get Equatoria on board Those plans will fail. Nobody is going to run around like idiots causing mayhem in the towns and settlements in Equatoria. They like killing and destruction and they should do that in their backyards. Dinka Kiir is too busy battling Nuer Riak. Why would he want to open a second front? He is a General who knows a tribal army can not afford to fight on multiple fronts. Equatoria will remain a no go zone for war mongers and their admirers whether in Equatoria or the streets of world capitals of Europe, Australia, America and Africa.

      Lupai, thank you for exposing Nuer Riak’s call for federalism. He is being malicious. Federalism was not what took him to the bush. He is there to avenge the killings of his tribesmen and women not for federalism in Equatoria. Personally, I am a supporter of the 10 states system because it guarantees the participation of all our small and large communities especially in Equatoria. A buya from budi country is much more visible in Eastern Equatoria as is a Baka from Maridi in Western Equatotia. What about a Kaliko from Morobo or a Lolubo from along Juba-Nimule highway in Central Equatoria? These are smaller communities that will vanish in a larger federated Equatoria. What we need is to devolve more power to the states not the overhauling of the system of governance. It is the leaders that failed us not the system. What Equatoria wanted or did not want in 1947 is part of our history that should not be misused by bloodthirsty hawks out to soil the image of Equatoria.

      Lupai whether we go federal or remain state should be a political decision that every South Sudanese must given the opportunity to decide either through a referendum or a parliamentary vote after a free and fair election. A clique and gang of kleptocrats sitting around the suppose to be peacetable in Adis and their comrades in crimes in the bushes of Upper Nile and the Presidential Palace in Juba must not be allowed to negotiate themselves in, in the way South Sudanese should be governed. Most of them are there to recycle themselves and the loud call to federalism is the prominent vehicle to achieving that goal. Thieves can go to any length to get what they want and the guys in Adis are thieves.

      • Dear Nikalongo:

        Are you really an Equatorian? If so, you are my kind of Equatorian. Keep it up Compatriot!
        The greater Equatoria and the Republic of South Sudan needs you and many more like you. You have never ever disappointed me with your comment on this forum.

        • Diktor Agarab says:

          Nikalongo is a fake Equatorian who attempts to pass himself off as Equatorian to appear reasonable like you! LOL!!!!!!

          • Nikalongo says:

            Diktor Agarab,

            You call me fake because I said Dinka and Nuer should keep their wars in their backyards. That war is not about federalism or Equatoria. Riak is in the bush to avenge the killings of Nuer. If you have any counter arguments to Nikalongo put it forward. It is ridiculous to assume that every Equatorian is a supporter of federalism. Let us debate about the merits of federalism against an empowered 10 states system than parroting what Equatoria or South Sudan wanted in 1947. Tell us how federalism will stop the bloodthirsty Dinka and Nuer from butchering each other or build roads and schools. Equatoria remains a no gone area for war mongers and their admirers.

    • Nikalongo says:


      Do not buy into rumours of Kiir wanting to do this or that in Equatoria. Those rumours are part of the war game plan to get Equatoria on board. Those plans will fail. Nobody is going to run around like idiots causing mayhem in the towns and settlements in Equatoria. They like killing and destruction and they should do that in their backyards. Dinka Kiir is too busy battling Nuer Riak. Why would he want to open a second front? He is a General who knows a tribal army can not afford to fight on multiple fronts. Equatoria will remain a no go zone for war mongers and their admirers whether in Equatoria or the streets of world capitals of Europe, Australia, America and Africa.

      Lupai, thank you for exposing Nuer Riak’s call for federalism. He is being malicious. Federalism was not what took him to the bush. He is there to avenge the killings of his tribesmen and women not for federalism in Equatoria. Personally, I am a supporter of the 10 states system because it guarantees the participation of all our small and large communities especially in Equatoria. A buya from budi country is much more visible in Eastern Equatoria as is a Baka from Maridi in Western Equatotia. What about a Kaliko from Morobo or a Lolubo from along Juba-Nimule highway in Central Equatoria? These are smaller communities that will vanish in a larger federated Equatoria. What we need is to devolve more power to the states not the overhauling of the system of governance. It is the leaders that failed us not the system. What Equatoria wanted or did not want in 1947 is part of our history that should not be misused by bloodthirsty hawks out to soil the image of Equatoria.

      Lupai whether we go federal or remain state should be a political decision that every South Sudanese must given the opportunity to decide either through a referendum or a parliamentary vote after a free and fair election. A clique and gang of kleptocrats sitting around the suppose to be peacetable in Adis and their comrades in crimes in the bushes of Upper Nile and the Presidential Palace in Juba must not be allowed to negotiate themselves in, in the way South Sudanese should be governed. Most of them are there to recycle themselves and the loud call to federalism is the prominent vehicle to achieving that goal. Thieves can go to any length to get what they want and the guys in Adis are thieves.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Kiir is like a wounded Buffalo that wants to hit anyone that crosses its path. He’s blaming Equatorians for his own failures. Federalism will succeed. Remember early 1990s, Riek advocated for the right of self-determination to end the war between Khartoum and South Sudan and the same people wanted to kill him and he had to run to Khartoum to save his life.
      In 2002 when his faction merged with Garang, self-determination was incorporated into SPLM manifesto for the first time since the formation of SPLM, hence was tabled in peace talks in Kenya with Government of Sudan.
      The rest is history as the saying goes.
      The same dictator tendencies are fighting against democratic reforms, rule of law and federalism. But, rest assures you they will fail as long as they’re opening new frontiers each day. Stay safe

  2. Eli says:

    Jacob Lupai,
    Nice to hear from you again Mr. Lupai; I had the privilege of meeting you in London England few years back and we went for dinner in rural English countryside meal, I indeed enjoyed it. During our meal time we had some healthy discussions about some developmental projects had there being genuine peace in South Sudan our collective desire to develop our nation could be helping our people who have suffered beyond human imaginations.
    However today we are back in discussions to find suitable solutions for the benefits of all Southerners who deserve the best in the country of their own.
    I do agree with you that Dr. Riek Machar is an opportunist in taking advantage of Equatorians, knowing that he doesn’t have any suitable ideas and he couldn’t convince Equatorians to agree with him in his self-defence rebellion supported by his tribal men who are already well armed. Recalling not long ago the white army militia teamed up with the Bor dinkas in an offensive missions to totally crush the Murle people which is still considered to constitute as ethnic war crimes. However the Murles today signed agreement with the SPLA/M.
    As for me, I am very sceptical about anything going on in Addis Ababa and Dr Riek’s motives, I undoubtedly agree Dr Riek’s ultimate objective is to become the President, and as soon as he gets there he WILL forget and trash Equatorians call for a genuine federal system. I still recall watching in Juba parliament on SSTV during one of their meetings Dr Riek’s reaction to one of our legidendary freedom songs writer Emmanuel Kembe whom I respect for his unwavering dedication for the cause of achieving social justice. In one of his songs, he chanted; “murkab gait be lek lek” in translation it means; ” the boat is rocking back and forth (unstable)”. Emmanuel was saying the truth. But Dr Riek at that time was the VP, in public he mocked and criticized Mr Kembe. That was the true Riek Machar.
    Dr. Riek is for for Riek but none other. Self serving leader just as the rest of the SPLA/M, DC, IO or whatever they call themselves.
    The truth is we Equatorians need to be aware of these tribes from Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal have had their inter-tribal conflicts gone on for centuries, their ravalry is none other reason but cattle rustling, it had never been politically motivated, that is why Dr. Riek and President are swiftly trying to settle their leadership rivalry by sacrificing human bloods, they SPLA/M no matter names they gave themselves have the same objectives.
    Having mention that, the Equatorians having been marginalized for decades due to our diplomacy that we want peaceful settlement to South Sudan’s chronic conflicts, we failed to understand these two notorious tribes, we Equatorians are vulnerable in this country, we cannot ask for peace by words alone, we did remained silent, non violent, accepting every decisions made by SPLA/M in exchange to realise our independence from North

    The called for ARMED MILITARY DETERENT FORCE is rippend for EQUATORIANS:

    Time has dramatically changed, we Equatorians need to see ourselves as a sovereign militarized entity, I literally mean:


    Time for everything, time to fight, time to form self-defense militarily, time to force our wills into their throats, time to take charge of our own destiny. We have been called all kinds of names and forced to endured ignorance for way too long.


    • machek Stephen says:

      Eli,apart from pouring whole grammar u gathered from books u read during time of your idleness n your absente in south Sudan don’t make any mistake of putting it into action,let it remains in words n finally u r agret writer I only advice u to be accomedian ,u will be rich,n since one word is always enough for the wise I leave ….hululu.

