Deadly Clashes in Vice-pres. Wani-Igga’s Lobonok village between Dinka herders and Bari owners

Radio Tamazuj, Central Equatoria, Jubek State, Jan/11/2016;

Governors of two South Sudanese states met in Juba on Monday after clashes in Lobonok, Central Equatoria, between Dinka Bor herders and Bari farmers resulted in at least five deaths.

Philip Aguer, the newly appointed governor of Jonglei State, met the governor of the new Jubek State, Augustino Jadalla Wani, together with community leaders, to try to contain the situation.

According to a member of parliament representing the area, John Lodu Tombe, the two groups have been fighting each other over the past three days.

He told Eye Radio that at least five people have been killed and a young boy is still missing after allegedly being abducted. The official described the bodies as still unburied, saying communities had fled.

Lobonok, the home village of Vice President James Wani Igga, is located south of Juba on the east bank of the Nile.

According to a community leader, the current conflict in Lobonok is said to have been sparked when cattle keepers from Bor who are staying in the area were blamed for driving their cattle into a local’s garden.

The new governor of Jonglei says that the government is moving urgently to contain the conflict. He spoke to media after a closed-door meeting with his counterpart from Jubek State.

“We are here at the headquarters of Jubek State. We met with the governor of the state Honorable Jadalla and all of the heads of the Bari community and Dinka Bor community and we discussed the problems in Lobonok area between pastoralists and farmers in the area,” said Aguer.

“And we came to urgent solutions to stop the killing between the herders and farmers,” he said, noting that they resolved to form a joint committee to intervene in the situation.

Aguer also disclosed that a police force was sent on Sunday to intervene.
(More development following…….)


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    This is a pretext for the Jenges to kill Vice President’s tribe men. The Jenges cattle in Equatoria region are guided by the heavily armed SPLA soldiers not the cattle herders. So, the SPLA soldiers-cattle keepers provoked the locals and started killing them period.

    To hell with the Jenges’ killing machine, SPLA

    • Southdn says:

      Don’t jumps into something you never understand, it seems your feeling more rather to understand. Let me advice you don’t ever believed such informations of revenge killing in Rumback or….. So the informations you have read from Radio TamaZuj on fight between Bor community and Barya community of Wani Igga are incorrect. Those news comes from people who dedicated themselves to drill peace agreement. See, Mr. Vice President Wani Igga mocking Dr. Riek Machar urging him to come back quickly to Juba, for rapid implementation of peace.Therefore I don’t see any logic that Barya would attack Dinka Bor cattlemens, since Barya are one of the best civilized tribe in South Sudan.its you Gatdarwich Will be a victim Of Dinka Media deceptions. Read the Nuer conquest (page 110-111) in my opinion, this Book is deception device, written by someone who had been paid by Dinka pretending Nuer had occupied Drinks land. I’m against those, who
      decived Dinka people that their land was occupied by Nuer 100 yes ago. I read some information from Arab Media that stated Nuer, Dinka and Barya tribes came from Ethiopia long ago. when they were dislocated by a cuchit elements yes I believed in my theory Nuer, Dinka and Barya came to present South Sudan via Ethiopian highlands. now a day you could find people in South West Ethiopia bearing same looking as Dinka, Nuer and Barya.

      • Patriot, Gatdarwich says:


        The killing of the innocents Bari women, children, sick, and the elderly in the Lobonok Village yesterday was undeniably carryout by the SPLA soldiers who disguised themselves as Dinka Bor herdsmen in that area.

        Southdn, you must one of the foolish majority from Bhar El Ghazale who often creates troubles for Bor people.
        The carnage that took place in the Lobonok village was indisputably planned and executed by the Killer NyanKiir’s and NyanAwandit’s men from Gokrial so that Bari can kills the Bor cattle herders for them period.

        Gatdarwich is well-versed in your conspiracy theory.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Do you really understand as a Nuer? Of course, not. You will never understand because it is a culture of Nuer by doing things without a basic of the matter. Nuers are the most primitive and probably the greediest people ever live in South Sudan!!! How would you defeat Dinka tribe since they are the bellwether of this country? If Jenge means nakedness, then what is the position of the Nuer in civilized world? Plus, you always talk of Nyankiir as your new term for the president of the Republic of South Sudan as if Machar is the most powerful man in this country. And if he was, then would he be looking for the second position under Nyankiir again?

