Dictator Salva Kirr Must Resign for Nation’s Interest

By: Laku Modi Tombe, RSS, APR/23/2014, SSN;

Unfortunately, the claim that South Sudan is one nation, one people, and a nation which respects democratic principles under the leadership of dictator Salva Kirr who is asking citizens to defend its constitution and his legitimate government is misleading that only cheap and unfocused people can buy it.

President Salva Kirr has been behaving undemocratic since he became president of South Sudan transitional government. The fact that people were silent when he manipulatively imposed himself to lead in South Sudan interim transitional government with the help of his notorious bloody thirsty friend Lt. General Koul Manyang who supported him to establish an autocratic regime in that new country, does not mean he is smart and that people didn’t know what had happened but they were only interested in peace and success of an independent South Sudan.

Kirr falsely signed Juba Declaration to bring all rebel groups operating outside SPLM main stream to Juba under his leadership in bad faith and has abused some of these peace loving forces which he thought he lured them to his totalitarian government.

Having confidentially assumed to have consolidated himself into power among the various groups under his regime, Kirr exposed his dirty face during Sudan’s general election when he started to divide and discriminate his party members between SPLM loyalists and non-SPLM loyalists in which he denied the latter their democratic right to context in elections of president, governorship, and parliament.

Despite the fact, most of these so called non-SPLM loyalists were more popular in their constituencies than the president’s hand-picked members, to say the least.

Even when the non-SPLM loyalists decided to run in that election as independent candidates, the same Kirr with his personal army undemocratically rigged in his favor all the elections of presidency, governors, and members of parliaments who were ready to defend and protect his position instead of the country.

It is the combination of self-imposed president together with some of his puppet governors and members of parliament who were rejected by their constituencies, that gave birth to the most corrupt government the world has ever seen in the 21 century, as tribalism, nepotism, insecurity, robbery, and terror to keep oppositions out of their club because the government was designed to please the president and not for social service delivery for country’s citizens.

Since GoSS was designed to protect and defend president and not the provision of social services delivery to people; personal enrichment, extravagance, luxurious life style, and competition of wealth accumulation among government officials became the order of the day while the country sunk dip in poverty, illiteracy, diseases, hunger worse than during Arabs regime because the corrupt government squandered billions of dollars meant for nation development.

Although we cannot sympathize with ministers and parliamentarian who helped passed nation’s unpopular constitution that centralized government and empowered Kirr with unlimited powers to appoint, dismiss, dissolve entire government as he likes, the way he has been treating them is unacceptable as he’s falsely using his illegitimate constitution to justify his autocratic actions and failures.

When the appointed ministers and other junior government officials started to rise up demanding for democratic reform in the system in order to promote justice, equality, freedom, development and economic prosperity which is overdue, president turned against his former hand-picked government officials and accused them to be responsible for government shortcomings and its inability to perform and provide social service delivery to South Sudanese for last 9 years.

Come on, Mr. President, when the electorate did not vote for all the governors and members of parliaments you forced on them, do you think they were stupid?

No, our electorates knew your failed ministers and members of parliaments were incapable to deliver them services that is why they rejected them not to represent them in public offices in the first place.

Beside, how can vice president, ministers, and other government officials be responsible for government failures especially when the appointed officials were hired to praise president even on wrong things if Kirr and his supporters are serious?

All over the world, the president is the only person responsible to the success and failure of his or her government because he’s expected to have the ability to employ the right people in the right places and is capable to identify those unable to perform to either improve or be removed.

Because president is ignorant about politics and who believes in dictatorship since he became president, now he made these unwanted government officials heroes in their constituencies.

The assertion that December 15, 2013 incident is a coup led by Dr. Riek Machar Teny who wanted to overthrow a democratically elected president is cheap as those who are preaching it.

If Dr. Riek and his group were power thirsty as the accomplished Kirr robots want us to believe, he would have fought president when he deprived his wife’s, Dr. Angelina Teny governorship election victory in 2010.

The same way General Alfred Lado Gore would have fought Kirr when he denied him his democratic victory to bring development to the nation’s capital and the future of South Sudan independence would have been uncertain.