      • Eli says:

        Thanks for your compliments. However your suggesting that I shouldn’t put my writing into action seems naivety to me. You are afraid and you have the right to be afraid because we are coming for you. Every revolution starts with motivation and planning and then followed by action. I promise you I will not rest until justice is served.
        And what the heck is ……hululu?

    • Diu J Kuek says:

      Dear Eli
      please don’t bother for whatever said by Mr Jacob K.Lupai in his article regard to federalism of governance in the Republic of South Sudan he has quoted that Dr Riek Machar using a word federal government is to get a support from the Equatorians for the success of his movement but I proved him wrong for missed narrated case of federalism Dr Riek Machar never opposed the motion that has been table in our National parliament in Juba Mr Jacob Lupai is too liar on this article and I am so sorry to say in such a manner I want to tell you Mr Lupai we were been watching our parliament sitting and its procedures nothing that can be related to this article of yours anyway time has come for you to come back home from London and there is a lot of vacancies special during this crisis please make no sabotage for federal idea come to work with president Kiir Govt in order to live with child support money from UK otherwise you get annoyed good luck Lupai.

  3. Defender says:


    Yours is an intellectual bankruptcy, to try to color facts. You cannot just claim that someone is deceitful just because one has decided to argue for something that he was against. That is called in politics my friend, or political maturity. If the current STUPID President of South Sudan, take a leaf or two from Riek Machar, of late, our country would not have gone the way it is now. Leaders do not just get holed up in one thinking as if the world revolves around them. Leaders take their cue from the people that they represent. As such, learning and accepting that people want federalism does not mean that he should not also accept that reality. It is this type of thinking that has brought the country in this predicament. People who hold public sway must also hold credible and ethical understanding of the philosophy of leadership, successful leadership.

    Trying to distance yourself and not Equatorians, will surely be accepted from your bosses in Juba. But would this request for colouring facts be accepted by those who have taken to the mantle of change, whether that has been championed by Equatorians or any other region? No. And this is where your argument to try to explain away your fear falls short of the mark that you are trying to hit. I think, in trying to argue from historical vantage point, do not just pick and chose so as to make argument sound intellectual. South Sudan has not yet mastered the art of SPIN DOCTORING. All the attempts that has been made thus far, whether by the regime of the STUPID President or his surrogates seems to be filled with holes that do not muster the gaze independent thinking South Sudanese.

    I think what you should have done is to just keep your silence and continue to do what you have done for the last while, which is focus on the need of the people of the Great people of Equatoria Region, of championing and requesting a peaceful dismantling of the regime of the STUPID President of South Sudan. This, the people will understand and stand against whatever the government wants to do to stifle debate on the issue of federalism in South Sudan.

    I find it perplexing sometime that when the threat comes close to some people’s table, their ability to think independently suffers. This type of allergic reaction to facts must be avoided at all cost. Because, at the end, South Sudan is much bigger than that lame explanation that you are trying to pull over the eyes of innocent people.

  4. azams john says:

    Dear ladies & gentlement, for me i look at federalism as the only key to share the nation cake of south sudan.but only one or two tribe have are wrong perception about federalism.To me federalism does not mean that evry one will go to live in thier vilages,properties consficated. & forced eviction from Juba or other states.but you will still live where you are living. The only fear of some people is that they have abundoned there villages & they failled to develop there villages instead ended up grabing Equatorians land.therefore,people need federalism to minimize this, equal employment, no tribal domination etc,it is time,people should think of locating there villages ,and go to start developing them,becouse Juba is not your land,

    • Ajak says:

      Azams John
      You got it wrong; there is no land grabbed by anyone but it’s the land fought by blood and treasure and anyone has the right to live anywhere in South Sudan. Go and read the country’s constitution to educate yourself.
      The empty talk of development; who are those developing Equatoria? The same liberators are the ones doing the development you seem to be proud of? Can you tell the world about your own resource you claimed to be developing equatoria! Refrain from empty and senseless rhetoric please!

  5. Mr. Lupai,

    You have been a brilliant contributor and good participate in South Sudan online politics, but your article this time is meaningless and totally bias. Dr. Machar called for federalism before when he was a Vice President. If you remember Dr. Machar posted several articles on Sudan tribune that talked about federalism in late 2012 and early 2013 when he (Riek) declared his interest to run for presidency while he was a VP. In his many articles, Machar said South Sudan would be the only “Tiger” state in Africa. Riek said he would sign federalism into law if he became president to enforce his “Tiger State” of South Sudan.

    In 1975, Nuer declared war on Sudan Government for the benefit of all South Sudanese. These separatist called their movement Anyanya II, they continue fighting Arab government until all South Sudanese joined them in mid 1983 and John Garang hijacked the movement from Anyanya II in August of 1983 with the help of Ethiopian government. The Anyanya II, which was dominated by Nuer vision’s was self-determination for South Sudan that you are enjoying today.

    Second, Nuer talked about federal system in 1800s and they (Nuer) repeated the called for federalism in 1903. If the idea of federalism was brought up by Equatorian again in 2011 and it was accepted by other South Sudanese, then what is the problem? Are Equatorians not South Sudanese? Or You think the idea initiated by Equatorians should not be adopted by other South Sudanese?

    In 1988, Dr. Machar came up with the idea “Self-Determination” for South Sudan. His self-determination opinion was immediately accepted by Arok Thon Arok, Kawany Makuei, Majer Gai, Atem Gualdit, Odwok, and Bonna Malual. All these individuals who accepted Dr. Machar opinion none of them was Nuer. However, the idea was strongly opposed by John Garang and Kiir Mayardit. Consequently, all those military commanders and politicians who accepted Dr. Machar point of view, were arrested killed or sentenced to life in prison, but Riek escaped the arrest. Now the self- determination benefit everyone in South Sudan mostly you Mr. Lupai.

  6. Joana Adams says:

    Dear Lupai,

    I beg to disagree with you this time. There is no need to create division between federalism as called for by the rebels, and federalism as demanded by Equatorians. What is crucial at this stage in time is that there are 3 broad political views in the South Sudan, the government mainly backed by Bahar El Ghazal that want’s to retain the status quo, and the vast majority of people from grater Upper Nile and greater Equatoria, who want a change of leadership and governing system.
    It seems this latest article is meant to appease the president that Equatorians are not supporting the rebels which has nothing to do with the principle of federalism. As a people we need to decide, if our interest has been served by Kiir’s genocidal regime or should we collaborate with others who share our own quest for changing the status quo for the better. Let those who are terrified of loosing their privileges which they have unfairly enjoyed with impunity for nearly 10 years, fight their own battle.
    And what is wrong if Dr. Riek want’s to win the support of Equatorians? That is politics, isn’t it? Any individual seeking to become a national leader, must win support of people from other regions, and this applies to Equatorians seeking national leadership as well. If an Equatoian wants to compete for presidency of the republic, he or she will need to win the support of Nuers and other non – Equatorians. The way you have written the article gives me the impression that, in your view, only Salva Kiir has the legitimacy to demand Equatorian support which is rather unfortunate. Kiir and his cohorts need to articulate their opposition to federalism to convince the public and not resort to cheap tactics of intimidation and scare-mongering. This would be democracy in practice. How can a so- called democratically elected president be furious as to want to physically eliminate those he accuse of propagating federalism – an idea he is opposed to. This is nothing but selective democracy, no wonder under Kiir’s incompetent leadership, the country has raced in less than three years to top the list of the most fragile(failed)state in the world! Who can blame Museveni for mocking his friend that if he was Kiir, he would have hanged himself. Kiir is a blood thirsty lunatic who does not deserve any support from our people whom he continues to butcher daily, but needs to end up in a slaughter chamber himself.

    • Lavina Lual says:


      What is wrong with Equatorians calling for federalism in line with Dr Riek Machar ideology?, what is wrong even if the Equatorians are in support of Dr Riek’s idea?. To the best of my knowledge the Equatorians do not need all the paints you are painting on them because they had enough with the jieng.

      Stay safe

    • Andrew Jenge says:

      What a courageous soul?! I wish there were just 10 like Joana Adam! Mr Lupai, you are betrayer of your people and should hang your head in shame. Is your federalism different from what Dr Riek is advocating for. Red federalism or blue federalism, which one is yours?! You better shut up and move out of Juba because it is going to get tough for betrayers and faint hearted! If you so wish you can load yourself in trucks With cows and pigs of Beny of idiots from Luri and repatriate to Warrap with them.

  7. AGUMUT says:

    Why Riek Machar looks like a DISABLE?


    • AGUMUT says:

      @EDITOR: The way he smiled is not natural.


