DEVELOPING STORY: Impending Arrest of Gen. Thomas Cirillo over Gwuduge Land Grab?

JUBA, MAR/24/2016, SSN;

Latest reports emanating from Juba and confirmed by close sources in Juba reveal that the Government Security forces/SPLA are planning to possibly arrest Gen. Thomas Cirillo, the Deputy Chief of Staff in the national army, the SPLA, allegedly for the on-going dispute over the land grab confrontation between the natives and the illegal Dinka settlers in his own village of Gwuduge, Rejaf East, Juba.

Yesterday, Wednesday March 23, heavily-armed SPLA soldiers went to Gwuduge Village, Rejaf and aggressively rounded up and arrested about 28 villagers around the Catholic Church area and reportedly took them away and badly tortured those people arrested. Some were later reportedly released but an unknown number of the villagers were taken away by the SPLA and their fate remains unknown up to this moment.

Again, that same night the SPLA military returned to the village with the aim of provoking the Rejaf natives to react so that they, the SPLA, would execute the arrest of Gen. Thomas Cirillo. That was speculated as their motive of going back to Rejaf East at night time.

Fresh reports received from Juba today firmly confirm that this morning, Thursday, 24, the Army was heavily deployed all along the Juba Bridge across the Nile up to to Nesitu Junction on Juba-Nimule Road.

Since the public publication by The Dawn newspaper of Juba on March 12, 2016, about the Gwuduge, Rejaf East land grab by the Dinka of Padang and Bor and the understandable personal reaction of Gen. Thomas Cirillo to warn his top ranking officers in the Army Headquarters on the impending situation, and the intercession of President Kiir, Gen. Paul Malong and Gen. Marial Chaunoung of the Tiger Battalion, no action has been taken by the government to evict the land grabbers or demolish their illegal houses.

Actually, no permanent structures of these land grabbers have been demolished by the authorities, it’s only the temporary make-shift structures that were initially pulled down.

Sources in Juba confirm that since most of the illegal land grabbers are mostly Dinka soldiers from the notorious Tiger Battalion mostly made of Dinka and under the very command of Gen. Marial Chaunoung, probably no action will ever be taken against their fellow land grabbers.

It must be recalled that it was Gen. Paul Malong and Gen. Marial who built up the so-called Presidential Guards who were associated with the infamous massacre of the Nuer in Juba on December 23, 2013 and this particular army unit is notorious for most of the killings and secret arrests and tortures of many South Sudanese citizens.

Gen. Thomas Cirillo meanwhile continues to reside in and commute daily from his Gwuduge village, Rejaf East, to his office in Juba Town and that is of great concern and apprehension to his people and sympathizers who have become concerned of what might befall on him given the blatant refusal of the land grabbers to relocate.

Finally, the latest deployment of government troops only heightens the apprehension of the villagers and raised the suspicions of the citizens concerned. END


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Well, it seems like it is time to put this land grabbing matter to rest.

    General Cirillo VS. the traitorous Dinka match is undeniably scheduled to occur any minute.

    Peace, may almighty Ngundeng abundantly bless the patriots

    • kondokoro says:


      What he did to be arested?
      How can he be arrested what wrong he did?
      Simon Peter the executive director who pocketed 100000 SSP as a Lease amount for the IDPS should be the one to be arrested dont dirty the good soldier draging him to Riak group or Lado Gore group will never happen

  2. The situation is equatorial will remain volatile as the Dinka continue to occupy the top post in the government and the military. The issue of land grabbing by the Dinka has been a hot issue since the dawn of our independent. How much the native of Equatorial complain, nothing is going to be done unless Equatorian revolts massively and drive the Jieng out from their land by force. That means the issue of relocating the capital to Ramchile or Rumbek needs to be kept burning if not accelerated in order to give peace to Equatoria. Illegal killing of innocent people continue in Juba, land gabbing, beating, harassment, etc. are all done by these jieng people. No Equatorian really wants to see Dinka in their land, not even to associate with them because of their dreadful behavior. Many prominent Equatoria has been detained because they spoke their minds and the atrocities that the jieng are committing in the country. The arrest of Gen.Thomas Cirilo will be the last straw that the jieng will try to do. We fought the Arabs because of the same abuse, and believe me the Dinka are worst than the Arabs. Lets hope that Gen. Thomas Cirilo will prosper in his ancestral land.

    • Force_1 says:

      Did you ever asked yourself that; the Equatorians who became millionaires in Juba; where did they get that money from? Well; if you don’t have any clue; then the money comes from the “Land Sale”! The land grab only exist in your head imaginary but not in reality!