But since these patriotic democrats and revolutionaries were not greedy and bloody thirsty like president who’s ready to sell or destroy South Sudan because of power, they kept cool for the sake of our country’s independent state which our forefathers fought for more than hundred years, that’s why they let Salva to intimidate and bully them before people’s independence.

It should be made clear that the current political crisis in South Sudan did not start on December 15, 2013 incident which cost 20,000 lives of Nuer tribe in Juba when president Salva Kirr private militia massacred them from door-to-door as some people within government would like to mislead citizens but it began since president Kirr took power during South Sudan transitional government in 2005.

We condemn president’s Salva Kirr desperate undemocratic attempt to use December 15, 2013 incident which his private militias massacred 20,000 Nuer tribe people in Juba alone as a way to sideline his political opponents in the country as he has been doing in the last 9 years.

The massacre of peaceful demonstrators in Wau, the murder of Equatorian police officers in Yambio, the killing of one family in Yei, and the genocide that took place in Komiru, and other atrocities done in the country by the president’s forces of evil, are inhuman acts that he needs to account for and face justice.

Forget your bogus argument that you’re a democratically elected president. In fact, you are not and will never be the type of president South Sudanese have been looking for in the last hundred years.

The people who voted for you are your Warrap Dinka. Voters in the other states in the country, were forced on gun point to vote for you. An action which de-legitimized your presidency in South Sudan up to now.

Stop your empty talk of peace and national reconciliation and healing because you and your government are immoral, bloody thirsty, mafias, thieves with devil hearts who have no regard for humanity other than your greediness.

If there’s any peace and national reconciliation, that initiative will only happen in your absence.

The concept of “ One Nation, One People” which you don’t know its meaning, doesn’t fit you in any count. All the government officials you sent to all ten states were Dinka and some few Nuers who are Dinka puppets.

These two tribes were not representing South Sudan other than their two tribes. So don’t think you can any longer use two tribes at the expense of other 62 or more tribes.

You better rewrite your slogan to divided nation, two people/two tribes, as it is seen in your SSTV campaign.

By all account, Kirr is problematic by nature who’s allergic to peace, unity, democracy, justice, freedom, equality, law and order as he controls the executive, judiciary, military with his Warrap Dinka who are causing chaos in South Sudan in it’s everyday-ness.

Anyone who thinks South Sudan will attain peace, unity, democracy, justice, freedom, equality, dignity, development, law and order under the disgraceful leadership of dictator Kirr who ruined our country since 2005 without shame and now trying to deflect his weakness to someone else as responsible to our national problem, must be joking.

The proposed interim government without Salva Kirr is the only way forward for peace, unity, democracy, justice, equality, freedom and above all national reconciliation and healing and South Sudan prosperous future which dictator Salva Kirr is unable to establish since the day he manipulatively and undemocratically took power in South Sudan interim transitional government.

To conclude, Kirr, his mafias and his mercenaries in the country which they set on fire, must not think they will get away with the war crimes they have instigated as usual and make people have confidence in him to led anymore.

This time, it is either him with his Warrap Dinka or a peaceful South Sudan without Kirr; that’s why it is important for him to resign for the interest of the national bleeding in broad daylight. END


  1. Dear Tombe,
    You have said it all to him and his Jiengs who deliberately are not going to accept the facts as you have put it ,but their work is only to support their local chief from Warrap who many citizens of this country apart from the Dinkas considers him as a Former President of South Sudan from July 2005- 15th December 2013.After that time Kirr has lost all his legitimacy as the President of South Sudan.In fact these i promised never to listen/Watch SSTV as it has turned to be only for preaching Kirr,s lies against the people who want make our country a democratic nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Toney Toney Matot says:

    first of all you are not an equatorial as you claimed. your type are the most disgrace to this nation including the editor of SSN who always preach and published hate articles. South Sudan will never be in peace should your likes still incite South Sudan communities to killed themselves. president Kiir has done everything to please retarded people of your kind and still being of having not done enough. the South Sudan you came to know after having been liberated by those whom you hate, were not killing elderly people, in hospital, in church and other worship places. non of the SPLA commanders that have one day issued any hate speeches during our struggle urge Soldiers to raped Jalaba women, how come you claimed to be fighting for democracy and at the same time you killed children, women, elderly sick and also raped small girls of less then 7 years.is this the democracy you people want? there are Nuer in abundant in Bhar Elghazal and were not touched because we know we are one people . please stop your nonsense and join the government

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Brilliant article, Laku. Toney is just a disgruntle Dinka who is desperate as his Dinka Kingdom collapses around him.