  8. Makoi Mayen says:

    I wish Joana Adams, Elhag Paul and many other blind and barbaric Equatorians could think like Mr. Lupai. He is the only gentleman in Equatoria. If you don’t understand your own son, then it is stupidity in the highest order. Telling the truth does not change your tribe identity or political affiliations. God bless Mr. Lupai

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Lupai is fearing that he will be massacre by jieng like the Nuers if he says the truth like the way the dinkas are tearting him in Citizen newspaper. he is fearing the lions, dynosours and the desparte wounded buffalos who wants to die with people.


    • Lavina Lual says:

      Blind and barbaric people are killers of innocent soauls like the bloody thristy hooligans living in our misdts of which Equatorians are not

  9. jijury says:

    Lupai, Equatorians are South Sudanese ans that Land is theirs thus they have every right to say and support what is good for them. If losing Kiir’s paycheck still a problem to you just stay with Kiir and his kin men like those Nuer money lovers instead making lame excuses. Also the call for federal system is not Riek Machar’s genuine idea. It was demanded way back in 1947 by Southern Sudanese leaders.
    Dinka are given three days to leave Yei or else they pay the price if they refused to do so. In Eastern Equatoria, Taposa people already took Dinka cows and told them to leave.
    Luis Lobong on the other hand, told Salva I’m not coming to Juba, get me if you dare!.
    In Mundari area Dinka SPLA were sent to fight Mundari youth, but the result was horrific as many of them ended up getting killed.
    I only feel sorry for Bari, Zande, Kuku…. etc for they will leave the fight to Latuka, Lokoro, Mundari and Taposa thinking that Dinka will leave them.

    • Jijury,

      I agree with you man federalism is not a demand from Equatorians only. However, I cannot blame Mr. Lupai because there is severe lack of money nowadays in Juba. I think Lupai need extra money or promotion from Kiir to be able to feed his family.

      • JK Lupai says:


        I am the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Central Equatoria State and known as Hon Dr Jacob K. Lupai. My family lives in the United Kingdom and is self-reliant. I am well paid and hardly run short of money. What then do I need the extra money for? I see myself as honestly dedicated to the development of my state that is why I am a strong federalist and if I am at the national level I shall also do the same for my country. I read each and every comment on my articles, and observe that some commentators are mature and intellectual while others are filthy. All the same I respect people’s views but sorry for those who go personal without addressing what the issue is. I am also sorry for those who hide their identities when commenting. Let’s have confidence to identify who we are.

        Jacob K. Lupai


        • J.Chin Jacob says:

          Kokora, EDF, ENLF or whatever you called it, you ‘ve already did your part and there is no need to repeat yourself coz what is needed now is the bold step towards action and then wait to see the outcome of your long disastrous campaign in South Sudan.

        • Andrew Jenge says:

          Dear Mr Lupai
          Thanks for rubbing it into our faces, we know that your are a Dr, Minister, Hon., Federalist, Rich and with family abroad! Does it real matter now what type of federalism should be followed when Dinkocrats are busy butchering people all over the place like in Meridi?! Does it real matter if Riek Macher is a late convert to federalism?! What if he knows it lyrics by heart and sing it very we’ll, would you not allow him to lead federal congregation in singing it?! What you Mr Dr is doing is dividing federalism into different camps and scuttle it to our detriment, you can even tell by how the Dinkocrats responded to this article, eg “you are my kind of Equatorian, keep it up…”, as if they are our owners!

    • Nikalongo says:


      We do not have to cause unnecessary pain to our people to achieve federalism. This believe is strong in Equatoria. Remember, federalism is not the reason why Dinka kill Nuer and Nuer kill Dinka. In the eyes of Equatorians, u are one and the same. Ur deities feeds off blood of your youths. What will u do with federalism if u sweep South Sudan clean of its people? Dinka and Nuer should find an amicable solution to their age old problems instead of going around like idiots drumming support for more bloodshed and destruction. Go and make peace and stop blaming Lupai. Do not feel sorry for the Zandeman. He is happily beating his akoningo and dancing away the day. It is peaceful in Zandeland just as it is in Torit where the Latukaman u are inviting to fight is preparing his trumpet for the evening Nahatar show.

      Jijury, feel sorry for the people your cousins from Nuer and Dinkaland uprooted from their homes to a life of misery in the internal UN and refugee camps in the neighbouring countries. They deserve better. Let ur people go home.

  10. Chief Abiko! says:

    Attention:JMr ijury:

    Riak Machar and Jacob Lupai,they know nothing about South Sudan political background! In1947,British and friends Egyptians,were in still ruling Sudan according to imperialism rules and on policies.There had not yet been any federalism on those days and those years on imperialism government from British and Egyptians on Sudan at all! He Jacop Lopai,he said in the article he just written that federalism was existed since in two hundred years in the Sudan. Very funny! Which government who have rule in Sudan on federalism system??? Under which administration?? Which leader in Sudan in the country on Sudan government???

    In 1947,there had not been yet any predomination matter by northerners people in north in northern Sudan in central in north in Khartoum on Southerners at all! The trouble in Torit, in1955,it was the British the very people and the very one who have the trouble between the soldiers among themselves.They have used the northerners officers to killed the soldiers in Torit by their orders.There were no clear causes for the revolution in Torit at all.! They were the British who killed the soldiers from Torit from Otuho tribe. Some sent in Suakin prison on good conducts!

  11. Oduho Mamur Otuho says:

    Dear Professor Lupai,
    I have been a supporter of your online politics until today when I came to read your article. The issue at hand is now about Riek Machar or Nuer or Equatorians or any other tribe. It is about a system of governance that the masses wanted. The call for federalism in Equatoria is an overdue business and there should be no turning back on this. You should be happy that Riek supported federalism that is a lending hand to us equatorians. What have we done as equatorians to implement federal system in South sudan? We just talk and never did anything because our some of our leaders are afraid of Dinka. Equatoria is big and have big population to kick out Dinka but historically, when problems come to equatoria the war is left for few tribes to fight and the leading tribe is Latuka, Toposa, Mundari, Lokoro, Lokoya and more than 20 tribes just sit on the back of the bus waiting for other tribes to liberate them instead of joining hands together. Lupai, are you bribed this time or what because some of us are really beginning to wonder. But whether you are bribe or not, the government is falling down. We are mobilising and myself in Lobira, Eastern Latuka we are ready and have mobilize 30,000 youth just from one latuka village and more than 30 villages are to be mobilize and we don’t joke this time. A delegation has been sent to secretly meet mamur and we have many generals.
    Federal system is a best system because it prepares a way forward for us equatorians to secede in future should this guys keep behaving like animals. I hope no equatorian listen to you. Bible says, many will perish because of lack of knowledge. Why would educated person like you waste time like Wani Igga to debate about who initiated the idea of federalism instead of joining hands with whoever is supporting our idea to realize it. You must also know that in politics there is permanent enemy, and also people do change. Dr. riek attended various conferences on federalism and he was satisfied by the presentation and so accepted it, what is wrong with that? Do you have any alternative for equatorians? Please don’t waste our time. I advice you not to write on this topic to avoid confusing people.
    Thank you.

    • JK Lupai says:

      Dear Oduho Mamur Otuho,

      You made me laugh. I am not bribed and I will never be bribed nor compromise on federalism. Did you see me abandoning federalism? You sound confident and so please do not get confused with whatever people write. Fighting for justice is not only by holding of firearms. It is tackled from all angles and sides with the use of firearms as one ultimate aspect of fighting. Your advice is taken but I will continue to express my views as you have the liberty to express yours.

      Have a nice time.
      Jacob K. Lupai

    • Eli says:

      Oduho Mamur Otuho
      Thank you for the stern warning to Lupai and the courage to put forward 30,000 men to face Kirr’s forces. I would like to caution you however not to use those words such as:

      “when problems come to equatoria the war is left for few tribes to fight and the leading tribe is Latuka, Toposa, Mundari, Lokoro, Lokoya and more than 20 tribes just sit on the back of the bus waiting for other tribes to liberate them instead of joining hands together”.

      This is a dis-unity statement for the people of Equatoria, I respect your opinion but I DISAGREE WITH YOUR VIEWS BROTHER ODUHO. I grew up partly in Torit and my father contributed so much as Anyanya One fighter and afterwards in the developmental projects, such as Torit Technical School, Hospital, MTD, road constructions etc, before he was killed by corrupt SPLA undisciplined coward crooks in defense of JUSTICE ANS EQUALITY.