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Bill Kuch

        Quivering and whining won’t bear fruits on your traitorous behinds ever again this time around. Your cowardice and treacherous nature is well known by all the 63 patriots tribes in South Sudan. The Jenges’ constant rely on trickeries, manipulations, and foreign forces-mercenaries, is totally exposed, and has been effectively encountered and completely dismantled by the patriots forces period.

        Pretty soon, the indisputable patriots, General Dr. Riek, Lado, Kenyi, Olony, Gatwech Dual, and all the patriots forces will and shall marched to Juba and confidently stay there for good period.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        The massacraring of the civilians in VP Igga’s home village was undeniably carryout by the foolish majority from Bhar El Ghazale Jenges in uniforms, the well known cowards-civilian-murderers who often disguises themselves as Bor cattle herders in Equatoria regions period

  2. qq says:

    Move your cows from some one’s place. I do not know why Equatoria people do not understand Dinka behavior .In Upper Nile, that is free shopping there. It is free meat, either move by bullet or free cows shopping. Gov. Philip is not co- operating now because of humanity, but he’s afraid of IO, SSDF/NEW TIGER, ARROW BOYS and other forces, otherwise he would have shown Lobonok citizens his power. please, please,just, tell them to come to Upper Nile in a peace full way then we will deal with them.

  3. taban lowani says:

    When ever jiang goes Everywhere on earth, there will be a problem. what is going on with this community? They don’t even recognize their are the problems in south Sudan. They don’t know how to live in harmony with human being but only with the cows.God bless south Sudan and other communities that love to live in harmony and coherence.

  4. Elhag Paul says:

    The crucial question that needs answering is: what are the Jieng doing herding cattle in other people’s villages? Why can they go to their homes in Bor and Bahr El Ghazal? If there is ever going to be peace in South Sudan the Jieng must go home with their cattle. Period.

  5. Peacemaker says:

    Those heartless cattle herders of Bor, conspired with the Jieng ruling system and moved their cattle herds from Renk Payam and relocated to Lul, a chollo village situated at the eastern bank of the River Nile. They were supported by a platoon of SPLA and the aim was to settle them permanently thus annexing that piece of land to Akoka jieng but the chollo forces clashed with them and forced them out the land prompting the government to provide a military escort which took them to Bor. That incident took place in early February 2012. I really can’t understand the secret behind the Jieng continued desire to leave their land for other territories for both settlement and pasture when they actually have vast stretch of land with abundant water resources. So you know what to do.

  6. Itikwili says:

    I think this is good news after all the jenges are his (VP) guest after having invited them. why cry? alas for this virtual state governors pretending to solve problems; how could these guys even pretend to be governors of virtual states? when in all purpose and intend, wise people have rubbished these tribal/clan states! worst aguer has been singing war, i hope he knows what peace means! as for the jenge cattle keepers, please enjoy your invitation!

  7. Beek says:

    South Sudan needs law ,order and support to it’s own people,but not Confucianism like that of John Garang. Far Right supporters here had dimmed or melted down because of support and fear of their properties. Only Politicians should take care.

  8. Peace maker says:

    For sure, these are stolen cattle and that’s why they are hidden in the remote enclaves of central Equatoria. To be honest, why should these cattle travel that far,in the heartland of Equatoria? The second scenario is meant to provoke the peaceful Bari tribes for a fight, in order to justify their provocative tendency of settlement in any communities. So once they settle in any corner of South Sudan, they can curve a portion of that land to form another Jieng state, until every non DINKA communities are displaced throughout the country.