  3. Peace & Justice says:

    Well said bother the crisis did not start on 15 December. It was long overdue from the day Kirr unfortunately assumed power. The rest of the intelligent peace loving tribes saw the hand writing on the wall. You can educate a dinkan but just can never educate the dinkaness out of them…. classic examples Kuol Manyang, Barnabas Marial

  4. bolabokdit says:

    You can tell that to your Mom buddy but other people like us.

  5. bolabokdit says:

    Riak must die. He will not survive this time around believe it or not that is the truth. I want you to tell your history to your Mom and not people who knows the value of human being like us..

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dinka’s hero, Museveni is really speaking wonder in EVERY DINKA. Some are wishing Dr. Riek Machar a speedy exit from this earth not knowing they could be the ones to exit first. We are very ashamed to share a nation with shallow minded individuals of such kind who have no concept of how God created mankind. If Dr. Riek Machar days are in abundant, who are they to order him to die when his creator hasn’t spoken yet.

  6. arabbmoi says:

    Dear Tombe .
    Dinkocracy is planting more seeds on streets of Juba nowadays. Many dinkocratics criminals are now discharge to carry their murdering activities in city of Juba. Firing General chief of staff who is a nuer is a matter to show us who Dinkocrats are. killer Ngour Marial, Paul A wan manyang Jouk, Ateny Wek Ateny Daniel Akot Wek who is really vice president who said to have murder many people in Juba are on loose to commit killing. Dear 63 tribes let join hand and dis own this people.

  7. john says:

    Brother Laku, you are right Kirr must go and give chance to the people of South Sudan. He committed atrocities in Juba and yet Uganda came to saved him, now his pro- militaries killed civilians in Bor and Bentiue and yet Kenya is sending troops to South Sudan. This is only going to invite others African countries to fight either side, but it will create more mass murders, more Internal Displace Persons, many people will suffer hunger and massive destruction to the private and government properties including the oilfields. It is important that Kenya remain neutral for the sake of peace because was the one help breakthrough the release of seven detainees in its custody. Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan they have interest in South Sudan and believe me they are not all going to be on one side when it comes the fighting. Ethiopia and Sudan on the Rebel and Kenya on Kirr ‘s side. It is a fair game let us go to the field boys and girls.

  8. Mr. Laku Mode Tombe you are really preaching chaos to spiral in south Sudan, whom do you have in mind to replace the incumbent President? being a democratic element and an intellectual of a sound mind you need to consider the consequences of what you are advocating for, SPLM as a Party has been the movement of those who championed and fought tirelessly to bring about the CPA that had consequently facilitated the referendum for the masses of South Sudan to attain their independent Country called the Republic of South Sudan, our leaders are not angels, they are human beings who can wright and wrong, but the main thing we have to do is that we must effect change through democratic means not through military or violence means. any leader has his time limit on the helm of power but we shall not preach hate wishes, do you thing the tenure of Pres. Salva Kiir has elapsed? never the ballot box in the coming general elections shall be the one to determine but not the internet empty negative campaigns.

  9. Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

    Dear, Laku Modi Tambe
    Thanks, for your wonderful article analysis, emphasiically words. Surely, Dictator Salva Kiir must resigns as soon as possible. whether he likes or not.Unashameful idiot, incompetent Salva Kiir insisted to power in order to loots oil revenues with dinka gangsters for live.If this idiot called president illegally has quelled in Equatorians land , why don’t you disturbing him?. its assertion to go home his gokrial town and take care his cows.