      I personally took offense to your statement as a proud Ma’di man we too have contributed tremendously in every corner of liberation struggles, not only that but including humanitarian and developmental basis you name, the Moro, the Azande, the Acholi the Kuku, Kakwa, Lolub’a, Kaliko, Baka, Pojulu, Kachipo or Shurma, the Nyam’bara, Avukaya, Lopit, Didin’ga, Lorim, Buya etc, and forgive me for not mentioning the rest.
      But we need not to call tribes in the struggle to liberate Equatoria, one way or another WE ARE ONE PEOPLE UNDER ONE BANNER, EQUATORIA. IN WHICH NO ONE IS ABOVE THE OTHER AND NOT THE “LAWS OF THE STATES”

      In Nimule, we are working hard to liberate all Ma’di land soon or later from corrupt misguided government culprits, you know very well one of our chiefs was killed and many Ma’di are in Torit jails as freedom fighters facing persecutions by our own brothers lead by EES Gov. Louis Lobong a Toposa man, his deputy governor Hon.Jerome Surur a Ma’di son is under pressure from all Ma’di communities to act or face consequences, we are ready ever since, but we need a UNITED EQUATORIA.
      I know you may be having the impression that some Equatorians are not part of this, but believe you me, THIS IS OUR WAR, OUR TIME TOGETHER WE WILL WIN.
      Don’t allow Salva Kirr’s polluted and shallow politics of “divide and conquer” to ruin our chance.







      “One rotten Onion makes the whole sack smell bad” or “a rotten apple spoils the whole bucket:




      Eli is the founder of SSNLF WORKING UNDER GRECOR, and I AM NOT ABOVE THE LAW

    • Bol says:

      Dear Oduho Mamur Otuho.
      ” We are mobilising and myself in Lobira, Eastern Latuka we are ready and have mobilize 30,000 youth just from one latuka village and more than 30 villages are to be mobilize and we don’t joke this time. A delegation has been sent to secretly meet mamur and we have many generals.”
      Is your State Governor aware of this ? Did your delegation actually met L.G Mamur ? Are you aware that your wagging or preparing to wage war against the state of RSS? Did anybody from RSS Security operative come across this clear and blatant admission of posing a threat to National Security, and if yes when is the security going to investigate and take actions against such individual ?

      • Lavina Lual says:

        Leave my Equatoria uncles alone to liberate themselves from the animals trynannies, dynsours and mad dogs biting and killing civilized community. What do you think can the State Governor of EES will do to the rebellion he is behind and what do you think can mamur do if he was consulted prior to mobilization of the rebels. Stay back in your luak shells and watch the drums of total freedom from oppressors sounds like.

        Oduho. I heard of the the ongoing mobilization please no need to show villages right here on the internet but I wish you good luck and do not forget to strategize in blocking all the Equatoria borders. I am happy with the State Governor for involving the Nyangatom of Ethiopia, Trukana of Kenya and Karimojong of Uganda in the obvious deal inform of standby.

        God bless you the Equatorians, take advantage of this rebellion God will bless you. Remember Southerners were the minorities making only 20% of Sudan population and today we have RSS free from the Arabs dominations meaning Equatorians can be free from these ugly neo-arab colonies in your midts.

        My little advise is do not allow a non Equatiran to lead you but yourselves under direct command of Dr Riek. Leave that Dinka Agar defector alone to get his dinka army to follow him and constitute foot army of rebbelion and you stay under your Otuho or Equatorian commnad directly answerbale to Dr Riek. Time to Energize the EDF not even the will the forces of darkness of kiir touch any soul from you because you are doing it for the right purpose to free yourselves from the intimidations, unnecessary provocations of killing like the Maridi incident, land grabbing, dominations over country’s top positions in civil servants, security organs, army, etc. God is watching all this and this is how your are going to make it put God first ebfore anything and talk to him to guide you.


  12. Dear Oduho Mamur Otuho:

    Federalism is on politics!There is a blood on it! Bear on your head!Even on Equatorians people themselves,they will pay a big price on blood alone by themselves Believe me! Never brandishing a spear on your hand before seeing anything yet! Wait and see first until thereafter you will see a danger is looming on your way!

    Now,you said on your own words from your own mouth on your comment that are some leaders from Equatoria.They are afraid Dinka.Why??????? Is this federalism on Dinka people on the tribe??????? I am not afraid them at all in front of God at this point! They are just like other human beings on creation on earth!! They are not enemies at all!! They are part of our families at home in the motherland in the South and Sudan in general!!! They are always sharing the common good on one!!! I do not want you my tribe Otuho to go fight on this SENSELESS KILLING on going fighting between government and the rebels in the bush! Stop any mobilization of Otuho youths in the villages in the land in the tribe immediately simply because of SOUTH SUDAN RUBBISH POLITICS EMANATES FROM SPLM PARTY!!! Lets people go on their own especially those who would like to die for nothing simply because of PUBLICITY!!! We need peace and harmony to our people!!! We better give a chance for DEMOCRACY!! Do not think the government problems in the country will go away when President Salva Kirr Mayardit is no longer a president of the South Sudan!!! The problems will stay still on the government!!!!! Thank you! You obliges on your believes on your opinions! Back to you to the audience on the board!

    Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo! Missouri,USA

    • Eli says:

      Chief Abiko,
      With due respect allow me to ask. What the heck are you trying to write man? Is there no ESL in the USA? Why are you making Americans look so bad? My advise to you Mr. Chief is, please get out of ghetto and take some language courses.

      Although I struggled to understand your points but you seem to be against military interventions in South Sudan.
      But; ISN’T IT THE USA WHERE YOU RESIDE RUNNING ALL OVER THE. WORLD POLICING EVERY NATION? Have you written on this site or anywhere criticizing Obama’s killing Muamar Gadafi? The overthrow of Hosni Mubarak?

      Please Chief don’t be double-standard, America is built on the back of Black African Slaves, they had to fight to free themselves, there was no African Moses who split the Red Sea to take them to freedom, they fought and the result today in a Black President in the White House.

      Same will have to happen in South Sudan, we are sick and tired of ignorance and being lead by idiots, we will fight until TRUE JUSTICE, LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS IS ACHIEVED.
      Bravo to you Oduho, we are heroes not cowards.

      • Eli,

        I was disappointed by your first comment, but indeed impressed by your second comments to Chief Abiko. These are courageous words a man should always say when a problems arrived or when the going is tough. There is no change without bloodshed in this world. There is no free freedom, no free food, no free house, and no free liberty. Freedom, liberty, and fair democratic government can be obtained through struggle or death. We the people who need genuine democratic government, we need to unit and overthrow this insect and HIV government of Kiir and then we can establish government of the people by the people and for the people like American always say.

        I would like to advise all citizens of South Sudan who favor federalism to unit and fight for it either politically or militarily until federalism and democratic system of government that treat all tribes of South Sudan fairly emerge.

    • Oduho Mamur Otuho says:

      Dear Chief Abiko Tangwo.
      Thank you for writing and for your advice. Nationalist like me will not listen to opportunists like you who are just getting paid by the government to come and support on the net. You are not familiar with the problems of south sudan and it is very unfortunate. To make it clear in your face Abiko, this time there is no turning back, we will go and swamp Juba and you will witness it. You will be drag to jail including government supporters. What did you do for Otuho people. you are enjoying in america and never send anything to support people and now discouraging nationalist from fighting. Please stay away from this site. Humo Bebe

  13. upiu says:

    i knew it won’t take long before Lupai get called names as he’s not speaking the contemporary language of more bloodshed that our many warmongers need to hear. the false heroism that our people are branding themselves can only run us aground. these sensational net warriors need to be warned that regardless of which side you’re for, Kiir and Riek are one and the same. Riek ran GOSS during the pre-referendum/interim period and Kiir took over post independence and the results of their leadership are the same. They both failed our country regardless of what language each of them chooses to speak right now.
    i agree with amb. Mesfin who told UNSC that “Returning to the status quo ante by bringing the two sides into power sharing agreement would not resolve the crisis, but postpones it”. I however maintain that they can do whatever interim arrangement they want but these duo should be barred from running in the next general elections, for the sake of better South Sudanese welfare.

  14. survivor says:

    K Lupai and Eli.
    finally, someone gets it. bravo. its the best article thus far, and the best respond by Eli, minus the armed equatoria militia part.
    the sad truth is people are so enamored by personalities that they fail to see the whole picture. on one hand you the hard core Riek supporters who only look at the ills carried out by Kiir group and make no mention of exact same atrocities commuted by Riek group vice-versa.
    the truth is Riek and Kiir are a cut from the same mold. they collectively ruin south Sudan. Riek is every bit as guilty of everything that he is now claiming to be fighting for; he’s just as corrupt, incompetent, tribal oriented and anti-progress. ,
    as Lupai has correctly put it, Riek is simply jumping at anything and everything to garner support as well as to distant himself from the mess he help create; unfortunately majority of us are stupid enough to believe any of his garbage.
    the only way forward is a popular uprising (peaceful of course) were we the people demand that these leaders step aside once and for all. we have to let them know that they have done enough as it it.
    no one should die to keep Kiir in the office or to put Riek in the office, if anything these fools belong in the same cell.
    its just sad to see our people manipulated into killing one another by these heartless fools. its just sickening.

