Did Abyei paramount chief Deng Kuol Arop sell his soul

BY: Leon Nyerere, CANADA, SEP. 30/2012, SSN; Before I delve into the subject, I’d like to inform the readers that I’m using ‘devil’


  1. Santino Ayuel Longar says:

    May be, may be not, the truth is in between the two.

  2. anok maketh says:

    I appreciate that you brought up this aching issue of Abyei as some arrogant south Sudanese have been discussing it behind the closed doors. May the readers of this article allow me to frankly say that many of these folks who have been making such a rhetorical statements that there is no need to claim or return back to war because of Abei are unfortunately from Greater Bhar el Ghazel in general and Warrap in particular. Of course, with the current level of tribalism/sectarianism/clannish or kins-ism you name it, some societies are more than willing to wish away their troubled neighbours if they could. This scenario seems to fit Abyei case here. South Sudanese who believed in patriotism should refrain from such hateful statements. We don’t know exactly what happened in 1905 but what I believed is that the Issue of Abyei is no different to any other cases related to areas like Panthou, 14 miles or Hufra el Nas and more. It’s really not fair to hold a paramount chief accountable for being deceived by professors from the North who also did deceived our politicians in 1947, 1982 to divide southerners and in 1991 to destroy SPLM/A. Also what we need to keep in mind, is that Dinka Malual and Abyei had been fighting Jalaba nomads for the last 200 years while tribes in South were carrying on with their traditional dances. So give it up people, let’s liberate Abyei as we are trying to liberate all other occupied areas because Abyei does not only belong to its people but to the nation as whole.

  3. Ambago Ramba says:

    My Dear, you will have to retract this irresponsible statement and I quote you, ‘Also what we need to keep in mind is that Dinka Malual and Abyei had been fighting Jalaba nomads for the last 200 years while tribes in South were carrying on with their traditional dances.’ Unless of course you want to go it all alone in every aspect of it and let the so-called tribes in the Republic of South Sudan get on with their traditional dances.

  4. peter Madual says:

    It is true that the current rulers of south Sudan hail from Aybei. It is also true that chief Deng Kuol had sold Abyei to the north Sudan. Further, it is crystal clear that many people from Abyei are coloured. Some of whom have Arabs blood. For example, Luka Biong whose father is Arab and mother a Dinka Abyei, yet we considered as a son of Deng Majock according to our traditions.

    • Abdulaziz says:

      Peter Madual, I am here to let you know that an hear saying got no room bylaw, and you can’t just sit around and start talking for what you’ve not proof of it, Luka Biong is my cousin on his mother side, and he’s Deng Kuol’s son, I kno he’s a good looking handsome man and it won’t make him non south Sudanese on that at all. So if you have proof of your word? Common tell us exactly where you thinks he might be from.

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