  10. Laku Modi Tombe:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing the same Bullshit over and over again. Please stop whining like a women and return home to fight president Kiir and the Dinka or else shut up and enjoy your Beer and Whiskey in exile. Coward! Where were you when Kiir and the Dinka was fighting with Jalaba in your backyard between 1983 and 2005?

    • Andrew Jenge says:

      Garang, I though you Col. Latjor and Jay Johnson have been killed in frontline since it has been a long time you have not been contributing like before. I know before you were in frontline in Bor and last time I checked you were fighting in Bentiu!? Now you call Prof. Tombe coward, and you claim Dinkocrats fought jellaba from 1983 to 2005, we accept that! How come Dinkocrats stood fire from jallaba as a nation back by Arab world and yet not able to take a baby hit from Nueri as a tribe not a nation!? And because of Nueri you have travelled places and invited all sorts of people to defend you against Nueri, and you still have gut to call others names!?

      Your chiefbandit Salva has swollen a big bone this time. It has choked him, it can not go in and he can not spit out but it needs urgent surgical operation. Because Dinkocrats too much pride and wider dinkocracy conspiracy won’t let him be operated on. Hence he will die behind door with Dinkocrats pride and conspiracy against other tribes!

      • jay jonson says:

        Mr. Andrew,

        the reason the jieng have ignored Nuer for almost 4 months is to avoid the potentiality of genocide being committed against the Nuer. When we told you that the Jieng are majority, you, the equatorians are quick to denounce such fact. If the Jieng are to mobilized as the Nuer have done, there would be no Nuer left in south sudan as of now. The Nuer would have been annihilated 2 months ago. So by the time the Jieng response, a quarter of Nuer rebels will have been killed, wounded, surrender or have thrown away their guns and call it quit.

        There is difference between winning battle and winning war. Riek was optimistic and hoping to become the SPLM/A leader when his forces reached Mongalla in 1991. But when the Jieng accept his war, he quickly found himself in Khartoum wearing Jallabia and Himma with Bashir in the mosque. But ultimately, the SPLM/A, under Dr. Garang won the war.

        Jieng civilians are slowly getting impatient with Nuer massacres and are about to mobilized in their hundred thousands as the war appear to be dragging on. The Jieng are also mindful that any minor infraction against the Nuer such as the killing of 58 NUER IDPS in Bor town is going to receive wider publicity, condemnation and scrutiny as their son is the president of the Nation.

        It is estimate that the Nuer rebels have killed close to 8,000 Dinka civilians in Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, Akobo, Duk, Warrap, Baliet, Pariang and Pigii county. The Nuer had upper hand in Jonglei state since the conflict started because they have simply been ignored by the Jonglei Dinka. But their atrocities in Bor town and Duk county have angered the civil population. they are therefore prepared to defend themselves.

        It is important to know that the Western Dinka /Bahr el Ghazel Dinka constitute 65% of Jieng population. Jonglei Dinka and Padang Dinka constitute 10% and 15% of Jieng population respectively according to my own rough estimate. The Western Dinka have yet to mobilized against the Nuer. And my hope is that they do not otherwise there will be genocide in this nation.

        But for that to be avoided, the rebels will have to review the definition of the enemy. By continuing to kill the Dinka civilians, the stupid Nuer rebels are asking the Dinka community to response to avenge their kins whom they had murdered simply because of their ethnicity, something they seem not to be aware off.

        So it is premature to celebrate the recent rebels victories. it will be reverse very soon and we will be back to where we were a month or so ago. Mark my word.

        • Andrew Jenge says:

          Mr. Johnson, we know it is a war started by Dinkocrats against Nueri. We have seen similar atrocities taking place now against Nueri in Shilluk Kingdom, Wau, Yambio, CE and EE states committed by non other than Dinkocrats, so it is a war between Dinkocrats and Nueri no doubt about it. We know you have mobilised for it long time ago and now you are executing and since it is your war, please do not call it a war between rebels and government of RoSS and then drag other tribes into this war.

          Go and face it alone. One wonder why non Of Lt. Gen. James Hoth deputies has not promoted to take the top jobs, instead a seating governor NBG was. Does that means the deputies are not capable to succeed their boss?!