  15. jijury says:

    Nikalongo, the day in which your three governors went on public rallying behind federalism was the very day they cause unnecessary pain to your people. If you think this problem is between Nuer and Dinka I feel very sorry for you. We are all citizens of one country if any drunk president and his tribal elite declared war in our country by killing one tribe, we should all unite and fight together. But people like you believe Nuer including their women and children who were killed in Juba deserve to be killed because they want to take power from Dinka by force. this is very unfortunate indeed! Anyway, Nuer are not begging anybody for help! if Kiir did not use the country resources and paid foreigners to fight for him we could have settled this war by ourselves months ago. On federalism, Equatorians shed blood that night you came out to embrace Federalism you don’t know this because you are not in Juba. The history of our struggle embarked in Torit in 1955 yet Garang’s face ended up in one South Sudanese to hundred pounds. Garang has been praised to be the founding father of South Sudan leaving General Joseph Lago who started this war nowhere to be found even though he is well and still a live. What about those brave leaders who died before him? Dinka elite planned to rule South Sudan in next 30, 40 and 50 years to come making Thok Mongjang a South Sudan national language I hope you are ready for that.

    Bentiu ramiran, Lupai secretly support federalism but knowing Dinka will not giving it to him for free he has to used different trend to address it hopping that it may charm Dinka.

    Chief Abiko, I wonder the same thing! Federalism existed in Sudan 200 years ago. Wow!!!

    • Nikalongo says:


      I am not a supporter of federalism. I support out ten states system because it ensures the participation of all our communities, large and small. We can empower the states by minimizing the role of the central government. It is not the system that has failed us. Our leaders did. I mean all of them including the ones you support. Secondly, Riak and his groups are not in the bush because of federalism. He is there to avenge the killings of Nuer. On this, I agree with him. We do not have to kill and destroy our towns and settlements because of federalism. Federalism is just a system of governance. It will not bring justice, equality, security or development in general as long as our leaders are what they are: thieves. Supporters of federalism apart from parroting 1947 and lack of development are not telling us how federalism will build roads, schools, hospital, etc.

      Once more Jijury, Equatoria remains a no go for militia soldiers regardless of their origins to replicate the senseless killings and destruction in Bor, Malakal, Bentui, etc. Keep ur dirty wars to your backyards please. We are not interested in taking sides. We only urge you to make peace between urselves today as you have always done in the past so that poor Nuer and Dinka camping in the camps and bushes in Upper Nile can go home. Have pity on your people instead of calling for more war and bloodshed.

  16. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear All:

    My assumption is that Jacob Lupai, the author of this article is reading these comments. I wonder what is roaming his bribed brain right now.

    True Equatorians know exactly what is taking place. I urge them not to take Lupai’s opportunistic view seriously. World is full of such kind of people; opportunists who can’t hesitate to sell their souls for money. Nuer, my tribe isn’t exception. We have many opportunists like Jacob Lupai and you know them very well. If I name them one by one, I would end up with arm-long list.The fight for federal system cannot be prevented by such kind of people.

    Whose idea it is isn’t crucial. What is important is the benefit of it to all citizens of South Sudan which Equatorians are part of. A cursory look at these comments suggests that Lupai is either ignorance, bribed, or is up to something dangerous. What is it I do not know, but it will eventually come to light. Remember the saying “What is done in the dark, come to the light sooner or later”. Let Lupai conceals his ulterior motive. We will eventually discover it.

    But I smell the rat. He is appeasing Kiir so he can join into the looting business.

    • Shamga says:

      As rudimentary as usual. Gatcharwearbol, if one does not sing in a backward and rudimentary kind of tune of warmongering, synonymous with rudimentary creatures known as nuer, he has been bribed. What have you been advocating? Is it not freedom of thinking and talking in the name of democracy? You so called nuer are so self defeating.

      Occasionally, you have objected certain ideologies as a community, but you have always contradict yourselves for the very same thing you want people to support you for. How can you criticize this person when he is doing exactly what you claim you are fighting for? Don’t you think he he is practicing freedom of speech? You are the most backward people to ever live the world; you fit well with stone age communities. It is just nature’s mistake that you are in the 21st century.

      You are more like a dog which turns on its own vomits. Proverbs 26.11 – 13 summaries your character for you: as a dog eats its own vomit, so fools recycle silliness. See that man who thinks he’s so smart? You can expect far more from a fool than from him.

      Few guys from our online republic of south Sudan, plus some equatorians, have been clutching at a straw in support of your cause, thinking you are genuine wholly. But they will soon know about you as you don’t always disappoint on pulling a stupidity stunt for yourselves. It is no one’s job to preach your idiocy, you will shit yourselves in your coleagues’ front later or sooner.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Now I know that there is no cure for stupidity. Nincompoops like you turn their own characters onto other people to make themselves feel better. This misplaced adage of yours “As a dog eats its own vomit, so fools recycle silliness” is indeed the true reflection of you. Why turn it on us, the Nuer?

        History knows who had returned to their vomits in South Sudan’s case. It is Nuer who had called for separation. And who refused to listen to Nuer, you did my friend. Now you are even distancing yourself from your Secular United Sudan vision. You even went further to accuse Nuer as the one calling for Unity of Sudan. You think I forgot this right. Because there is no shame in your veins, Salva Kiir, your king who hired UPDF claims Dr. Riek Machar, GatCharwearbol, and Bentiu Ramaran are the ones who hired Uganda. We are very sorry that there is no panacea for your stupidity. If there was once, we Nuer would sell all our cattle just to buy that stupidity pill for you so you can be cured once and for all. But sorry there isn’t medicine invented. We hope a cure is soon found.

        • Domac says:

          Gatcharwearbol, no any single Nuer signed CPA that brought independent of South sudan. “You can’t lead from behind”. Condoleezza Rich.

  17. monychol says:

    To all those who posted on this topic.
    You guys should separate the topic of federalism from ethnic politics.
    There are those among us in the debate on federalism who loves to stain and damns down discussion with tribal extreme and negative emotions and attitude hoping that by playing wthe role the the victim, they will be allowed to get
    away with misdeeds.They are behaving like drunkards or drowning man.
    The idea of federalism is not a completely bad idea altogether and I donot mind who claims to have introduced.
    If fedaralism will make our dysfunction national system to deliver the basic services works, it should be given a thought but must not be used to cloud the correction of the problem that brought the nation to the brink of collapse and that issue is Salva Kiir mismanagement of the country,concoction of coups and targetting people on ethnic basis.
    These are the real problems all South Sudanese faces under the current Kiir’s millitary junta.
    I know narrow minded idiots on both love to cut it clean and dry as a Dinka versus non Dinka as they are shallow in ideas knowing nothing than their ethnic politics.Currently in the rebellion there are so many Dinkas then Equatorians and other tribes apart from Nuer.
    As Salva Kiir had already plotted against everyone in the country be cooking up the problem inorder to use it to agrandize himself in power forever and continue with his damning down of everything in the county.South Sudanese have given this man called Salva Kiir too much time to anything but has not done anything.It is time for all South Sudanese to let the man go and if he refuses as he is doing, the same method that he uses to refuse must be used to get rid of him that is why Dau Aturjong, Dhieu Mathok and Mabior John Garang have taken up arms aginst Kiir shear idiocy in the country.This man called Kiir had been warned in the path about the direction of the country internally and externally but he ignored all the warnings and started to spray those who warned him with poison.
    The worst deservice South Sudanese can do to themselves is to divide themselves into tribes or regions demanding their autonomies rather then focusing on removing Salva Kiir and bringing his cronied who are from all tribes to book.After getting rid of this ruthless military junta, we can freely debate any system of governace without malicuos mischiefs and bullying by this self serving dangerous military junta.

  18. Kizito Panther says:

    Dear Lupai,
    Thanks for your clear message to those who doubt about the position of Equatorians. Both Salva and Riek are not for the goodness of the people of South Sudan and the nation at large. All their concern is about food, power and self-glory and self-aggrandizement, which is total opposite of the concern of Equatorians, the peace loving people who are all the time wishing this very peace and development oriented concern be embraced by the Kiirs and Rieks people, something beautiful that can make this South Sudan a better place to live in.