      Second of all; don’t you think that the time is over due to drive Jieng out of Equatoria? You have been singing that song for ages now; don’t you think it’s time to come to Juba and do that easily? Or are you going to that over the internet? Don’t call for war when you are overseas but call for war when you’re in Juba so that you can smell and feel what it feel like to bleed and die. The people in Equatoria are not highly irrational to be thrown under the bus by people living overseas.

      On the other hand; you need to take lessons from other countries like Kenya, Uganda, UK, US or Canada on how to drive other ethnic group out of capital city and leave it to locals of the land! Yes; according to your logic that’s truly possible and you people dare to call yourselves civilize with that mentality!? If behaving like that is called civilization; the civilization has lost its meaning!

  3. James Tap says:

    This problem will never go away unless equatorians armed themselves to defend their land. Guns are everywhere and they are cheap. Let them get guns as well since the government is supporting the Dinka to grab land.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    JB Lkilachong,
    Better refrain from calling for a war behind,”The issue of land grabbing”.
    If u are really a sincere concerned equatorian,then your problem is that you are ill informed and therefore declaring a war out of ignorance.
    Just to give u one example,a certain Martin chopped off a plot from his ancesteral land north of Gudelé.Informing a friend of intending to sell it to get money inorder to send his childern to school,the friend contacted me and I bought it.There are many cases of that nature in particular in the neighbourhood in question and in the rest of the neighbourhoods throughout Juba and the surrounding areas in general.
    But instead of respecting principles of business dontology and to concede the lands they have sold to the buyers definitively,the same land sellers turn around and cry land grabbing forcing elites like u to declare war.
    It’s needless sir to rmind u that war is a nasty blood bath that will pull every one into the mud.
    So don’t u have anything else to declare a war for than this issue of a twisted logic?!!!

    • johnjerry says:

      False Millionaire as your name denotes,you know very well that Land grab is real and you are part and parcel of the land grab itself. A lot of time you oppose the natives of the land and use every tactic available to acquire the land and go around saying the natives just want your money and latter on claim their land has been grabbed…. you have learned the wrong History of land grab by the Jews for the Palestinian land which makes it very hard for peace to prevail in the Holy Land. Land grab is not a joke, we live in a technologically advanced society,what you do now will be in record for time immemorial and generation after generation will have access to that. The Jieng have to learn one thing and one thing alone not to use force . This force will one day backfire and it will be a disaster when the people you call cowards join together nothing will stop them from getting back their land . Why use the National Army to cause havoc when we have the court of law to handle that. Do not take the law in your hand, no one is above the law.South Sudan is now a member of Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki (EAC) East Africa Community. This is a civilized community how are we going to be part of that given our mentality.The Jieng want the name of Yei to be changed in their chosen name because they claim they are the majority, in Nimule they have their separate court and in Wau they want to claim it as theirs from the Balanda people. What is wrong with the Jieng?.Remember Kingdoms have come and gone. Learn to co-exist instead of using force that will later on be a disaster to your people.

    • False Millionare and Force 1. That is not declaration or war but fact about the dubious business you are dealing with. The land belongs to the people and no single person can decide to sell community land to jieng people. What is happening in Juba is not happening in other states. If I were you, I would take my millions to Bor, Kwajok, Rumbek, Awail etc in the Dinka land. If a single person sold you a land, he must be a thief, a prey to economic pressure that your government orchestrated. If not land grabbing why then threaten the life of Lt. Gen.Thomas Cirilo and other prominent Equatorians who spoke about the atrocities that your people committed and committing in Equatoria?

    • Warrules says:

      No one refuse Dinka in their land but their behavior of unconstitutional arrests to just grab land and tribalism hate speech, arrogant life is the one people are tired of, even in Uganda they where chased from the house due to lack of hygiene and not paying rent later he will tell yu i will kill you, Equatorian are Merciful people, true Christians, anyway lets see no Equatorian went to grab land but God and our Grand grand parents exist will fight for us without gun, they will see what will happen without a gun to Jieng.

  5. Ray says:

    War is bad people and quit calling for it. The Nuer want to drag Equatoria into this mess but y’all need to understand that you are dealing with the government not Dinka. Just because the president is from Dinka does not mean the government belong to Dinka. You have to be a hypocrite to continue to make those fake claims while you are eating from the same government on the other cheek. We should all preach love and peace in our country. The land issue can easily be resolved. Equatoria leaders are selling the land and turn around and say something else.

