“Deal with Pres. Kiir, don’t kill yourselves or rob others:” Advice to unpaid SPLA soldiers


Sadly, because of Pres. Kiir’s SPLM misrule, South Sudan is today a nation morbidly in a state of exacerbated schizophrenia. A few days ago, an SPLA national army soldier in Juba, after helplessly watching his children die of hunger because he wasn’t paid his salary for months, reportedly “decided to shoot himself dead after realizing that he’s nothing at hand to support his remaining family and there was nobody willing to pity his situation and offer psychological support after losing some of his kids due to hunger.” (Quoted from Sudan Tribune, June, 21, 2016)

It is not uncommon in Juba and across the country these days to hear stories of soldiers and other citizens walking around like zombies having not eaten any proper meal for days. Many incidents have been reported of SPLA soldiers, especially Dinka from Aweil and other areas of Bahr el Ghazel, who’re recently deployed to Juba, impulsively walking into a restaurant and occupying a table but have no money to make an order.

Pathetically, these severely desperate soldiers sincerely confess that they’re seriously starving for days because they’d no salaries paid and hence no money; thereby, the restaurant owner and other sympathetic patrons would cash in and pay for these soldiers’ once-in-a-life-time-chance of a good meal.

Without any doubts, the blame for such tragedies and abomination squarely lies with their leaders, specially president Salva Kiir himself, his ministers and the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Paul Malong, and it’s they who’re morally and politically responsible for the reported deaths of the soldier himself and his kids from starvation.

Yes, it’s they, these aforementioned so-called leaders who should deservedly get the blame or the bullet for their egregious crimes of misruling the nation, misappropriating the monies and redeploying to an evidently alien Jubek State of these soldiers at a time of supposed peace, unless, of course, if them leaders have a hidden and sinister agenda.

It’s utterly unimaginable that the world’s newest nation which at its inception in 2005 had billions of dollars at hand and was the envy of all its neighbours as it had a promising future to rise up as the Qatar or Dubai of the whole Eastern and Central Africa.

More billions of dollars poured into the newest country’s coffers from sympathetic and benevolent nations across the world, all this aid was meant to speedily expedite the economic and social recovery of the long disenfranchised and oppressed citizens of the South Sudan nation.

Unfortunately, a bunch of senseless, selfish and unpatriotic so-called ‘leaders’ in this monstrosity known as the SPLM/A who in 2005 usurped the power in Juba, criminally ex-sanguinated this promising nation to death.

Today, the South Sudan is visibly and palpably in a state of political rigor mortis, the economy has totally collapsed with a valueless currency, the government is practically dysfunctional as the two antagonistic factions of the ruling SPLM are impeding each other’s efforts and there is no national, moral or political cohesiveness.

The nation, without any argument, is on unstoppable path of mutual destruction, politically, economically and socially. From the judges, doctors, teachers and other sectors of the government, workers are on strikes because the government simply has no more money to pay salaries or provide basic services.

Of course, South Sudan isn’t the first country in Africa to experience the disappointments and disasters of post-independence misrule by own national rulers, however, we are exceptionally unfortunate in the sense that unlike the other African countries, no soldiers have intervened by means of a coup to rid us of these hooliganistic rulers in Juba.

In our particularity, nonetheless, eleven years (??probably more to go) of Kiir’s SPLM tyranny is obviously too long a time to endure and by all means it mustn’t be needlessly extended as this will only bitterly and painfully exacerbate the deplorable suffering of our people.

Post-independence across Africa, as their previously perceived leaders who rightly usurped power from the colonials became corrupt and dictatorial, the countries’ soldiers toppled these presidents to save their own particular countries from disaster.

One by one, those once highly esteemed and famous independence leaders from Egypt to Sudan and Algeria, from Ethiopia to Somalia and Zanzibar, from Lumumba’s Congo, to Chad and Central Africa, and from Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, Guinea’s Sekou Toure to Dahomey, all were shamefully deposed from power and were either incarcerated, exiled or deliberately assassinated.