  19. Isaac Deng says:

    Jacob K. Lupai,
    I used to think you are a politcal heavy weight and man of your own words who is doing his best to educate the South Sudanese people about federalism. This article undeniably is the best ever written by you thus far compared to your radical stand on the same topic. However, you have diluted your political position and look weaker amongst your Equatoria admires in this blog as they now pondering if this is the same commander Jacob K Lupai or another clowned Jacob K. Luapi.
    Anyhow, you hit some good points when you argued that “Dr Riek Machar rejected the very federalism for which he is now calling. People must take it with some caution as to why Dr Riek Machar is now turning around to claim to be the champion of federalism while he was comfortable in rejecting it.”
    Still, a wise man will tell you that Dr. Riek Machar is playing smart politics and is doing rightly so to win Equatorians support to his side and there is nothing criminal about his calculated move. To cut a long story short, politics is a dirty game and politicians will lie and promise heaven to win support from the poor people, rich friends and enemies.
    To Dr. Riek Machar’s credit, he sees the opportunity and seized it at the right time. Human beings are not robots, since we are smart and intelligent creatures, we are constantly chanting and so do our opinions on political, economic and social issues are also evolving with time and as we are getting matured, educated and old.
    Therefore, Dr. Riek Machar’s position on federalism might have evolved with time and age, hence his call for federalism could be deceptive or genuine as you speculated in the article, but the time and the history will be judge.
    On the contrary, if I was president Salva Kiir’s political adviser, I will tell him quite frankly not to waste time criticizing supporters of federalism in Juba and upsetting Equatorians in particular at this delicate moment of his critical political future. I will tell him without hesitation, Mr. President, please own this agenda and embrace federal structures and win over the slipping away Equatoria support towards Dr. Riek Machar or you end up a big loser.
    Mr. President, the entire Dinka tribe alone cannot keep you in power in South Sudan. You need at least the support of Equatorians to make it a reality.
    Mathematically, it is possible Nuer and Dinka can have their way easy if they decided today to unite and impose any political system of government in South Sudan.
    Nuer and Equatoira also have a high chance to carry out the day on the federalism if federalism is to be vote in a referendum. But Dinka alone cannot impose their will on the rest of the country.
    This is all about the politics of numbers and he who plays a smart politics wins the day and the majority and so do the presidency.

  20. monychol says:

    To those who are attempting to accuse or defend the Dinka as a nation.There is nothing to defend from the Dinka and I would recommend you to read postings from Chol Tong Mayay, Edward Lino Abyei, Dr.Lual Acuek and Deng Alor Kuol including the founding mother Rebecca Garang.You will find that they have noticed that they have identified that the nation is on the wrong tract have given both oral advices and written suggestion.Nonetheless, the minority extremist military junta is hostile to their ideas.So the problem is not the Dinka rather it is this lost course military junta that take everyone in and outside the country as an enemy.
    Those who are accussing the Dinka, this junta is not serving the interests of the Dinka it is descrating and disrespecting the image and the wisdom of the Dinka.The Great Muonyjang has never fought and identified on the wrong side of the truth but now it is being portrayed as doing such under this bankrupted of ideas dangerously trapped minority self seving military junta clique of thugs and criminal looters.These individuals are indeleble stain to the name and image of the Great Muonyjang.But our kon kooc or wai to observe first has allowed them to take the Dinks for a ride.
    The great Muonyjang is getting crystal clear now and sooner rather then later Muonyjang will kick their butts and hold them to account for all the destruction and desacration of its name.
    Muonyjang has never followed a leadership that has no direction rather then senseless killings, mischiefs and bullying but it has now under Salva Kiir and his barbarian bully boys.
    They must not be allowed to ride on our backs.

    • Monychol:

      Are you still fooling and confusing people on the SSN forum? Please know that when those politicians were kicked out from the government by Kiir, the government was already on the wrong track and was heading nowhere. Please go sell your lies somewhere else. We know more about those politicians than you.

  21. alex says:

    Hi South Sudanese

    Why do you people always want to expose your lack of political maturity in this net. All the articles I read here no single person wrote about what is the goodness of federal system and the dangers of federal system in country like our. We just want any idea put forward without analyzing it.. Lupai’s argument is correct and politically matured. Federalism was not the issue which took the opposition forces to the bush so there is no reason to argue on this simple topic. Those who think they are politically matured should tell us what is the difference of the federal system with the current system. Let me tell you do not be followers of ideas brought forward by people who want to use divide and rule tactics. The idea of federalism was smuggled by the opposition to woe the equatorians to support them and the question is can we accept such type of politics. We need genuine political ideas which are for posturing peaceful coexistence and development of our country. So I advice you people to debate federalism properly but not just support it because Riek said he want federalism. You never know it will work against yourself and your own people. Lets learn to listen to the views of other people rather than following other people blindly. We need to weigh all the pro and cons before just rushing to support something we have not yet tried. For those who want their voices to be heard, avoid abusive language. Instead present your views in a civilized manner and the reasons why you think the system is the best and in what ways it can benefits we as whole as South Sudanese. Lets us avoid bringing something that may leads us again to another war. This thing so and so said this is childish. Speak your own mind not just following somebody. We should also avoid bringing a system for the seek of self greed. It will not help us. So let us leave imposing our own view on other peoples. if the matter is difficult for us to resolve, then it will be put into referendum. Thanks let respect each other


    • Alex,

      If democratic is not good, then why are we separated from Sudan government which practices dictatorship?

      • Hi Ramran:

        It was Kiir, Wani Igga and LGG who separated from the Sudan. However, you, Gatcharwearbol, Riek Machar, Peter Adwok Nyaba and Wani Tombe Laku are still with Jalaba. Please go home or be behave like a real South Sudanese. Are you still hopeful that Riek Machar will rule South Sudan as president? Cousin, it will not happen as long as I’m alive and armed. Let Riek be the Mayor of Gambella, Ethiopia.

      • alex says:

        Hi Bentiu Ramaran

        So your democracy is forcing federalism without people debating it. Did we separate so that others can force their ideas on other? What kind of democracy do you believe in if you do not want people to speak their own mind. It is sad to meet people like you in this net whose work is just to promote hatred and confusion. Good luck.


        • Alex and LGG,

          Please be honest in your argument. Now you said “your democracy is forcing federalism without debating it”. Did we debated your dictatorship? Did we separated so Kiir can rule South Sudan for life? Is your dictatorship was debated and passed? Why are you imposing dictatorship on people by force? If our government is a democratic government like you always claim, then why you want one person to do everything in country? Why Kiir is firing elected governors? and why Kiir is not allowing those who want to contest for the post of president to contest? In democratic government there is term limits. Why is no term limit in South Sudan? Is it because Kiir is the smarter person in South Sudan? Alex, please you need to advice Kiir to rethink and revise his constitutions. Let Kiir put the interest of people first above his own interest.

          Lukudu Gatkuth Garang, I heard that were in frontline cooking for Uganda troops. How cooking coming along? What frontline you had been assigned as a cook? Bentiu, Malakal, Wau, or Jongeli?. Ugandan and Egyptians soldiers praised you a lot, they always say you are a good cook. Keep up the good job please.

          • alex says:

            Hi Bentu

            The reason of firing Riek is simple. For six years he did nothing only he succeeded in implanting hatred among South Sudanese and he is greedy. He does not wait patiently for his time to lead our people. Secondly he allowed corruption to flourish during his time and instead he was busy marrying white women and even encouraging his son to follow him to marry a polish women as a result millions of dollars were wasted. The only thing I do not know is whether it is our money or his properly earned money.
            Coming to the governors , they were not able to hold tribal fighting and looting of cattle. All of us were aware of what was happening in Rumbek. There was constant fighting of people in that area and people in unity state. The two governors were directed to stop that tribal fighting and cattle robbing but they failed. In Jongle State it is the same problem. The governor could not resolve the problems there. We could not afford to continue to keep governors who are proving to be a liability to the whole of South Sudanese people. We need effective hard working governors not just we keep them because they are well known people. You knew before December coup, the security situation in Rumbek and Jongle were stabilising. The number of people dying as a results of cattle robbing had decreased dramatically. About the presidential term limit, Riek know very well how the constitution of SPLM works better than me. He is part of the people who drafted the SPLM constitution in the bush why did he not follow what he is part of. If there was something wrong, it could be better for him to convince enough members of SPLM political bureau to modernise the party but it should not be brought through threats and force. He should call for that after 2015 because by that time Kiir term as elected president has ended. So all what has happen in SPLM Riek is part of it and if he want changes he can do that since he is one of the top SPLM members. What we as South Sudanese want most at moment is peace and development. Democracy should come gradually when we have built institutions that can guide us when we have disputes. Like the question of the presidential term limit, if we have strong judiciary and constitution these matter could be handle through courts not guns.
            About your claim that we are cooking for Ugandan troops, I think that is a cheap lie that I can not buy brother. To conclude you are a man and in our culture it is a shame for a man to be a lair. There are no Egyptian soldiers in South Sudan. Instead let us focus to debate the real issues not liars.