    • Warrules says:

      But the way President is running government is for Jieng already even proved by the international communities on international media…Dinka’s are the one driving Salva for wrong doing coz they know if Dinka are not on the seat, they will have no stolen money, corruption will not be there, they just like free money, begging and stealing government money and playing cards.

  6. deng handbol says:

    Dear Bari tribe, there are some inconsistent in your reaction. I think it is the right to join your leader Gen. Lado Gore in the Bush if you want to accelerate the fall of Dinka kingdom In other words, if you want to take back your ancestral land which has been garbed by Jaang. The question is, what are you waiting for? Moroe and Zande tribes in Western Equatrira have been frighting our common ultimate foe since 2015. And Madi tribal young men in Eastern Equatoria, under gen. Martin Keny are on the offensive. You need to follow in Zande, Moroe and Madei foot steps. You need to act now instead of talking. When it comes to the population you ‘re no.4. Bari population is an approximately 600,00 compared to the tiny or extremely small tribes such as Chollo, Marle, Fertits, etc. that are fighting now the barbaric tribe(Jaang). Look what happened when Salva Kiir and his tribe men had committed genocide against Nuer civilians in Juba. Dr. Machar who was about to kill and his tribe men said “cach lura”. And therefore they (Naath men) retaliated by fighting the enemy until Mangella. In fact, Juba was about to capture by Gen. Peter Gadit and his tribe men If not because of president M7 and Susan Rice’s conspiracy. The author has lost more than seven cousins including lieutenant colonial in the fight against savage Dinak and yet despite of that death toll from his family, hundreds of his other brothers and cousins are in the front line in Unity state and Upper Nile state to depend Nuer nation and south Sudan at large. Naath warrior are poised to destroyed Dinka kingdom despite the way American treated us.

  7. alex says:

    The thing is all those who want to fight do not have a genuine reasons to wage war. So they can use such chief politics .
    The job seekers are trying their best to incite our people to hate each other. What our people should do is to tell anyone who want to mobilise for war to first bring his children and wife along with him or her to help in the fighting. To hell with job seekers lets ignore them so that they will learn intellectual politics.

  8. upiu says:

    in the last article the land grabbers were Bor and Padang Dinka who were evicted by Gens. Marial & Cirilo. now it is members of tiger battalion who are mostly Rek Dinka.
    i wonder what the next article in this Rejab saga is going to claim.

    • Bol says:

      When did you become aware of Juba massacre ? Yein left Juba, picked up arms and fought Dinka as a human, since December 2013, he is now abandoning the war for peace for reasons well known to him… You, who missed the boat of revange war ” fasly called revolution” is actively recruiting others to sign up for war you couldn’t join! What does ” hypocrisy” means in Naath tongue?

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Gatdarwich has been been fully aware of The December 15, 2013–Nuer massacre in Juba since day one. Also, Gatdarwich vividly remember that there was never a declared-fought war between The Dinka and the Nuer—purely Jenges Vs. Nuer. Instead, what is well known is that: killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics Jenges council of evils–devilishly used the Dinka’s killing machine, SPLA–to cowardly executed the Nuer massacre in Juba!
        Not only that, the whole Jenge tribesmen plus the South Sudan armed forces, were embarrassingly and humiliatingly compelled by a fraction of the Nuer white army to hurriedly hired mercenaries-UPDF, SPLA-N, JEM, and numerous Darfur rebels for help—mercenaries to thy traitorous-cowards asses’ rescue, RIGHT—NATURAL BORN TRAITORs–Jenges ?

  9. abai okwahu says:

    folks, doesn’t the central government own land in juba? perhaps some of that ‘grabbed’ land is to accommodate troops that have to be withdrawn from juba to satisfy some of the conditions set forth in the compromise peace deal of august 2015. i believe there is plenty of land around rejaf to resettle soldiers and their families who cannot find space in juba which is already bursting at the seams. what about the anticipated return of spla-io soldiers and their generals to juba, where are they going to stay?

    • Southdan says:

      God bestowed you with good intuition.I appreciate you so much, I have been telling people from the beginning and my response were deleted in the first article as I quoted ” this article a hoax and had nothing to do with land grabbing, this article is about the places where to station both troops of SPLA-IO and government outside Juba “. In the same time this article objectives was to instigate an ethnic tension in Malakal the so call Land of Padang and in Bor UNIMIS camp in Bor land. So what even if they wirtten hundred thousand of same nonsens land grabbing, Dr Riek Machar will come will come to juba soon it not government agents who has a power to prevent land to the troops but America how helps brought our independen. So please govenment agents stop writing such racial motivated article in the name of land grabbing.