          Mr. Johnson what’s your opinion about the court verdict for 4 detainees, I told you there was no coup against Salva Kiir?!

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          J. Johnson:

          Numerical majority does not guarantee you a win in a war. It does in polling stations. If you can easily finish all Nuers, why hire a mecernaries to fight your war? Guess what, your friend, Uhuru Kenyatta thinks that Nuers have committed genocide against you. What are you telling Kenyatta and Uganda behind closed doors my friend? You have been running around asking everybody to help you defeat Nuers. What kind of majority are you? Please stop lying to yourself. Nuers are the protectors of this nation. We have defended this nation from invaders such British, Arabs, and now, Uganda. But instead for you help stop the invasion of South Sudan by Uganda, you are helping them even more to carry on their invasion. This is what you did with British.

          What a Nuer man can see while sitting, Dinka man can’t see it even if he climbs on 15 story building. We saw the Vision of United New Sudan as useless from far away, but you did not see it. Many of you are now running backward and distancing themselves from this vision claiming that you were fighting for Separation. What is the matter with you, please. When are you going to tell the truth? Bol Akuol, Shamga, Majongdit and J. Chin Jacob had sworn that it is not the objective Dr. John Garang was fighting. Can they provide any proof and documentations? I do not think so. Even Dr. John Garang would have denied it if he is alive today. But these compulsive liars chose to redraw Garang’s objective for their selfish ego.

        • Defender says:


          I did not know that UPDF and Ugandans are Dinka. It seems that if Dinka know how to fight they would have done it alone. Why call UPDF to protect your crown jewel, Kiir? Is it because Dinka are coward, or is it because they are not able to fight? All of these expose your assumption that you would have defeated Nuers if UPDF did not rescue the situation for you in and around Juba. All know how much has been used to pay the UPDF to fight the war for you. Now, we have seen the JEM and SPLA-N have joined the fight on your side and are still not able to subdue the forces of right. Will Uganda, JEM and SPLA-N continue to support your cause if others joined in? No. Juba is now coiling its tail when Khartoum barks. Why is Salva keeping quiet this days with regard to Khartoum’s threat to enter the war theatre? It goes to show you that he is not able to stand and fight on his own.

          So, please cut the crap that you came back with. I bet where you live in South Sudan is protected by UPDF and not forces from your clan. This morning, BBC have shown footage of retreating JEM and SPLA and SPLA-N from Banteiu. Were being chased away by ghost or true fighting force that want to end the hegemony of your likes. Look for over the last 9 years, what you have done in South Sudan to warrant continued control of state institutions? Nothing. If go to your village now, I will not find a pit latrine. You still defecate in the bush. Is this the type of pride that you stand for? I guess, yes, since you are not able to differentiate between right and wrong.

          If you look at all the developed towns in South Sudan, non has its original inhabitants as Dinka. Is this a coincident? No. It is not. Dinka by nature are chaotic and wanderers, they do not know what civilization is and if they find one, they will work hard to destroy it. Let me give examples that will completely put you to rest and stop you from contributing again on this site.

          I have lived most of life in South Sudan and continue to live here but have not seen any vile comment in my life that surpassed what you have written here. If this is what you have in you mind, how would you uneducated uncles who are now governing South Sudan are thinking? Probably they think that South Sudan is Dinka and Dinka is South Sudan and worst still, they will assume that now matter what they do, they deserve to do it because they have earned it. What a shame?

          I normally do not wish ill to people that hate, but in your case, you need a lesson in civility so that when you are addressing issues of national concerns, try to be conscientious and cognizant that others have feelings and care about the state of affairs in our nation. This alone should tame your vile comments that you have strewn over this platform.

          To the Editor: What this Jay has been allowed to post here is bordering insanity. But for the sake of continuing to expose his vile comments, continue to post them so people like us can feast on this dirt and spew it back on their faces.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Please be more specific to the man. There is on Dinka to fight against. Tell him to go home and face UPDF, JEM, Nuer sellout, SPLM-N, and other jobless East African people who have meddled in our internal affairs. There is no need to lie to him when you could simply tell him want he needs to know. Perhaps, the reason he does not want go home and fight is because he is scare of Museveni. If it were President Kiir and Dinka, he would have been in frontline long time ago.