Even our immediate neighbors, Jomo Kenyatta’s Kenya, Milton Obote’s Uganda and Julius Nyerere’s Tanganyika all suffered foiled attempted coups at that time and each of these had to dramatically change his political compass to ensure some political longevity.

Of the three, only Uganda’s Obote eventually succumbed to a military coup as a result of his perceived ‘dictatorial reign of terror’ but he luckily escaped with his life.

South Sudanese are seriously in extreme state of melancholia, despondency and wretchedness that have been irresponsibly brought and imposed on them by those of president Kiir and his corrupt clique in the country.

Sadly, the road ahead is heavily mined with difficulties as recently decried by President Festus Mogae of Botswana, who is heading the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission to expedite the implementation of the peace accord.

Mr. Mogae is sadly pained with “a heavy heart” over the impending risks facing the implementation of the peace in South Sudan which is currently in a stalemate because there’s no tangible progress that has materialized on the vital issues, namely:
1- Revocation of the Establishment Order regarding the number of States
2- Reinstatement of Civil Servants
3- Release of prisoners and detainees
4- Cantonment areas creation in Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazel regions and lastly,
5- The expanded National Legislative Assembly formation.

Obviously, it’s president Kiir’s pigheaded intransigence to accede to the above changes that is proving the greatest impediment to the realization of peace in the country and the major obstacle to the flow of financial assistance into the country.

In short, perhaps it’s rightly the time to call for a second liberation struggle to finally rid from power in Juba of Kiir and his regime who’ve undoubtedly proven themselves as the main causes to all the suffering, desolation and wretchedness now needlessly brought on the once heroic freedom-fighters SPLA soldiers in particular and the rest of the citizens in general. END


  1. alex says:

    My brother people are not fools as you may think. From your writing one can deduce that you are one of those greedy hopless people who are after free things. The problem in our country is power hungry people like you. People without vision and want to push innocent people to another suffering for no reason. Khartoum is still another problem though the agents of Khartoum are trying to deny the fact. All the guns used by the rebels come from Khartoum and few guns taken from SPLA. The other problem is other countries want to steal our resources. Hate among ourselves and tribal politics. Illiteracy and lack of intellectual Politics. Lazyness , corruption posed by the so called intellectuals and lairing. Hypocrisy of our intellectuals and envy. Bias reporting with a hidden agenda.
    So try your luck.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      As usual, you always don’t see the fault that lies with your godfather, Kiir Mayardit.
      The fault my brother is not with Khartoum, it’s with the Kiir administration. I hope also that you are fully aware of the severe suffering of your people under Kiir who should actually have been kicked out of the presidency long time ago.
      Look at yourself in the mirror not at khartoum.

    • deng hanbol says:

      Whom do you think can believe you? By the way, don’t blame Khartoum or Editor, blame your president and the Dinka mafias of Bar el- Ghazal because they are an unembarrassed thieves.

    • johnjerry says:

      Alex,you don’t see far enough I would advice you see a eye Doctor who can help you get a laser operation in order to get a 20/20 eye diagnosis.Years ago Khartoum was to blame for everything. Is Khartoum now in Juba?.And who are those countries that want to steal your resources if you don,t invite them into the country to do what they are doing. Here we go hate among ourselves,tribal politics,illiteracy and lack of intellectual politics,laziness,corruption and hypocrisy.You know all the above then why do you deny the fact?.We were given food on a Silver plate by USA and the Troika and yet we defecated on the plate that we eat from. It is we to blame for all onus taking place in RSS.

      We must see ourselves as one people,one nation that is when we will call it quit and the 64 tribes living alongside one another without fear and favour. It is the JCE that is destroying this nation and our parliamentarian are not doing enough as the JCE is the real macoy.

    • cos says:

      Alex,I wish you can see beyond your nose,then you will see what is doted is not from blue but a revolutionary writting that if is followed,your descender and you now will not experience it again.
      You may have your personal and tribal thinking but remember not whoever comes from your tribe is mad like you.

  2. Eastern says:

    Dear Editor,

    With due respect, Mr Festus Mogae is sleeping on the job! With no political will from Kiir to move things forward; with Dr Machar busy paying visits to churches and places of worship, nothing meaningful is being done is materialising the five (5) salient issues you have listed above.