  10. Toria says:

    False M
    Nonsense, unless people provide legal documents that sellers of lands are indeed the true owners and he or she was not forced to sell and are well informed of the principles of real estate transactions, your land purchases will be nullified for insufficient evidence to own a piece of land including you.
    The question is; why aren’t you Jenges building houses in Upper Nile or Bahr Ghazal? How about when the relocation of the capital to Ramciel went ahead, would you people still claim your areas are not secured? So then, why are Jenge generals training 10,000 + militias and still not able to keep security where it’s most needed instead sending them to Equatoria? The areas that need armed forces the most are Upper Nile, Bahr Ghazal, Lakes States, Gogrial, Tonj, Aweil, Bentiu etc. I guess in future everybody should be able to buy a land in Bor or Gogrial or Malakal and then let’s see if the pretext that all South Sudanese can live anywhere they choose, but I doubted most people would even like being neighbors to Jenges because of your unorganized lifestyles.
    The truth is Dinkas are running southward from Arabs, from Khartoum now in Uganda. The farther you run the more Arabs will take over all Dinka lands. As we see now in Abyei and parts of northern and western Bahr Ghazal is slipping away everyday.

  11. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi guy,
    please no more noises it is time for peace.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Yen Mathew,

      Is is only time for peace when the truth is being told. Jieng have abandoned their land in Khartoum and are abandoning Abyei broad day light. They think the solution to running away from the Arabs, the Nuers, the Murle is to head Southwards and occupy Equatoria and move South wards to East Africa. To that end they are even ready to abandon their so call oil land. They forget that East Africans may want their petro dollars but not their blue black faces and long thin legs on their streets.

      Its has always been said that you know the true character of someone, when you live with them at close quarters. Jieng and Equatorians have never lived together in the past safe for a short period disastrous time during the regional government in 1972-1982. The second time in history, Equatorians and Jieng lived together and breath from the same air and drank from the same river has is from 2005-2015. Again with disastrous consequences.

      Now is the time to make informed choices my fellow Equatorians. A choice not imposed from Berlin, Khartoum or Adis Ababa, but a choice based on real life experiences on the ground. Does having black skin make u and the Jieng invaders and oppressors brothers and sisters? No. Does being oppressed jointly at some pointing history make us brothers and sisters? The answer is probably No.

      There are many people in this world who have no brothers or sisters but live happily thereafter. Why have a “brother” who is only interested in taking over your property, your land, even your family and worst still in stealing your birth rights. To hell with this nonsense! To hell with such a curse!

      Joana Adams.

    • Warrules says:

      you want peace is fine but for other tribe JCE war , killing and cattle raiding is their habit but now Government supporting Dinka militias is already alarmed to the world and confirmed it’s genocide and aimed at land grabbing very clear, how can government deployed National army to arrest someone without any problem? is there sense coz of his land?

  12. Diplo Guest says:

    Time for everything is set. They will become the last. Stop provocation Dinkas.

  13. Gatdarwich says:


    Anyone who has been only “making noises” on this forum can permanently go mute while the likes of Gatdarwich, will, and shall continue advocating for justice and accountability.
    I will and shall never rest until the last perpetrator of the December, 15, 2013–Nuer massacre is apprehended and criminally persecuted period

    Peace, and may almighty Ngundeng be your guidance!

  14. Southdan says:

    You are a blind, deaf, why do you bring up December 15, 2013 meanwhile people are talking about hoax land grabbing by Dinka.I could Remembe last month or two months ago, someone respond to you saying don’t falsely accused Dinka of being a land grabbers, it could be you Nuer, because Dink and Nuer not in their eyes different as Equatorians, please be intuitive man. Don’t ever talk about Justice and let us not be drunk ourselves with terms that had nothing to do with what happens nowadays in South Sudan no more hoax (about land grabbing)

  15. Gatdarwich says:


    Urgently join your likes, Yien—go mute since you’re “MAKING NOISES”.
    Justice and accountability for the December 15, 2013, Juba Nuer massacre, is a must—the perpetrators of it, WILL-SHALL be imminently apprehended and criminally persecuted period

  16. bismark says:

    The key word here is Justice. This animal called justice must be as natural as our birthrights. Whether a person killed innocent people in cold blood or you grabbed somebody’s property by force you deserve to be tried in a true Court of Justice irrespective of what name a he bears or where he hails from or of what race he belongs. The rule of the law must be above everyone if really we want to have a country called South Sudan. It is only a matter of time that a country that is sitting on three stones named Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and finally Upper Nile crash to the ground before it is rescued from misrule.

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