  22. monychol says:

    Alex, you are right all people should be allowed to express their ideas freely fderalism whether we think their views are matured or not and whether the idea came from rebels or not. The problem right here in our country is not whether we really needs federalism or not.It must be debated maturely with pros and cons and if the majority opinion suggests its necessity, then subjected to referendum.This is the mature way it should be handled.
    Immaturity comes from the government attempts to use the same tactics its used last year to stiffle the debate and instigated the civil war.Now the same Kiir and company are responding to dissenting voices with threat of violence,intimidation, bullying and use of force to silence a political debate.
    These are the elements that needs to be warn not the citizens.Failure to do that put the country in another crises from

    behind in Equatoria.The future of this entire nation hungs on how Kiir administration response to this federalism debate.Given their past history of how this administration make political ch

    • alex says:

      Hi monychol

      Lets be clear. In this net I did not see president Kirr intermediating people. Instead it is we the common people who are appearing did not know how to debate issues in mature manner. I read people abusing other people who want to give their view. Let us not cover our lack of diplomacy in discussing issues is caused by the government. I personally heard the president saying he is not opposed to federalism. If people need it then it will be put into referendum. So my advice is let us first research whether federalism is the best system of rule in our country and even before deciding, we need to send people to countries like German, USA and Nigeria and find clearly how federalism works. What are the pro and cons and compare with findings of our discursions. If we are not careful we may end up bringing a system that will cause another problems. The situations in those countries where federalism is applied may not be like our situation.
      Secondly lets avoid bringing a system for running our country for the seek of covering hatred or greed. A layman arguments makes us to look like people without mind. We need to keep in mind the mentality of our people, the literacy level of our people, whether we have strong institutions to solve any issues which may arise due to overlapping central laws and federal laws. So love for each other as one people of one country is a paramount for successful adaption of any system of rule. But if we do it on the basis that I know more, it will not work. Research is a powerful tool for success let not just oppose issues because it is raised up by my or your opponent. We should look for system that benefit all South Sudan people. The spirit I see in this net is, if you are my opponent, any idea I bring is bad. These are behaviours of people who are not interested in progress of their countries or their people. Character assonating, hate, tribalism, greed and lying is now our behaviour. So this give one to question, does we South Sudanese really need peace? Can we build a full democratic nation in this spirit? Can we ever be one nation?
      Lets think properly.


  23. monychol says:

    how they make political choices and handle national issues, there is no doubt that we are seeing our eyes with another crises in the rainny season.
    The usual problem right here in this country is the government is lead by politically immature individuals who have no clues of how to convince the citizens.They only resort to animalistic brutal force.Some topics raises philosopical dillemas for them as they have not matured to that level and their usual response will be concoction of coups and fermenting of ethnic war.
    The problem is the government lead by psychologically insecure half uneducated clique and not the citizens or ethnuc groups.It is this government when its runs out of ideas then rush into tribes to instigate the ethnic violence.
    The government is now preparing to do it again now.

    • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

      Monychol, I am surprised you step up against government in recent days.
      I thought you were a friend of Juba.
      Well, I am not blaming you, we are all fed up!

      Daniel British, Political Activist, USA.

  24. False Millionaire says:

    dearest dr Lupai:

    My friends n myself read ur articles n have developed a great sense of liking u.We know now that u have worked n lived in dinka land n that u r the minister of agriculture n forestery for central equatoria.We judge u ought to have lived among nuers n the rest of our tribesmen.All these constitute the carriculum vitae that makes u the most reasonable person to speak about such great national causes as federalism.Ur articles affect the reader’s thinking either negatively or positivly.If a few filthy people make filthy comments,the majority of non filthy people who do not make filthycomments without making good comments do not necessarily disagree with u.The wishes of the later is asking u to keep ur place of the leader in total calm against what may b provocations.Becouse we will need u again n again.

    Eli:u have become some body so great to our society than I had ever imagined judging from ur former comments.The SPLM/SPLA leadership with it’s bad governing methods is something well opposed to our society of the 64 tribes.Go to Bahr Ghazal,go to Upper Nile,come back to Equatoria n u will find it most clear that we are all victims under the SPLM/SPLA leadership.So our struggle is no longer in the context of one tribe against another or one region against another,but all of us united against the SPLM/SPLA leadership.

    I totally agree with Monsieur NIKALONGO’s advise against any violence.Please please,u r not alone too disappointed by the events in South Sudan.We r all togather n togather we will struggle to find solutions.The SPLM/SPLA is too weak allready.So if we mobilise ourselves with our ordinary citizens in any form of non-armed actions,we will overthrow them.This has not yet been tried but why r we obliged to consider use of violence?I have many things to say about violence:our neighbouring state of central african republic has collapsed with it’s society.The leaders who used the violence to bring it down r in exile enjoying peace n prosperity.Their ordinary citizens:infinite misery,suffering n death.This is exactly what is happening to dinkas n nuers in our country.Go inside the UNIMISS in Juba,Bor,Malakal n Bantiu.Or Go take a walk in the marches around these places n u will never miss to find massive human bones which flesh was eaten by the voltures.This is the situation we must never dare to get our society into.

    Those of us who dispacatch comments into this forum r the rare lucky ones in our society of millions who went to schools.So we have knowledge of human political histories at least to some minimum limits.South African case of aparathied and the ANC pacific struggle is a case in question that must not b ignored.

    But we must not b blind to see our strategic place n africa in particular n in the world in general.Our massive natural resources,the fresh nile waters that r the lifeline of egypt,the vast farm lands n the rest that we all know to name.That is n we are only a few millions.How many countries in the world do we know to b as well off as us?Not many.Indeed we r infront of the americans,the europeans,the chines n ofcourse our fellow africans.All these people r jealous of us.We just need to assume our proper destiny.After the fall of the SPLA/SPLM bad leadership,the good leadership that will replce it:if it succeeds to unite us,to uphold the rule of law,to show no tolerance to tribalism,nopotism,corruption n incompetance n to go stright to execute such basic projects as infrostructure,education n health care,our paradise as God has allready granted is this South Sudan that we see to b hell.

    False Millionaire

  25. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Eli

    THE NOBLES DO NOT STAY IN GHETTOES!!!!!! I am a noble! Ghetto is far from my face!!!!! I read your comment,it is very shallow!!!! If you want to lead the South Sudan,a door is open very wide!!!!!!!! There is no need to utter offended words on me! The government in the South is belong for people themselves in the South! If you want to fight the government of South Sudan,it is your wish alone! But stop mobilizing our people Otuho in the tribe to die on this SENSELESS KILLING in the South. Our common enemies,they are our enemies!! Thank you!

    • Bol says:

      Thanks Chief. You are one of the far-sighted Equatorians, who can clearly see beyond “Juba Na Bari”.

  26. Diu J Kuek says:

    Dear Jacob
    your article is unfortunate to me and those who have be visit this website for the analysis of yours about the federalism or federal system in South Sudan and its comparative between Equatorians and the federalism that Dr Riek Machar Teny is calling for so many people can see no different its like Catholic Church and Protestant church which all are worship Jesus Christ but different from performance of praying now our Nation is in the mid of crisis so we need to save this Country through the federal system of governance for those who are misunderstood the federal system must know that now way to save this nation unless you have establish a good governance of systems but for my friend Jacob either you person al problems with Dr Machar or you have be promise by Juba government if so good luck you have been so long abroad come back home but please take take ideas out of Dr Riek want a support from Equatoria Region through federation no no no all of us have need to change this system for the sake of the generation to come to live in harmony side by side as South Sudanese please don’t be jealous federalism whoever brought to ud is acceptable

  27. jijury says:

    Since most Equatiorian politicians think that this is a senseless war which they are not willing to die fore it. I would encourage all Equatorian youth not to resist as Kiir militias are sent to disarm them. And congratulations to Clement Wani for saying Equatorians are the ones protecting Salva Kiir who has killed 20,000 Nuer not the Dinka.

  28. Makoi Mayen says:

    Chief Abiko!
    Are you a real chief?
    I wish you were a Dinka chief, this guy would have not got away with it.

  29. AGUMUT says:

    SPLM is now a joke.I don’t think Riek will go back to South again. SPLM and government in Juba needs to adapt the RETIREMENTS.