    Why is Mr Festus Mogae not weighing in so that the implementation of the ARCISS moves on? Why is JMEC not making statements about the stalemate in the implementation?

    It’s Kiir who is at play: he’s just dismissed one of his illegitimate “governors”, Elias Waya.

    People continue to die across the country, won’t it be an embarrassment for Mr Festus Mogae when some of us sue him for his passive approach to issues in future? Is he playing into the hands of Dinkocracy subconsciously? If Mr Mogae is being diplomatic, towing that line is unproductive – a fact he should have now realized. This is South Sudan, not another country you have been to and worked in!!!

  3. deng hanbol says:

    You said it all. I think the majority concurred with you this time as long as your article has utterly pointed the finger at the perpetrator.

  4. Jur Alikin says:

    Mr Editor,

    Your points are good or I agree with. The situation we have is that Kiir hijacked the powers of the south sudanese people by denying them their right to change their leaders through elections, unknowingly the power that Kiir hijacked from south sudanese is in turned hijacked from him by the Jieng council of elders, and most people don’t know that most members of the JCE were “Nas Akulu Eshe” in Khartoum selling the rights of southerners during the struggle for their own dear bread. Finally the JCE are in the pay of the Jalaba, with the agenda of reuniting the south sudan to the sudan. Their current strategy right now is to create a situation of having southerners loose faith in their country through their puppets the JCE. On top of this situation, they are also turnishing the image of the new country. Finally when they make a move to reunite the country to them, south sudan would have destroyed itself beyond any ability to put up any form of resistance. Plus by then we would have lost any support from our once partners and friends.
    The biggest issue now is Kiir who is not able to govern neither is he willing to leave power, instead he wants to follow the steps of other dictators like Museveni of Uganda.

    • Jur Alikin,

      Let me hope you are not another political prophet like Dr. Lam Akol.

    • alex says:

      Juralikin Museven is right democracy can not work in pre industrialised nation Because of the r hungry Hyenas . They wait for the lion to kill and instead of sharing the meat, they want to chase the owner by fabricating lairs. A thief will remain a thief even if he show off himself with a stolen money. Democracy has been a weapon to force themselves to power. Democracy is good but it can not work in society where people are not yet creative and they only look for power. Even those who can not manage their families still want to be in the highest office of the country. And they use ill decisive tricks to tear the
      country without shame. .

      • Jur Alikin says:

        Mr Alex what do you called people who over-stay in power like Museveni? Are they not power hungry as well or power greedy. It is not true to say africans can not handle democracy, it is just an argument put forward by our african dictators to justify their power grabbing. We should institute our democratic institutions and educate our peoples about democratic values and then let democracy take root and grow, instead of believing the lies of our dictators. Remember if you put democratic institutions in place, it will take care of the power greedy people that you talked of, trust the people that they can surely elect someone who is a good leader, if a leader proved to be bad after elections, thing like term limit for the president, or vote of no confidence by parliament can take care of that, that is why democracy is the solution to most of our issues.

        Remember our neighboring countries like Uganda or Museveni don’t want the youngest country in Africa to come after and surpass them in democratic governance, this will create similar demands in their countries which will challenge their grip in power. That is some of the reasons why they are supporting those of Kiir in power, and also to take advantage of the young country.

  5. Beek says:

    I remembered Saddam Hussein.

  6. Tyson says:

    Well analyzed, Editor

  7. Peacemaker says:

    alex or what do you call your self? You are heartless my friend. What point do you want to make here when people are dying including Kiir’s soldiers. If I were in your place I’d rather remain tight-lip. Your president is just putting on a brave face, he may commit suicide very soon if he chooses not to flee the country.