      And where were you went Joseph Langu and the rest of Equatoria were fighting Jellaba in your backyards? Think first before you throw your misplaced words.

  11. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Brother Laku Modi: Truer Words Were Never Spoken! Very impressive and well-written article. Everything you said is true and genuine. S. Sudan needs brave and courageous people like you.

    DO YOU KNOW THAT THE NEW MILITARY INTELLIGNCE CHIEF Maj Gen. Marial Nuor Jok, the former Director of Public Security and Criminal Investigation, was responsible for:

    1.The disappearance of Engineer John Luis in April 2011.
    2.Arming his tribesmen with guns to perpetuate tribal and sectional disputes in Yirol West and East counties in Lakes State and elsewhere
    3.The illegal incorporation of active Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) officers and other ranks who are not police personnel and who have not obtained official release from their parent units to join any institutions
    4.Accepting bribes for assets such as houses, shops, plots in return for bribes in form of cash, shops in Konyokonyo.
    5.Permitting the arbitrary arrest of civilians in illegally created public security detention facilities, extortion of money from families of citizens.

    General Mariel Nuor Jok, was given medical leave to Nairobi when he was on trial for disappearance of engineer John Luis Silvio, but he did not return.

    source: nyamile.com

  12. kajokeji says:

    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
    Sorry, your time is up together with the Group of Mr. Salva Kirr; just pack your loots and go to Warrap. Mybe you may consider to set up a cattle raiding gang in your retirement other than raiding the government of South Sudan. Enough of your violence against the people of South Sudan; we the people of South Sudan have tolerated your uncivilized ways for so long because we needed our independence from the Arabs. Now that the Arabs are gone, we will liberate ourselves from your ignorance and barbarism!

  13. BILL KUCH says:

    What nation interest are you talking about here? Well, for the nation that voted for the current president, it would be their interest to vote him out again for the new one in 2015. We cannot force our way in for president because it would not be legitimate. so, your call for president resignation is uncertain. I am not defending President Kiir as canonical one, but who do you expect to be cogent future leader, if we are not going to vote for him/her? Thanks!

  14. Beek says:

    Southerners in general and particularly Nuer have to encourage themselves to accept PRIVATE SECTOR instead of position position.You kill and chased away your own people and allow strangers to run businesses.Why should the government allow a large number of Northerners businessmen to control Market? Is it because of corruption,politicians in the goernment do corrupt with them.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      You seem to enjoy blaming Nuer with or without any known reason. There are no many Nuer business men in the region or the whole South Sudan. We have only few. Do you Dinka own any known businesses apart from those you confiscated from Foreigners such Kenyans, Ugandans, Ethiopians, and Somalians. I never heard of a business own by you and you now shamelessly blasting Nuer for not owning businesses.

      Not too long ago, a business man from Kenya was robbed of his business and almost beaten to death. Who did this heinous act, Beek? Isn’t it your Kiir government? What did you do with this innocent man’s money? You spent them on sluts, huh!!

  15. Kikisik says:

    Mr. Laku Tombe,
    Good article keep it up! I hope President Salvatore (Innu) read this article. As for those who still believed that President (Innu) was elected with. 98% is no more holding water, because if history can teach us, where are those powerful elected leaders: People like Mubarak of Egypt, Gadafi of Libya and resentful in Ukraine.
    Mr. President Salvatore (Innu) if I where you, I call it a “quit” because there is no second to waste otherwise you will end up like Gadafi.
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

    • Abraham says:

      You’ve said it all bro. Kiir must just step dawn! for the sake of the nation. By his recently decrees in which he appointed a new chief of staff and director intellegence, he confirmed and assured to all citizen of this young nation that he is a tribal leader rather then being a president of the nation. He must go and left us allone to settle our diffrencies and heal our wound that has been cause by his foolish policies. He dream to make South Sudan kingdomship where he can roll for ever and be follow by his children or his tribal man, but we have to resist this strongly now to show him this will never happen in our watch.

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