  30. AGUMUT says:

    Peter Adwok Nyaba needs to RETIRE.Although Books are dead and bookshops are still open. Actually who is going to buy Professor Peter and Dr.Riek books?

  31. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Makoi Mayen:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course! I am A REAL CHIEF FOR ALL INCLUDING DINKA IN THE TRIBE IN THE WHOLE SUDAN IN THE SOUTH IN THE MOTHER LAND AND NORTH SUDAN IN SUDAN IN GENERAL AT THIS POINT!!!!! Do not get mad at our brother Oduho Eli! He is obliging to his own criticism on his own views and his opinions on his head.There is no hate on freedom expression!Thank you so much! Do have a nice day! Let us love ourselves as one families without tribalism odium in the country.No more running for the northerners in north in Khartoum in the bush! They northerners,they are totally DONE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!I If they want war in the South,fine! Who will give in????They will be FLUSH FOR GOOD AT THIS POINT IN FRONT OF GOD!! They are crippled! Back to you to the audience!

  32. jijury says:

    I think all three governors of Equatorial regions will have to compensate the late Zico well known as RIP. A fresh smart graduate from university of Makerere university who was shot dead last week in Maridi along with his two friends for having discussed federalism. The three governors said they stand behind federal system and support it by any means, now look at what happened?

  33. monychol says:

    Jijury, you are amusing me.How can a fresh graduate from a prestigious research institution suck as Makere University discussed publicily and idiotic misnomer such as regional federalism in bars in front of drunken soldiers? I assure you if all that you said about Zeko are true and the way he discussed this idiotic ideas while drunk in front of armed drunken soldierd is also true, then there is something that is fundamentally wrong with the Equatorians education and there is nothing to hope from Equatorians education. Now to most South Sudanese, there is a general consensus that Equatorians education is a total disaster, a white elephant that does not produce fruitful intellectual maturity but idiotic mediocrties and childish unreasonable thinking and behaviors thay are born by empty dry minds who claims to have gone to school.The idea of federalism was introduced in the Juba conference by Both Diu a Nuer from Upper Nile and he meant confederacy between the then Northern and Southern Sudan as a pathways step towards independent of Southern Sudan when Equatorian scared to death from the Arab government and were knocking their knees in absolute fear as a result of their usual cowardice and women like attributes.
    Now they are talking of tribal regional confederacy and call it federalism.You see how ill and poorly educated they are! Which country has that type of political arrangement?It is a chimera champions by idiots, ill and poorly educated morons.

  34. monychol says:

    Also it is now becoming a well known public knowledege and admitted publicly by those of Clement Wani that Equatorians are the ones protecting Salva Kiir in Juba and actually Equatorians did alot of killing of the Nuer men, women and children with aiding and abeting from some Dinka sections such as Rek, Gok and few Bor county Dinkas.
    If truth is spoken, all Nuer residential areas were set on fire by Equatorians as an attempt to take back the Nuer even Salva Kiir was shocked and warned them that if you are doing it to protect me then you are buryiing me alive.So Equatorians as using the pretext of the conflict to ethnically cleanse Equatoria of Nuer citizens and blame it on the Dinka.
    Again, the killing was done by some sections of the Dinka;Rek, Gok and Bor county of Kuol Manyang and Michael Makuei.

  35. alex says:

    Dear monychol brother

    If you want peace in our country, talk language of peace. Blaming others while covering one’s own wrong did will never bring peace. Could you talk of killings in Bor , Bentue and Malakal. Who commited this killings and why. It makes some people like you look untrustworthy to do business with. You consternate on the killings in Juba while the supporters of Riek are killing innocent civilian. Do you think the international community is floosh to buy on your being one sided. It is true lets not continue to blame others, what we know is Riek supporters are not yet ready for peace so wait until your min god Riek accept peace. We know it is only Riek who will be able to change your mind set thinking because you people adore him like god due to your lack of independent thinking. The day when more of Riek supporters will die, then this will prompt you yourself to ask questions whether it was worth to follow someone blindly. But for now since there are more youths willing to sacrifice for this prophets of doom the prospect for peace is death. So go ahead with preaching your hatred until you come to understand that you can not and will not win the whole tribes in South Sudan and learn that no power on the world will risk to install a tribal president in any part of the world. That will be the time you will begin to write sense and preach peace.



  36. monychol says:

    Alex, I know that you were born and raised where people donot live and belief in truth and honesty.Telling the truth. as it happened I know hurt you alot and that is why you are so quick to assign anyone who make that attempt to the camp of your enemies.Attitude like the one you have is the reason why South Sudan is abandoned by all countries in both the region and the world.The world surely gives what you mimics to it.
    We know the genesis of all killings in South Sudan.The initial killings that occurredin Juba born all the other killings as cycle of revenge killings.
    Who did the Juba killings? If that is what you wants to smear everybody to stink like you, the won’t accept.

    • Suleiman says:

      Fake comments from those who don’t supprt Federalism coz they don’t wanted their greedy to be washed out once federal system will be in plac

    • alex says:

      Dear monychol

      I am open minded person who has good moral judgment. A civilised person will never condone any killing in the name of revenge killing. Any single life lost whether in the government side or in the rebel is a great lost to the nation of South Sudan. That is why all peaceful people in the world and the country at large are calling for peaceful settlement of the conflict. To insist in revenge killing is a character of people who does not have respect for human life and dignity. So I am advising you to refrain from hate speech. Monychol read our history what happen to your tribe and the dinka what happen during the slavery. If you can forgive the Arabs who have inflicted such inhuman suffering to your people why not forgive your fellow South Sudanese? Monychol I think you did not forget how your people were cleared from the oil field areas when the Arabs were drilling the oil. How many people died and yet you were able to forgive. Third monychol remember how South Sudanese were mistreated in Khartoum especially your tribe and yet you are able to forgive all such inhuman treatment and killings why not forgive your fellow South Sudanese? And to make it worse you even brought Janjwide and Meseriya to fight your fellow brothers in Bentue what a shame on you. If you are now colluding with the same people who sold your grand parents as slave. I can not imagine what kind of mind you have. I think you are used to be a slave that is why you people are not happy with the freedom we got. The same thing happen in 1991 by the same people and the same person that they are fighting for democracy when we were about to score a military victory against our enemies. You people and the group ran to Khartoum and began to fight your fellow South Sudanese. It is very hard to convince a person like me that you are a true democrats. Any light minded person will question himself or herself if that is the way democracy can be brought. So it is a pity if you think killing people in the name of revenge killing is acceptable. Now which people will you come to apply the democracy to if you are killing patients, raping women, killing innocent civilians who has nothing to do with the government in Juba. Killing Christians burning houses, destroying buildings and looting properties. It is the new kind of democracy we are witnessing in South Sudan. I pity you whether you have human spirit in you because I was thinking that , you are going to write enough is enough let us stop the killing of the innocent people in our country. But for you to encourage war and killing our innocent people in the name of restoring democracy is a total lies. To be frank those who support you, have seen the weakness in you people and have learned that, you are ready to sell your own people with any price like what Mobutu did to Democratic Republic of Congo. Monychol I think that you can follow your writings. You are the same people saying Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda soldiers are fighting the rebels. I am surprise to see that, today you are saying Southern Sudan has been abandon by all the countries both in the region and the world at large. This signifies that you people are lairs and can not tell the truth.
      So brother as you wrote truth is always bitter, it is true you are not fighting for democracy it is greed, hatred and love of money that has influenced Riek to rebel. The white girlfriends of your leader and his son’s white wife has taken control of the minds of your people. They will sell us it is not a lie that is why we have to watch all your moves. We can not accept any one to betray the South Sudanese people. So to conclude let us work for peace and let us avoid hate speech because we are the same people though some are traitors. Lets be willing to forgive and love each other. A genuine democracy can only be brought by building of democratic institutions and allowing our people to vote freely but not being force by guns. Lastly remember one tribe can not and will not take power without the support from Dinka and all the other tribes in South Sudan. The outsider can not impose their will on us but they can help us to resolve our differences peacefully. So if you are boosting of the support you got from your friends that can not threaten us because we are peaceful people who believe in diplomacy and respect for human life. Spend your time on working for peace than wasting time on writing lies and hate speeches, these will not earn you anything and you are prolonging the suffering of our people. You are isolating yourself from the family. ask yourself why you have remained a tribal rebels. It is because you can not tell the truth so nobody in South Sudan will ever trust you people. It is only those with the same thinking like yours who believe in tribal politics will support you. Including the people’s sellers who used to work for those Arabs in Khartoum will follow you.



  37. WUNBAAI says:

    well, saying there is difference between Riek and Equatoria isnot the needed ideas as per now.

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