  8. Deng Monymor says:

    The last time I saw this kind of picture tumbling down was in Iraq, but is Iraq and Iraqi people doing OK today to celebrate this tumbling down of their leader? Stop comparing things for comparison sake but make critical analysis of things as to what people get after certain action or conspiracy for their nation. It is not helping to naively songs phrases we don’t even understand before we wish them to happen to us–they call it stupidity.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Deng Monymor,
      The picture is purely symbolic and it is meant to portray the South Sudanese people’s absolute disenchantment with the leader, Kiir.
      Wishfully, if Kiir had a statue actually erected somewhere in Juba or Malakal, it would most probably and rightly have been pulled down by the masses.
      Now, with the current disastrous misrule of Mayardit, have you ever contemplated the probable comparison of the fate of Kiir to that of Iraq’s Sadam Hussein, that is, if that Garang’s statue in Juba’s “Customs” (unfortunately mis-named ?Freedom) square was perhaps that of Kiir? It would have been eviscerated and blasted to smithereens by now, most probably.
      Time will tell, brother. Already, the good Juba Reverend Rocco Taban has blasted Kiir and company as ‘devils and criminals.’ Amen.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Mr.Rocco Taban’s statement is fishy. Now it should go without saying that all of us, including our churchgoers are tribally bent. Rocco Taban is evidently from the tribe Massacred in Wau…. his statement speaks volume as he was not vocal when it was done to Nuer in Juba. At that time, Kiir was not so evil, but today because the evil unleashed his forces to his tribe, he has something to say. Politicians pretending to be men of God are adding fuel to the already burning issue. God saves us from false teachers.

  9. Gatdarwich says:


    YEAH SIR—-,”Unfortunately, a bunch of senseless, selfish and unpatriotic so-called ‘leaders’ in this monstrosity known as the SPLM/A who in 2005 usurped the power in Juba, criminally ex-sanguinated this promising nation to death.”
    This is the best, patriotic, and very commendable article you have ever written.
    You are gradually beginning to fully comprehend the natural born traitorous Jenges’ mindsets.

    Peace and Ngundeng Bless,

    Patriot, Gatdarwich

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Oh…thanks for your sweet compliment which I much appreciate and I hope it is also accompanied by the blessings to the country from the Great Ngundeng himself.


  10. alex says:

    I am really sorry for a priest to speak such words.
    At this age if we still discriminate mad people by labelling them as being a bad people then we are a doom society.
    People can be mad because society drive them or place barriers on them to be included in society. So priest Taban should not have been the one to label mad people and associated it with bad acts because this send a wrong message to our society about mad people. Jesus never hate mad people. I would not understand priest Taban and supporters to argue their case when before the fighting started in Wau town, there innocent people being killed by unknown gunmen at night. Robbery were reported so did the government did bad to impose cafew .to prevent those criminals from killing innocent people. Why would we support someone who is not concern with the killings and robbing of innocent civilians. Changing the governor does not mean he is bad but there was concerns about handling security issues. Secondly,all these governors are the same people from the same place. Why is the other being judged as being mad? Is it issue of Favouring other people or our disease tribalism. The priest said we being ruled by monkeys and if animals monkeys can rule us, then it put into a question the PhD’s holders in our country including the quilifications of Mr info of Sudan tribune if he is supporting such priest comments. The governor replied Taban in an excellent way and it is an indication that, he ia politically matured. I did not believe having lived in Western world for such a long time that Mr info don’t learn that, people with mental problem shouldn’t be considered as others. I would expect Mr info to be the first to conderm such appalling language. I was thinking the media should be used to promote equality and respect for diversity. It is a dark day for disable people to day in S. Sudan if priest could now associate them with being a danger to our society.
    Those who support priest Taban I wish you good luck with your endeavours. This proves what kind of politics and backward we are.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      The use of those words, “monkeys and devils” appropriately used by the educated Catholic priest at St. Joseph parish in Juba were used in a metaphorical sense, meaning that the comparison is implied by analogy or similarity.
      You’ve wrongly taken those two wise words literally, of course your president Kiir doesn’t yet have a tail but his beards might give someone the caricature of a monkey or baboon!
      The statement of the fact that our so-called “leaders” are like devils is not far from the reality. Since Kiir, Machar, Wani-Igga and those SPLM/A so-called leaders came back to town in 2005, thousands and thousands of South Sudanese have needlessly been killed by their criminal regime and billions of dollars and pounds stolen by the same ‘devils.’
      What are you, Alex, desperately trying to refute what our blessed priest implied from his pulpit at St. Joseph that is not true? Others of your ilk have condemned the priest for having not spoken against Kiir for the Nuer massacre in 2013, which I think was a job bravely done by the most reverend Bishop Santo Lako of Kator. So, priest Rocco Taban couldn’t have condemned Kiir better than his superior, Bishop Santo Lako.
      Finally, who says our priests can’t indulge in politics? Just for your information, those who first started the independence struggle included truly nationalistic and heroic priests such as Father Saturlino Ohure, Father Paulino Doggale and many others, the two were popularly elected to the first parliament in the 50’s and they stood up bravely to demand for our independence from the jellaba in Khartoum. Sadly, many other priests were mercilessly killed by the Sudanese Arabs as well as the SPLM/A during the liberation wars.
      Remember, the same ‘monkeys and devils’ of the SPLM/A in Juba today, specifically the likes of Kuol Manyang, who traumatically and disrespectfully ‘humiliated’ the most reverend Bishop Paride Taban in Torit. Kuol is a true personification of the ‘devil’ himself, just as were his bosses, Dr. John Garang and Kiir who refused to court-martial Kuol Manyang then or even today.
      I am sure your own tribal language freely and beautifully uses such metaphors, analogies and idioms, that’s what a good language symbolizes.