  9. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, peacemaker,Elhang,taban lowani,qq and Gardwich.
    could you come and do it by your selves? I know the hatred against Dinka will not solve your chronic problem bitch.
    Gradwich, you nuer deserved what you were looking for all these time.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Nuer made your foolish majority traitorous asses bleached and oiled BenyNyanKiir’s behind for the mercenaries(Museveni, Malik Agar, and Darfur rebels) within weeks after cowardly massacraring Nuer women, children, sick, and the elderly in December 15, 2013, in Juba. You are absolutely nothing without the mercenaries on your side period

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Nuer made your foolish majority traitorous asses bleached and oiled BenyNyanKiir’s behind for the mercenaries(Museveni, Malik Agar, and Darfur rebels) within weeks after cowardly massacraring Nuer women, children, sick, and the elderly in December 15, 2013, in Juba. You are absolutely nothing without the mercenaries on your side period. Your Quivering, manipulations, and trickeries tactics are well known by all the patriots- 63 tribes in South Sudan period

  10. Peace maker says:

    Dear Alier-Kon, you still preach the JCE dream of conquering the entire south Sudan. However, to be blunt you have lost miserably because we are back to square one, prior to Dec.15th.2013. Hatred of other non DINKA communities and particularly the Nuer, is not going to sit well with you.

  11. Abuchook says:

    Dear Readers:

    I am have noticed that on this website and others hatred words toward the Great Jieng Nation will never solving anything at all other than just complaining and condemning and trashed Talking against the Great Jieng Nations.

    Honestly Speaking these areas of Equatoria are not new to the Jieng people since the 1960s, 1970s, 1990s and 2000s and even now: The Great Jieng have seen many many Nyagats and back stabbers like Riek Ebola and Gadet and Dr Lam Makol and Big list goes on

    Writers So please Stop pretending as if you are Nationalist citizens since when when when tell me??? In reality Most Nuer People Not All were Khartoum oil Guards and police and most were used as the Violence Tools against their own people and brothers and sisters. factual Information and argument.

    Most Minorities in Equatoria nyam nyam people were just in Uganda and Congo and Burundi citizens denied themselves and right as liberation war citizens then called Southern Sudan.

    Actually in the 1990s during the Operation Thunder Bold in Equatoria which is commonly known as OJS or Operation Joints Security ..Most Minorities in All Equatoria states used to called us Forest police or Bushes Police or Police Gabaa. This is the time we have our new Uniforms gifted from the USA Special Forces through Entebbe Uganda Helped. Thanks to John Garang and Uganda helped and Americans. I am talking in Veteran Experience
    Experience Is good way to prove it.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  12. taban lowani says:

    Alier, l will like to remind you that the time of your joyful, fantasy,and support to your elites jiang council of elders soon will come to an end. What jiang did to the rest of other 63 tribes will not be easy to forget. Started form nuer killing in juba, zandi and moru in yambiyo and meridi, pojolu in wonduruba ,bari in lobonok village of vice-president wani egga, and the list of many individuals who disappeared or killed by security oppressor living their loved ones wondering how to nurture their children. All this happened under the knowledge of so called the president of south Sudan. Don’t mention those whose are in detention because of their tribal affiliation. You should be ashame for what jiang is doing to our beloved country. Remember, Saddam, Gadaffi, mubarak and idi amin dada. They we’re not exist and their supporters were in exile with no skills. Their lives became a nightmare.

  13. Eastern says:

    Condolences to the families of the diseased; however the incident served Wani Iga right politically!!!

    I hope such a carnage visits Louis Lobong another Dinka puppet in Equatoria. Wani and Lobong are two Eqautorians who have all along denied Dinka barbarism in Equatoria for a very long time.


  14. David says:

    All communities in South Sudan asking one thing from Dinka ,go back with your cows, simple. Is that not enough to ask you in peace full way? you get new state and new governor,why you still making chaos to other communities.

  15. Elhag,
    The definite answer to your usual question is that Dinka are grazing their cattle in the liberated lands, the lands that they ‘ve patriotically liberated, the lands that you had deserted to a foreign lands for your saftey.
    They [Dinka] ‘ve liberated those lands you shamelessly wants to claims today when you and your coward Equatorians were busy eating pulse and beans of UNHCR in the refugee camps without pulling your filthy mouth on your masters in the Northern Sudan by then just to question them as to why they occupies your lands and went further to rename them with funny names such as Rujal mafi, Lubas mafi, Atla-bara and Bet elabiath and none of you could not ask them.
    Are you people aware that we do treats your noises and long boring articles as craps and unnecessary to pay our attention to?

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