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear editor
        Your remark is correct. The rulers of South Sudan are truly “monkeys and Devils” “Idiots rotten to the core” “Scarcely literate” “Savages” “Barbarians” etc. Whoever wants to defend them is equally one of them devils. Time will come when the people of South Sudan will liberate themselves from their evil.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Elhag Paul,

          There is no other time to come. Time is here to liberate ourselves. Let us mobilize resources to support our men in uniform so we can effectively and efficiently execute the task of eliminating Kiir and his JCE. With these evil forces in existence, we will never be at peace.

  11. Dear Alex,
    Priests, Imams, Ngung Dengs, witch Doctors…. and other faith based leaders are politicians for your information if you know the meaning of the word “Politics”. Jihads are declared at Mosque, in 1992 demonstration here Juba originated from Churches. So governance go well no problems. But when governance go wrong, all masses including beggars, teachers, lawyers, students….comment/condemn or ask for rights, changes….

  12. alex says:

    Mr info
    The message is good for war mongers , jobseekers and tribal individuals because there is no point to blame the president for electing someone who will be able to restore security in Wau. Why would the people be allowed to be killed by unknown gunmen to kill innocent people. For people who value human life like me, I think the president has taken a right decision to impose carfew and electing a capable man even if it was me I would do that.
    Secondly, for a nationalistic man who believe in diversify, I would not jump to call someone mad for being elected to office to serve his country, if I have some Objections, I would write or ask to see the president but not to rush to judge that individual to be mad. Thirdly Mr info mature and well informed people when talking selects his or her words carefully not offend other people when talking or addressing people and is even more important for priest because you are showing God’s love to the world. Although you argue our Religious leaders should take part in politics,I do not have problem with that, because it is their human right but it is not acceptable for anyone whether priest or politicians not to play tribal or neoptasium because it will endanger our society’s social fabrics. Hate for a brother is a sin and is morally wrong. We should not play with the security of our people. The former governor have good in tension to talk to the rebels but it was not acceptable to talk while they are killing and looting people. So carfew was a necessary to be imposed to take control of the situation. And we have heard as soon the carfew was imposed,the rebel where routed out of the town. So Mr info, the preachings of Taban fits with the ideas of the war mongers and those who does not want to see peace. There are religious people who got involved in liberation struggle like Desmond Tutu and Paride Taban and I have not heard them abusing their enemies as mad people and that is how they earn respect. A man of God will not divide his people. If really priest Taban spoke like what has been written in the social media, then he have to seek the truth in the Bible but me personally do not trust our journalist. They are lairs and can twist someone’s words to suit their political war campaign.

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